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July 22, 1948     The Sundance Times
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July 22, 1948

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About Th/s 'N That 't hop,-, my deJr," said the youth to hi~ aew gir! frie.ud "'tha~ you never park wit~ boys on dark roads." "Not unless I'm driven to it," she replied, coyly. t "I've never heard a man talk so fast in my life." "Vlhy shouldn't he? His fath- er was a tobacco auctioneer and his mother was a woman." Capitol Comments ~lad he tried, the governor couldn't have ,made a more set'- ious error than he made recently when he attacked freedon| of speech and press iu a talk before a group of high school yo~ngster:~ T ....... competing in the state-wide ne mcn Gin gent,eman was An e" uit~!ng in his wheelchair beside . 1 mcau Legion oraiorical con- an open window as a slick chic t tes[....-. walked by, displaying a comely[.._t~mtll~t winners assembled in figure. I t;neyenue to present tl~eir ora- "Quick. Jenkins," called the old gentleman to his valet "Bring rne my teeth. I want to wllistle." Lutu: "Sir, would 30,.1 h~lp a girl in trouble?" Luke: "Sure, w t.t~ kinda trouble you wanta get into?" $ * * An S0-year-old man came to his doctor for a blood test and med- ical examination before getting married. The doctor checked him over and then asked, "You mean at your age you really want to get ma:'] led ?" The old man replied, "~Veil, I don't exactly want to, but I ve got to." Joe Didn't Make It For the third time, Tracy Mc- Craken and Governor~Hunt have tried to shove Joe O'Mahoney down the throat of the Democrat convention as its vice-pr4sidential nominee and, for the third time, have failed. Headlines in Tracy's string of ~newspa~pers, for the two weeks prior to the final humiliating burst of the O'Mahoney ~bu.bble. proclaimed loudly that Joe was ",the No. 1 boy for the second place ,on the ticket. His papers even ~'ent so far as to quote that sage ~f publicity, Pat. Flannery, as saying that it was sewed up, that Joe had 450 out of the necessary 618 for nomination and would pick up many more. That last statement appeared in Tuesday's issue of the Wyom- ing State Tribune, which came off the press several hours after the announcement that Truman had given Barkley the nod. Well, you can't blame Tra~y and the governor for trying to get Joe's nwme on the ticket because they felt that without it, the gov- ernor didn't have a chance in the senatorial race, and that with it, people might vote for the two of them. Tracy and the Guy have ,patch- ed up their differences, at least in public. Tracy knows he has no other candidate and that he must support him, at least in a luke- warm way. What a sad spectacle it all is-- the party ripped apart at the seams, unable to present a united front even at its national conven- tion. 'There's one thing the. that the citizens of Wyoming should watch during the coming campaign. All but t~wo of the state's daily news- papers are either owned or con- trolled by Tracy. Judging from all the sheer hokum they printed a~out Joe and his vice presiden- tial chances, when any thinking ~erson knew he had no chan,ce of bein,g nominated, it is clear to what unholy lengths the big boss ~vill go to propagandize and an- esthetize his readers. To follow the McCraken press and to have read daily about his supposedly outstanding accom- pUahments, the reader was sup- posed to have come to the con- clusion that Joe was one of the biggest men in the senate. It Just goes to show what propaganda can do. Don't let it fool you. $ $ $ $ $ Barber shave, Man sneeze: M, n dead. next. please! $ * $ "Youve read the s,:ntence ~r)ug, Miss Adams," sale the profeFsor." 'All men are creat- ed equal.' is the quotation, not 'All men are made the same tiolls in the finals, where the win- ner was to be (?tloHen J~o|' tile re- gional contest. ~Vhile all of the prepared or- aliens were hased on one 1)artic- ular fundan|enlal rigtlt guarau- te~d by the Uni:ed States consti- tution to each aud every Ameri- tan. most of the finalists prepar- ed thcit addresscs on the s~ibject of free speech ar, d press. Their talks were delivered before a group of eminer" judges, one of ~,V|lOIIl was tile governor. Af[er the proffram concluded, a ba:lquet was h('ld in ironer of tl~e voting oratoyc In an after- dinner talk, the ,o~over||or dcliv~r- ed his usual platitudes regarding his gratification at being chosen to judge so important a fun:tion [ in our Republicah form of govern- ment, his pleasu,'e at being pres- ent. etc., etc.. etc Then, touching on free speech, he deli,vered his ,punch line, which left the young high school orators completely confused as to the status of free speech. Free speech, the governor de- clared, should be limited! He added: 'There are two news commentators, both of whom broadcast on ~unday night, who should be taken from the air." ,Not only because he is the state's chief executive, or because he is a candidate for the U. S. senae, but as a judge in a con- test of this nature, the governor could have hardly made a more unfortunate remark. Prominent educators who were present were nonplused. Many parents of high school youngsters out in the state who learned of the governor's attack on free speech when the contest- ants returned to their home, have expressed great concern over the incident. One can hardly blame them. Molly: "My husband gave me one of those n~w electric blank- ets. It's wonderful. You ought to get one." Maggie: "tIumph! I'd rather have my husband recilarged." Note from teacher: "Dear Mrs. Smith: Your Willie smells, please give him a bath." Note from Mrs. Smith: '%Villie don't need no bath. and he ain't gointa get a bath. He smells just like his pa, w. The trouble is you old-maid school teachers don't know what a man smells like." X Oak Creek Mr. and Mrs. Zea Russell spent Friday afternoon in Rapid City.' Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Erdman and baby called at the John O'Brian home on Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Miller and son Major were Belle Fourche visitors on Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Bradbury from Texas were Sunday dinner guests of the Garland Braddock family. Mr. and Mrs. John O'Brian were afternoon callers at the Zea Russell home on Sunday. Mr. and 'Mrs. Marshall Miller and son Major spent Sunday af- ternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Her- man Kruger. Mrs. Garland Braddock and daughter, Mrs. Ralph Braddock and baby called on Mrs. Z. Rus- sell on Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Miller and son are spending a few days in Buffalo, Wyo. visiting Mrs. Miller's mother and other rela- tives. Mrs. Zea Russell delightfully entertained a group of friends ou Tuesday afternoon. Bingo and Five Hundred were played during the afternoon with 'prizes going way'." to Mrs. Rose McHenry, Mrs. Irvtn , He: "I fee~ * * * [Hejde and Mrs. Ambrose Ryan, as if we were en-[winners in Bingo, ,ga~ed." , [ Mrs. Rose McHenry and Mrs. ~he: 'Yes, and you've got to]Frank Pearson were prize winners stop it!" lin five hundred. Delicious re- freshments were served by the hostess and very much enjoyed by the sixteen guests. Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Ryan and children spent Thursday after- noon in Belle Fourche and Spear- fish. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kimball and son Edward ,were Belle Foarche callers on Thursday. Mrs. Clms. Pearson. Mrs. John O'Brian, Mrs. Frank Pearson and daughters, Margaret and Dorothy spent Thursday in .Spearfish at- tending a club meeting held at the beautiful Spearfish park. Chas, Pearson, John O'Brian, Frank Pearson and son Charles spent Thursday in Belle Fourche. Mr. and Mrs. Win. Coburn spent Thursday in Bell~ Fourehe. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF FINAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE All creditors and others inter- [A. J. Pattinsons a week ago Mon- day. M~rs. R. K. ,Middlemas and el|ildren were visitors at the home of htr parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Wyman last Friday and Saturday, returning home Sunday evening. Richard DeYoe was a caller at Wymans Saturday morning. R. K. Middlemas and Merl Wy- man were Spearfish, S. D. visi- tors a week ago Tuesday. A. J. Pattinson was a brief caller at Wymans last week Tues- day'. ,R. K. Middlemas spent the weekend at various towns in the Black Hills. X SHAMROCK HOMEMAKERS CLUB We met for our regular meet- ing July 13th with Georgia Camp- bell as hostess; eleven mere,bar: and their youngsters attending. Opal Oudin and Cora Vore re ested in the estate of Harmon turned the foot stool demonstra- Scaly. deceased, take notice that] tion, beginning before lunch that the undersigned hdminis, tratorI was (,omplete from salads to the with the will annexed of said as-[delicious lemon pie and ice tea rate wilt on or before the 13th[ furnished :by our hostess. (lay of August. 1948. file in the[ Opal Oudin was honored with office of the clerk of court of[a pink and blue shower, receiv- ('rook Co||nty. ~Vvoming. his ,final[ tng many useful gifts. acconnt and petition for distribu- A parcel of dried fruits and tion of said estate, where any one concentrated food had been sent interested may examine such ac- to our Holland family since the count and petition and file objec- tions thereto in writing at any time before the 24tb day of Aug- ust. 1948. and if no objections are filed thereto he will make final settlement of said estate on the 25th day of August, 1948, or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. Dated at Sundance, Wyoming, this 22nd day of July, 1948. J:OHN D. SE~LY, Administrator With the Will Annexed. Otis Reynolds, Attorney. JULY 22-29---August 5-12. X NOTICE OF FINAL SETTI, EM NT OF ESTATE All creditors and others inter- ested in the estate of Henrietta Seely, deceased, take notice that the undersigned administrator with the will annexed, of said es- tate will on or before the 13th day of August, 1fi48, file in the office of the clerk of court of Crook County, Wyoming, his final account and petition for distribu- tion of said estate, where any one interested may examine such account and petition and file ob- jections thereto in ,writing at any time before the 24th day of Aug- ust. 1948, and if no objections are filed thereto he will make final settlement of said estate on the 25th day of August. 1948. or as soon thereafter as the matter may be heard. Dated at Sundance. Wyoming, this 22nd day of July. 1948. JOHN D. SEELY, Administrator With the Will Annexed. Otis Reynolds, Attorney. July 22-29 August 5-12. Arch Creek Georgia Douglas and Marne Gose gave a shower at the Doug- las ranch Sunday for Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gose. 50 people at- tended: they- received many use- ful ~ifts. Refreshments served were ice cream and cake and punch. We had a good rain the nites 10, I i.12. The lightning was terrible. Mr. and Mrs. Art Hagerman took their children for a swim in the lake ~unday. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Materi called at the Frahm ranch Sunday. Barton Bros men are harvest- ing grain on the Eavey ranch. B. J. Ankeney and son called at the Wise ranch Wednesday. Merritt Barton is fencing two sections sheep tight. Harley Douglas branded cattle F~iday. B. J. Ankeney helped. Mr. and Mrs. George Wise were in Upton Friday getting some new tires. Word was received that a 7 lb., 4 oz. daughter was born July 11 to Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wirth of Sheridan. The mother will be remembered as Marianne Case. X' Aladdin Mr. and Mrs. S. J. Gels Sr. re- turned home a week ago Monday from spending a few days with relatives at 'Whiomood. S. D. Chas. Wyman was a visitor at THE ~SUNDANCE Sundance, Wyo. for the family! previous meeting and some of the Old cowhands who mem~bers have also writteu to know their brands. them. ~a Roll call was~answered with "A Canning Hint." After the meet- ing the foot stool was completed. Other members will construct foot stools at the next meeting August 10th and plans will be made for the fair at that time. Mrs. Lillie Storts and Mrs. Mae Rathbun will be hostesses. The U. S. Na al ~Supply Depot on Trinidad, British West In- dies, maintains its own self-sup- porting tropical plantation, on which are grown tropical fruits and vegetables for the use of American military personnel on the island. never stray from Acme Cowboy BOOt& Authentic western styling... rugged as a corral , fence.., with real "welkin'- on- air" comfort. See our line of Acme Boots --tested on the range I "Everything to SundanCe Investigating sparks from trains, flaming auto wrecks and explosions, Bing discovers that these things start only about one fire in a hundred. Then Bing unmasks the real culprit,--John Q. Public. Yes, 9 ,out of 10 costly range fires are started by people like you and your neighborl Unless you are extra careful you may be the one to start a disastrous range fire. IT'S UP TO YOU TO PROTECT OUR GRAZING LANDS. Rounding-up the start range fires, finds that lightning than 10% of the fires. Arsonists are next c~ of suspects. But the bar of fires people are few tween. I. Hold your it's cold. 2. Crush out smokes--use tray. 3. Drown your fire--kill" everY 4. Ask about before burning brush, fence trash. e