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July 15, 1993     The Sundance Times
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July 15, 1993

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PAGE 6 M SUNDANCE TIMES BElh0RE M PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WYOMING informaUon clear and comparable throughout the state. If you wish to IN M MATTER OF THE JOINT ) IN M MATTER OF M INQUII~Y } present qualifications or other Information about costs or savings APPLICATION OF U S WEST } OF M PUBLIC SERVICE COMMIMION ) GENERAL ORDER outside of these projections, you may present them separately. All COMMUNICATIONS, INC., AND RANGE) INTO TELFA~OMMUNICATIONS SERVICE ) NO. 67 informationandanalyslspresentedshouldbelneasllyassimllatedform TELEPHONE COOPERATIVE, INC., I CAPABILITIES AND NEED@ IN WYOMING ) and should not, to the extent possible, require any proprietary data to FOR AUTHORITY FOR U S WEST TO NOTICE AND ORDER SETTING PUBLIC MORMATIONAL be understandable. If any action of the Federal Communications SELL TO RANGE TELEPHONE THE ) HEARING at SUNDANCE, WYOMING Commission bears on any answer, please identify it. FOLLOWING TELEPHONE EX- ) (Issued July 8, 1~) 8. THE PUBLIC SHOULD UNDERSTAND THAT, BY LAW, A UTILITY CHANGES, I.E., GAS HILLS, ALBIN, ) I. Because (a) the telecommunications industry has experienced MUSTBEAtYIvclORIZED RATES WHICHADEQUATELYRECOVERTHE NEWCASTLE, MOORCROFT, THER- ) rapid advances in technology and changes in industry structure in the COSTS OF ITS EXISTING AND NEW INVESTMENT IN UTILITY FA- last decade, Co) because these' changes offer a greatly increased range CILITIES. ~UBSTANTIALLY UPGRADED TELECOMMUNICATIONS of potential service offerings for the people and economy of Wyoming, SERVICE WOULD PROBABLY REOUIRE INCREASED TELEPHONE JULY, 15, 1993 should be presented on the same basis. This is being done to keep cost BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF WYOMING DOCKET NO. 70000-TA-93-161 AND DOCKET MOPOLIS, KAYCEE, JEFFREY CITY, ) CARPENTER, O6AGE, UPTON, SILO- ) 8HONI, PINE BLUFI~, BURNS, } RATES. IFTHEINVESTMENTRF_A~UIREDISSUBSTANTIAL.THERATE HULETT, WORLAND, AND MIDWEST, ) INCREASES NEEDED TO SUPPORTTHE ENHANCED SERVICES MAY AND FOR A TRANSFER OF REQUISITE} ALSO BE SUBSTANTIAL. RATES WILL. HOWEVER, NOT BE SET IN CERTIFICATE AUTHORITY ) THESE INFQRMATIONAL HEARINGS. ~[OTICE AND ORDER SETTING PUBLIC HEAR/NG 9. This public hearing of the Public Sere/co Comm/sslon discussed REGAJRDING THE I~tLE OF M above is open to all persons. If you wish to participate In this hearing HULETT AND MOORCROFT matter or Just to attend it and you require reasonable accommodation TELEPHONE EXCHANGE8 for a disability, please contact the Public Service Commission at 777- (Issued July 9, 1993} 7427 {Voice or TDD/Tr} in Cheyenne during business hours or write to Pursuant to the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act, W.S. 37-i them at 700 West 21st St., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002, to make 101et. seo.,andCommlsslonRuleSectlonsl03throughll3, 115, arrangements. You may also contact the Commission by accessing 208 and 219: Wyoming Relay {TDD/TI~ at 1-800-877-9965. In your communication, 1. A public hearing In the above-captioned Joint application of please mention this notice and the company or companies from which Communications, Inc. (U S WF_ T}, and Range Telephone you take telecommunications service. Please contact us as soon as operative, Inc. (Range), is hereby set to be held on Tuesday, August possible to help us to serve you better. 1993, beginning at 1:00 p.m. in the Meeting Room in the 10. This Notice and Order Setting Public Informational Hearing is County Library, 414 Main, Sundance, Wyoming82729. This hearing effective immediately, is primarily intended to take public/customer comment regarding MADE and ENTERED at Cheyenne, Wyoming, this 8th day of July, proposed sale by U S ~ of the Hulett and Moorcroft 1993. exchanges to Range; Additional public hearings will be set, or have be~ BY ORDER OF THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION held, regarding the other telephone exchange sales referenced in the Stephen G. Oxley caption. STEPHEN G. OXLEY, Administrator 2. U S WEST and Range will be required to provide testimony (SEAL) evidence consistent with the direction Pt~blish: July 15, 22, 1993 and Order dated June 9, 1993, issued in the U S ~ sale of role exchanges matters, regarding the proposed sale and purchase Pursuant to Section 15-I-110, Wyoming Statutes Annotated, HulettandMoorcroftexchangesandanyotherpt lS77 Republished Edition, as mended, the following salaries are at this initial public hearing. hereby published: 3. The Commission will issue its further order setting forth the Name Position Salary and location of additional public hearings regarding the sale of James A. Miller . Mayor 369.23 Robert G. Baxter Council Person 10.00 required to provide more specific and detailed evidence in support Paul S. Brooks Council Person I0.00 their Joint application to include, but not limited to, the specific Trudy M. Durfee Council Person I0.00 and conditions of the proposed sale and purchase of the David K. Hurd Council Person 10.00 Intervenors of Record will be allowed to present their testimony Ronald E. Waugh Municipal Judge 430.77 cross-examine the Companies' witnesses at these later Joel H. Morgan Chief of Police 2,115.27 It shall be the responsibility of the Joint applicants to show Sergeant Police Department 1,961.37 authorization of the sale of each exchange, and transfer of First Officer Police Department 1,807.47 authority, is in the public interest. Second Officer Police Department 1,653.57 4. The Joint application of U S WEST and Range is on file in the Lila L. Butts Clerk-Treasurer 1,808.00 of U S WEST in Cheyenne, Wyoming, the offices of Range in Mareletta Knapp Deputy Clerk-Treasurer1,268.80 Montana, and in the Commission's offices in Cheyenne, John Kiplinger Maintenance Foreman 2, 115.20may be inspected by any Interested persons during regular Water/Waste Water Operator Water Department 1,848.40 hours. Equipment Operator Streets & Alleys 1,539.20 5. The hearing will be conducted in accordance with the provisions Sanitation Laborer Sanitation Department 1,460.80 the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act, and the Landfill Attendant Sanitation Department 961.60 Rules. Any person seeking to intervene (to participate as a party 2 Persons Summer Recreation (total) 800.00present evidence, cross-examine and file briefs) personally or 2 Persons Parks Department (total) 645.00counsel must file for such authority with the Commission on 5 Persons Swimming Pool (total) I, 190.58 August 3, 1993, setting forth the basis for the intervention. All salaries are listed as gross pay period salaries or actual pay period interested person desiring to protest or make a statement wages, not including overtime or any fringe benefits, such as health the application may do so at the public hearings. insurance, life insurance, or pension plans paid by the City. 6. If you wish to intervene in this matter or wish to attend the Lila L. Butts hearing, and you require reasonable accommodation for City of Sundance Clerk-Treasurerplease contact the Public Service Commission at (307} 777-7427 Publish: July 15, 1993 or TDD/Tr) in Cheyenne, Wyoming during regular business hourS q write to them at 700 West 21st Street, Cheyenne, Wyoming, 82002 NOTICE OF INTENT make arrangements. Communications impaired persons may TO ADOPT RULES AND REGULATIONS contact the Commission by accessing Wyoming Relay {TDD/Tr) Governing Subdivisions and Lot Divislons 800-877-9965. Please state the docket number in your tO Crook County, Wyoming tlons. Please contact us as soon as possible to help us to serve Be advised that the Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook MADE and ENTERED at Cheyenne, Wyoming, on the 9t11' day County are intending to adopt i'ules and regulations governing Subdi- 1993. .......... visions and Lot Divisions within Crook County. On September 7, 1993 BY ORDER OF THE COMMISSION at the hour of 9:30 A.M., a public hearing will be held at the Board of (SEAL) David J. Lucero County Commissioners Room, in the Crook County Courthouse, DAVID J. LUCERO, Assistant Sundance, Wyoming. so all interested parties may present written or Publish: July 15, 22, 29, 1993 oral comments on the proposed rules and regulations. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for any person having a disability, who wished to participate in this hearing if they provide NOTICE TO APPROFRIATOI~ OF WATER reasonable notice to the County Clerk, of their disability and the Public notice lsherebyglven that the following accommodation requested, submitted proofofapproprtation and The proposed rules and regulations shall be provided to any person permit as approved by the State Engineer. who requests a copy by calllng the County Clerk at 283-1323 orwrlttng Permit No. 8232 Res., the DrislOll No. 1 Res., claimant is Bear to: Cattle Company. Priority date is 12/8/1976 and CROOK COUNTY CLERK irrigation use of 104.59 acre-feet. Source of supply is Lytle Creek, P. O. BOX 37 Belle Fourche River, trib. Cheyenne River. SUNDANCE, WY 82729 The above listed proof will be held open BY Eva J. Wllley, Crook County Clerk by A.M. until 5:00 P.M. during August 2, 1993 at Connie Tschetter, Deputy 45 East Loucks, Sheridan, Wyoming. Eva J. Willey Any party claiming a water right from the above Crook County Clerk inform the Division Supt. in writing of his desires to contest said Publish: July 15, 1993 within 15 days after the above date of public inspection. NOTICE OF INTENT TO ADOPT RULES AND REGUI~TIONS Governing Construction of Aceees Drivewaye and Turnouts to Crook County Roadways Be advised that the Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook County are intending to adopt rule and regulations governing the and (c) because the communications needs of Wyoming citizens are changing, the Public Service Commission has determined that it is vital to the state-wide public interest that it hold informational hearings throughout Wyoming to inquire into the needs and desires of the public for basic, more complex and advanced telecommunications and related services. 2. The Commission's authority to proceed in this matter Is found at W.S. ~ 37-2-112, 37-2-117, 37-2-119, 37-2-122, 37-2-201, and 37-3- 112, and in the Commission's Rules at Sections 115, 236, and Chapter V thereof, generally. In addition, the Commission, in exercising its regulatory authority and fulfilling Its regulatory responslbflity, is required to glve paramount consideration to the public interest. Mountain F1wl Supply v. Wyoming Public Service Commission, 662 P.2d 878, 883 (Wyoming Supreme Court, 1983), and cases cited. NOW, THEREFORE, IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT." 3. A public informational hearing in this matter is hereby set to be held on Tuesday, August 10, 19@3, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in the Meeting Room in the Crook County Library, 414 Main, Sundance, Wyoming 82720. This hearing will concern Itself primarily with the sendce provided by U S WEST Communications, Inc., (U S WEST} to the exchanges at Hulett, Moorcroft, Belle Fourche and 81marOJ,h and by Range Telephone Cooperative (Range Telephone) to the exchanges at Sundance and Alxada Exchange, Wyoming. 4. The hearing will start with a short informational presentation by the Commission's staff. It will be followed by presentations by U S WEST and Range Telephone of an overview of existing equipment and services followed by a discussion of any targeted upgrading of facilities along with their envisioned costs and associated new service capabilities. When the Commission and the members of the public have heard this information, the Commission will seek public comments, ideas and suggestions about service needs and desires In light of the capabflRles and costs discussed. 5. U S WEST and Range Telephone are hereby directed to include the following in their presentations: a. a comprehensive overview ofexisting equipment and services in the service territory, Including services and enhancements which could be provided with existing equipment; b. the company's definition of modern basic servlce, including any plans regarding party and private lines (or target percentages of each type of line), tone, baud rate/bandwidth, equal access, custom calling features, Extended Area Service (EAS), and other possible service components; c. the company's definition of service quality, Including such topics as, without limitation, speed of dial tone, transmission quality and error rates for data transmission; d. a description and analysis of features and services which could be provided with the switch facilities which the company (i) now uses or (il) plans for use In Wyoming; e. a discussion of planned upgrading and modernization of telecommunications sere/cos in the service territory and company- wide, including, without limitation, (I) plans to replace any four- or elght-party servlces, [ll) plans to replace mechanical switches, (ill) planned service options such as, for example, Extended Area Service (EAS), and (iv) plans for service enhancements such as the provision or enhancement of minlmal E911 service on each exchange; f. a discussion of other possible service enhancements and service upgrades not included in the company's modernization plans which would be of interest to the public and the Commission, including, without limitation, such topics as conversion entirely to modern digital switching, ff that is not now a company goal; g. a discussion of the planned amounts ofcapltal expenditures and expenses by switching center for your upgrading of (I} customer loop, (il) switches and switching facilities and (iii} interoffice plant; h. a realistic estimate ofthe monthly increase in local telephone bids, on an exchange-by-exchange basis and a company-wide Wyoming basis, for the upgrades and enhancements you discuss, based upon the incremental capital expenditures required for the needed or desired upgrading and modernization, including, where applicable, the cost per line per month targeted to the sere/co territory for upgrades, and projections of potential overall rate increases per line per month, by customer class, needed to cover the costs for company-wide upgrades; I. a reliable estimate of how soon the company's modernization program could be completed, including the details, by exchange and service offering, of how and when the company believes it should be implemented; J. any other information which would assist the Commission in determining the cost of providing modern telecommunications services in a timely manner, including, without limitation, any savings which could be realized through modernization and technological upgrading of facilities; and k. what cost containment measures, service and revenue enhancements, physical plant and personnel efflclencles could be accomplished through interutility cooperation among telecommunica- tions utilities or through cooperative efforts among telecommunications and other utfllties, cable television companies and other entities with respect to, for example, remote, automatic, or advanced metering, security services, automated computerized home or business services, on-site educational services, medical services, recreational one-way and two-way interactive video, compressed video, shop- and bank-at- home services, telecommuting and similar activities. 6. Members of the publi~ should tell the Commission about needed and wanted telecommunications services. Please tell the Commission what you consider "basic" service (the minimum service which should be provided to a customer who does not want extra services) and what enhanced services would be useful. Please be prepared to discuss areas in which you feel particular attention should be paid to remedying existing service problems or limitations, for both residential and business customers. Please comment, in light of the cost information presented, on how costs would govern your service choices. THERE ARE NO PAPERS TO FILE WITH THE COMMISSION. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE BY LETTING THE COM- MISSION KNOW YOUR VIEWS ON TELECOMMUNICATIONS COSTS AND SERVICE. 7. a. The U S WEST and Range Telephone presentations should address a broad spectrum of customers, including, for example, resi- dential, retired, disabled, general businesses, high-tech businesses and customers with other special needs. b. U S ~ and Range Telephone shall have present throughout the hearings two (2} representatives capable of discussing and, if possible, resolving specific customer complaints presented at the hearing. c. U S WEST and Range Telephone shall proVide specific informational handouts for the public at the hearing giving a summary of the major points, facts and figures in the company presentations. d. No less than ten (I 0) days prior to the hearing, U S and Range Telephone shall file with the Commission true and complete copies of presentations to be made at the hearing. The documents shall be in sufficient detail to allow the staff of the Commission to identify accurately the services, costs, proposals and time frames being dis- cussed. e. Company presentations must be in non-techn/cai lan- undmtandsble to nmmbem of the public not experi- enced in tel nmunications operations or utility regulation. Acronyms and Jargon must bo avoidsd. All cost details must be ex- pressed In unadjusted 1993 dollars, whether on an overall or per line basis and regardless of whether or not any costs or rate features are separ ely stated. No adjustments shall be made for inflation or abnormallabor or materials costs (manpower and technical constraints should be considered, but costs should noh for purposes of this hearing, contain costs dr/yen solely by capital constraints or any problems associated with the timing of insLallation or completion of moderniza- tion projects). Overtime, coat-drlving assumptions as to the date of installation, hiring of additional personnel, and "crash" construction vrograms should be avoided, information about potential savings construction of access driveways and turnouts on Crook County Roadways. On September 7, 1993 at the hour of 1:30 P.M., a public hearing will be held at the Board of County Commissioners Room, in the Crook County Courthouse, Sundance, Wyoming, so all interested parties may present written or oral comments on the proposed rules and regulations. Reasonable accommodations will be provided for any person haVing a dlsabfllty, who wished to participate in this hearing if they proVide reasonable notice to the County Clerk, of their disability and the accommodation requested. The proposed rules and regulations shall be provided to any person who requests a copy by call/ng the County Clerk at 283-1323 or writing to: CROOKCOUNTY CLERK P.O. BOX 37 SUNDANCE, WY 82729 BY: EvaJ. Wifiey Eva d. Willey Crook County Clerk Publish: July 15, 1993 NOTICE OF HEARING CROOK COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT NO. ONE BUDGET Notice is hereby given that a public hearing on the proposed budget for School District No. One for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1994, which is now being considered by the Board of Trustees of School District No. One, will be held atHuletL Wyoming on the 21st day of July, 1993, at eight o'clock p.m., at which time any and all persons interested may appear and be heard respecting such budget. Board of Trustees Crook County School District No. One Kevin 8weeney, Chalrma Earl Gray, Clerk SUMMARY OF BUDGET Appropriations: GENERAL FUND .................................... $10,071,432 SPECIAL REVENUE FUNDS..., ............... $215,609 DEBT SERVICE FUND ............................ 8558,000 FOOD SERVICE FUND ........................... $315,000 TRUST FUNDS ....................................... 81,080,000 PUPIL ACTIVITY FUND ........................... $200,000 Total Appropriations ........................... $12,440, 041 Publish: July 15, 1993 if no contest is initiated the proof will be presented to the Control during its meeting commencing August 17, 1993 recommendation that certificates of appropriation and be issued. Michael B. Whitaker, Supt. Water DiVision II P.O. Box 6103 Sheridan, Wyoming 82801 Phone: (307} 674-7012 Publish: July 15, 1993 Ill I I July 6 iI Moorcrofl area. Assisted Wyoming with accident on U.S. 14 i~ Moorcroft area. Two treated at the Gillette Report of people on Lytle Creek. Persons Report on a complaint in the being asked to do so by Hulettarea. Officerhad no contacL July 12 July 7 Three citations were issued. Complaint ofharassmenL Officer talked to parties, everything OK. Small employer Report of vehicle hitting deer on I- health insuranca 90 in the MoorcroR area. No Inju- ries. McBride has announced that Civil assist in the Sundance area. June l, 1993, insurance July 8 nles that sell in the small Two bank cards found in Sun- health insurance market dance area. Returned to bank. required to offer the basic July standard plans on a Report of a suicide in the Bear issue basis. The Lodge Campground in the Alva oped by a committee area. Victim was identified as Commissioner McBride in Tommy Bauer, Deadwood, S.D. and were approved by the Welfare check in the Alva area. missioner on November 18, Vehicle hit deer in the MoorcroR The Small Employer area. surance Availability Act July 10 1992, with technical Person arrested for DWI and an- in 1993, authorized other person for pedestrian under sioner to establish the the influence, standard plans. The REDDI report in the Moorcroft groups with 2 through area. Subject cited for minor in ployees. possession. Civil assist, MoorcroR area. Consumers arc Accident on Highway 585 south the Wyoming Insurance of Sundance. ment at 1-800-438-4768 July 11 7401 in Cheyenne, for Report of livestock loose in the mation.