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May 15, 1986     The Sundance Times
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May 15, 1986

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PROCEEDINGS OF M BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AT M COURTHOUSE AT SUNDANCE, CROOK COUNTY, WYOMING. May 6, 1986. +- A.M. Present Donald C. Gose, Chairman, Frank H. Hm'wood, and John A. Moline, members. and approved. Morning spent going through mail and paying vouchers. employees salaries $52,662.52. PURPOSE OF M AMOUNT OF BILL Company & Linen Supply Chemical Company , Memorial Hospital & Heating Cable 'IV, Inc. Electric Ass'n., Inc. Of Sundance COURTHOUSE EXPENSES Repair of governor for generator supplies supplies materials & labor for Court Room prisoner meals snow removel labor and repairs cable services electricity & machine bolts water, sewer, and garbage coal COUNTY OFFICERS EXPENSES mileage & travel expense Harwood mileage mileage Glover postage Pulse travel expense and postage Sipe travel expenses, film and developing Sipe oil and labor Raymond travel expense Gean meals license and postage mileage Koehn postage J. Condos mileage laundry pulley's mileage postage Ruland rent, postage, & registration fees Inc.- title book revisions Business Machines Corp. supplies Auto, Inc. repairs supplies supplies supplies supplies States Postal Service Treasurer Inc. Ford Property Food Center - 424 Inc. Auto Body Repair Texaco Food & Fuel Public Defender Program N. Warvi, AIA & Dumbrill Cundy, Atty. :County Treasurer InC. stamped envelopes supplies and maintenance agreement repsirs maintenance agreement furniture storage tank labor and parts labor and parts parts supplies supplies supplies supplies Warren Peak Inv. #66450 labor, gas, etc. parts and labor maintenance on patrol car change tires on patrol car oil, filter, lube, etc. law beoks services rendered to Crook Co. architectural consulting fee & costs legal services rent, telephone, supplies, & postage postage District Court Orders quarterly meter rental supplies two amounts for M]S6TALANEOUS, AGRI( gLTURE DEPARTMENT, ETC. Flinn assigned Crook County Agency Memorial Times e Telephone Cooperative, Inc. State Bank Retirement System Retirement System Retirement System Life & Accident Insurance Co. Life and Annuity mileage and travel expenses mileage, travel expenses, etc. bond reporting births and deaths reporting deaths publishing and supplies publishing workers compemmtlon telephones fL emans compensation telephone withholding sodal security retirement insurance insurance deferred compensation telephone ROAD AND BRIDGE EXPENSES Void AMOUNT ALLOWED Bell Consumer Products Division Inc. Company Inc. InC. Cart and Pole, Inc. t Hardware &Jill Co-op E. Thomas ] Company, Inc. Hardware Company Equipment Company Enterprises , Works , Welding, Inc. Inc. Memorial Hospital Heating Co., Inc. Company Inc. (Recreation) telephone telephone telephone labor, repairs, & maintenance contract rock parts repairs repairs and freight cylinders gravel scorio treated lumber supplies supplies supplies ges, oil, otc. hauling gravel mater/al and labor on fence gas, diesel, etc. supplies parts perts and rent on machine perts and UPS services wrenches supplies repairs and labor iron rurel labor end material tre.p lnmamu:e LAW E VDltC NT expenses and professional services profewkmal services su3c CmAlvr PROG Clinic professional services professional services services NURSING HOME ADDrrlON professional services labor, material& etc. labor, materials, etc. labor, materials, etc. FAIRBOARD BUILDING PROJECT professional services CAPITAL IMPROVEMENT FUND planted trees in Robins Park [Recreation) electrical wiring Hulett beckboe work t (Recreation) 20 loads of dirt hbuled t/I'11 MISSOURI RIVER ROAD Highway Department crushed base surfacing & misc. work MAY 15, 1~ M SUN]DANCE TIMES PAGE 11 BEVENUE SHARING Jcan Farleys this weekend K Gr?upHome m oubledyouthch.dcare .S, .O0 ,S, .O0 Val from Torringten, Wyoming. unaance emorCitizensCenter outreach help and insurance 1,212.691,212.60 Friday night guest was Darlene T ot~, expenditures from County Funds $862,565.69. Manders from Casper, Wyoming. 3"00_ o clock P.M. Ralph Goodson, Ira Blackwell, and Merl Haworth appeared with an update of the progress Saturday Joan and Val had lunch ~f0~e Jail Pr~oject withthe ~ ~ of co.nstruction to begin on or about July 1, 1986. with Rick and Paula Farley in Po ?oc +. .M: rlml ar.a with the Fatr Beard and approved their p+hum to build the County Fair Spearfish, they brought Josh and ~tmam~ wlmm me ~u~ tunas. " Jared home with them for the Wedmm~y, May 7, 1906. night. Lorena Paezosa and friend# $301.11 $305.11 9:00o'dockA.M. from Deadwood was Saturday 29.70 29.70 Regular session: All present evening guests of Joans. Rick and 506.95 506.95 Bruce Penn of Beulah appeared in regards to the use of the County Land east of the former school house in Paula Farley were dinner guests 2,361.002,361.00Beulah. of Joans on Sunday afternoon. 42~.0~ 423.00 o It wes agresd to leese the ground to Bruce Penn for a three year peried at $10.00 per year for the purpose Later in the afternoon Mr. & Mrs. 113.666"00 ox ~eepmg horses. , Lawrence Crawford from Spear- 113166 staMeOtif~ .~ made, seconded, and..c~'ed to.approve the Weston County Children s Center to receive fish were guests of Joan Farley. 29.00 29.00 M ..mn~ mr nnpmmemmg Specual .Educational Services in Crook County. Irene Reinecke was admitted to 2,020.512,020.51 Cl._ao~lonwas .maoe, .se~conded/and carri'^e(i^ to msue a Special Malt Beverage Permit to the Hulett Roping the Rapid City Regional Hospital 129.90 129.90 uo/or me z aays ox June t4 ana to, t~. 358.02 358.02 SMOtionignals m was made: s econ.de~l, and carried to approve the estimate on the construction of Railway Crossing on April 26. She had to have a pace maker, and she is recovering ~nam on me ~unmo ureek county Road, approximately 3.5 miles southeast of Moorcroft and to authorize real well. Hilma Saari was able to $109.04 $109.04 the Wyoming Highway Department to proceed with the necessary agreements and Installation. bring Irene home from Rapid 88.7288.72 117.51 117.51 27.0327.03 133.95 133.05 36.9836.98 10.00I0.00 4.68 4.68 6.60 6.60 3.05 3.05 16.7416.74 3.64 3.64 40.0040.O0 38.4038.40 6.30 6.30 29.7528.75 8.80 8..80 135.56 135.56 26.0026.00 199.80 199.80 629.09 629.09 $70.64 + $70.84 231.45 46.50 64.93 238.80 164.35 12.00 Motion was made, seconded, and carried to endorse the Northern Wyondng Mental Health Center as the Friday May 2. On Saturday morn- th:~)(~vi'derofMe.ntal He.alth and Sub.~.~ce Abuse Services for Crook County. ing they attended a Black Hills .wo ctocx r.iVl, t~oumy Attorney Cecil Cundy and Sheriff Ron Pulse appeared and requested an executive Art Association in Spearfish, SD. session with the Beard. Beard was called into executive session for 15 minutes. Motion was made, seconded, andcarried to approve the following Bends: Phyllis Queen ...... Treasurer of County Hospital Board J. W. Nuckolls .... Treasurer of County Predatory Animal Control Beard Motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve the following collections of County Officers during April. County Clerk of the District Court .... --$444.44 County Clerk-----S5,179.20 County Sheriff .... -$408.36 Motion was made, seconded, and carried to support the community effort to address the needs of victims of family violence and sexual assault in Crook County. Motion was made, seconded, and carried to approve and sign Co-operative Helicopter Agreement and the Interagency Helicopter Operating Plan with the Black Hills National Forest. 4:00 o'clock P.M. Hearing on petition of Bud Wakefield et al to vacate an un-used portion of the Sundance-Wind River Road #93 that has been replaced by another County Road Declaration. No protests-oral or written. Motion was made, seconded, and carried to vacate said road as petitioned. Irene is doing quite well. Zelma and Mike Hoyer were Friday evening guests of Maggie Ayers. Mr. & Mrs. Bill Strong went for a drive to Lead, SD., Sunday afternoon. They stopped in Spearfish to visit Jennie Wan- hala and Eva Berg. Grace Wendt and daughter Viriginia visited Bennie Kuper in Iceland for a week. Grace reports that the country is very pretty and the people are real friendly up there. Hulett Lioness dub notes The Hulett Lioness Club met at the Hulett Cafe for supper Mon- day evening April 28. The regular 231.45Motion was mA_de, seconded, and carried to approve and sign easement #29819 to Mountain Bell meeting was held at the Civic 46.50 Telephone Company to cross the old Sundance Moorcrofl County Right of Way near Pine Ridge with buried Center at 7:30 p.m. 94.93 telephone cable. Lioness President Nadine Wolf Motion was made, seconded, and carried to sign Leasing Agreement with Range Telephone Company for began the meeting with the 238.80equipment in Court Room for $89.10 per month, pledge to the American Flag. 184.35Adjourned at 7:30 o'clock P.M. tomeet in Specialsession at 9:00o'clock A.M. on May 27, 1986 as Board June 5-6-7 at Sheridan, is the 12.00 of Equalization and to finalize salaries for the coming year. Wyoming Lions & Lioness state 135.00 572.85 200.00 56.74 i20.13 50.99 50.99 26.85 26.85 98.80 98.80 62.13 62.13 63.68 63.68 165.00 , .00 716.00 716.00 35.25 35.25 30.60 20.60 36.O0 36.O0 30.91 30.91 181.25 181.25 2,333.692,333.69 230.26 230. 6 702.00 702.00 562.O5 562.O5 300.00 300.00 49.44 49.44 41.25 41.25 31.00 '31.00 2,0O0.002,0O0.00 49.27 40.27 103.26 103,26 $418.26 $418.26 387.71 387.71 50.O0 50.O0 22.00 - 22.00 11.O0 11.O0 565.46 474.81 247.00 247.00 524.09 524.09 1,100.611,100.61 10.50 10.50 959.68 959.68 7,676.307,676.30 10,046.51 10,048.51 7,340.667,340.66 45.00 45.00 351.65 351.65 875.00 875.00 1,100.611,100.61 $40.67 $40.67 9.00 9.00 28.76 28.76 538.68 538.68 314.42 314.42 197.11 197.11 119.40 119.40 2,130.982,130.98 36.00 36.00 5,O00.005,000.00 90.00 00.00 1, 229.57 229.57 154.37 154.37 35.16 35.16 1,450.301,450.30 945.00 945.00 90.O0 90.00 1,866.691,866.69 157.50 157.50 189.22 189.22 152.37 152.37 71.57 71.57 43.67 43.67 31.00 31.00 298.20 298.29 123.64 123.64 7O.O0 7O.0O 131.46 131.46 1,0O0.O01,0O0.O0 26,337.00 26,337.00 $16,842.54 16,842.54 609.16 609.16 $2O0.00 $200.00 132.40 132.40 2,358:602,356.60 i2,s98.ao s ,898.s0 52,8t3.o0 52,813.00 41,039.00 41,039.00 21,420.00 21,420.00 $4,739.58 $4,739,56 $1,100.00 $1,100.00 1,86o.o01, .o0 465.O0 4 5.O0 100.00 100.00 567,241.21 567 41.21 135.00 572.85 200.00 56.74 120.13 A~I~EST: Ruth E. Davidson County Clerk NOTICE OF RPLICATION RENEWAL OF COUNTY RETAIL MALT BEVERAGE PERMIT Notice is hereby given that on the 29 day of April, 1986 (one) Campstool Enterprises d/b/a Devils Tower KOA Campground filed an application for a Renewal of County Retail Malt Beverage Permit in the office of the Clerk of the County of Crook for the following described place and premises, to-wit: 40'x40' room in KOA main building adjacent to Devils Tower National Monument Main En- trance in the SWSW, Section 8, Township 53 North, Range 65 West of the 6th P.M., Crook and protests, if any there by, against the issuance of such license will be heard at the hour of 10:00 o'clock A.M. on the 4 day of June 1986 in the County Commissioners Room, Crook County Courthouse, Sundance, Wyoming. Ruth E. Davidson Crook County Clerk (Dated) April 29, 1986 Publish: May 8, 15, 22 and 29, 1986 by Cora Smith May 12, 1986 Bob and Peggy Croun have returned to their ranch home following several winter months in the west coast states, where they also visited relatives. Harry and Ruth Watson re- turned home recently from an extended visit with Jim and Judy Coulter, and other relatives in the Cheyenne area. Judy is the War- son's daughter. We were sorry to hear of the passing of Ben Stollerdn Spear- fish. He and his wife, the former Helen Cunni~, were active members of our center before moving to Spearfish. Joan Skee- sick is one of his daughters. Our sincere sympathy to the be- reaved. Bill and Thelma Sand were business visitors in Gillette one day last week. They dined at Devil's Tower on Sunday, Mother's Day, and obeerved several climbers. Our center group held a very successful bake sale Thursday, May 8. We thank all those who donated items and those who parchased baked gueds, spec thanks to Don Hopkins for all his help. Friday the 9th, the center held a pre-Mother's Day dinner, with seventy-four attending. The guests included two stranded motorists from New York on their way to the Tower and one lady from Chicago on her way to Billings. They were all able to leave at two when the highways opened again. Everyone enjoyed the sumptious meal, visiting, music and some dancing. We would like to thank the staff members for donating the material and making clever nut cups and also purchasing carna- for all the mothers present. Thanks, G d'st Alice Hopkins was among the bowlers who attended the state meeting at Thermepo week. Don and grandson Jeff Board of Crook County Commissioners convention. Lioness Liz Larsen Donald C. Gose, Chairman plans to attend. Frank H. Harwood, Member Lioness Nadlne appointed a John A. Moline, Member committee to formulate some re- quirements for a senior high school scholarship fund for 1987 graduates. drove to Gillette Sunday to visit Ellen Larive returned home The nominating committee pre- the Owen Knox family and Alice from Reeds Port, Oregon hersented a slate of officers for the met them there and came on brother Bob passed away April coming year: president-Liz Lar- home with them. 15. We all send our sympathy to sen; vice-president-Betty {Ted) Gladys Fort reports she was Ellen and Family. Judy Penn and Wilson; secretary-Kay Cheisier; well remembered on Mother's Grace Wendt attended a league treasurer-June Edwards; tail- Day, with telephone calls and Postmasters Convention in twister- Bev Isbel; board of direc, cards. Genieve George and Mildred Evansville, Wyoming last week. tors-Nadine Wolf, Marti McAmis~ Mrs. Ron Vore attended the Post and Betty Roberts. Cundy attended the school play, Office while Judy was at the The club+ was as, ked to make Pinnochio, Saturday afternoon, Convention. ribbons, for the 'Last Day of and report a nice crowd out.Visitors of Margaret Blakeman School' track meet. They will Virgil and Ruby Schlup are on Sunday were. Roger and Cheri meet this week to complete that pleased to report the arrival of Blakeman from Sheridan, Wyom- project. their first grandchild, Marcie Lor- ing. Frank and Dora Mae Blake- raine, who arrived Sunday May man from Sundance, Wyoming, The tail-twister s raffle was won by Liz Larsen. 14th. Sunday afternoon they were visi- The next meeting will begin Chuck and Minnie Williams, tors of Gerald at the Dorsett with supper at the Ponderosa Eugene and Vivian Kipp, Tim and Home in Spearfish, South Dakota. Care with the regular meeting at Criss Crozier and Stephanie, and Jancie Humphery would like to the Civic Center at 7:30 p.m. All Genieve George, dined out at De,~fl~~Towef in observance of thank everyone for the cards and women interested in joining the Mothei:s Day. Several of the phmm:~i~to her while she ~vas Lioness Club would be most wel- group enjoyed a walk around Devils Tower also. Una Seeley, Genieve's daughter also called her mother from Tuscon, Arizona. George and Edith Watts dined out at Devils Tower Sunday in observance of Mother's Day. Grace Cure drove to Gillette Mother's Day to visit and dine with John and Mary May. Bertha Queen and llene Sipe spent Mother's Day, with Russell and Sadie Sperb of St. Onge. Later they visited Florence Bruw son, who is still a patient at Lookout Memorial Hospital, Spearfish. We hope she is well and at home again soon. Jean Reed, Opal Oudin and Cora Smith dined out in Belle Fourche, Mother's Day, as guests of Stacey Moener and Shelby Goud and son. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Swartz of Wllmingten, Minnesota were re- cent guests of Margaret Beagle. Florence Hutchins, Margare$ Beagle and Norma Bernd, were Mother's Day gues of Tom and Judy Beagle, at Margie's in Spearfish. MENU Thursday, May 15: Fried Chicken, scalloped po- tatoes, green beans, cranberry sauce, cornbread, chilled pea- ches. Friday, May 16: Salmon cake/lemon sauce, rice pilaf, tomatoe, waldorf salad, whole wheat bread, bread pud- ding. Monday, May 19: Turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, mixed vegetables, bread, fruit salad, refrigerator cheese desert. Tuesday, May 29" Ham Scalloped potatoes, peas, carrot, rm_Lsin salad, roll, boney, chilled pears. Wed ead , May 21: Tater Tot Casserrole, broccoli, applesauce, whole wheat bread, oatmeal cookie. nn ; "- . =_ _- -mm by Zelma Hoyer Wmitors of Vio and Dick Cour- chaine on Sunday. Doug and Kelly Carter from Newcastle, Wyoming. Jim, Wendy and children from Gillette, Wyoming. Saturday overnight visitor for Mr. & Mrs. Don Wendt was V'wiginia Kuper from Rapid City. Sunday their guests were, Mr. & Mrs. Joe Motzgor and Michael, Donna Husbey Rapid City. Mr. & Mrs. Vundenbergo w re evening in the hospital. Enid Giltner helps come to sit in on any meeting and with the meals at the Hickory "look us over." House in. Spearfish on Tuesday afternoons and at the Dorsett Home on Thursday afternoons. Sonya Haiar was awarded a certificate in a Volley Ball work shop held in Sundance Friday night and Saturday. Visitors of Mar Evans for the weekend were Connie Evans. Bill, Kathy Hoyer and children from Wellington Colo., are also spending a few days with Mae Evans. Visitors of Americans are using more coal than ever before and with it comes a near certain increase of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide emissions into our at- mosphere, reports National Wild- life magazine. Problems from acid rain and sulfate haze will result. Yotmg men born on or after January 1, 1960 are required to register with Selective Service within a month of their 18th birthday. The t egistration ptx>cess takes less than five minutes at the post office. A 3xmng man fills out a simple form asking only for his name, date of birth, address, telephone number and Social SecuriB, number. Registration helps keep our country prepared with a pool of names to draw from in case of a national emergency.., without interfering with people's lives. When you think about it... that's not a lot to ask for a countD/as great as ours. It's quick. It's eas3 And it's the Law. )AS