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July 15, 1993     The Sundance Times
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July 15, 1993

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(CC) Lovers to Be Announced (Live) ~ Crook and Chase ~ ~ Late Night With David Let- (CO) ~ News (CC) terman THE 8UNDANCE TIMES PAGE 5 Party Kathy & Me Show: Perelle111"00 pm ~ MOVIE: The Sand Lives LUcy Show Pebbles (~ Eden Scarecrow end Mrs. King Streets of San Francisco Atlantic Realm O MOVIE: Spaced Invaders O MOVIE: The Light Thet Failed 9~:30 Evening st the Improv pm ~ MOVIE: Boomerang gC) (S) . Sportecenrer Renegade (~ Alfred Hltchcock Presents Hitchhiker 9:45 pm ~ MOVIE: Netherwodd (CO) (S) 10:00 pm ~ am ~ ~ News Baseball Tonight Chadle Rose Crook and Chase News (CC) Unsolved Mysteries Q Supermen Pro Beech Volleyball Four- Man Tour (Taped) Adam Smith Nashville Now Matrix Paid Preoram Family Feud In the Realm of the Shark O News (CC) MOVIE: Seven Days Leave American JustiCe t1:06 pm I~ Areenio Nail (CC) Hard Copy (CC) 11:10 pm ~ MOVIE: Bikini Island 11~ pm ~ MOVIE: Final Embrace iS) Fidng Line ~ Paid Program Pat~y Duke Joe Franklin Ouentum Leap (CC) ~ Spies Bonanza: The Lost Episodes 11:35 pm ~ ~ Late Night With Family David Lettermsn Wings ~ Rush Limbaugh Our Century 11:42 pm m Fly by Night 10:05 pm, MOVIE: Sunburn ~ ~ ~ 10:30 pm ~ U.S. Women's Open Golf Preview MOVIE: Family Honor I~ Thirtysomething I~ F-Troop 10:35 pm ~ ~ Tonighf Show (CC) Nightline (CC) Johnny Bago California became the Inside Edition (CC) 31st state on September 9, 10:45 pin O MOVIE: The Hunting 1850. in Newcastle October 3, 4 and 5. results for the next session.This award honors an outstand- SUNDANCE since this Is near, everyone should There Is an upcoming meeting ing individual in the timber In- COMMUNITY ED be thinking about attending, with the Livestock Task Force on dustryeachyear. "Each Black Hills Mary Jean Wilson reported on the 20th at 7:00 In the evening In community has someone who **~****~**~,~*** the Department meeting in Gil- Gillette. This will be a tele-confer- works hard in promoting and lette. We received several awards, ence from the seven community supporting the timber industry," Sundance Community Education first place for safety, third for colleges. This board Is chaired by stated Kellogg. '~Ve urge everyone is offering two summer courses publicity, National Home and Nels Smith and will be looking at to support their communities by with Mel Mllleras Instructor. If you Membership. We were 'Auxiliary of all phases of brand inspection -- nominating someone who Is de- are interested in taking History of the Year' in our group, and also sheep, horse, cattle, and the cost serving of his honor and recognl- Wyoming 1250 (2 credit hours) or received a plaque, of marketing -- also they will be tton." IntroductiontoGfltedandTalented Mary Jean Wilson and Marie addressing the cost to renew Nominations should include a Education 1060 (3 credit hours) Jackson will present Dorotheebrands and whether to do it every brief history of each person in- pleasecallBeckiHonomlchlat283- Loorbach with her awards for 5 years instead of 10 and whether cluding work experience, commu- 2318. The summer months will placing second in the Patriotic Art to up the renewal fee to $50. They nltyacUvities, industrypromotion, provide a great opportunity to ac- Contest. willals~dlscuss the possible raising and personal attributes. Nomina- tually ~slt some of Wyoming'sMembership dues are due July 1 of the brand fee per head of live- tlons should be submitted to historically important sites,and can be paid to the treasurer, stock. Thls will be a chance toglve BHWIT, P.O. Box 15, Spearfish, Sign up and enjoy[ Call as soon as Shirley Buckman. public comment and maybe this S.D. 57783 no later than August possible. Shirley Buckman will order pop- part of Wyoming's only chance to 15. Koemama, president of pies for our poppy sale in August. express their concerns. ~,,/,,,~//,,,,.~.~.~,,,,/,,//,,~ ~L Rebekah Assembly of Wyo- ~ Officers for the 1993-94 year are: I attended the hemtng in Buffalo ~ ~g, Will make her official visit~ president- Mary Jean Wilson; sr. on the State Lands TaskForce and [ 1thisWeek at | i~Mthe Sundanee lodge July 26" vlce-Mariedackson;Jr.vice-Ethel willtryandgetanarticledoneJust Z ._ ~)&rs. Kosmann Joined Olive Chatfleld; treasurer Shirley on that issue in the near future | Your Library | ]~ch Rebekah Lodge #17 on Buckman; chaplain - Doramay This Task Force Is leaning toward ~~~,//~ ~ember 1, 1955. She held all ' Blakeman; guard - Ethel Sharp; 1 no-preferential right for land o~ces and m Nobel Grand ~ Give & Gain Extension Club year trustee - Margaret Ellsbury; 2 lessee's to match and bid for either by ChrisUna Houghton ~Se1964. Currently she ia serving The Glve and Gain Extension Club year - Lila Dudrey; 3year - Pauline leasing or for sale of such lands eretaryandco-degree cap- met on May 12 at the home of Kanode;secretary-EvelynSisson. even ff they are land locked. There Chairmen are: Americanism andare some real problems with some We have received the updated ,~Lqla and has been a member of MarJorie Goodson for a carry-in Loyalty Day - MarleJackson; Poppy of this and the next meeting is in CHILTON REPAIR MANUALS. ~1~t Noble Grands club since lunch. ~ and she held all the officca. The program preceded the busl- - Llla Dudrey; CancerAld and Re- RlvertononAugust2-3andwewill These books are designed to help you learn more about the Inner ~a~ served am District DeputyHess meeting. Barb Coy, Public search - Ann Baker; CommunityRot have a meeting in this part of workings of your car and shave you '],q~ldent for Cody, Power and Health nurse, presented a video Activities - Ethel Chatfield; Hospl- the state at all. ~ .~q~a~1~lell in 1988. She was also a entitled 'Taking Control" whlch tal - Teri Buckman; Historian - This has been a beautiful wetmoney on its upkeep and opera- er of Social Club, whichdealt with cancer risks and Ways Margaret Ellsbury; Legislative - Bummer but we could use some tlon. So, whether you are Into do- lated with the lodge and we can help prevent cancer In our Pauline Kanode: Membership - sunshine for the crops now. it-yourself, or would simply like to daily lives. It places the control Margaret Ellsbury; National Home I'm at home and available ff you know what your mechanic is do- ~AdvlsorofGoldenSunTheta back ln our hands, ratherthan the -DoramayBlakeman; PAC -Norma have something to look into or Ing, these are the books foryou. "l"~o Club. l~I ~ler maternal grandparents fear. An enlightening discussion Bernd; Publicity - Llla Dudrey; some questions. I will try and get Some of the models covered are long time members of the followed. . Rehabilitation- MaryJean Wilson; an article out In the next couple of as follows: i[~a0 tit and her parents are both The May meeting was called toSafety - Evelyn Stsson; Youth Ac- weeks about the hearing l attended, Chevrolet Full Size 1968-92;Ford Year phm members, order by President Kathy Morri- tivities and VOD - Marie Jackson. and some more about what is go- Pick-ups & Brocos 1987-90; ~hB married Bob Kosmann on son. Roll call was answered with The meeting adjourned with ing on with the budget process for Dodge/PlymouthTrucks 1989-91: ~. 7, 1956 and they have four our high school graduation plc- Pauline Kanode serving refresh- the state and the possible taxes Chevrolet/GMC Vans 1987-90. .~.~ter~, two ~onB and thir- ture. There were 12 members and merits for Doramay Blakeman. that may be forthcoming in 1994. randchildrcn, one guest present. Inspirational Ethel Sharp won the mystery Keep in touch. Ko~mlma la a member ofthoughts were given by Evelynprize. For your viewing pleasure, we IttlP~rat Presbyterian Church of Slsson. The next meeting will be held at have over twenty carousel horse LP~Iy where she was a Sunday'The minutes and treasurer's re- the Tri-County hospltallty room on Christian Women figurines and music boxes. The l aOol teacher for nine year=, ports were read and approved. July 19 at 7:30 p.m; with Marie to hold event horses we have on display, are UL aho wu a 4-H leader for over Thankyou notes from Lydia Hogan Jackson, hostess, from collectionsbelongingto Donna year , 4-H county chairman and ChrisUan Women's Club were ,o.m......o.--...........=. Summer luncheon of the Chris- Dark, MardellPalmer, andJeanette ~the Park County Home Dem- read. tian Women's Club will be held Smith. There are many beautiful ~lRraUon council, church camp State meeting was discussed. We From the Desk Ju~ 22 at the Moorcroft Presby- pieces, which will be on exlflblt ~. clor and vice p~eeldent of will be Joining the Historical Socl- ofMarlene terian Church from 10 a.m. to throughout the summer. SO, on when the children were ety on their tour of Ft. Meade. noon. your next visit to the llbrs~, we Additional information will follow ..~..,~.~.~.o.~.~.~.~. The club is conducting an hope you will take a moment to at a later date. Just a quick update that the he- invitathon and the member bring- enjoy them. The food and craft Items for the gotiations for the minimum poolat ing the most guests throughout county fair were decided amongKeyhole are still progressing and the year will receive a prize. There New Boa~ Memb@l TM the members. It was agreed to have we hope to have something to take are two ladies in the leadl A Note From the Director New members of the library board an entry in the fair parade. The next meeting will be held on are Bernie Schnorenberg. Sun- July 28 for a picnic at Doramay Blakeman's. Club coffee for June will be announced later. COW POKES to the Legislature this upcoming There will also be a bake and cra~ session. There has been an eco- sale at this brunch, all ladies are nomic study done as to the effects asked to bring a craR and baked of a minimum pool kept constant item to help defray costs. may have on the local community. Featured speaker Is FrancIne and they hope to have the results Jackson, a highly motivated of that study within the next two speaker from Colorado. weeks. Then back to the drawing All ladies are invited. board with the negotiations with southDakotalrrigators. Wyoming Bull of Woods Auxiliary held regular meeting The VFWAtudllary No. 4311 held irrigators and with the Bureau of sought in Hills their regular meeting on May 21 Reclamation. Timber Kellogg with eleven members present. Mary It has been decided by the group Black Hills Women In Jean Wilson, president, presided that a 25,000 acre feet of mini- (BHWIT) president Druse has announced that nominations are now open for the annual "Bull of the Woods" award, to be pre- sented at the Black Hills Sawdust Day In Spearfish. The award la presented each year at the annual logging show, held this year on September 11 next to the high school. has worked for Modem Catalog department of Y- Corporation since August of holding the position of of the marl order de- for the last ten years. was President of Big Horn ~erlct #10 in 1987-88. Other kah assembly offices she were: Page I, Chaplain, ~ductor, Warden and Vice I~|ident and she has also ~]ted on several committees. received the Decoration of r on October 3, 1975. over the meeting, mum pool plus the dead pool would Norma Bernd was pro-tern for be adequate and it seems that this chaplain, is a good time to attempt to get this An audit was held before the all put together and preserve the admissions and records of- meetIng and trustees reported the pool ff it is agreeable with all par- ~at Black Hills State University books were In perfect order, ties. I have had several calls and so released the names of stu- An article from Babe's Babbles decided to update all of you that ~ts who graduated at the end of was read and acted upon. the negoUations are still progress- ~spring 1993 semester. The National President will visit Ing, and maybe there will some ~luded are: ~, ' ' ~ndra Neiman, AIacidin, EI- ntary Education and Special il"eatton and Rebecca He- untry rner ~alchl, Sundance, Elementary eaOn and Speclal Educatin' B&T Bridge Club is hcatees gt Gregson was hostess July 7 E t~he regular session of the B&T Club. MarJorie Goodson was Lsuest player. scorer was MarJorie Good- ~Wlth Dot Gregson second high Mary Ruland low. Harmsen will be hostess at E~ next meeting of the club July TIMES WANT ADS DO GET RESULTS I! REGISTER TO WINtH PRIZES EACH WEEKtH CONGRATULATIONS KEVIN WILLIAMS CAP WINNER JULY 16 "Rockies" Shirt tiRockies' Special Hot Dog]Frito Grab Bag Small Fountm Drink ............ = =am JULY 23 TWO "ROCKIES" TICKETS SUPER 8 LODGING $20 GIFT CERTIFICATE See store for complete detaitsl NO Purchase Necessary. Winners at all four locations Lusk, WY - 8undance, WY , ,, Ed= mont. SD AM/FM Radio Springs, South Dakota q ter. SD dance; and Jim Voll, Hulett. We welcome the new members and extend our thanks and apprecla- tton to retiring members. Jannlce Helman and Judy HutchInson. We are fortunate to have many people in Crook County who are willing to dedicate their time and effort to support the libraries and library service in our county. Both staff and patrons are grateful for their service. Take a break ..... Read the Classifieds. You'll be surprised at what you'll flndf! The world's first female prime minister was Sirimavo Bandaranaike who headed the Republic of Sri Lanka from 1960 to 1965. By Ace I Illlll I Reid ~) ACS T~aoD V~/,s "Ole hoss, jist lay me down easy, pleasel" ~h,oh de~Jlor ta~ur~l tO iqO(IOOO ~[Dtt~&l. D(pO$1I IN~IINIAN(| ~OIIPUtAT,,'~ Phone 283-1074 III I I II I II I III