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March 18, 1999     The Sundance Times
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March 18, 1999

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Thursda -.:" March 18, j 999 The Sundance Times Northeast Wyoming DEPARTMENT Scott Norelius law providing for the forfeiture of devices and : -- I n re I no need to worry about it and 1. TOpt d like Henny Penny, because the sky Is not , spt ,[a , ;re atq[mag's new forfeiture law only applies to two lc statues. ther Statute 23-3-102(d) says that no person shall knowingly kill Pest Ca-me animal or antlered big game animal without a license or m as|a.closed season. The second one, W.S.23-3-107, says that no | Shall wantonly kill or destroy any big or trophy game animal. t~the high misdemeanors of game and fish violations. Basically at you can not drive around killing trophy quality game thout regard for the consequences. fLrfelture law says that any firearm, weapon, ammunition, , vessel, motorized vehicle, aircraft, explosive, poisonous lectronlc device or optical equipment used in the violation statutes may be seized by a law enforcement officer of -- J[tta. However, the seizure and forfeiture can only occur after the m la " over, when the bad guy has been convicted, and only ffthe z J agJUdge Issues an order for the seizure. This does not preclude ~eao~y. confiscation of equipment for evidentiary purposes, but =4eat seizures and forfeiture can only be done by the presiding aas' m t s" h m~ -~ ~teen years of wildlife law enforcement there have only tc I~ tttaes that I would have asked sludge to confiscate hunting vo In extreme violations of hunting laws. One time was when a four elk without licenses and two of these were left to rot. The g~was when one guy killed five deer without licenses and three J. " mR to rot. Thead two occurrences were not accidents, but ~o1~,regard fr mrals and ethics and fr the value f ur wildlife. ask. ' 'hat ff someone borrows my new truck and kills a big on the winter range, do I lose my truck?" Knowledge of the =arid COnsent of the legal owner would have to be documented "_".~L~ any forfeiture order being signed by a Judge. One of the n azenta for being aJ udge is to be a reasonable and prudent person. ~-~a~rmble and nrudentlud~e is goin to issue a forfeiture order to s :U~IBaf.. J r ,n o o o -'[.r"~ uevices and equipment If his actions can be overturned upon [S IJ~ ~u~th~buP~. the executive, legIslative and Judicial branches of Wyo- W gOVernment have been working together to increase fines and i i for these more serious wildlife violations over the years, we still ter range poaching problems around the state. So don't get _ about losing your stuff but know that the real serious ~m~:nw have a new, improved hammer hanging over their heads. . Utes DAVID 164, PIEPER DISTRICT RANGER I t)~l W.MqTED I A Ranger must be able to take care of himself and his horses under very trying condition: build trails and cabins; ride all day and night: pack, shoot, and fight fire without loosing his head... All this requires a very vigorous constitution. It means the hardest kind of physical work from beginning to end. It is not a Job for those seeking health of light outdoor work .... U.8. Forest Service Department of Agriculture INVALIDS NEED NOT APPLY! My how times have changed! The ad above was one of the first the Forest Service put out to attract new employees. To become a forest ranger, you had to pass a Civil Service exam and demonstrate skills in shooting, using an axe, packing, saddling and riding, relocating survey markers, setting up and running compass lines, and timber cruIsing. Needless to say. this was not the typical Job that women were trained for, nor one society was ready to accept them in. This month many people are celebrating women's history. Women have always been an integral part of the Forest Service. From the beginning, women were hired for office Jobs - but not for work in the field. They participated In thIs work, however, in a different way - as wives. There probably weren't any written rules about not hiring women for field jobs but most certainly there were some unwritten ones. As the saying goes, however, "to every rule there ls an exception," and In 1913 the Forest Service found thIs applied to the status of women. In that year, a ranger on the Klamath National Forest wrote to his forest supervisor about the three candidates for the Job at Eddy's Gulch Lookout. The first candidate was unacceptable because of hIs bad reputation. The second was the best poacher In the county. As for the last candidate, he wrote: The third applicant is, also, "no gentleman," but has all the requisites of a first-clau lookout .... Thls must untiring and enthusiastic applicant is ~ Hall/e D~[gett, a wide-awake woman of 30 years, who has traveled every trail in the ~dmon watershed. She is not afraid of anyth/ng that walks, creeps, or flies. Miss Dagger became the first women field officer In the Forest Service, She broke new ground and never looked back. Today, we have many extraordinary and capable women in the Forest Service. Women work hn all areas of natural resource management such as forestry, biology, range, hydrology, archeology, and administration. Change does not come easily nor is it embraced by all. It has taken many years to Integrate women Into the Forest Service workplace and we're still working at it. I have much respect for the early pioneers and for those that continue to break down job-related barriers. Source: Chuck James, Journal of Forestry, March 1991 March 15, the National - n.ce temporarily close Hunters, landowners and allother ' routes along the knf l .vils Tower. ThIs parties interested in Wyoming's WYInitiates TMD . endangered species, and / , mQaannualeventestab_ 1999 big game, game bird and waterahedmanagementplannlng. "Conservation DIstricts address ~la~nder the monument's waterfowl hunting seasons are Stronger Basin these situations at the local level b11~.Marmgement Plan. All encouraged by the G&F to attend a ~ all climbing routes be- public meeting in your area.Water Planning by implementing pro-actlve re- " includIng No Holds for Wyoming's wildlife resource be- source management plans before I "Accident Victim" will longs to all the citizens of the state, Governor Gertnger has signed Lntc regulatory agencies are required to addition, the entireand the G&F wants to hear your law a new, comprehensive, tech. impose restrictions," Green said. - "-JL the Tower Summit, opinions. People are encouraged nology-based water planning pro- Wee hope to follow their lead by v.ztoka the visitor center to be involved in the season setting tess. Enabling legislation was basing baain plans on local particl- so" off limits to climbers, process by attending one of these passed by the 1999 Wyoming State pation, by generating credible data meetings. Legislature. This Is the first state- to support current uses and exist- ~]~ laay see a list of all closed i o kinga ranger in the Anyone Interesteiinflndingout wide basln water planning process Ingwaterrlghts, and by cooperat- aboutameetinglnthelrareashould In almost three decades. Ing with local watershed planning gll~ ="~ r. _nal ornRhologist will contact theft regional office or Io- Scheduled to complete a basinefforts." determine the cal G&F personnel for meeting !o- plan for each of the seven major "Agrtculturalintereatgroupasuch D- nestingpralriefalcons cations, dates and times, lfyoure river basIns in Wyoming in five as the'Stock Growers, WoolGrow- The purpose of unable to "attend a meeting, corn- years, the current effort began two ers, Farm Bureau, Farmers Union, to protect pralrie ments will be accepted through years ago with a feasibility study andstateAssoctationofConserva- i~We~=~ on the West Face of April 9 by writing: Wildlife Dlvi- conducted bytheWyomingWater tlon Districts were veryactlve In ~'rj_ In 1996 and 1998 twosion, Wyoming Game and Fish Development Commission and the the feasibility study we Just com- ~r~ecownaSsuccessfullyfiedged Department. 3030 Energy Lane,State Engineer's office to update pleted," Mike Besson, director ol L~"~ ~est nesting area. The Casper, WY 82604. the 1973 Framework Water Plan.the Water Development Commls- ..~ee of climbers near falcon All comments will be presented to Evan Green, WWDC's water plan s/on said. ~ety distressIng to par- the Game and FISh Commission proJect manager, sald he hopes the Besson added that he hopes farm- [~a~f2 many disturbances before they establish 1999 hunt- data gathered In each basin will ers and ranchers will continue to bl~.gacthrltiescouldforce Ing seasons at their April 26-27 provlde state and local water users be involved as the acttvlties move ~.~ras.,~ abandon the eggs or meeting In Casper. with information to negotiate on from b~sin to basin t~ver the next /,i-is the falcons nest on the The final public hearing in this an equal basis with the federal five years. Lcli blng routes and the are will be held on April 8 begin- government on issues such as / r ge nbe ning at 7 p.m. at the Casper "-- reopened after t~ J~h,nsfledge' generally be- office. and August I If il"C -or nest on go tower, have to adjust the ICY ,,r I National Monument a. Vl.untary climbing clo- - ?t ,.,. ~5~u~:~:o~:: I I ~ ,,- visitr cenClte: aedt [ ,, i'; , }i > 16x80 Clifton Deluxe, 1165 Sq, Ft., S lights, Shingled RoOf, Disl asher, Ice Maker, N0 hem Isulati0 Package & Residential ,#j -n/../.. Ext0d0r, M0d01962, Residential Windows, Upgraded Carp0ts, - et "/999" e- pp-_li-t tflon $ V~ haY. e! $~erai irc p0ysi a v air hie! .Wi~hi 0ni~ ' _yhich ff t 682-0201 * 4001 B South Douglas Hwy. i~',: li.~n..,, in "atfoL~ ~ Gillette,--'- WY 82.718 . ~a~n2~.xvfll need to contact Open 7 Days A W.k. ,on. Wed: Ri. 8 I1.111. 8 p.m.. TUES. & Thurs. 8 a.m.- 6 p.m.. Sat. 9 a.m. 4 p.m.. Sun. 1 p.m. 5 p.m. Dugout Gulch The Dugout Gulch Road (Forest DeveLopment Road 864) is located Project Field Trip lnthedr a bottomofthIsgulch and the proposal calls for restora- The Bearlodge Ranger District istlon of the watershed and improv- proposing a restoration project in lng stream health. Portions of the the Dugout Gulch area ofthe Sand road are aligned below the peren- Creek watershed, Crook County, ntal stream in the gulch. The road Wyoming. This area is identified as Is eroding in spots, experiencing a Botanical Area in the 1997 re- undercutting, and contributing vised Black Hills National Forest sediment to the stream channel. Land and Resource Management Sediment eventually ends up In Plan (LUMP). The road in the gulch Sand Creek, a Class I stream and is eroding in places and does not premier trout fishery in the Black meet road management or soft and Hills. "I believe we could provide water standards, more protection to the unique plant The Dugout Gulch botanical area communities and expand the fish- is less than 2000 acres and has cry of this area by controlling outstanding examples of rare and sediment coming off the Dugout common Black Hills plant corn- Gulch Road," says Pleper. munltles. According to District Alternatives to restore and pro- Ranger Dave Pleper, "Some plant tect the watershed include recon- species found In DugoutGulchare structlng the road to a standard rare in Wyoming and occur In the that meets Best Management Black Hills as populations pedph- Practices {BMP's) for soils and eral and disJunct to the maln ranges water, or eliminating the road and of these species." Some examples developing a trail system for the include dwarf milkweed, rattle- area, also meeting established snake fern, holly fern, sedge spe- BMP's. Another alternative will cles (3), Sierra rush, enchanter's address only stabilization of the nightshade, hop hornbeam, area with no road or trail system. Solomon's seal, dwarf red black- So that we can get your thoughts berry, yellow wood sorrel, spurred and ideas for the area, we have gentian, white avens, seneca sna- scheduled a field trip to review the keroot and highbush cranberry area on April 10, 1999. We will (Guelder rose viburnum), meet at Ranch A at 9:30 a.m. Bring A guideline for recreation use In a lunch and be prepared to do this area is semi-primitive non- some hiking to look the area over. motorized. However, on-road me- If you have any questions about torlzed use is acceptable under the proposal or need more infer- certain conditions. Management matlon, please contact John Macy emphasis Is on conserving or en- at 307-283-1361 Please submit hancIngareasofbotanlcalinterest, written comments to the District and where appropriate, developing Ranger at 121 South 21 st Street, and interpreting these areas for Sundance, WY82729, on or before mblic education. April 20, 1999. i i i i i , *50 . 100 " t~Fl~ Offer Good Marcl~ 14 - May 29, 1999 ~L