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May 3, 1956     The Sundance Times
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May 3, 1956

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THE SUNDANCE TIMES Sundance, Wyo. May 3, 1956 i of mine, a carpenter by trade, hired a few of his carpenter friends and started a small enterprise to build ammunition crates for the Army. The Army desperately needed the crates for overseas shipment, and paid a premium price to expedite and expand pro- duction, to get thousands of people busy building crates. My friend rented an old warehouse, set up saw rigs and an assembly line, and turned out crates by the thousahds. He made a small fortune Demand Halted At the end of the war, the need for ammunition crates in huge volume abruptly stopped. My friend attempted to convert his plant to the manufacture of soft drink crates. He sold a few thous- and crates, but the market soon became glutted; too many ammuni- tion crate plants had converted to the same product. When my friend's production began to pile THE SUNDANCE TIMES An Independent Newspaper Published Every Thursday by The Times Publishing Co. The Times is a legal newspaper for all publications. John E. Lindsey Owner-Publisher Howard Allen, News Editor, Advertising Manager SUBSCRIPTION RATES $3.00 per year in Crook and adjoining counties; $3.50 per ~ar elsewhere. Entered at the postoffice at Sundance,'Wyoming, as second matter under the act of March 3, 1879. POLITICS ? There are, of course, many of us who disagree with President Eisen- hower's veto of the Farm Bill. There is one refreshing attribute of this drastic action. It is a mar- velous feeling for we average citi- zens to have a statesman in the White House who makes his de- cisions on this basis. Is it right, is it good for America and agri- nerimenting all over again which is bad. Personaly, I think the veto will shift no Votes in the final analysis, either way. He will lose some and win some. Farm and ranch people are careful, analytical thinkers. The most of them take very little stock in political promises and when they see a statesman who does what he thinks is right, re- gardless of where the chips fall and how the votes will go, they culture and places the question of up m his plant, he finally halted .. ' ..... ! . votes completely in the back- grin in keen enjoyment. The operauons, ann toia nls employees . . ground. It appears to us that[ Farm Bill was 90% polities and that for the t, me being there was , ._ Congress would gladly vote 500110% good sound business econom- no market for h~s plant s produc ...... ".i million dollars just to get a joker lics, so it seems that when politics zion There was never a mought . ...... on the other party they could use lure brushed aside with an abrupt of being pain tor unneeaea crates . in the next election. With them, [veto, it is just like a breath of The carpenters .got 3obs. in the votes seem to be of most impor-I fresh air after an April shower bmldmg boom just opening up, '. " o .... i tance. We farm people have had[ Reuben V. Anderson, and my zrlena became a success,ul I .... votes on the auction block. Can l President Wyoming Farm res~denhal building contractor u r tl n ...... - the votes of farm people be knock-I Burea Fede a "o A wooa-wormng plant and a ed off to the highest bidderv Farm] farm are different enterprises But- - i " ....... people are not eas ly bought by] ID^.,.-J.~n~,l I&~,~t. mere are eiements m me exper- nolitical nromises or nanaceas We] n-~movmmui uum~mum~ ience of my friend the crate manu- can remember the promises "of at ........ I facturer which apply to the prob- greaf statesman whom many of l Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell and k~J-~li~ Ilewes of Sundanee, reg- I seneca auring one annum nan- I lem of Government stimulated sur- u~ th..aht wa~ india-ennoble t, [ family of Beulah were in Sundance ~_.d Hereford breeder, is l quet to Andy Pohcky," who was ~ pluses. When, through any arti- .,,,. ...... ,~H.. .... ~ ~ia "'T ..... ~l~ot~a I Monday attending to business' mat- l~a'~ right, as he accepted a I already an honorary member of ficial device, we "freeze" people I-wili"ba{ance'thebud~t eli~mln'lters prior to leaving May 16 for ~v~ from chapter president, I the chapter. Paul Cummings, [into productive positions when ate the saloon and the ~)tleoaer: ]their new home at Huntsville, Ark. ~1} __eeterson, after the FFA ] also an honorary member, was to I there is no real outlet for the redu... +he "-w"ment .... oli"~'~| Mr. and Mrs. Vern Boles and ~i ..... 6 ..... ,, voJ .....family were Sunday guests at the largelyr ed a Is ue but. he ......... --~--^'^":"" *"""er new~'Assocmt,o.bill, we I~, ~_ aa~aed him as an honor- have eeeiv P q L fruits of their labor, we are throw- the public debt He did the [ _ " ......... "A~eraber of the chapter, was unable to attend the banquet, ing a monkey wrench into the com--lete o-'----ire in all these I nome o* ur. ~,arenuacn. , whole process of the American nrnmYi~e whl~~a a.~ t .... v~, th~t[ Chuck Shewey, Karol Ann Hoop- [system r~,~,,--~-~, w':'~,:', f~',.~'~ ~,'~'~.~'~-~,'~ [ er, Jack Petera and a friend attend- the close of the war. For political Farmer's Own Opinion ~'i{l"~'~'~,e' f::- t~t~,: t'." ,"'n= ........ led the show in Spearfish Sunday. Brin e in reasons the high rigid support The American Farm Bureau ""~h;'Jwa7 "th~'F;;'m Bill was[ Mr. and Mrs. Willa.rd .Jone.s and ~Ck to 2;U~P; ~. prices were continued long after I Federation, whse 1,623,220 mere- ,~.i.~. ~~. . . . .,-..-~-, ,~ -oo .......... o ~.,.v.=~='~*^ ~.^a.~] Lou spent Samruay mght ann ~un-.,~us= m the need for bumper crops dimm-[ber famIhes add up to approximate- _^.,__ _, ...... o:^:,: ..... .~ -^ ~day in Lead wsiting at the ho e tl l~uu~ u~ ~;uut~au,~uu,,~ ~uu yu- S. l erGloomv Anrll ished Fantastic.. wasteful surplus- ........... Fly 8,000,000 people on the farms ,,,.,., _..~.; ...................... ...... ,.~.~ = .... +...]of Mr.. and Mr C are~cePkttt.ngn e " es of farm products have piled up. [of America, beheves that rIgxd o.a ..... eh ........ ,. ] While there they a tte ~ d the Rod / ~rw ll~ The cost of the government now high supports jeopardize the fu- w eaC: owers "we h'a;J:" and Gun Club Smoker uno y eve- nY skies Wednesday brought for storage alone on the surplus ture of farmers and the freedom of _ _ v'.. ;. ...... ~" |ning. [ back to Crook county after ............ program ou~ mls mn carneu a~ Cookie Hart of 0sa"e was an had dealtSundance and farm products is over one million all cmzens. Tnrougn l~S state, .... ,^,...^.~:~., ~h.-.^ ,, .... I dollars a day [county and local groups the Farm ~u.,~,~^~. ~.~,~,,~,s=:^ ,~ ,~:lovernight guest of Janice Graham c.,, ,a,~_uUnty a wide assortment " . ~uum t;~ ,, ~m,p*= ~-a-s= ,,, -,= Mr n rs ~h~m~ Tried ]Bureau is conducting an educa-~^.+ ....... +^ ~, + ~,,.~.,.+~]Saturday. On Sunday . a d M . w, . e tmnal program, designed to give Graham and famdy too Coo rain, wind and fog fen- Various schemes have been d -[ ......... the penalty fee that we pay for{ ........... :t^'~ "":'*" **'^ '~'-rles ..... rolin- -reduction b"l iarm iamnles a clear unaers~anu-. ....... , uum= a**u v,~, =u w,u, ~a= ~.. April and warm, sunny wen- --n-mic -lannin- and ri-id con ~lng ol me economic ,acts mvolvea ...... u na ~a uy ~aM vlsea ior cont g P Y l .......... ralslng excess buShelS ol wneat, l "-rt "-m:'-" of "---e ~ a rarity, eco o p s s - we WOUla nave a gooa program an Lo too ut in the farm problem Mrs Wfllard Jones d u k -~r~ing to r trol of the farmer himself. B ] _. . - " ..... The farmer would then s~ore the[ Jud a--Maureen Frank to S ear ~a,~ ecords at the U .... ricesact Tnere ~s souna Logic In the y ~a p - the high rigid support p - , ,, wheat on h,s own place and elim- [ ~aer Bureau station in Sun- _ ......... n [ Farm Bureau s Platform for Pros .......... I fish Thursday where they had den- '~rcipitation for the month ea like a uynamo on prouuetm --~ ...... , ,~. .. ina[e me governmen~ storage Dill,| +.] .... ;.~+m.~.t~ .'(l .82 inches, nearl an inch surpluses piled higher and higher.[ perIw on me ~arm. ?Y.rsper]~[Y]which Carries so much bad pub-[ .... vv ........... The o,~er became in effect a I can ne ennanceu, me plauorm ue-~ ............. ........ , , ,, .... llCl~y Wll/l IL wflen we nave a captive of the Government "pro-[clares: (1)).By adjusting the s~zelprogram that is working fairly] "You are very run down," said " ind ende o, me agricuimral piam ~o marKe~ . ,, gram, rather than an ep ntl demands, (2) By getting rid ofI good, we should make changes $ustI the doctor to his patient. I aug- operator. In many of our basicl rice-de ressin- sur luses "3" B [to correct any weakness in the lgest you lay off golf for a while u-..eran food commodities, production has[P ~.. P . g P .; ~.~.),_Y]program. When we write a tom-land get a good day in now and #qL -- cu~ung COS~S on anu oH me ,, News been for Government ware-J ] plete must start ex-[ then at the office. houses and granaries because the ~,Lm; ~=; =x..u ..... ~,,,,~ .~,~,~. | ........... market was glutted. It has be-ma.rKeI~ ~ ~inO~ieannea aDnrO~hUe[- - .... Blakeman, Mrs. Billy cornea serious problem, in which [~:)I~m~Y(4)PP~ geveloping bigger 1~. " ) ;. Harold Torrey and ce Lorenzen attended every American has a stake. It I markets __ at home and abroad;[~ ........ _- lls Zone Rally of the has greatly diminished our foreign I (5) By applying science on the| ~ ~~- __" Women,s Missionary farm trade. . ,[farm and throughout the market[ ~ _/ 'eadwood, S D. last During World war II, a friendlsystem." [~ ~ . . ) ay, May 6, 8:30 a.m., Service; 9:30 a.rn., ol. Tuesday, May 8, .~s Aid at the church; rraation Class and at tult Inquiry Class. 151 .,.,:,. / Saddle Horse Sale THURSDAY, MAY 17 ] Members "EOItG'E III elasse: :; h: e: wH; be :e-ld at this sale' * / I hies and slaughter horses. " Northeastern ... Aeea , " | saddle horses, ponies and slaughter horses- [ NorTneasTern ( ~'isenhower,s~'RMPROBLEMhandling The demand for all horses is good. Thisylllbe {]~ [Wyoming - bill situation could a key factor in re- ~~ ,~o. ?~ff\ 1) I HereFord .American farm faint- kind you wtll need for ['1) [ . .. ]) Independence and in ALL:::S ]~E }l/I 1 the freedom of all replacements. " " " ft. action may lead to ALL HORSES WILL BE SOLD IN THE 'e'f marketagain thatis thethe ES WILL SOLD IN THE t o ck govern productionThis system has I sr hfi IsT d([ Ill j i?uNytYollAbo .r{it Co" I % in all areas of Bel above anything plished in the e xcharg. ,rt prices were measure to Phone Belle Fourehe, S. D. lper crops, to These supports