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February 9, 1989     The Sundance Times
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February 9, 1989

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marathon cores -'Kappa Chapter held their J ~f- /~_j ninth meeting on Monday, Jan- uary 23, 1989 at Phyllis Play in the Sundance bridge Aliens 22.875 Ramsey's home. President and pinochle marathons has Heinzens 22.483 Laurie Alexander opened the NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE AND FINAL SETTLEMENT reached the 10th round of play. Goodsons 21.572 meeting with the opening ritual. FOR lea Sherrard leads the indivi- Pinochle Individuals Roll call was held with eight ABANDONED MINE LAND dual scorers in the pinochle play Iva Sherrard 4668 members present. The minutes PROJECT 11A and Barb and her husband Mike Frank Blakeman 4622 were approved as read by SITES 92, 93, 96 and 128 lead in the couple scoring. Mike Coy 4614 recording secretary Val Hurd. CROOK COUNTY, WYOMING In the bridge event, Harold Alice Hopkins 4454 President Alexander reported Notice is hereby given that the Department of Environmental Bernd4s the top scoring indivi- Barb Coy 4453 that pledge training had been Quality, Land Quality Division, has accepted as complete, dual while Harold and his wife Don Hopkins 4443 held the previous week. according to plans, specifications, and rules governing the same, Norma are the high scoring Kate Donaldson 4395 Communications included an the work performed under that certain Purchase Order Contract couple. Rolland Elliston 4389 insurance certificate from Inter- Number 9-00774 between the Department of Environmental Below are the standings, with Joyce McClanahan 4354 national, a request from a Rapid Quality, Land Quality Division, and RAPID CONSTRUCTION the averages based on scores Vic Cole 3993 City chapter for dessert recipes, COMPANY, CONTRACTOR for work performed, materials, equip- turned in by February 2: Gaff Kaiser 3993 an invitation to the Northern ment, or tools furnished or used and services rendered for AML, Bridge Indlviduak Shirley Long 3968 Hills Valentine Ball to be held at Project 11A, Sites 92, 93, 96 and 128, Crook County, Wyoming, and Harold Bernd 34.610 Jeanne Lee 3924 the Holiday Inn in Spearfish on the contractor is entitled to final settlement therefor; that the LorenHarper 29.177 LoisElliston 3819 February 11, a thank you note Department of Environmental Quality, Land Quality Division, will Allen Edwards 28.101 Mareletta Knapp 3742 from Dab Kennedy for flowers, cause said Contractor to be paid the full amount due him under said Jeri Villano 27.873 Ulric Hawken 3666 and a registration form for the contract on March 8, 1989. The date of the first publication is Jean Harper 27.397 Pat Mollenbrink 3591 summer convention. January 26, 1989. Floyd Cart 27.300 Doramay Blakeman 3548 Treasurer, Trudy Durfee, re- STATE OF WYOMING Ethel Sharp 25.819 Lottie Snyder 3523 ported a net balance of Frank Bonds, Administrator Glenn Gregson 25.741 Gene Adams 3523 $1,003.87 after bills were pre- Purchasing and Property Control Ott Wagner 25.599 Jennifer McGreevy 3499 sented and approved. i Publish: January 26, February 2, 9, 1989 Claudis Can" 25.455 Lyle Brunson 3491 Patty Schulz, City Council Donna Allen 25.150 Jean Adams 3467 representative, reported that Jane Edwards 25.104 Judy Meisner 3464 she has written to International Don Heinzen 25.058 Bill Knapp 3446 for next year's theme. Another ! STATE OF WYOMING ) IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOR THE Marge Goodson 24.488 Marc McClanahan 3416 City Council meeting will be ) as. Dot Gregson 24.010 Vivian Brunson 3359 scheduled to finalize plans for i COUNTY OF CROOK ) SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT Maxine Wagner 23.866 Lois McInerney 3220 Founder's Day so that invita- IN THE MATTER OF THE ADOPTION OF: ) Mildred Durfee 23.579 Marcia Cliver 3106 tions can be mailed to the DONALD ANDREW HASS, ) Adpption Norma Bernd 23.359 Del Stugelmeyer 3041 out-of-town chapters. Minor child. ) No. 3955-A Terry Rubald 23.3~2 Pinochle Couples Court Whist Committee NOTICE Tim Rubald 22.906 Coys 4534 chairmen gave reports. Gay. Mike Sullivan holds Bobby Stewart, a seat belt TO: Gary Holmberg Ernie Reinhold 21.833 Hopkins 4449 The Valentine Committee following the governor's signing of a proclamation 6905 69th Avenue, NE Howard Allen 20.600 Long/Donaldson 4182 reported that the Valentine Feb. 12-18 as Child Passenger Safety Awareness Minneapolis, MN 55432 Pat Heinzen 19.907 Ellistons 4104 party will be held in the Court- Wyoming. PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Donald Dale Clark of Moorcroft, Myron Goodson 18.656 Sherrard/Snyder 4096 house on February 13. Legacy Bobby, his sitar Tanya and parents, Jeff and Lisa, Wyoming has filed a Petition To Adopt in the District Court of Bridge Couples Blakemans 4085 members will be invited to injuries in an accident last August in Cheyenne because Crook County, Sixth Judicial District. State of Wyoming, in which Bernds 28.985 McClanahans 3885 attend. he has petitioned the Court to issue a Decree Of Adoption declaring Harpers 28.287 Hawken/Cole 3830 Dab Tschetter gave a pro- proper use of seat belts and child restraints. that he be allowed to adopt the above-named minor child and Edwards 26.603 Kaiser/McGreevy 3746 gram demonstrating counted The Wyoming Highway Patrol presented the Stewart comp|ete[y terminate your parental rights in regards to said minor Carrs 26.378 Knapps 3594 cross-stitch on sweatshirts and "seat belt survivor" award in ceremonies at child. Gregsons 24.876 Lee/Clever 3515 gave each member ~mstructions Cheyenne last November. Please take further notice that unless you file your objections to Reinhold/Villano 24.853 Adams 3495 to take home. Phillis Ramsay [Wyoming Highwa: this adoption upon all parties at least five (5) days prior to the Wegners 24.733 Brunsons 3425 was the hostess. LEGISLATIVE below-scheculed adoption hearing, a default will be entered against Durfee/Sharp 24.699 Meisner/McInemey 3342 The next meeting is a make- Beta Theta meets On January 27, 1989, you. If you do not fde an objection to the granting of this adoption Rubalds 23.119 Mollenbrink/Stugelmeyer 3316 up meeting for November 14; Beta Theta met on Jvnuary 2 ~nd Carl Beavers of St. as stated, a hearing will be held on the adoption without further Lorrie Redfield is the hostess at the home el JoEllen Parsons Cathedral, Cheyenne, notice to you and you will be bound by the findings and Judgment ~ ~~ and Denise Webster wiU pre" with 14 members Present" of this Court issued as a result of said hearing. This adoption sent the program. It will be held Roll call was "A Goal I the Senate with this hearing shall be held in the District Courtroom. Crook County, " at Tri-County at 7:00 p.m. on Accomplished This Past Year". ch~'mbers"L°rd' .thesenatorsPe°pleandin State of Wyoming, located in Sundance. Wyoming on Wednesday, Monday, January 30, 1989. Opening Ritual was repeated, staff - are great the 12th day of April, 1989 at 9:00 o'clock a.m. In this hearing, the Kappa Chapter meets During the business meeting v tempted to impatience Petitioner will ask the Court to grant said adoption. Kappa Chapter held a meet- thank you note was read from have to answer the DATED this 10th day of January, 1989. Beulah A. Lanning A change in the fee collection ing on January 30, 1989 to make Mamie Stoddard for the Christ- up for a meeting missed in mas corsages given by the question twice. These Clerk of the District Court policy states that we shall no November. They met at the sorority to the Senior Citizen people are asked the ques~,,ms several By: Arna A. Montgomery by Maureen Lutterman longer charge a vehicle fee for a Tri-County hospitality room at ladies. University Extension Agent motorcycle, snowmobile, motor 7:00 p.m. with 9 members Pledge Ritual will be given to each tune a gracious expected. Many want a Deputy Crook County scooter, or similar type vehicle, present, the two pledges at the next their time not always Publish: January 19, 26; February 2, 9. 1989 WALK FOR LOVE! including a moped. Instead, the Walking regularly is often re- The meeting was called to meeting. Closing Ritual was gard to their other duties. - repeated. per person fee will apply to the commended as a heart-healthy . . . order by the vice-president, ....... operator ann accompanying ..... eo with the o n Following the meeting the senators seem so. often STATE OF WYOMING ) IN THE DISTRICT COURT exercise, put din you gnaw mat ......... v~.. ............ ~ nanny rnag n, pe - • • • r- .... © ........ t, ............ Social Committee met and tightrope trying to do it can also n'nprove other affmrs o.' .... 1 ~ vils mg ritual. The minutes of the planned the (winter picnic) in- best for everyone ) § passports wm amo app y. t~e • • COUNTY OF CROOK ) SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT of the heart? Couples who walk ......... " prevmus meeting were approv- those on opposite sides ..... ,~,~ ...... ~:r ~,,,.,~-,~, .~Icwer r4a~1onat monumen~,~ ~, .~ .~,~ ~ ~:,~ ~, -doors lee.the Senior~ ~Citixens IN,THE MATI'ER OFI~4E ) ...... P~rpb@Jt~N@,..4782~ togemm" nave'oe~termarnetges, ........ :._ .~ ....... . .......... .~ m~ ~ [w~ ...... : - ~Ltld)Rh~' up.coming;~ Vm.~mine issue. sa,,s ira t~ tJllCg M U nro ....... r~tty ~,~,u~ r~t,u~,©u --,~ ing ESTATE OF: ) . : o • .. , -~., r .. mobiles rote the parg area ........... xt -'ear's Party. INEZ W. FOWLKES, ) tessor o~ psycmatry at t~orneu 'Ph,,oo ~inn, tr~ V~li~trma will Will not receive ne y . Fern Grubb showed a video mainstay and Deceased. ) University Medical College. -benefite~"'°from .............. th~s change, themeMarch, from International until film on radon gas in your home balanCeReverendand Beavers°Ur help. NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR DECREE OF DISTRIBUTION Sharing a fitness activity, such At Devils Tower National The treasurer reported a net and handed out information eh quently of the charge TO ALL PERSONS INTERESTED IN SAID ESTATE: as walking, he says, enhances Monument for the coming balance of $885.46 after bills about it. let',;slators as we work You are hereby notified that Inez Arline Hauber, surviving communication between season, motorcycles will be were presented and approved. On January 16 Beta Theta corstituents during daughter of the above named decedent has filed her Application for partners by giving them time to charged $1.00 per passenger. The Valentine committee Sorority met at the home of den.anding forty days. Decree of Distribution with the Clerk of the above entitled Court share their thoughts and work Weather for the month of wherein she prays that the following described real and personal through their problems. Walk- January was pleasant, with a announced that the Valentine Senate File 147, property interests, to-wit: ing also lets your spouse know high day temperature of 60 party will be held on February Bonnie Sweeney. Refreshments Public Lands, passed 13 in the Courthouse. Members were served before the meet- third reading in the REAL PROPERTY that you care enough about degrees on January 30 and an elected a Valentine queen to be ing. T. 55 N., It. 65 W., 6th P.M. yourself to keep physically fit. February 1, 1989 and Section 20:SE/4NE/4 So this Valentine's-Day, say "I average day temperature of 39 crowned at the party. Members Fifteen members were pre- the House for degrees. A low night temper- were reminded to bring a Valen- sent. Opening Ritual was Thisb Section 21: NW/4,W/2SW4, NE/4SW/4 love you" with a healthy gift of ature of -20 degrees was record- Containing 320 acres, more or less walking shoes, lating to public access tel PERSONAL PROPERTY WALKING FOR PHYSICAL ednightOn temperatureJanuary 8, andes 25a highde, afinetokenf°r fortheirtheSecretQueen.Sisters and repeated.was held. Business meeting Warrant No. 8304058 issued FITNESS Court Whist committees Charms were passed out by lands; providing a by the State of Wyoming, What makes a walk a work- grass on January 22. The reported on their activities. Patti VoU. These charms had determination; average low was 7 degrees. There being no further bus- been ordered in early Decem- thePr°ceduregame andbY whichfish the Office of the Auditor, out? It's largely a matter of pace Precipitation for the month was may identify tracts of Cheyenne, WY, refund pursuant and distance. When you are .23" without much snowfall, iness, the meeting was adjourn- bar. Beta Theta Chapter plans to to the Elderly and Disabled Act $630.00 walking to exercise, you don't ed with the closing ritual and make available for sale Gift lands for which it may Check No. 1772 issued stroll, stop to window shop or Visitation for January was the Mizpah. the attorney general to by Tri-County Electric visit. You move out at a steady ahead of January 1988 by 31%, Baskets for any special occasion. More information will tiage for public access Association, Inc., refund clip that is brisk enough to make the nice warm days probably Denise Webster explained contributed to the popularity of some of the basic income tax be posted in public places later private lands for of patronage capital $ 19.62 your heart beat faster and to the area. Climbing was record- forms and reviewed recent tax purposes; requiring Check No. 7068350 issued cause you to breathe more ed on four different days. changes for her program. Lorrie on. Pledge Ritual was held for attorney general to by US West Communications deeply. The staff is looking forward to Redfield was the hostess, access with private land refund of overpaymertt $ 24.87 Here are some tips to help A bridal shower for Alison Sharron DeRocher and Mary under specific TOTAL: $674.49 you to develop a good walking a busy season, with seasonal The next meeting will be be set over and distributed to the following named persons style: hiring taking place. Roberts and baby shower for Watts. Darla Watson were celebrated. February 6, a Valentine Party, access by purchase or pursuant to Wyoming Statutes Section 2-4-101, to-wit: * Keep you head erect and at the home of Sharon Bollen- providing and effective As your senator, I ~elvin Ray Fowlkes 49 Route 2, Box 616 back straight and let your arms VFW.Auxiliary bach. Bring a Valentine gift to heard any comment on Kamiah, ID 85356 swing loosely at your sides, holds meeting exchange. Chrhttin Women The regular meeting of VFW from the Wyoming Inez Arline Hauber 55 Box 310 Rocky Point Road * Stay relaxed, breathe deep- phmniag luncheons Weston, WY 82731 ly and take comfortable steps. Auxiliary No. 4311 was held era, the Wyoming Donald Edward Fowlkes 57 Route 1, Box 150 * Always land on your HEEL Beginning in February the Omak, WA98841 and roll forward, fmallypushing monthly luncheons of the Crook January 16 at the Tri-County ers, or the Wyoming hospitality room with eight Buttons and Bows Bureau. How do you hold luncheon meeting this legislation? Please Notice is further given that a hearing shall be had on the off the ball of your foot. Walk- County Christian Women's members present. President The Buttons and Bows were i Application on the 3rd day of March, 1989, at the hour of 9:15 in8 flat-footed or on the balls of Club will be held alternately at Phillis Habeck presided over the Hulett Civic Center and the the meeting. General orders treated to a delicious soup and library, read the bill, hear from the citizens o'clock, A.M., in the main courtroom of the Crook County sorenessY°Ur feet. may cause fatigue or Sundance Senior Citizen's were read and reports heard salad luncheon hosted by Tiny and Weston County. Courthouse, Sundetnce, Wyoming, at which time any persons * Your toes should point Center. The nursery for pre- from committees. Phillis Bush and co-hosted by Jane The Wyoming having objections thereto shah appear and show cause for their school children, which is West on January 18. Six guests straight ahead. "Toeing-in" General has given i objection, and "toeing-out" are inefficient provided at no cost, will. be in Habeck, Gertrude Lytle and Roberta Nebergall attended the were present: Donna Wolf, Sullivan a list of Vicki White, Debbie Bush, Deb ' DATED this 18th day of January, 1989. Inez Arlene Hauber ways of walking and may aggra- the town where the meeting is District .#2 meeting held at includes locating an vate or contribute to laB/hip" held. Buffalo, Wyo., last week. They Snook, Audra Wilson and Betty the old high school Publish: February 16, 23, 1989 joint problems. The next luncheon, with a made a poppy hat which they West. Donna, Vicki and Dab in Sundance. This theme, "Gift of Love", will be displayed at the meeting, joined the club. We like to be presented at the 1990 ~..~~_~,~_~.~'~ welcome new members, and session if the P~ Violation on February 16, from 12-2 p.m. Phillis and Gertrude gave a ~COUBT~~,~ ~~ -- o~ ~@,~ Roger Keith Redden, Hills at theHulettCivicCenter. The very informative talk on the guests arealwayswelcomel add it to his list of City, SD, $120. nursery will be in the Hulett meeting. We won an award for Barb Goodwin took over as This would be a boost Overwtdth Moving Vie ud Helen Cele Baptist Church. 100% membership - $5.00 and a our new president. Roll call was Without Signs celebrate 40th mtnlvemary The progrm will feature two pin. We discussed the Voice of Hazela NeWHauberYear's hadres°luti°ncaring andand economYThe Pharmacy°f Sundance. JUSTIC~ COURT William Earl Stange, Latch- The Sundance Senior Citizen~ talented women from Hulett. Democracy contest, donation to sharing. We had to say goodbye (SF 96) has passed Week of February 2, 1989 Center was the location of the Peg Mackey will demonstrate Special Olympics, and donation reading in the Senate, Speeding an, SD, $110. Drivers Lieemm Violation 40th weddin8 anniversary open the craft of making potpourri for the Sundance Band to go to to a good friend and neighbor, too early to predict the Daniel J. Geneser, Des Doran FAlison Priewe, Sun- harem for Vic and Helen Cole on and Renee' Carrier wilI share D.C. They were tabled until the Marda Bush. The ladies Reorganization of ~' Moines, IA, $85; Kara Lynn dance, WY, $40. January 28,1989. Hosted by the her gift of song. showered her with gifts and a Government, SF 176, next meeting. Larsen, Gillette, WY, $65; Suspended DrIvem Lieemm couple's children, Janet Engle Guest speaker, Dee Murphy, Discussion was held on ways money tree. We will miss her. toric piece of Ronald J. Pasco, Gillette, WY, Wayne F. Nadvornik, Dickin- and Judy Spraclden and their of Gillette, will surely touch to raise money and it was also Our meeting date has been will lead the state of $8~; Nichols D. Fleury, River. changed from the 3rd Wednes- into it's second son, ND, Fined $200.00 snd famih'es, the event was attend- each heart with her message, tabled until the next meeting. ton, WY, $75; Robert H. Meyer, $~0.00 Court Costs, 30 day jail ed by over 100 friends and "Love Story". We were encouraged to write day of the month to the 2nd sense of a 9e~ Belle Fourche, SD, $70. suspended, relatives. Reservations for the luncheon to our legislative and congress- Wednesday. We will meet Feb. ing towa/ds Stephanie A. Hiatt, Casper, Special guests included Vic's and nursery can be made by man concerning the VA 8 at Jennie Knapp's at 1:30 hopefully, the best use WY, $55: Psu/a H. Crowell, aunt, Ruth Shell, 90, from calling 283-1978, 467-5505 or hospitals, p.m. with Daisy Dennis as co- tax dollars. Rapid City, SD, $65: Gary T. Solar bear: Polar bears come Sheridan, and Helen's mother, 756-3222 by February 13. The district meeting will be hostess. Roll call will be the These are some of the Chelgren, Windsor, CO, $95: equipped with thick fur and a Florence Bunney, 87, Belle held at Upton on April 15. Since exchange of home-made valen- decisions being made $65; Jaekie F. Kostrzenski, these big bears are also mobile ed the guest book, mad Honey try to attend. Dorm'nay Blake- padded heart demonstration, the citizens of the state. Middle River, MN, $85. solar collectors. International Hooper, Ilene ttooper, Ira man won the mystery prize. Barb Goodwin has earing and let me know how you fee] Steven D. Braley, Rapid City, Wildlife magazine reports that Sherrm:d, and Margie G~d~n The next meeting will be held sharing, these choices so I e~m ~I~ SD, $60; Paul Thomas Wisdom, the long hairs of the bear's pelt served refreshments. To remove odors from at the Tri-County HospitMity my constituents. C~] Hugo, OK, $170; Doris Kuyken- are transparent; they allow sun- The Cole's were married smelly bottles, pour a little room with Phillis Habeck has- Take a break--- Capitol, 777-7711, or the dall Oblander, Ballantine, MT, light to penetrate all the way to February 8, 1949, in Belle hot water with s generous tess on February 20. Read the ing Post Inn, 638-3301. $65; Norman Lambert, Osage, the skin. And the bear's skin is Fourche. pinch of mustard powder. The meeting adjourned with Classifieds. You'll Si~ WY, $55; Donald J. Gemmel, black which absorbs the sun's Shake sad let stand over- be surprised at !~ Area, IN, $60. heat. night. Then rinse with hot hostess Evelyn Sisson serving Jerry water, refreshments, what you'll find ! ~ence 'mwl~