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July 3, 1980     The Sundance Times
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July 3, 1980

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i.!/. i ill !i~i i~~ PAGE 2 THE SUN'DANCE TIMES JULY 3, 1900 I was sitting at home just the other night, the sports pages and the front page finished and lying on the floor. I was thinking a bit about past Fourth of Julys because it was the reflective hour of the day. I was looking through an open window, feeling the dying heat of the day and the early freshness of the evening. The sun was on its downward pulnge, casting long shadows, and I was taking pleasure in the view of the manicured greenness of the lawns and the quiet stillness of the tree-lined street. Nothing was moving on the street but somewhere in the early evening kids were playing, their shouts ringing faintly on the quiet air. For the moment it was as if time paused and waited and I suddenly seized it, found a loose edge in the tapestry and pried it open and I relived again a moment in the past. I know I hear the merry voices of children again adrift on the evening air. But was it now, this year, or was it again the cries and yells of 1938 and was my voice among them? As I say, I ~vas thinking about the Fourth of July when all this happened. What was there about the Fourth of July that was so glorious? When I was a kid it seemed like the Fourth would never come. Our brains were jammed full of visions of fireworks. We acknowledged the existence of sparklers and pinwheels, Roman candies and gushing fountains, but we lived in the world of fire- crackers. Not today's pale imitations hut the real McCoy - big, deadly firecrackers - greasy blasters bulging with powder and noise. I can remember longing them, mentally hoarding them to make them last the entire day, the powder-soaked fuses staining my fingers. By the end of the day, the smell of firecrackers was in our mouths, our fingers were slick with powder, our clothes smelled of it. The streets and sidewalks were IRtered with the splintered of exploded firecrackers. Duds, bent and split across the middie and then burned, lay grotesquely in all sorts of places. It was a day of abandon and because automobiles then were not what they are now, most families stayed at home or in the neighborhood. Men and women gathered and sat on the front steps, something you don't see much anymore. Home-made root beer was broken out, emerging in crocks and jars from cool basements. Glasses were filled and chunks of ice dumped in. You could see the men in the neighborhood at the old ice box, icepick in hand, stabbing at blocks of ice. The glass was cold in your hand and you laid it softly ~gainst your cheek and watched the mysterious bubbles rise and sparkling. The root beer was dark and the tang hurt your tongue and when the coldness hit a sensitive tooth it hurt clear to The Sundanee fishing pond is the site of the annual fireworks display sponsored by the Sundance Snowmobile Club which will be held July 6 starting at dusk. Highlights of the display includes mortars, ground displays and aerial displays. Pictured above is Arly Maynard, left, and Jean Jones working on gxmmd displays during an assembling party held at the Maynard home last Memiay evenias. Chadie Jones, left, and Rich Staedley, president of the Snowmoldle Club work on the "goodnight" display to be featured during the annual fireworks display sponsored by the Snowmobile Club, which will be held at the Sundance fishing Susan James University Extension Agent, Crook County Fireworks for the Fourth of July can he a lot of fun, but pre- cautions must he taken if fire- works are to be used safely. There have been safety mea- sures built into most fireworks sold today, but still persons are severely injured each year due to simple carelessness and ignorance of safety precautions. Individual states throughout the nation have adopted their own regulations concerning fireworks. Of these states allowing their use, most are restricted to Class C fireworks. Class C fireworks include the following: Fountain, California candies, spike and handie cylin- drical fountains, Roman candies, rockets with sticks, wheels, snakes, illuminating torches, sparklers, mines and shells, whistles without report, toy smoke devises and flitter devices, helicopter-type rockets, party poppers, missile-type rockets, and firecrackers with no more than 50 mg. powder. Wyomin_g's law allows Class C fireworks, but specifies where they cannot be used. Such areas include state parks, historic sites, Sundance the Children and adults have lost fingers, feet, sight, and suffered extreme burns due to careless- ness in the use of fireworks. In addition to these precau- tions, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has listed the following recommendations: -If you permit older children to use fireworks, be sure they use them only under close adult sup- ervision. Do not allow any run- ning or horse-play while they are being used. -Light fireworks outdoors in a clear area away from houses and flammable materials {gasoline cans, etc.) --Besure other people are out of range before lighting fireworks. --Never ignite fireworks in a container, especially a glass or metal container. An unexpected explosion could' be fatal. --Store fireworks in a dry, cool place and check instructions for special storage directions. Mexicans enter county illegally Four Mexicans who entered the U.S. illegally were picked up in the driver did license and upon the four were the country held in the Crook few days. About 9 a.m. tion officials from arrived in them back to Youths in in PH A 1975 Chevy Edward J. Marrow, was involved in at the north end Haven Road. The of the passengers and the other were thought to be the sheriff's office. According to vehicle was speed when the make the curve. The and rolled over The sheriff's office ! by Pine Haven. The three Arnoldi, Steve John Babcock. *$*$$ A real friend is takes a winter drenched beach doesn't send a card. campgrounds and recreation grounds. {Wyoming Statutes Art. 2 Sec. 35-10-201 through 2071. L Certain exceptions to these for supporting our annual Tootsie Roll drive to rules are outlined in the statutes children: Sundance State Bank, Hughes & Huges, and include fireworks used for Energy Electric, Aro Restaurant, Tracy Motor ( public display. Standard, Boyd s Super Foods, Hartl's Car Wash, Fl In addition to limitations placed Petersen Lumber & Grain Co., Arrowhead Motel, on use under the state statues, Motel, Dime Horseshoe Bar, JVK Realty, each city may adopt its own Sundance Times, Security Insurance Co., Longhorn ordinances further limiting use dance Appliance Center, Dillon Furniture, Perfect and purchase. Traditionally, Turf Bar, Sharps' Hardware, Jack & Jill Shop, your ankles, pond on July 6 at dusk [about 9 p.m.] cities within Wyoming have out- And later in the heat of the day, the ice cream freezers came into ============================================================================================== lawed the sale of fireworks within play. You could hear them turning, the ice grating, and the men, with ..~: ............ :..~ the city limits. cigarette in their mouth, would langh and call to other men. i~:i Hulett In December of 1976, the U.S. And their shouts would arise as they sat there,!n ,undershirts and i~ ~]il Consumer Product Safety Com- ":" $::mission issued regulations lower- work pants:,"Hey, old lady, would you check this? , ' More ice, more ~ "]~ing the permissible charge in ice, for God s sake, hon, more ice.' And the women s voices answered back: "Oh, keep your shirt on, old man." "Never ~d the babe II Florence Osborn !iifirecrackers to 50 milli~. In across the street, keep the salt out of the ice cream. You ve got all you :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: addition, the new regulations can handle right here." provide performance specific~- Tiu'm~h it all, never ending, never ceasing, came the sound ofJune 25-30, 1980 Belle Fourche shoppers and had tions and labeling requirements Bookkeening. KNIGHTS OF COLt fireworks. Most of these people were poor people - they had no TV First I would like to make a supper with Mr. and Mrs. Clarke for common fireworks devices, sets, no stereo, no boats, not much of anything. They played correction regarding the first note Butts there the 27th. including a requirement that : [ Will a horseshoes and sat around, langhing and talking. Mostly all they had in the Huiett column of June 26th. fuses burn at least three seconds support for r~d~h other and for most of them this was enough; it was all they It should have read: Interim Pas- tor and Mrs. H.M. Theetge of Kokesh attends but no more than six seconds. This is a requirement that in the UlX The late afternoons were haunted. The adults and ~ children Lantona, Flordia. I m truly sorry regional FFA meet persons must be aware of. The mary to the took naps. The bigger kids disappeared. There wouidn t be a soul in of my misunderstanding and ex- sight anywhere but if yon listened you could hear the shouts riding on tend apoligies to all concerned - Mary Jo Kokesh, daughter of thatreas°npersonsit was wouldinstitutedhaveWassomeS° :~:~ I~ the stilled air, echoing across the heated afternoon of a summer day in also to all readers of The Sun- Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kokesh of the : Wyomin Vermont. dance Times. Sundance area, is attending a idea of .how much time would elapse before the firecracker goes g Gone, gone with the wind those simpla afternoons of.anoth!r age. ~'~Word has been received byregional FFA leadership off, and how long before a person i Vanished like the dinosaur and faded like an old love affair - and gone relatives here telling Of the recent conferencF for state officers at -could he reasenable a~s, ured the with them the sights and smells that made them what they were. and unexpected death of Mrs.Billings, Mont. this week. I HOUS| Mary is a member of the Bear firecracker was a "dud . One thing that must be stress- What made the Fourth of July such a jim-dandy holiday? Was it Pauline Tate, widow of the late Lodge chapter, Sundance, and is ed, is that under no circum- I because it marked the anniversary of the date of our freedom? G.C. Tate, better known as Represen There never was another holiday with the verve and the zing of July "Judge", to old acquaintances the Wyoming Third Vice Presi- stances should anyone attempt to dent. relight a firecracker which does damnedF°urth" worldlt WaSstoodthe dayin its°f tracks.daYS' an enchanted time, when the whole here.Betty residedPauline andin Losher daughterAngeles, The FFA Conference is design- not go off the first time. The S==~ E_ It was a simple life, really, and many kids were hurt on the Fourth of California. All friends here ex- ed to improve leadership andreason is that once lit, the safety July. It was senseless. Some of them lost eyes and fingers and I tend sympathy to Betty and her communication skills, to develop measures no longer are effective danmmd near did. Life was leisurely but even then the profound and brother and their families, an understanding of state FFA and the person runs the chance of disturbingly complex problems of today were being compounded. Ted Medley of Los Angeles and officer responsibilities and pre- the firecracker going off unex- I looked across the green lawns and up the deserted street and in a friend traveling by motorcycles pare the oficers for more leader- memory the glass was ice-cold against my cheek, stopped hereon the 22nd to call ship roles in the state FFA as- pectedly, y sociation. The conference is also The proper procedure under The shouts, the cries of children playing, still echoed, on the former s niece, Mrs. Helen a forum to exchange ideas be- such circumstances is to douse The Children Of .' O grand, O glorious Fourth of July, I thought, while my mind held Morris and her daughter Mrs. the memories but even then time moved and the shouts and the cries Larry Goodell and family. The tween officers from several the firecracker with water and i throw it away. states ton',' receded and that special, sharp recollection was indeed gone - gone two men were enroute home after Besides training sessions, the Another important safety pre- with the wind of late afternoon just before the Fourth of July. a trip to the eastern part of the program includes a public speak- caution is to read thoronghiy the R,L. and Mane Hap nation, warnings and instructions for ::::::..:.:::::.:.:::.:::.::~:::::.:::.:::.:.:::.:.:::::::::.:.:.:.:.:.:::.::::::.:.:::::::::::::.:::::.:..:::::::.:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: Mr. and Mrs. Frank (Veronica) ing workshop, a FFA quiz contest each firework. Powder charges Taylor of Rock Springs, Wyoming and a banquet program designed differ from one to another, as do geuJQh toimprove communication skills, means for launching them and !~ ii!i are parents of a daughter horn :;~ :':" June 23. She weighed 8 lbs. 5 ~/~ Working with national officers, specific warnings explaining what Invite All Friends and Relatives ii!i ozs. and has been named Jeannie who have traveled thousands of ::!: Maureen and joins a 2 year old miles employing skills and infor- can be expected once the firework To Celebrate Their 50th Wedding A~ iii! IVlargaret BJakeman is lit. With Them at Their Home I !i mation dealing with FFA, is an Another safety measure is to At 604 South 4th St. , Sundance brother. Paternal grandparents added highlight of the con-keep a pail of water n e~_=by to :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::.:::::::.:::::::::::::::::::::..:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.:::::::::::::.~:`~ are Mr. and Mrs. Taylor of Douglas, Wyoming and maternal °ference" June 30, 1980 the week, where Mrs. Follum had grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Mr. Richard Hubbard is the douse fireworks which don t go off and to meet any emergencies Jane Dunbar and Kathy Van dndergone major ,surgery. On Bernie Delancey of Hulett. Bear Lodge chaptersponsor,which may occur. Ningen were hostess to the Beu- Sunday the Islands visited Mrs. Steve Nevil has returned to his ***** It's important to remember the Sunday , July 13, lah Birthday Club on Wednesday, Pearl Finch at her ranch home out home at Canby, Oregon after A little learning is a dangerous severity of injuries which can be which was held at the Sand Creek southwest of Sundance. visiting his brother-in-law Zack thing...and a little ignorance ain't inflicted by a single firecracker. Trading Post. Twelve members, Mr. and Mrs. Bill Strong at-Jay and other relative and many so hot either. ~ .................................. .........~.~.:~....~..~...........~......~...~..:~.......~........%.....°...~.....~...~.:~.....: one guest and seven children tended church at the Latter Day friends here. From 2 to 5 P.M. were in attendance to enjoy the Saints church in Gillette on Sun-- "iii':