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January 3, 1980     The Sundance Times
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January 3, 1980

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JANUARY 3, 1~ THE SUNDANCE T~S PAGE7 Carlile Wranglers Cindy and Greg W cker and i name committees Come w' uams, Reporter The carme Wr lers 4-H Square dance club Changes m U.S. Club held their second meeting schedules dance !:: " bonds on Nov 19 ,, ~ savings [)O Vice President Lori Robidoux , .~ ii~ ...........n ..... eat h~o called the meetin~ to order The Sundancer s Square tmm~ portable dish- .: the ,,e~my u~p~ ...... --~ = Club will m~t Jnn II "" " PI ............ st shape with ~ Rn~.tm~.t_ - ..... ~-~ :::" announced that the new Senes edges were led by ueDbze ......... "- " - ":: Aurand and ~--'"'e W'~anm me cauv has scneamm a ~mce top. Ph. 307-643- --,it-------- Wilfrecta i=OWIK~; ::~EE savings bends which go on ....... ,k., .... : ..... k^ ,,'~ u., ...... ".'.'.'.'.'-'. .......... ," " ive an 1 1980 will be Cmdy Whicker, song leader, 47tfn - -" - -~ - ::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ...v.....................- ........ :..sale effect J . , , ............. led the ....in s;..~ .... ~1..ruth Harold SkeesicL cJdler. I am building hay cauea umtea ~mtes rmergy ~av- ,v~e a~tt~ .v,v r~.o dil K~d. at a . build one to your ..~ Dec. 26, 1979 in~s Bonds Series EE and will Suzana.' Seventeen members -----~o -~ ~B-~---v.--. Call evenings r"'- - .. Our community was saddened ney (stayed overnight), Mr. and receive a one-half percent bonus answered roll call with the pro- -- __ __ +; Crook , t: Thursday Dec. 13 upon beceiving Mrs. Ron Graf and children, if held to maturity, jects they planned to take.Ga~ tax ~L1]i~d~ 1974 word of the death of one of our Peggy, Lloyd, and Earl Graf of The interest rate on U.S. Cindy Whicker reported on the - , .... Chrysler ~pe auto, corpora- ~ County own, Vance Pannell Svoboda.Belle Fourche, Mr. and Mrs.Enemy Savings Bonds, Seriescounty acheivement day. Ivan ~llL~tl~alt{L~ Good mpg/regular$ , ~ In an area as sparsely pop- Larry Fowlkes and Scan, Mr. and EE ~ be increased from six and Cranston reported on the local ........... . p Gasoline tax distribution on control, split front t Bookkeeping t ulated as ours no one passes Mrs Dave Steffensen and four one half to seven ercent for achievement day reals, current main- ; through without leaving an ira- children of Arlington, South Da- bends held for the full 11 years to The Christmas party committee August sales has been made to z. 283-1182 or 283- . INC. t print on all our lives. Vance, kota. Mrs. Dave (Debbie) Stef- maturity. Series E bonds that was.. appo~,ted inclu,di~.. Connie cities, towns and counties in .?~__ 47tfn; having been bern and raised here fensen is a sister of Ron and have not finally matured and U.S. williams, ~nayne ana Mrs. May- Wyoming by the Department of ~i~rth~,: ..Whirlpool portable $ Located in the former Sun- I left his impressions deep and Peggy Graf. All this group Savings Notes {"Freedom zak, Joel Long, Zd and Mrs.Revenue. . " . ~ 2~ /m~' w.hite, excellent con- $ dance State Bank Building ~ shall always be remembered,gathered at the Ron Graf place Shares") will also recieve the Aurand, Leslie and Mrs Robi- Sundance received $1 187 3 n , ~ only 6 months - $225 *Co ere booir~eew ou~t~l"~ . . mpl . o. Whether it is tucking his ears in Christmas Day to eat and visit, one-half percent bonns if they are doux. The finance comnnttee was Moorcroft, $1,933.64; Hulett, ~er~'~'~. 47tfn~ serdceforbudneesfirom& 9 when he was displeased, running Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fowlkes held for ll vears from the date of appointed to include Kent and $529.42 and Crook County ~irt~: 5 commercial lots~ ranch accouata. ~ around the house on his tricycle, and Sean were Wednesday eve- the first semiannual interest Ivan Cranston, Minnie Williams, $2,842.94. - ~,~ large buildings, one ~ ~ or insisting on someone playing ning supper guests of. Mr. and +veiled that begins_ on or after Jan. dLori and Leslie and Mrs. Robi- ,, |~,, one metal, totaling ~ hu~Mr ; horse with him, his memory lin- Mrs. Ron Graf and fanuly. 1, 1980. Bonds and notes re- oux. ***** M~,~Wsq. ft., at Vista West $ r~l~r ~ gers. I would like to take this time deemed earlier will not receive The group decided to have a .... .~ce. Owner must sell. $ His two small children, JoeBob and space to thank everyone in thebenus, grab bag for the Christmas party, ror.m[orrnati, o norass" ,mf~,~.e..in J.~d. RealEstate, 756-3429 ~ ~ll~ aa~ $ andJamie, will be a constant and this vicinity for contributing news The redesignation of the bonds The 4-H group was asked to app~__y~_mr ve~e.rans ,~,m~... IIIml~,,-- , t ,. pleasant reminder that Vance items to me this past year. With- as Energy Savings Bonds is in- handle and donate to the fish ~uon,~enenr~swme, c~,. or vlak W ams, , L~3 14~U Svoboda passed here. out their cooperation, it would tended to help focus attention on pond at the Pine Ridge Corn- aneamy, vA om,oe, .n~ca~ cen.- ~: 12x60 ft. 3-bedroom~e~***~'*~'~a~'~4 Yes, Vance, we will remember have been an impossible task. the national goals, of reducing, munity Church Bazar. zauon[er'r a ve[erans serve orgam- Refreshments were served b you. Thank you, and a Happy New energy consumphon and mcreas- Y " ~!axl-1516. ltfn - ********** Year to all. ' ingdomestic supplies. The bends iiilllllllllmlllllllllmlllmillllI~l~lllHmlHlImmlwIImlllHllmmlmlmllMmlw~ ~:51Warm Morning WANTED to Buy: Rawfurs. Wednesday evening the 19th were known as Defense Bonds , J na Emm Ouint | I~ nearing stove, brickAfter 4 p.m., all day weekends. Bible study was held at the home before and after World War H and i I , i~Y good condition. 756- Don Lee, 1021 Main, Sundance, of Mr. and Mrs. Charles McAmis as War Bonds from 1941 to 1945 i SOth Woddlm Annivermrv | la,.. 1-2" 283-3797. 45-4 with 12 present. C.4trd of Th,nk, " reflecting the national concerns of ~ ~ m mm i~ I ~" - A ,,, -- ~i~ ,=-- ,~,: Electric gulf cart and Mr. and Mrs. Larry Fowlkes We ha(i-a'vve-ry nice anniversary those times. The Energy Savings -- " n IB l~ ~ M rl I 1 ~ M i ].1oo. ca. Beryl . _: .... : ........ ~- -Lik+~I "0~'e .~ 1-2 HELP and Scan called at the Joe Svo- t..u., .... ~,+~ven b- our childreny . ,ney" Bonds will assist in financin~ the.t " = V I-- ii, ~l , "VV~Im beda home Thursday night, are the best ever The crowd th-t large Federal energy expendi ure i (~,,~M4--~ @~M~lnr ~_lll~l~ i~JIrlt~r I . new t~eneva a required ui the c g y ~)' 1 ..... omin ears ---- vulm~ vvw.v.v.w-.v.,-, v... .... ~0, ~t~" ! 6 ft. of wall units, WANTED Thursday morning following trended was so appreciated ................ S " -- __ I Ill ~ I ,.~ ~ units. Includes ~Z-~ "7 .................. : bowling, Anita Fish traveled to Thanks to one ...... arter june 6u, x~, art u.. g a~, ~--J- ...... cards,-'~'- fl'owa~eras au ,or me Savings Bonds bought through ~ ~ g t. J g n. I t l t~'~i[_-~_ unit, 64 in. sink unit, YEXAS RE -[Y- -- Hulett to be present at her nep- gu~, ana cakes .... s l will be= s~II.e~l unit to ..... FINER CORP. offers hew's, Johnnie Dunbar, class The music was really enjoyed by payro, saving ~ans, ~ . ![ 2-5 p.m. I ~eteyki~h~en a?e 2vYe ~w:y PLENTY OF MONEY plus cash Christmas party. Afterwards,all ,m..._, ........;, ..: tmergy ~avmgs t~onus, ~enes st No Gitt~, Please " --. *tuuut~ ag~m to all cna~ . vin S ~307-28.~.a~a~ " ~ o bonuses, fringe benefits to ma- Johnie s mother took him home h^,-J -.,~ ..... EE. Series H and HH Sa g [[ Fiend~andmhtiveem, einHted i ~" Cure individual in Sundance area. with her for the holidays to m~e~;;e ~t~Y" et Be le Bonds will not be affected by [lIHHmHflIHIHHIMll'~= -~ ~-~."~" ----" -'_'" ~'~kHHHHIHllI ~~"~-"-" Regardless of experience write Gillette. gar ng these changes. ~/~'*~J~*'' A'P" Pate' Pres" Texas Refinery Friday Mr" and Mrs" Larry ; ' eus,n,;ssrro+estonu, u, try Corp., BOx 711, Fort Worth, Fow~es and Scan and ~n e "" "'rec'0-- Fowlkes were Belle Fourche holi- rs~.~: -2--~m~ne. Texas 76101. It day shoppers, imm ....... ~&t Vista_ West. Trail- . _ Wilfreda Fowlkes was a coffee guest of Yvonne Ericsson and +" ~, alao traiier s-~)t.--ph. --= ...................................................... Jacki~ Fritz Friday afternoon. .... nm mr Friday evening Mr. and Mrs. TH5 SPACE ~,t~[e.~.~r: 2-bedroom trailer ~==~x~ ~ms~_ 2~2876-'or [ - ........... _- - :2_:- ---::kesJe Svobodamotored andto WilfredaHulett forFWl'an im i ii i i i im iI I I I I I I I I I I I I ' W~: 2"ht~l~"~ h"~lt* Mr" and Mrs" Richard Fred" O'E'S" meeting" I ~*%. FOR ALL l ++ +..._._. svo+..+ .r. ,o+, -+. +=+ + .+or+wo+ T++i '0"" l __'__ ' ~i~NT I 10. The baby weighed 8 lbe. 4 spend Christmas with his daugh- il~ -~,~tA.'_MENTAL i ozs. and has been named Shawn ter, Pam and her family. I ]._~YUSING I Richard. Frances Storm of Belle | -~mApts. I Maternalgrandparents are Mr.Fourche, PaulaSvoboda, JoeBob I . INSURANCE NEEDS ! r "Tarm-~ureau '-i I t~ ~ l and Mrs. Vernon Phinney, Al- and damie, near Nashville, visited | "~uelen_ey Apts. I cova, and the paternal grand- Joeand Sue Svoboda on Friday. ! ' l l insurance ! ~ -id~'dVC ~_,~6 I parents are Mr. and Mrs. Karl Saturday night card players at l : =m | Life- Health | ~ ........... ~~ut'flities. Laun- I Frederiksen, Casper. Mrs. Ma- the Clifford Fish residence were | Contact z | Packa~ePlans i ~'~ ~vArm~nh ~'~ ::~ ~-~ eSavailable,l mie McBeth, Thermopolis, is the Mr. and Mrs. Joe Svobeda, Mr. I '...... I i |Auto-Liability-Fire| | ~ n....--...,.:,~-~ | ~'~DRDCOURT I maternal great grandmother,and Mrs. Larry Fowlkes;; Louie i nlnrnrv I 1 Co.~.dal t .... " + Estat~ Planning .,d ".~.dMm. LYle I Paternal great grandiLmrentsare Fritz, and John Goertz. I + DADt, t/t,t~ t | " | ~ 541W. J~lm~mm~.~m ~( ~a~Sworth I Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Mattox, Cas- Home on vacation from BHTC -= ! Your Insurance Agent J ~ n,,. ~=+-~:: ;=-- -- P2 I~ ~ "~[2"3342 I per, and Mrs. Martha Frederik- is Tina Fish. She will return to II INSURANCE AGENCY ,,!! "~ ~ sen, Sundance. _ her studies Jan. 7. Rutll Frolander l' Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Ericsson - | t Ph. 283-3582 t ~ ~ 642-44}56 i WE[C0ME T0 1980 ! spent theirChristmashlidayin I Sundance, Wyo. Casper with the Kermy Freemole l Offlee at Texaco Station i L-~S~ 5th & Cleveland Sundance Ph. 283-3930 I family. Theyreturned to their IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII I - *~m~4 - - _ + ....... + ............ 1I : I1 _ ! di." on aPulte Home . hotm to beddo. | Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Fish dined [(jILL ''O.el'$ ' J&J ,ttll~.l~tterwRlaali~eservkeaand~lp~larlleconzlPe~ ~ at Mateo Village Saturday eve- k for every ion X~/~~-se"HlIve '-" - tl~ -- and dmm ! ning with the county commission- + Construct veral nice homes for lude at ers, wives, the county road and m e m 0 r ab le *Carpentry bridge crew, and their wives. 0C.~Ol011 ~'~ ~ ~ tell us your ~ Esta~ needa and pmblenm and ) Later, they attended the wedding ll r- "Roofing Jl~ "~ wock with you for you.RENTALS available II danCeKeven Sweeneyf BonnieheldRObertSat the Hulettand I ' - / I Floral I ! "Gone"~ RemdoamI "l _ [ Civic Center. | .... I I - . | | The difficult we do lm-| jJ 21:mdroomhnmewithcmr~e.__ ..........__. { Those that met at my bome for I ,.:1 I, I Arcaae I I~]y, ~ ~1 I '""'"' s.,,,!+,,,,, / I m.rcm&nWTS I I takes a wee bit lol~er I ....... I! +- 1 , a pre-Christmas potluck supper ~ I \I I1:1{1:()1{(~ I-, I I Ph 283-1760 Box~ bedroom furnished apartment, t wereMr andMrs JoeSvo~a. ~ ~;Ih,.,.J,+n l I rHon. S..d ce, r__r +'++++L+ .... . , OO +O i+,i refel: roq Mike, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Gr~, - ---- - ........... " .... " "", ' " sits and references uirod, and Mrs. Jerry Fish, T~ and LarrYladies Fowlkesprepared andfancySean.sandwich_The + -'C hi:;;:r:'i(0;' '" Doll GOSSlU|I I+ +-': +: t ' l ll llll I t~ " ' es, checker boards and pin- - wheels, from red, green, white, ,