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January 20, 1994     The Sundance Times
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January 20, 1994

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i PAGE4 THE SUNDANCE TIME8 TV LOG Channel Station City Im MOVIE: 83 Hours 'Til Dawn g DISN Premium (m Dragnet IB MAX Premium Im MOVIE: Gross Anatomy iS) " O HBO Premium IB Rescue 911 (CC) I KTWO Casper 0 Fugitive I ESPN Sl~lrls O Movie Magic I KIVV Rapid City O Full House (CC) I WGN Chlcagu m MOVIE: Love Nest a TBS Allsnle O Follies in Conceal im KOTA Shedden 7:30 pm m g Wings (CC) Im KGWC Casper Q Collage Basketball Michigan I KPSD Vermillion at Minnesota (Live) O TNN Nashville S Returning the Native iD KMGH Denver m Bob Newhart D LIFE U|etime ~ Secret Ufe of Machines (B NICK Nickelodeon S Family Matters (CC) Q USA New York 8:00 pm m MOVIE: Going My Way Q FAM Family U 8 Seinfold (CC) lid WWOR New York O I News (CC) I JCP Shopping a Mstim:k (CC) I TDC Discovery a 0 Eye to Eye (CC) Q KTLA LOS Angeles a Mysteryl (CC) I AMC Classics 8 Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~, I TNT Atientl m 700 Club m VH-1 Video Hits 1 ~ Footstep Away O CSPAN Governmenl qB Family Matters (CC) ID A&E New Y0rk ~ MOVIE: Sleeper I CMTV Country 8:15 pm IB MOVIE: Betrayed (CC) iS) 8:30 pm ~ Def Comedy Jam (CC) g a Frester (CC) (B Club Dance THURSDAY o Mary T~. Moore (CC) January 20 ee cheer, (cc) S This Is Your LJfe 12:00 pm U MOVIE: The Bl9 Pic- 8:35 pm B MOVIE: Living Proof: tare (CC) iS) The Hank Williams Jr. Story 12:15 pm (~ MOVIE: Across the 9:0OpmmlnMdetheNFL(S)(CC) Wide Missouri I m Homicide: Life on the 1:00 pm I MOVIE: Niagara Street (CC) O Black College Sports Today O Night Court 0 MOVIE: The Black Orchid ID Pdmetime Live (CC) 1:30 pm tm Racehorse Digest (R) Im Im Second Chances (CC) 1:45 pm ~ MOVIE: Second Sight IB Medicine at the Crossroads (CC) iS) (CC) 2.'00 pm (1~ PGA Golf (Live) Q Unsolved Mysteries 0 MOVIE: A Change of Sea- (m Dick Van Dyke sons m Bonanza: The Lost Episodes MOVIE: The Boy From Okla- O Kojak home m World of Strange Powers 2:30 pm a MOVIE: Landslide iS) m MOVIE: The Big Easy 2:45 pm ~ MOVIE: The Molly Ms- i MOVIE: Hans Christian An- guires dersen 3:15 pm Im MOVIE: Forever ID In Search of Young (CC) iS) 9:30 pm 8 Sportscenter 4:15 pm I MOVIE: Coflialon O Highlon~r. The Series Course (CC) iS) tm Country News 4:30 pm (D Super Bowl XVII High- (B Lucy Show .ghts m wings (cc) 5.'00 pm ~ MOVIE: A Girl of the m Pirates Limberlost 10:.00 pm O Autopsy: Confessions m MOVIE: Indiana Jones and of a Medical Examiner (CC) the Tempe of Doom (cc) is) a a O Q News m Sportscenter a College Basketball Arizona at MOVIE: Hans Chdstian An- UCLA (Live) dorsen ~ Statehouse 5:30 pm ID College Boske~ll ~ Statler Bros. Louisville at Tulane (Live) ~ News (CC) 5:45 pm ~ South Dakota Advert- I~ Unsolved Mysteries tare I Alfred Hitchcock Presents I~ Wings (CC) 6.'~ pm O MOVIE: Wind (CC) iS) ~ Adventures of the Black Sial- Cope (CC) lion (CC) Empty Nest (CC) ~ Simon & Simon MOVIE: Missing in Action 2: ~ Movie Magic The Begkming I~ Real West I~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) 10:05 pm ~ MOVIE: A Night at the Star Trek Opera MacNell/Lehrer Newshour 10:10pm~MOVIE:ChengeofHa- (cc) ~t Statler Bros. 10:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Passenger 57 I Jeoperdyl (CC) (CC) iS) (~ Sisters (CC) O MOVIE: Odd Man Out 0 Partridge Family O Thtrlyscrnething (CC) Murder, She Wrote (CC) ~ Superman I~ Young Riders (CC) ~ Quantum Leap (CC) Renegade ~ Maniac Mansion (CC) 0 World of Strange Powers ~ Secret Life of Machines O Saved by the Bell (CC) 10:35 pm ~ ~ Tonight Show (CC) MOVIE: Bananas I~ MOVIE: Your Chestin' Heart ~B Real West ~ Nightllne (CC) 6:05 pm ~ MOVIE: Coal Miner's ~ ~ Late Show (CC) Daughter 11:00 pm 0 MOVIE: The Body- 6:30 pm I~ Murphy Brown (CC) guard (CC) iS) eJ Roseanne (CC) (~ MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour l ~ Cheers (CC) (CO) Wheel of Fortune (CC) (~ Music City Tonight J li Get Smart ~ Donna Reed | ~ Pirates ~ Paid Program O Saved by the Bell (CC) ~ ~ News (CC) ] 7:00 pen ~ Martin & Lewis: Their ~ Footstep Away ] Golden Age of Comedy Part III ~ MOVIE: Love Nest ] ~ MOVIE: Time Runner iS) 0 Follies in Concert I Mad About You (CC) 11:05 pm ~ Areenlo Hall (CC) ] i~ Missing Persons (CC) 11:30 pm I~ I~ I~ Paid Program i ~ ~ How'd They Do That? (CC) ~ F-Troop ~ Ba~ of ~ Sacred Pole ~ Counterstrike Music City Tonight 11:35 pm ~ ~ Late Night II JANUARY 20, 1994 I~ Kids in the Hall Inside Edition (CC) 12:00 am I~ MOVIE: Snowball Ex- press (CC) O MOVIE: 975-Evil II iS) I~ Racehorse Digest (R) t~ ~ Paid Program I~ Get Smart I~ 700 Club Wings 0 Choors (CC) MOVIE: Bright Leaf 12:05 am (~ Rush Limbaugh (~ Hard Copy (CC) 12:30 am O Sportacentsr I~ On Stage l~ ~ Paid Program I~ Bob Newhart Odd Couple Designing Women (CC) MOVIE: The Molly Magulres FRIDAY January 21 12:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Fall-Safe IB MOVIE: 9 to 5 Fishing (R) 1:00 pm (~ MOVIE: Summer and Smoke 1:30 pm I~ Golfer Magazine 2:00 pm ~ PGA Golf (Live) I~ MOVIE: She Knows Too Much MOVIE: Land Raiders 2:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Teiafon ~) How to Raise e Street-Smart Child (CC) 3:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Courage of Black Beauty MOVIE: Enchantment I Step by Step (CC) IB iB Burke'e Law (CC) Market to Market tB Mary Tyler Moore I~ 700 Club (B Planet Earth Family Matters (CC) Ancient Mysteries 8:20 pm ~ Inside the NBA 8:30 pm ~ Hem/Connick Jr.: The New York Big Band li Hangin' With Mr. Cooper (CC) I~ Midwest Market Analysis I~ Club Dance Mary Tyler Moore (CC) 0 Cheers (CO) 8:50 pm ~ MOVIE: Mackenna's Gold 9:00 pm 0 Powder Time O Night Court 1 2o/2o (cc) ~ Picket Fences (CC) 0 Fame in the 20th Century (CC) t~ Unsolved Mysteries I~ Dick Van Dyke I~ MOVIE: Sorority Gads and the Creature From Hell I~ Bonanza: The Lost Episodes Kojak Wildlife Chronicles MOVIE: No Mercy MOVIE: Leave Her to Heaven Evening at the Improv 9:05 pm I~ MOVIE: Superman IV: The Quest for Peace 9:30 pm 0 See You in Ullofmm- mar (R) IW Larry Sender= (CC) O Sportscenter O Uptown Comedy Club I~ Country News Lucy Show In Care of Nature is) 4:15 pm ~ MOVIE: Short Circuit (CC) (S) 4:30 pm IB MOVIE: Star Runner II~ Super Bowl XXI Highlights 5:00 pm ~ Inside the NFL (R) iS) (CC) O Sportscenter MOVIE: Leave Her to Heaven 5:30 pm (] NHL Hockey (Live) 6:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Knight Moves (CC) iS) I~1 MOVIE: Don't Tell Morn the Babysitteds Dead (CC) iS) IB Cops (cc) I~ Empty Nest (CC) O MOVIE: Not Quite Human Wheel of Fortune (CC) Star Trek 10~ MecNeil/Lehrer Newshour (CC) Country Music Video Album Hour I~ Jeopardy! (CC) Sisters (CC) (~ Partddgo Family Murder, She Wrote (CC) I~ MOVIE: The Ballad of Jolts Mod Squad Wildlife Chronicles Saved by the BOll (CC) NBA Baskstball New York Knicks at Orlando Magic (Live) Time Machine 6:05 pm (~ MOVIE: Superman III 6:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Dark Horse (CC) (S) I~ Murphy Brown (CC) Roseenne (CC) I~ Cheers (CC) I~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) I~ Get Smart (B In Care of Nature Saved hy the Bell (CC) 7:00 pm ~ ~ Viper (CC) 3:15pm~MOVIE:CudySue(CC) 10:00 pm ~ Winter ~ym~ Greats (R) MOVIE: Love Circles 0 Daf Comedy Jam (CC) I~ ~ I I~ News I~ Up Close I~ Chedia Rose I~ Country Music Video Album Hour I~ News (CC) Unsolved Mysteries i~ Alfred Hitchcock Presents i~ Adventures of the Black Stal- lion (CC) Simon & Simon Spirit of Survival (~ Time Machine 10:30 pm ~ The Blue and the Gray I~ MOVIE: Leather Jackets iS) I~ Superstars ot Gymnastics (R) O MOVIE: The Yellow Balloon (~ thirtysomething (CC) IB Superman I~ Maniac Mansion (CO) i~ Those Who Dare 10:35 pm ~ I Tonight Show (CC) t~ Nightllna (CC) I~ lid Late Show (CC) 11:00 pm ~ MecNall/Lehrer Newshour (CC) Music City Tonight I~ Donna Reed (~ MOVIE: seamer Job I~ Paid Program ~ News (CC) Planet Earth MOVIE: No Men of Her Own I~ Investigative Reports 11:05 pm t~ MOVIE: Supergid 11:06 pm ~ Arsenlo Hall (CC) 11:30 pm 0 ~ ~ Paid Program (~ F-Troop 11:35 pm ~ I~ Late Night I~ Picket Fences Inside Edition (CO) MOVIE: Pretty Maids All in a Row Family Metiers (CC) 11:40 pm ~ MOVIE: Deadly Force I~ Oiagnosis Murder (CC) 12:00 am ~ Inside the NFL (R) iS) I~ Washington Week in Review (CC) II~ Super Bowl XV Highlights I~ (~ Paid Program t~ Get Smart 700 Club Wings Cheers (CC) Ancient Mysteries 12:05 am ~ Hard Copy (CC) 12:06 am aB Rush Umbaugh 12:30 am 0 Sportscentsr O Apollo Comedy Hour IB On Stage t~ ~ Paid Program I~ Bob Newhert (~ Dasigniog Women (CO) (CC) Music City Tonight MOVIE: Spenser:. Pale Kings and Princes I~ Dragnet MOVIE: Shattered Imago (CC) is) Fugitive Spidt of Survival Full House (CC) MOVIE: No Man of Her Own Investigative Reports 7:30 pm ~ Boy Meets World (CC) (~ Wall Street Week (CC) BOb Newhert Those Who Dare Family Matters (CC) 8:00 pm ~ MOVIE Patriot Games (CC) (S) MOVIE: Meet the Applagstes SATURDAY (s)January 22 I~ ~ MOVIE: Visions of Murder 12:~) pm ~ MOVIE: Holiday Inn (CC) iS) ~ Bre~dcast Tapes of Dr. Peter World Cup Skiing (Taped) (CC) O ~ News (CC) I~ Paid Program College Football Senior Bowl (Live) Animated Bible Stories l~ Ten 2 one I Exueq~d Computer Chronicles Trucktn' USA (R) iS) (~ LA. Law (CC) i~ Secrets of the Muppets t~ MOVIE: Dirty Work (CC) iS) Young Riders (CC) Knight Rider Movie Magic Energy Express 12:05 pm I~ MOVIE: Heathers 12:30,pm ~ Paid Program Why Didn't I Think of Thai? I Sportsman's Showcase I~ Joy of PalnUng NHRA Today iS) ~B Next Step QS~ Sp~ 1:00 pml~ MOVIE: Enchanted ~PriMI (CC) iS) OVIE: Brain Donors (CC) iS) ~ NHL Hockey All-Star Game (Live) I~ Year in Review: M'rV's Beet Live Performances (~ PeA Bovdin9 (Live) (CC) ~ College Basketball Louis- iana State vs. North Carolina (Live) (CC) I~ Sewing With Nancy I~ Inside Winston Cup Racing iS) Unsolved Mysteries Fantastic Miss Piggy t~ Gunsmoke A-Team Wild Australia 0 Soul Train MOVIE: Oe~e Upon a Time in the West MOVIE: Death Valley 1:30 pm ~B Quilt in l Day I~ Exciting World of Speed and Beauty (~ iS) 2:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Looking for Miracles (CC) iS) MOVIE: Light of Day I~ Cooking With Master Chefs Salute Your Sllorta 3:35 pm I~ Saved by the Bell (CC) 3:50 pm 0 Salute to the Ameri- can Teacher (CC) 4:00 pm ~ Faerie Tale Theatre (CC) I~ MOVIE: Raiders of the Lost Ark (CC) iS) Paid Program I~ Designing Women (CC) O Saved by the Ball (CC) I Tony Dean Outdoors Siskal if. Ebort I~ VideoPM t~ Nick News I~ MOVIE: Mary Jane Harper Cded Last Night I Arcade Snowy River.. The McGregor Saga (cc) (~ Chides in Charge (CC) Nsturel World 0 College Basketball Arizona State at UCLA (Live) MOVIE: Judgment i You Can't Do That on Talevi- lion MOVIE: Grote Anatomy iS) I~ B~enza: The Lost 0 Highlander. The Series EB How the West Was 0 Collage Basketball Arizona at Southern California (Live) MOVIE: Once Upon Time in the West 11:20 pm ~ MOVIE: Secret Games iS) 11:30 pm ~ Pro Football Weekly (R) ~ Paid Program Lucy Show 11:40 pm ~ Sportspage With Ed Arnold 12:00 am ~ SportScentar Crusaders I~ MotorWeek MOVIE: Run t~ Star Hustler I~ Texas Connection I~ ~ Paid Program (~ Mork & Mindy Footstep Away Comedy Compedres I~ Comedy on the Road 12:05 am ~ MOVIE: Holiday Inn I~ News Sneak Previews MOVIE: The Fall of the Re- 12:30 am ~ Motowodd (R) men Empire Bugs Bunny's All-Stsrs In Search Of 4:05 pm IB WCW Saturday Night 4:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Beetlojuice (cc) is) I~ I NBC Nightly News (CC) I~ California Dreams I~ ABC World News Saturday (CC) I~ CBS Evening News (CC) Ghostwr.~ (cc) I~ Court TV: Inside America's Courts I~ Legends of the Hidden Tern. pie (~ Wings (CC) Please Don't Eat the Daisies 5:00 pm ~ MOVIE: The Absent Minded Professor (CC) Report to Wyoming iB Sportscentor Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (CC) t~ $100,000 Fortune Hunt Billy Bob's Counby Star Trek: The Next Genera- Uon (CC) Bill Moyers' Journal (CC) I~ News (CC) I~ Doug I~ Case Closed (CC) Bordertown (CC) Courtship of Eddie's Father Mac & Mutloy I~ Home Again 5:30 pm 0 News College Footbalrs Greatest Games (R) O NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls at Indiana Pacers (Live) (~ MOVIE: Saturday Night Fever I~ Path to Stardom (~ CBS Evening News (CC) Rugrsts i~ Afdcen Skies (CC) That Gid Those Incredible Animals Home Again 6:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Kill Cruise iS) O MOVIE: Leap of Faith (CC) iS) Hot, Hip & CounW Collage Football Hula Bowl (Live) Star Trek: The Next Genera- tion (CC) (~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (CC) Wild America (CC) Q Opry Backstage I~ JeopardyI (CC) (~ MOVIE: In Country I~ Cledslm Explains It All (CC) MOVIE: Puppet Master II i~ Country Music Spotlight I~ Mad Squad Safad Family Matters (CC) I~ MOVIE: Count Three and Pray I~ MOVIE: The Outsiders 6:30 pm ~ Music City Today Cheers (cc) I~ This Old House (CC) Grand Ok) Opry Live Wheel of Fortune (CC) Roundhouse (~ Famil)t Matters (CC) 7:00 pm ~ MOVIE: The Mighty Ducks (CC) ~ Mommies (CC) MOVIE: The Parent Trap (CC) iS) t~ Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman (CC) (~ Mulberry I~D Statler Bros. Ren & Stimpy MOVIE: The Sons of Katie Elder News (CC) Challenge MOVIE: 18 Agalnl MOVIE: The Four Feathers 7:30 pm ~ ~ Getting By (CC) (~ So Haunt Me Im Are You Afraid of the Dark? 5:O0 pm ~ MOVIE: Conflict of In- terest (CC) iS) 0 Dream On (CC) (B I ~ty Nest (cc) O News (CC) t~ Golden Globe Awards t~ I~ Harts of the West (CC) I~ Austin City Limits Hee Hew Very Very Nick at Nile (~ Silk Stslkings (CC) i~ Star-albert '94: A Weekend With the Stars Justice Files Comedy on the Road 8:15 pm ~ MOVIE: The Last Chal- lenge 8:30 ~ 0 Tales From the Crypt (CO) I B Nurses (CC) (~ Hidden Room (CC) 9:00 pm I~ Martin & Lewis: Their Golden Age of Comedy Part II I~ MOVIE: South Central (CC) iS) I Sisters (CC) I~ Sportscenter O Night Court Commiah (CC) I~ t~ Walker, Texas Ranger (CC) t~ New Country Video 012y Backstage I~ Unsolved Mysteries MOVIE: Ski patrol (S) gB Sated MOVIE: The Vernon Johns Story MOVIE: The Lives of a Bengal Lancer I~ Cemane's Comedy Hour 9:300 pm ~ MOVIE: Lonely Hearts (CC) iS) MOVIE: I Was Monty's Dou- blo I~ Red Green Grand Ole Opry Live African Skies (CC) (CC) I~ Performance Showcase: In- 10:00 pm ~ ~ ~ News , ~ ~ Basketball Texas-El dianapolia (R) iS) Paso at Colorado State (Live) I~ All News Night 0 MOVIE: The Deal-Paradise I~ Statler Bros. I News (CC) (B Chine Beach (CC) Q Superm~ CCM-TV eB Cha.engo MOVIE: The Outsiders 0 Road to Ullohammer 10:30 pm ~ The Blue end the Gray 2:05 pm ~ Saved by the ~ (CC) J NAACP Image Awards (CC) 2:30 pen ~ MOVIE: Strlotly Bual- O MOVIE: Amedcan Grsfrdi ness (CC) iS) I~ MOVIE: Memphis I~ Wide World of Sports (Live) (~ Paid Program (CC) IB Donna Reed (~ This aid House (CC) ~ Zoia Levitt t~ Family Double Dire ~ MOVIE: Ride Beyond Venge- 2:35 pm ~Savel by the Ball (CC) ence 2:45 pm ~ MOVIE: Eddie and the 10:35 pm B NAACP Imago Awards is) (cc) 3:00 pm ~ PeA Golf (Live) O* MOVIE: Perry Mason: The 0 0 Olympic Winterfest: Case of the Fatal Flaming Countdown to Llllehamm~ (CC) 10:.45 pm IB MOVIE: The Last Boy I~ New Yankee WodkshoI) (CC) Scout (CC) iS) O Exploring America 11:00 pm ~ Kung Fu: The Legend Continues (CO) I Him Haw O O Paid Program F-Tw 0 MOVIE: Think Big 0 Star-ethan '94 Continues e Justice Files News (cc) EB Welcome Frealmmn 0 Big vsmey =~eem~se Foetofq= Away mCH~ Q Evening st the improv 3:05 pm tB Saved by the Be~ (CC) 3:30 pm ~ Latwence Wolk Show O Going Our Way I~ Soloflex Pdnclpel Secret Austin Encorel I~ I~ Paid Program I~ Dick Van Dyke Highlander: The Sedes MOVIE: Shirts/Skins SUNDAY January 23 12:00 pm 0 Danger Bay (CC) t~ Jetsons Meet the Rtntstones I~ American Sports Cavalcade iS) L.A. Law (CC) (~ Walnervllle t~D MOVIE: Funny Face Star-athon '94: A Weekend With the Stars Salad 12:30 pm O Zorro (CC) Yachting Race Weeks I~ Sneak Previews MOVIE: Deadline U.S.A. 1:00 pm I~ Frog Skiing (Taped) ID MOVIE: Mr. Morn I~ Statehouse I~ Unsolved Mysteries (~ MOVIE: License to Drive MOVIE: Devil's Mountain California Dreams MOVIE: Time After Time 1:05 pm ~ MOVIE: Little House on the Prairie: Look Back to Yes- terday 1:30 pm ~11 MOVIE: 1492: Con- quest of Paradise (CC) iS) ~ NFL Live Post Game (CC) Ski Wodd (R) I~ I~ NFL Today (CC) I~ Shopping Energy Sense ID Winners (R) iS) Charles in Charge (CC) 1:50 pm (~ MOVIE: It Happened to Jane 1:55 pm ~ Salute to the Amen- can Teacher (CC) 2:00 pm imp MOVIE: Prelude to a Kiss (CC) iS) Paid Program I~ PGA Golf (Live) To Be Announced Travelln' On: The Peci~c Nor- thwest ~ NFL Football NFC Cham- pionship Game -- New York Giants or San Francisco 498rs vs. Dallas Cowboys or Green Bay Packers (Live) (CC) Frcntiine (CC) Championship Rodeo (R) iS) MOVIE: Other Women's Children (CC) I~ You Can't Do That on Televi- sion MOVIE: Tammy and the Mil- lionaire Brady Bunch All Abomdl Riding the Rails I~ New America's Funnies1 People (CC) I~ Racedey iS) Mark & Mindy I~ Big Brother Jake (CC) 7:00 pm ~ Tom Petty: Going Home (CC) I~ ~ Treasure Island (CC) Boxing (Live) (CC) 0 Killing Our Children: Search- ing for Solutions I~ National Geographic Ex- plorer (CC) I~ MacNeil/Lehror ;~ (cc) I~ Path to Stardom |1 I~ Jocperdyl (CC) Sisters (CC) I~ Partridge Family (~Murder, She Wr~ u, I~ Young Riders (C(~ "' Mod Squad Portrait of Saved by the MOVIE: Jubel David L I~ Lois & Clark: The New Ad- 6:05 pm (~ MOVIE: The ventures of Superman (CC) fighter I~ ~ Murder, She Wrote (CC) 5:30 Nature (CC) ~ Rososnne (CC) Fishin' With Orlando Wilson I~ Cheers (CC) (R) iS) Lucy Show ~ Wheel of Fortune I I~ Silk Stalkings (CC) I~ Get Smart I~ Snowy River. The McGrego~ (~ Saved by the Sags (CC) ~ MOVIE: My Fugitive 7:00 Wonderful World of Dogs I~ ~ Fresh Prince MOVIE: Flesh Gordon (CC) MOVIE: Mr. sad Mrs. Smith ~ Day One (CC) 7:30 pm ~ Fishing With Roland ~ I~ Nanny (CC) Martin (R) iS) (~ Live From Uncoil Dick Vsn Dyke ~ Music City (~ MOVIE: Love On 8:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Grand Canyon ~ Dragnet (CC) iS) I~ WWF: Monday MOVIE: The Bodyguard (CC) I~ Rescue 911 (CC) iS) ~ Fugitive ~ MOVIE: In the Line of (~ Your Life In Their Duty: The Price of Vengeance ~ Family Matters (CC) iS) (~ Sherlock O ~ News (CC) 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: IB~ MOVIE: French Sill((CC) iS) Forced to Fight I~ ~ MOVIE: Incident in Small I~ ~ Blossom (CC) Town (CC) iS) I~ Collage t~ Masterpiece Theatre (CC) at Nebraska (Live) I~ snssmesters (R) iS) I~ I~ Dave's World Lifetime Magazine I~ Bob Newhart I~ Mary Tyler Moore ~ NHL Hockey (~ Case Closed (CC) Kings at Ca~ga~/ I~ In Touch 7:45 pm Miami Memoirs Young (CC) (S) MOVIE: Ride the High Coun- 8:00 pm I~ I~ try Daughter With Love 4 ~ News (CC) I~ MOVIE: My (CC) iS) I~ I~ Murphy Brown I~ Mary Tyler t~ Silk Stslkings I~ 700 Club Amedca Coast to MOVIE: The manjero 8:30 pm I~ MOVIE: Stand and Do- liver (CC) Im Greet American Outdoors (R) iS) (~ Bob Newhart Chides in Charge (CC) I~ Miss Marpie 5:40 pm ID instant Replay 9:00 pm I~ Sportscentsr I1~ Night Court (~ Network Earth (~ Are You Being Served? Road Test Magazine iS) Clapprcod Uve Dragnet I~ Silk Stslkings (CC) Ben Haden Paid Program Natural World Tekwar 8:15 pm Ig~ New York 8:30 pm ~ Marx Nutshell I~ O Love & War I~ Club Dance I~ Mary 9:00 pm MOVIE: A Hatful of Rain Lost in Time iS) 9:30 pm i~ Lifestyles of the Rich O Night Court and Famous I~ I~ I~ (~ Paid Program Welting for God ~ Dick Van Dyke I~ Trucks and Tractor Power (R) I~ Wings (CC) iS) I~ Bonanza: The I~ Unsolved Mystanes I~ Kojak I~ Alfred Hitchconk Presents ~ Portrait of I~D John Ankorberg ~ In Search Of Caroline's Comedy Half Hour 9:30 pm 10:00 pm ~ J ~ News side the Big House O NFL Pdmetime (R) I~ Sportscentor I~ ~ l~ Paid Program ~ Emergency Call I~ All News Night t~ Count~ News I~ Mysteryl (CC) ~ Lucy Show ~D Truckin' USA (R) iS) I~ Wings (CC) I~ News (CC) 10:00 pm I~ I ~ IB Superman il~ College I~ Hollywood Insider California-Santa Im John Ostaen (CC) Nevada-Las Wonderful World of Dogs O Odd Couple (~ MOVIE: The Bounty Killer ~ Chadie Rose MOVIE: Unnatural Pursuits I~ Path to Stardom 10:15 pm ~ MOVIE: Boomerang ~ News (CC) (CC) (S) ~ Unsolved MOVIE: Full Metal Jsckst ~ Alfred Hitchcock of Amedcen Film (CC) 2:05 pm 0 MOVIE: The Horse in 10:30 pm 0 The Blue and the Grey the Gray Flannel Suit (CC) 2:30 pm ~ Paid Program I~ Tuskegee Airmen I~ Family Double Dare Pirates Brady Bunch 3:00 pm ~ Paid Program O MOVIE: The Vernon Johns Story Showstoppors: American Dance Championships m Adventures of the IB MOVIE: In Old Chicago (CC) lion (CC) 1~ NFL'e Greatest Moments (R) ~ Simon & Simon O Gift of Love ~ Your Life in Their IB World Tomorrow On Scene: Emergency Res- I~ David L. Wolper pease (CC) 10:05 pm ~ MOVIE: IB Crusaders 10:20 pm I~ Exciting World of Speed and Flight 401 Beauty (R) iS) 10:30 pm I~ MOVIE: I~ (~ ~ Paid Program iS) (~ Donna Reed O MOVIE: Earthkeeping (CC), ~ Feed the Chiid~n ~Remndellng& DecoretingTo- 10:35 pm ~ Pdme Suspect day t~ Inside Edition Weekend (CC) I~ Wild Side (~ Major Dad (CC) (~ Star-sthon '94 Continues Texas Connection i~ Thirtysomothing 11:00 pm ~ NFL's Greatest Mo- I~ Superman Maniac Mansion t manta (R) ~ Family Matters I~ ~ I~ ~ ~ Paid Program 10:35 pm 0 Coach Arsenio Hail (CC) B Tonight Show Spirit of Survival Knight Rider MOVIE: Till the End of Time I~ Civil War Joumal 3:05 pin ~ 2 Stupid Dogs 3:30 pm ~ Paid Program Shadetree Mechanic lid Rocko's Modern life I~ Major Dad (CC) 3:35 Captain Planet (CC) 3:55 pm ~ MOVIE: Ice Castles 4:00 pm ~ Avonlea (CC) MOVIE: 'Crocodile' Dundee II (CC) iS) MOVIE: Second Sight (CC) iS) Paid Program I~ Weekend Travel Update McLaughlln Group I~ Auto Racing iS) MOVIE: Love Is Never Silent Arnold Washington Week in Review (CC) Going Our Way I~ F-Troop Miami Memoirs News (CC) MOVIE: The Great Man Votes 11:05 pm ~ Untouchables (CC) Those Who Dare I~ Hard Copy (CC) pm ~ New Adventures of 11:30 pm ~ NFL's Greatest Mo- ments (R) O Odd Couple ~ (~ ~ ~ Paid Program Time Trsx (CC) I~ Wall Street Week (CC) Explodng America I~ Lucy Show 11:35 pm ~ Why Didn't I Think of That? 11:40 pm ~ Sportspago With Ed I~ NaUonal plorer (CC) Nightllne (CC) I~ ~ Late Show 10:45 pm ~ MOVIE: 11:00 pm Newshour (CC) I~ Music City Tonigld I~ Donna Reed I~ Odd Couple " I~ Paid Program ~ News (cc) America Coast to Sherlock Holmes 11:05 I~ Arsenio Hall (CC) 11:30 pm I~ I~ I~ I~ F-Troop I~ Hollywood Insider MOVIE: My 11:35 pm ~ Late Night Adventures of Pete and Pete 12:00 am ~ Sportscenter (R) ~ Sweating Gullets I~ Wings (CC) O Odd Couple " I~ Inside Edition i I~ Madeline (CC) I~ ~ ~ I~ ~ Paid Program 12:00 am ~ Max Out Wings ~ ABC Wodd News Now (CC) I~ 21 Jump Street (CC) Im Championship Rodeo (R) iS) l~ Get Smart I~ Real West ~ Nature of Things l~ 700 Club 4:05 pm ~ WCW Main Event ~ Murphy Brcwn (CC) ~ Wings Wrestling (~ MOVIE: Bombardier ~ Cheers (CC) 4:30 pm ~ ~J NBC Nightly News 12:05 em ~ Black Hills Forum ~ Lovejoy Mysteries (CC) ~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Fa- 12:05 am~ Late Night mous ~ Rush Limbeugh I~ ABC World News sunday 12:15 em ~ MOVIE: So Fine (cc) I~ John McLaughlln's One on One 1~ Legends of the Hidden Tern- Wings (CC) O saber (CC) 5:00 pm I~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Animated (CC) m Golden Gida (cc) MONDAY Sportscentor o cou.t~ Treck, January 24 Star Sasrch I~ MOVIE: Little House: The 12:00 pm I~l Tennis (Same-day Last Ferewall Tape) TUESDAY Bsywstch (CC) ~ MOVIE: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Amodcs~S New Country 12:15 pm 0 MOVIE: Bad Day at January t~ To the Contrary Black Rock I~ News (CC) 12:30 pm ~ MOVIE: We're Toll(in' 12:00 pm I~ Tennis t~ Are You Afraid of the Dark? sndous Money iS) Tape) MOVIE: Shattered Imago 1:30 pm I~ MOVIE: Young Ein-12:15 pm Care (CC) iS) stein (CC)~) That's My Dog 2:00 pm Jl MOVIE: MeeUna 12:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Nature of Things Venus (CC) iS) -- iS) 0 MOVIE: Moontrep I~ Max Out (R) ~ MOVIE: They 0 MOVIE: A Hafful of Rain ~ MOVIE: The House On Carroll sic 0 House of Elloft Street 1:30 pm ~ Family S:30 pm IB Alien 3: Bringing ~ MOVIE: The Greet Gilder- 2:00 pm I~ Max Out (R) Screams to the Screen sleeve ~ MOVIE: I Designing Women (CC) ~ MOVIE: The Badlanders ~ MOVIE: NFL Pdmotime 2:30 pm I~ Inllne Skating (R) 2:15 pm I~ gels (CC) iS) I ~J Music City Today 3:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Operation 2:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Trots F~ L~e Lookout is) I~ NHRA Today iS) t~ Run the Gauntlet (R) ~ Hawaiian Sports l~ Crossroads 3:30 pm ~ Max Out (R) (R) (~ Roundhouse ~ MOVIE: Glldorsloeve On 3:00 pm ~ Run the Schoolbresk Spei~ MOVIE: Take a LOftM, 3:30 = ID Max Out (R) 1 4:00 p IB MOVIE: Star I~ Hard Copy (CC) MOVIE: Deadlock (CC) iS) 12:15 am 12:30 am ~ Report to Wyoming Fdends (CC) iS) ~) ~ Daldgning Women (CC) ~ Dream On (CC) ~(~l~l~ Paid Program 12:20 em ~ MOVIE: Emergency Call (CC) 12:30 em 0 MOVIE: A MOVIE: Deadline U.S.A. Limbedost I~ Miss Merple i~ Sportscenter I~l Twilight Zone I~ On Stsgo t~ Bob Newhart 0 Desi~niog Woment Baby Rices 6:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Coma i~l MOVIE: Alien 3 (CC) iS) IB I i Witness Video (cc) NFL All-~ Team 0 Face the Hate (CC) America's Funniest Home Vi- deos (CC) O IB 60 Minutes (CC) Lawrence Walk Show I~ In.de Winston Cup Racing iS) 0 MOVIE: I Love You Pertect Nick News IB Mighty Jungle ~od Squed Natural Wodd 0 Figure ~ksting (Taped) MOVIE: Unnatural Punmits 5:30 pm el Diecevor Magazine (c) is) MOVIE: Indiana Temple of Doom 5:30 pm I~ College Basketball ~" Georgetown at Pittsburgh (Live) 4~_ O NBA Basketball Chicago peg Bulls at Detroit Pistons (Live) cess 6~ pm ~ Avonlea (CC) ~ Super BoWl XXV 5:00 pm ~ MOVIE: MOVIE: Butfy the Vampire the King Slayer (CC) iS} I~ MOVIE: South Central (CC) iB Sporiacenter IB MOVIE: S~ngt~ (S) il C0Pe (CC) Rockies II Empty Nest (CC) 5:30 Wheel of Fortune (CC) nois at Wisconsin (Live) i 5:45 I)111 ~ South Dakota I~ Star Trek lure ~, Breadwey 4:00 pm ~ MOVIE: The Big Pic- ture (cc) is) O Racehorse Digest 4:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Utile Sister iS) O Super Bowl XXIII Highlights 5:00 pm O Sperry, enter MOVIE: Down ArgenUne Way