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July 29, 1993     The Sundance Times
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July 29, 1993

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PAGE 4 THE SUNDANCE JULY 29, 1993 I MOVII=: Love and Betrayal m Clada Explains It All (CC) MOVIE: Graveyard Shift (~ MOVIE: Amzing Stode: The D Paid Program Movie VI (S) B Family Feud Im Young Rider (CC) Lake That Exploded (~ Major League Baeball New D New (CC) York Mets at St Louis Cardinals O MOVIE: Two Ticket= to (Live) Broadway Q Challenge 2:30 pm I~ NHRA Today (R) (S) (m Arcade (~) Just the Ten of Us (~ Thoe Incredible Animal 3:00 pm ~) MOVIE: Killer Klowns From Outer Space (S) I~ ~ Pro Beach Volleyball (Live) (BI Auto Racing (Taped) Q My Fvodto Martian ~ MOVIE: Clash of the Titans ID Inlde Winston Cup Racing Cha;Inal Station City ; a InIda Edition (CC) Q Investl~afive Report g MOVIE: Cape Fear 11:00 pm O Dream On (CC) 11:05 pm IB MOVIE: Superdad 6:05 pm m MOVIE: Memode ofQ Wild Sid~ O DISN Premium ~ European Journal (CC) Me O Double ouble g MAX Pr0mium a Nehvlilo Now a Hard Copy (CC) 6:30 pm m Making of Snow White Q loner' Korner a HBO Premlnm a Dobie GIIII 11:06 pm O Araenio Hall (CC) (CC) ~ Hunters in the Sky ID KTWO Casper (~ Equalizer 11:30 pm 8 MOVIE: Mirror images g Designing Women (CC) S Punky Brawster (ll ESPN Sports ~ Paid Program (S) O Pro Football Hall of Fame In- g MOVIE: Peyton Place a low Rapid Cllya Family Feud ~ Sportscentar diction Ceremonies (Same-day (m In Search Of... tm WGN Chicago D Cronkite Report (D O Paid Program Tape) 3:20 pm ID Tenth Inning U TBS Alisnte O New (CC) m Patty Duke (D a New WKRP In Cincinnati3:30 pm O Twilight Zone il KOTA Sherlpee O MOVIE: Rhythm on the River m Joe Franklin (CC) (D Some Fun Now (B KGWC Casper a WlMIIta Mysteries m My Favorite Mrtian (m Thi Old Houe (CC) (m Winners (R) (S) Q KPSO Varmllliml11:05 pm D Arsenio Hall (CC) 11:35 pm B U Late Night With (m Grand Sis Spry Live m Fifteen O TNN Nashville O Hard Copy (CC) David Lettarmen m Roundhoue ID My Sttar Sam (B Kids in the Hall 7:00 pm O MOVIE: The Rocks-Q Thl Week in Baseball O KMGH Denver 11:15 pm (D MOVIE: Buck and the m Rush Limb,:ugh teer (CC) (S) m Carrier O LIFE Lllellms Preacher I NICK Nickelodeon 11:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Cyborg Cop O 6 Super Blooper & New m Pinky Brawter a USA NOw York ~ Practical Joke (CC) 3:35 pm ID Captain Planet and D FAM Family Motowodd SATURDAY Q MOVIE: My Brother' Wifethe Planeteers (CC) a WWOR New York (m S Paid Program (CC) (S) 4:00 pm 6 Avonlea (CC) o JCp Sk0ppi., O P," Duke July 31 m g Dr. Quinn, Medicine B MOVIE: Indiana Jose and I TDC Discovery ~ Joe Franklin 12:00 pm I~ Paid Program Woman (CC) the Temple of Doom (CC) (S) O KTLA Los Angeles 11:35 pm ~ O Late Night With I~ Checkered Flag ~ Evening at Pop ~ Paid Program AMC Classics David Lefterman ~ Why Didn't I Think of That? ~ Statler Bro. O Baeball Hall of Fame Induc- I~ Ren & Stlmpy ties Ceremonies (Same-day TNT Atlanta I~ Scene of the Cdme O MOVIE: Brawstar's Millions ~ MOVIE: Gunfight at the O.K. Tape) VH-1 Video Hits 1~ Rush Llmbaugh ~ Computer Chronicle I~ CSPAN Government - Corral I~ Russ Reid (~ A&E New York ~ Truckln' USA (R) (S) Anything but Love ~ Wings of the Luttwaffe O MOVIE: The Reluctant A- MOVIE: High Plains Drifter tronaut e CMTV Co,airy FRIDAY 0 Muppet Muictan of Bremen ~ MOVIE: Road to Utopia (~ Weekend Travel Update "-'---'--"-"-'"---- ~D Big Valley 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: My Couin I~ CBS Evening New (CC) July 30 ~ A-Team Vinny (S) ~ McLaughlin Group Wild About Wheels (R) THURSDAY 12:oo pm ~ MOVIE: Vldeodrome ~ Soul Train O NFL Kickoff d~aRemodeling & Decorating To- July 29 12:20 pm ~ MOVIE: The 30 Foot 12:05 pm (~ MOVIE: Someone I O New (CC) Are You Afraid of the Dark? ~ Firafighters Bdde of Candy Rock Wstchln~ Me 7:45 pm ~]J Tale From the Crypt t~ Movie 12:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Without 1:00 pm ~ MOVIE: On the Av-12:30 pm I~ Basil Hears a Noise (CC) (~ Family Double Dare enue ~ Paid Program 8:00 pm ~ ~ Empty Net (CC)(~ My Two Dad (CC) Trace ~ Sports IIIutratad Swimuit ~ Auto Racing (Taped) MOVIE: Written on the Wind USA: Amedca the Beautiful (CC) ~ Roggln' Heroes (~. NFL Praseason Football New I~ Big Brother Jke (CC) 1:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Dirty Mary.~ Surfing (R) ~ Joy of Painting uneans Saints vs. Philadelphia ~) Barn,=by Jones Crazy Larry ~ Lead-Off Men ~ NHRA Today (S) Eagles (Live) ~ Wings Amerlca'e Horse (R) O MOVIE: Where the Sidewalk~ Anything but Love O Major League Baseball Chi- ~ New Leave It to Beaver O MOVIE: 8talks Me Pink Ends ~ Discovery Sport (R) cago White Sox at Seattle Marl- ~ Bug Bunny & Pal 1:30 pm ~ Treasure Island/ 1:20 pm ~ Major League Bee- 1:00 pm ~ Dlnoseurl (CC) hers (Live) ~ Real Wet 20,000 Leagues Under the Beeball Los Angeles Dodgers at Chi- ~ MOVIE: Nobody' Perfekt (~ (~ Circus of the Stars & Side 4:05 pm I~ WCW Main Event 2:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Immediate Fa- cage Cubs CLive) ~ MOVIE: WrGmes (S) Show XVII (CC) Wrasfiln~_ (~ Austin City Limit 4:30 pm ~]1 MOVIE: License to mily (CC) (S) 1:30 pm ~ NBA Today ~ Paid Program ~ Dancln' at the Hot Spot Orive Max Out (R) 2:SO pm ~ MOVIE: The Last Drs- ~ Motorcycle Racing (R) O MOVIE: The Face of Fear Ken (CC) (S) ~ Super Sport Follies ~ Hidden Room ~ ~ NBC Nightly News (CC) O MOVIE: The Green Sllm ~ Senior PGA Golf (Live) ~ NFL Praseon Football ~ Very Very Nick at Nlta I~ ABC World New Sunday 2:30 pm ~ MOVIE: The Karate ~ MOVIE: Smile, Jenny, You're Green Bay Packers vs. Los An- ~ Silk Stalklnge (CC) (CC) KM Part III (CC) (S) Dead geles Raiders (Live) (CC) ~ Adventurers (~ Emergency Call (CC), O World Roller Hockey League~ MOVIE: Queen of Outer ~ Sewing With Nancy ~ MOVIE: King Kong Live I~ John McLaughlln's One on T~phoon vs, Wave (Taped) Space I~ Inida Winston Cup Racing (~ Comedy on the Road One 8:05 pm I~ MOVIE: Betsy' Wed- I~ 8hdstrae Mechanic lOner' Komr 2:30 pm ~ MOVIE: White Dog S) 3:SO pm O MOVIE: Red Garter3:SO pm ~ MOVIE: The Tin Star ~ Unolved Mystede dlng I~ CBS Evening News (CC) 3:30 pm ~ Max Out 4:SO pm ~ MOVIE: A Boy Named~ Miss Piggy Gee to Holly- 8:15 pm ~ Dream On (CC) ~ Guts 8:30 pm ~ ~ Nurse (CC) I~ My Two Dad (CC) 3:40 pm ~ MOVIE: A Christina Chedlo Brown wood Hidden Room (~ That's My Dog Story (CC) ~ MOVIE: Folkel (CC) (S) (~ MOVIE: Caught in the Act ~ Heart of Courage ~ New Leave It to Beaver 4:So pm ~ MOVIE: Justin Case~ MOVIE: Desert Bloom (CC)(CC) (S~' 8:45 pm ~ MOVIE: Risky Buel- 5:00 pm I~ MOVIE: The Great ~C~nslde the Senior PGA Tour ~ NFL Yearbook ~ Gunsmoke 4:20 pm ~ Tenth Inning ~ Knight Rider nes (CC) (S) . Mouse Detective (CC) 4:So pm ~ MOVIE: Deadly Wee-4:30 pm ~ Up Close ~ Nature Watch 9:00 pm ~ Rolling Stone: Live In ~ Wonder Year (CC) pen (S) 5:00 pm am Sportscaster (~ Apollo Comedy Hour the Blxtles I~ Sportscenter Q Up Close ~ Wonder of Western Austreli ~ MOVIE: The Gunfighter ~ ~ Reasonable Doubt (CC) ~ Untouchables (CC) 6:SO pm ~ SpOrtlclnfer O MOVIE: Leave Her to Heaven (~ MOVIE: Fandango (~ Commlsh (CC) ~ MOVIE: Perry Mason: The Wonder of Western Australia 6:30 pm ~ The FIIntatonee: Jog- 1:30 pm ~ Paid Program ~ New Country Video Case of the Lady in the Like O MOVIE: Riding High King Fever O Thi Week In Baeball I~ Spry Backstage ~ Baywstch (CC) 6:30 pm ~ long of the Beast~ Major League Bmeball (~ Body Electric Q Unsolved Mystarie I~ America' New Country MOVIE: Wayno'l World (S) Teams to Be Announced (Live) ~D Auto Ricing (Taped) (S)I~ MOVIE: Getting Lucky I~ Washington Week In Review (~ PBA Bowling CLive) 6:So pm ~ MOVIE', 14 Going on ~ Global Family (~ News (CC) (CC) Challenge ~) RaceDay Update (S) 6:00 pm ~ Dlnoseud (CC) 30 (CC) Nlkl 1:53 pm ~ Slangy Channel Sal- ~ MOVIE: Wanted: Dead or I~ News (CC) MOVIE: Rich Gid (S) O MOVIE: L Femme ta (S) utes the Amedcan Teacher (CC) A.,,. O ~ Golden Gide (CC) ~ MOVIE: Final Embrace (S)2"00 pm I~ MOV E' The P ace d ..... I~ Looney Tune MOVIE: Manioc Cop O Golden Gid (CC) "and me .... Pauper {~)~'" ~ MOVIE'. Night Train to Munich (~ MacGyver (CC) O Major League Baseball At- ~ Focu 30 =m ~m MFa ~u.rt.,~..,., r,h.I (~ Caroline' Comedy Hour g) Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC) lasts Braves st Houston Astros O MOVIE: Cousins "~uenge'm-'t.apea)'%" ......... " 9"30. pm ~ Bdtih Rock ~ Simon & Simon CLive) I~ Major League Baseball At- mann,,.., n... ~R~ ~ MOVIE: Interceptor (CC) (S)~ Nature of Thing (~ Wheel Of Fortune (CC) lanta Braves at Houston Astros ~r~ ~;."~.~,"~f.~.~ (~ Lonesome Pine Special ~ MOVIE: Modern Problems ~ Major League Baseball ~ America Coast to Coast w ,,,r .... u ..... I~ Truckin' USA (H) (~) (~ Btar Trek: The Next Genera- CLive) m~ r~, "*=n" f"r th- '90 ~ Grand Sis Spry Live (~ Jewel in the Crown Teams to Be Announced CLive) Q New (CC) ~,~ ..... v .. - - m~ R fi=m=n I~ New (CC) ties (CC) (~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) I~ MOVIE" Bare Essence ,,=, ,, . 5:05 pm I~ American Sports Caw I~ Superman ~ Night Court ~ Shedock Holmes ~lyatal MecNeli/Lehrer Newahour I~ Star Trek: The Next Genera .... ~ Tou usa "x us- That on Tel-vie - ~ Streets of San Francisco lcade (R) (S) (~ Hollywood Insider ~ Major League Baseball Chi-11:05 pm (~ Areenlo Hall (CC', (CC) ties (CC) -i-'n 10:00 pm ~ ~ (D New 5:20 pm ~ Baseball Tonight I~ John Sateen (CC) cage White Sex at Texas Ran- ~ Hard Copy (CC) Crook and Chase ~ MecNoll/Lehrar Newhour "" I I~ All News Night 5:30 pm ~ Wonder Years (CC) ~rs (Live) 11:30 pm ~ Auto Racing (Tar I~ Bonanza: The Lost Ep ode =m =,,.,,_ - ~) Antarctica: Planet of Ice I~ Love usa, " ~ Street Jutice O Jeoperdyl (CC) (CC) ~ -rid Chase .... ~m ,,,=,,ur urea I~ Wall Street Week (CC) I~ Cheers (CC) ~ ~D Paid Program L.A. Law I~ Cross = I~ New (CC) ~ Crossroad I~ Texas Connection I~ Patty Duke (~ Lifeforce m~t t-h~,,. :-""h ~ MOVIE: Etados Unldos O Partridge Family ~ Jeoperdyl (CC) ~ What' Happenlngll ~m ~ .......... ~ Looney Tune (~ Year in Provence I~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) (~ Dog House t~ Get Smrt ~ Joe Franklin Murder, She Wrote (CC) ~ L.A. Law ~ U.S. Olympic Fetival (Live) ~t C~-Van i~ African Skies 10:30 pm ~ MOVIE: A Tale of Two 7:SO pm O MOVIE: A Woman Re- 11:35 pm (~ ~ Late Night 1 O Young Riders (CC) (~ Prtddge Family 2"05 pm (~ MOVIE: The Cradle ~ .... - ....... 6:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Patriot Game Cities O Renegade ~ Murder, She Wrote (CC) ~ql F-II ~ wings o~ me LUTtwane (CC) (S) O MOVIE,~Couslns bels David Lsttorman "=~tRlde~ .......... (~MOVlE:McHele'sNevyJolns 2:31~pm"~MOVlE:SplesL.ikeUtn.n(~ MOValE'uCape=FTe~rp_.,i,=,,,~.r ~)MOViE: Stay Tuned (CC) (S) ~Wodd~9,prrow ~ " Frah Pdnce of BeI-Ah ~Sceneof theCrlme ..... ~, ..................... ~ ~ MOVIE: Problem Child Ill On Scene: Emergency Res-(CC) ~ Ruh Llmbaugh the Air Force (CC) . Gid Murders (CC) (S) I~l Day One (CC) " O MOVIE: Ja.n and the Argo- = MOVIE: The Final Countdown ~ Dm~rgp::~nTf ~TavPe~)C, 10:30 pm S MOVIE: Krul, (S) posse (CC) Major League Baseball I~ Time Trax (CC) saute ~ Wildlife Chronicle ~ (~ Evening Shade (CC) Real West O Knight Rider ~ ~. r,,~ .n.-~` ~ ' ~]l MOVIE: Coming to Amedc Texas Rangers at Oakland Athtet- I~ Exciting World of Speed end ~ Fame in the 20th Century TUESDAY 6:30 pm ~ Designing Women ~ MOVIE: The Los9 Ships m/kr"cade .......... (CC) (S) ice (Live) Beauty (R) iS) {.CCC) I~ Nashville Now A-n- t I~ Time Machine mt Wh-t'- Ha,-,-,,nln,,ll~ Saturday Night Live O Street Justice ~ ~ ~ Paid Program --~ .... n;~-~..,,;,~."~,, ~k= ~;,,,., I~ MOVIE: Fatal Woman (~ Life Gee On (CC) I~ Debts Gillie (~ MOVIE: Budlo end Simpson ~C)ight C O~_. 6:30 pm (1~ Designing Women ~craen"~)orot;l~ I~-'mour ...... (~ King Fu The Legend Cent n- t~ I~ 60 Minutes (CC) e Dragnet 12:00 pm ~ Lead-Off Men Cheers (Cc) (CC) ~ Feed the Children O Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Night Court : Y uee (CC) Q~ Lawrence Walk Show ~ WWF: Monday Night Raw (~ MOVIE: Along Came = 3:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Buffy the ....... 10:35 pm O Roseanne (CC) O Get 8mart (~ Cheers (CC) Vampire Slayer (CC)(S) ~ ~)toal~i:~:;esr i~ Movie I~ Inide Edition Weekend (CC) i~ Father Oowlln9 Mysteries 12:10 I)m I~ Major Leagues Nick News: W/S 6:82 pm Disney Channel SOl- (~ Wheel otf Fortune (CC) (~ ~ Pro Beach Volleyball ........ 10:45 pm ~]~ MOVIE: Beyond the (CC) ball'Pittsburgh Piratesat Chl ufee the American Teacher (CC) ~ Get Smart ,Live~ ~ Zu,= =.:v,. I~ MOVIE: Pychlc (CC) (S) Carl of Duty ~ Bemaby Jose Cubs (Live) 7:SO pm ~ Glenn Fray: Strange ~ From Monkeys to Ape ~ ~,.~,l-,.,~-r Tk- S-d--~ Paid Program I~ Adventure of the Black Stal- ~ MOVIE: Peyton Place ~ Jack Hanna' Wildlife 12:30 I)m ~ MOVIE: The C Weather "~ ' "v .............. MOVIE: Beyond the Cell of 7:00 pm I~ ~ Mancuo FBI (CC) m~ ~.,., Y-nk-- Worksho,. ~CC~ ~ Thi le Your Life lion (CC) O 21 Jump Street (CC) Treatment "~ ....... " ~ ' v 10:50 pm ~ MOVIE: Secret Games ~ MOVIE: Mr. Blandinge Builds ~ MOVIE: Mannequin: 0 O Family Mefters (CC) mt :v,,i,,d,,,. Sm,,d,'-" Sld,, b- 10:35 pm ~ Saturday Night LI ~ Barnaby Jones (S) ;tk Mad About You (CC) ~ ~ Golden Palace (CC) Si,~e-~, .. ,,v ...... ~ MOVIE: Terzan's New Adven- ~ Antarctica: Planet of Ice 11:00 pm ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Paid Pro- Hi Dream Houe Move (S) F h lure ~ MOVIE: Retum to Peyton gram (CC)(~ Wahington Week in Review (~ Gossipl Gosoipl Gossipl 11~ NDemwf~;Vl:lEC~n:i:~'tei(CdC~ Place (~ Arsenio Hall (CC) 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Lady Dragon New York Boxing CLive) ~ Welcome re men ~ Sherlock Holm Mysteries1:SO pm ~ MOVIE: The Toll ~t~:;l: = Going Our Way O Ms*lock (CC) I~::~ser: Ceremony ~ Renegade ~ e~..~ .... .=. i~ Year in Provence (~ Patty Duke ~ I~ Blossom (CC) Their Own (~ Top Cops (CC) I~ Young Riders (CC) ~e~ ~" "~ . v ~ MOVIE: The Naked Spur (CC)~S) 2:00 pm ~ Making of A LongI 8clontiRc Amedcen Frontiers ~ Dragnet (~ Shoverdnadze Uncovered ~ -,v~;,-=.:~,,.,.. 6:30 pm O American Youth Citl- ~ Antarctica: Planet of IceI~ (~ Major Dad (CC) ~ Max Out (R) _ (C_C) ~ MOVIE: Amazing Stode: The liD-- M,v-=.. ~,~,,,,="="II~ /w.0gm :ono zenshlp Competition ~ News (CC) I~ Dick Van Dyke ~ MOVIE: A Ceeo of i~ Neahvlilo Now Movie V iS) ~ Dancln' at the Hot Spot~ Rcedy (S) 8:So pm ~ ~ Rowan & Martin's Force (~ MOVIE: Night Train to Munich ....... 11:05 pm I~ Prime Suspect O MOVIE: Shattered Innoceoco~ Secret Weapons In Comod" on the Road I~ m Isff Pa0o ~,rogram I~ Mork & Mtndy (~ Hard Copy (CC) Laugh-In 25th Anniversary (CC) 2:15 pm ~ MOVIE: Hon~ (~ Dragnet O 21 Jump Street (CC) ,w . , I~ Patty Duke ~ Maniac Mansion (CC) (~ MOVIE: Rich Men, 8ingleMan (S) 3:30pml~SenlorPGAGolf(Lwe) ........... 11:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Danny, the Lawrence Wolk Show m MUVU": Hovenge or |no :een- 7:So pm ~ Bee Gee: Going Champion of the Wodd (CC) (S) Women (CC)iS) 2:30 pro i~ MOVIE: Net.ell O MOVIE: Amazing Stodoo: TheO MOVIE: Two Tlckota to =m n,,~,,,, n., w.,, Aj~e Vixens From Outer Space Home (CC) Movie IV iS) . . Broadway ~ (~ I~ (~ ~ Paid Program I~ ID Murphy Krown (CC) Roughnose (CC) (S) .~ O Father Dowllng Mysv~nes I~ Investigative Reports ..... ..... " ~ Adventurers ~J Kojk (~ Salute Your Short =m u.... ,r-,~, (~ Star Trek: The Next Genera- II~ ueroen Line . _ ~ Wodd Roller Hockey I.~ (CC) -. The 8eden 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: State Fair (S) m ,.,,w= ~.~,~ i~ National Geographic Ex- tion (CC) (~ Bosom Buddie " r ~ A Tdbuto to the Singing Bow- Aztecs vs. Turbos (Taped) ~, O Highlander. ~ MOVIE: Unlawful Entry (CC) "" Ha Da ~ MOVIE: The Gunfights plorar (CC) boy 3:So pm O MOVIE: B(~ Side ~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) Heaven and Hell '~ O Portrait Of a People (S (~ Paid Program ;1:3; ~m m~m A'~";"="in;';'~~=~'~' does (CC) t~ F-Troop I~ Silk Btalklngs (CC) 3:10 pm 0 Tenth Inning ~21 Jump Street (CC) (~ Stop by Btop (CC) 4.'~ PamPl~ w==Y~ DineY Presenta,,~ MOVImtE:~M.,thr~,, a,..,. I~America's Funniest HomeVi- (~ Exploring Amedca: Side by O MOVIE: Rhythm on the River(~ (~ Brooklyn Bridge (CC) O Desi sin Women CC ~ ~" ,w ......... ~ .~,~,~(~ (~ Murder, She Wrote (CC) 11:35 pm ~ Ed Sullivan (CC) ~ 700 Club 3:30 pm I~ Max Out , g g ( ) ~ Apollo Comedy Hour (~ Nature (CC) ~ New (CC) 4:00 pm ~ MOVIE: The M~ O Wildlife Mysteries (~ Wall Street Week (CC) (~ Lifestyles of the Rich and Fa- -. ........ I~ Ruh Limbaugh 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: After Midnight O Dick Van Dyke ,,,,,u"" ~ muvl,-: Preamor (~ Fishin' With Orlando Wilon ~ America Coast to Coast Zorro i ms H"m- A--in I~ ~ ~ Paid Program e Firepower (R) (S) Arnold m Saved. by. the Bell (CC) ~ Running & RacinB ,~ ~i~ Mad About You (CC) ,w .. ,, t~,. 11:40 pm ~ Sportepage With Ed 8:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Waxwork li:m~ (=~-=,.,I ~ =k.rt (m F-Troop I~ Lucy Show ~ Love~_oy Mystede 4:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Cdftoril~ w.~ v,..,, .. ,-..,. H f Dick Van Dyke Lost In Time (S) ma Count,., Beat ~ earl o Courage I~ Father Dowling Myterie 8:20 pm ~ MOVIE: Trapeze ~ MOVIE" Stdctiy Bulls 8:00 pm ~ ~ Cheers (CC) ~ ~ Lucky/Chances (CC) ~t uvh,, ~r,~,,,0 n "rh,nk ,,, Th.r~ 11:40 pm e Sportspage With Ed (CC) MONDAY 8:30 pm e MOVIE: The Corn la (CC) (S) ' ! ,u...-~ -...- ............... Arnolo'- ~ New (CC) ~ ~ News (CC) I~ MOVIE: Bare Essence ~ Street of Sen Francisco August 2 9_.,...... O up Cloe. Boftlo of the Band (CC)~ Dinosaurs (CC) I~ Family Double Dare ~ Antarctica: Planet of ice ILl Heels Hood: Men in Tlghta: 5:00 pm ~ Sportscaster i First Look (~ O Eye to Eye (CC) (~ ~ Street Stories (CC) I~ Swamp Thing (CC) t~l I&lrtAv ~ MOVIE: Fletch 12:00 pm I~ Basketball AAU All- O MOVIE: Anna Lucataj~ O Mysteryl (CC) O Market to Marks* I~ Border*own (CC) ~=~llJIlilJrkl 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: The NakedAmerica Festival Championship(~ I~ Love & War (CC) 5:30 pm I~ Water Skiing (TI~ O Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~ Bernaby Jones AU(]U t 1 Gun (CC) (Live) D Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~ Major League BesebS~ 700 Club ~ 700 Club ~ Natural Wodd - ---,w----- ~ America' Funniest People ~ Lead-Off Man HI~ Pull House (CC) York Mete at Montreal r~ O Cronkito Report ~ Lake That Exploded (~ New Leave It to Beaver 12:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Seven Alone (a)C)Fishing With Roland Mrtln (~ MOVIE: Downpayment on 9:00 pm ~]~ MOVIE: Ruby (CC) (S) CLive) i Murder Q ID North, am Exposure (CC) O Dodgers Pregeme Saved by the Bell (CC) ~ Major League Baseball Min- ~ Bug Bunny & Pal O Senior PGA Golf CLive) (R) (S) 12:05 pm ~ MOVIE: Battle of the W Beater =*rage 6:36 pm I~ Major League =J O Brute Force: The History of nesote Twins at California Angels ~ Events9 at the Improv ~ Lead-Off Man I~ Club Dance Weapons et War (S Live) 4:05 pm (D WCW Saturday Night (~ Auto Racing CLive) (CC)I~ Dick Van Dyke Coral Sea ball Philadelphia Phillies !1~ 0:25 pm O MOVIE: The Valley of ~ Biography 4:15 pm O MOVIE: Fire, Ice nd (~ ~ Tennis (Same-day Tape) 8:00 pm ~ MOVIE: A Winner 12:10 pm I~ Major League Base- (m Unolved Mystodes lanta Braves CLive) :1 Gwengi 8:30 pm ~ Major League Base- Dynamite (S) (CC) Never Quit ball Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago --I~ _Lucy. ~now 6:00 pm ~ Walt Diney Pr~ 0:30 pm ~ Reedy Btoedy Go: The bail Teams to Be Announced 4:30 pm ~ MOVIE: The Naked (~ Auto Racing (S Live) ~ MOVIE: Bloodflst IV: Die Cubs (Live) I~1 ~uen ,de 8ouod of Motown (Live) Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear I~ Moonlighting Trytn9 (S) I~ Scarecrow end Mrs. long (S(~l MOVIE: Over Her Dead O Def Comedy Jam (CC) ~ Perloct Stranger (CC) (CC) (S) I~ Weinerville ~ O Lucy & Deal: A Home 12:30 pm O MOVIE: We're No An- gels (CC) (S) ~ Streets of Sen Francisco~ ............ ,~;) Movie (CC) 1:00 pm I~ MOVIE: Diving In (S) ~ Natural Wodd ~lp MUV'=: =,ue Ice I~/ O ~ 8einfeld (CC) ~ Midwest Market Aneiyele ~ ~ NBC Nightly New (CC) ~ MOVIE: Amazing Stodes: The O ~ News (CC) ~ I Golden Gide (CC) (~ Peth to Stardom ~ On BlaKe (~ ABC Wodd News Saturday Movie VI (S) ~ MOVIE: Molly and Me O MOVIE: Running Scared ~ Dugout I~ MOW Tyler Moore (CC) e Mery Tyler Moore (CC) (CC) = MOVIE: On Moonlight Bay = MOVIE: The Dead Pool (CC) 2:00 pm 0 Max Out (R) mint =M,?.V.IE~.Tahti~e~. n--W_men t~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) 0 Full House (CC) . 8:45 pm ~ MOVIE: The Time I~ ~ CBS Evening News (CC) ~ Major League Baseball New ,u~ ..... v ........ ,p, vv m m,, T,,,k ~ MOVIE: In Sickness and in~ MOVIE: L.A. Law 2:15 pm ~) MOVIE: The Karate 9:15 pm ~ MOVIE: Martial Law ~ ........ / ewl~ 9.'00 pm O MOVIE: Evli ClutChMachine I~ Guts York Mets at St. Louis Cardinals Health (CC) (S) Kid (CC)~S) (S) (._~c)MecNeli.Lehrar N MOVIE: Boomerang (CC) (S) 9:00 pm I~ Night Court I~ Beyond Reality (Live) I~ Materpioce Theatre (CC) 2:30 pm ~J MOVIE: The Bobs 92 NPews~(~OrtcOntOr ~ Crook and Chase 0 0 Dateline (CC) I~ MOVIE: Breeked Breaked ~D Afdcen Skis ~ Living Wlth the Boars of the (~ Baesmasters (R) (S) ~ Wodd Roller Hockey League O Baseheli Tonight 0 20/20 (CC) ~ New Leave It to Beaver Great Lakes D Alfred'HRchcock Presents(~ J.e~p.ardyl (CC) Night Courl (~ ~ Johnny Bags (CC) ~ This I Your Llta ~ Major League Baseball Los ~ Comedy Showcase Blast vs. Express (Taped) (~ MOVIE: The Octagon ~ Talking With David Frost (CC) 5:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Robin HoodAngeles Dodgers at ChicagoI~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~ MOVIE: The Turning Point ~ Hitchhiker ~ p~dt'~w - .. ~D Pdmtim Live (CC) (~ Club Deice (CC) (S) Cubs (S Live) I~ Counterstdke (CC) 3:10 pm O Tenth Inning 10:00 pm ~ O I~ New sml~t Murde~i.eB;:mw"Y,,*,=/CG) aD In Touch 3:30 pm ~ Max Out ~ Bmaeball Tonight ~ y Li- ."..'~.~'," ' 0 0 ~of Fences (CC) ~ Unsolved Mysteries ~ Report to Wyoming 12:15 pm ~ MOVIE: Funny Farm~ Antarctica: Planet of Ice 4:00 pm 0 MOVIE: Stone Fox ~,w ,-,v-...~N,, I T*~= x ~1 M~*k* ~.,.,.~ ~ oung N sere {(.;GI Alive TV (CC) (~ Lucy Show (~ Sportscaster (CC) (S) ..... (~ Club Deice ~ MOVIE: Dangerous Pursuit~ Btar Trek: Deep Space Nine 12:20 pm 0 Major League Base- ~ MOVIE: The Man From Lira-0 Thoroughbred Digest Q All News Night.... 0 Major League Bessie! ~m ~ougn uulao I~L;I tO O Unsolved Myetarloe (CC) (S) ..... ~in (CC) ball Los Angeles Dodgers at Chi- mid ~ MOVIE: Thirteen Women am t,.,,,~ ..,~ ,"k.... 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Women Tour (Taped) Evening at the Impt'ov ~ Uptown Comedy Club (~ Doug ~ This Is Your Life 8:40 pm ~ Instant Replay Bobby-Soxer m ,,-~,~ nu.m= w,,u,., n N "ht Court V ~ w 9:.30 pm ~ MOVIE: The 8and (~ Alfred Hitchcock Present (~ Quantum Leap (CC) 1:00 pm ~ Life Btodes: Famillde 9:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Switch (CC) 5:30 pm ~ Whitbreed Round the O Me iE. The Bochelor end the ~ Major Leegt,e Deeel~lil Pebbles ~ From Monkey to Ape8 (~ Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop (CC) in Cdsls (CC) (S) Wodd Race Historical Preview Bobby-.8o.xer . _ . cage White Sex at Texas S~ 9:.45 pm ~J MOVIE: 8cissere (CC) ~ mmon & Simon ~ John Bradshew on Creating O Sportecenter 5:35 pm O For Better or for Iw uavla L. WOlper Preaenm "era ~Live~ High.haler: The 8edge Worse (CC) 10:06 pm ~ Bird's Eye View of ~Im Che~/CC~ 0 Club Data 101(~ pm ~ DOf Comedy Jam (CC) ~ Mac & Mutloy Love (CC) 0 Honeymooner 0 MOVIE: Real Genius (~ Unsolved Mysteries (~ Network Earth 6:00 pm ~ Avonlee (CC) =roAmriCiNg*~........ ~! Wheel of' Fortune' (CC) w. .unto ueograpnl I::x- 41 n.,, s~m..* 0 Alfred Hitohcock Presents ~ ~ ~ News (~ MOVIE: The Rued to Morocco ~ Wodd of Valor ~ Are You Being Served? ~ MOVIE: Summer Rental (CC) plorer (CC) ~ ~.~ ~'";~ . 0 Httchhiker ~ All New Night i Home Again ~ MOVIE: Wonder Man I~ Road Test Magazine (S) ~ MOVIE: Robin Hood: Pdnce . i, -,.a.ure ,,us,era 10:.00 pm ~ ~ O News O Chadlo Rose 6:30 pm ~ New ~ MOVIE: The Beguiled (~ ~ Paid Program of Thieves (CC) (S) 10:3_.0 p~...ID Auto Rec.lng (_T.aped) O MOVIE: Anna LuoeSt=. All News Night ~ Crook and Chase O Bpeedweek 1:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Yet, the Hun- t~ Dragnet ~ ~ Qolden Gids (CC) ~ uvl,-: Ins Best or Times a.rm ,,,.. am rt, .... GI~ (~ Cherllo Reoe ~ News (CC) . I~ MOVIE: Johnny Dangerously *or From the Future I~ Blik BtalkJng (CC) I~ Dugout am _All News Night "Sa'luto~"s' th'~"An'te'rt'c=a~n Taa ~roxse ~;onnecuon 'CC) 0 Crook end Chase (~ Unsolved Mystonee ~ Path to Stardom (~ ~ PGA Golf (Live) (CC) ~D Ben Hades ~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Thlrtyeomething 7~O() ,,m ,,m n...~.... =r.jllOr ( New8 (CC) I~ Superman (~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Heart of Courage ~ Antarctica: Planet of Ice ~ 8tar Trek =m F T""- " " "" ...........~"~ ~ MOVIE Problem O Unsolved Mysteries ~ Bonanza: The Lost Episodes l~ Rugrats 1:50 pm ~ Disney Channel SOl- O Renegade (~ MecNell/Lehrer NewshourO MOVIE: The Great Zlogfeld ~CC~ ~ ' O Supermen ~ Sims & Simon ~ Zorro (CC) utos the Amedoen Teacher (CC) (~ Caroline's Comedy Hour(CC) 10:35 pm i ~ Tonight Show (CC) ~ ~=~u .... ,~-~-~ Ouentum Leap (CC) 0 Secret Weapons ~ Those Incredible Animal 2:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Danny, the 9:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Ferocious ~ Crook sad Chao ~ Nigh*line (CC) ~ m Re'l'...',~ ~,r.c~ O Bonanza: The Lost EpisodesO Tim Machine O Home Again Champion of the Wodd (CC) (S) Female Freedom Fightera ~ Jeoperdyl (CC) t~ 8wee*inK Bullota E N"~va"(~C')" "'" ''~ ' 0 Simon & 81men 10:30 pm I MOVIE: To Kill For (S) 6:00 pm 0 MOVIE: Showdown in ~ MOVIE: Regarding Henry 0 Gift of Love I~ L.A. Law ' I~ Inside Edition (CC) I~ Nashville Now ,_ 0 Portrait Of a People O MOVIE: Gotohel Little Tokyo (CC) (S) (_CC)_~S) Q I~ (~ Peld Program (~ Prtddge Family 10:50 pm ~ MOVIE: Blood Games m May, a= M.n ~n nat O Reid West ~ All News Night ~ MOVIE: Blue ice (CC) (S)I I NFL Quarterback Chel- ~ Waiting for God m Murder, She Wrote (CC) S ...... : .... "-' ~" 10:.30 pm 0 MOVIE: Mandingo 0 Thirtysomthing ~ New WKRP in Cincinnati (CC) longs (Taped) I~ Truoke and Tractor Power (R) I~ Young Rider (CC) ( ) Mob: The Chinatown Murk- 10:66 pm ~ MOVIE: To Kill For (S) ~ Drennet ~ MOVIE:MtrcycleMenReClnget Work(Taped) O~ FirepowerF'TrP O~ StarBaSebalITrek:TnightThe Next Genera- ~ TennJSFrontiine(Same-daY(Cc) Tape) ~S Alfred Hitchcock Presents ~ Simon & Simon 11:00 pm ~ MOVIE: The Pdnce Im BoxTnn ~Ltv,=~ (~ Natural Wodd and the Pauper (CC) ~ =.*k~.' ;~,,",~,.. uvl~I All News Nigh 10:36 pm I 0 Tonight Bhow (CC) ties (CC) (~ Movie ~ John Ankerborg ~ Knight Rider ~ Chedlo Roe ~'~'r.t ......... ,,-v "- 0 Th~~ ~ Nigh*line (CC) ~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) 0 YOU Can't Do That on Telovl- 9:35 pm ~ MOVIE: Cherrol 0 MOVIE: The Big Circus F-Troop 0 Dark Justice ~ Nashville Now ~,~ .. Doble Glilis E Boil by the Bee 0 Inside Edition (CC) (CC) ~ GoselpI Goselpl Goselpl~ Auto Racing (Same-day Tape) 6:05 pm I~ MOVIE: Murder in D Ho.li.yw_ood Insider 7:30 pm I~ Baseball Tonign' Sg~IE: Earth vs. the Flying ~J Star Trek: Deep Space Nine sion 10:00 pm ~ ~J ~ News 0 David L. Wolper Preaenta ,nvenuon 11:00 pm ~ MOVIE: Strange Brew ~ mouth Dakota Outdoor Guido O MOVIEs'Lover Come Back ~ ~ ~ Paid Program Texas Ill ale Program am = .......... I Whbre I Uve (CC) 10:.35 pm O O Tonight 8how (CC) ~ 8tar Hustler (~ Spry Becks*ago ~ Mac & Mutiey ~ All News Night 6:30 pm ~ Doelgning Women ~ ...... ,y r,mu ~ Dick Van Dyke O NigH*lie (CC) ~ Nashville Now ~ Jeoperdyl (CC) ~ U.S. Olympic Festival (Live) ~ Mystoryl (CC) (CC) O 8,lik 84mlkings ~ Debts Gillie