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January 6, 1932     The Sundance Times
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January 6, 1932

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THE TIMES, SUNDANCE, WYOMING, JANUARY 7, 1932. II [111 "" ' [ Smetona re-elected president of If.th- Bonus loan bill was repassed by Ihe I depression, which was approved bv 1 tiona] series from Santa Paula team I Sept, 3--About 9-00 drowned hy ~oodll I .. uania. | leaoing members of congre-~ I of Argentina. . I at Ponce, Porto Ricos . | .... ~ Dec. 12--Tsuyoshi In,,hal, he~d of senat~ anl became law. A[ Capone. liquor gang leader ot | Oct. 8--Billion dollar bankers pool ] Don Moe won western amateur golf I Sept. 10--Bellzs, British Honduram~ I I ] Seiyukal party, made premier of Jap- Chicago, sentenced to six nlonths ira | formed to ~arry out Iloover plan. I title. .. I devastated by hurricane; 1,400 killed. [ ! I an. jai for ,ontemtt of court bv Federai| Oct. 13 National Credit a.-sociatlon [ July 19--Brltlsh tennis team defeated [ Oct. 24---Russian submarine sunk In [ | i)ec. 12 Japan s~spended the gold Judge Wilkerson. " ] '.n~.rporated in l)e]eware. I Americans and won right to play I collision; 50 drowned. I i [ stan0ard. March l--Treasury offered securities [ (','t. 14 Ameri~'an Eederatlon of La- ] French for Davis cup. | Nee. 5--Five killed and sight in-I | ] Dec. ]5---Chiapg Kai-sbckre~'.gned for $1,70n,0q0,090 fo'r bof~us Ina:,s. | Lot conventl,,n voted a~4uinst compul [ July 22--Jack Sharkey and Micky [ Jured by gun explosion on U. S. S. | I I as president of China. l.inSen suc- }.lar,h 2 }louse vt,ted for 90 pc, copy ".In "m:)l')ymht insurance. I Walker fonght a 15 round draw In | Colorado. I ] ceeded him. cent ,'ut in immigration. O(t. 15~Federation of l.abor voted ] Brooklyn. | Nov. 20--Explosion In colliery neat" ] | Dec. 17---VHus~ppe Metreelected Mar:h :l--l'r~-sident Hoover vetoert for legalization of 2,75 per cent neer I July 26--French tennis team defeated | Gantonbury, England, killed 32 men. | O, t. 17--AI Cap,)rJe, b,*.:s gangster, II;ritish, retaining Davis cup. | Nov. 22--Stock show special wrecked | / president ,ff S'vitzerland. the Mus~qe Shoal.~ bill and the sena ,. fe':nd guilty in Chitago of income tax | Aug. 1--Sun Beau, winning the Ar- I In Missouri; seven men and many I , I INTERNATIONAL sustair, ed the v,.to. March 4-Co Igress made "'Star fraud. [ lington handicap, became record break- I valuable horses killed. I ] Jan. ~--Pope Plus XI isst;ed an en- ~tmngled Banner" the nat:onal anthem Celebration of 150th anniversary ot } ing money winner. [ IS, ee. 13--Three hundred Chinese died [ 1 : I ]cyclical coulemnJng divorce, bir;h Seveslty-iirst congress adjourned. Hattie of Yorktown begun. [ Aug. 8--American women's tennis [ when ship blew up near ~hanghal. [ I " I ]controland many phasesof modern Mar:h 6--Alexander Legge resigneO Oct. 19--President Hoover spoke at ] team won Wightman cup from British. | ~Tr:~,rta'-~w t~f~,tr I - - - - - . I 2 - life was succeeded by .James C. Stone. Oct. 20--Interstate ~'mmerce corn- I worl women's tennis championship. I Jan 1 ~u ....... ' ...... I On Your Radio I t. : I l jan. VS--League of Nat;otis c,~uneH as chairman of federal farm board ant Yorktown celebration.. , Aug. 23--Helen Wills Moody again | L~lll~It.Jlltlt.Jl_llL/I..arI | II .......... I / decided to convene world disarmament Mar-h IS---Rioting *.onvb'ts in till-m ss ")n denied freigh( rate increase of , Aug. 28--1{ev Garrison ,roebuck of I amba~sa~l'~rnt:'~,r .... a.ac ..... mot| FRI|NDSHIP I ,l~o '~0 ,ilr11~l~l)t~ I I conference Feb. 2,1~3:~ nots penitentiary at Statevill,~ burned " .- ante 15 per cent, offering a substitute plan | McClure, Ohio, won Grand American [ Jan 3 Marshal T "s "~" Veer ] 0B 1 I [ Marcia l--France at~O Italy reached the mess hall and other buildings, ff temporary increases | handloal) I .~r__S'_ ~---~_ . _- ~o~ ev=, .~ ~ s o~ I ( tt " r nee ar " " ' ..... t ~ ante nero o[ the Marne I I I~ | / an accord on na~al stren~,lh. Sam H. Thr, mpson of Illinois appoint.9" . 22 Premier Laval of F a - ] Aug. 29 Mrs. O. S. ~lli won women's I Jan ~[1 Nathan S*r " "'" v...t. > [ March 27--Internationalwheat con- ed a member nf fe~'eral farm board, rivedin ~,Vash~ngton for conferences ] western., golf title. I mtl"-'.una,re'-- merchant- ~?a~,aO.ana pntlantnro-~?ew ~v~ I TOWN" 19.-~r~l~.i/-~Fd |fereoce opened in ttome. March 19--President Hoover sailed with President ltoover. ] Sept. 5--Francis Qulmet web nation- ] ~ist | K't.YlXE~ItSL't [ April 27--New commercial accord on battleship Arizonafor Porto kit,t, Oct 24--A1 Capone sentenced to I1 | al amateur golf championship at Chl- I " -" -- -- I " ears" In rise " e %0 000 ~ t jan ZZ--Anna Pavlowa noted dancer, I ,, ,'~ " ~'""a'- --er I signedby Italyand Russia. and V~rgtn Islands. v " p ," n and fin d )~ . I cage / at -e~o u ~an. a----~overnnlent el ra,, ila ul - "' t ~ h t ," i,~tS a"~ n'eSi | 3lay 4--Culna abroga ed all extra- Nevada legislature legalized gain- O,-:t. 25 toover-L, aval csnversatlon.. | Sept. 6--Kaye Den's Miss England II [ Jan 26 Edward 1 Edwards former | ~|~A~7|OOP.~#I~tkI'. ...rows ~.y revo.u.~on.., r-) - t ..... an biing, concluded with agreement that revision / beat Gar Wood's Miss America IX In /-over'n-r--" "" -" -'- I dent Arosemena captured Ri';rdo At- [ errltor,ahty treataes, effect,ve J" . 1, Starch 20--Blrth control Indorsed hy of war debts and reparations should go [ first heat of Harmsworth trophy race ] ~nltedSt::eo"~e,~w.,.~de,.rsey ana former I faro minister to the Unitel Ststes 1193~". ..... commtttee representing 27 Protestant side by side /at Detroit 'Feb ' .... "seineVa ! . ' ) ,~~e th .r,~ denS., I =~ay lb~Commlsslon on proposed .ccep.e.~ o,.ero. .,,ev .... a ..... " ~ reed ~ ' - - t L~--alaJ Gen C R Edwards, I I~n r~rr~.i,~t ~laman~ ,~lected|European union met m Geneva, and churches of America. ~ Nov. g---President H ~over c near es "t Se0t. 7--Harmsworth races. .... enaeo /l command, er or" "-xanKeo-" alVlSlOn"" ""..... ~. ~ I re'~i~ientoi'~'li~:i~a "~" = " - I Austro-German customs union was de- March 22 Vederal farm board an- -ommittee of five to examine .h g / when Den's boat was dlsquanneo and / F In Bosto ' " P " nf " bate 1 " Jan. 19--Round table co ~tenee on ~eo as ~-ouls Wolhelm stageand " ~ia ..... n { nouneed stabilization of wheat pricesmade against adtninlstration policies [ then sank. / "'~ ,- .~ -~n. I June 20~Presldent Hoover proposed would end with marketing of 1930 by the Navy league / Sept 10--Ton~ Canzonerl lightweight | er " ---- , I lnu closed In ~onoo on ~us ~" 'o e ra ........ i-,~t h~,~a,~d Ov I e year. "pen_ion of l,_rman r pa - cr~,~)arch 23--President Hoover landed inN~l~e 3~-gBYthel~,~:~i~gg:n %)lnsgri~d~tstr~.l~ [ ~lhg~tmP/~.edwef~atr~? Jack Berg In title /s ~erennkSta~. Emerson, governor of [ __._... ~.--..re.nc. ca .........- - Itions addpayments on war debts. ~teeg reslgnea : tc,~rvtersO.1 Ofrt~ 7:: / /:tYnwO:!~tg:M" Inn ~ D" " ~.,~l for-i anew I June 23--Rotary International met tnat San Juan. Porto Rico. s r-:":..=--.Ierre ...... e.. I Vienna and elected S W Pascal, of New York legislature voted to in- Doeu~cro~t reg;ri:eedn foSne~at'J:n ~:allt']Wn:;hteVfnseSch:mpClalnI. errlam, former governor of I PI~EI~'RI~'r'~NS mln]atry /or. ~rance. " es on it~onaon ...... preslaent " " vest}gate conditions in New York city A. Ha ry Moore Democ a ship Feb " Feb 7--King of Spain r t~ede " ro elected governor of New Jersey; Mar-I Sept. ,5--Philadelphia Athletics won l sonrano In ..th ....... ,. I tltntlonal rights and ,led,n elec- I government and lower courts ' ' . 2,--Dame Nellie Melha. famous -- _LaU~e 24---France mtaodreatoerOUnter Preat Mare, 25--President Hoover spent tin S Conner Democrat governor of / Amertcan league pennant ' ": "=' ":"--" ........ : ..... ' S UD tlon t P for war aeu[ m " ~" " ' ' me ~arcn t--/~epresentatlve Henry A. ~eb ~ Ear~ f ~essboroug~ nnoint | Brita'n and Italy accepted Hoover's day at St. Thomas, Virgin islands. Mississippi, and Ruby Lagoon, De " [ Sept. 16---8t. Louis Cardinals won | Cooner of ~i ..... ~.. | T I o VISITS WITH ed--governor" "-- general" o ~ of Canmjla.a"" -[ plau; ...... + ~ ~t~tes March 29--President Hoover re- crat, governor of Kentucky. [ National league pennant. [ ....... n~a,- aam't'.ra~'t"~,komas a do ~gers vr" I =nSc~Plc~r~nt~nr~i~te$1~~4gginst British rule. rnlng e~cetne go ?eels" [ .turned,.Red fromflag,, clauseCarribeanof CaliforniaCrUise" anti- Nov. 7--Committee on Navy league | Sept. 19--Tom Creavy won the pro- | S N t"etlred ........... | Feb. 14---Berenguer cabine~ ofSpaln i a~r~re~Y ~--t,'ran~e ianma l~nltaend ~'t"be April 1--Methods of collecting crime charges reported they contained many 1 fessional golf championship. ] "Ma~'ch 2 Lieut. Gen E~-ar ~a'h"l- ] TWINKLING STARS IN reslgned~ and, king~ ,- cancelleds call for / | came~ effectiven mOraasOrofU dateP or" July 1 - statistics condemnedby Wickers, am false and inaccurate statements and | Santa Paula team of Argentina won / ,_ , ~ . . . ,.e, ~ "" ";, I NT~ par..amen.ary e,ecdon . " " ' vv " ! cnatrman ot interoceanlc canal boars. I $ I~oh ,a 1~ ........h.fvud .lected| July 13--World bankers at Basel ex- commission, vindicatedPresident Hoover's na . | American open polo title. / March 10 Josenh P Cotton under i RADIO FIRMAME "~1%" :'--='~.-% % ........ I tended $I00 000 000 credit to Germany.April 7--Antes J. Cermak. Democrat. potlcy. [ Sept. 26-- titles Htcks won women's | s~or~t~.v ,~-" ) ) v ' " I Pr~en~[N~la~n~,~nish g~ernment | July 20--international conference on elected mayor of Chicago. New cruiser Indianapolis launched. | golf championship defeating Mrs / -;~'-t" ".'. st a.e. ..... I a ~ Aa " t ~,,~n Am~ mou | German crisis opened in London. April 22--King of Siam, with his - - . ~arcn ts---~aralnal vletro Mare, ,- .... -- ~.v.- " " Nov. ll--Armmtlce day observed, | Glenna Collett Vare. J archhI~h-,~ ,~ ~ | .orme., ..y ,=..mira ....... " e c ad queen, came to United States foran Pres dentHoover speak ng In Wash- | Oct 10 St louis Cardinals won / "e't ..... ~:. _.e~ - . / Modern small-town life Is betn~ archlst | July 23--London conf ren e - ",,h "~n a**,~ t )n ~ssassla.te K{na / |pursed after adopting recontmemla- eye operation. ' t " --" " ", / rt presentat~ve James ts Aswell of ~ngton. ~ t world championship. /Louisiana | IFortrayed In Friendship Town, a ~o'g-of'~kll)at[~am~sl~ "~,'ienna ftT"i~,tl. - / tions that hort term credits to Ger- Slay 4--International Chamber ot Nov. 13--President Hoover proposed | Oct. 12--Jack Sharkey whipped ] March 24 Robert Edeson sta~-e and ] new program series Inaugurated ove~ Commerce met In ~,Vashlngton. federal system of home loan banks. / Primo Carnera In Brooklyn / . "-" , ~ i Peruvian counter revolution sup- | many be renewed. -- . May 11--President Hoover ordered , ~ nereen star. Mrs. Hattie Caraway appointed [ Oct. 20--Nova Scotia boat Bluenose 1 "ea ............... i ma NBC-WJZ coast-to-coast net- pressed with bloodshed at ~llao but | Aug. ll-TProtocol co-oromatlngimOet: tt r ~umiral u t" /~lunKett retiree continued at Are,,uina I atorlum plan wltn xoung ptan s gn ,z drastic reductions in expenses of all temporary senator from Arkansas. | won Atlantic flshtng fleet trophy per- ] In Washtn,-*',- " ' ' ' | work. /ut all-star cast, Including Mare. t Navv"iu,~'t~ in P'WU forced [ by int.~rnational experts in London. executive departments Nov 15 Pres (lent Hoover's adv spry / manently / M . "~- ..... . I ..... -- ....... n May 15--ttarvey H, Bundy of Mich " " - arcn z-t Arnold Bennett, English ~n~l pr~ia~n) cerro ). resign [ Aug. 27--American and Fre ch committeeon education resorted rec- [ Oct. 23--Lou Broulllard won welter- | novelist and-playwright | Edwin Whltney, Don Carney, Pick ~tnd-put"C-l~ief'Ju's"t'tc'e l~icar40"~Elins-at [ bankers arranged for $400,000,000 loan igan appointed assistant secretary of mmending wide rev)s'.on of federal 1 weight title from Jack Thompson. I __ I Henry Ives Cobb Amsrtcan archl to t~eatBritain ~tate h 1-"e--I ~ducational policy and creation of a [ Oct. 26--Young Perez of Tunis won | *'c* ' . | Malone and Pat Pagett. blackface head of government , " nr ~- ~.~ ~ q" ~, inau~oted as i Sept 3--Germany and Austria form- May 18--Supreme court up e u i t;~ -department of education with a stere- i flyweight title from Frankle Genaro of / ~..'" - ....... I comedians; Virginia Gardlner; Edlth " " / marcn z9 Byron ~ancrott Jonnson ~-. .~a....e. .err. ..* " " ityof the Ht, over dam act. ta~Yovin CteI~b~n~randl, Italian for- ] NeNV~vy~kLtenwP:r~o~twrestled Zbyszko /fo president of Uruguayand ~rturo Ar- [ all.y abandoned the proposed customs [ Spencer and Harry Salter's orches- communist stat0te held invalid by Su l~oa~I~" Ira depict the various character0 au~a~eah pr.e.~dren~ ~dntS:ll~;ad~. ousted Iun~O~- 5--World court ruled Austro- ~nd~e:/geA~e~caney?a~etbh~llP eign ministerarrivedin IVashing/on / in ~htca~,o and won world title ~. .." .. - , , I r~, -- | German customs union was illegal prime court. : ~ ~, in t~ew xora. ~.ae. S ~ . " ~tay21--American Red Cross celt for conversations w~th President Hod- | Nov. 4--Battalino beat Earl Mastro | Anrll 1 M~,qv,, ~rbu,.t.t~ o, ..... A |making up the country village of to- ..... t,~,,. ~,~t Davis ncampo [ ep. 7 League of Nations assembly per. | In Chicago retaining featherweight | ~or~n =:t~'~ -" ~ ........... '~ ..... | -- " ~ ~ " o~|deat Peru | m t in Geneva electing Nlkolas Tt- bratedits fiftieth anniversary. Nov 19--Grandl concluded his con- 1 title ' /--'.~-':. ='-':..... t day. Thereare scenes In the drug be ~scame prov,s.ona, pr .... ~. o- - - ' " " " April ~# Nlcnolas Longworth speak tulescu of Rumania president versatlons with President Hoover and | Nov 20----Canzonerl defeated Kid / -- , - I store; the academy of music, ap- April 4---Mutinous troops tlelzed Ma- | ..... . Stay 25--Supreme court ruled for elgncrs seeking citizenship can ex- I o ) " ; .... /er of the national house of representa- I Secretary St ms n. / Chocotate m New ~'orK. / tives ) er delra island; Portugal rushed war-I ~ept. s--~texico accepted bid to loin press no reservations about bearing Nov. 21*-Federal Judge FitzHenry / Nov. 21--In football Yale defeated / May 2---George F Baker o ~a~,,. I stairs;~ the garage; opera house and ships to crush rebellion. [ Le_ag,le of Nations. - arms for the country. * ~ .~ t~ --~ ned's nemlesI Sept. t~ ~anama and China given at Springfield Ill ruled alcohol per- | Harvard and University of Southern !- .-'- . = . -. _ _ - ....t other local points of Interest in -tpr,, ~--~,ng ~.o e - - . May 28--Presbyterian general assem ' " , - xorK America's richest hanker m ts to food manufacturers illegal | California beat Notre Dame | ' " | ll- . . ~. seats in League of Nations council. triumphed as Spain voted, l~publlcat. [ ~nt lq t~.e~ ,...~ .hoU~.~ Prlendshlp Town. Local politlc~ bly opened in Pittsburgh and elected . , ' May 9--Dr Albert A Mlchelson emi- Nov 24--Robert L. O Brlen, Boston [ Nov 28--Northwestern Purdue and i--st sci .... " " "-" "" --"'" | al routed moetarchists in muUleipal elec- [ and "occupied ~,~ukden Manchuria.-" Dr. Lewis S. bludge of Philadelphia ........... st, tn t-asauena Catit editor: appointed chatrman of tariff ] Michigan tied for Western Conference [ Me- 10--W 1 .... ' _:._ I play a large part in the general .,.,n~ ' ~ommtss~on. . . . / football championship; Army defeated [ ,~ t~hlan~raY I',~ltva [er~,,w.A. ~trong, puDllsner | theme,with love Interest SUppMed b~ ~tl ~.;it .~ te~ ~t,~nso t~qlcated | Sept. 20--Japan occupied all cities in moderator. ~.*'-".. ~"L-~''ng .. ,='-_~=~.u~..a"=k. ,,~. / southern Manchuria;China sent note Stay 29---(3. C. Teague resigned frorr. ann salteofor exile" r~v ~tlc m=~ ~ . federalfarm board and W. F. Schlll 1 ' ~ |demanding Japanese cea. hostilities greRs&aKnlef~ermg ~:~ocrt: :;~c~ I ~:Tw~o~%;u~a2nb::tfy/:nc:t~l~leTu ) BrMu~ell2 head ,y Aica,a mor Y.ys, vlolloi,t, tu I a ot young sweethearts. Vocal l ........... ke- ._ ..^_ [ and withdraw troopsto previous post-log was reappointed. a, prtl ls---~vtt war oru put ~n n~,,- /., May 30--President Hoover delivered late H. W. Wurzbach, Republican. | Dee. 30--Annual conference of Na- / Ma--y ;~*--t~avla" ustaeco, .... ~ean ot I Nov 30 Representative B H Snell tlonal a lons. ' " Collegl te Athletic association Memorial day address at Valley Forge, of New" York'-" chosen Republi'can "candi- ] onened in New York i theatrical..... producers. _ i selectionSFrank Luther,are tenorPrvldedstar, weekly by Pa. - " ~ " I tJr ~ t- t~rooxs preslaent of Baylor I date or speaxer. / ......... universit" y" in Waco' Texas May 31--Secretary Mellon announced Vice President Curtis announced he ] AEIIONAUTIC5 I "'a "-' .......... I ' * * * an $800,000.000 bond issue. In ton M y zs---or ~amuel w t-art ot unl would be a candidate for renom at . / . i . - I Ray Perkins, radio funster, says June 1--Minnesota's press gag ia~ ~,,~,~,~n .e~ll,~ ,, Alh,*etn ~n~d~ [ Jan. 5--Twelve Italian planes started I verslty of Illinois chemist [ held unconstitutional by United States ................................. ' a~raln declared American wheat kintr at |transatlantic flight from Portuguese | May $9--Congreseman C. A. Moonsy 1 there are a lot of men today wko0 Sapreme court, o - Guinea to Brazil of Cleve/and Ohio International Live Stock exposition In [ _ ._ i , I wken they think of business, get a Supreme court refused to revtew the~-~ .... / san. ~--Ten or the Italian planes I June 4---Mortimer L. Schtff, New York | slump In the throa.t. case of Albert B. Fall, .~.~e,.~. w ~xr~,,n ~hm~ ~nn~tnt [ reached Natal, Brazil; two forced I banker and philanthropist. I ...... -- .................... v,- ..... - e June 5--AI Capons, Chicago gang ,,d senator from New Jersey | down at sea five m .n ktlled. I June 5~-John L. Stoddard, American | leader,IndictedforIncome tax eva- ---W~h~h ,-~lt~=v nut i~" ~,~e,~tv~'~ | Jan. ll--Mrs. Beryl Ha.rt and Lteut. [ author and travel lecturer. slons- h~n'~-.~ ........................ | W. S. MacLaren lost In hop from Bsr- | June 15---Miss Anna Adams Gordon, I Marcella Shields, who plays varied June 6--PresidentHoover ordered "'-I~ec" 9---President ~oover onened | muda to the Azores. I former president of World W. C. T. U. I l*01e~, Is proud of a nnlve trlbute to abandonment of Guam naval station. ~.~;.,:,~.,, .n h,,m,~ h~,~tai~, - 1 Jan 31---Big German flying boat DO- [ June 20---Ralph Booth American ............................. c** June 7--Report by Wickers,am corn- Dec 5--Steamer Manhattan largest ] X flew from Lisbon to Canary Isla~ds I minister to Denmark. [ her ability as a delineator of ehfl mission blamed excessive crime on m~,-h'~nt v,~.~t ,~v~ h.ut t. '4m~'ica | on transatlantic flight. | June $5--Alfred Aloyslus Smith I deen. Following a recent broadcast system of prosecution, no,. ;~'_ ~,,,~.t. o~'o..~, ~.n---eso-'"n | Maj. James H. Doollttle for his blind | June 27---Wilbur C. Whitehead I In which the former vaudeville at* June 9--Tennessee lower house l'aunc'iae"~t" at"Ca'm~len ~I-"J ............ ] April 7---Harmon trophy presented to | ("Trader Horn"), in London. 1 voted agalnst impeachment of Gov. H. - ..... ' ........................ ul H. Horton. ua.,,a. ~nhn ~ G~'"~ '~ 'r,~v~S hem- [ flight experiments. | bridge whist authority. [ tress played a little girl, she re-. " June 12--AI Capone and 68 others nernt ,q~oted sneaker of th~ house [ May 27--Prof. August Plccard of [ J y I---Miss Alice M. Robertson, [ --r'~>mmunist- #hun.-er marcher's" "re- | Brussels and an assistant made hal- | former congresswoman from Oklahoma. | eeived dozens of letters from ehtl. Indicted by federal grand Jury at Chi-,,,,'i',~,,a },~ ,.nil,.,, t.,~'w~htn~.to~ | loon flight to the stratosphere, hetns | July 2--Dr. Stephen M. Babcock of [ dren who thought she really was a ~"~=~=~o~,~""~,.,~'~,.o'~..-~"'",,".~,~'~.o,.,. | in a sealed aluminum ball; landed In [ University of Wisconsin, Inventor of [ cagOtiop laws.fr conspiracy to violate prohtbl- ~-ran~te'd'ra~lroacls"$1"00,~00000"0"'f'rei'gh't' | Austria Tyrol after reaching re~rd | the milk test. [ Child. * * * June 15--President Haover addressed~=).. I ...... ~ ' ' | altitude of 52,500 feet. I July 4--George S. Graham of Penn- [ the Indiana Republican Editorial as- "-Dec"8"~.Presldent Hoover gave con- | June 4---German flying boat DO-X | sylvania, oldest member of congress. | s~ciation in Indianapolis, predicting a ..... "h~'-rn~sa~-e on the st~t,, of the | flew frcm Cape Verde Islands to Per- | July 7--John Brisben Walker, sol- i A soldier who has been In the r~newal of prosperity. ' ~'~'i7.'. "'~,~.u';'~" ~l--~e- .... -a roco~ | nando Noronha Brazil, in 13 hours 15 | dter, business man, writer and mag- 1 United States Veterans' hospital S R. McKelvie resigned from federal ,~ .............. ~, .. ,. ............. " =) .... I~ nn~no~ ,~OrnOrntlort ~nd oth~r ] minutes | azlne editor, In Brooklyn. [ farm h~ard., o~a'~"tdO er former emergency measures. | June 23--Wiley Post and Harold [ July 9--John L. Agnew, mining mag [ since the World war recently wrote June 16--t're ..... H v . Iltt~|=~(~ntr~l cut nay of Offloers | Getty hopped off from Harbor Grace, I nate, at Copper Cliff, Ont. [ tO Elaine Page, fashion expert On President Coolidge and other notables "~'"'~,"~,~t'~,~,;,'-'~:,,,t-,~-~',.e's ......... [ N F for Bet)In [ R L Henry former congressman [ an~. n~n~ ........... ~,.,.a". . " "' O* * * ' took part In dedication of the Harding Dec. 9--President Hoover sent con- [ June 24--P st and Gatty landed at | from Texas, In Houston. [ the Woman's Radio Review, for memorialAl Caponeat MariOnpleade~ OhiO.guilty In Chicago ~" ............................... .... ht,~ t.,,d~-s~t mo~e tot-~*ther / Chester, England, andw proceeded to | JUlYr 13---RepresentatlVer C. G. Ed- I Instructions for crocheting a scarf . wD~ th,~ resort o Secretary of the / ~erlm on way around orld. | wa ds of Gee gla- | described in one of her hroadcasts. to, income tax evasion and prohibition~'~,~ur~7 '~llon "r@rommendin~ In- | Otto Hlllig and Holger Holrlls left I July 2S---Congressman Sam ~ Major | law violation indictments. ~'.'~--~-~ "t~'~, ...... / Harbor Grace on a flight to Copen- | of Missouri. | The veteran explained he could stick June 17--President Hoover spoke at ~.~ase~. v'~'~'~-~n)~! n~s~,~ it~ d!vl [ hagen. [ Aug. $--Merrltt Star, Chicago attor- [ dedication of remodeledLincoln tomb .............................. " l li e n ,~nd nrst tlrn~ in raore than a0 years } June 25--H lllg and Ho}r s land d at | ey and author. | to knitting like many of his cmn- in Springfield. Ill. "-~=;. "'~'a " ~t~.~7~n't-"~'on orel~rn rel'~tion~ / Crefeld, Germany. | Aug. ll--Rev. Peter J. O'Callaghan I rades, but he preferred to do some- Railways of country asked inter, sen't~o'~-o'n~r'e,~'s~'l~ "Preside'st ..... [ July l--Post and Gatty landed at | of Chicago, president of Catholic Total | state commerce commission to author- r~ ~ ~.~' tAo~.~ t~o',~ver,o'messo~.~. | Roosevelt field Long Island having | Abstinence Union of America- 1 thing different. ize 15 per cent Increase In freight of' t~-le~'~n'~)ra'tortum~ and~ro~o'sed- re [ in $ days, 15 hours and 51% mtnutes. [ Nice, France. [ rates. .... ,.;-ot~.. ~i .... s'~,~a -~~n~ti~n | completed the flight around the world I Aug. 26--Frank Harris, author, tu / June 23--Dwight Davis resigned as .... )tt.t~,. ~, ~,~ deht"~o~nmisslo~- | July 15---George Endres and Alex- Aug. 29--Alfred P. Dennis, member / Many celebriUes are nervous be- governsr general of Philippines, ef .................................... I si fective June 30. Harry Powers West Virginia "Blue- | ander Magyar. Hungarian army flyers. I of tariff eomm s on, | fore a microphone, but not Frank July 7--John R. Coen of Sterling, ~o~,.a'," .... a,~.~ ,~vl~t~ ~nd =en- [started from Harbor Grace, N, F., on I Aug, 31--Sir Hall Calne, English / Buck, the man who brings 'em back n,~,t tr~ de~h ' flight to Budapest [ author , / ColO,tbe Elks.elected grand exalted ruler of :~)ee.l~}vI~n~:b;~. t~ornee,e~ed ~:c~p~d It4J~ye::~ro~Hn:!~a~n;~dMo:g:a;d la:d:: ] L~Snu!SPr,~ 27m~" UZte?~t~enn s~fcltS~ [wasallve recentlyfrm theintervlewedJungles. B~ek,by GI~ant-Wh July II--Suspension of sentence de- tlef r~o.wtth,~psse' ..... threehll ...... ere ,ono,r aptUr.o d l i'anghorn took off ,tom New ,ork on I Sept.lfls---J. I~. Nugsnt, former sen-[ land Rice over a national network) nied Albert B. Fall. " ' w ~c e " J ly 2 -- g C y g e July 13---Gen. B. D. Foulols appointed ...... --..-,- ................... - t ........... ~ -. ) fligh to Moscow" Russell Boardman I ator from Idaho. [ chief of army air corps, effective De- vmelnt~:nV?te~l~c:oU oP:eel~n~=nTa~ecln4- | and John Potando started from New I Col. Zack Mulhall, Oklahoma plonser | admits he was Jumpy during rehears- cember 20. r~ ~ ~ *~.~ '~ ,~,.o..~ ea 1 York on flight to Turkey I and showman. [ el, but perfectly at ease wh~Jm'ba July 15--Crimlnal court procedure .~ ~_:ec. ..-(.~o,'s~naton~mW..;:~; fnarnc.~ a | Col and Mrs C A Lindbergh left I Sept 19--Dr David Starr Jordan / criticized in a report from Wicker- ~e.ega.e .... sa ,,.-... n~ -n ........ " ...... faced the "talks." T~,~,- ~ ,rh~ x~,,,,~e ~atl,~ea th,~ ~no | Washington on air tour to Japan. [ chancellor emerttus of Stanford uni- [ sham commission ........ -- ................... - v d It * * | ]P .,,~ "t9---~ ..... .e0Me, . ,d~ned . | mlttee to investlgate Germany's abil-MexicoJUlY 20---A.penltentiary.B. Fall entered the New asVeroppmrat[lUr~dbUt~onWe~t"a~nse., r ..~ c(I~7rdn I laJ~l~l 129 WHa~ern .... wnentanod toPa~ogb3orn i ve~;p~.. $5---Dr J. B Dearer of Phllo [ ~he other nigi t on the Cantor pro- ..-=. ......... e--.~ lty to resume reparations payments ao~) land started again for Moscow ] adelphia surgeon [ remier of Hungary e~d wa~ socceeded / July 30--Bo,t dman and Polando ] Sept. 29--Sir William Orpen, British [ gram : / P "- nt "" . . I next summer met In Basel Switzer- July 24--Federal court of appeals up- o. war .... s. ~ " ' " ~y ~ou t~aroiyt. ' PORTS [landed In Istanbul, setting new non-I artist. [ Wallington: Hey Eddie! In China / Aug. ~4--British i~r cabtnet re- ]land. ..... and C .... held conviction of Ralph Capone on | tiw~n~d And pr@ml~*r stall'say ]M[acvon- I LmC. le--aapan .n~na acceptea income tax fraud charges. ~" " [ stop distance record. ] Oct. 2--Sir Thomas Lipton, tea mag- | they grow pumpkins so big they -==- .... --:-"":--a c-"=-'--n min t with reservations the League of Na- July 26--Report by Wtckersham Jan. 1--Alabama defeated Washing- [ Aug. 14---Llndberghs landed at Kar- I nate and yachtsman. / aid was asKeu to lorw Oalluv - | ... ,n h~t ,h~ bud~,~. [ tlons resolutlcn for cessation of hoe- commission declared American prison ton State tn Pasadena, Rose Bowl foot- | agin Island, Kamchatka. I Oct. 3---Dr. Rosslter Johnson, author [ ~llt 'em in two and each half makes S~LFy ance -- | " I~lAro .~,~or~ ..re~idento~f~'~cuador [ tillties in Manchuria and a commission system a failure in almost every sense, ball game. [ Aug. 27 DO-X, big G~rman flying [ and editor. [ s " -ed .... v- . " I of inquiry July 28---United States Steel corpora- Feb. 5---Capt. Malcolm Campbell of [ boat, arrived at New Yolk. ] Oct. 5---Dwight W. Morrow, senator / a cradle for a baby. || 7o~mUg~e~w~t~ ] tlon directors reduced dividend rate England established world automobile | Aug. 28--Natlonal air races opened|from New Jersey. | Admiral C~ntor: Huh! That'| r~laS?Donn~tlt~n~O~ren~nt~nnt toD::c p2:ur---~e hln~S~e:rfr~oYmb~,~p:n2r:,ve and authorized lowering of salaries, speed record of 245.73-miles an hour |at Cleveland, Ohto. I Oct. 7--Daniel Chester French, Amsr- / a July .'-9 Centenaryof McCormick's at Daytona Beach, Fla. / Sept. l--Graf Zeppelin reached Bra- I tcan sculptor, I nethlng! Back home they grow reg- ister nay DOMESTIC Feb. 25--First James E. Sullivan | zll. "i Oct. ll--Flemlng H. Heveil of New | etables so Mrge that three cops sleep } Sept. 1---Mutiny In Chlle~tt Y [ reapercelebrated atBlacksburg, Va. il| the''ned ~r'~m~t'A:e~tt~ i tahn~d~~~!~! ~r~i:~amnr;drffo~bp~ti~le~Aug. 3--C. B. Curtls appointed mln- memorlal-nedal of A. A. U, presented I Sept. 4--Jlmmy Doollttle flew from [ York, publlsher. ] lster to Salvador and Arthur Schoen- to Bobby Jones. | Los Angeles to New York in 11 ~ hours. [ Oct. 14---W. H. Williams, president ] Oil one beet " onp ~e~ r reid minister to Dominican republic. Feb. 2S---Northwestern university | Sept. 7--Lowell Bayles won Thomp- [ of Wabash railway. 1 Aug. 4---Governor Murray closed the won Big Ten basketball championship. | son trophy at Cleveland with average I Oct. 16---Charles W. Murphy, former | ~ ,Frank Crumlt and Julia Sandersonb : Oklahoma oil wells and proclaimed March 20---Gar Wood at Miami Beadh [ speed of 236 miles an hour. [ owner, of Chlcag0 National League | | Sept. 6--Chilean gOVer~nettt planes [ $45000000 for drought relief, senate martial law, demanding a price of $1 a set new speed boat record of 102.256 | Sept. 8--Don Moyle and C. A. Allen [ Ball ~lub. | dropped in on Rudy Vallee at the e~u ~ tlneers punt b | bombed warships h ~t" y tt~ [ lnere~ed am Y $15,000:000 for barrel. | Sept T---Chilean v0u n~eers surren- | food loans Aug. 7--Farm board rejected offer miles an hour. I started from Samushlro, Japan, on non- ] Oct. 18---Thomas A. Edison tn West ] Pennsylvania Grill recently. Vallee March 21--Cambridge crew beat Ox- | stop flight to Seattle. [ Orange, N.J. [ | tiered. _, .... I Jan 9--~Senate asked President to from Germany for Its cotton holdlngs,ford. " [ Sept. ll--Hope for Moyle and Allen [ Oct. 22--Fletcher Hale, congressmau [ sttddenty broke into his routine, and } Sept 2---British Pa~-L'~mentt w It meto~ conan [ resubmit three nominations to power Wlckersham commission report crit- April 14--Jack Thompson. Chicago | given up. ! from New Hampshire. [ | national governmen vot~ - | Commission. tcised deportation methods, colored welterweight regained world's . Sept. 13---Lieuts- J. N. Boot, man and [ Oct. 24--C. F. D, Belden, librarian of [ called on Crumtt to sing his *'Gay [~ fldence.sept. 10--House of t;~rgOns-'m " accepted" - [I returnJan" 10--presldentpower commlsl~ionHverappolntmentsrefused to memberFrank of EVansfederalffarmUtahboard.aPplnted tttle by defeating Tommy Freeman of [ (}. H. Stalnforth won Schneider cup [ Boston Public library and president of [ Caballero." Frank got up eleare~| Bnowden's budget inCr,tSlng tSxes anu [ to the se-~te Cleveland. | permanently for Great Britaln,'the let- [ American Library association. ] his throat, hesitated, and had to ad- I~t overn "'- " cutting the dole ar~l ~ of g " | Jan. 15--House passed army appro- Aug. g--Navy's dirigible Akron April 24--Tony Canzoneri retained I ter setting new speed record Of 279.05 [ Oct. ~5---~harles A. Comlskey, owner [ christened by Mrs. Hoover. lightweight title at Chicago by knock- | miles per hour. I of Chicago White Sex ball club. I] mit that at the moment he could not || mentsepLemployees.14.._Round t~eonferen ,t.t ~'- =" rice on |1 prlat|Onjan. 16--Senateblll carrymgpas, sed$446.02453.0000000" 000 plantersAUg" 12---Farmto plow boardunder askedone.thlrdcOttOnof ing out Jack (Kldl Berg of England [ Sept. 16--Moyle and Allen found alive [ aeneid W. Boy:len, American memo / remember the words of one of the 0 i 0w~ W ~ ~" i | India petted n la It~ .... [ b 11 for modernizing three battieah'ips. May 9--Mate won the Preakness. | and safe on Island off Kamchatka. [ ber of the Hague court. , | crop s | ]present. - ~'rll . .~osa.~ | Jan. 17--Senate voted for $25.000,000 " Aug, 17--Five large Toledo bank May 12--American amateur boxers [ Sept. 23--Navy dirigible Akron made [ Oct. 28--John M. Bowman, president [ most famous of the songs written by , defeated French team, 5 bouts to ~t, [ first test flight successfully. [ of Bowman-Blltmore hotel corporation. [ none other than Mr. Frank Crumlt. Sept. $1 British ~ ameot v- ift | --- .ml,. J ~ I g to Red Cross for free food. closed their doors. | measure suspending ~- ~ Sta~lard ac| Jan. IS--President Hoover named Texas otl wells closed andmartial In Chicago. , [ Oct, 4---Pangborn and Herndon start- [ Nov. 5--42, A. Great,dueS of Indiana, 1 for six months. -n,* ....... [ Red Cross relief drive committee head law in the fields proclalmed. May 16--Mrs. Whttney's Twenty- [ ed nonstop flight from Japan to United [ secretary of Democratlo national com- | Sores quick prompting by Miss Salt- " '4 n =un Grand won the Kentucky derby. [ States. [ mittes. 1 derson saved the day. | Sept. 27---Norway .a aw~ " [ ed by Calvin Coolidge. Aug. 19--President Hoover named W. ended gold ata~da~"" -- t Jan Wickers,am c May 22--Erie Smith won British [ Oct. 5--Pangborn and Hsrndon [ Prof. O. E. Rolvaag, novelist and [ } POct 4--Juan Ests~*t~ "-OnterO ~ =-le~eu ..... ort 19-- premiss}on re- S. Gifford head of unemployment re- amateur golf title. [ tanded at Wenatchte, Wash., complet- [ educator, at Northfleld, Minn. | * * * | - | P on prohibition delivered to Prest. llef body. May 23--Wisconsin won Big Four [ Ing first continuous flight from Japan [ Nov. ~--Senator T. H. Caraway of [ Dorothy Berliner, radio pianist, | ]president of Chile. -,.ins- _At __~ [ dent Hoover. Aug. 21---Farm board traded 25,000,- track and field cha'n:Monshlp. | to United States ann winning $25,000 [ Arkansas. I | Oct. ~---German c.J~wo.t resiig.~-~^~u~u ] Jar~ 20--Wlckersham report trans- 000 bushels of wheat to Brazil for 1,- me ....... 050,000 bags of coffee. I Chancellor Bruening .~s eomt~x,o,v.~ | mitted tn congress foundt~ ha a May 27---William Harrldge elected [ prize. [ Henry M. Wurzbach, only Republloan [ writes 88 well 8.8 plays. Her book to form a new goxertt nt with great- I strad~, - - the-l} u~r president of American Baseball league. [ Nov. 25--Bert Hinkler started flight ] congressman from Texas. ] "Making an Orchestra" has Just been "t~ t uie or q question. Contract let for Chicago's $16,000,000 May 30--Louis Schneider won Indian- [ from Natal, Brazil, to Africa- | Nov. 7---Richard T. Crane, Jr., of ] i ~ ioOncnt.o~e3c~u~drp:hPnT[nh;C0:t~e voted "para- [ ~::~al2;--fSo~C:eret~n:aY~:~no~Pa?lo~iz!~ pOStAug.Office25._42ol.building,LuKe Lea" of Tennes--- apolIs 500 mile automobile race. [ Nov, 267Hlnk}er lanued .In. Brltlsh l Chlcago, presldent of Cran? company. | selected by the Child Stud, | fesibL -- "r--" I -olinl ma y . medley Bu see, publisher and former senator, con- Southern California won Intercol- | Gamhla. west A r~ca, comptetlng first I Nov. 9--(2ol. Isaac N. Lewis, inventor / tion as one of the 100 best childrena laglate track championship. I eastward flight across the South At- [ of machine gun, In Hoboken, N.J. | || dentOCt'ofl4--ZamTaspain and "~a"~ned~" SUeceeaeoa~': ='=~'ny |1 ler,FeWhOb. 4---Senate~aS orderedreconfirmedCourt martlaled.Garsaud prison.victed of bank fraud and sentenced to June 3--Englisb derby won by Cam- | lanttc. . [ Nov. 17--Edward Simmons, American / volumes published in 1931. | W, manuel Azana- C~ .._,, ~ | and Draper as members of power Aug. 21--Farm board announced It erontan, the favortte. [ Dec. 5---Lowell R, Bayies killed at [ painter, In Baltimore. 1 * * * June 5--Tommy Armour, Detroit pro- | Detroit Io attempt to set new speed [ A.J. Wimple, corn developer, In Cen- [ Harry Kogen and Paul Jonas start* | Oct. ~---People O'bttlPrna ~.e-~,~eu I board but rejected Geoxge Otis Smith was through buying wheat and cotton fessional, won British open golf chain- [ record. [ tsrvills, fL D. | | .. Nip..-. " ] Feb 6--Compromts~ in drought re- for stabilization. | ernment building ~" ,~oi]"~ta. ____.. ~ [ llef matter reached by congressional Sept. 4---Sale of 15,000,000 bushels of plonshlp. | I~I]'~T~.R~ [ Nov. 21---Dr. Sam Small, editor and [ ed playing professional music togeth. June d---University of Southern CaB- [ ~" ........ '~ ] evangelist, In Atlanta, On. | | Oct. 2g--Cyprus re suppfe~ uy [ leaders bY adding $20.000000 to loans farm board wheat to China announced, fornla won national collegiate track ] Jan. ~--About 170 persons killed by | Nov. $3--Lou|s Louchsur, French ] er fifteen years ago, and became se0- t tr~Ps-t4__Sanches C~rrIt slecl~l prest- [ fu~:~. &--General Butler reprimanded Veterans of Foreign Wars voted for meet. . I typhoon In the Philippines. I statesman. I arated three years later. In the repeal of dry law. University of Illinois won Big Four | Jan. 14--Oaxaca City, Mexteo, wrecked I Nov 25---Former Gov. AI Taylor of ] twelve years that the par}nets ] deut of Peru. * Gtl- - Par I and hie trial called off Sept. 2--Alphonse Capone withdrew baseball championship Oct $6 Preslden~ Kglarl oz a* F o e a " - I by earthquake; many killed. [ ~'ennesses. . [ | -"-" .....~ tl~.; -.,~ent!~) | eb. IZ---H us p seed $349,000,00n his plea of guilty to crimes against June 16--Navy won the Poughkeep- [ Feb. 3---Cities of Napier and Hast- I Nov. 2?--Ronert Ames, American at- I searched for each other, Paul nevee | guay nanoea ov==.fd_:~ pre-'7:"u-. I naval appropriation bill. sic regatta. I lngs, New Zealand, wrecked by earth- [ tor ..... [ | ]powers to. Vice rFSre:, eOt Nsvero, ~e- ] Feb. 14---Interior department appro*the drY law, In Chicago. Sept. lI--Farm board sold 7,$00.000 June 19--Harvard beat Yale tn the | quake; many killed, | Hoke Smith, former eaomet member, / oolxnected his frleld with the Harrl~ ! cause o~ l|sorue -.td'~ .._.~ .... I print}on carrying $20000,000 for bushels of wheat to Germany. New Londm ~egatta. .. | Feb 16---One hundred Chinese | senator and governor_, In Atlanta. Ga. | Kogen who leads the National Farm | OCt. ~T---MgcDn~ee~lt~atl~,~"[n [ drought rellef passed by congress and Sept. 14---American Legion labor con- June ~0--Mate won toe American I drowned when steamer sank In Pearl i NOV. 20--Henry welters, railway I | .rnmsnt Won a s'a ng vt~ "~ " I Signed by the President. ference opened In Washington. htca o * a British electiOn .... " derby at C g _ . I river | magnate, in New York. ] and Home Hour orchestra and Sev- | th ~'l,tt--, " "~o .... I Feb. iS--House passed bill IncreaslnS Sept. 17--Samuel P. Town of Phlla- Ed Dudley won western open gott ] March %--Earthquake In the Balkans [ Dr. K. G. Matheson, . president of I eral other radio units. The pair met | Nov. ~--Prime t~tto~sr ~_..~ e~l~o" 1 loans on veterans bonus certificates t,s delphla elected commander in chief of championship,. _ . | killed 150 and wrecked many towns. ! Drexel institute, Phllaoetphta. | | ot Great Britain a }teed i~tw . a- [.50 Per cent the G. A. R. ,at encampment In Des June Zl---Jgnnny" Gooaman of Omaha ]. March 31---Knute Rockne, Notre [ Daniel Sullivan, multimillionaire I by aecldent recently when deltas, who }net of 20 / - Sn,~,--- -- er- " Feb. IS----Senate rejected treaty with Motnes, Nov 16 ph/llP "=-'~Uen W~ o ~an t | - - " - --" - altd elt~-itt- ~ house ] x .. ads for preserve ion of Niagara Sept. 21--President Hoover addressed won Trans'msstsmppi golf title. I Dame football coach and seven others | banker of San Antonio, Tex. ] is a Joliet (Ill.) orchestra leader, vis- June 22--Yale won collegiate golf | killed In T. A. T. Western Exprsmt | J.J. Hattstaedt of Chicago, veteran | Red Chicago. ! ateu a v|seount e~ I tails American Legion convention in De- te,tm title. [ liner crash near Bazaar, Ken. ] musical educator. I | Of lords. -,- nat, .... ~,_ l Feb 19--Bonus loan btll passed by troit. | Nov. 19---~panl~og ~,~u~tal ~n'ou~Y | the senate. June 27--American golfers defeated ] City of Managua, Nicaragua ruined | Ds~'. I--W, O. ffhepard. Methodist 1 . | dt~l.ared former z, -*.fonsp a " [ r Feb. 20---House adopted conference pressIWafarmers'State troOpSrevoltCalledagainstOUt tOtuber.SUp- British, regaining the Ryder cup. ] by earthquake; 1,100 dead. . ' | blshOPDoc z---~f M ed/terranean__area, tn Paris.it. t;ooxvurn, government | ~he quintet of HaWaiian Sere- " e#biIt -ustralla i Sport on bill for governt.tent operation culln tests of cattle. George Dunlap of Princeton won col- [ April 29---Earthquake In Transcau- ] -. - 7.'-__..'.. ttro.....~l.. ~a v [ naders hails from the South ~ Ill- Nov $~--Labor s et Of ~ o | ." - re 1.=~ I f Muscle Shcals. July 3---Max Sehmeling of Germany | May 25--Forty-seven killed by fire | Dec. 3-.-Vincent D Indy, French eom- ] lands. Josewh Rodgers, the director, was defeated ana o ~m~d F [ - c 0f " --n Bur [eb. 21---Senate passed $358000,000 Sept. 22--United States Steel, Beth- teglate golf championship. I casla killed nearly 400. I ~u,, ~p=,~, ,~ .... ~ ..... .~ ..... I lehem Steel and Youngstown Sheet andwhipped Willie Stribllng In 15 rounds ] tn gold mine In Kolar fields, India. [ w,ser. - - .......... I pleked up the other four membees { ~ Nov. 2?--BrltiS~don" erene o " I naval appropriation bill, adding funds Tube, announced wage cuts of l0 per ma opened In L#~,.ls ^_ ~ . [ for eleven des,troyers. . Dec. 1---Round Ut.Ures~l~tfsr01*ee on xu* | Feb. 2~t--Senateadopted Muscle cent; General Motors reduced salaries: at Clsvelan:l, retaining the neavywelght [ June 9--Br~tish submarine sunk tn | Dee. 4-TJ." F. Jellt~_.p~t_lantnrolPlSt [ United StatesRubter adopted 5-day title. . [ collision near Welhaiwel. China; 24 men [ ann manuta.cturer, m un]cago.. . [ and broaght them to America. They July 4--George Von Elm and Willl~ I lost I F. tL tsedtora, oil magnate, in New I are William Joseph, Frank Ant!ser'b alia ended wlthO~t. coa,t,t. .... I Shoals measure; house passed the Wag- week. " York Dec 2---Modsrat~e- ~ltlon~wn ~,w I ner employment agency bill Burke tied for national open "golf [ June t4--French excursion steamer | --' - - -- - - - - | film Haplklnl and Samson Akaka. " @v " 3$ealand slectton__t Ltr~,.dio~!~" ...... [ Feb. 24---United States Supra-me referendumSept" 24---Amerlcanon dry laws,LegindecidedVted notf~ championship. I capsized near St. Nazalre; about 500 [ cnarle~ Macveagn. former Amsrmaa 1 n.~. t>,-~slde~ --..'~ttro itr~Y#Y, vs I COUrt a aln upheld validtty of the to ask immediate payment of compen- July 5---Von Elm and Burke again ] lives lost. . I an~oassaaor to Japan. I * * Salvador ousted tflf~taatt~ry ~mutton. | Etghteenth amendment, tied in play-off of national golf chain- | June It2--Ten million dollar flr~ In | oDte.tnS~_V~nh~tleilkt~ldlSaY, Amsrlega | One of the most enthusias.tie adb L. StevenS, Jr., of Warsaw, N. C. ha-pton~htp. I St John, N.B. I P e , ~p gn , t . I WageS of Cane~t. rall~ worg- ] inHOUse passed resolution for abolish, pat}on certIflca:ea, and elected Harr/ ers cut 10 per gov-- -eer--~ [ - g of "lame duck" session of con- tional commander. ' July d---BlIl~' Burk2 won open go!V| Aug. $1--Flood of Yangtse river | Deo. $~.Clatenes H. Howard, steel | ~ Of Dean Glea~n L, 'Areklw, ma~ ~m -~t o eeo I gress. Dec. S---Get e,, and Oct. b---Eastern trunk lines agreedtitle In secona ptayot~ with Von Elm ] drowned 200,000 and threatened de* I magnate, In BoatolL [ who broadcasts talks On law O~1~ It f Hankow ~u~,,,,-,,"~"~*~--- ,-t" W'-~),vt Sai~t, tw~.~ | Fsb. ~'g -- President Hoover vetoed the on plan for merging eastern roads into July .ll-TWalter .Hagen and Perc~ [ struetlon o _. .. [ Dee._ .?.--R..C._ Hupp, automobile I National network weekly, hearty ........ mu eden- o4,.auar~_ttg. ;-~.,ae.. ! h~-_veterans' bonus loan. measure and the- tour systems. Allies tied top t;anaolan open golf tltl~ ] Aug. 37---Tno.usa_nqa reported killed I manuraotursr, m .Detro|t, . | 8anchos C~rro " "rattqt.Pr .... ! -,,u,m repassed It. Oct. 5---American FedsraUon of La. July 14---Hagen beat. Alllss In playoff i by earthquags m Batucmstan. ] Dsc.. 9--Afi.tonlo 8alanara, wnr I ly blind man who sends for Canadian title. | " Aug. $0--=Tsrribls noo~s north of ] prsmter og Italy. ] ing from rare books ( bor opened Its annual couvention in PerU. - | t -'~--* con ] mo~eo~tm appropriated $30.000.000 to Dbc. 10- I O~_ (,~) elect4m " l et.nlze three battleshlpb. Vancouver, ]8. C. July l$---Mats won ths $82,$00 this- | yangCl~ow, t~h;na, res.ultefl.trom brf~_k-= [ _ Dee. I$-~.F.ormer Cardlnltl Lonis ~ | ~ltuUoUl i~ . ~ | _ Fsb. 27--New York World newspa- OcL $--PreSldtnt Hoovsr announced sle at Arlington graek, Chicago. I lng ot uranu oanat uygss; 11~0,000 | lOt at Art|eta, lta|y. 1 t@ry t0 b~xe(! of frlllt. ---~ ~ ' ~i, pets Sotd to serlpPs-Howard syndlcatt, comprehensive flnapelal plau to eheck Old Aiksn polo team won intorna drownea, t ~. l~tltL Ws~JwaN~U~ i