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May 29, 1997     The Sundance Times
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May 29, 1997

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PAGE 6 '][']RE S~A.NCE ~ MAY 29, 1997 10:20 pm C3~) 5-Day Planner (.52.) Public Affairs C419) News Daily 4~ Real Adventures of Jonny 4~) Outdoor Journ,,I +- 10:25 pm ~ Local Forecast and 6:01 pm ~Seaqueet DSV(CC)Ls0/JackVanlmpe Quest C59) Jesse Di,plantle (13) Nova (CC) ~o-l=lp . ~)(11) Osltss Weather Features 6:05 pm 0-0)(13) MOVIE: Footloose 7:38 pm (~i~) Local Forecast and 4~)(28) Wonders of Weether .10:35 pm ~)(8) (1~ M! ~, ~(11) Yesterday & Todey _~ Cornerstone ........ (!~ Homicide: Life on the Street 10:30 pm C6)(5) Surfing (Taped) 6:08 pm ~34~ Local Forecast and Weather Features ~ My Town Badly (CC) /'ul pm ~) Porever Relent (L;U) (CC) 7:50 pm ~ Storm Upd,,te ~ I'nt',,rl~ight ~12! Cops. (CC) ,, 05~(9) CBS Evening News (CC) .; ............... (10) Are You Being Served? Weather Features (i~) Unsolved Mysteries /.ub pm.~z/) MUVI=- uncon-0_/) Odd Couple (CC) ~1~ Bob Newhart 6:15 pm ~5()~ John Avanzinl 7:55 pm ~3~ Local Forecast and ~9) Howard Stern ~)(b) N,ghnlne!L,~! quereo {~j (1~ Secret World of Alex Mack ......... ~(18) Silk Stalkinrl= (CC) ~s) 8-Track Flashback 6:20 pm C$4~ 5-Day PlannerWeather Features c~1) Prime Time Public Affairs ._~ ~5~(9) La!e 5noel (CC~ ~:ua pm L~ LOCal Porecast and ~,~(21) Wild Discovery ~o)(19) Carson's Comedy Clas- 6:25 pm ~+,) Local Forecast and 6:00 pm ~(4)Comedy Hour (CC) ~ Public Affairs 1o:3e pm ~ LOCal r " Weather Fe,,tures ~s) MOVIE: Broken Trust ~7)(1.,?.) Party of Five (CC) g:08 pm @ Local Forecast and . Weather Features,, (ts~(18) Murder, She Wrote (CC) ......... sic= Weather Features {~ ~u.w=/~ {:zu pm 3(3~ 5-Day Planner ~) Pop-Up Video (7) @-1~ Paid Program (+5-0) Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (10) ~33) American Visions (CC) Weather Features lU:4', pm L3)(;~) MUVl' ~;~l~i'~/~l~Vl~ilcoverv 7:25 pm ~) Local Forecast and ~)(lg)Three Stooges (34) Weather=cope 6:30 pm ~51)(8) Jeopardyl (CC) 0!)(6) Drew Carey (CC) 9:15 pm ~_7)(27) MOVIE: Hercules _.Boy Scout (CC) (S.) ~"" " -- Weather Features ~(22)Law & Order (CC) ~) Saved by the Bell (CC) . _ (~) Exploring Idaho ('~)(12) Simpson= (CC) (1~ ~(9) MOVIE: The Rockford g:20 pm f~4) 5-Day Planner lu:_~u pm ~) S!orm u~ '+ ~(26) MOVIE: Who's the Man?7.~o pm L~(8) 1~) Something So (7) aaywateh Nights (!~ Room by Room 01~(6) Home Improvement (CC) Files: A Blessing in Disguise 9:25 pm ~ Star Hustler lU:bb pm ~!~ Loca, r, ~ Bill Clinton" Rock & Roll Pres- n.d.~ X~.~,/ C~ Weetherscopa ~ Quiet Triumphs (!~ Mad About You (CC) (CC) (S)_ _ ~C4~ Local Forecast and Weather .. Weather Feature,s_, Id~nt " 0~(6) Life's Work (CC) ~(14) Wlaeguy Feature= 11 :uu pm (] u/~.nar.e, ~3-s~ North American Fish end g:30 pm (~ MOV E: Madame ~ New=hour With 10:35 pm ~(8) 1~ Tonight Show ~/Y Odd Couple (CC) ~1~ Odd Couple (CC) i~"i19) Rescue 911 (CC) ~ Odd hCOUlPle (C.C) ....... (4~ Jet=on= (i~)(') News (CC) (~4)(11) The HOed ~(22) Biogrephy ~ .. 'e,, .P"_lnce or I:l.ei-Air (~;) Gems (CC) s CC :J~ Entertainment Tonight (CC) ~2~4)(21) Warrior Island Sousatzka (S) (CC) C ~_}) Bid Ticket ~ a-/recx P,,,snoacK @ FOX Sports News ~.~(12) Cop ( ) ~ Family Melters (CC) ~:5) Bzzzl (~)(4) Larry Sanders (CC) ~4)(11) PrlmeT!me (.~) Desert Speaks ~ Weather=cope .... (~) Quantum Leap (CC) (13)(6) NIghtllne (CC) ~i~) Pop-Up Video (~s) Bill Clinton: Rock & Roll Pres- (~3(81 News (~) Sisters t*-...) (~ Weather=cope ~) Jimmy Hog=re Planing 3~ Prime Time Justice (j~ 0~(9) Late Show (CC) ~ Nightly Business Report (CC) Ident (1_~ Nightly Business Report (CC) ~7!.Rhoda .... ~' ~ Remote Control ~ Room by Room ~ Charles Grodln 10:38 pm ~ Local Forecast and f~ Weather=cope (~(19) 700 Club lflflflflflflflflfl(~ Odd Couple (CC) ~18~ T.enn!e ~!_. S orts News (41) 12MiSt Trlumpn= ~ Digital Gurus ~ New=radio (CC) (~(z1) warnor ,s,=,, ~) FOX p .= Weather Features ~)(14) To Be Announced 0_~(22) 20th Century Prime Time Justice ~ Jeteons ~ Company of Animals 10:50 pm 1~(13) MOVIE: Duel at (~ Midwest Outdoor Magazine (7) F/X: The Series ~_s~.To Be Announced ~ News (CC) ~ Equal Time ~@ Newe Daily (4~) Yeer by Year Dl=blo ~ Hardball (~ Delivery Room ~.~(26) MOVIE' Crazy Horse@~(27) Perils of the I ~t) New Media News 7:38 pm ~ Local Forecest end ~ Our House ~ Storm Update 4~ Profiles 3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~3~ Weather=cope (~ Sex Appeai g/e . . ~-~ Comcanv of Animals Weether Feature-, ~) Real Adventure,, of Jonny 10:88 pm (~ Local Forecast end ~ Breaking Ground (~(14) News (CC) (7) Real Stories of the H ghway ~Z9~ MonKees ~ M~sl.iO:u sNe Quest Weather Features 0_~ Dexter's Labor=tory ~ AI Llndner'e In-Flaherman Patrol 3~)(19) ~ Pald Pro| orthwest Pas,,,,ge ;; ~ 0 P% %S tO:cmalUFP:ra:cen t . nd ~(20) Medical Detective,, 11:00 pm ~) MOVIE: An American (.)(28) Ultrascience (3~) FOX Sports News 3=C33C3~) Waatherscopa C~(22) American J" - o e Are You?Weather Features ~ Bob Dotson's America ~3~ Northwest Hunter (7) Gordon Elllott =co by DOO Wher Dream (CC) ~ Outdoor Journal ~ Trlel Story ~(28) Medical Detectives 8.'..00 pm (])(3) MOVIE: Mask of ff~ InterNIght (~4)MOVIE: Broken Arrow(CC) ~ Creflo A. Dollar Jr. 4(L~ News With Brian Williams ~ Users Group ~) Star Hustler ~J9 Adventure Bound ueath (CC) IS) ~ Howard Stern ~ Breaking Ground ~4~ Pacific Update InterNIght f~-)(8) ~ Fraeler (CC) (~) Prime Time Public Affair,, (~5) Swimsuit: Splash 6:35 pm (~(2) MOVIE: Summer- (CC) (4~ Rocky & Bullw nk (~5)(14) Simon & Slr~ time Switch (CC) ~ New Media News (~)(28) U trascience ~s~ Babe Wink=In' ffJ) Con Air Premiere (10) Rock & Roll (CC) ~,) Puollc Affairs (10) Charlie Rose 6:38 pm (~ Local Forecast end (~ All In Good Taste @) Behind the Scenes (CC) (~)(6) H.ome~m.provement !CC)., 9:08 pm f.~ Local Forecast and (~) New,,hour With Jim Lehrer Weather Features (4(4(4(4(4(4(4(4(4~ Weapons at War (~ Taste for Travel With Hurt Fishing Prime Time Public Affairs ~1~ ~J MUVlI::: Pace or t:v,, Weather Foaturer. Wolf (UJ FOX Sports NeW| 9:20 pm (~) 5-Day Planner {(~ 1) Prime Time Country (CC) 6:50 pm (~) Storm Update (L~ Unbroken Circle: Experi- (~ Public Affairs t D ...... ~f~CF)r~:n]tlin,, (CC) 9:25 pm (~ Local Forecast and 6:55 pm (~ Local Forecast and encas In Faith f~ Howard Stern C3~)~ Trial Story .. 6 01 pm ~Jl) eaques :)v {us.;) ~) Sisters (CC) Weather Features f~ ToonHeads 9:38 pm (~ Local Forecast and ~ Charles tiroa,n 6"08 om (i4) Local Forecast and ~J)(11) In the Hank Williams Tra- Weather Features ~ Rhode 6:59 pm fj~(18) MOVIE: An Unex- ~L6)(28) HI=tory of Rock 'n' Roll Weather Features ~-~ All In Good Taste " ~ -- 9:30 pm (~)(3) Erotic Confessions 9:50 pm ~ Storm Update (43~ True Action AdvS~ ~(18) Tennis (R) (~ Travels In Europe Weather Features ~l~l~)~ld Couple (CC) pected Family (CC) IS) 6:15 pm ~ John Avanzlnl ......... f~-3(4) Larry Sanders (CC) ~(21) Warrior Island 7:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Yanks (CC) ~ Time end Again 9:55 pm (~)(4) MOVIE: Multiplicity (4~ Unbroken Clrdl 6:20 pm ~ S-Day Planner ~,~4.~,Z1 ) w. arrlor Island ~ Nightly Business Report (CC) ~) News (CC) (~8) 1~ NBA Basketbell Play- (~ Talk Soup (CC) (S) ences In Faith 6 25 pm ~,) Local Forecast and ~ BZZZl .. ~ Odd Couple (CC) ~ Monk=el offa Championship Game -1 -- ~-~ Prelse the Lord (CC) 3(~ Locel Forecast end Weather ~ Scooby Doo When Features ~6~(28) History of Rod Weather Featura= (2~(26) MOVIE: The ~uper ~-~ Sex Appeal 3(~(19) ~) Paid Program Teams to Be Announced (S Live) 8:01 pm ~ Sighting= (CC) 10:00 pm ~)(12) (]])(6) (~) News ' ~ Life in Pacifica ~ Efrem Zlmbalist Jr. ~ BllIClinton: Rock& RolIPres- ~) Weatherscope (~)(22) MOVIE: Cracker: True (CC) f Five CC 8:08 pm @ Local Forecast and 6:30 pm ~.)(4) MOVIE: The Sub- iddent ....... 0_~ Fishing Nurth Am=rice Romance C!~(12) (7) Party o ( ) Weather Feetures (10) One Foot in the Grave C4~ Site strut= (CC) IS) ~tl~l)/'uu UlUD 4N~ Users Group (7) Gordon EiUott (10) Going Places (CC) 8:10 pm ~D(2) MOVIE: Harry and f.~ Charlle Rose ~ Talk Soup _ ,, (g~(8~ Jeoo=rdvl (CCI ~?~ CMT Showcase ~,) What's Your Hobby? (j~ 11) Dukes of Hazzerd (~ Full Gospel BU,,,,' .... ~ -'- "- " Nova CC (3~ Star Hustler ~1~(6) Grace Under Fire (CC) the Henderaone (CC) (S) ~)161 Home Improvement (CC) ~. ( ) ~) Rocky & Bullwlnkle + ~_~ weather,,cope ~i)(28) Danger Zone @ Pacific Update ~ ~s~(9) Nanny (CC) 8:20 pm (~)(13) MOVIE: Flaehd- ~1.9.) 0~.News (CC) Fellowship Internlltl| ~ Mad About You (CC) ........... ~(14) Simon & Simon ~ American Visions (CC) ance 1~ unsolved Mysteries working ,,.a ,' ~(9) News (CC) !~(14).New~ (L;U) (~) Taste for Travel With Hurt (~ Jerry Adams Fishing Country ~(11) Prime Time Country (CC) ~~ 5-Day Planner ~ Odd Couple (CC) 11:01 pm 3~) Forever r,,, ~+1) Odd Couple (CC, 3(F~) Action :=~nooter,, Wolf (!~) FOX Sports News ~j~ Odd Couple (CC) 8:25 pm 3~_~)Local For=cat and (~ 112181R ~:ceog;d aM(CCa) ~0C5C~ m .(~.5 ~(8,) ? ;0;: = ~!~ Entertalnmant Tonight (CC) ~_~ FOX Sports News ~ Howard Stern ~ Trial Story ~,_~(21) Discover Magazine Weather Features zlne 11- ~-~ Family Matters (CC) ~ Trial Story. 9:38 pm (~) Local Forecast and (~ Fresh Pdnca of Bel-Air (CC) 8:30 pm (~5) Major League Base- ~_~ Jamle Foxx (CC) ~T+X1;O Marr'ea w'"CC "'" . ~ News With Brian Williams , ~ Nightly Business Report (CC) ,,~r.~ Weather Features C.~ Weetherecope x~,-,j ..... 9:45 pm (~(27) MOVIE: Reap the WEDNESDAY ~(=7) Remember WEaN (CC) ball San Francisco Giants at Los ~ Midnight Special ( ) , ~MidnlghtSpecial Angeles Dodgers (Subject to ~(19) Carson's Comedv Clas-11:06pm~-~(6)Plltlc'l . ~) Powerboet Television ~ New Meals News . Wild Wind (CC) elci " (CC) F ~, ~) Hardball ~ usa and uam Ueelgn 9:50 pm (~) Storm Update June 4 ~(19) Hawaii Five-0 Blackout) (Live) (CC) ~1)(22) American Justice qJ~(6) Ellen (CC) (~)(22) Biography 11~08 p.m ~_ Local In Is~ History Undercover (~) Silicon Valley Bus ells Th ....... 9:55 pm (~4) Trecey Takes On.., f~ Signature Series f.l~ Odd Couple (CC) tTt Stran-e Unlv .... weamer Pastures # u .... 11:20 pm ~) 5-Day pl,,I Week ~ NOdDy Jones :ioepel The Best of II (CC) 6:00 pm (~(3) MOVIE: Friday the 3~ Newehour With Jim Lehrer ~ Selnfeld (CC) (~ William Styron: The Way of ......... :~)~ What's Your Hobby? (~ Tom end Jerry (~ Local Forecast and Weather 13th - A New Beginning (CC) (~ Nonstop Country the Writer (CC) 11 :zb pm 3~J Loca' r~ ~--~ .._=$R==n a. Daffy " ~(28) Plugging In Features (~C)weatherscope @ Weather,,cope (~ Weether,,cope Weather Features ~'~(:~R~l Denser Zane ~) BBC Travel Show Guide10:00 pm (~3) MOVIE: Open See- (]3(4) MOVIE: Eyeforan Eye (CC) .~,--, ---, ...... (S) (~-~(14) Jamie Foxx (CC) (~] Babe Winkalman's Outdoor (~(14) In the Heat of the Nlaht 11:30 pm 6(~)(5) SportsI (CC) +' (~) I Dream of Jeenn] ~' ~) Betty Jean Robinson ~ Time and Again son (CC) IS) (~(8) Home Improvement (CC) ~_~ America's Outdoor Journal Secrets 63~ pm Q-~ Local Forecast end ~ l elK =*o.up ...... C.~8) ~)(12) (~(6) (~ News (~ Gold Fever ~(27) Perils of the I; ~;...... =.., ..... ~ Praise me LOrd (uu) (~5) Baseball Tonight ~(12) Roaeanne (CC) (~ NBA Action ~ Http: ................ (10) Nawshour With Jim Lehrer (~ Cochran & Company ~ Wine Cellar (~ FOX Sports News el= 6"40 pm 0~(2) MOVIE: Labyrinth 8:01 pm (~..~.VR.5 .... (~2) MOVIE: Tron (CC) IS) (~ Cochrsn & Company ~(26).MOVIE: GerOl }~ o:ua pm ~ LOCal I-or=cast end (10) Mother end Son ~)) Wheel of Fortune (CC) (~) River' Live ~ New Scooby Dou Mysteries (~) At Home ~/~ Holiday (~ Rivers Live ~,~ nrcnlvee ~""~ " date Weather Features "~ - - 6"50 pm ~ Storm up ~-~ P.O.V. (CC) @ Paid Program (~(19) ~ Paid Prog 8"20 pm (~) 5-Day Planner (~(11) Dukes of Hazzard 1~ Cheers (CC) (~) Room for Change ~ Night Stand 6"55 pm (~ Local Forecast and ..'__ _. . (~ True Action Adventures 8:38 pm (~ Local Forecast and ~ Room for Change ~ Nons to.p.CountrY : - - - e'z~) pm (JL)(2) MOVIE" batteries (~)(9) C1~ News (CC) (~) Anyplace Wild (S) (CC) ~, waetnar Pasture,, " - ........ " ~J)(11) Life and Times of Bob ~ Quiet Trlumph,, Weather Features (~ As It Happened: Tlanenmen ~.~acl.nc update . no; InClUded {uu) ff~ Unsolved My=titles Square ~ uutooors w,m ~, 7:00 pm~MOVIE: Hanover=treat .......... ~ Wlnd-Up Wolf 8:50 pm (~ Storm Update IS) ~ LOCal Porecaet and weamer(~) Odd Couple (CC) Wills (~8) (~ Mad About You (CC) Features ......... C1.~(18) Renegade (CC) ~,~(9) CBS Evening News (CC) (~(28) History of Rock 'n' Roll 8:55 pm (~) Local Forecest end ~) Quiet Triumphs ~ Wine Cellar (10) Nova (CC) u:;~u pm L.~J~'~) /ales Prom ma (~)(21) New Detectives (~) Unsolved Mysteries @ Life in Pacitice Weather Features ~) Walt Till Your Father Gets ~ Z.~ltU.pld uo..gs_ (~)(6 Roseanne (CC) Crypt (CC) @(26) MOVIE: Crazy From the (~) Hey Arnoldl (CC) (~) News With Brian Williams 9:00 pm (~3) MOVIE: Cold Com- Home 4(4(4(4(4(4(4(4(4(U) Lira In ~,acmca Heart CI~ ~(9) Promised Land (CC) ~_~_) ....... (~(18) Murder, She Wrote (CC) (CC) _ fort Farm (CC) IS) (~(28) History of Rock 'n' Roll (~ Night Stand ,~ - S L~)Csrollneln the Clty(CC) ~i) News (CC) ~ Gossip (~)(4) Larry Sanders (CC) (~ Ou+,door Journal ++ ~ uenn~y M!nn,.,.. = . ~'~ t";arden Line ~.~b,) BaSal)all/onlghl @ Midnight Special ........... ~)(6) Spin City (CC) 0j)(ll)Prime Time Country (CC) ...... @(19) Carson's Comedy Clee- (~)(21) Wild Discovery (~) Precious Memories (~)(12) Star Trek: The Next (~) News With Brian Williams ]]:~] pm.~ muv,=. ," ~ uoo ~.;oupla (CC) sic= ~;) Saved by the Bell (CC) 7:01 pm ~) Forever Knight (CC) Generetlon (CC) {CC~ !,-,~) ~o) ~ Odd Couple (CC) (~ 5alnrelo lUU) ~(22) Biography ~(26) MOVIE: The Good, the 7:08 pm (~ Local Forecast end 0~(6) Prlmetlme Live (CC) : 1(~)(10) Boxing (Live) ~ Nonstop Country (7) Cop' (CC) Bad and the Ugly Weether Features (~) New Red Green ~,~(21) New Detectives ~ weemeracope (~) On Tour ~ Pop-Up Video 7:10 pm ~.~ Podunk Possum ~1~(11) Dallas 10:01 pm (~) Seaquest DSV (CC) ]~ !;~ pm ~to~)/boel/=I ~1~ Fresh Prince of BeI-AIr (CC) ~ .,..axes Angler ~) Weatherecope ~(22)Blography 7:20 pm (~ S-Day Planner (~ Homicide: Life on the Street 10:05 pm (~(8) New,,radio (CC) ,, ;~,,.,v,,, u~ ,~ ,-'- " ~ Midnight Special ~lJ H_Rp: ..... (~(14) In the Heat of the Night (7) Party of Five (CC) (~) O. Ratz (~2) MOVIE: The Monkey'' Un-. + ~/ .... " Kh~,IO, Haw.,i Five.0 (~ I:lest or Amerloan ueslgn (CC, ....n Mlch, an * Big Ticket 7:25 pm * Local Forecast andllC~C)odd Couple (CC) ..c01;( ': ~ apt hm~e r~e:i:Me~sv; 3~1221 MO~/IE: Cracker: True (~ Speed Racer ~) Disco .... g g (~) Keeping Up AppearancesWeather Features 1~(18) Silk Stalking= (CC)10 CC)(~) Local Forecast and - ~ uetaway (~ FOX Sports News ~) Weather=cope 7:30 pm (~)(3) MOVIE: Kids In the (L~(21) Wild Dl,,covery Weather Features ..... Big v,,,Adventure-~Jv-~ ~J .... . Homance (~(14) Sister, Sister (CC)Hall Brain Candy (CC) (S)(~) Sister, Sister (CC) 10:20 pm (~(13) MOVIE: The Holly- + ........ m,,n-t-r= ~,=rla- ~) Night Stand (~) Cochren & Company wood Knights 1 ]:~u pm ~ S, torm,~)l ~J:~'~h'n~ff~/t1~ .I.m L,,hr,=r 8:35 pm(~)(13)MOVIE: SklnGema (~) Rivers Live (~) Angler and Hunter 1~(6~) Coach (CC) (~ Pop-Up Video ~'~ ................... 8:38 pm ~ Local Forecast end ~) Paid Program @ FOX Sports News ~ 0~(9) Pearl (CC) ~)(19)Three Stooges (~ 5-Day Planner 11 .~.5 pm. ~A.~) ff :~tarltgnt (uL.) (:~) " L'CC')'" thersc e Weather Features (~) Awesome Interiors (~ Prime Time Justice (~ Odd Couple (CC) ~(22)Law & Order (CC) 10:25 pm (~) Local Forecast and ..... ~4J was op @ Fresh Prince of Hal-Air (CC) (7) Cops (CC) Weather Features ~ LOCal Porecas~ " (~ Call of the Wild 8:50 pm (~) Storm Update ~) Million: Northwest Passage (~) Equal Time "~ ed 8"55 pm ~) Local Forecast and (~) Quiet Triumphs (~ New Media News ~(27) MOVIE: Demetrius and (~) Weatherecope 10:30 pm (10) Are You Being~-eatures (~) To SI Announc . _ . the Gladiators 3~(14) Huffy the Vampire Slayer Served? weather Pastures (~ Walt Till Your Father Gets (~) Homebulldlng Digest (~) Cochren & Company - --- (~ As It Happened: Tl,,nanmen ~) 8-Track Flashback (CC) "In for G Id (~ Bob Newhart (=-#, Rivers Llvl t#:uu pm (~ MOVIE: A Time of Home (~) Weather=cope (]]~ Pro,,pe~, g o (~ Wayan,, Broe (CC) * * * "~ n De=tiny (S) (~)(28) HI=tory of Rock 'n' Roll Square , (~) Solutions In Bu,,I e,,e ....... (~) Our House (~)(14) Wayans Bros. (CC)(~ FOX Sports News ~) 8-Track Flashback . , ' ~) Awesome Interior,, (~4) Larry :~anoere {~) (~ Adventure Bound (i~ C,r~at Shine f.~8) (]]) Dltellne (CC) (~) News With Brian Wlllllms (~) Scooby Doo Where Are You? (~ Exploring the Outdoors(~ Quantum Leap (CC) (~)(19) Carson's Comedy Clas- ! I t a k e s a I (~)(28) Wonders of Weather(~ Futbol Mundial (~) Prime Time Justice =Ice e i .......... ears to g t ~, ~ Quiet Trlu~lnphs ~5) ,Spo.rfece_nta.r (CC.) . . (~C)Melroea Place (~ Outdoor Journal (~ Users Group (~) Charles Grodin (7) (~) Paid Program " Y @FIIntstone,,(CC) ~]z) ~tar /reK: ins NeXt ~)(28) HI=tOry of Rock 'n' Roll Gene~t..Ion (CC) .... 10:01 pm (~) Seaqueet DSV (CC) ~]~ InterNIght ~ Interiors by Design ~ Digital Gurus ~) Weatharacope how o|d you al (E'h I~n.nll~l~lulde + ~]uJ (~J~+PronullNk(uu) 10:08 pm (~) LooII Forecast end (~) Guide to Summer Movies(~) Quiet Tdumphs (~ Homebullding Digest (~) Interiors by Design "' '" wll ~' (~ "N-e-~" ~Vith-Brien Wlillsme (]])(6) NY..PD Blue (CC)Weather Features ~) Behind the Scenes (CC) ~]D O Clmaq~l (][~ Year by Year (~0 Quiet Triumphs --ILJnKIlO (~ M~w ,~ed Green (~ Prime Time Public Affairs (~) Life In Paclfica (~ Our House (~ Jet=on,, +, II i Report ] Richard and Irene Snider at- tended graduation exercises at Upton on Sunday, May 18. They left for Andrews, "IX on May 19 where they were guests of their son, John Seeder. and family. On May 22 they attended the gradu- ation ofthelr granddaughter, Cara. They returned home by way of I-lasl~ngs, NEand attended the 50th wedding anniversary open house for Arthur and Helen Dye. Irene and Arthur are cousins. They proceeded on home arriving In time to attend the funeral of Berenice Chatfleld. Ed Cooper recentlyreturned from El Taro, CA where he had spent a week visiting his brother, Frank. Andy and Dot Walden of En- campment, WY and Robert and Clara Stanton of CA arrived in Stmdance to attend the weddIng of Janet Engel and Jack Lake which was held on Saturday at the United Methodist Church. Merle and Evehrn Slsson motored to Buffalo, WY where they spent time with Mary Alice Canoy In the Buffalo hospital. They then drove on to Sheridan where they spent the night with Harry and Kay Sis- son and boys. They returned on Sunday. Myron GoodBon spent from Tuesday to Sunday In Crook County Memorial Hospltal. He Is at home and feeling better. Elvin and Norma Leeman were Monday to Wednesday guests at the home of Myron and MarJorie Goodson. They returned to Chey- enne on Wednesday. Karen Peter=on flew to Phoenix, AZ on May 17 where her son, John, met her at the airport. They drove to Holbrook where John resides. After helping with household chores for a week. Karen and John drove to Sundance arriving Sat- urday evening. John will spend the summer before returning to his teaching position at Holbrook. Mary Ellen Hooper and four friendB from Denver Bpent a couple of days In the area. They toured the Black Hills and Devils Tower. On Friday afternoon Jay and Victorian Mayberry from the Four Corners area called at the home of George and Beverly Paterson. Fri- day evening George and Beverly and Ted and Darlene Speldel dined at Deadwood. Larry and Shirley Beagle and Shelly Beagle of Rapid City and Evelyn Fxlwards were dinner guests at the home of George and Beverly Peterson on Sunday. The Beagles Bpent the night returning to Rapid City on Monday morning. Dorman and Ellen Bwing and great-granddaughter from Saratoga, WY Bpent a few days visiting famlly and friends In the area. On Sunday Don and Eda Gas= and granddaughter, Shelby Baker, of Upton, Carl and Joann Frederlksen of Casper, Dorman and Ellen Ewing of Saratoga, Wallace and Anna Canfield and Kenneth Frederiksen of Sundance visited the old family home site Just over the Weston County line. Some family members spent the night In campers and others Just spent the day. Some of us will remember Julius as our Rawleigh Man before he and Martha moved Into Sun- dance. Remember to attend the meeting of the Sundance Senior Citizens on Friday, May 30. Preliminary plans for the new expansion of the center will be on display. Persons are urged to come by and express their opInion. The meeting will be at 2:00 at the center. Bob and Velma Snyder of York, NE were visitors In the Sundanee and Newcastle area during the week. Velma was visiting gray=sites and former friends In the commu- niUes. She was married to Mason Roberts who operated a sawmill and produced lumber for many persons in this vicinity. They were also owners of the Bear Lodge Hotel In the early 1940's. Due toill health of Mr. Roberts. they moved to EdgemonL SD where he passed awav and Is buried there. MaT 26, 100"/ Harold Aderna's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur Adema of WInthrop, Minn., and his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Adema from Avon, S.D., returned to their homes Tuesday after attending Jordan Franzen's high school graduation in Hulett Monday evening In the gym. They were houseguests of Harold and Dab Adema, Jordan and Josh Franzen. Wayne and Dixie Garman and baby, Peggy Sue, drove to the ranch home of Will and Cherry Jones southwest of Newcastle Friday where they helped with branding. They also called on Tom and Susie Vore at their ranch near Four Corners enroute home that evening. Steve and Tina Wood and youngest son, Kyle, attended the funeral of Jim Waugh In Hulett Tuesday. Steve and Jim were cousins, Herman, Margaret and Dan W~Jte din, is buried. Roger, son of Tony and Tamie Shelly McAmis of Hulett was aRathbun, made a trip to Sundance Friday overnight guest of Lacey Saturday afternoon for repairs. German and Lacey spent Satur-They stopped for ice cream, too. daynightwith Shellyat their home. Jennie Rathbun arrived at the Bo Pat Franzen ofMedora, N.D., Eva RathbunhomeSaturdayaflernoon Jo Hollenbeck of Bflllngs, Mont., and tended to graves In the Miller Gen Prevost of Sidney, Mont., Bo Creek Cemetery that afternoon Franzen also from Sidney, Stacey before it started raining. Jones from Newcastle and Derrick Kenny and Denise Rathbun spent TvedtofBroadus, MonL, arrived at the weekend building =yard fence. theAdema-Franzen home Monday Bo and Randy Rathbun assisted. Joined others Tuesday for the an- where they all attended Jordan nual clean-up day at Tower Dlvlde Frartzen's high school graduation Cemetery with the usual group of held In the Hulett gym Monday evening. Deb Adema's mother, Mildred "IX, edt, also attended. She and Pat Franzen are Jordan's and Josh's grandmothers. Christy Tvedt of Miles City, Montana, ar- rived for the Memorial weekend at the Adema-Franzen home. Steve and Tina Wood spent Sat- nelghbors assisting. Sam YemIngton was a Friday overnight guest of Jacob Cornelia at their home In the country. Sarah YemIngton took a flight from Rapld City Regional Airport Friday to Boulder, Colo., where she attended orientation prepar- Ing for her year-long schooling In -urday shopping In Rapid City, Cassandra Wood spent the day at the Steve Wood home with Clay. Cody and Kyle. Herman and Margaret White and son, Dan, attended the fellowship coffee held in the community room of the Crook County Courthouse Sunday following funeral services held for Berenice Chatfleld at the Germany. She will leave July 19 and be there a year. Sarah arrived home Sunday afternoon. Jar=my Garman visited Will Yemington at their ranch home Saturday afternoon and Will was a Saturday overnight guest of Jer- emy at their home near MillerCreek road. Mary Garman, Tina Wood and Church of Christ In Sundance. It Ross and Wayne Garman attended was a raIny day for a funeral and gray=Bide funeral services held for umbrellas were In use. Bar=nice Chatfleld Sunday after- Cress Rathbun called at Opal noon at ML Moriah Cemetery atOudin's home Monday evening. Kenny Rathbun and family, Tony Rathbun and family, Vere and Donna Aurand, Bo and Cress Rathbun, Randy Rathbun of Gil- lette, Jennle Rathbun, Casey Tank=, and Mr. and Mrs. Jack Latimer dlned in the dining room of the Crook County Saloon Satur- day evenIng. Cress Rathbun and Jennle Rath- bun attended funeral services for Berenice Chatfleld Sunday after- noon at the Church of Christ in Sundance and the fellowship cof- fee. They shopped In Spearfish and dined out for supper and tended to family graves in Sundance before returning to the Rathbun ranch. Crook County Homemakers council met May 9 The Crook County Homemakers Council met May 9 at I0 a.m. in dollars; 4) Career youth; 5) Traditional weB more Information copy was given to each The theme for the fair cussed "From Queens Were Got Gobs" was was submitted The county serve the ChriBtian cheon Aug. 21 with a.m. This will be held in munity room. After the council luck luncheon was held community room. Mistress of ceremonies president Rub) Darlene, UEE. was to program on food raisers but Bhe had to meeting in Laramie lunch. Awards were given to the ing for their, 5 years - Kathleen Jensen and Marlene Aladdin; 30 Fears and Dorama Gain. There was an open museum in the B&T Brid Club Sundance. Minnie Williams visited at Opal's the courthouse Jury room. The Mary Garman returned home Tuesdayforenoonand FernGrubb 1997 conBtitution was adopted.The B Clul Saturday afternoon from a ten day Harper called at Opal's ranch home There was a report from Darlene, I wih trap to New Hampshire where she Saturday late In the afternoon, the 1997 Crook County Programguest, Jane Edwards, was review. It listed the top priorities Mildred Durfee place( visited a classmate, Mrs. Gordan Mary Garrnan and Tlna Wood for Crook County Extension: 1) Edwards was second (Margaret) Hale and they attended visited at the Ross Garman home Urban/rural relations; 2) home Ruland was low. a class reunion held at Glouster, Sunday after attending Berenlce baBed busIness; 3) Campaign to BeaTaveglawillbe Mass., and toured some ofthe New Chatfield's funeral service In EnglandstatesIncludingVermont.Sundance. Dixie Garman and recognize value of keepIng local June 4. She left home Wednesday, May 14. Peggy Sue had spent the afternoon Patsy (Oudin) VerMett of Boise. visiting Pamela Garman and girls. Idaho, accompanied her twin sis- Danny and Nicky Hansen and ' ,.. tar, Betty (Oudln) Stephens, of chlldren of Wright arrived Sunday Denver to Sundance Saturday.afternoon at the home ofSteve and They were Sunday, forenoon vise- Tlna Wood and sons where they tars at Opal Oudin s ranch home. spent Sunday night and Monday. It was raining and too muddy to Crlss Rathbun and grandchil- drive on to the Miller Creek Cam- dr=n, ElalnaandChesney, children etery where their father, Fred Ou- of Kenny and Denise Rath_bun and HOMES NEEDED With Dick Sackett Over 90 students from Europe, Asia & H Mon.- Frl., 8:30 AM. HULETT NEWS South America still need homes for the With Frelda Dent Monday - Wednesday - Fdday, 8:40 A.M. next school year. Won't you open yours to the rewards of hosting an AISE exchange student. Call Connie Hubbard * 283-2141 21-22 3:10 P.M. - Wyoming News In Agdoulture, M - F: This designed exclusively for Wyoming listeners, to give farmers "cowboy" state an In-depth review of the Issues and events Wyoming Agriculture. Feature Interviews with key regulady Included In this report.