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May 15, 1986     The Sundance Times
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May 15, 1986

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PAGE 12 SUNDANCE TIMES MAY 15, 1986 ORDINANCE NO. 8, 1986 AN ORDINANC~ REGULATING DOGS AND OTHER ANIMALS WITHIN THE TOWN LIMITS; REPEALING ALL ORDINANCES IN CONFLICr; DECLARING AN EMERGENCY EXISTS AND PROVID- ING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE BE IT ORDAINED BY 'ITIE TOWN COUNCIL OF THE TOWN OF SUNDANCE, CROOK COUNTY. WYOMING: SECTION 1: PURPOSE This ordinance is enacted for the purpose of regulating dogs and other ammals within the Town of Sundance. SECNON 2: DEFINITIONS Except as otherwise provided, as used in this ordinance: I1) "~wner or keeper" means any person, group of persons, association of persons or coiT~oration who shall own, keep for another or harbor any ,%g or other animal, or permit the same to habitually remain on or about such owners premises. [2) "At large" means any dog or other animal off the premises of its owner and not under restraint by a person physically able to control i% (3) "Restraint" means a dog or other animal within the property limits of its owner or keeper or under actual physical control of the owner or (3l "Restraint" means a dog or other mdmal within the property limits of its owner or keeoer or under actual physical control of the owner or keeper, or when in the immediate company of the owner or keeper and is obedient to that persons conmmnd. (4} "Kennel" means any facility maintained upon one property for the purpose of keeping and caring for five or more dogs or other animals. (5} "'Police Officer" means a person employed by the Town of Sundance for the purpose of policing or enforcing any law or ordinance in the Town of Sundance. (6) "Nuisance" means any mdmal, including dogs, which trespasses upon public or private property: is "at large" damages, soils, defiles or defecates on private or public property other than that of its owner or k---eeper: causes garbage which has been placed in a garbage container to be strewn or deposited on private or public property; habitually, constantly or frequently disturbs the sleep, rest. tranquility or peace of any neighborhood or person by barking or howling; chases pedes- trians, bicyclists or motor vehicles; attacks other domestic animals; any dog or other animal in heat which is not confined: any dog or other animal which creates offensive odors disturbing to any neighborhood or person. {7) "Vicious animal" means any animal which has attacked, menaced or bitten any person without reasonable provocation or any animal which has behaved in such a manner that the owner knows or should reasonably know that the animal is possessed of a tendency to attack, menace or bite persons without reasonable provocation. SECTION 3: RUNNING AT LARGE PROHIBITED It shall be unlawful for any owner or keeper of any dog or other animal to allow a dog or other mdmal to run at large within the town limits of shall be issued after payment of all license fees which whall be set from time to time by resolution of the Town Council. Application shall be made to the Town of Sundance for a license and shall include the name and address of the applicant, the name, breed, color and sex of each dog owned and kept by the applicant. The provisions of this section shall not be deemed to apply to dogs whose owners are non-residents, temporarily within the town, nor .1o dogs brought,, into. the to,,wn for the purpose of ~.artmlpatmg' .... re, any dog show, nor to seeing eye dogs properly trained to assist nlina persons wnen such dogs are actually being used by blind persons. The Town of Sundance, its agents and employees, shall not issue a license until and unless the owner of the dog shall exhibit and produce a certificate from a duly licensed and practicing veterinarian certifying that the dog has been vaccinated against rabies for the licensing period. SECTION 13: PAYMENT OF FEES AND ISSUANCE OF LICENSE Upon payment of the license fee, the owner of the dog shall receive from the Town of Sundance a license certificate and a metallic tag for each dog so licensed. The license tag shall have stamped thereon, the year for which it was issued and the number corresponding to the necessary certificate. All licenses shall expire at midnight, December 31, of each and every year and the owners of dogs shall procure a new license each and every year between January 1 and the last day of February of the year following the date of expiration of the license. Dog tags shall not be transferable from one dog to another and no refunds shall be made on any dog license fee because of the death of the dog or because the owner or keeper of the dog shall have moved from the corporate limits of the Town of Sundance. SECTION 14: DISPLAY OF TAG Every owner or keeper of a dog shall attach the tag issued by the Town of Sundance to the collar or harness of the licensed dog and the collar or harness shall be worn by the dog at all times. SEC~I'ION 14: DISEASE C~N'rROL (a} Any person owning or keeping a dog or other animal over the age of three months, shall have such dog or other animal vaccinated against rabies and other diseases by a licensed veterinarian. (b) Any person who has been bitten by any dog or other animal or the parent of guardian of such person shall promptly report the incident to the Town of Sundance, which shall in turn immediately notify a Police Officer or other authorized personnel to investigate the incident. The owner or keeper, upon demand made by the Police Officer or other authorized personnel, shall forthwith surrender the dog or other animal which has bitten the person, or which is suspected as having been exposed to rabies or other disease, for quarantine under the supervision of and on the secure premises of a licensed veterinarian or at facilities maintained by the Town of Sundance, at the expense of the owner of the dog or other animal. Failure to surrender upon demand shall be unlawful and punishable according to the penalty provision of this ordinance. (c} In the alternative, the mayor of the Town of Sundance, if he/she deems it necessary, shall issue a proclamation to the owner or keeper of the dog or other animal suspected of having been exposed to rabies the Town of Sundance. or other disease, or having bitten any person, to confine such dog or SECFION 4:KEEPING ANIMAL CONSTITUTING NUISANCE PRO- other animal securely on the premises of the owner or keeper. Any dog HIBITED It shall be unlawful to own or keep any dog or other animal which is a nuisance within the town limits of the Town of Sunda_nce. SECTION 5: KEEPING ANIMAL CONSTITUTING A VICIOUS ANIMAL PROHIBITED It shall be unlawful to own or keep any animal which is a vicious animal within the town limits of the Town of Sundance. SECTION 6: NOTIFICATION TO OWNER OF DOG OR OTHER ANIMAL CONSTITU~NG A NUISANCF Before any prosecution is brought for a violation qf Section 4 of this ordinance, it shall be necessary for the complaining party or a law enforcement officer of the Tow~a of Sundance to notify the owner or keeper of the dog or other animal that the dog or other animal is creating a nuisance and, unless the nuisance is abated within seven days after receipt of notice, a complaint may be filed. Notification, if by the complaining party, shall be by certified mail, return receipt requested and shall be deemed completed upon deposit of the notice in the United States Mail. postage prepaid and properly addressed. If notice is by a law enforcement officer, it shall be complete upon personal notification by the officer. Any officer who shall give notice of a nuisance pursuant to this ordinance shall keep a record of the date, time and place notification was given to the owner or keeper. SECTION 7: IMPOUNDMENT OF DOGS OR OTHER ANIMALS RUNNING AT LARGE Police Officers of the Town of Sundance shall have authority to impound dogs or other animals found nmning at large, either licensed or not licensed, and may do so without making or requiring a complaint and shall, after complying with Section 8 of this ordinance, place or dispose of the dog or other animal in accordance with the provismns of this ordinance. SECTION 8: ASCERTALNING OWNERSHIP In the event a dog or other animal is impounded pursuant to this ordinance, the Town of Sundance, by and through its Police Officers and other personnel, shall make reasonable efforts to ascertain the ownership of the dog or other animals impounded. The owner or keeper, if known, shall be notified by phone, by mailing a written notice to the last known address of the owner or keeper, or notified in person, that the dog or other animal has been impounded. If ownership of the dog or other animal is unable to be ascertained within two days after impounding and after placing a descn'ption o~[ the dog or other animal in the Sundance Town Hall, the dog or other anim~ may be given to anyone who w~ill secure a license and pay all fees. Any dog or other animal not claimed within threedays after notice is provided to the owner or keeper or within two days after posting a description of the dog or other animal in the Sundance Town Hall when the owner or keeper is unknown, may be put to death by Police Officers or other authorized personnel employed by the Town, of Sundance. SECTION 9: CLAIMING IMPOUNDED DOGS OR OTHER ANIMALS The owner or keeper of an impounded dog or other animal may reclaim the animal provided the owner or keeper of the dog or other animal shall have paid the required license fee and complied with all other ordinances relating to vaccination and licensing. Any person reclaim- ing a dog or other animal shall pay to the Town of Sundance all costs and charges incurred by the Town including, but not limited to, all costs of food. shelter and veterinary care. SEC~ON 10: ENFORCEMENT OF THIS ORDINANCE AND ENTRY UPON PRIVATE PRE1MISES In the enforcement of any provision of this ordinance, any~ Police Officer or other personnel authorized by the Town of Sundance to enforce this ordinance, is/are authorized to enter the premises of any person and take poso~ssion of licensed or unlicensed dogs or other mdmals when in pursuit of such dog or other animal at the time when such dog or other arAmal goes upon private property. SECTION ll: UNLAWFUL TO D~VE OF COLLAR OR KILL ANY DOG OR OTHER ANIMAL It shall be unlawful for any person other than the owner oz~ keeper of a dog or other animal to deprive any dog or other animal of its coil.at, license or tag or to purposely kill or cause to be killed any dog or other animal without the consent of the owner or keeper. SECION 12: LICENSE REQ~D AlA dogs kept, harbored or maintained in the Town of Sundance shall be licensed and registered if over three months of age. Dog licenses or other animal ordered to be confined and found to be running at large during the period of time necessary to determine if disease is present, ing for prize money scheduled for May 20. Bids for alterations to the Sun- dance grade school building were opened Monday night by the District 1 school board. The pro- ject calls for remodeling the building including new lighting, acoustical ceilings, new built-in cabinets and changes in the pre- sent heating system. Cost of the projects was expected to be about $35,450. Federal money totaling $34,624 has been allocated to the district and will be used for the work. 45 Years Ago May 15, 1941 In the closest election in recent years. C.D. Roberts was re- elected Mayor of Sundance by a margin of 8 votes over his op- ponent, Walt Tracy. Merle Taylor and Raymond Vines, running on the American and Progressive tickets respectively, were se- lected as councilmen. Death resulted to W.a. Clark, 81 Friday when he was injured in a runaway with a broncho team which he was attempting to work. Moorcroft...Three high school boys were replacing several win- dows in the stock pavilion this week, which they had broken while throwing rocks at sparrows. Spring Valley...Two huskey newspapermen went the rounds here Tuesday. Its getting so a fellow hates to answer a knock at the door. A crippled newspaper- man had dinner at Spring Valley ranch Friday. Pine Ridge...All the farmers are busy in the fields. The ground is in fine shape for plowing and seeding. 60 Years Ago May 13, 1926 The annual municipal election for Snndance was held Tuesday, with hardly any opposition to the present officials. Edwin Rounds was~ re-elected mayor, and R.D. Thomas and H.G. Schloredt councilmen. shall be seized and impounded, and it shall be unlawful for the owner The Sundance post of American or keeper, having received a notice to confine his/her dog or other Legion has arranged for the pro- animal, to allow said dog or other animal to run at large until such time duction of the celebrated film, as a pTeried of time necessary to determine if the animal is diseased shall have elapsed and upon conviction thereof shall he subject to the penalty provision of this ordinance. {d) Upon payment of all expenses for supervised quarantine, and upon being judged free of disease by a licensed veterinarian, the dog or other animal may be reclaimed by the owner or keeper. (el Any dog or other anhnal so noticably infected with rabies and displaying vicious propensities shallbe destroyed by Police Officers or other authorized personnel from the Town of Sundance without notice to the owner or keeper. (fl If the owner or keeper of a dog or other animal is unknown and said dog or other animal shall have been impounded by employees or agents of the Town of Snndance, the Town of Sundance shall bear all expenses of a supervised quarantine. In the event the owner or keeper of a dog or other animal previously thought to be unknown claims the dog or other animal quarantined, the owner or keeper shall be responsible for all costs and expenses. (g) When a dog or other animal under quarantine has been diagnosed by a licensed veterinarian as being diseased, the owner or keeper of the diseased dog or other animal shall take every reasonable precaution to prevent the spread of the disease. In no event shall a dog or other which has been diagnosed and determined to be diseased be released from quarantine until such time as a licensed veterinarian indicates that the dog or other animal is free of all disease. SEC'IION 15: AUTHORIZATION TO ISSUE CITATIONS Police Officers of the Town of Sundance and other authorized personnel are authorized to issue citations to the owners or keepers of any dog or other animal found to be in violation of this ordinance, in lieu of impoundment. If the owner is not identifiable or locatable, the dog ~ be impounded. SECTION 16: VIOLATION AND PENALTY Any owner or keeper of a dog or other animal found xdolating any ~r0vision of this ordinance shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and shall he punished according to the prowsmns ot Urdmance No. 1, 1983. SECTION 17: DECLARING AN EMERGENCY EXISTS AND PROVID- ING FOR AN EFFECTIVE DATE Because of the problem of dogs and other animals running at large in the Town of Sundance, the Council finds and declares that an emergency exists, and that this ordinance is for the immediate preservation of public peace, safety and welfare and that it shall be in fiill force and effect from and after its passage, approval and publication. Fees set by Sundance City Council for animal licenses Fees set on May 12.1986 Male Dogs .... $10.00 Female Dogs ....... $10.00 Spayed Females---S3.00 Neutered Males---S3.00 Sundance Dog Pound Fees--S5.00 Per Day PASSED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED this 12 day of May, 1986. TOWN OF SUNDANCE by: Dwight J. Jundt Mayor ATITA'T Lila L. Butts Town Clerk named Ivan Cressman and Merle l~ at Sisson to four-year terms as councilmen. P~t Twenty Sundance high school 25 Years Ago seniors will be graduated next May 11, 1961 week in exercises starting Sunday Heavy ~ was recorded in night. TueSday's city election as Sun- A Cash Days promotion, spon- dance residents re-elected Mayor sored by the Commemial Club, Ed Fetersen to his third term and starts Friday with the first draw- Wrist watches were first made in the 1790"s, W t at Every Saturday 6 p.m. - 10 p.m. for only i " T .Yes, .that is correct. Full Cut Prime Rib l nner mcluding Salad Bar, Hot Rolls Choice Of Potato & Coffee , + 500 West Main NewcMie, Wyoming picture, The World War. This is one of the big pictures in filmdom and will be given here June 25 'and 26. Mrs. Schloredt and Mrs. Fawkes wish to thank all who attended the Peter Rabbit Operetta given Saturday May 8th. We especially wish the people to | know that Mrs. Edwin Rounds attended the rehearsals faithfully 2 and with her many helpful sug- i gestions made the undertaking a success. Also that Mrs. John Davis with her artistic ability, made the entire twentyfive clever little costumes which have called forth much pleasing comment. Aladdin...N.G. Weaver was in town last Wednesday shipping two cans of cream, The dairy side of farming is steadily increasing here. Fri., May 1 58 numbers sponsored by "The great use of life is to it for something Auxiliary spend that outlasts it." William James nst. Now is the Time to Build That New * Free Planning Service * References ALSO * Additions * Commercial Buildings * Garag "We Don't Build Houses We Build Homes" 467-5411 FHA FINANCING i and tfz co dlaffy you to t o,f Satu day, c/Hay 7t, t986 at 2p.m. Ernest and Cordelia Hoist Estate and 1986, LOCATION: mile south of Sundance. Wyo., on 116. Signs will be posted. We are so will sell our property and the following Personal property at auction. REAL ESTATE: Twp 51, Rge. 63 Sec.'22 tract in SE SE containing approx. Property has two wells, city water on property, lots of good shade trees, small garden spots, one bedroom house wah country plumbing and several out buildin! NOTE: This property has a good view of Sufldance Mountain and the hills, only from downtown. Trees'are Caragana. cottoniester hedge, spruce, green ash, lilac den willow, school bus and mail route, a pretty little place: TERMS ON REAL ESTATE: 10% down date of sale. 9% upon closing and tract for deed at 5% interest for 5 years to qualified buyer or will accept cash. announcements made date of sale will take precedence over any printed material sale bill. Real estate will sell at 1:00~ HOUSEHOLD: ApL szze gas range, chair and sofa newly upholstered, studio bed. 4 drawer file cabinet, kitchen chairs, lawn chair, small stand with drawers. with matching chest of drawers, wood cupboard with enamel top. pilgrim bench. lb. roofing Cement. trowels, redwood picnic table. Bell and Howell projector's screen" ANTIQUES & COLLECTABLES: Chippewa Indian basket, hay knife, grub hoe. daZeY white pitcher, chamber pot. 2 oak wash stands from Canyon Hotel in outhouse, several cast iron ware. apple peeler. 2 large wood bowls, several cross cul one is new. cane chair, oak fern stand, small oak table, mantle clock, corn sheller. 2 es. buggy weight, typewriter, lard press, kerosene lamps, lanterns, buck saw. oak libr hie. barrell auger, wood dasher churn, steam kon. east lake parlor table, lots, of jars. milk bottles, coal and wood cook stove, sheep herders cook stove, f~orse shoes, old car license plates, fire gong. split white oak basket, cherry pitter. dian blankets, fur muff. wall mirror; Set of 4 crystal colony fosteria. Navajo rugs. 2 oil paintings by Godfrey. Broken eral other paintings, several old books, several hand made knives, im i;)lement ~leats, misc. antique dishes, braided rugs, 2 serales, arrow head collection, horse hair ters. 6 buggy wheels, set of poles, set of shaves, 2 US Cavalry bits,3 Crockett bitS, bits, several single spurs, sleigh runners for wagon, neck yokes, Collars, haines, saddle. 2 buggy lamps, animal traps, 1930 tin toy pedal car, peace pipe, beaded Indian hammers, buggy and wagon tools, Shirley Temple 18 inch bisque doll. lady doll, small bisque doll with cloth body, secretary oak, copper boiler. jacket, several brass bells, hand sheep shears. GUNS: 73 Colt Frontier 44-40 pistol, Remington 22 target master. Ruger Ruger Black Hawk single six 357, Marlin 30-30 carbin, Westerr~field bolt action terntield 410 single shot. Winchester 20 gauge singleshot, several hand gun hucker RCBS reloading press, dies 6mm. 40-40, 357, and 308, Ithaca mauser aution mington never fired. Ithaca 45 cal. acr 1911 A1 semi auto pistol. MO44 30-30 Ruger bolt action RSI 308. new. Samurai sword. German bayonette, powder cans related items. VEHICLES AND MISC.: 1979 Honda CVCC 1.500 CC. 2 door with 48,000 cor.ds of oak firewood shovels, axes. hoes. picks, saws. wood lathe. chmkens, snow fence, picnic table. ~0 speed Schwinn girls bike. skis and poles. small RV trailer still in box. snowblowet, down comforter, fishing poles, fencing material, log chains. 19 inch TV. swing set. 1977 International Scout and much AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: The above offering of real estate and antiques is some of and good quality types of items that are seldom available in this area for a fun attend this auction with us. Real Estate Representative.Office: Martin Real Estate. Inc.. Belle Fourche. S.D.. 2594; 605-892-32,19. To view property prior to sale. contact Real Estate otfice or F~rn l Ranl~ . I~I~MaM . Lease:) Ager'a P.O. Boa 4)04; II~lle Fewer, SO |I1~17 Service Ernest C. and C( Fred Azer 16051 Ray llunter 10051 Rich Krogst~d