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January 6, 1932     The Sundance Times
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January 6, 1932

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r= : = ' ,irs. Bertha Wmson is spendin |I • Hill :h~ week in town visiting with ..... .'.. " ' ~ i If we were a Jap ,these days we , l would be a little careful about send- . Sir. L. ?. Crotleb rpurned on .mn-!ing our shirts to a Chinese laundry. say to ~att waere ne is teaca,ng.I -------- Tuesday was a busy day in town, Mr. and Mrs. Sehn of SpearHsh ti~e busiest in a long time. Taxpay- visited at the home of their daugh-ors from every section of the county ter Mrs. V¢. A. %hnes on Sunday. were here to attend the meeting. 1 THE TIMES, SUNDANCE, WYOMING, JANUARY 6th, 1932 ~,.~ . ..~ ~ i ~~ I INTERMEDIATE XOTES ['*I'*I~~÷~~"| lil'lhll~AI! "Ell~;~mJuell Ill I1', Everyone is back to work again[+ ..... ~ ............ 1131aqMil llill]ll ]/[ iII I[',feeung'mucb rested after a very en- ~ L r~ • • ~ ,- --L-:~-,~ ~. @ [ ,, ,, aoyable vacation. -.~ .[ I i four, l, gradc. " .t • [~~:~i ':l'; HIGH SCHOOl. NOTES Next week is examination week ,~o "~ ,,',h very ,e,," excoptions e,-0r:- again ,t is t.o middle ..I ~J~*;~,~~'~~,. ,.i student wa~ in his pla('e ready, forset, eel v. ea~." 42 a.e,' The toys brought to school ,,:- the 1 l byag esteT,net, l _._9 ~.lis~: Larsen spen, several days of children and the many lovely ones :~ 1 ~L~INW~'S~INGTON,[).C.~ tler vacation a~ ~lle Nels Smith donated by Mr. C. D. Roberts were 6 Mr. and Mrs. Ray %Voods were in ,town on Monday saopping and Look- ing aft,cr other business matters. Mr. and Mrs. Clint Wells were in from the ranch on Monday getting supplies and visiting with friends. Frank Hardy drove in from his ranch on Sunday bringing in his daughters who are attending .school in this city. Miss Ella Belden had the misfor- tune to have an ankle broken when a horse fell with her. She i,s a stu- dent at the local high school. School started again on Monday morning after the holiday vacations and the teachers and youngsters are hack at work again after ilaving had a fine vacation. Remember. there will be a meet- ing of the commercial club at the hall on Tuesday evening, January 12th. AlL members are urged to at- tend, The Ladies Aid will ~aeet on Thursday afternoon of this week with Mrs. Otis Zimme~schied. All members are urged :o a[tend this meeting. A nice snow storm is on while this is written on Wednesday ,morning and from ,the looks .of things it is evident tha| we are going to get quite a lot of it before it is over. FOR SALE --- Veget ables and fruits. Apples--Rome Beauty. Jan- athan, %Vinesal), Delicie~s. $1.25 up. Potatoes $ 75 up. And other veg- :,:bl/tiwar?h: :o 7:rZ::d:,;:?' AT OUTH OMAHA Beef Steers0pen the Week Slow to a Shade Lower HOGS WEA DIME OFF Fat Lambs Steady to Stronger at $5.25@5.75. Feeder Lambs Firm at $4.00 @ 4.65. Aged Sheep Steady. Union Stock Yards, Jan. 5, 1932 ---Slow trading and lower prices featured the fat cattle market on the opening day of t~e week and best steers here brought around $9.00. Receipts were 11,000 head and demand for cattle was not at all urgent both bids and sales be- ln~ generally a shade lower than the close of last week on both beef steers and she stock. Stock- ers and feeders were dull and un- changed. Quotations on Cattle: Choice to prime yearlings $10.00 @ 11.50; good to choice yearlings $7.50@ 9.75: fair to good yearlings $6.00 @7.50; common to fair yearlings $4.75@6.00;' trashy, warmed-up steers $4.00@4.75ffi good to choice steers $7.75@9.75; fair to good steers $6,00@7.75; common to fair steers $4.50@6.00; good to choice stockers $5.50@6.50; fair to good stockers $4.50@5.50; common to fair stockers $3.50@4.50; trashy grades $2.75@3.50; good to choice feeders $5.50@6.50; fair to good feeders $4.50@5.50; common to fair feeders $3.50@4.50; stock cows $2.50@3.50; stock heifers $3.00@ 4.00; stock steer calves $3.50@6,50;stock heifercalves $3.00@4,50;trashy stockcalves $2.00@3.00. HOGS STEADY TEN LOWER About 19,000 fresh hogs showed uP Monday and changed hands slowly at prices weak to a dime lower than Saturday. Trading was largely at a spread of $3.65~ 4.00, the latter price being top for the day. LAMBS STEADY TO STRONGER Fat lambs were in good demand Monday at steady to stronger prices time sales at $5.25@5.75 and strictly choice cornfed lambs would probably bring $6.00. Feed- er lambs were also stronger at $4.00@4.65. Aged sheep held steady. Receipts 15,000 head. FAT LAMBS: Fat lambs, good tO choice $5.25@5.75; fat lambs fair to good $4.50@5.25; shorn lambs $4,50@5,50; yearlings, all grades $2.50@4.75. FEEDER LAMBS: Feeder lambs good to choice $4.25@4,65; feeder Aambs, fair to good $3.50@4.25; feeder lambs, common to fair $2.50@~.50. EWES: Fat, good to choice $2.00 @2.50; fat. fair to good $1.50@ 2.00; cull and canner ewes $,25@ 1,25. .. - , .... Miss Flora McWethy who ~pent :he Holiday vacatiou with home !'alks returned to her school work at tingle the last of the week. q;, and M:',_-. Tom Hawken and :'tghter Doris returned last week ,,::~ Laramie where they spent the Ii,')iidays visiting with relatives. Bert %Vaddell, prominent resident of the Moorcroft terri,tory was a business visitor in the county seat the first of the week. Miss Handcoek came in from the ranch on Tuesday and ,spent the day in town visiting with friends and doing some shopping. Mr. Ruland, postmaster at Alva, was a business visitor in Sundance on Thursday of last week and made this office a pleasant call. P. V. Wells was in from his place one day tlle last of tile wek, visit- ing with old friencts here and look- ing after business affairs. Mrs. Nettle Cameron was ~is~ting with friends and attending to busl- n~)~s matters in 4own on Saturday. She made this office a very pleasant call. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Malmney of the Ah'a country were among 'the visit- ors in the county seat on Thursday, coming over to attend to some ~nat- ter,-' of business. A large crowd had a fine time at the Legiou dance on New Year'~ Eve. The music was good and it was said that this was one of the best dances in a long time. Mr. and Mrs. Vane Cook who live out in the Alva country, were visit- ing with friends and attending to business affairs here the latter part :)f last week. The elder Mr. Putnam who .yes on tlie Tower di~ride was taken ser- iously ill the first of the week and was taken to Hot Springs for medi- cal attention and treatment. Miss Prudence Hawken spent sev- eral days in this city the past week vi,~iting with home folks. She plans to return to California in the near fu,ture. A motoring party from Sheridan had car trouble here one evening last week and had to spend the night here while re:pairs were be- ing made on their ear. Friends here have received word 9f the birth of a son to Mr. and Mrs: Kenneth George at their home in Buffalo, South Dakota. They were former reside~4s of this city. The ci, tv council met on Monday night and transacted the regular routine business of the city. There was some talk of allowing the young folks to make a skating rink at .~}me place in town. Ernest P. Spae~h, of Gillet¢e, ,mere° ber of the state board of sheep com- missioners, wa, s in Sundance on Tuesday looking after matters of business ,in connection with his de- partment. Mrs. Mary Frank and son Elmer Jeparted on Monday for southern California where they will spend the balance of the winter. They plan- ned on st~pping in Denver for a week or so where they will visit with relatives. All members of the Board of County Commissioners are in town this week for the regular January meeting. There is alway4 much work to be done at this meeting for it is at this time that the work for the year must be ,planned and the appropriations made. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Cole are the happy parents of a baby girl who arrived ,at their home on Wednesday of last week and all concerned are 'doing fine. This is their first child and they are feeing pretty hap,py over the occasion. Mr. Cole is Che deputy county clerk. Don and Hi,s Musical Knights, who played for the dance here on New Year's Eve had some hard luck when they left town. After getting out about ten miles they broke an axel on their car and had a long wait until someone came along and picked them up and brought ,them back to town. ESTRAY--Came to my place in October one white face cow with calf, cow branded W cross on left side and H on left shoulder. Owner may have same ,by proving oroperty and paying expenses. L. W. Dick- ranch ..... *% The "Pass a Lay;" Cure. • dlstmbuted to tlle ehzhtren m flus ~.'~ 51r. Dllneall and Mr, Noddings community "*~ • "~'~" ~t)ent their v,tcation at the former's"-' '" ~i b i ¢* studied in Jailing the Shorts. - " " .' C,~,,cs ,sag, U e U~ ~ " ~ ! ~-'~ q The Detours of a Donkey. home near l)ul)ois. VVyoming. ~tead of agriculture ~ -- -- " @ A Congressional Balsam. Miss Moore visited :it the Dtln- We wish to thank the Junior High *I- .~ Shaking the Barometer..gtv~. home ....and in Sundance tl~e pa't ~ ~.irls; ~ .and .Mzs". Ruggle~ss- for helping ..u* .rvve .... are ozzermg " "you some "" DAJ~tJAII~I~.*-"a.-.-~.....', "~'t'l e,t] ------ week. I ,is out in our Christmas phly. , ~-% ~ ;~ B M,ss I)a~ enjo~ ed he, Chmstmas ' I "~ If one is to judge by the number : s. ,, " " i ----- .,.Drop in and take a look whether you buy or not. vacation at tile home of her parents~ PRIMARY NOTES I+ @~ t] • ap of bills introduced in the first two in Spearfish. Jennie Belle McClelland entered ~ ~',~;,~,~ ÷!~,~ ~,~.;,~ ...... k .... 4~I si weeks of the present Congress, the . . r t .% x~vL|%,~: t,||~: 1Jll~.Ai::~ I~" |i~VK: .~.~ b cause and source of the decline in Mr. and Mrs, McKeehan spent tne~the second and Lloyd %Veaver enter-l'~ ,a,~ holidays in tlulett and Spearfish. ,ed the third grade on Monday. t~ on Men's ~aa E price of all agricultural products, . l "~. ~u ou t~ @~ t] stocks, bonds and all other property The higll school faculty were~ The enrollment in the room has l~, @~ has been discovered. It is short sell- hosts and tw.stesses to tile student ! reached a total of thirty-nine Sev- t':" ~ ~ i: ing! You know what tllat is. of bo(13 Toe,dab. Dec .... The oc(a-lenteen or these being ul the t,uld,.~, r~*r'~ I "~TT~ ~ It TT" ~ ~ ,,,t course. It is agreeing to sell and fle- sio,,wasaChristnmslmrtythatwaslgrade. U n% N-&/-.% IN..1 h liver some commodity you do not hehl in the study hall of tl~e llig!~I The first grade has taken np a *~ L JL~.A, AI~.,I~ • JLJL ,a~.~'.~.JB~JL.,I~..JL,~ J~ ,1~ t: at the time possess at a certain fu- school. The room was tastefully new primer,the seoond thirdnew I:'~ m.. ~ * • . c~ . . ,-1 ~.. t @ b , . - ~ -,,. -- t! d c~ ~ d ,.l ~ t, s, ) rnls ~ale IS on at ~unaanee ann ~ earns. .~ Lure date. So the answer is easy. e .,r~ te de" , e J liervlsion of readers and work-books. ~ P . olds and Helen tSi- $~4.%*..~..l..:.~...:..I.~.u.~¢~.:~.:.~.~.I.~:..:..:.~~~~~ Just "pass a law" to make it a fel- 3hssI Me rothy Re)~ b ony to sell something which you do ;re. TI e e '( ni lg ~'as enjoyed in thei m ns won t] e .eeond grade nllln )el" t: not then own but which you believe playing of games and singing of rotes on Monday. ,,, ,, , ,,, , V you can buy an~l deliver, songs under the supervision of Miss All the childreu are back i.~ I :.'sen Ea,,n g.e t was asked to school and beginning good ,,(.kDRUGS JEWELRY n O The farmer who gives a mortgage bring a ten-cent gift and an ex-~again, s~ on a crop which is not yet in the ~change was made which resulted in! This week we shall study "An- ground is a short seller and as such t much fun. the gifts ranging from gels tteads" picture and "The Chit- should go to the pen. where he will , curl liuks to P.mves of bread, dren's Hour" poem We Have a Large Supply of e g~t as good food and better housing ] A short period of dancing was - n than .he has now! Even if he has !m,e feature of tile evening's enter-/. I e the crop in the ground and agreed *tainment after which refreshmentst [ • h to sell it before it is threshcd-q~e laf stockings filled with candy andi ] d is still selling short. He does not nut: were served each guest. Missl] 't know whether smut, rust, dr°uth' iI)ay was responsible for tile making i] .~ hail'grassh°ppers°rtheyacketeerSandfilling°fthest°ckings" I[ will permit him to get a crbp to de- on Hand. We Can Almays s liver. Congress thinks it will stop *~,, ..... • ' , ............... .............. Where you can see and hear sound Supply you PROMPTLY such foolishness. It is a possible i!:: ....... If on Western Electric EQuipment part of the program of reform. - tl Matinee Daily 2:30 P.M. o It would be a magnificent law. The Evening ~:~ ~ 9:2o r ~ One Dose Immunizes For Life P newspaper man would not dare to r, take a subscription until he had on i Continuous Shows Every Sunday c hand not only the raw mater,sis, i 0nly from 1:30 to 11:30 P. M, Protect Your Cattle b paper and ink and type, sufficient for I a year in advance, but the news of BELLE FOURCHE SOUTH DAKOTA WEDNESDAY JANUARY 6th next year also. The contractor dare ELISSA LANDI S not bid on a building or bridge or LIONEL BARRYMORE b highway unless he had all the con- SATURDAY: JANUARY 9 --IN-- crete, sand, steel and materials in The Yellow Ticket a his own back yard, The tailor who MATINEEAT 2:30 dared to make you a suit of clothes WALTER HUSTON and without having the cloth on hand LORETTA YOUNG in RADIOS MAGAZINES o • could be marched off to jail. T-~R~U~- *~ ...... o --- The Ruling Voice Big Prize Fight Everybody seems to find some- thing funny at the mention of Bala- ~ ~O-O-O-O-O-O-O~O-O-KO 0-0 0-~ r S am and his faithful donkey. He is ~' For Charity o ,: s regarded as a dumb sock for permit- SUNDAY AND MONDAY , ting his mule to talk back and ou~- JANUARY lOth and 11th FRIDAY AND SATURDAY/ o P Continuous Shows Sunday SANUARY 8th and 9th o sass him. Yet in spite of such pop- ular'opinion there is a certain hesi- 1:30 to 11:30 WINNIE LIGHTNER ~ fancy about comparing Balaam to ~IN--- o Congress, lest an injm'y be dm, e tl, e THE CHAMP SIDE SHOW i ancient prophet! Balaam at. least would listen to reason, no matter . what the source. And lm was incur- WALLACE BEERY and JACKLE ~~.--~ ~ t ruptible--if the king filled his house COOPER in the finest picture SUNDAY AND MONDAY o t with gold and silver and heapedof the year! It has been a , JANUARY 10th and 11th o honors upon him he could not curs~ hit from coast to coast Continuous Shows Sunday from ~ ~~~t~t((~~ =" out the Israelites beating it back to and is the kind 1:30 to 11:30 p.m. o -~~T~ • P their home land. EVERYBODY LIKES 4--GREAT STARS--- ~ ~;S~ ~|~i-'~] " b nothing on Balsam ~~~ GRETA GARB0 o ~ ~/~~. V~ Cong~ess had TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY RAMON NAVARR0 g in handling the matter of short sell- JANUARY 12th and 13th LEWIS STONE o i~ ing. Three times did Baluam's don- l~ key turn out from the middle of the ~ ml ww*t~ LIONEL BARRY'MORE o o road, and three times did the pro- over Ille Hill -IN- 3 So p $ as phet beat his palfrey with arod. The l MATA HARt 2 Super Suds .20 first two were detours, one into a ---With-- l~ field of grain, the other into a vine- JAMES DUNN and SALLY EILERS{ I ........... ~ |0 Crystal %Vhite Soap .45 s yard. The third time the road led . . ,~.. ~ ~ s a metro-uoiawyn-mayer ~uper- 1 Crystal Vt~lit~ Chips f who made such a sensation m '~a~, c---=-, - - o through a defile with no detour pus- Girl". A Home and Mother pic- [ ~,l~c~a~ I!~ (Large) . . • *25 o sible and the mule lay down and tip- Lure that will hold close to TUESDAY. JANUARY 12th {I= lCrystal hiteCleanser.05 e ped the dignified prophet into tlae your heart A return pzcture by popular request !~= 1DoubleGalvanLzedPai].40 a ditch. Then the conversation start- ~ ~ ]A great soul picture with-- I~ ed and was Balaam ever mad? "I .~t,~ou~x. o~x.,ua~,x *~n I ]]ELEN wAw.R Regular value $1.60 ' would there were a sword in mineINA CLARE " t hand, for flow would I kill thee." -~ , ............ ~, Some steam in the old boy! --*~--- I ---IN--- ~ , , o REBOUND Th S" f M d I = " ........ " Then Balaam's eyes were opened e Ill 0 a e 011 = t and he saw an angel with a sword. ready to kill him. Until that too- CI d = ment he had been cus~ng out and au et : t: belaboring the donkey as~the source of Ns woes. Congress, re-enacting the scene, is out with a clu~ belting away at short selling, blind to the fact that short selling is not the cause of the depression but that it is but the effect. For the man who "sells America short" sees danger ahead and governs his actions ac- cordingly. Suppress short selling to- morrow and all industry will reach the level of grief that the farmer now enjoys. For every time grain or stocks are sold--somebody buys. It takes two to make a fight, a bar- gain or a short sale! Congress is in line with the man who blames a!l storms on the U. S. Weather bureau, or with the irascible tenderfoot wire smashed the thermometer when i~ went to 40 below and shook the bar- ometer in a vain effort to make the finger point at "Fair" when he want- ed to cut the hay. Myth About Horns of Deer Deer and elk shed their horns once a year. This occurs soon after the breeding season. The horns be- gin as single points on the young deer during the second season and generally increase in size and num- ber of points with each renewal. But the increase in size and number of points is not striclty progressive. So it is not possible, as popularly sup- posed, to tell the age o~ a deer or elk by the number of points on its ant- lers. The growth of the antlers is depemdent upon a number of cir- cumstances, such as physical condi- tion of the animal and its virility. There is a tendency for the horns to become smaller with fewer points as the deer grows old. O00D SHORTS AND LATEST NEWS 'ALWAYS A PART OF THE SH0W I Comedies and News With Every -! FEATURE ! A STRICTLY CASH STORE o° Partlow and Massie SUNDANCE, WYOMING . o0_0 o) o)) 0 ~)))_.) II II I II II I III II II I 5 / I / a t '0 ( C m [] .a•