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July 27, 1995     The Sundance Times
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July 27, 1995

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T /L()G undance Stal;e Bank Member FDIC We've I)ecn around for 100 years and we're looking forward to serving the community for another 100! PAGE 4 ",' -; Sundane Channel6 ) Hulett Channels ~hannel Station (~ity 8 ~-~ (2) DISN Premium I) ~) (3) MAX Premium g (~) (4) HBO Premium O C_S) (8) KTWOCasper O ~ (5) ESPN Sports O ~ (12) KIVV dapld City iD ~ (14)WGN Chicago (10) KRMA Denver iD (~ (13)TBS Atlanta (]D @ (6) KOTA Sheridan ID ~) KGWC Casper O @ KPSD Vermillion ID ~ (11)TNN Nashville ID (~ (9) KMGH Denver Q (t~) LIFE Lifetime W @ NICK Nlckslodeon Q (~ (18)USA NewYork ~) ~ (19)FAM Family Q @ (20) WWOR New York O (~ (23)QVC2 Shopping (~ ~?~ (21)DSC Discovery (~ ~ KTLA Los Angeles (~ ~ (27)AMC Classics ~) ~ (26)TNT Atlanta ~ VH-1 Video Hits 1 (D ~ (2g)CSPAN Government g) ~ (22)A&E NeWYork (~ ~_~ (17)CMTV Ccuntry (7) FOX Fox Network (~ SCiFi Science Rction (~ COURT Court TV 4~ CNBC Consumer News MEU Mind Ext. Univ. TBN Trinity TeeN Cartoon Network (28) TLC Learning Charms TRAV Travel TALK America's Talkin, EtTV Entertainment HIST History Buh~nce THURSDAY July 27 6:00 pm (~(2) Frog (CC) ~)(]~(3) MOVIE: Some Kind of Hero ~8) Cops (CC) 12) Empty Nest (CC) 14) MOVIE: Magnum Force (10) 10D ~3~ MacNeIVLehrer Newshour (CC) 10B~(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) 10~ Hard Copy (CC) I~1@(11) Waylon Jennings & Fdends t~@.~(9) Jeopardyl (CC) 10~ Unsolved Mysteries I Dream of Jeennle (~(18) Murder, She Wrote (CC) ~)(~)(19) Paradise ~)(~(20) That Girl ~@(21)T Mysterious Universe (~ Doogie Howser, M.D. (CC) ~(27) MOVIE: The Tin Star ~(26) In the Heat of the Night' (CC) i~(22) Biography (~(7) Martin (CC) (~ Pdme Time Justice Cal Thomas (~ New Media News Behind the Scenes ~;~ Quick Draw McGraw Ele- ments ~_~(28) Great Battles of the Civil War Earth Journeys (~ Straight Forwsrd ~) Spies 6:01 pm ~ Quantum Leap (CC) 6:05 pm (~)~(13) MOVIE: Joe Kidd THE 81J-NDANCE TIMES Wolf 7:00 pm I~C2_)(2) MOVIE: The Money Pit (CC) ~4) MOVIE: Ring of Steel (S) 8) ~)~)(12) Mad About You (CC) (10) Wild America (CC) ID~/~(6) MOVIE: Kansas (CC) ($) I~ 1~0~(9) Burke's Law (CC) il]~ 10~ Where the Buffalo Roamed I~)@~(11) Music City Tonight I~(!_@ MOVIE: Do You Know the Muffin Man? I~B 1~7~ I Dream of Jeannie I;~(18) MOVIE: Conan the Destroyer (CC) 1~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) (~)~0!(20) Mod Squad ~)~@(21) Movie Magic ~)~ Full House (CC) (~)~-e~(26) MOVIE: The China Syndrome (~}~(22) A&E in Concert (~(7) New York Undercover (CC) (~ Rivers Live ~)) PCTV ~ Bishop Jakes ~ Bugs & Daffy (#s~(28) This Century ~_~ On the Road ((S) Newroom Insiders ~) Talk Soup ~0) MOVIE: Judgment in Berlin 7:01 pm (3~) Hammer House of Horror 7:30 pm 1~(~)(8) O~.?~ 12) Hope & Gloria (CC) (10) Eyewitness (CC) I~)/jT) I Dream of Jeannie ~)~4)(21) Know Zone ~ Dodger Pre-game ~ John Sateen (4~r3 Exploring America 4(9) News Daily 7:45 pm ~3~(3 ) MOVIE: The Dead Pool (CC) (S) ~(27) MOVIE: Downhill Racer 8:00 pm ~5~(8) ~])~7~(12) Sein- feld (CC) (10) ~)~!~ Mystery~ (CC) ~}(i0~(13) Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) (CC) (~0~ (~S~(9) Eye to Eye (CC) ~1(~ I Dream of Jeennie I~}~(19) 700 Club ~)~(20) News (CC) JULY 27, 1995 ~)~(21) Beyond 2000 (s0~ Spies ~ Major League Baseball At- 10:01 pm ~ Quantum Leap (CC) tents Braves at Los Angeles 10:30 Dodgers (S Live) (8~(7) Highlander: The Series C3~. Verdicts and Justice ~ Charles Grodln New Media News Praise the Lord ~ George and Junior Christmas Spectacular 4~(28) Battles That Changed the World 4(~ Floridal (4~ America After Hours Late Night With David Lat- terman 8:01 pm (~ Friday the 13the The Series 8:10 pm ~ Tom and Jerry 8:30 pm E]1~4~(4) MOVIE: You So Crazy (CC) (S) 1~(8) ~7)(12) Friends (CC) 1~(5) Baseball Tonight 1~(14) News (CC) 1~_~(6) Peter Jennings Re- porting (CC) iliadS(11 ) Country News 10B~ I Dream of Jeannie System ~ Design Revolution (4~(28) Treasure Islands BBC Travel Show Guide 8:35 pm 1~2~(2) Thomas Jef- ferson: The Pursuit of Liberty 6:15 pm ~ John Avanzinl 6:25 pm 4~ E1rem~Zl:mbStist Jr. 6:30 pm ID~(8)Murphy Brown 9;00 pm t~(8) 1~(_7-~(12) ER (co) .... (cc) (D~_~(fi) Auto Racing (Live) ~12) Roseenne (CO) 6) Cheers (CC) ~0~ Extra (co) 1~(~(9) Wheel of Fortune (CC) 10B@ I Dream of Jeennle ~(20) That Girl ~@(21) Magical Worlds ~ Family Matters (CC) ~(7) Living Single (CC) ~) Equal Time @ Design Revolution (~ Peter LaLonde (~ Jetsons @ Taste for Travel With Burt (s](7) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol ~_a~ Twilight Zone (CC) ~39~ Prime Time Justice ~40~ Real Personal (4j) PC Superstore ~ New Scooby Dos Movies ~(6~(28) Great Battles of the Civil War ~} On the Road (.~ Ask E. Jean ~4{)~ Howard Stern ~50~ Battle of the Bombers 9:20 pm ~]1~(3) MOVIE: Open Fire (S) 9:30 pm ~)~)(2) Nixon Interviews With David Frost 1~t~3~(14) Simon & Simon i~}~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) I~(~S~(18) Wings (CC) ~)~2~(21) Magical Worlds ~)~[T~(27) MOVIE: Three Days of the Condor '~sD(7) Northern Exposure (CC) ~4()) O.J. Simpson: The Trial !47~ Undersea Adventures ~9) Howard Stern 9:31 pm ~S Tales From the Dark- side 9:45 pm ~)~25](26) MOVIE: Chsr- nobyh The Final Warning (CC) 10:00 pm ~1~(4) Shock Video 2: The Show Business of Crime and Punishment (CC) News i~s)(5) Baseball Tonlght (10) Chefl I~(!3; Charlle Rose I~)(14~(11) Wayion Jennlngs & Friends i~0~(9) News (CC) i~(!s~ Unsolved Mysterles i~{T1~ Dick Van Dyke i~0B)(18) Ouantum Leap (CC) I~)~)(19) Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ~)~(20) Hazel ~)~4)(21) Movie Magic (~)~1)(22) Biography ~40) Rivers Live ~41) Paid Program (45~ Toon Heads ~45)(28) This Century ~TT) Earth Journeys 4~) Straight Forward ~ Talk Soup t~Cs_~(5) Sportscenter (CC) O~(14) Honeymooners (10) Language of Life (CC) i~}~ i~(9) 48 Hours (CC) I~)~3~ Clive James' Postcards (CC) I~0~(11) Club Dance (~ Unsolved Mysteries (]B (1~/) Taxi ~)~(18) Wings (CC) ~)~(19) Father Dowling Mys- teries (CC) ~)~_~(20) Kojsk ~)~_~(21) Mysterious Universe (~(22) Law & Order pm il~K~(5) Wodd's Strongest Man Competition t~1~'~(14) Honeymooners (10) Are You Being Served? i~l~ Thirtysomethlng (CC) t~@ Bob Newhart ~)~0~(20) Magnum, P.I. ~)~2~(21 ) Know Zone ~8_~(7) ~_~ Paid Program 11:05 pm (]B(~(6) Coach (CC) 11:30 pm i~(~) Your Baby and Child (]B~ Supermen 1~)(~)(19)(~ Paid Program ~(20)News (CO) ~(27)MOVIE: The Tln Star (~) System Benny Hlnn (~)(28) Treasure Islands Exploring Amedca (~) TV's Bloopers end Practical ~(~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) (~(~(18) MOVIE: Buford's Beach Bunnies 1~)~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) ~)@(21) Pirates ~(~(27) MOVIE: Drums Along the Mohawk 0~(7) Northem Exposure (CC) (~ O.J. Simpson: The Trial Moxy (~)(28) Cats ~) TrsvelQuest Jokes (~ Howsrd Stern 11:36 pm q)@(S) Rush Llmbaugh 10:00 pm ~1(~(4) Dennis Miller 11:37 pm ~(8) I~12) Late (CC) Night (CC) t0~ Late Late Show (CC) 1~(~(8) Inside Edition (CC) 11:45 pm (~(~)(28) MOVIE: Night- breaker FRIDAY July 28 6:00 pm ~3) MOVIE: Pump- kinhead el: Blood Wings (CC) (S) ID~(4) MOVIE: Proj~t Shs- dowchaser III (CC) (S) ~8) cops (CC) 1"2) Focus Thirty (10) ~D~) MacNell/Lehrar Newlhour (CC) ~)(~(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) (]~@ Hard Copy (CC) I~(~(11) Championship Rodeo (Taped) (S) (~(~)(9) Jeopardyl (CC) t~) Intimate Portrait i~(~ Welcome Beck, Kotter t~(~)(18) Murder, She Wrote (CC) ~)~j~(19) Paradise t~@(20) That GId ~(~)(21) Shlpwrocks (~;) Major League Baseball California Ar,.gels st Milwaukee Brewers (S Live) ~@(27) MOVIE: Drums Along the Mohswk ~(~(26) MOVIE: The Long Dark Night I~B(~)(22) Biography (~7) TV Nation (CC) ~) Pdme Time Justice ~) Gerry Spenca New Media News (~) Behind the Scenes Quick Draw McGraw Ele- ments ~(28) Cats (~ Journey to the Edge (~ Straight Forward (~ Fashion Week ~) Spies 6:01 pm ~) MOVIE: Star Wars (CC) (s) 6:05 pm t~(~)(13) MOVIE: Tall in the Saddle 6:15 pm (~ John Avanzini 6:25 pm (~) Efrsm Zimbalict Jr. 6:30 pm ~D(8) Murphy Brown (CC) ~5) Boxing CLive) (CC) 12) Roeelnne (CC) 6) Cheers (CC) t0~) Extra (CC) Late Night Black & White IMP)(9) Wheel of Fodune (CC) ~4/~ Taste for Travel With Burt 10~(~ Welcome Back, Kottor Wolf (~)(20) That Gid ((s) News Daily ~(~)(21) Pirates 10:35 pm I~(8) O~)(12) To- ~)Equal Tlme night Show (CC) (~ Going On-Line I~I~(6) Nightline (CC) @ Llvame end Edith Trlpp li~0~ Ii~5~(9) Late Show (CC) (~) Jetaons - ~)(28) Cats 10:50 pm ~]tC~3-~(3) MOVIE: Monolith (~) Gossip (s) 11:00 pm 1~2~(2) MOVIE: Hall ths 7:00 pm ~[X2) MOVIE: South Conquering Hero (CC) , Pacific (CC) (S) IE]lc~r)(4) MOVIE: The Client (CC) 1~(8) (B(~12) Uneolvad (S) Mysteries (CC) (10) ~ Washington Week in Review (CC) (D@(6) Family Matters (CO) I~(~) 1~(~9) Diagnosis Murder (cc) i~)(11) Music Clty Tonight t~(~) MOVIE: Hostage Flight I~(~ Welcom Back, Kotter i~)(18) MOVIE: The Termi- nator (CC) t~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) ~=~(2o) Mad Squad ~(~21) Spirit Of Survival (~@(22) Inveetigativa Reports (i)(7) X-Filee (CC) {~) Rivers ave PCTV (~ Frederick K. Pdce (~ George end Junior Chdatms Spectacular (~j~(2S) Cats @ On the Road (~) Newroom Insiders Talk Soup i~l~S~(5) Motorcycle Racing (Taped) I~53(14) T.J. Hooker (10) Charlie Rose t~0~(13) MOVIE: Hellfighters 1~)~13~ MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour (CC) 1~)(!4~(11) Music City Tonight t0D~l~ Dragnet 1~)~!~(18) Magnum, P.I. (CC) i~)~(lg) @ Paid Program ~)~4~(21) Beyond 2000 ~_S) News (CC) ~31~(22) A&E in Concert ~(7) Shirley ~39) Verdicts and Justice ~ Charles Grodin ~ Homeland Harmony (4~ Down Wit' Droopy D (45)(28) Battles That Changed the World C473 On the Road ~ in Depth C4s~ Gossip ~ MOVIE: The Confession ~ MOVIE: Judgment in Bedln 7:10 pm ~) Bugs & Daffy 11:01 pm ~ Hammer House of 7:30 pm IB(~3) MOVIE: The Horror Chase (CC) (S) (10) State of Colorado (CC) 10~(~(6) Boy Meets Wodd (CC) IW(]~ Wall $1raat Week (CC) I~(~ Welcom Back, Kotter ~)(21) Fields of Armor ~(2e) cm (~ Exploring America 7:45 pm (~(~X4) Virtuosity: First Look 8:00 pm ID(~4) MOVIE: Demoli- tion Men (CC) (S) I~S) (B(~12) Dateline (CC) (10) Well Stm~ Week (cc) i~(~)(13) Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at Sen Francisco Giants (Live) (CC) g)(~)(6) Step by Step (CC) I~(~ 1~(~)(9) MOVIE: Black Fox (CC) (S) i~(~) Merkst to Market I~]~ Welcome Back, Kottar ~19) 700 Club 20) News (CC) 21) Hunters 27) MOVIE: This Gun for Hlra ~)~(22) Ancient Mysteries (iX'/) Vanishing Son (CC) ~) Washington Watch Chides Grodin (~)New Media News Praise the Lord ~)Tom end Jerry ~(2a) cm (~ End of the Road (~) Amedce After Hours (~ Late Night With David Lab terrain 8:05 pm (~(26) MOVIE: Night of the Lepus 6:30 pm (~(~(5) Baseball Tonight I~(~(14) News (CC) (10) Roundtable (CC) I~@(6) Hengin' With Mr. Cooper (CC) (B~) Midwest Market Analysis t~11) Country News t0~(~ Welcome Back, Kottor Going On-Line (~j~(28) Cats BBC Travel Show Guide 6:35 pm (10) McLaughlln Group 9:00 pm IB(~3) MOVIE: Marilyn Chembera' BedUm Stodee t~8) (~(~12) Homicide: Life on the Street (CC) ~5) Sport~oontar (CC) 14) Honeymooners (10) Evening at Pops 10B~(S) 2O/2O (CO) t0B~]~ Wild Wheels (CC) 10~(~(11) Club Dance (D(~) Designing Women (CC) (B~(~ Taxi I~(18) Ouckmen (CC) 10D(~)(19) Racing Weekly (~(~20) Kojek ~(21) Shipwrecks (~;) MOVIE: Midnight Run t~[~(22) Law & Order (!)(7) Real Stodee of the Highway Patrol (~ Making of the Empire Strikes Back (CC) (~ Prim Time Justice ~)Real Personal PC Superatore ~) Specs Ghost: Coast to Coast ~(2s) cite @ On the Road ~j~ Ask E. Jean (~) Howard Stern g:16 pm ~ Late Night Black & White 9:30 pm ~[X2) Nlxon Interviews With David Frost (~(]~(14) Simon & Simon Designing Women (CC) t~)(8) ~(12) ID@(6) ~]B@ News (~(5) Baseball Tonight (10) As Time Goes By I~(~ Chadie Rose I~(~(11) Championship Rodeo (R) (S) I~(9) News (CO) Girls' Night Out (CC) t~ Dick Van Dyke t~)(~)(19) Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ~)(~(20) Hazel (~(~(21) Spirit of Survival ~)(26) MOVIE: The Legend of Boggy Creek tB)(~)(22) Biography (~) Rlvara Live (~ Paid Program (~ Shower of Power (~ Joele snd the Pussycats (~(28) Cats (~ Journey to the Edge (~ Straight Forward (~) News Week in Review ~) Splee 10:01 pm ~) MOVIE: The Ghost of Frankenstein 10:26 P s:~sripm (D(~3) Softly From Hercule st the Feet of Omphaie 10:30 pm I~K]~(4) Def Comedy Jam (cc) O~5) Speedweek 14) Honeymooners (10) Are You Being Served? 10B~) Bob Newhart ~)(~)(20) Magnum, Psi. ~(~)(21) Fields of Armor (~7) ~ Paid Program (~[~) Charisma Magazine Imposslbles-Elements (~)(28) Cats 10:35 pm (~8) (~){12) To- night Show (CC) ~)(~(6) Nightllne (CC) (B~(~) 1~(~(9) Late Show (CC) 11:00 pm IB(~3) MOVIE: Class of lg99 I1: The Substitute (S) ~(4) MOVIE: Poetic Justice (CC) (8) (~(5) Drag Racing (Taped) t~)(14) T.J. Hooker (10) Chedle Rose (~(~(13) Uvs From the House of Blues I~ MscNeil/Lehror Newshour (CC) I~)(11) Music City Tonight Unsolved Mysteries Dragnet G)(~(19) Paid Program ~(~(21) Hunters (~(~) News (CC) tl)~_~(22) Investigative Reports (]~(7) Shirley (~ Washington Watch (~ Charles Grodin (~) College Bound on Cable (~ Carman (~ Butch Cassldy (~)(28) Cats ~) On the Road (~) In Depth Talk 8cup ~) MOVIE: The Confession ~SX5) Hydroplane Racing (Taped) ~?~12) This Week in Baseball (10) American Woodshop (g~(~) Ouilt in a Day ~)@(19) Rifleman, ~)(~) Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad (CC) @ JEN This Week Ray Brubaker (~ Centurions ~(26) Yen Can Cook 2:00 pm (~(~)(8) 1~(12) Kings on the Hill: Baseball's Forgotten Men (10) Homatime 1~)(~(13) Major League Baseball Atlanta Braves at San Francisco Giants (Live) (CC) I~(~ 1~@(9) Senior PGA Golf (Live) (CC) t0D~ Sew Many Quilts i~_~ MOVIE: Brass 10~ Welcome Freshmen 1~)~(19) Big Valley ~)~(20) Cannon ~)~(~(21) Movie Magic ~ Hercules: The Legendsry Journeys (CC) (~7) Vanishing Son (CC) (~ MOVIE: Journey to the Far Side of the Sun (~ Paid Program @ Facilitating Reading Devel- opment Walt Mills Jonny Quest @(28) Homebodies (~ Exploring America Newroom Insiders Gossip Weapons at War 2:05 pm ~)@(26) Pink Panther 2:15 pm IE)~(4)- MOVIE: Lightning Jsck (CC) (S) 2:30 pm I~(2) Dinosaurs, Di- nosaurs, Dinosaurs ~(3) MOVIE: Blind Date (CC) (s) (~(5) Auto Racing (Taped) (10) This Old House (CC) a)~) Graham Kerr's Kitchen 10B(~ Family Double Dare 1~)(~(18) MOVIE: Trading Places (s) ~@(21) Know Zone Paid Program (~Reginald Cherry 4~G-Force @(28) Furniture to Go (~ Floddal 3:00 pm 1~(2) MOVIE: The Ab- sent Minded Professor (CC) 1~8) t~(12) Pro Beach Volleyball AVP CLive) (10) Trailslde: Make Your Own Adventure O)(~ Cooking With Master Chefs (CC) I~@(11) Auto Racing (S Live) i0B~ G.U.T.S. I~)~(lg) Bonanza: The Lost Episodes ~)@(20) Hlghlsnder: The Series ~)~(21) Next Step ~ Doogie Howeer, M.D. (CC) ~)~(27) MOVIE: Guys and Dolls ~)(~)(26) Rudy and GoGo's World Famous Cartoon g)(~(22) MOVIE: Forty Carats ~)(7) ~ Paid Program (~ American Adventure (~ Mike Barber 4~ Godzilia ~(28) Renovation Guide Travel News Now 4~ CNBC Talks ~) News Week in Review Automobiles 11:06 pm 10D(~(6) Coach (CO) 3:15 pm O~(14) Tenth Inning 11:15 pm O(~X2) MOVIE: Jaws 2 3:30 pm (~(~(5) Auto Racing (Taped) (co) (~(27) MOVIE: The Westerner 11:30 pm (~5) Mountain Biking (Taped) Your Baby and Child (~ Supermsn 1~(18) MOVIE: Beach Fever ~)(~(19) Paid Program ~)(~(20) News (CC) (~ JEN This Week (~ Benny Hinn (~ Pup Namd Scooby Dos (~28)Cats (~ Exploring America 11:31 pm @ MOVIE: House of Frankenstein 11:36 pm 1~(~(6) Rush Limhaugh 11:37 pm (~(8) ~12) Late Night (CC) i~ Late Late Show (CC) t~)(9) Inside Edition (CC) SATURDAY July 29 12:O0 pm (~,~(2) Daniel Boone (CC) -,, ~ Paid Program (~(~12) AcUon Reading 1~(~(14) Lead-Off Men (ID10) Frugal Gourmet (CC) (~)(13) MOVIE: Duel st Dlablo i~(~) 1~(~)(9) Sports Show CLive) (CC) (~(]]) Computer Chronicles I~(~)(11) NHRA Today (S) I~ CBS Evening News (CO) ~(~(27) MOVIE: Tltel 10B~ Rugrats (CO) Shrinking Man I~)(~(18) Weird Science (CC)(~(~(22) MOVIE: 1~(~(19) That's My Dog (~7) Super Dave ~(~(21) Fields of Armor (~) MOVIE: The ~ Fresh Prince of BeI-AIr Werewolf (CC) (~) System ~}(~(27) MOVIE: The Great ~TalkLIve Sioux Uprising (~) Real Videos (i)~(22) Home Again ~) Space Ghost: ~_](7) Real Stories of ths (~(28) Miracles Highway Patrol Wonders (~ Misadventures of Ed Gdmlsy (~ Mysterious (~(28) Great Country Inns ~ Hollywood's Head 6:00 pm ~t~(3) MOVIE: Fatal At- ~) S traction (CC) (S) 10:10 pm t~1(~4) MOVIE: Baby's Day Out (CC) (S) 10:15 pm (~) 1~8) Babylon 5 (CC) 10:30 I~C~(12) Star Trek: Voyager With David Frost (CC) (10) Travels in Europe i~ 1~(13) Cats & Dogs (CC) (CC) G)~(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) 1~@(6) X-Files (CC) i~ Road 10~ff~ i0~ Language of Life (CC) (CC) Q)@(11) Spry Backstage i~C~) Star Nuatler 1~(~(9) Jeopardyl (CC) 10~(~ Bob Newhert I~(~ MOVIE: Anything to Sur- i~(~(19) Zole Levitt vive ~)(20) (~ (~) paid F IOB(~) Secret World of Alex Mack (~7) Super Dave t~)(18) MOVIE: Kindergarten (~) Verdicts Cop (CC) (S) ~ Leon and Fdendl ~)(~(lg) MOVIE: The Return of (~ G-Force Desperado (~ Earth Joumays ~@(21) End of Camelot 10:36 pm (~(~8) ~) Major League BaseballLive (CC) California Angels at Mitwaukee I~(~)1 Brewers (S Live) li~(~)(g) Si ~(~(26) Outer Limits 11:00 pm (]B(~(22) MOVIE: Cape Fear (~(7) Cops (CC) (~ MOVIE: The Empire Stdkee I~(~ Back (CC) (S) ~ Paid Program (~} System I]~(~) Dick Van (~ CNBC Talks (~)(~)(18) MOVIE: (~ New Media News The Reunion (S) (~) in Touch (~(~)(21) Justice ~;~ Moxy (~(~) News (CC) (~)(28) Great Castles of Europe (~ Lock & Key Mysterious Places ~) Chades Grodln (~ Straight Forward (~]) College Bound on (~ Fashion Week (~) Fire by Nlta (~ Spies in the Sky ~;) Power Zone 6:20 pm ~ George and Junior ~j~(28) Human Beings Chdstmss Spectacular ~]~ Travels (CC) 6:30 pm I[~C~(5) Arena Football (~) Goillp Orlando Predators at Tampa Bay ~ Spies Storm CLive) 11:10 pm (10) Senior Showcase (CC) 11:15 pm 1~@(6) Simpsons (CC) Three Musketeers t~0~(11) Grand Sis Spry Llva 11:20 pm (~K~{4) t~(~(9) Wheel of Fortune (CC) 11:30 pm I~(~ All That Racing (R) @(7) Cops (CC) 1~;~(14) This weal( if (~ Verdicts and Justice ports (~) Dick Cavatt (10) Red Gmn (~ Multimedia Gulch ~)(~])(6) ~) Scooby Dos Where Are Youl Slept Hera (~(28) Great Castles of Europe I~) MOVIE: Alleml (~ Esrth Journeys (~ Videofashlon Weekly! ~(~ 7:00 pm ~2) MOVIE: Project XPaid (CC) (S) t~(8) (~0~(12) World's ~(27) Greatest Magic (CC) Sixth Happiness (10) Lawrence Welk Show 0D(7) EntertainerS Q)~(6) Time Well Spent (CC) (~ JEN This Week I~)0~ I~(~(9) Dr. Quinn, Medi- (~) Sky clne Woman (CC) 11:35 pm ID(]])(9) (~@(11) Statler Bros. (CC) (]B(~ Ren & Stimpy 11:40 pm ~(~j) ~(~)(27) MOVIE: The Inn of the 11:50 Sixth Happiness stick Camera O(~(14) California Dreams (10) Wild Kingdom I~(~ This Old House (CC) I~ Clarlssa Explains It All (CC) ~)~(21) Invention ~ Doogle Howeer, M.D. (CC) ~(7) ~ Paid Program ~Unlverse:ThelnflnltaFrontier 7:45 pm ~0~(4) MOVIE: Sllvar (~) Dr. Hugh Ross (CC) (S) SWAT Kits: The Radical 6:00pmli)~3)MOVlE:Swordof Squadron Honor (S) ~7) America's Most Wanted " (cc) SUNDAY (~ Trial Story (~ Talk Live July 30 @ PCTV 12:00 Hour of Power (CC) (~ Flintstones (CC) ida(4) ~)(28) Miracles snd Other Wonders (~ Travels (CC) Showcase News Week in Review Spies 7:05 pm ~)(~)(26) Outer Limits 7:30 pm (~ Are You Afraid of the Dark? ~CC.) Jstsons (D~ LA. Law (cc) What Would You Do? I~)~)(19) Young Riders (CC) ~B~(20) Knight Rider (B~)(21) Challenge ~(:~ Soul Train 1~(~)(22) American Justice (I)(7) Beverly HIlls, g0210 (CC) (~) MOVIE: The Man With the Power ~(28) Home Pro (~ BBC Travel Show Guide (~ Tim Russert 4:00 pm ~]1~(4) MOVIE: The Client (CC) (S) t~(8) 1~(9) Paid Program 1~(~(5) Road to the Brickyard 1~(12) MDR Fitness G1~(14) Saved by the Bell (CC) (10) Evening of Championship Skating (Taped) (S) (CC) (];}~(6) Tough Target I~ Extra (CC) Q)~) New Yankee Workshop (CC) I~ MOVIE: Crime of Innoc- ence Doug t~)(~(19) Snowy River: The McGregor Saga (CC) ~)@(20) Renegade ~)(~](21) Hunters ~) Family Mattsrs (CC) 0D(7) Highlander: Ths Series Washington Watch O~(14) ~}~)(20) News (CC) (10) Classic Fighter t~)@(13) incredible Life and Times of Robed Replay: Believe It or Notl Q)~(6) MOVIE: The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes (CC) (S) t~ i~;~(9) Touched by an Angel (CC) t0B(~) Red Green ~(~)(11) Yesteryear (~(~j~ Designing Women (CC) 10B0~ I Love Lucy (CC) (~(18) Wing. 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Simpson Trial @ M.E.U. Theater James Kennedy 2 Stupid Dogs (~(28) Grsst Country Inns (~ Lonely Planet (~ Have a Heart (~ Talk Soup (]B(~ Lucy Show t~)~(18) Ouckman (CC) ~)(20) Chsdee in Charge (CC) @ Muitlmedis Gulch (~ Rlcky Sksgga (~ On the Road Howard Stern g:00 pm (~(]~(2) Making of the Three Musketeers (CC) " 1~(~8) (~(~)(12) Abbott and Costello Meet Jerry Seinfeld (CC) O~5) 8portacenter (CC) ID(~)(14) Night Court (10) World's Fastest Trains t~1~ t~(~(9) Walker, Texee Ranger (CC) I~ Austin City Umlta t~(~)(11) SPry Backstage (~(~) Intimate Portrait I]B(~ Lucy end Deel Comedy Hour ~)(~)(18) MOVIE: Abducted ~(~(20) Kojak ~)(21) End of Camelot ~(~ Hercules: The Legendary Journeys (CC) t~@(22) Evening at the Improv Cj~(7) Tales From the Crypt (~ Return of the Jade: Citmalc Creatures (~) Instant Justice (~) Straight Forward PC Superators (~ Pet Boone (~ 2 Stupid Dogs (~)(28) Great Castles of Europe Lonely Planet ~) Ask E. Jean (~ Talk Soup Spies . 9:30 pm 1~(~)(14) MOVIE: Platoon Leader t~(~(11) Grand Ole SPry Live ~7) Tales From the Crypt (~ John Jacobl (~ 2 Stupid Doge (~(28) Great Castles of Europe 9:35 pm (B(~(3) MOVIE: The Great Bikini Off-Road Adventure (C) (S) ~(4) MOVIE: Interaaction (CC) (S) 10:00 pm (~)(S) ~B(~(12) ~6) (~1@~ News 5) Baseball Tonighl (10) Wild Wheels (CC) 1~)(13) Live From the House of Blues Q)(~) Sneak Previews i~(~(11) Statler Bros. 1~(~(9) News (CC) t~(~) Midnight Caller (CC) (]B(~ Mary Tyler Moore (CO) G)~(lg) CCM-TV (~i~(20) ~) ~ Paid ~rngram vanishing 8on (cc) e~(s) (10) Ghostwriter t~(~(11) Truckin' (D(~) Intimate Q(~ utou ~(~)(21) AmedCa Coast (~(~) Major Califomia Angels Brewers (S Live) (i)(7) Club Golf (~) ~) Paid Program (~ Rod Parsley (~) Funky Phantom @(2s) cm Flavors of FranCe 12:15 pm Scenes (~(14) MeJorl Philadelphia Cubs 12:30 (cc) (s) (B(~12) Making (10) Ghoatwdtar I ~@(11) Winl . I~@ Wild & Crazy (~) Amazing Chin Clan ~ 2S) cats Vacation Store 1:50 pm lure Island ~12) (10) Alllgatorl de~. q~D Tho Wln ' Famll~ Q@ (D(~ Hey Dude ~(lS) MOWS: Deetroyor G)~(19) ~)(21) tlnent 1~(~])(22) Dallas (!)(7) Robin's _ (~ MOVIE: Raving,, tare (]~ THai Week (~) JEN King Is Coming (~) Buford end t~e Ghost :~ ~(2s) cat. _. (~) Mysterious Pi# (~ Stats of Mind (~ Fashion File MOVIE: The JU 1:30 pm (B~)(21)Meglcal (~) Paid program (~) Pator LaLondo ~) JibberJaw ~(2s) cat, (~ VIdeofeehlon t 1:50 pm Salutes the cc) 2:00 Court (13) MaJorL Atlanta Giants (Live) (CC) _,,411 (Live) (CC) i~ MOVIE: Dawn ~ Welcome 3~X7) ~) Paid FsclUtsting spent ~) Comerstone (~ Inch High ~(25) Cm (~ Exploring ~]p Nawroom 2:301 Family ValueS