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May 6, 1948     The Sundance Times
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May 6, 1948

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Th/s 'N That SM_~LE IS THE OF THE SOUL THRU a profound believer in the ~f a ready smile and a countenance and atti- think it not only a won- tonic for those its possess- up with, or lives with, it is a greater tonic one who possesses it. faith enottgh in the pew- ready, cheerful smile to that it can completely one's whole outlook on life the physical health. It digestion and stimu- glands and nerve cen- body that give to it and new vigor and winning .personality. the plainest face, wholly glamour, becomes inter- e~d attractive when warm- the radiance of a warm, that a special session of the legls- 'lature was necessary, obstenstbly, ~~ the tate nttuto coud be given sufficient appropriations for the remainder of the .biennium. Copenhaver, whose figures never lie, pointed out that these insti- tutions could get .by until the next regular session of the legis- Lr~OI~r]'tV//~|zG r~ c7,~ G~/~7~ ~.~W~" lature by using their entire bud- gets during the next nine months. Sundance, Wyoming, Thursday, May 6, ]948 Number 19 The remaining 3 months of the budget year could be financed Corrupt political machines rep- Good example of this unfortunateby deficiency appropriation which resent a form of totalitarianismtrait can ~be seen tn President would certainly be made by the which certainly has no place in Truman's refusal to step down and lgeislature. It seems such a shame the American scheme of things, allow his party to run a candi- to have a simple solution worked They deny to the citizen the most date who might have a chance to out--the specialsession would fundamental right of citizenship, be elected. The same situation the right to have his vote count- holds true in Wyoming--the gor- ed honestly, eronr insists on running for the However, the masters of these U. ~S. Sena~, even though his ma,chines care nothing about pol- party has pleaded with hLm not icy or national welfare, their sole to desert the post to which he interest is self-perpetuation inwas elected. The national senate power and in pQrsonal enrichment, may look like grener pasture to !They have strung along with thehim, but his party stands help- Democrat party during the last lessly by and 'watches his selfish 16 years because that party was antics. in power. Support for the party * * * in power meant dividends in the OUT OF FOCUS form of patronage in lucrative Rastus was strolling down the contracts financed by the taxpay- main street in an Alabama town ers' dollars. Their only practical with his wife, when she paused consideration, however, is in .before a drug store window, and, ,wanting to stay with the winner, pointing to a large sign, inquired, The machines know that Tru- "Whut am dat Kodak ,film, Ras- man cannot be relected and they tus?" have tried i. force him out of the Rastus, who never admitted picture. Indications now are that ignorance of anything, airly re- he will not allow :himself to beplied, "Oh, dat's toilet tissue." discarded. He has ~ad a taste of"Well, Ah believe Ah'll try power and he likes it. some ob dat brand," she volun- . . . teered. "Jest wait hear till Ah smile. I think it e that some peo- to think that religion long face with the cor- ~he mouth drawn down. ltgion stands for happi- within the heart and reveals itself to the a smile. I have neverI truly bad person who ~lth a radiant, hap- on his face. Goodness and just seem to go to- )mas Hastwell. 'm so discouraged, Ev- do seems to ,be wrong." are you doing to- the city machines are signs of a desire to dis- Typical of this own Pender- in Kansas City indicated it will not for renomination. realizes more than Tru- his own election to the due entirely to fan- given him in rgast wards of Kansas which, as revealed investigation, re- cast by some 85,- *st" voters. These non- }ters ~vere purged fron~ but ~by then Tru- his senate seat. ,fantastic Peru.- were turned in in by the Kelly ma- the Flynn ma- York City, the in Jersey City machine in Bos- goes in and gets some." The high school student de- In about two minutes she flung clared that money can't buy hap- out of the store blistering mad. piness but it can help you to look"Rastus," she roared, "you go for it in a lot more places, in dar an :beat dat man up. Ah says to him, 'Ah wants to ,buy It would seem that some people some of dat Kodak .,Film tissue,' need more than just a warning and ,he ax me wl~a~t size is mah by a sheriff or any other official Brownie." before they will obey the laws. It * * * has not been so very long ago Bouquets to Everett T. Cop,n- that Sheriff Blakeman~ tssued a hayer, State Auditor who last warning to one and all against week in a statement to the press the dumping of garbage along the burst the ,bt~bble blown by the state ,highways and called atten- governor .who wanted badly to be tton to the penalty for violation ~ble to convince the taxpayers of a state law which prohibits this. Some people persist in dump- ing garbage along the highways Sutton's and it ts only through the ex- Jarage treme goodness of their neigh- Hulett bors that they are not reported direc~l~ to the officers. People Harvey's Service Sta. who can be so disregardful of public health and scenic beauty Nundanee should ~e brought to justice. $ * * SLIGHTLY MI~TA.KEN The deacon was passing the plate in church when a woman hurried in, sat down, and put a coin in the plate as he passed her. By the time ~he reached the rear of the church, the woman came bustling past, .gr~bbed her coin out of the plate, and rushed for the door. Surprized, the den- ....... con dashed after her. "Look ,here," he said, "why do you come in here, drop a coin on l the plate, take it out again, and leave?" The woman shook him off in- dignantly. "'I'm in the wrong church," she said. * $ $ A stubborn man has no place in politics for his very stubborn- ness makes it impossible ~or him to analyze any question fairly. have been a Grade A springboard for the governor's announcement that he would be a candidate for the U. S. Senate. Wyoming can well be proud of public servants like Copenhaver. S PY ROTECI~N ICS Little Susie's haiF~ra~ked, as her mother was combing it. "Why does it crack?" the child asked. '~Because it has electricity i~ it.' ,, "Gee, ejaculated the modern little miss, "we're sure in the groove. I got electricity, Grand pa's got gas on his stomach, and Daddy's all lit . . . " "Not another word, Susie!" * * Waiter: "May ! help you frem the soup, sir?" Customer: "Whaddya ~ean0 help me from the soup?" Waiter: "Well sir, judging from the sound, I thought you might wish to be dragged ashore." $ * $ A woman divorced her husband for flat feet. She proved they were in the wrong flat. DON'T FORGET OUR SALE May 7, 8 & 10. It will save you money. We will serve Butternut Coffee and Cookies all day. Come in and ha e one cup or a dozen with us, Last Saturday we had a lot of coffee left over. Let's not have that happen this time. 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