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January 3, 1980     The Sundance Times
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January 3, 1980

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PAGE 6 THE SUNDANCE TIMES JANUARY 3,, 1960 that Letters "of Administration The date of the first imblication THE [:~OPLE ~.~T KI~N~' ] and for Crook County, Wyoming, in the above estate, and that all persons having chins asset said estate are required to file ..... . ~ were, on the llth day of Dec- of this notice is: January 3, 1980. I ember, 1979, granted to the tm- * STATE HIGHWAY dersigned by the District Court in COMMISSION OF WYOMING BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WYOMING IN THE MATYER OF THE APPLICATION OF TRI-COUNTY ELECIRIC ~TION, INC. FOR AUTHOBJNY TO PASS-ON A $2,906,774 INClW__ASE IN THE WHOLESALE COST OF IqJRCHASED POWER AS CHARGED BY ITS SUPPLIER, RUSHMORE ELECI~C POWER COOPERATIVE, INC. DOCKET NO. 9631 SUB9 NOTICE AND ORDER BY THE COMMISSION: This matter is before the Public Service C~mmiasion of Wyoming upon the application of Tri-Omnty Electric Association, Inc. (her~ inaftor referred to as Tr/-Coun ty) for authority to increase electric service rates approximately $2,906,774 annually to pass-on an increase in the wholesale cost of power to be charged by it's supplier, Rushrnere Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. from and after December 15, 1979. The Commission, now having considered the application and appended exhibits of Tri-County, it's files e~nd annual reports concerning the utility, and acting in accordance with the requirements of the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act and Title 37 to the Wyoming Statutes, FINDS and CONCLUDES: 1. Tri-County is an operating public utility as defined by W. S. 37-1-101 {a) {vi) {C) {1977) and as such is jurisdictional to this Commission by virtue of the ImyTisione of W. S. 37-2-112 (1977). 2. The application of Tri-County complies with the Commission's established policy which allows a utility to pass-on wholesale commodity cost increases to it's customers, subject to notice and posm le hearing, as: a. The basis for the proposed pass-on is a wholesale commodity cost increase to be charged by it's supplier, Rnshmore Electric Power Cooperative, Inc. effective from and after December* 15, 1979. b. The increase to be charged by Rushmore is non-jurisdictional to this Commission and is subject to review only by the Department of Energy. c. AUthorization of the pass-on will not increase Tri-County's authorized rate of return; the pass-on herein is designed solely to enable the utility to recover increased power costs. d. The pass-on would be applied equally to all customer classes of T -county. 3. The pass-on request of Tri-County of $2,906,774 annually is approximately $40,000 less than the actual cost to be incurred by the utility from Rushmore, said difference due primarily to the tariff structure proposed by Tri-Cotmty to reflect the rate increase. On a consolidated basis, the proposed rate adjustment of Tri-County wil} amount to approximately and 18.6% increase to the service classes of the utility, with some classes receiving a higher and some a lower percentage increase. 4. Requiring Tri-County to absorb the wholesale commodity cost increase requested herein without relief would adversely affect the ability of the utility to adequately serve present and prospective customers, and would seriously erode the present financial condition and corresponding financial requirements of the utility. 5. The application of Tri-County is on file with this Commission and in the offices of the utility at Sundance, Wyoming, and may be inspected by any interested person during regular business hours. PURSUANT TO W. S. 37-3-106, IT IS THEREFORE ORDERED THAT: 1. The application of Tri-County Electric Association, Inc. for authority to pass-on a $2,906,774 increase in the wholesale cost of purchased power to all customer classes be, and the same is hereby approved, provided however, that said rate increase shall be subject to protest, hearir~, change and/or refund as may be further ordered by the ~'on, and luther provided that said rate shall bear an effective date of December 15, 1979. 2. Anyone desiring to file a statement, objection or request for public hearing c(g~erning this matter must do so on or before January 21, 1980. The ~der herein shall become final on said date absent a determination by the Commission that further investigation or public h ing is requ ed. 3. The rate authorized herein was approved by the Commission during regular session of it's open meeting of December 12, 1979 held pursuant to W.S. 9-11-101 et. seq. (1977), said rate to become effective from and after December 15, 1979. 4. This order shall become effective immediately, subject to the terms and conditions noted hereinabove. MADE and ENTERED at Cheyenne, Wyoming the 20th day of December, 1979. PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WYOMING C.E. Johnson, Chairman John R. Smyth, Commissioner G. Keith Osbom, Commissioner {SEAL} ATrF f: Jon R. Forewood. Assistant Secretary Publish: December 27, 1979; January 3, 10, 1980 M COUNTY OF CROOK AND STATE OF WYOMING IN M MAI R OF M ESTATE OF LYDIA A, HAUBER, Probate No. 4457 NOTICE OF HEAR/NG The Board of Crook County Commissioners have set January 8, 1979 at 2:00 o'clock P.M. in the County Commissioners Room at the Crook County Courthouse for the heating and receiving of any objectic m issuing of a sub- division permit to Keyhole Enter- prises, A Partnership, consisting of Larry Tanner, Emil Pendleton, and Rod Thornton, for a sub- division in WV=SWV, of Section 5 Township 50N R66 W of the Sixth Principal Meridian, Crook Cotmty, Wyoming. Ruth E. Davidson, Crook County Clerk. Publish: Dec. 27, 1979; Jan. 3, 1980. N(YrlCE OF HEARING OF PROBATE OF WILL NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN to all persor interested in the Estate of Elora D. Laymen, also known as Delilah E. Laymen, Deceased, that the llth day of January, 1980, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock,in the forenoon of said day, in the Courtroom of the Courthouse in Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming, has been ap- pchm~l as the thne and place for tbe Will of said decen- for hearing the Petition NOTICE OF FINAL S~I~E~NT OF ESTATE All creditors and others in- terem~ in the estato Of Lydia A. Hauber, take n ce that the tmdersigned executor and execu- trix of said estate will on or before the I1 day of January, 1980, file in "the office of the Clerk of Court of Crook County, Wyoming, their Final Account and Petition for Distribution of said estate, where anyone interested may examine such Account and Petition and file objections therena in writing on or before the 21st day of January, 1980, and ff no objections are filed thereto, they will make final settlement of said estate on the 22nd day of January, 1980, or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. Dated this 13th day of Decem- ber, 1979. Lloyd Gene Hauber, Executor, and Helen Elleen Bucher, Executtiz of Beulah B. Wsrford for immm Cecil K. Hughes, Attorney to her of Letters Testamentary, Publish: December 20, 27, when and where any person may ~ 3, 10, 1980 IN COURT Shin JmJ d Com jan- M STATE OF WYOMING, Cotm of Croak IN M OF M ES'rATE OF M(H~Y MAE MO(mE Ikeem . N( CE TO CREDITO No. 4471 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN appmr and content the same, DATED this 12th day of Dec- ember, 1979. Beulah A. Lannlng Clerk of District Court them, with the necessary vonch- ers, in the office of the Clerk of said Court, or to exhibit them, with the necessary vouchers, to Tressa Meserve at Box 342, Gil- lette, Wy 82716 or Enid Good at 500 Hutton, Green River, WY 829 , on or before three months after December 20, 1979, the date of the publication of this notice, and if such claims are not so filed, or exhibited, they will be forever barred. Dated December 14, 1979. Tressa Meserve Enid By Area A. Montgomery Deputy Clerk of Court Publish: December 20, 27, 1979 and January 3, 10, 1980. m THE mmm Cot rr OF MErH Jt CM MMCT W MN AND FOR By: L.J. Gunton Chief Accountant Federal Aid Section Publish: January 3, 10, 17, 1980 7 • producers in scheduling cash flows. This is especially true for young livestock producers work- ing with limited capital. Consumers can also utilize in- fckmation in price trend informa- ti0n in planning economical food budgets. The same situation is true with consumers as it is with livestock producers in that young families working with tight family food budgets utilize the informa- tion more efficiently than those who are not as limited. A good example for support in using price trend information is in the case where a family projects their annual food budget one year in advance. This is very rarely done but could provide some ex- cellent information to a family in comfortably surviving an inflated economy. Milt E. GnNm u venaV For a successful opeMon most Z dture producers sel it is essential to follow price trends, production cycles, and total sales of their product on a national basis. Beef and veal trends for a period of 60 years and 10 year intorvais indicate the averaga ON COURSE Fil ......... annual production has ex- e~ l~cenmer 17, 1~7#. .-- .... ~....~..t. A • ..--:-.. peneEre~ Sll morease Item l.O • ,=~, ~. ~m~, billion pounds during the 1920's review meeting A FAIRWAY FRIENDSHIP is budding between March of B ..... Utera to23.7 billion during the 1970's. National Poster Child Betsy Burch and Arnold Palmer. The Y"~"na/'t'~e~l~e ,r~ This total ~ amounted to The USDA Sell Conservation much in common, especially a desire to see the threat of bil put'y erg 225%. Service (SCS) has scheduled sixremoved. Palmer is National Chairman for the March of Dim, Publish: December 20, 27, 1979 rDUr~, this~~in~, public meetings in Wyoming to mission is prevention of birth defects. Betsy, 6, of Stone Mou an./• .,, ~ ~c~n pe cap~ c(msmnlm review their snow survey and was born with webbed fingers and a malformed right leg. She I ~' "~Y " "~ ed from 64.3 pounds to a record water supply forecasting pro- more than a quarter of a million babies born annually with birth WYOMING HIGHWAY 129 lbs. This figure has been gram. The meetings are being ***** ***** DEPARTMENT reduced to 106 Rm. due to the held to allow people to indicate Patience: The quality that is "Have a nice day." .-~--- ........ .-."-. normal trend in the cattle cycle whether the present program needed most just as it is ex- "No thanks. I ! tmeyelme, wyoming for 1979. meets public needs, hausted, plans." NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF The pork industry has ex- Presently the program provides _~lllmlllllUmllllllmlm.,i,l,lllUmlm,l,lmlllllllmmllmllmmllllmllmlll AND1;1NAL~j~-~M-EN~PIN3~t perJenced a s~ewhat different water supply forecasts to agri- | W y g S iety ---" price-preduction trend variation cultural water users as well as to Notice i~ hemhv ~iv,n that than the beef. 1922-1929 figures other water management groups 0mill 0c or theS teHi w v-'C, rn i. -inn n---f show an average 7.6 bifllon Ibs. to help them plan for efficient ~V~-~"a~c~nted"---~-~ increasing to13.4 billion in1972- water management. The pro-[ C ippl .... . v -%. ------˘ ~ .... -- 1979 This increase is 54% which gram also provides the public and l e--accoramgr, o pmns, spea- ... ": ...... r Children ed & lJ II I fie~ti • mo no~ xeep pace with population the scientific community with a ..__ons and rules govermng the : ....... ! same, the work performed under growmme. per cap data base for accurately deter- that certain ermtr~et d~t~ M~v consumpuon mmn ~ [ns. to ~z mining the extent of the snow ~ 1~-~-'t~---t~=-:~:t=-':~f Ibs. In 1960 the per capita con- resources. ~- We are a non'profit Wyom/ng organization established ....................... =ffi to provide aid to W.yoming's handlcam~ed... We n___.~d ~n Wyoming, acting through said sum.pti.'on .for pork co-l_d be sub- SCS, in cooperation with other i ~2~. send contributions to: P.O. Box 40, BUFFAIX Commission, and Frost Construc- stanti~, increased to 7~78 Ibs.. state and federal agencies, now tion Company (Wyoming Corpor- ~ nminly to the readily avail- maintains 132 manual snow mea- • . ante supply sites and 62 autoiEtated II ation) the Contractor, on Highway ..... y.: _ .. ~mlmlmlmlmillllml,i,lmmmm,m,,,mm,mmm,mmlm,mmlltl~ Prelect No Og-.~-l~lg.~ ,win worm war u years were me sites in Wyoming. By measuring ................. " -- ri-- for ..... of of pc =, on snow de h and we hmg now .-~'-"~--t~, v'-'--~"°""'--"-~ "°"t "~'"-- v'~- -- "- ~--'-~= ductionPr°duction'-------aFr°m ,19'12"45,w~ --:.:.-Pr°" samples, the water content Of the { HELEDINE DRUG INC ,,minmm rmv~rr~nt..rid mi~wal uu~w .vm~ .,~, ,.~m snow pack can be determined. A laneons work on various streets in lbs. and has steadily plunged forecast of how much water will ~ [Your Professional Family Pharmacy| the Town of.~,,mtm~'~ for. I,...t~ downward to an average of 328 be available for use can then be Of_.__l_____l'.~ m';l~ in---'---~ ~:m"~t~, million pound& Per capita con- made. These water forecasts are ~ When you take your prescription to Hazle~ and the Contractor is e"'--ntitled"--"to sumption figures for ~ period of used by farmers, ranchers, rain- ~ Drug you have three generations and 50 year~ final settlement therefor; that the time ........ are even more devastating ers, reservoir operators, fish and ~ experience as your assurance that your prescrip~ Superintendent of the State an .oyTmg a reaucuo~ n~n "i lye. wildlife managers, municipalities ~ will be filled accurately and promptly by a courti Highway Deuartment will cause during 1942-45 to 1.7 Ibs. from and others. ~ pharmacist. said-~'- Contractor" "--to .... be paid" the full 1976-1979. ....... Meetings will be held in Bur- ~ We take pride in every prescription we amount due them under said con- trenus m meaz p~on are falo on Jan. 7 at 7 p.m., in PoweU ~ because your health is important to us. We can tract on February 13, 1980. an excellent management tool for on Jan. 8 at 1 p.m., in Ther- ~ your prescription needs, and do it at a reason~ mopolis on Jan. 8 at 7 p.m., in ~ price. CHURCIf NOTES Kemmerer on Jan. 9 at 7 p.m., in ~'- beCheck°ut°urinsu]JnpricesIamsurethaty°U'pleasantly surprised Wheatland on Jan. 10 s,t 7 p.m., , . and in Casper on Jan. llatl p.m. ~ Whenyoucan t get out or you're just,~ busy, $ Anyone who is interested and is ~ us a call or drop us a letter and we II marl T unable to attend any of these ~ prescription to you. And most of the time we can~ CHURCH OF M GOOD ~ EM~OPAL public meetings should send their ~ to you the very same day. written suggestions and com- Rev. St,m C. Cav, ffi, Vlmr Services-9:30 a.m. Holy Communion- first and third Sundays. mants to Soil Conservation Ser- ~ H LEDINE DRU6 II C Mon~ prayer - second and fourth Sumiays. (nursery provided), vice, P.O. Box 2440, Casper Sunday School - 9:30 a.m. 82602. y " Mid-week Holy Ccmmunkm- Wed., 7:30 p.m. M Hustlers - ~ ~ . OUR PROFESSIONAL FAMILY] HA~ ST. ANTHONY'S CHURCH AND M][S~ON8 party is held ~ Wishes you and your family the very best Rev. MaleohnReid, Pmt~ Blacktail Hustlers4- HClub -~ coming holiday season. Masses: Upton: Sunday-8:15 a.m. Stmdam~: Sunday-10:45a.m. met in the Hulett Civic Center ~t~~.~.~(v~! Momx~roft - Saturday, 6:30 p.m. St~dq Sdzd--10:~0 a.m. Worsldp Service - .9 a.m. (nursery provided}. COMMUNrrY Sunday School, 9:45; Youth Recreation, 7:30. CHURCII OF Morning Worship, 11:00 Wedne~iay Night 11 CHImL OF CRI Sunday-Bible Study, 10 a.m. Worshipservice and a.m. snd 7 p.m. Wednesday Bible Study, 7 p.m. CHURC~ OF MUS M OF LA~ DAY SAINT~ Bmmeh Prmtd Smuiay Morning, upstairs in the Igor Building. Priesthood meeting, 9:16. Sacrament meeting, 10:30 a.m. CHAPEL OF FAITH Pust Wnmm Meeting at The Chtm~h of The Good Shepherd Epueopal, corner Of 6th and main. Sunday School - 2:00, Bible Adventure Time - ages 1-9, Youth Vibrancy - 10-13, Youth LiR - 14-18, Adult Study. Worship Service - 3:00. SUNDANCE WESIA AN CHURC ItemeU, Wednmday - 7:30 p.m. Mid-week Service. Sunday - 9:30 a.m. Sunday School; 10:30 a.m. Wc~xip Service; 7:30 p.m. Evening Worship. Tuesday - 9:00 a.m. Women's Preyer and Study Group. SEVENTH-DAY ADVENTIST IUdm Hdn , Sabbsth School, Saturday, 9:30a.m. Womhip Sin?vice, Saturday, 11 a.m, MT. CALVARY CHURCH Fomtk & Ryen 81. it . Fdwi. H. Cod Pmor Wore p Services--9 a.m. Sunday School-10:15 a.m. Holy Communion-SeCond and Fourth Sundays. Young ~ Me~--First Wednesday Church Council--Second Wednesday LWML-Third Wed- needay. SUNDANCE CHUP,/ O.W. Worsh/p with us - basement of the courthoum. Sunday School- I0 a.m. Mm ug Worship- 11 a.m. Thursday Bible study mul prayer, 620 8. Third, Sundance- 7:30 p.m. Beulah Services - Sunday, 3:00 P.M. I~O~G~ CHURC~ OF JI~U~ Cill~ffr OF LAT1~g DAY SAINT8 M.hom . Hutvtt, Wyo. Sunday mornln - 10 a.n to 12 noon. evenln8 (family fellowship in the home) - 7:30 p.m. BEULAH BAPIIST MmSlON Sunday School. 3 p.m. NONIm C MmoNAL .tmmmLh. Sunday servicm-9 a.m., Oshoto C, onmmm I0 a.m., Hulett Sunday School, Lodge M Bas~I~. 11 a.m., Momln~ W sh/p, Hulett, Lodge Hall Buemmt, 2 p.m., New Havre Idi z. • Dec. 4 for a regular meeting and Christmas party. Sam Nuckolls and Dawna Ter- hune led pledges. Albert Neiman, Delegate at large conducted the meeting be- cause the president and vice president were absent. New members welcomed were Mike Johnson, Brenda Waugh and Bobbie Christoffersen. Some offices were resigned and different people selected. New recreation leaders are Scott Back, Din-in Hedges and Lyle Brimmer. Now reporter elected was Jannice Brimmer. Sov4g leaders, Troy Svoboda and Glen Goodell led singing. A program committee met Dec. 10 to plan the years meetings. Committee members were, Jan- nice Brimmer, Darin Hedges, Susan Kouantz, Albert Neiman, Karen Griffis, leaders Mae Nei- man, Then NuckoUs, Mary and Pat Brimmer, and Leona Hedges. Next meeting will be January 8. Refreshment committee is Troy Svoboda and Dauna Terhune. This meeting clean-up commit- tee was Raymond Husoby, Bren- da Waugh, Troy Svoboda, Dauna Terhune, Lyle Brimmer and Glen Goodel. Carllle Wranglers Chrlstmu party The CarlileWranglers 4-H dub held their Christmas snowmobile party Dec. 9 at the Aurand resi- dence. 4-H members and friends en- joyed a beautiful day of fun by snowmobiling and sleigh riding. Members hold a gift exchange. Refreshnmnts were served. (klmto Outlaw 4-H The Oshoto Outlaw 4-H Club met at the (khoto Community I-hdl on Dec. 29 at 2 p.m. George Strong took the children on a hay ride then all went back to the Ccmmm Han for thotr meet-. ing. Chris caned the meeting to order, clay Dawson led the Pledge to the flag and Mike Reynokis led the 4-H pledge. The folknving gave dam- c trations on their leathem t pr~ect& Jon MeUot, Bruce Kat- traha, Gina Semlek, Charlie Nut- tlv mi Raymond Daw m. There thirty-fonr membe and wsts present and all brought ~ts for their supper. A squam danco followed the meet- ing mi mpper. Jon Me"~, ReT " ~r In 1980 you wifl be getting tabs to 2978 license plates - the excep J prestige plates and dea/ers, who will be new plates. • You can buy the 1980 tabs beg 'nning Wednesday. Please bring your 1979 registration you. THOSE WHO HAVE 1979 RESIDENT TITLES CAN GET NEWED AT THE COUNTY Ct FICE THIS YEAR. BRING YOUR RESIDENT TITLES WITH YOU! WILL NEED TO BE DONE BI CAN LICENSE YOU. t 'ckup campers need decals. Have you re stered your snow We are issuing 1979-1980 decals, to July ]980. Remember, if you are licens/ng a the irst time, for sales tax, we need the from the dealer, too. Crook County