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May 15, 1986     The Sundance Times
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May 15, 1986

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O MOVIE: 'The Treasure of Pan-~ The Rockford Files b Dr. Ruth Show ~ Prime News LdLY 15, 1986 THE SU! D? qCE PAGE 5 i~ cho Villa' ~ Wish You Were Here One By One ~1 (~ Wheel of Fortune 12:30 Q (7 ] Greatest Sports Legends ~ Rising Damp t The Master I~) g News "-'"Q MOVIE: 'Browster's Millions' 10:.00 ~ MOVIE: 'Bedknobs and Broom- ~ -~O One Step Beyond g John Osteen t CBN News Tonight I~) MacNelI-Lehrer Newshour (CC) sucks' E) The BASSmesters 11:00 ~]l Genesis in Concert ~ New Video Hour ~ Nashville Now ~ MOVIE: 'Randy Rides Alone' t~ (~D ~ (~) ~ (]~) ~ News Turkey Television 1-008 Noah's Ark ~ Pro Baseball Team Arm Wres- 8:30 P Frel~ie Rock (CC) g Partners in Crime 11:0 ~ MOVIE: *Mutiny on the Bounty' IB Auto Racing '86: Toyota Ca. 0~deo Music With Nine Black- i) MOVIE: 'Empire Strikes Back' fling (R) Better World Soolety: Women ~ Pickwick Papers tart 1 of 2 Lebrlty Race (R), (CC) ID Bach Castle Concerts for America, Women for theWorld~ MOVIE: 'The Shape of Things Art=manna ~ Newsnight ) C$) ABC News O ~2~ ~]~ (3~ Major League Base- ~) Hidden Heroes ~J~ Videocountry to Come' ~-'~'-Y'r'.'r g Yes, Minister I MOVIE: 'Age of Consent' ball: Teams to be Announced ~ An Evening with Engelbart tB Workln' With Wood I[~ Daktari 12:30 ID MOVIE: 'Finien's Rainbow' ~ Nashville Now )MOVIE: 'Sixteen Candies' (CC) Im (Tj NBC Ringside: Pazicnza/ ID Take Time 8:45O DTV S:30 O Donald Duck Presents 1:00 ~ MOVIE: 'Door to Door' ~ 20th Century ) Best of 700 Club Arroyo Bout ~ MOVIE: 'Portrait in Black'9:00~il Still the Beaver tO MOVIE: 'Testament' (CC) 1:30 tl~ Horse Show Jumpint: Valioy~1 Edge of Night P Sports Review O Major League Baseball: Chl- (D 120 Minutes g MOVIE: 'City Lights' m (~ Growing Pains (CC) (R). Forge Military Academy Grand tB Best of Groucho , ) Get Rich With Real Estate cago Cubs at Houston 11:05 ~ The World Tomorrow O MOVIE: 'Gymketa' ~ (~) Three's Company Prix (R). ~) Hawaii Five-0 ) Breakthrough to Weight Less q~) Larry King Weekend 11:10 ~) Health Week ID Historic Indienpolis 500 Films ~ ~ M*AeS*H 2:00~ MOVIE: 'Trenchcoat' 10:30 m MOVIE: 'The Beat' l Route 66 m Mystery!: Agatha Christle's 11:30 e) Not Necessarily the News ~ WKRP in Clninmltl ~ Wheel of Fortune g MOVIE: 'LeBend of Frenchie O ~ Winter in My Soul ) CNN Headline News Partners in Crime (CC) ~ (~ Report to Wyoming ~ Monayllne ID Family Feud King' m ~ Tonight Show In Stereo. J PKA Full Contact Karate: U.S. tD American Sports Cavalcade ~ 1986 Supercress Spoclei ll~ Gummnoke 7:00~ MOVIE: 'The Computer Wore 3:00~ MOVIE: 'Fort Apache' ~ MOVIE: 'The Boys From Brazil' ~:~l(ht Welterweight Title (R) (D PJU Update O Star Games ~ Trouble on Rig Mountain Tennis Shoes' ~ The Laundromat qlB Air Power ~Movietone News ID Kelko ID Newsmsker Sunday ll~ You Can Be a Star ID MOVIE: 'Bittar Harvest lira From Dawn to Dusk for $2.6~ That Girl (R), Money Week ID MOVIE: 'Gallipoli' ~ (~ Rawhide ~ MOVIE: 'Story of a Love Story' ~) (~) ~ (!) The A-Team (CC) (R). Million: The Story of Spend a II Bill Coshy Show ~CNN Headline News ~ Major League Baseball: New ~ MOVIE: 'Public Cowboy, No. 1' ~ Consoitant IO Larry King Live Buck 10:35 ~ (~ ABC News Nightline MOVIE: 'The Missionary' York Mete at Los Angeles tD PJU Update (R). IB Tennis: italian Open Men's Fin- tB t~ Who's the Boss? (CC)Part I 3:30i[~ Down the Stretch IB MtA*S*H ale Tape Oelayed. of 2 (R). , 4:00ll~ MOVIE: 'Incredible Shrinking~ Masterpiece Theatre: By the ~Superman 1:30Im Mouse Factory 11:35 ID Larry Jonas O Man from U.N.C.LE Im FUntstones 2Sth Anniversary Woman' Sword Divided (CC) CNN Headline News a Auto Racing '86: IMSA Mon-11:40 IB Laurel and Hardy IJ~ Benny Hill Show l~ Mazda SportsLook 11:00 O The Laundromat Millionaire's Secret To Wealth terey Triple Crown (R) 12:00 ~ MOVIE: 'The Adventures of mg Video Music With Mark Good. Celebration Nova: Tornadol (CC) (R). 4:30~ inside thc PGA Tour ~ Tennis Magazine Millionaire Maker ~ NBA Basketball: Playoff Game Marco Polo' Going Great 2:008 Disney's Return to Treasure Is-O MOVIE: 'Ghestbusters' (CC) ID Regis Phiibin's Lifestyles 5:00~ SportsCentar IO Cressflre Newsight '86 land IDI MOVIE: 'Heavenly Bodies'9:30 O Mousterpiace Theater ~ MOVIE: 'Lady's Not (or Burn- 5:10I~l MOVIE: 'Streets of Fire' (CC) ~ Everybody's Money Matters tB SportsCentar ' ' 5:30IB The Special Magic of Herself ~ HopS-Songs of the Fourth In Depth IB ~T~ Sportsworid: Starling/ Im (~ ABC News O Trapper John, M.D. ~700 Club .., the Elf World ~ MOVIE: 'Cops and Other Lov- Bumphus Bout ~ Bobby Rahal Exptsins Indy Car I~l Sports Tonight Im MOVIE: 'Elwsu I~ NBA Today " Q Dick Cavatt (R) I~) News Update Racing Showbiz Week ~ Great Space Race: Unlocking O Money Week ~ Fandango ~ Video Music With Mark Good- I[~ Major League Baseball: Chi- ~ Dobie Gillie Editor's Desk the Universe Part 2 of 4 ~ Wynton Marselis..Catchlng a 0 Bizazro man cago Cubs at Atlanta ~ Joe Franklin Show 10:00 ~ MOVIE: 'Wonder Man' 7:30~ ~) Growing Pains (CC) (R). =u~,~n 11:05 I~; MOVIE: 'The Midnight Man' Style With Else Klenach ~ Standby.., Lights! Camera! Ac- Snake ~ (I) ~ ~ ~ (~ O News ~ New Country ......... ~ ~ Hawaii Five-O The World Tomorrow tiDal ~ Go For Your Dreams: Cash ~ NICK Rocks I~) Wagon Train Flow Expo ~ Auto Racing '86:~ IMSA Mon-8:00 ~ Heavyweight Boxing Live. 6:00 qE~ New Animal World: Reptiles of I~ NBA Basketball Pieyofl Game Pleasant Grove Way 2:05 t~) Major League Baseball: St. ~ Best of 700 Club tarey Triple Crown (R). ~ ~ I~ (t) Moonlighting (CC) the World or CBS Late Night Louis at Atlanta Lwe 12:05 ~ Christian Children's Fund ~ Newsnlght R). ~ Paddington's Birthday Ben- 11:30 I~ ~ ABC News New Jersey Peopic 2:30 El MOVIE: 'To Race the Wind' 12:30 O SportsCentar ~ National Geographic Explorer ~ (~ Hunter (R), In Stereo. anza I[~ NBA Today I~l Evans and Novak ~ (~ Sports Machine ~L~ Adam Smith's Money World ~l CNN Evening News IB ~D Highway to Heaven (CC) I~ ~ 700 Club U I~ Wish You Were Here O At the Movies ~ Nashville Now ~ 1986 Miss USA Pageant ~.R). ~ Newsnight Update S NDAY m Surgery Update (D Sports Latenlght ~ Breaking Away t~ Frontllne: The Bloods of 'Nam I~ Auto Racing '86: NASCAR Win-10~ New Country gl Best of Groucho (CC) ston 500 (R). ~ Father Knows Best 3:00 ~ River of the Red Ape 12:35 ~ Please Let Me Live ~ Hawaii F!ve-0 ~1 To Be Announced ~ ~ Newlywed Game 12:00 ~ Adventures of Ozzle and Her. O Auto Racing '86: Toyota Ce- ~ ~ ABC News lebrity Race 1:00O INN News 10:.30 ~ MOVIE: Places in the Heart' I~ Dr. Ruth Show I~ Prime News rlet MORNIN . O Newswetch ~ Newsnlght ~ ~ Wheel of Fortune I~l MOVIE: 'Alamo Bay' ~CiviOVIE: 'Ladyhawke' (CC) qD Dick Cavett CBN News Tonight ~ ~ News ~ (~ Late Night with David Let. SportsCentar ~ Black Champions (CC) I~ Day at the Races ~ ~[~ Golden:Girls (R), In Stereo. g~ MTY Guest V J: Robert Tapper Greatest Sports Legcnds I~ Performance Plus ~ A.M.A. Video Clinic I~ MacNeiI.Lchrer Newshour terman In Stereo. Daybreak t~ Stop the Sneeze: An Allergy I~ Evening at the improv I (~) Best of Carson (R), in8..20 ~ MOVIE: 'The Sheepman' ~ Nashville Now O Mazda SportsLook Sullerer's informathon ~ Victory Over IRa Audits Stereo. 8:30 I~t Moustarplace Theater E~ American Girls ~) Fire on the Mountain MOVIE: 'Bey on Dolphin' News qJ) it is Written t~ Route 66 ~ Best of 700 Club I~ Bill Cushy Show ~ Videocountry I~ 20th Century Ul Aristocrats TNT I~ MOVIE: 'Magnificent Amber. 60 Minutes To Success ~ MOVIE: 'Roll on Texas Moon' ~ MOVIE: 'Kiss thc Blood Otll My 10:35 ~ (~D ABC News NlghUine ~l) Celebrity Chefs ~ Bern Free sons' Frederick K. Price 3:05 ~ MOVIE: 'Brewster's Millions' Hands' Powerhouse (CC) ~ Video Music With JoJ. JacksonI~ MeA*S*H 9:,00 gl Swamp Fox 6:05 ~) NBA Basketball: Pieyofl Game I~ 700 Club Sunday Cartoon Express 3:30 O Newsmaker Sunday 1:30O Golf: Senior PGA Tour (R). ID Frontline: Hollywood Dreams ~ MOVIE: 'Thc Whole Town's Live, ~ MOVIE: 'Edward, My SOn' Jimmy Swaggers (DE) Hidden Heroes O America's Top Ten 11:00 ~CC~]~ 227 (R), in Stereo. Talking' S:30 ~ Donald Duck Presents ~ Video Music With J.J. Jackson (~D ID ~) Spenser: For Hire ~ MOVIE: 'Home from the Hill' 12:05 tD (~ Eye on Hollywood Face-Off ID Last of the Wild ID Crcssiire ~1 MOVIE: 'The Ambassador' ~ Burns & Alien I~ CrossSre CC Community Calender 1:35~ MOVIE: 'Just Teii Me What You ~ Inside the PGA Tour ~ (~ Threa's Company 12:30 ~ MOVIE: 'Interrupted Melody' Big Story 4:00 l~ Best of Wait Disney Presents: Want' Ill Everybody's Money Matters t~ (~ Young People's Special: ~ SportsCcnter How to Relax ~ World at Largo Ul Diana ~ (~ Stingray In Stereo, That Funny Fat Kid IB (~ Late Night with David Bugs Bunny and Friends I~ (~) indianapolis 500 Time1:40I~ Swamp Fox ~ Dobie Gillie Ill Moneyline ~ Wheel of Fortune Lettarman 1~ Stereo. Kids Writes Meet the Mayors Trials ~ Joe Franklin Show ~ Portrait of a Terrorist (CC) (~ Air Power ~]1 Sports Latenlght O Surfing: O.P. Pro Surfing 1:80~ MOVIE: 'Brewstar's Millions' 11:05 ~ (]~ Hawaii Five-0 ~ You Can Be a Star (~ Family Feud I~) Dancln' USA (CC) MOVIE: 'The Bugs Bunny / Championships (R). 2:00O MOVIE: 'Here Come the Mar. ~ Remington $to~e (R). ~ MOVIE: 'Norman Loves Rose'7:00~ MOVIE: 'Now You See Him, 12:38 ~ (~ Headline Chasers ~OadWhat,sRunnerNu?MOvie' ~ C~ Babe Winkleman's Good Ines' 11:30 ~ (~D ABC News Nightline ~ Alfred Hitchcock Now You Don't' 1:00 ~ MOVIE: 'The Naked Face' (CC) Fishing ~ Agriculture U.S.A. ~ Mark Susln's Salt Water Jour- ~D Men from U.NoC.L.E ~ MOVIE: 'Mickl and Maude' li~ Best of PKA Karate AWA Wrestling O Classic Line Up ~ Get Rich With Foreclosures nal ~ Video Music With Mark Good- (CC) ~ Comedy Break (~) 700 Club ~ Newswatch I~ Cardiology O ~ 700 Club man ~ (I) ~ (~ MecGyvar (CC) (R) I~ News Overnight tD James Kennedy Im ~ Indy 500 Time Trial ~ Newsnlght Update 9=.30 ~ MOVIE: 'Prime Risk' ~ ~ Highway to Heaven (CC) E) 60 Minutes To Success ~l Daybreak ~ Turkey Television (~ Superfriends t~ Rocky Mountain inn I~ Keys to Success I~ New Country ~l SportsCentar (R). ~ Success is not an Accident independents 2:10O Showbiz Week O Father Knows Best ~ Trapper John, M.D. ~ Larry King Live ~i) Great Detective Instant Cash Systems 11:40 ~ DTV ~1 Sports Tonight ~ West 67th ~ MOVIE: 'Forbidden Trail' Keys to Success I~ Mesquite Championship Ro- 2:30O Big Story Gre;,t Space Race: The Earth 1:05 ~ ~ News I~ Reunion Out of Control dog tD It's Your Business 12:00 ri~etAdventum of Ozzle and Her. Millionaire Maker ~ I Spy ID Fred Lewis Show lid Famdongo Below (CC) Part 3 of 4 1:30O ~ News Video Music With Alan Hunter I~ Dick Cavett (R) 3:00I~ Sports Review ~ (]D Late Night with David Let. 10:.00 ~ DIshey's Return to Treasure Is- ~ Regis Philbin's Lifestyles q~t INN News I~ Alias Smith and Jones ~ Bob Newhart torman In Stereo. land II~ Hopi-sonp of the Fourth i~ MOVIE: 'Diary of a Mad House- Hour of Power Crossiire I~ Police Story ~ 60 Minutes To Success O Mazda SportsLook ~ (~D ~ (~ ~ (~D O News World wife' Prophe:y Countdown ~ Video Music With Mark Good- I~ Brief Summary ~ MOVIE: 'Godzilie vs. the Bionic ~ Top Rank Boxing from Merrill- ~ Pro Boxing Tape Delayed. 1:45O Standing Room Only: Liza in Belie & Sol~stlan man I~ Route 66 Monster' villa, IN (R). ~ 700 Club London it is Written 4:30 aDD Not Necesurily the News I~ All American Wrestling (R). ~ Fire on the Mountain I~ Nowsnight O MOVIE: 'Divorce, American2:00O MOVIE: 'Fallen Angel' Donald Duck Presents ~ ~) NBC News m~ CNN Headline News ~ One By One qJ) McLaughlin Group Style' I[~ Larry King Overnight MOVIE: 'The Great Dictator' O Love Boat 3:30~ Pro Baseball Team Arm Wras- ~D 700 Club I~J Nashville Now ~Vicieo Music With Mark Good. I~D Tom Hopkins On Selling (~D ~ {~ Jerry Falwall O inside Business fling(R). ~ MOVIE: 'Keeper of the Flame' I~ Pickwick Papers man I~ Creating Wealth with Govern. (~) Paha Saps IB CBS Evening News ~ Movletone News ~ Video Music With J.J. Jackson ~) Edge of Night 7:S0 I New Country ment Loans Mass for Shut-ins 5:00 I~ MOVIE: 'Here Come the Llttles' ~ inside Business 12:08 O (I) Eye on Hollywood I~) Best of Groucho 8;00 (~D ~ (I) Dynasty (CC) I~ MOVIE: 'Angel and the Bad. Daybreak ' ~]J MOVIE: 'The Great Dictator' I~ Beverly Hillbillies 12:18 O MOVIE: 'carny' ~ Hawaii Five-0 ~ C hompionshlp Roller Derby re_an' 10:15 ~ MOVIE: 'i Love My ...Wife' O (~) MOVIE: 'Sam's Son' (CC) I~l MOVIE: 'Little Darlings' I~ Kenneth Copeiend ~l MOVIE: 'Buddy System' ~D CNN Headline News*" 12:30 ~ MOVIE: 'Cherlle, The Lone- 10:30 ID MOVIE: 'Victor, Victoria' ~1 Sesame Street (CC) ~ C~ Disney Sunday Movie: Fuzz- 3:35ml MOVIE: 'Blind Rage' some Coulpw' ~ CNN Evening News ~) MOVIE: 'Man Trailer' !~ Country Sportsman bucket (CC) JJ MOVIE: 'Beat Street' ~ MOVIE: 'Experience Preferred ~ (~) Stingray In Stereo. ~ MOVIE: 'Blood Sport' i~l Joe Franklin Show Success is not an Accident O SportsCentar 4:00~ Aerobics: Bodies in Motion But Not Essential' lid ~) Tonight Show In Stereo. ~ Black Champions (CC) 2:30I~ Horse Show Jumping: Valley Little Prince ~ (~ Greatest American Hero ~ Key to Success ~ S~)ortsCentor ~ MOVIE: 'A New Leaf' I~J To Be Announced Forge Military Academy Grand Oral Roberts ~ ~ Black Sheep Squadron O Daybreak I (~ Late NlSht with David Let. ~ That Girl (R). ~ I~ Dr. Ruth Show Prix (R). , . Contraption li~ Star Search ~ CNN Headline News terman in Stereo. ~ Bill Cosby Show ~ Aristocrats 2:50am MOVIE: Young Lady Chatter- ~o MOVIE: 'Incredible Shrinking I~) South Dakota Scrapbook t~ Get Rich With Real Estate ~ Sports Letenight 10:38 O ~ ABC News NighUine ~D CBN News Tonight lay' The BASSmestars ~ it Figures ~ Doncin' USA ~ MeAeSeH ~m MTV Presents: Pete Town.3:00ID Crossflre omen' Action Sports of the 80's: I~ internal Medicine tD Adventures of Black Beauty 12:38 I~ MOVIE: 'Ghosthusters' (CC) t~ Nature: Where Eagles Fly (CC) ___ ahead . L - bali C" I ID Break Through to Weight Loss S oenco 500 Bicycle Race ~ Smothers Brothers Show t~ Room 222 ~ (~D Needling Chasers In Stereo ~.zu ql Iwa~)r_eague .lea so : n - ~ Keys to Success ~) Virginian ~D A Study in the Word 1:00~ Inside BasalNdl 11:00 ~ River of the Red Ape (~) Ken Copeiend cq~o .Uul)s at Atlanta /ape ~ MOVIE: 'South of the Rio Chicagoland Church Hour ~ Doris Day's Best Friends ~) Jimmy Swaggert I~) Comedy Break ~l Crosstlre uelayeo. . Grande' Evangel Cathedral ~ Switch l~ Video Music With Nine Black- ~ News Overnight m~ Everybody's Money Matters8:30~il Moustarplece Theater I~l CNN Headline News . 5:05IP Sports Sunday I~ Millionaire's Secret To WealthI~ MOVIE: 'Lady's Not for Burn- ill News 3:15~ MOVIE: 'Under the Volcano' The BASSmasters wood Mr. Wizard's World I~ Best of World Championship 4:30O Nation's Business Today O Car Buying S4crets ~Prime Time Wrestling (R). ~ ~ Vldeoountry __ . 3:30tD Showbiz Today Point of Viow Wrestling ~ Faith Twenty i~ Consultant American snapshots I~ Beverly Hillbillies 5:30~ MOVIE: 'State Fair" I~ Business Day ~ MIIIionalro Maker i~ Dobio GIllie 9:00R S) T.ins .. -, ont Advi- AndYMouserciseGrllgth ~ Hocoka ~ SuperStation Funtime ~ MOVIE: 'The Black Lash' ~Joe Franklin Show MUVIk: :,ne ~W -,.,, CNN Headline News (~[) Jimmy Swq~art ~ Wish You Were Here ~ Richard Simmons 1:05O (~D News 11.'~ ~l(~D Hawaii Flve-O ~ MOVIE: Brewster s Millions' 4.00~ Aerobics. Bodies In Motion Obstetrics / Gynecology 1:30~Top Rank Boxing from Merrill. li~ Simon & Simon (R). (CC " Do bre~lk Bugs Bunny m NICK Rocks ~ ~) e (I) Arthur Halley's Hotel ~YI~ Headline News ~D Telephone Auction IDDonna Reed Show vine, IN (R). 11:30 ~ Philip Marlowe, Private Eye: I C . Good Morning Worlci i Laverne and Shirley t~ Flipper I~) Honey, Honey (~) News Guns at Cyreno s CC) W Sesame Street (CC) ,~ ~EVENIN~ ~ ~ 700 Club INN News ~ C;D ABC News NIEhtline Historic Indianpolis 500 FilmsI IDa/iguresat the RaceS Moneyllno Keys to Success I~ GD 700 Club ~ ~ Adventures of Black Beauty American Sports Cavalcade * S:00 I~ (~) Disney Sunday Movie: Dee- 1:50~ MOVIE: 'The Arrangoment' l~l Newsnight Update ~) Primary '86 I~ Room 222 Millionaire Maker Lassie con Street Deer (CC) 2:00~ DenSer Bay gl New Country . ~ You Can_Be a_Star _ _ ~ A Study in the Word Lloyd Ogilvic ~ NHL Hockey: Stanley Cup Fin- MONDAY ~ MOVIE: 'The New Frontier' q~ Father Knows Best ql~ MUVIE: 'The Triple I:cno' t~ Jimmy Sweeeart Sunday Mess ale Live. ~ Larry King Overnight 12:00 ~ Adventures of Ozzio and Her- I~1 Great Deta~'tive. ~ Vldeo'Music'TNIth NinaBiock- GoodNews ~ (~ Fast Copy in Stereo 5/19/86 m Lost in Space ~(~ Late Night with David Let- ~ Alfred Hltcncocx wood O Win at Blackjack On the Menu O Prime News ~1 Man from U.N.C.L.E 4.30 ~ Nation's Business Today You and Me, Kid I~ (~) Disney Sunday Movie: Fuzz- MORNING ~ Investment Advisory terman In Stereo. lid Benny Hill Show " ~ Faith Twenty O MOVIE: 'StN[e Door Canteen' U~ Mazda SportsLook I Video Music With Mark Good. !~ Business Day Fly Fishing With Joe Hum. bucket (CC) 5:00 ~) MOVIE: 'Just One of the Guys'ID MOVIE: 'Jud~h' i~ Fire on the Mountain _ _ ~ _ lid SuperStatlon funtime pnreys ~ 60 Minutes (CC) I~ MOVIE: 'Mark of the Lash' ~ 700 Club ~'J Ij~ uongeruay I~ Keys to Success Progles of Nature 5:25 ~ MOVIE: 'Skyhlgh' lid Joe Franklin Show ~ MOVIE: The People Against I~t:sportsuenter ~ NICK Rocks (~ Jimmy Swaggers I~ American Sports Cavalcade6:30 O SportsCentar 2:25 q~ MOVIE: 'Gotcha' (CC) O'Hera' ~ Trap per_Jo.hn, M.D. ~ Good Morning World 1~ Jam ~ PJU Update 7:00 ~]J MOVIE: 'Torch Song' 3:00 ~ Cressgro ~ Video Music With J.J. Jackson U :Pports loniEnt g~ Hnnev Honey Newsmaker Sunday t~ Bu(lalo Bill 7:30 I[~ Golf: Senior PGA Tour (R). lid Bob Newhert 12:05 ~ (~ Eye on Hollywood I~ Fandango ~ 7"~"(~lub-*- " CBS Sunday Morning News i~ Ace Awards 8:00l~ MOVIE: 'An Unsuttabio Job forI~l Best of Money, Money 12:10 I~ MOVIE: 'China Gate' I~ Bizarre 4:35I~ MOVIE: 'ABe of Consent' Turkey Television ~ Oavid Tome Show a Woman' ID Investment Advisory 12:15 ~t MOVIE: 'Lonkin' to Get Out' ~ MeetDavaythe & GoliathMayors 6:206:05 ~ NationaIcountryGeOgraphiccoyoteExplorerGoes 8:058:30 I~ll~ MOVIE:Album Flash:'JumpingoiiviaJackS'Newton- I) MOVIE: 'Thundering Trail' 12:30 I~t MOVIE: 'Son of Paleface' ~.~ MOVIE: 'Shamus' Hollywood gl CNN Headline News Jt MOVIE: 'The Ambassador' Dumbo's Circus S:30I~ Tripods John 9:00O MOVIE: 'The Cannonball Run' 3:30 ~ln Search of... ~ SportsCenter gl Showbiz Today O ~ Late Night with David Let. "The youth gets together materiels for a bridge to the MOVIE: 'Beat Street' ~ Rising Damp ~D MOVIE: 'Barry Lyndon' (j~ Beverly Hillbmios terman In Stereo. ~[~ Something More ~ Wanted: Dead or Alive 9:30O Mazda SportsLook q~ Keys to Success ~ Sports Latanight moon and at length the middle-aged man decides to Flshin' Hole ~ Face-Off ~ 10:00 I~ MOVIE: 'Judith' ~ CNN Hcadllne News I~ Oancin' USA - " ~r~ Rawhide 7:00O Animals in Action 10:30 ~ MOVIE: 'Now "You See Him, 4:00 ~ MOVIE: 'Losin' it' 12:35 ~ ~) Haedlioe Chasers make wood shed with them. Henry David Thoreau News Update ~ Fraggle Rock (CC) Now You Don't' ~ Aerobics: Bodies in Motion 12:50 ~ MOVIE: 'A Soldier's Story' (CC) (~D Dr. Veagenes O (~ Winter in My Soul ~ NHL Hockey: Stanley Cup Fin- Newton's Apple (CC) ~ ~ MOVIE: 'On Wings of Ea- I~ Moviotone News 1:00 ~ NHL Hockey: Stanley Cup Fin- PJU Update I~es' (CC) Part 1 of 2 In Stereo. 11:00 ~ (MRO)'VIE: 'City Lights' ~ Daybreak ads (R) _ . lip CNN Headline News ~1 Comedy ~ma i i g~ Oangermouse O Week in Review ~ MOVIE: 'Public Cowboy, No. 1' ~ Break Through to Weight Loss ~ News Overnight Superbook Club I (~) Disney Sunday Movie-. Dee- 11:05 ~ MOVIE: 'Shadow on the Lend' David Tome Show con Street Deer (CC) ~ 60 Minutes To Success ~ instant Cash Systoms " MOVIE: 'lntarruptad Melody' I~) Murder, She Wrote (CC) AFTERNOONI~" AdventuresRoom 222 of Block Beauty IJR Breakthrough to Weight LesSTNT (R). ~ ~,~( I MOVIE: Across the Sierras' Good Morning Mickey! I~ Nature: Where ENvies Fly (CC) 12:00 O Lead.oil Man g) A Study in the Word ' (~ This Week With David In Stereo 12:30 O MOVIE: 'Places in the Heart'Jimmy Sw art Brinkiey ~ An Evening with engalbert (CC) Z Video Mu:)cac~lth Nine Black- 1:O~ O (~D News (~ Rejoice and Celebrate ~ Cover Story (R). 1:30 ~iJ (~ News NFL Preview ~ In Touch ~ Exhibition Baseball: Chicago wood ~ INN News White Sox at Chicago Cubs 4:10 ~ MOVIE: 'Silent Rage' 2:00 ~ MOVIE: 'Down To The Sea In (~ Day of Discovery ~ New Jersey Panpie 1:00 O MOVIE: 'Ghostbusters' (CC) 4:30 O Nation's Business Today Ships' O Wild America (CC) 7:15 aJ MOVIE: 'Protocol' (CC) 2:00 O MOVIE: 'interrupted Melody' Wish YOU Were Here 7:30 O Danger Bay I~ MOVIE: iTickat to Heaven' iD Faith Twenty ~ Larry King Overnight ! 1, Business Day ~ Day at the Races Star Trek Cartoon ~ MOVIE: 'Incredible Shrinking 2:30O MOVIE: Experience Preferred I~l SuperStation FunUme Ul Success Strategies for Women The World Tomorrow Woman' But Not Essential' ~ NICK Rocks I~ MOVIE: 'Tulsa' I~ Welcome to Pooh Corner O Odd Couple O PKA Full Contact Karate:. Bat-q) Good Morning World I~ MOVIE: 'Weterholc No. 3' Sj:)ortsCentsr ~ Performance Plus tie of Atlanta (R). I~ Honey, Honey ~lrMOviE: 'North "of the Lone ~ Robert Schuller ~ internal Medicine 3:00O MOVIE: Gotcha' (CC) (~ 700 Club L~ W~Jd, Wild West I~ Hollywood Insider ~ New Video Hour ~ Joe Franklin Show Newsday Worldwide (~) Something More ~ In Depth 4:00~ MOVIE: 'TII~ Cannonball Run' 2:10 I~ Laurel and Hardy The World Tomorrow 8:00 O MOVIE: 'The Little Foxes' O Mazda SportsLook TUESDAY ~ MOVIE: 'Herdcore' ,0 Nova: The Magic of Special Ef- ~ ~ ~ ~ MOVIE: 'Brother- 5:00~ SportsCentar ~ World at Large mote (CC) (R). hood of Justice' (CC) 5:30~ Brother Tough 2:30 ~ Get Smart Performance Plus 8 News I~ Inside Baseball ~ ~ 2:38 lid MOVIE: 'sorewballs' You Can't Do That on Talavi- CNN Evening News , EVENING 3:00 ~ Crusdre !) MOVIE: 'StN[ocoach' (CC) li~ Bob Newhart si;nAll American Wrestling (R). I~ Masterpiece Theatre: By the 6:000 Donald Duck Presents 5:48 i MOVIE: 'Rachel, Rachel' t~ 60 Minutes To Success | Shari Lewis Sword Divided (CC) ~ MOVIE: 'CheriSH Chaplin: The 5.'S ) MOVIE: 'Gymkata' ~ Investment Advisory | Hour of Power HKlden Heroes Little Tramp' L~, VIE: 'Return of Danicl i Donald Duck Presents A.M.A. Video Clinic ~ HBO Family Playhouse: Mom's 6:.30 ) SportsCentor 7:00 i Pro Baseball Team Am Wres- al National Invite- ~ Cardioloiw SiGnal ~l Evening at the Improv Hocoka ~ The World Tomorrow Mesquite Championship Ro- , Video Music With J.J. Jackson 7.'00 9:30 , Lou Grant Video Clinic ) MOVIE: 'Shanghai Massacre' Gentle Ben MOVIE: 'Force: Five' (~) Meet the Press SnolWeynton Mersalis.-Catching on Strike tilng(R). CNN Headline News ; Speedweek ~ ~[~ You Again? In Stereo. 7:30~ MOVIE: 'Bitter Harvest' 3:30 Showbiz Today F CNN Investigative Report ~ Tennis: Italian Open Men's I~ College Baseball: Teams to be I~ Golf: Sonior PGA Tour (R). Bover~ Hillbillies CNN Headline News t (~ The World Tomorrow Somignals Tape Delayed. 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