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January 7, 1993     The Sundance Times
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January 7, 1993

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T )0i IL" ~ Natural Wodd 12:30 pm ID MOVIE: Cop and O Supermarket Sweep (m AI Capone/Eliot Nes JANUARY 7, 1993 THE SUNI).ILNCE ~ PAGE 5 II / ~ m MOVIE: The Deer Hunter (Pt Robbers IB What Would You Do? 10:20 pm O MOVIE: The 1 of 2) g MOVIE: Ministry of Fear O American Gladiators I~l 3:15 pm 8 MOVIE: To Sleep ID Spies 11:00 pm ll Frank Sins)re, A Man L mw ~ill~t. from Page 4] . " ll Evening at the Improv O MOVIE: lelend ot Lost 10:30 pin (D CBA Basketball With Anger (Stereo) 8:00 Pm II Snow Queen i~ and HI Music (Pt 2) (Stereo) ~ Father Dowllng MysteriesChoirboy All-Star Game from Oklahoma 3"30 pm O Glory Day m ~ Seinfeid (Stereo) [~ m MOVIE." Juice (Stereo) 9:30 pm ll_Delgnlng WomenWomen O Simon nd Simon City (T) ' it ~ ll.,w r'l O Tale rrom the Crypt my ~.m II MOVIE: All Dog Go (Stereo) I~l 1:00 pm O Junior Golf Tour (T) ~ Invention 4:00 pm (D Inside the PGA Tour m ~ome Imp'~vement (Stereo)(Stereo) I~l for ~SVen (Stereo) IB SportC_..enter F'relh Pdnce of BeI-AIr (D Kojk I~ 1:30 pm a MOVIE: The Buddy ~ Full House (Stereo) [;I Oof 2)MOVIE: Freedom Road (lit 2 4:30 pm O Sportat;entor !'1 (m Women's Skiing From (Stertll_rile) I~ ID MacAIlletor Award forHolly Story (Stereo) (~ MOVIE: Croseflre . Joy of Painting (Stereo) 4:45 pm ID MOVIE: Crocodile ~ IB In the Heat of the Night Timberline, W,Va (T) ~FSI: The Untold Stode Opera Singer (D Up Close I~ AI Jolon: You Ain't Heard . Dick Van Dyke Dundee (Stereo) I~l (Stereo) I~l ID Nashville Now ;.nd nm ml MnVIE. ~,=e0 ,. hi,:no g Pdze: The Epic Quest forIm Dragnet m ~_reo) I~ Ill Adventures of Superman 2:00 pm II MOVIE: Black Nothin' Yet I~ Secret Life of Machines """ ," ............. p Bordortown Beauty =....i^.. OII, Money and ower (Stereo) g I~ . MOVIE: Bite the BulletAlabama at Arkansas (L) Lqe evening Shade (Stereo) 10:00 pm II MOVIE: Stanley and 7:30 pm ID College Basketball 10:35 pm m II Tonight Show ....... r'! ID Family Feud Wake Forest (L) ~ Unsolved Mystode (m Beyond 2000 m Livingtone ID Wrestling (T) ~1 Hangln' With Mr. Cooper With Jay Leno_.(Stereo) I~l (~ College Basketball Duke at dz,: Th. Epic o.., for e O New . N,ghtiloe O MOVIE: Aoro Tim.= C n.y T.n. ..... = ' ) MOney end Power (Stereo) (D College Bakotbll Missouri . MOVIE: The Abominable (Stereo) ~ ~) 'Forever Knight' Cdmetime ~l&hvlll m MCiVm. Vn,,'m "r.=*.,.,. u. ill uuantum Leap I~;ereol Ill Ii : v ed? , at Nevada-LaB Vegas (L) Snowman of the Himalayas . Shop 'Til You Drop After Pdmetlme (Stereo) I~l --- .- ................ v -... Q 700 Club With Pat Million Ii Now II Miller & Company (D MOVIE: It . Wild & Crazy Kids m Inside Edidon i~ 5:30 pm ID Wild About Wheels Roberton ll American Justice iw Lil~artket Sweep Q MOVIE: Alice Doesn't Live 3:00 pm (~ Monster Truck (W Secret Life of Machines diclnqwltat Would You Do? Here Anymore Challenge g Saved by the Bell ~ 11:00 pm (! MOVIE: The Last of 6:00 pm II Kids In_orporetod m Beyond 2000 ._. 11:05 pm 8 Areenio Hall (Stereo) tl~an Gladiator 1"1 ai Mary Tyler Moore 3:30 pm Q MOVIE: The Bed 7:50 pm B MOVIE: Slap Shot the Mohicans ID Golden GId [] II Murphy Brown (Stereo) I~ [] am MOVIE: Ultraviolet (Stereo) O Golden Girl ~1 (~ Pole to Pole ~Hard Copy [~ Houl[Fllther__Dowling Mystor~e . WWF Wrestling: Monday News Bears Go to Japan 8:00 pm 8 (B Reasonable (B Gift of Painting (Stereo) (~College. BaketbMI DePaul 8:30 pm . Ramona [~ 11:30 pm (~ Drem On (Stereo) .. _r~) I~i Night Raw (T) I~ Glory Day Doubt (Stereo I~I -.. , mailman and Simon = Bonanza = MOVIE: Clouds Over Europe ~l (il New ~_ Im Nashville Now g ~/~l~;ofW~o~l~ne i-i Ill First Look: Nowhere to Run I~l . Dragnet --- _ ...... ... ~ (Stereo) IINBA Today llqulnox (i) Kojak I~l 4:00 pm I~ NBA Today I~ Roenne (Stereo) ~ . Border)own (Stereo) BI N0gm I.;ourl I.ll I1~ II Mad About You (Stereo) I Alfred Hltchcock Presents ~F_ll_ll House (Stereo) I~l ~ Equinox .. MOVIE: 'Complex of (~ Family Feud I~ ~ Scientific American r'! ~ n.,., n .... IMOVIE: Union Station (~.Pole to Pole 4:15 pm I~l MOVIE: Miss Firecracker (Stereo) I~l Fear' CBS Tuesday Movie I~~ Endangered Wodd Frontier. (Stereo) I~ ~Coach (Stereo) I~l ~ ,J~a'Fr~.'~lrn" lllhedock Holmes 10:05 pm Ii1~ National Geographic 4:30 pm I~ Super Bowl X li~ Pdze: The Epic Quest for .New (Stereo) I~ ! ~P~oAArr~n~cYcli~ia~; ~i ~lel~t :; ;;e~n~ |llll I~ MOVIE: Wicked Explorer OII, Money and Power (Stereo) I~ MOVIE: Croflre ; , . . ' Madrixttothor [;I 10:30 pm I~ MOVIE: Gate IIHighlights Steelers vs, |1~ = MOVIE: Almost n (Stereo) Cowboys ~ Unsolved Mytorte (~Nothin'AI JotDo:Yet You Ain't Heard :reMoOO~e a Rams 11 Late Night (Stereo) (~ MOVIE: Freedom Road (Pt 1 5:00 ~ ~ MOVIE: Spies Like~ Looney Tune Bemaby Jones uveronve 11:45 pm (! MOVIE: Greet Day in 61~hnen. Basketball Kansas of 2) __ U I~ ~ Quantum Leap (Stereo) I~ 11:05 pm . Arsenio Hall (Stereo) I~1 Young Riders (Stereo) ~ 8 rim. t~ MOVIE: Maximum ~ Rush Ltmbaugh _ JJIIlllhoma (L) n I~ P.O.V. I~l (~ SportaCenter ~ 700 Club With Pat ~ Hard Copy ~ ~ Making of a Continent 9"00 pm II MOVIE: Sesame the Morning ~wll.Dlalilom (Stereo) I~lai Dick Van Dyke . MOVIE: Infidelity Roberton . Chade in Charge [] I~l"Street Presents: Follow That 12 "" am " M ....... II MOVIE: A Woman o~- Bird I~l vt=,tn=mllr~ This Is Your Llfe 'us, ~alnedcan Detective (Stereo) (~ MOVIE: StolIB Dallas .~ MurphyEndangeredBrownWOdd(stereo) [;I 11:15in CdelPm O(Stereo)LIfeStode:[;i Families h :iN ........ "1" Ima= or Monet. Substance (Pt 2 of 2) I~ MOVIE: Midt t Cowboy im Larr~ Ran*lar~/~t,~r=w~l I"! . |~l Heart Afire (Stereo) I~l l~ MOVIE: 36 Hours 5:30 pm (~ College Basketball (~ General Motors Playwright' 11:30 pm . Alfred Hltchcock I~ Fro)line Pilots ~t MOVIE:Double Impact ~l ";'~ --- ----"--'=-" ""' ,-t. '" I~P&~Icl You Drop 10:35 pm. = Tonight Sh=o.ow Indiana at Michigan (L) .... ,n-- -- rUA .our With Jay Lend (Stereo) L~ O NBA Basketball Bulls at Theater ~ Present 8:05 pm I~ Clash of the (SSter_eo) ~w& "~-r "Stereo" ~'~ O thlrtyomethtng I~l I~WJlll & Crazy Kid (~ Nightilne ~ Magic (L) 8:30 pm (! Zorro . Paid Program Champions Clash of the Sexes: ~ llPL..aICen~or~ I / li~ ~ Lucy Show ~i~ 'Sweating ~lullet' ~) Wild About Wheels Paul E. Dangerously vs. ~ -~,=v~'.~.'~e~^..* I"11 . Met'Gyver I~1 |oVtd by the Bell . Jckie Thomas (Stereo) I~l (~ Joe Franklin ~, In. MOVIE: 'Mood Cdmetime After Pdmetime 5:35 pm ~ NBA Basketball . On Stage ~ MOVIE: How the West WMadusa (L) ~ "~'".'~."~'.~"~' - ,~ ..... ~ ~ 700 Club With Pat ll~_' NBC Monday Night at (Stereo) I~l Warriors at Hawks (L) I~ Bullwlnkle' Mooe-a-Ram Won ~Gmnli ;u ,=x.w,,m~ ~o,,.~u/ ....... 6:30 pm ill Mickey Mouse Club Ill n.v _u~.=u,_, :)" (Stereo) [;3 ~ ~ 48 Hours (Stereo) [;] (B Classic Cars ledd~ N~ewO [] = Inside Edition [;I . Cheers (Stereo)I~] 11:35 pm II II Late Night I~ i'alo Program 6:00 pm II Kids Incorporated f ~ This Is Your Life . Personals 11:00 pm . Nashville Now I~ Crazy About the Movies [] ~ MOVIE: The Deep (Stereo) I~ Nightly Business Report |MOVIE: 'Fl~eblrd' ABC I~ Dragnet I~ Golden GId ~ -- 9:00 pm ll Walt Disney . Rush Limbaugh am Delgnlng Women (Stereo) am Club Dance ~Stereo) ~ Cheers (Stereo) I~l Lll~iy Night Movie [;3 . Quantum Lea.p_ (Stereo) [;I O Golden GIds [] Present 12:00 am (~ MOVIE: C.I.A. Code ~ .... O'w L.A. Law (Stereo)' ~l t~ Pole to I'me |ran }~ Murphy Brown (~;tereo) (~ Border)own I~l . Wheel of Fortune I~ I~ MOVIE: No Retreat, No Name: Alexa (Stereo..~l~l lie ou Bet 1"our Life (I Get Smart I~ Family Feud-- Im Night Court O Surrender 3: Blood Brothers . thirtymomethlng I~l = cCIhh=r~l~ R I~ Murder, She Wrote [] =: ~ r ~ |Pdze: The Epic Quest for ~ Portrait of People al MOVIE:The Prince of Tide . Lucy Show .... -~._ . .,,. ~ Scarecrow and Mrs. king ~ /~ ~!~~ (1~ New (Stereo) [~ . Crook nd Chase inn fit MOney and Power (Stereo) . Nova I~ (Stereo) I~l ~ . MacGyvor I~l lid wneel or Porlune I.illI~ Street of San Francisco -- ,".,o,vedM,.,.... =MOVIE Un,o.S=o. =Jeopard,,. OOD.te,Ine.__.C,Stereo) =, ClubWlthPs, =..,Dad. =..k,ngotaCon..t= t~ Night Court I~l Roberton i~llaL0olten:ntY Tune. -- = Sheduck Holmes . Nick Arcade = Jack's Place (Stereo)[~ . .ved by me Bell . .~v,m..., o, " , m Reflections on the Silver ~l MOVIE: John Paul Jones .~ . .~) | .l~Lant um Leap (Stereo) [~1 11:05 pm ID Arsenlo Hall (Stereo) .1~ YoungCartoonRidersEXpreSS(Stereo) I~l ~l MecNell/Lehrer NewHour(i)(~ ClasslcPald Programcars "" "'" .......... Cheers (Stereo) [~1 Screen (~ Evening at the Improv ~ - ~b With P.t ~ H.rd Copy I~l (~ Jckle Mason Terra X ~I) Club Dance (Stereo) (~ General Motors Playwright' 7:00 pm II Rudolph's Shiny 9"30 nm IllS Koiak r'] | .~?rtralt of a people 11:30 pm ~ Alfred Hltchcock II Chade in Charge I~l ~ L.A. Law (Stereo) Theater I.ii New Year i ,l'Itata"ho" "" W h e n m a k i n g jonll, _l~thy Brown (Stereo) I~l Presents . Get Smart I~i II II Unsolved Mysteries Ill) Adventure of Supermen meringue, makesure ironiil.oveJoy ~ Paid Program (i MOVIE: A Woman of I~ Murder, She Wrote I~ WEDNESDAY (Stereo) I.,I ~i MOVIE: You re Te0nlng Me the e-"-s are room tam (~ Joe Franklin Substance (lit 1 of 2) . Scarecrow and Mr. King (~ College Baekelball St. 10 00 pm II II ~ O! I~ News ~J~ " [Pllt ~ MOVIE: The Family I~ AI Capons/Eliot Ness January 13 Johns at Villanova (L) perature and add a en Lpel ~ MOVIE: The Glass 11:35 pm I~ O Late Night ~ Streets of San Francisco ~ Wonder Year= (Stereo) I~1 I~ Ski Wodd (i~ Miller & Company sntsLn~_ Boat ~ Personals 6:30 pin llLMIckey Mouse Club ~ Terra X 12:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Rich Man, ~. Space Rangars (Stereo) pinch of baking pew- (Stereo) I~l . Poor Man (lit 2 of 6) II MOVIE: Roele: The der before beating. (B Rush Umbaugh ~ Oellgrdng Women (Stereo)~ MOVIE: The Deer Hunter (lit -flllli II Ben andMe 2 of 2) ~ MOVIE: Run Like a Thief Rosemary CIooney Sto~ 'l ill Iolden Girl I~12:00 am II Frank Slnatra, A Man I~ Pdze: The Epic Quest for I~ Mary Tyler Moore I~ ~. , MOVIE: Stalls Olles 12:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Winchester ell, Money and Power (Stereo) "] ~Oll ilLrYe & Wor (Stere) L~l I~and Hi Music (Pt 1) (StereO)MoVIE: Maximum Force I~ll You Bet Your Llfecheer I1"! = MOVIE: Madame .every '73 . MOVIE: Survive the Night Stage , I~ Evening at the Improv ~ Nashville Now (Stereo) I~ ~. t ~lnkle Mnoea-a-Rama (Stereo) = Cheers I~ 1:00 pm Ell MOVIE: Obsess. = Bonanza | ~Niers (Stereo) I~l II MOVIE: The Godfather, Part ~l Wheel of Fortune I~l 9:30 pm I~ SportCentar (~ Secrets of Speed Emerson ~ Supermorkat Sweep ~ Kojek I~. II (~ Street Justice Fittipaldi I (R) . What Would You Do? o) ~MOVIE: You Camb Along illl~port Reporters t~ Hey Dude -- er I~..1~_ II Avelea (Stereo) [;I ~ thlrtyomethlng I~ ~ Arthur C. Clarke' Wodd of . Statehouse ~ Amedcan Gladiators I~iI~ Wing I~l Strange Powers . Adventures of Superman 1:30 pm ILMOVIE: Arena ~lFmther Dowllng My)ode I~ Frontilne Pilots [MOVIE: Shakes the Clown ~ Luc, Show . Saved by the Bell I~ ~ Arthur C. Clarke's Wodd of (Stereo! [~ 10:30 pm II Making Their Mark :lot~e.rQo) (~ MacGyvor I~l Strange Powers I~ Up Close (ll Simon and Simon | MOVIE: The Godfather ~ ~ 700 Club With Pat 7:00 pm il Dennis the Menace: . Anytime Tale: I Want My ~ Wings [;I ~ ~Powdor Magazine Ths traveler tree, th |~llden GId [] Robot)Ben Memory Mayhem 10:00 pm (~ Boy King Potty which grows in Madagas- MOVIE: The Field (Stereo) II li I~ ~ le News ~ Full House (Stereo) I~ (~ MOVIE: Man on the Outside Paid Program ~ MOVIE: How to Steal a . Adam Smith l ll~ Court I~r 2:00 pm ll MOVIE: Lad:A DOg car, stores up to one pint ! L W Northern Exposure II Classic Cars O MOVIE." Dec Hollywood . Miller & Company MOVIE: Better Off Dead I~l I~ Wrestling (T) latltl ~re~.]a) !~I ~1~ Cheers (Stereo) I~l (Stereo) I~l She Million I~ Dick Van Dyke of water Inside thebase ~t~ril ~m!ntl, Bulneea Report II LovaioY ~ Tuesday Night Fights James ~lli Quantum Leap (Stereo) . Mary Tyler Moore I~i ~ MOVIE: The Vengeance of ~ American Justice 10:35 pm ~ II Tonight Show of each of its long leaf "" ,,me"'f fair Dance 7:30 pm O MOVIE: Dirty Mary, With Jay LenD (Stereo) I~ stalks. | L.A. Law (Stereo) [;I TUESDAY Full House (Stereo) 0 McGiri (58-2-1, 44 KOs) vs. 2:30 pm . MOVIE: The Laurel Crazy Larry I~ MOVIE: Ga__~oyle . I~ Rescue: 911 (Stereo) [~ Genaro Leon (42-2-2, 37 KOs) nd Hardy Murder Case . Doogle Howler, M.D. I~ Nlghtilne [~1_ ! let Smart nd iI MUrior, She Wrote u January 12 Prize: The Epic Quest for (T) 3:00 pm li_MOVIE: Men st Work (Stereo) I~l ~ 'Dangerous Curves' SEL][. 1"1" PAST . =,,I Iklarl~row and Mrs.-i(Ing Oil, Money nd Power (Stereo) i~l~ BonanZaKojak [~l (Stereo) I~l O Shop 'Tll You Drop Cdmetlme After Pdmetime ]'n Cllulll~ledil )) i~ .Itl~ta of San Francisco 12:00 pm . MOVIE: The Movie I~ Monster Truck Challenge Im Wild & Crazy Kids (Stereo) I~l.- Murderer ~ Nashville Now . Invention . MOVIE: The Chalk Garden~ Saved by the Bell . Inside Edition I~] 28~..34 1 1 - .~ - ~, ~- -- -- _ O Jr. Leader meeting Wyoming writers In Wyoming Writers and WYO Po- Golden Age Report ,,d pi==a party eta send a business-sized SASE to William Howard Taft started a presidential cus- .......... Any 4-H youth age ]4-19 who Is to host contest Robert Babcock. Wyoming Writers tom when he threw out the first "first ball" at the - - .......... Interested in becondngaJr. Leader Wyoming WHter Inc. will kick off Treasurer, 2545 East 9th. Casper, opening of baseball's 1910 major league season in by E, iaJ~e Clark orin findsgoutorabout)heir. 1993 with their annual writer's WY 82609. a game between Washington and Philadelphia. January 4. 1993 tarlltt and Merranda Clark of Leader Project should attend this contest. There will be five catego- re-organization meeting. The rles:Adultnonflctlon, AdultFlctlon, Cbflstla~ Women's Club i ~eLWYandJosieHutchtnsonof meeting wfll be brlefand cover the Fiction for Children. Traditional toholdluncheon ~e ~eWcastle, WY spent the NewYear's ~llday at the home of thelr newJr.LeaderproJectformaLEachPoetry and Free Verse. The dead- The Crook County Christian , _~dparents, Straltor and Elaine Jr. Leader will choose three ac- line for entries Is March 31, 1993. Women's Club will be celebrating th/"~X. On New Year's Day Mike, tivities as goals in which he or she Prizes will be awarded in each of "New Beginnings" at their lun- i et, andCodyHutehinsondrove will be responslble for conducting thecategorles. HonorablemenUons ~er to spend the day. Margaret durlngthe 4-Hyear.Uponapproval may be given out at the Judge's cheon, on Thursday, January 21, [~[ndsayJoinedthefamflyfordln- of the selected activities, the Jr. discretion. 1993 at the Lazy Y from 12:00to Leaders will be on thelr own and First place winners will receive 2:00 p.m. The special speaker will ~ I=r on Friday. expected to complete their goals $65, second place $45 and third be MartlAfinlson, Casper. Brenda NowAvailable Wood, Sundance, will provide the l Ervle and Lydia Hogan were with the assistance of 4-H Lead- place $30. In addition, the win- music and Randy Prldgeon, Sun- ~Opping in Spearfish on Satur- era, Extension Staff and the 4-H ners' work will appear in an an- Fr~IIY'~ theMndaYsenior Center.they enjoyed dinner Program Assistant. The Jr. Lead- thology published by Wyoming dance,The ClubWllllsgiVedeclaringthe specialjanuaryfeature.21 d -'enleve George spent Christmas era as a group will