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July 15, 1993     The Sundance Times
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July 15, 1993

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cago White Sox at Milwaukee York Mets at :SanPrancnscoIB Hidden_. Keys to a Loving Re- 6:00 pm O MOVIE: M.v Cousi" mm TexasMOVIE:connectionMUrder One p,~r]~ 4 ~ Slj'I~I~L-~CII~- ~ JULY 15, 1~J~3 Brewers (Live) Giants (Live) latlonsnlp Vinnv I~$ "" "'" f r--od ...... " "-" ley's Passions IB Wheel of Fortune (CC) m Mac & Mutley W Wam.ng o.I _u ..... m Laurel Avenue (CC) m Thirtysomathing 11:00 pm m MOVIE: Rascals end m Star Trek: Deep Space Nine 2:30 pm m MOVIE: The Toy jj lrucas ano lreCtor ~,owor tH) II~ IBI t~ ir.r.~ m F-Troop Robbers: The Seorat Adventures (CC) ~]1 MOVIE: The Naked Gun 2 _..._. Golden _id_ ,..v, (S) I~ Major League Baseba m MOVIE: O.S.S. of Tom Sawyer end Huck Finn Im South Dakota Outdoor Guide 1/2: The Smell of Fear (CC) (S) Q m Pa.id.Program _ . Teams to Be Announced (Live) :35 pm i m Star Hustler m Opry Backstage m Auto Racing (Taped) ~ Airreo HncnCOCK vresents m Wheel of Fortune (CC) The See m Nashville Now m Jeoperdyl (CC). m LPGA Golf (Live) tD John Ankerborg m Wealth Without Risk (CC) m Doble Gillis I~ MOVIE: The Clan of the Cave I~ Winners (R) (S) m Wild Sanctuades t~ MacNeil/Lehrer Newshou~ m Tonight Show (CC) m MOVIE: Lunch Box (S) Bear m Intamal Medicine Update m MOVIE: Carefree (CC) Coustesu's Rediscovery m Paid Program m Cladssa Explains It All (CC) Im Arcade .... 10:00 pm m m IW News III Crook and Chase the Wodd Channel Station City m Peld Program m Cdme inc. ID MOVIE: Field of Dreams (CC) m Just the len o1 us . .m Baseball Tonight (R) i Jeonerdvl (CC) m Nightline (CC) m DISN Premium m Family Feud m News (CC) (S) m Those incredible A n0mais (~ Perfect Smile m 1 A ~'[.ew" ID Sweating Bullets IB MAX Premium m Discoveries Underwater m MOVIE: Rem'~mber the Night m Young Riders (CC) m What'sH_a_ppenlngll... m Time Trsx (CC) O Pa~ddge Family ID Inside Edition (CC) IB HaD Premium m News (CO) m MOVIE: Weatwodd m MOVIE: The Gun and the Nun 3:00 pm ..8 LP~A UOll (uve) Im Mysteryl (CC) m Murder She Wrote ICC~11:00 pm tm Chadle HOSe m KTWO Casper m MOVIE: Thirteen Women m Investigative Reports m Challenge m t-:u.v. ~.1 ...... Im Truckin' USA (R) (S) O Younn Ridors iCCZ ' " Im Nashville Now Q ESPN Sp0ds m Wildlife Mysteries 11:05 pm m Herd Copy (CC) ~ MOVIE" The Kentuckian aD Cnamplonsnlp Hooeo (~)ID News (CC) m Ql,,,,,,~ A ~Imn~ ' ID Dobie Gillis e KIVV Rapid City11:05 pm m MOVIE: My Heroes11:06 pm m Arsenio Hall (CC)D MOVll=: Rebel Without am Family Practice Update O m Paid Program ~ N'at'ur'al-Wod";:l"- m Hollywood Insider iD WGN Chicago Have Always Been Cowboys 11:30 pm m Sportscenter Cause IB Wild 5ida m Supermen ~ ur~vm. Th,~ _in,n,1 ,,n,4 th, m Paid Program I Tr u le -- "~ ....................... g TBS AUania (CC) (S) Im m Paid Program 6:30 pm IB Noah's Animals L~ Doub . o !b _. m Hollywood Insider Silence m Kiner's Korner Q KOTA Sheridan I Arsenic Hall (CC) IB Petty Duke ID Designing Women (CC) I~M Huntersln me ;~xy m John Oateen (CC) m n,,vi,4 L W-,In,,r Pr=-ents (D Sharks on the Bdnk ol Q9 KGWC Casper m Herd Copy (CC) m Klner's Komer m Im New WKRP in Cincinnati (B P.unky_urewstar m Return to Meerkat Valley 6.'~ l-n1-ID De~;ning''Womev tion g KPSD Vermillion11:30 pm m Motowodd 11:35 pm m m Late Night With(CC) m M UV!I=: uare.rr.ee. . . m Street Justice /CC~ m News (CC) . 0D TNN Nashville m m Paid Program David Lettormen m This Old House (CC) m M(3VIP.: No rl.n oy Normwest m MOVIE: The Sound sod the~ ~lioht Court I~1 Shedock Holmes. my I KMGH 0enter m Patty Duke m Kids in the Hall m Grand Die Opry Live m In :~earcn u;._ . _ Silence Ills ~"Cheers ICC; 11:05 pm m Arsenio Hall O LIFE Lifetime m Joe Franklin IB Rush Limbeugh m Roundhouse 3.'.05 pm ~ los ~k Jerry's Pun- (m MOVIE: Dial M for Murder m Texas Connection ID Hard Copy (CC) g9 NICK NIckei0de00 11:35 pm m m Late Night With 7:00 pm m MOVIE: Conreck nouse ...... t0:25 pm m MOVIE: Hitz (CC) (S) ibm Wheel of Fortune ICCI 11:25 pm ~]J MOVIE: Blue USA New York David Lettermen m Ratum of TV Censored ;~:10 pm IBI lent.n inn0.n9 .... 10:30 pm m MOVIE: Polly m Get Smart " " (S) FAM eem,v m soen, of th. Cdme SATURDAY Bloopers (CC) 3.'..30 prom Basxetosu ua~tle o! m MOVIE: Rearvlew Mirror 6.'~ pm m Making Their Mark11:30 pm 8 MOVIE: A Ch !) WWOR New York m Rush Limbough I~ Young Indiana Jones Chroni- 3tar..s uapeol m Wodd Tomorrow (CC) for Robin 11000 JCF Shoppl,g July 17 c,.. (cc) o iwili ght Zone . I~ On Scene: Emergency Res-7:00 pm m MOVIE: Carousel m Auto Racing (Taped) liD TOC DIcc0v0ry Woman (CC) W Paean .. m Exciting Wodd of Speed end (CC) E Pa..L~YuD.uKe O KTLA L0, A,Oe~,, FRIDAY 12:00 pm 4~ MOVIE: Police Ace- m I~ Dr. Quinn, Medicine W MeDiCal I-regressing penal (CC) m m Fresh Pdnce of SeI-Ah Q I~ Paid Program (B AMC Clecclcc demy 4: Citizens on Petrol (CC) m Evening el Pops W My ~0smr ~am Beauty (R) (S) ~m Oav One ~CC~ w~ uv~; ...... IB TNT Wil,oi, July 16 m Multiple Personalltloa: The m Statler Bros. IS us~iers I~ q~ m Paid Program m dl~'Evenlnn Shade ,CC~m Joe Franklin I~ VH-1 Video Hits 1 Search for Deadly Memodes I~ Ren & Stimpy __~ PunKy.urewste.r .... I~ Dobie Gillls ~ ~ame in ~he 20th' Century11:35 pm m MOVIE: China i~ CSPAN Gover0menl12:00 pm m Auto Racing (R) (CC) t~ MOVIE: Big Jim McLain3:3~ pm W ~;apm~n Planet eno I~ Feed the Children ~CC~ (S) ID A&E New York m MOVIE: Trooper Honk m Paid Program I~ Wings of the Luflwaffe the Plan~eteere (.~,) .... 10:35 pm m Roseenne (CC) ~ ~lashvllle Now I~ I~ Late Night With Da I~ CMTV Country m MOVIE: Splendor inthe m Star Trek: Deep Space Nine m MOVIE: The Money Pit 4:00 pro.U_ A.vonlea I~!... m Inside Edition Weekend (CC} m MOVIE" Switched at Birth terman ~, Grass (CC) m MOVIE: The Four Feathers m Muvn:: wan,amos i~)) 11:00 pm m MOVIE: Inner Senc- I~ Drennat m National Geograpn,; ..... 12:30 pm I~ MOVIE: Man Trouble m Flying Lure 7:30 pm m Tales From the Crypt B Paid Program ~ turn I~ W~V~. Monday Night Raw piorer (CC) -. (CC) (S) m Computer Chronicles (CCI I~ Hoggin's rleroeu m American Muscle arm ~,,h~-, n,,wlln,, Mve~,~d,~, m Scene of the unme THURSDAY 1:00 pm m Major League Base-m Truckin' USA (R)(S) Q Are You Afraid of the Dark? m MOVIE: Polly ..... m Personal Power ic'ic~ ............... m Rush_Limbaugh ball Colorado Rockies at Chicago (~ Anything but Love 8:00 pm lJ MOVIE: Def by Temp- Im w ee~..ena .iravel ups ate I~ Arsenio Hell (CC) m ~lewa iCC) July 15 C-bs (Live) m Frog Pdnce ration IB ~u.~ i=ven.lng News t~,~,) m Star Trek: The Next Genera. ~ HMS i=an(iore In Pursuit of ......... Im World Roller Hockey League I~ Big Valley m Dream On (CC) W MCLau.g.n.lln uroup " Ttlon (CC) the Bounty " |UI"~:)UJ0~Y 12:00 pm I~ water Skiing (R) Express vs. Typhoon (Taped)m A-Team m I~ Empty Nest (CC) I~ Hemooeling & uecoreung o- I~ Going Our Way m MOVIE: Night Train to Munich / Ul'" 20 m Centennial m Lead-Off Men m Wild About Wheels (R) m New Year (CC) gay._ . m I~ m m Paid Program kll Shedock Holmes MVatades ~ m MOVIE: Assault on the 1:05 pm m Tom and Jerry's 50th m soul Train I~ I~ MOVIE: K-9 (CC) (S)m Pirenghta_rs . m Petty Duke 7:~ ,,m am Laurel Aven~Je ~CC~ .......... Wayne Birthday Bash 12:30 pm m Paid Program m Austin City Limits L~ Med!caLP'r.g.remmlng m African Shark Sefad B a ~sh Pdnce of I~l-Air 12~uu pm Ill muv,c: rv 12:30 pm m MOVIE: That Kind of 1:15 pm m Major League Base-m Lifestyles of the Rich end Fa- m Dencln' at the Hot Spots I~ Pam uy uOUnle.uare m News (CC) (CC) t~.~,~ Lo] ...... Woman ball Colorado Rockies at Chicago mous I~ Hidden Room m My /we.uses !~)..... m MOVIE: The Gunfighter m m Harlan & Medeen (CC) ._lOB MOVll=: u.es.tmy o_La_, 1:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Star Trek V: Cubs (Live) m Sportsman's Showcase m Padrldge Family I~ mg isromer JaKe (~,t.,I 11:05 pm m Prime Suspect am Dick Van D" ke lZ:~o pm P.~ muvm: ur~u, The Final Frontier (CC) (S)1:30 pm m Crazy About the Mov- (m Joy of Painting m Silk Stalklngs (CC) ~.~ Wings .... ID Hard Copy (CC) 8.'~ nm I~ MO;~E" aloodfight (S) -sage ......... I~ World Roller Hockey League les (CC) m NHRA Today (S) ~ News (CC) I~D New Leave it to iseaver 11"15 om m MOVIE: Spaceman in ~ ~ m, ..... ~ l:UU pm I~1M(JVll=: uuell~ Blast vs. Wave (Taped) m MOVIE: Remember the Nightm Anything but Love m-- Adventurers" " m Real West . _ . King" ~ Arthur's Court (CC) ,,w i,Th ......... m Birds ~""'CC Mighty_. Sword_ 1:15pro mMOVIE: Nonebut the 2:00 pmmPGA Golf(R) m Discovery Sporl(R) mComedy on the Road 4:05 pm I~ WCW Main ,'vent 11:30 pm I~ Chef Presents Lorl = ~l~urohv (ro~n (CC) .l~UlOW_ua.Ya(R) _ _ Brave (CC) m MOVIE: Snake Treaty 1:00 pm m Olnoseud (CC) 8:05 pm m MOVIE: Gold of the Wrestlln~ ........... Davis Hair Care m Gardon~Llne l!;~u PmRU monster lru~ 2:00 pm m PGA Golf (R) m MOVIE: The Violent Men m MOVIE: Big Men on CampusAmazon Women 4.'_15 pm IB]I MOVlI:: I:oole ano me ~D Exploring Amedce: Side b~ m Alan Jackson One N oht in le,~ng.e,..t,P,-L ....... m MOVIE: Go Toward the Light 2:30 pm m MOVIE: Explorers (S) (S) 8:15 pm m MOVIE: Chino urulseru Side Austin - I~ mOVll': A Uln Nem(m m MOVIE: Gun Fury I~ MOVIE: Rods (CC) ~ P;~lr:;~)agnr:l~ (S) ~L,~ _ _ (~ F-Troop I~ Silk Stalkings (CC) ~l~e~x~)~ F~9 3:00 pm IB MOVIE: Quest for the 3:00 pm m MOVIE: Ball of Fire acing (Taped) 8:30 pm m MOVIE: Cyborg Cop 4-30,pm m m NBC Nightly News I~ I~ I~ m Paid Program I~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC)2.'_00 pm I~ MOVIE: For Ri( Mighty Sword 4:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Ralcela endm Star Trek: The Next Genera-~ ~goeR~fm~ti :ou (CC) (~ciAPm~e~r;~frc N:::C ) Sunday 1111~rn~lia h: nE~S~::e( ~ )th ~L~vr ~0~t is~.~ t ~en Ba:;ob ~pi la NreeW ~,E I~ MOVIE: Gleaming the Cube Robbers: The Secret Adventures tion (CC) i TO;:~IAy:i~I1, (CC) (S) of Tom Sawyer end Huck Finn I~ PBA Bowling (Live) (CC) I E( : MOVIE: The Great Impostor m NBA Today I~ Sewing With Nancy 4:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Krull (S) 4:15 pm m Tenth Inning I~ inside Winston Cup Racing m Heart of Courage ~) John McLeughlin's One on 11:55 pm El Larry Sanders (CC) m Sharks on the Bdnk of Extinc- 2.'_30 .prom MOVIE: W.W. m inside the Senior PGA Tour 4:30 pm m MOVIE: Honeymoon (S) 9:00 pm m Glenn Frey: Strange une . . . " tion u~xt.e uanceK!ngs. _ . 4:30 pm m MOVIE: Robot Jox (S) Academy (CC) (S) m Unsolved Myltades Weather m Shedatree mocnamc Ita/'tlkl rtAV m MOVIE' The sound end theIL~ wona HOller HOCKey Im Up Close m Up Close gl Muppetl: A Celebration of 30 m m Reasonable Doubts (CC)t~ CBS.Evening News. (CC) 1,1.~./I,~1 i~.t m S=~ence --F~r~ VSg~Ve (~ ~P~d) 5:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Footloose 5:00 pm m Sportscentor Years I~ Baseball Tonight I;D MeSCal ~,regrammlng JUlY am Love~o,, M,,stades ~s:3u pm ~ Max um (CC) (S) ~D MOVIE: The Greatest Show m MOVIE: Deep Trouble (CC)(S) ~m N"ws 'CC~ I~ Guts ~ _u~_ :!..~ ..... m MOVIE: Sulliven'e Tr ,u ,, k i a.3u pm ID II mosses &~) I1~ Sportacenter on Earth ~D Ounsmoke m Commish (CC) L~ My Two Duds (CC) 12:00 pm ~ Surfing (H) O News (CC) 4~OOr.pm m MOVIE: Rob m Major League Beset)ell Cali- (~ Major League Baseball Caii- m Knight Rider m New Country Video ll~ Inet .s My u.og _ I~ MOVIE: The Movie Murderer m m Love & War ~CC~ ~.-~-~'! L"~ ........ fornta Angels at Cleveland Indi- fornia Angels at Cleveland Indi- m Nature Watch Im Onrv Backstage m New Leave it to Beaver ~9.t=; nm ~ MnVIF. Th~ Navedmn ~ u.-. -r.m.. u....'.= a~.r.~ ~ MUVI~.: ~ne Deep &= ans (S Live) ans (S Live) m Apollo Comedy Hour m Un"s;)lved Mys;edeu _.~_ MOVI..E:J;~flGEU~flelg;itT~c. ;'~;30 ;m Q J"e't'Sk;lng(R)- - 3 F%'~;~lto~s'e ('~C'~" "~'~' ~. iLi!~cStodee: F,~ m MOVIE: The Rose TMtoo m MOVIE: The Fudel ~ MOVIE: Song of the Islands (~ Partridge Family :).~ pm I~. M : .... ~ ) 12"45 pm m MOVIE: Assault on a ~ Towed In a Hole u nsls ( . ) _ _ . 5:30 pm m PBA Bowling (Live)5:30 pm I~ Major League Base- m MOVIE: The Outriders (~ MOVIE: Mugsy's Gida j wono.er..~ear.s !Uu) Queen 8:35 pm I~ MOVIE: Your Choatin' _1~_ HunnLng &,.H.a.cmngI F 5:35 pm (~ Major League Base- ball Teams to Be Announced m MOVIE: Rape Man t~ Bonanza: The Lost Episodes I~ u.aseDa.ml ~.on0gnL. 1:00 pm I~ Cirque du SOleil lit A Head 4~ .p.m iD muvm, os bail Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta (Live) 1:30 pm m MOVIE: Pizza Men (S) m Streets of San Francisco L~ unto.u.c_naoles (uu) _ New Experience (CC) 8"45 nm ~1 MOVIE" One False _.Lql up ut~ose .... Braves (Live) m Dugout (~ Paid Program ~ Challenge ~ MUVI": Perry Mason: Toe m Surfer Manazlne (R) ;,_. ~. ,~ " b:oo pm ~ ~porrscen[er 6:00 pm m OInoseud (CC) 5:35 pm I~ Major League Base- m Lead-Off Men m MOVIE'. Mask Case of the Soendelous Sooun- ~ MOVIE'. ~sire Under the ::wa'~"~'~m~,,,, ~ ~,wam ,-.--u"~ ~oom ...... :ou m In Wildness J~ MOVIE: The Stranger (CC) (S) ball Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta Jm Body Electdc m MOVIE: Where the Sidewalk drel Elms ,CC~ J~ MOVlE..One Hour W I~ m Golden Gids (CC) Braves (Live) (m Auto Racing (R) (S) Ends m Baywatch (CC) _ 1:30 pm I~ Monster Truck Chef O Baseball Tonight 5:30 pm IL~ water Sl(llng m Major League Baseball Co- 6:00 pmmMOVIE: Back to Hanni- mGlobal Family I~ Caroline's Comedy HourL~ Ame.dca'a New u.ount~/ . lenge (R) m Night Court p~Majo! League 9 30 m MOVIE Blink of an lid9 wasnmgton weex m Hevmw u,gu ,~uuo =, Iorado Rockies at Chicago Cubs bah The Return of Tom Sawyer 2:00 pm J~ King of the Beasts : p I~J : 2:00 pm m MOVIE: Gleaming the (~ m Northom Exposure (CC) (Live) (Live) and Huckleberry Finn (CC) (S) m m Major League Baseball E~ve (S) (CC) Cube (CC) (S) J~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) li) MOVIE: Three Men and Crs- Colorado Rockies at Chicago I~ Sportscenter (~ ReceDsy Update (S) I~ Max Out m Major League m Star Trek: The Next Genera- die Cubs (Live) m MOVIE: From Hell to Victory (~ News (CC) m MOVIE: Who's That Gid? fornia Angels at Boston tlon (CC) J~ MOVIE: The Golden Child (S) (~ Auto Racing (Taped) I~ Lonesome Pine Special (~ Physicians' Journal Updato (~ MOVIE: Medowe (S Live) (~ MecNell/Lehmr Newshour m ~J Golden Girls (CC) ~J LPGA Golf (Live) m Grand Die Opry Live (~ Looney Tunes 2:30 pm m MOVIE: Spies Like Us 5:35 pm m Major (CC) O Major League Baseball Chi- I~ MOVIE: The Final Countdown I~ Partridge Family (~ MecGyvor (CC) (CC) ball St. Louis Cardinals m Crook end Chase cago White Sox at MilwaukeeI~ Quilting for the '90s10:00 pm m I~ (m News (~ Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC) m Wodd Roller Hockey League Braves (Live) m Jeoperdyl (cc) Brewers (Live) m MOVIE: Code Name: Dancer m Superbouta (R) m Simon & Simon Aztecs vs. Titans (Taped) 6:00 pm m Walt Diane m LA. Law m Wheel of Fortune (CC) m You Can't 0o That on Televl- m Kung Fu: The Legend Contin- ~ Nature of Things 3:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Here Come m MOVIE: Cleercut (S} m Partridge Family I~ Night Court lion I~ MOVIE: Valley GIH m Murder, She Wrote (CC) m MacNoll/Lehrer Newshour I~ Bonanza: The Lost EI)isodes ues (CC) the Gids I~ MOVIE: Buffy the I~ Statler Bros. m Jewel in the Crown 3:30 pm m Max Out Slayer (CC) (S) m Young Riders (CC) (CC) m Love Boat I~ News (CC) 5:05 pm m Amedcan Sports Cav- 4:00 pm I~ Party All Night Conoert m m Golden Gidl, m Renegade m Crook and Chase m Norman Rockwell: An Amed-(~ China Beach sicade (S) (CC) I~ Wheel of Fortune m Saterl I~ Jeoperdyl (CC) can Portrait I~ Supermen 5:30 pm I~ Wonder Years (CC) ~1 MOVIE: Without a Trace I~ Star Trek: The m MOVIE: 3 Godfsthere m L.A. Law m What's Heppeningll I~ CCM-'rv I~ Wall Street Week (CC)I~ Thoroughbred Digest tlon (CC) m Real West ~1~ Partridge Family 2:30 pm m MOVIE: The Mark of (~ Paid Program lid Croserosde 4:16 pm m MOVIE: Cadence (S) m MecNell/Lehrer 8:30 pm m Designing Women m Murder, She Wrote (CC) Zorro m Wings of the Luftwaffem Ob/Gyn Update 4:30 pm m Up Close (CC) ~IC) m Simon & Simon m Wide Wodd of Sports (Taped) I~ MOVIE: Rebel Without a m Looney Tunes ~D Crook and Chase Court (B Jeoperdyl (CC) I~ Cheer; (CC) (~ L.A. Law m Wheel of Porlune (CC) m Partridge Family 7:00 pm ~J MOVIE: Hello, Dollyl (~ MOVIE: Final Embrace (S) J~ ~J Cheers (CC) m Boxing (Live) (~ Crossroads (CC) I~ m Top Cops (CC) I~ Scientific American Frontiers (CO) (~ Nashville Now m MOVIE: Mary Jane Harper Cded Last Night I~ Partridge Family I~ MOVIE: The Pdncese Bride m Fatal Confession: A Father Dowsing Mystery (CC) m Highlander: The Series m Portrsit of People m MOVIE: Thirteen Women m Wildlife Mysteries 7:30 pm m MOVIE: Natherwodd (cc) (s) m m wings (cc) m Partridge Family 8:00 pm I~ m Cheers (CC) m Matlock (CC) m I~ Eye to Eye (CC) m Mystaryl (CC) m Mary Tyler Moore (CC) m 700 Club m News (CC) m Discoveries Underwater m Saved by the Bell (CC) m MOVIE: Guys end Dolls m Brute Force: The Hlatory of Weapons at War 8:25 pm m MOVIE: Tall in the Saddle 6:30 pm m Dat Comedy Jam (CC) m m Beinfeld (cc) t~ Path to Stardom m Mary Tyler Moore (CC) m Full House (CC) 8:35 pm m MOVIE: King Solo- men's Mines 9:00 pm m MOVIE: Blood Hook m Laurel Avenue (CC) m IB slatars (cc) t~ Baseball Tonight lib News (CC) I~ Pdmatime Live (CC) O m Picket Fences (CC) m Alive TV (CC) m Club Dance I~ Unsolved Mysteries m Lucy 8how m Eden I~ ScareCrow and Mrs. King I~ Streeta of Sin Francleco m Safad m MOVIE: Fletch t~ Evening lit the Improv 9:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Kit Carson end the Mountain Men m m Highlander. The Bedes m Club Date m Alfred Hitohcock Presents m Hitchhiker 10:00 pm m m m m News I~ Chedle Rose m Crook end Chase m News (CO) m Superman m Quantum Leap (CC) m Bonanza: The Lost Episodes m Famny m Portrelt of People m Real West 10:15 pm I~1 MOVIE: Risky Buld- m Firepower 7:35 pm m MOVIE: Bill Colby -- Himself (CC) m Drag Racing (Taped) I~ Apollo Comedy Hour m m I Witness Video (CC) 7:45 pm m MOVIE: Mission of m Designing Women (CC) I~ MOVIE: Big Trouble in Littl( I~ Kojek Justice (~ I~ Home Again China m National Geographic Ex- 8:00 pm I~ Woman Named m Slakes & Ebort m F-Troop ploror (CC) Jackle (CC) m Ghostwdtor (CC) m m Paid Program q0B America's Funniest Home Vi- I~ Dinosaurs (CC) ~ Country Beet m Head of Courage deos (CC) m I~ Murder, She Wrote (CC) m I~ Street Stories (CC) Why Didn't I Think of That? 11:40 pm m Sportspage With E( m Nature (CC) t~ Market to Market m MOVIE: Roxenne: The PdzeArnold m Mary Tyler Moore (CC) Pulitzer m Fishin' With Odendo Wilson I~ 700 Club m Family Double Dare m News (CC) I~ Swamp Thing (CC) SUNDAY (R) (s) I~ Cardiology Update m Cdme Inc. I~ Bordertown (CC) July 18 m Lucy Show m Saved by the Bell (CC) m Barnaby Jones (~ Father Dowllng Mysteries m Monerohy m Natural Wodd 12:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Spaceman in (CC) 8:30 pm I~ Major League Base- m New Leave It to Beaver King Arthur's Court (CC) m Couateau's Rediscovery of bali Teams to Be Announced m Bugs Bunny & Pals I~ m Major League Baseball the Wodd (Live) m Evening at the Improv Colorado Rockies at Chicago m Return to Moerkat Valley m Perfect Strangers (CC) 4:05 pm I~ WCW Saturday Night Cubs (Live) m MOVIE: Men at Work I~ Midwest Market Analyell 4:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Lisa (S)I~1 Lead-Off Man 7:30 pm I~ MOVIE: Whore (S) I~ On Stage m MOVIE: Ski Patrol (S) IB Star Trek m MOVIE: The Terror Within li m Mary Tyler Moore (CC) I~ Supercrose Thdlls and Spills I~ Amedcan Sports Cavalcade m Major League Besebell Newm NBC Nightly News (CC) (R) (S) America's Funniest People York Mats at San Francisco I~ ABC Wodd News saturdaym Radiology Update (CC) m Wolnervnle m Fishing With Roland Martin Giants (Live) ~C~j~ (~ FuN House (CC) CB8 Evening News (CC) I~ MOVIE: The Pdnuese Bride (R) (S) 8:35 pm m MOVIE: Allan Quater- m Guts m MOVIE: Summer Gid m InterneS Medicine Update main and the Loat City of Gold t~ Beyond Reality m Dolphins, Home to See m Dick Van Dyke 9:00 pm t~ Nowe (CC) m African Skies 12:10 pm I~ Major League Base- 8:00 pm m Tlne Turner. Going m 20/20 (CC) m New Leave It to Beaver ball Colorado Rockies at Chicago Home (CC) m m Johnny Bago (CC) 5:00 pm m MOVIE: The CareCubs (Live) m m MOVIE: Wild Texas Wind m Jacksonville Jazz Xll Bears Movie 12:25 pm m MOVIE: Westward the (CC) (S) I~ Club Dcnce m Report to Wyoming Women m m News (CC) t~ Unsolved Mysteries m Sporlecentor 12:30 pm m MOVIE: Desert Bloom m Cousteeu's Rediscovery of m Lucy Show m Major League Baseboll Min- (CC) the World m MOVIE: The Molleu Bikinineeota Twins at Baltimore Orioles m Sneak Previews m Thorn Birds (CC) Shop (S) (Live) m Cardiology Update t~ m MOVIE: with Vengeance m Scarecrow and Mrs. King m Runaway With the Rich end m Thil IS Your Life (CC) (S) ~B Wildlife Chronicles Famous 1:00 pm I~ MOVIE: The Adven- m Masterpiece Theatre (CC) m MOVIE: Velley Gid I~ Highlander. The Badea ture of Sherlock Holmes'm Basemaaters (R) (S) m MOVIE: Bell of Fire I~ Star Trek: The Next Genera- 8mertar Brother m Ob/Gyn Update (~ MOVIE: White Comanche tion (CC) m This Week in Baseball I~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~B Evening It the Improv I~ Netlonel Geographic (CC) m John Bredshaw on Creating (~ Counterstrike 9:05 pm m Tdbute to John Lan- m News (CC) Love (CC) m In Touch non t~ Doug m Dentistry Update m Afdcen Shark Sefad 9:15 pm IB MOVIE: soent of Pas- I~ Ouantum Leap (CC) I~ MOVIE: The Greatest 8how. m MOVIE: The 8ound and the sion m Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC) on Earth SItance 9:30 pm I~ larry Banders (CC) m Simon & Simon m Wodd of Valor I~ Miss Marple m uptown Comedy Club m Mac & Mutley m MOVIE: The Hurricane 8:30 pm t~ Hank Parker's Out- m Alfred Hifchcock Pro=mnta m MOVIE: Volunteers m MOVIE: Nightmares dour Magazine (R) (S) m From Monkeys to Apes m MOVIE: The LIvee of a Bengal 1:25 pm m ReceDey Update (S) m Family Practice Update 10:00 pm IB Def Comedy Jam (CC) Lancer 1:30 pm I~ Secrets of Speed (R) m Donna Reed ness (CC) (S) m m m m News m Home Again I~ I~ Senior PGA Golf (Live) m Gimme a Break 10:20 pm m MOVIE: Flying Leeth- m Chedle Rose 5:05 pm m Major League Belle- (CC) 8:40 pm m Instant Replay emecks m Crook end Chela ball Pittsburgh Pirates at Atlanta m NHRA Today (R) (S) 9:00 pm ~ MOVie: The Witobes 10:30 pm J~ Motorcycle Racing m News (CC) Braves ~Live) m Internes Medicine Update of Eeatwick (CC) (S) (Taped) m 8upermlm 5:30 pm II News m Heart of Courage aJ MOVIE: Final Embreoe (S) m MOVIE: Men on the Outsidem BOfllnZl: The Loat Episodel m Speedweek 1:50 pm m Disney Channel Sel- Sportscentar m Thirfysomething m Secret Wteponl m Deelgning Women (CC) utes the Amedcan Teacher (CC) HoneymOoners m F-Troop m Time Machine (~ Path to Stardom 2:00 pm m MOVIE: 8uperdedNetwork Earth 10:30 pm m MOVIE: Kill Cruise (S) m Wheel of Fortune (CC) (CC) n T m Are You Being Barred? I~ Rugrele m Reed Test Magazine (S) m This II Your Ufe M~lanMOVlE: Once Upon a Dead I~ Auto Raci g (aped) 10:35 pm m o Tonight Show (CC) m MOVIE: Piranha m Zorro (CC) m Auto RIcing (Same-day Tape) (~ m Peld Program m NighOine (CC) m Thirtysemethlng m Those Incredible Animals(__CC) (~ Dragnet m Silk StoIklngl m F-Troop m Home Aglln I~ New Explorers (CC) qD 81ik 8toIkings (CC) m Inside Edition (CC) m Firepower 6:00 pm I~ MOVie: The Last Boy I~ Inside Winston Cup Racl IW Ben Haden 10:50 pm m MOVIE: Hired to Kill 10:35 pm ~ m Tonight ~ (CC) Scout (CC) (S) (R) (S) ng m Wildlife Tales (S) m MOVIE: Nightwlng I~ MOVIE: Bully the Vampire m Infectious Disease m Renegade 11:00 pm I~ European Journal m Nightllne (CC) Slayer (CC) (S) I~ You Can't Do That on Televl- m Caroline's Comedy Hour m Nashville Now m Dark Justice I~ New WKRP In Cincinnati (CC) lion 9:30 pm m MOVIE: The Maltese O Dobte Gillil m Inllde Edition (CC) m Auto Ricing (Live) (~ Goseipl Gossipl Goselpi Falcon (CC) m Equalizer 10:45 pm m MOVIE: Lady Chatter- ~ Majer League Baseball Chi- m Major League Baseball New m Kajak 5:00 pm ~1 MOVIE: Holds (CC) (~ Wildlife Chronicles ~C) Cause I~ Afdcan Skies I~ Bporfscentar m MOVIE: Cimen'on Senior PGA Golf (Live) 10:05 pm I~1 MOVIE: Toy Soldiers 5:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Interceptor m In Wildness m TIme Machine (CC) (CC) (S) (CC) (S) m MOVIE: O.S.S. 6:30 pm m Designing Women m This Old House (CC) I~ MOVIE: The Little Gid Who m MOVIE: Weyne's Wodd (S) 5:30 pm m Best of Amedcen (CC) I~ Arcade Lives Down the Lane m m I Witnese Video (CC) Muscle m Night Court = What's Heppeningll 10:15 pm m MOVIE: The Oespere- m Major League Baseball Oak- m Major League Baseball Chl- I~ Cheers (CC) Reflections on the Silver dos land Athletics at New York Yam cago Cubs at Cincinnati Reds m Wealth Without Risk Screen: Don Ameche 10:30 pm m MOVIE: Old Yelleu kees (Live) (Live) I~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) 2:45 pm m MOVIE: A Christmas (CC) m Street Justice m Major League Baseball Cali~ (D Partridge Family Story (CC) I~ Saturday Night Live I~ Life Goes On (CC) fornia Angels at Boston Red Sox m From Monkeys to Apes 3:00 pm m MOVIE: The Outsiders JaB MOVIE: Dakota m t~ 60 Minutes (CC) (S Live) 7:00 pm m ~J Mancuso FBI (CC) (CC) (S) (~ Star Hustler I~ Lawrence Walk Show 5:35 pm I~ Major League Base- ID Family Matters (CC) m New Yankee Workshop (CC) m Dobie GIIlis I~ This Week in the New Eng- ball St. Louis Cardinals at Atlanta (~ I~ Golden Palace (CC) Q) Expiodng Amedce: Side by m Zola Levitt land Journal of MedicineBraves (Live) ID Washington Week in Review Side m Paid Program J~ Nick News: W/5 (CC) I~ Welcome Freshmen 10:35 pm I~ Saturday Night Live I~ MOVIE: Treacherous Cross- m Nashville Now (~ Gossips Goseipl Gossips (~ MOVIE: Tsrzen and th~ in9 (CC) (S) (~ MOVie: First Love m Young Riders (CC) Green Goddess m Adventures of the Black m Partridge Family m Renegade I~ New WKRP in Cincinnati (CC Stallion (CC) I~ MOVIE: The Gauntlet (S) m Missing: John Robertson11:00 pm Im MOVIE: The King o m Barnaby Jones m Bemaby Jones m Big Spin the Kickboxers (CC) m Wildlife Tales m Secret Weapons m MOVIE: Where the Sidewalk m Cycling (Taped) ~ MOVIE: Stud m MOVIE: The File on Thelme Ends m Wealth Without Risk m MOVIE: The Sound end tho Jordan m U.S. Olympic Gold (Taped) m Oanoin' at the Hot Spots Silence :~30 Investigative Reporte (~ Comedy on the Road m m m Paid Program I~B MOVIE: Dial M for Murder 7 pm 101 MOVIE: Boomoreng 3:30 pm I~ Lawrence Walk Show I~ Patty Duke 6:30 pm m0B Recedey (S) (CC) (S) I~ Going Our Way m MOVIE: Vampire on Biklnm Family Practice Update gB Step by Step (CC) m Salute Your Shorts Beach m Murk & Mindy m m Brooklyn Bddge (CC) m Besom Buddies m Adventurers m Maniac Mansion (CC) m Well Street Week (CC) m Happy Days m News (CC) (~ Wild Sanctuaries m Partridge Family 3:50 pm m Disney Channel Bal- utas the Amedcan Teacher (CC) m MOVIE: Song of the Islands 7:00 pm I~ Carol Bumett Spa- 11:05 pm I~ Sweabng Bullets ciel... Carol, Cad, Whoops & 4:00 pm m Wait Disney Presents 11:30 pm m Checkered Flag Robin m Center Stage m Club Dance I~ Unsolved Mysteries I~ Lucy Show m Eden m Scerscrow and Mrs. King m Natural Wodd m MOVIE: 21 Jump Street m MOVIE: Here Come the Glds m Evening at the Improv 9:30 pm m MOVIE: Sink the Bis- merck! m m Mad About You (CC) m Sportscentor m Kojsk m Alfred Hitchcock Presents m Hitchhiker 9:40 pm m MOVIE: Where the Day Tekeo You (S) 10:00 pm m m I~ I~ News I~ Rough Guide (CC) I~ Crook end Chase I~ News (CC) I~ Unsolved Mysteries m Superman I~ Quantum Leap (CC) I~ Bonanza: The Lost Episodes m HMS Pandora: In Pursuit of the Bounty m MOVIE: The Sound Barder m David L. Wolper Presents 10:30 pm I~ Auto Racing (R) I~ Partddge Famlty _~., m Murder, She Wrote (C;~I t~ Young Riders (CC) m Simon & Simon (B Terra X MOVIE: Comes s I~ Biography 6:30 pm m Designing (CC) m Pro Beach Volleyball Women Tour (Taped) ~J Night Court