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February 28, 2008     The Sundance Times
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February 28, 2008

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Page 5 - Thursdaj~ Februar)v 28, 2008 "IT HERE THE KID GOT HIS NAME" The Sundunce limes The signs of spring are Ipeekin' around the corner as we have enjoyed some warmer days without a lot of snow. Maybe we can Iooik forward to some good spring moisture to go with wvhat we presently have for a change'over the last s everal years. Believe it or not several folks around the area have seen some geese he,din' north already. Makes you wonder if they got into some fermented grain somewhere. Several folks are talkin' ,about the new city law about parkin RVs on the citty streets. Seems as tho one of the concerns is aboLut the school busses. Some folks seem to think the city might have to deal with them as well as the R 's. Well, well, well there ' just can't be a law for everyrthing. Rumor has it a couple of local fellers were stopped on a side street with the windows down hawing a short visit and were quickly advised that can't bre done around here. We need to keep in mind the tyrpe of small community we are and the reasons we; like to live here. Lots of proud parents arnd grandparents were bustin' their shirt buttons thiis week after the local athletes finished their tourmaments last week. With the wrestlers and the basketball players both in action. Compliments go cult to the athletes and their parents for their accomplisthments. We tend to forget the others that play a majorr role in the school sports world and that is the coachres. This community is mighty proud of the work thley have done. We tend to expect from them rather than respect them. They are very dedicated to, the sport and the kids that play them. They are mrentors that help shape the young athletes lives, thee role models for self improvement and teamworl'k. The stress they have to operate under would buckle most of us: When you see one ofthemthank them for what they do. A thought: My doctor re(cently told me that jogging could add years to my life. I think he was right. I feel ten years older ;already." Later, They say that time is relative thing. As I grow older, some facts regarding time seem incredible: Anyone approraching the age of 78 has lived more than one-third of the time since the United States declared independence from Dear Editor, yet, why is it that there are so many openings at Crook County Cares Family I think a very interesting question has been raised during the recent Center? As a parent speaking from personal experience with both centers, I discussions and articles published concerning the daycares in Sundance. Why believe the answers lie within the questions. do you suppose the waiting list for Sundance Kids Daycare is so long? Better Roni Ackerman Why should you come to the Crook County for you're paying $3.00/gallon of gas when you My relatives in Canada don't complain about their Democratic Caucus on March 8? were only paying $1.50/gallon when George system. Get beyond the myths and get real. Perhaps you are one of those who have enjoyed came on board. Oh, and of course the casualties The political system in this country doesn't run the cute barbs, the shouting matches and general of war, though incidental as they are, might be well without citizen participation. Our politicians noise that has replaced real news generated by the factored in; such as, the more than 3,000 combat need to know that their constituency isn't just likes of Rush Limbaugh, Scott Hannity, Glenn Beck, deaths, more than 30,000 amputees and perhaps the energy corporations and others that enable Bill O'Reilly and Ann Coulter, among other shills for a hundred thousand returning soldiers with post them to run million dollar campaigns. The county the administration. Well, those performances were traumatic stress syndrome or worse: traumatic caucus offers a conduit to voice concerns of all quite entertaining until you realized at some brain injuries. Never mind the 1.1 million Iraqis the people to their representatives. The four point that all those half-truths amount to whole killed, the 3 to 4 million wounded, the 5 million delegates to be nominated at the Crook County lies. Hopefully, this epiphany might have occurred displaced from their home as refugees, the four Caucus on March 8 will bring your concerns to just before you got to the point where you felt an million who are suffering a serious crisis in having the State Convention to be field in Jackson on uncontrollable urge to click your heals together access to food and water. Don't worry, you won't May 23 and 24. The form that will take will be the while simultaneously extending your right arm at a see them on the nightly news programs. They are platform planks we compose locally that in turn 45 degree angle in a smart Dr. Stranglovian salute simply non-people. All will be forgotten as soon as will be nailed into the State Party Platform that every time George Bush, II appeared on your "IV they get their democracy and the multinational oil candidates for office will be, figuratively speaking, set. OK, that was a sick joke and I apologize for it conglomerates get their oil. standing on. This platform should offer a guide in advance. Or this epiphany might have also been broughL for any future office holders and at the same time On a more serious note, this epiphany might to you from the health care crisis many people are hold them accountable. Four delegates will also have been catalyzed by the realization that the facing. According to Harper's Magazine one out be elected from those assembled in the same ratio Iraq War of Occupation is rapidly driving this nation of three people in the United States did not have as have voted for the presidential candidates to go into bankruptcy. The one or two trillion dollars that health care coverage for some part of that year. to Jackson. The only restriction is that a candidate this war will ultimately cost will be responsible This amounts to 100 million people, not just the 47 must receive the support of at least 15% of those for draining the social security system, gutting million that. you hear about. Catastrophic medical in attendance. Sol if you feel strongly about' one billions of dollars (try $200 billion) out of Medicare, bills account for one out of the three reasons for candidate or another your participation will be reducing expenditures for Medicaid, food stamps, bankruptcy. (Job loss and divorce are the other important in determining the composition of our fuel assistance and the infrastructure needs ofthis two). Of course you have heard of the insurance delegation. The caucus will also be an excellent country. Of course it helps that we are borrowing companies that reward physicians for informing opportunity for people to see what other people $400 billion/year largely from foreign countries to them about patients who have contractedare thinking. Who know you might learn something finance it, all the while giving unprecedented tax expensive diseases like cancer so they can drop or someone else might learn something from you breaks to the richest 1/10th of 1 percent of our them from the roles. There are fixes for these and hopefully both. Some problems can only by citizens. Oh, and you should thank President Bush problems. The rest of the civilized world doesn't solved when people ban together collectively for that $600 you will be getting back from your spend anywhere near what we spend on health to solve them. I hope to see and talk to you at taxes that you will have to pay $800 for later. And care and they are cover their citizens without the County Courthouse on March 8 at 10:00 the man who is now the Republican candidate considering pre-existing or existing conditions, a.m. either in the Jury Room or the Courtroom for the Presidency has vowed to continue this Their focus is on care not profit. A good look at the depending on the turnout. We will start at 9:30 war of occupation in Iraq for the next 100 years! health care system Canadian citizens enjoy might a.m. with registration and credentials. He openly states that he doesn't have much of a be in order. They spend on average about $108/ Rod Knudson, grasp of economics either. This war, the one that person/month on their comprehensive plan without Crook County Chairman of the was supposed to pay for itself, is also responsible compromising the life style of the health workers. Democratic Party Week number two of the 59th Wyoming Legislature Budget session is in the book with work primarily devoted to adopting the House and Senate version of the 2009-10 biennium budget. Differences in the House and Senate version will be deliberated and resolved in the budget confennce committees. The budget that the House adopted was not significantly different to the QUESTION: While walking along the Sand Creek Game and JointAppropriaUons Committee (JAC) recommendations Fish area I came across a lot of remains of deer dressed out by hunters in in regard to revenue amounts. You might conclude the one of the camping areas. This is not the first time I have found this kind of Statehouse House demonstrated some fBcal reslmint or everyone mess then but the first in such a large quantity. I would like to know if this to Your got what they asked for in the JAC ncommendations I is the nght thing for hunters to leave in a designated camping area or what believe the budget actions wen a nflection of possibly Eng land. Wyoming was Ho beth scenarios they should do when camping then? Spilling ornly 30 years old when I use . g Ink w as born. Major areas offunding proposals that might be ANSWER. Illegal disposal of carcasses is a statewide problem. When I was young, Mark Semlekof interest include $350 million in dinct distribution to Irresponsible hunters who dump the nmains oftheir harvest are in I ttho ug ht TI M E and "----"'--" ' local governments in addition to over $94 million in violation of Wyoming Statute 6-3-204. Uttering is punishable by fines up Ill Business Ready and Community Fadlities grants to local DI, ISTANCE were to $750.00 and offenders can find themselves performing community mlankind's greatest governments (most of our small communities have been service. redpients of these grants) for a total of over $444 million. Dumped carcasses not only ruin experiences for everyone but they cthallenges, perhaps the I mention these ameunts to illustrate how the state support to local govemments has progressed grreatest enem es. In my / cast hunters in a poor light. People not necessarily against hunting may ; E|i~ah~th Car~f~eld~,', tift~ff~ne~'we have ,one~ I to replace the funds that went away as a resu ofoemarking revenue streams J .dev n tive feetiltg~ toWardthe$t rUHUht6r ~h6t)~'~b~mihdful of ( in e,late 990s: In rscal year 2001-02 local govemments r ed about $41 rrlllion. By most 'fatr o' conquer them / their irnageas they anin theminority. ' b(oth. We h ave time- accounts, local governments are receMng mere revenues with the present funding models than Game wardens receive many reports of animals that have been shot savi ng devices that tu mb]le out our doors, both they would have received with the earmarked revenues, and le& Otterfdmes, they findthe remains of legally harvested animals, at home and at work. As for distance - it is no The Wyoming Department ofTransport on (WDOT) received for the firsttime, two years which weredisposed of improperly. Reports of wildlife violations are always great feat to eat breakfa st in Los Angeles, and, ago, an appropriation fromthe general fund of $75 million. Last yearinthe suppiementall3EIget, appredated, butthese inddentstake valuable time and resources. by afternoon, to be out rmoving cattle to fresh WDOTreceived an additional $100 rrillion. In the 2009-10 biennium, WDOTwill receiveS225 There are also health and disease transmission issuesto consider. pasture on a Wyoming raanch. We have done million and that amount will become, for the first Ume, a part of their standard budget. Prions, the infectious agents of chronic wasting disease, can remain in this The wildlife and natural resources trust fund was recommended an addilional $35 million, the envinnment for long periods of time. Burying processed carcasses at We can send and receeive messages clear I am skeptical ofthe value of this program and I was able to successful amend the funding landfills limits the possible spread of this incurable disease in our valuable across the country instamtaneously. We canrequirements forthe large projects over $200,000 to have asdentificcita onthatwouldverifythat wildlife. conjure up facts on myri ad subjects in a matter the investment in the projects would likely produce the desired outcome. Wildlife violalions ofany kind can be reported anonymously on the of minutes via computer (I maintain this can State park user fees will increase if liB 10 makes its way through the legislative process. Stop Poaching Hotline at 1-877-WGFD-TIP. Information can also be left ma ke u s literate witho ut ! givi ng us wisdom.) Daily use fees will double to $4 and ovemight camping fees for residents will increase from $4 on the Wyoming Game and Fish Department website under the "Hunting Knowledge is not always wisdom. We've seen to $6. We are the only state in the inter-rnountain region (T states) that has a higher user fees Homepage" herder at httpJ/.qf.state.wy.us.Your tip can make adifference. that proven over a nd owe r ag ai n. for non-residents than our residents. I tried to amend some equity into the fees schedule for our Teter One of the wisest pecople I ever knew was an out-of-statevisltors because of my concem that our pfivateconcessionaires could be nega dvely Sundance Game Warden old sheepherder. He rea(d Voltaire, and Plato, impacted by the incnased non-nsident fees especially the parks located near borders of our and Kant and Hegel, watched the weather, neighboring states, like Keyhole State Park. and shot marauding coy(otes, and found fresh The Senate has passed tothe House SF11 that will provide an option for county pasture for his sheep. Amd made extra gravy as commissionemto havesome regulatory authority over development ofland parcels between a treat for his adoring dc gs. He was a happy 35and 140 acres.The House Corporations Comrnittee considered this proposalon Februan] COW POKES SyAce Reid man, at peace with his vworld, a contributing 25. I will advise you in next week's legislative update on the status ofSFll. I continue to receive member of society, a tru,e philosopher. I don't comments fromyou regarding this proposal. ,ok know how he ended up iin Wyomi ng. Last week, I did getto spend some time with a few of our local elected offidals. I Well, old Dick would Ibe an anachronism appndate the discussion, que ons and comments fromthe Crook County Commissioners, a (/- now. Most of our sheepnnen have gone out Weston County Commissioner, and town offidals from Upton and Pine Haven. Thank you for . - of business because nolbody wanted to be sharing your thoughts with me. f sheepherder. But I like think our part of the This is cross-over week at the legislature. The House and Senate will begin hearing billsthat country has maintained some of the best of the have originated in the other house. Iwill report back next week. .--" old ways. Mark Most of us carry, deelp down, our own private thoughts. There is a nurlturi ng philosophy we Both the Senate and the House passed their versions ofthe general government sha re, th e rush to help firiends and neighbors appropriations bills late on Friday, February 22. The difference in the two versions will be . in times of need - the fo)od and communication worked out during the last two weeks ofthe session. The funding formula forcities, towns, and in sad times, the ranche,rs who move right over counties was the rnost contenlious issue with the senate budgetblll. Senators were presented " , to put up hay for a ailingl neighbor, the pleasant with four versions ofdistribution plans. The version thatgamered the rnostvotes unfortunately ' '" ' greetings we have for each other at the post favored larger population counties. Our Senate dislfict towns wen fairly treated, but ourcounty "- .-f-. j :: 7: office door, even if we slPeak only of thediskibutions were short. The House version is better, sowe may be able to gain some in the . / - weather, the wish to kee, p our word, once given, compromise ofthe two versions. " . Sometimes it seems are caught at the One ofthe property tax bills thatwould offer property tax rebates to needy people has passed through to the edge of a world that kee,ps threatening to run gi off and leave us. Wages are low. Ittakes all Senate from the House. House Bil192 would rename an Le slative hands to keep a family $olvent.'Ranch economy underused nlief program to be a refund programand Upd is ever more endangere(d, financially and loosen the eligibility. The billwould give property tax relief ate ecologically, to households at 2/3 ofthe gross median income of your We choose to live he;re, for all kinds of particular county as long as you have lessthan $50,000 Chuck Townsend "Wul my Paw wuz sellin' Gasahol 50 years ago, reasons. I heard many o ldti mers say that the in assets, excluding assets like your car, house, and most but then we called it Bootleggin'!" only reason they stayedl, after they first arrived, retirement plans. was because they didn'tt have the wherewithal The"Castle Doclnne" bill that would spedfythat We've been right here since 1895, serving the to move on. Usually thm y laughed when they people would be under no duty to retraat beforethey use folks of Crook County. For the best in personal said it. deadly force against an attacker moved further through Service, fast loan decisions and some of the lowest We do need progres s. We need new the House. I am concerned aboutthe unintended consequences ofthis bill. I believe we have Service charges in the industry, SEE US FIRST. industries. But we shoulldn't discount the enough strength in our statutes to cover this issue at this lime. timeless values - time t(o visit with a neighbor The animal abuse bill moved to the Senate that would make dog f hting and otber similar over the backyard fence, time to communicate forms ofabuse a felony. This bill is in response to the ncent events conceming the convictions of with a roomful of our ovwn and the neighbors' dog fighting nationally. It may be amended mere as it moves through the Senate. kids over a dish of ice c;ream and a glass ofHouse Bill 108 is of gnat concern in oursmall towns affected by the increasing number of frosty lemonade. Time t(o pick up and go to the coallyains passing through them. The bill, ifpassed, would help the towns fund newlowlevel hills for a day, to find di stance from the rest of sound alerls at railroad crossings.Wrth present Federal rules goveming railroad crossings, the the world. And to be ablle to read, several times, railroad companies do not haveto pay for mere modem, less annoying signals, lt is astartto a long heart-to-heart let:te r from a cherished help, but the funding may be shrunk befon the bill gets a final ned. friend or family member, instead of the usualSenate File29is moving through the system with a reduced amountoffunding attached.The Member FDIC Equal Housing Lender clock-watchi ng pho ne c;all, bill will permit an endowment fund for each public library across the state that would be funded Yes, we've come a long way toward through matching state funds with funds raised locally. The smaller libraries would get a two for conquering time and distance. I wonder if we've one match and larger libraries would one forone matched wlth what they raise. AII the libraries in Phone 283-1074 learned how to manage them, but perhaps I feel ourSenateDistriotOnewillqualifyforthe3for 1 match because oftheirsize. The billstarted out this way because I'm growing old. And overly with $23,500,000 attached to it, butwas reduced to $7.3 million. We are not done with this billyet. I would hope we could increase the amount dedicated to this project yet this session or at least in cautious, the future.