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January 3, 1985     The Sundance Times
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January 3, 1985

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LOG "', ' AFTEp _ ~rge-sr~e inventory pile-up. Expectations of only meders~ economic growth in 1985 are expected to prompt businessmen to keep inventories on the lean side. Business capital spending like- wise was brisk early in 1984, but toward goals such as a boost in the current $3.35-an-hour mini- mum wage. That targ~ nay not be aU~Inable in I~, hut another goal-to fend off legislation which would confirm adm/nistrative chaug~ nmd~ within ~ Occ.- pstional Safety and Health POLITICS-- AT HOME AND ABROAD The aftermath of 1984's Pre- sidential election will not be a ~ar of ~ from poU.~ ~ti- vity. The soberinK size of the fed~al deficit and the number sod complexity of other press- JANUARY 3, 1985 year ahead. Therefore, Babson's Repo~ favors adding to b(xh stocks and bends, particularly onprice p,,llbecks, during 198,5. However, the stress should be on quality, wdue, and relevance to individual portfolio requirements. THE SUNDANCE TIMES PAGE 5 The oldest known murals on man-made wails have been found in southern Turkey. They date back to 5500 BC _ ~~'so " IOnedtn Line Boxing: Future Charnpiofls Freeman Reports Bodybuildlng: 1984 Mr. verse Competition from Lag aS, NV |Zane Grey Theatre ')CBS News Nlghtwetch JIP | MOVIE: 'Hank Williams: The ida He Never Gave' | MOVIE: 'Look Back in trkness' ) News Overnight | That Girl p All American Wrestling D Christian Children's Fund | ~) Prog Cont'd ) Crossfire | MOVIE: '10 to Midnight' ) Jimmy Swaggart | Fishln' Hole | Movietone News | Ski Week ) Showbiz Today | TBS Morning News | Business Times on ESPN | Star Seorch | Biznet ) Daybreak | SuperStition Funtime | Faith 20 TUESDAY 1/8/85 MORNING ..... i_ | MOVIE: 'The Outsld;rs"; | MOVIE: 'GIdget Gets Married' | SportsCenter | College aasketbell Report | Portrait of a Teenal~ Iopiiftar | College Besketbaih Vlllan~e St. John's MOVIE: 'The Pirates of Penzance' I Aerobics-Bodies in Motion MOVIE: 'Borderline' Rank Boxing from Atlantic ty, NJ I MOVIE: 'Jamaica Run' ElvJs: One Night with You AFTERNOON I MOVIE: 'Cross Creek' Auto Racing '84: SCCA MOVIE: 'Tender Mercies' College Basketball: Vlllenove st St. John's I MOVIE: 'Hysterical' PKA Full Contact Km'afe Lightweight Championship I College Basketball Report I An Orphan's Tale Part 1 I SportsCenter | Super Bowl Vl Highlights EVENING (2) To Be Announced Q Cousteau/ Amazon: Snows- term in the Jungle I Stage: I De, I Do Collese BalketlNIIl: Boston in Cincinnati I MOVIE: 'Charleston' I Prime Time Wrestling Prime News I f~j Wheel of Fortune ) News ) MacNail/Lehrer Newshour I(7) Three's Company ()) ~ MeAeS*H From No Man's Land.-A Cries MOVIE: 'The Pirates of ) (7) A-Team ) Freeman Reports | f~l) Three's I CrowlJ (CC) Jeffertons , Conference Call , ()) Who's the Boss? (CC) , Alice i World et War ,College Basketball: ClemsOn at le Tech i News r Chase p Evening News (~) Thorn Birds Part III (CC) 'R~htsh~t' ) Nova (CC) , At the Mat ,Citadel , Elvle: One Night with Y~ I (?) Remington Steele I WKRP in Cincinnati i College Basketbolh St. Peters : ~ni. Manhattan m~l Georgetown Ira. 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With ~m ltml~l~ll lPi&lll.l t O Callas Basketball: Maryland atNortlhCaroilna capita] expenditures in 1985 will labor leaders say undermine the new sonate slightly less well- ~IE-iVUII II II l-lll=-l~UllJll OProTennls:VolveMmers again provide good support for worker safety and welfare)- disposod toward the "t~nite House ,nlrUlHl=,Hnllrl , ........ EVENING -: .... : the economy, though outlays--ex stands a better chance, than its predecessor and the 0 m m -- -- I. -- .~ 6:00 O (2J Highway to Heaven inflation-will be down from 1984. As for contract negotiations in Democratic majority in the House ~ A &Ir~ .v coi~e Be.kameti: LSU at BUILDING AND 1985: Weezpectthattm~nswfl] eager toburnish its somewhat ZlllllI~ Alabama O iceheu~ in me A,u~Uc CONSTRUCTION seek. wage boosts, but job sect- ~ ires&e, it's safe to say ~ 0 {~AnOcphan'sT~P~rt2 New nonfarm housing starts ity clauses and fringe benefits wiH that the1986 congressiorud races illllllqPPMnk AI iM~IIilll t rT) WKRP In ChtinnMJ held at a high level early in 1984, be pushed too. Contract talks will have already begun. However, 61~II IMl liB,,- H ~ II II M'~H II l~ ~ II # I~I Odd Couple tDPrl-,,l~lew~ but eased somewhat thereafter, enlz~l tough bar~ in most relations between Republicans 61111111,,11 glJIllllrlkt (j) (~j Wheel of Fortune Nevertheless, for the year as a instances, but on the whole union and Democrats and among vatS- ~ News !~MacNaii/LehrerNewsho~r whole, homebuildin~approxima- leaders will be reali~c r~her ous factions in both camps wil] be ~ 7P.M. 6:30 ~) rT~ Three's Company ted the 1.7 million umts darted in than inflexible. Hence there s a mwhat more amicable than in Y .... O NBA Be,ketl~l: Chic. et 1983. The Babson staff fore- good chance that strikes enUd]- 1984. Biggest bones of conten- I THURSDAY, , Boston I r~j 0 M*A*S*H casts a downward shading in new ink broad economic dislocations sign: Tax policy, spendin8 limits, ~ .--., ,.. t 7:00 O ~ Q r}~ Fail Guy (CC) housing starts in 1985, to around can be avoided, environmental matters, military 4 J/~N. ~ t O Coli~. Seshet~di: W,w.on.,n the 1.6-million-unit mark. The AHEAD FOR U S. aid for Central America, and farm Courthouse " - @ et Ohid S~e ~ m~emem : O r~)Highway tO Heeven need for housing is still strong, AGRICULTURE problems. Freeman Reports and the downturn in interest rates As always, the supply-demand- The Babson staff is hopeful that ~ , Special~ Barbara khmdreJi: Something should be helpful in keeping price balance for farm crops in the there will be no large-scale fight- ~. v ,. ,,~., ,,~. t ~) Smithsonlen World (CC) 8:00 ~ r2) I rj) Oymmty (CC) residential building in a high year ahead will reflect weather ins in the Mideast in 1985. ~ , "Hypothermia" - Dr. John Peters i 0 World at Wer range by historical standards, vagaries as weU as economic But shaky economic and political ~ ' Survival Kits"- Bob Baxter, Joe Whittomore t ~) Portrait with Scenes: Arthur However, high rates of office andi developments. But, barring conditions in Israel and the weak- ~ " $ Miller Champion on ice industrial vacancies are paten- drought or widespread davm~ge ened position of President Asaed ~ IUI~WII-'~. O rT) Facts of Life (CC) ti~] restraints on the advance in .frompests, the sizable grain gluts of Syria may encourage Arab ~ ,v,~v,L,~. , 1 ~Evening News " "t ......... MOVIE: 'Red-Light Sting' collMI~ercial and industrial con- now ~ storage (at taxpa~:ers militants to commit rash acts. ] "Bv Nature'sRules" ~)flrst Contact 8truction, althouSh some gains expense) should serve to ~ At very least, the situatmn ts ~ " '%.rv; .1" 8:30 ~ r7} It's Your ~ are expected, overall, in the boosts zn farm prices and hotd difficult and lengthy. Meanwhile, ~ 6 9:00 El r2) ~ rp; Arthur Halley's Hotel (CC) . . _ coming year versus 1984. down farm income as well.-E[5"4~..~rab.oil strstegy in 1985 will be 6 .If ~,~.i^ ..^ O Romantic =,p, rn EMPLOYMENT--PEI~ONAL ever, the ulxilt in manufacturing ev~'of a threat to indus- ~ ~,I woIt~IIIO # Returns'MOVIE: 'The Oleck Stallion INCOME and transportation costs will keep trialized nations .than was the ~ N ............. v ~u~vu~3~u~ ~ruutur~ Super Bowl Vii Hilltes The diminution of growth crop price : weakness from spii- case in 1984. Central -Ameri,ca, ~ r7) St. Eleewhtwe ([~News impetus in the final two quit- ling over into processed foods appears to be.the "qm~t: ~ ~ ..... ..~'-..o..--J .... n--.a.o ,,'*.._,~,..t. I {~ Gong Show tars of 1984 curbed gains in The Agriculture and Food Act trouble spot, but progresS-.in . O~#laoq,Fl~qJ uy OUIIUalI~;U rtlkR~l ~ ~11Ull talUU v {~ MoneylJne employment and personal of ,. .... ~~Mp,e,~Pe~,~,