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July 31, 1969     The Sundance Times
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July 31, 1969

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i i ~i : i~ ~''~ iii~:il i~ili!i!i~!~:,~i Dabble Proctor prepares to put one out of the park as the Sun. dance girls' softball team practic- ed Friday for Sunday's game against Belle Fourche. Catching is Janet Clark. AND PLEDGE Sundancers women's bowling league. Devils 'lower VIWV Post No. 4311 Robert Streeter Richard H. Duffee The Sundance Times Alex Smith Ellis 'Livingston Be~r Lodge ~tel In, an Rata Club 'tuckers, Inc., Sheridan R~rs. V. M. French Mr. and /Mrs. Neal German Carl Steiger J;~y Duffee ~rs. C~a~de Seeley end family Shamrock Ladies Club Kara Mountain Kids 44t Lorin H arper John and '] nma Quint Ge0wgi~a Douglas ~r. and ~rs. Harry Reynolds [Mr. and Mrs. ~ill Kunerth [Mr. end /Mrs. Ted Speidel Jean~ta Co~k Crook County Co~belles {Mr. and/Mrs. Harley Douglas Mr. and/Mrs. Claude DeCory [Mr. and/Mrs. Cecil Hughes ThurMay, July 31 Sundarme ,Recreational Booster Club, old school house, 8 ,p.m. Friday, August 1 Girls SoftbaU, Sundance vs. Belle Fourehe at Bele Fourche, 6:30 p.m. Sunday, August 3 Americ,~ Legion Baseball, Sundance ,vs. ~3elle Fourche at ~3elle Fo~rohe 5 p.m. Monday, Aug. 4 Sundance City Cour~cil rmeeting, 8 p.m., City Hall. Sundance Band Pra~tce. Wednesday, Augut 6 County Scho,ol iRe-Organization Committee, Courthouse, Sun- dance, Aug. 6, 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 7 Social Security Pa~presen~tive, Courthouse, ,Sundance, 8-11 a.m. Monday, Aug. 11 Sundance TIi.gh ~ehool Football practice begins. Tuesday - Friday, Aug. 12-15 Sundmace High School Regis- tration. Thursday.Saturday, Aug. 14, 15, 16 Crook County Fair and Rodeo, Sundance. Friday, August 29 Hulett ,Grade and. Hig~ SChool registration. Saturday, Sept. 20 Annual Tri-County Electric ~Associa~ion ('IX3F~) meeting, M~or~,t. Work has begun on three sec- tions of Interstate 90 in north- eastern Wy~mirtg. The ,work in- volves four coatra,ets ,at a ~otal price tag of over $4.1 million. Construction aeti,vRiy starting on ,the artery this week ~vill eoaa,tinue throu:gh November, 1970. .Moving ,from east to west, the first construction activity is found on ,the Sundance Marginal ~Route in Crook County. Nearly ~.wo miles of construction is un- derway and an ir~terchange is going t~p. Detours ,will be in use and caution witl ,be required. ,Brasel and Sims C~)nstruction of Lander is the contractor ~or this $1.2 million job. Completion date is espected to be September, 1970. About 3'5 miles west of the ~Sundanee project, a~ork is begin- ning .on a 6.9 mi'le stretch of In- ters~te highway. In technical terms, the contract is described as "iw~olvir~g the grading, drain- ing, surfacing of service roads and misceldaneous ~rork on four. lane di,vided ,Interstate .highmay botweeen Gillette and /Mooreroft fa~om 7.6 miles west of ~he ~oor- croft Corporate limits, east 6.1) miles in C~m~be.tl ,and Crook Counties." Delzer Construction Co. of Selby, S. D. is the con- tractor. Also ir~volved is e structure con.tract calling ~for .the construc- ,tion of rmmerous bridges and cul-eerts OR ~tae stretch. Reiman- Wue~h Co. of Cheyenne is ,the con~'actor. Dotours ~ill be in use and t~l,agmen will Ibo directing tidalo fie. Caution is required through the contruetion area. Cost of the grading and structure contracts exceeds $1.8 million. The proj- cots should be completed by /No- vember, ~lgq0. Other constrttction a,ctiv~ty on 1-90 is centered on the Gillette marginal route and involves both grading end structure work. Western Pa,virtg Co. of Denver is ~che contractor o~ the job, w~aich includes grading, draining, sur- acing, one 4twin 3-co~inuous re- inTorced cortcr~e T-girder span interchange, one ~win 3-cor~tinu- ous rein~rced concrete ,box gird- er span separation ,and miscellan- eous ~,vork on 2.591 ~miles of four- lane di,vided /nterstate hight, ray. Two debours witl be used on the ,project and caution is re- quired in ,dri,ving ,through the construction area. ,Cost of this jo~b is $1.1 million and ,the esti- ~m~ted completign date is July, 1970. Band Practice Starts Aug. 4 Summer hand practice in Sun- dance will begin Monday, Aug. 4. Sixth grade practice ~vill begin .at 1 p.m. 'Monday through Friday. ~Sever~th and eighth ,grade will practice at 2 p.m. and high s~h.o~l practice will be at 7 p.m. [Monday ~larou~h Friday. ,Pe r~orrnances for the high school band wil be in Ug~on, Aug. 9; Crook Coun.ty Fair, Sundanee Aug. 1~] and .the Wyoming State :Fair, Douglas, Aug. 30. Individual lessons and section- al practices will be scheduled throughou,t ,~e day. Jaycees Sponsor Dance Sat. Night The Sundan~ce Jaycees will sponsor a dance Saturday night at 9 p.m. in the Legion Hall in Sundance. This is one of a series of bi, weekty dances sponsored by the group this stmmaer. ~1~usi~ will be by ~ae Music Circus. The Crook county commission- ers end several county officers spent until midnight Monday wrestling with the 1969-1970 bud- get. Shown around the table are (I to r).-- Mrs. Francis Hejde, as. istant county clerk; Rose Zella The Sundance Times has a cir. culation of about 1600. If you figure four readers per copy, this means that some 6,400 people read the paper. Two have asked me why this column didn't ep. pear in last week's edition. This probably means that 10 or 12 people went this question an- swore. So, I'll comply. But first, I must explain that I am all for freedom of the press. No politlcien --- city, county, fed- eral, etc,--is going to tell me whet I can print; nor is any busi- ,rmssman or any friend. How- ever, these rules co~einly don't apply to my wife. And she reads, edits, end upon ocesion cen- sors this column. After reading it, she usually has some positive end negative things to say. Last week, she read it, yawned end said, "I'm going to bed." My ira- pression was that the column must h~ve been about the crum. mlest ever written, so I left it out of the paper. It's about time we quit this country anyway. Our five-year old daughter insists that she sees iackalopes along Highway 14 ~nd our cocker spaniel h~s hay fever. Lest week, we took the Episco- pal minister of Ames, Iowa to Beulah . courtesy of Swede Nuss- beum. He (the minister) thor- oughly enjoyed hlmelf, but when it came time to sit down to eat dinner and it looked es if he was going to say "Grace." some- one in the party warned him, "The ceiling may fall In." I don't know whether he lacks faith or not, hut he replied, "Please pess the relish plate." He probably remembered the night he called me in Ames end asked if I'd teach Sunday school. The next day, the church chim- ney was struck by lightning. An item in last week's Moor. croft paper: "The swimming pool here has been getting 'good play' in recent weeks. At times, the water is Ilterelly "churning' with swimmers end beginners, &nd the attendants are kept busy. In feet, the emou,nt of youngsters enjoying almost daily swims is greater then had been expected." Dent sit on your heads. Pledge a few bucks to the Sundance swim pool. If the venture doesn't succeed, you'll get your money beck. e The best way to quit smoking cigarettes Is to take up Russian peanuts (sunflower seeds). Eating them is much like smoking. It demands considerable nervous energy - which is condition most smokers suffer from. It's messy. It's addictive. It offends other people. Whereas cigarette smoke bothers some, the constant cracking of the shells is equally offensive. Also, it satisfies the oral stimulation that psycholo- gists say is important to smokers. But, eating the seeds is not harm- ful to your respiratory, circula. tory or digestive systems un|ess you eat the hulls like my kids do. And no form of c~ncer hes Proctor, assessor; Marion Cure, clerk of courts; Karen Glover, treasurer; Cecil Hughes, coun- ty attorney; Leslie Hauber, com- missioner; Bob Wenende, com- missioner. Not shown in the pic. Sure is Kenneth Canfield, the other commissioner. ever been attributed to sunflow- er seeds. national pride and patriotisr~ that hasn't been felt for 20 Yea2 or more. And, I m corny enou~,. to suggest that this is one hang' over we needed very badly. The big question remains'~ Did Ted Kennedy blow ~: works? He ca,n probably con~'n~ ue to be elected senator but hea. belier forget the presidential nomlnation because a guy b] th: name of Muskie is sitting 0. the bench waiting to be ca,ile~ into the game. The Bob Ulrich's and my fan~ ily moved into a mighty accent" modating neighborhood on the south side of the Highway. ROll her kids. Noel Edwards is the only e~' ployee in the history of Crook County who took a lob with th;" county one day went olt six-week vacation the next. )Deputy Sheriff Curt Mobe~ who also acts as the Iocel weatlm observer had problems mesaS' ing the precipitation after a re~" eat shower. The courthouse law sprinkler had filled the rain gauge. I'll give the first person --- out. side of the Howard Allen~ family - a buck who can tell me Mr. Q's last name. H. S. John Moline --- bless him--had the dubious opportunity of pull- ing us out of the first mudhole we drove into this summer. Before Paul Sharp spreads the word throughout the county, you should probably know that a res. ident Of the Sundence community recently had his car towed from seven miles east of Sundence to Belle Fourche to find out that it was out of gas. The astronauts are the first clean-shaven, nice-guy types to become national heroes since the Beetles took over the scene. Dick Macy wants to know why some credit wesn't given to the network camera crew which must have leaded first on the moon to set up television facilities for the Appollo 11 astronauts. I get the distinct feeling that the county commissioners wish that my stay in Sundance didn't coincide with their annual bud- get heering. Aug. 12-15 Registrati()n 'for S un.darl~ :High School students wm earlier this year than it haS ~e~' in .the past. ,. d It will be 1held the wee~ =~ ~August II-15, Delbe~t i-I~ba~ high school principal, annau~- yesterday. The schedule: -. Freshmen - Tuesday, Aug. l:~.j, Sophomores - WednesdaY, ~' 13juniors- . TTmrsday, Aug. Seniors -Friday, Aug. 15. ~.~ ~tegis~ration will be in % ~igh School office from 8 s.~' to 4 p.m. daily. _~. Harb augh said the early r[~.~! tr~tion is necessary so that se~'~ officials can determine if u~. year's class sched~ule can e~mmodate the enroll,meat. ,n I.f students cannot registe~ the dates ~listed abeve, t~e sh~>uld ,eon~ct Har~augh ~t~,~$ high school ,office to make u~, arrangements. Spent $1.50 in Spearfish for waterproof, oil-cloth official Trail Map of the Black Hills National,L~norne, Durfee Forest" only to have a couple of natives point out that it was 20 Win Ball & chain years old. Our Episo;a; :inister friend Bob Thorne and/Mrs. ~ill 9~ fee won ,cSampionSh~p fli.gl~.i~,,t~: preached a sermon----~ratis -- for the ball and ,0h,ain go.If ~.~'. the Sund~nce church a week ago merit he~d ISuaaday in Sund,an '.', , , , '~ kn,lJl'P" Sunday. He appreciated the re.This is Thorne s socona ~,~heY sponse he got from church goers amen~t win in ~v~ weeks. ~'t0 and will forever remember their shot a 44. iSecond ~erl/~,~] direct sense of humor. One par- ishoner asked him if ;he'd take Dick Durfee end Mrs. Dic~ with a 47. -'re ,Tiff. on one additional task of Pat In second flight pl,ay, ~w :~ churchKeller's-"thatlawn. of mowing the ~. DuHee e,nd. Bill Hal~~'~'a liar[ were tx~ps wr~ a 53. Donrt~ adtll Was glad to see the County ,and Ronn Carr were secona '" Historical Society get funds to establish a museum. The history of this area can be preserved with considerable accuracy--be- caue the country is so young. A few of the sod-busters who opened this frontier are still a round. You lose a few. You win a few. The community certainly is going to miss Ted a,nd Jean Rounds. But, some im,port&nt additions have been made in the pa~t year ---The Wheelers, the Themes, the Kunckels, the Vond riskes and several others I've probably fell- ed to mantion; The Amerlcan people suffered a national hangover the Monday after the a~ronauts landed on the moon, the type of which hasn't been seen since the end of World Wer II. But, it wasn't the result of too much boozing as was the case in 1945. Inatead, it was a state of totel exhaus. tion brought on by 1S-plue hours of tense concentration on the TV set climaxed by a swell of 54. rticipSted: About 30 personswaPas heRl s~ A pot ~,uek supper the club=house after plaY. coat' Another hall and chain .**,, petition will he held in AUg;;~" ~he date to rbe announ,ced ;n~ Ted Rounds To Cheyenne ante b~l" Ted Rounds, Sund ~,e~@, nessman for the past 20 .,,here left today ~or Cheyenne. _~M he will work as a right~]#lv ~ppraiser ~or ~he Wyoming ~" ~way Department. n tive ,Rounds is a life-time ~e Sundarme and has ,bee~ mote~i~ , ]bulk oil, real estate a~,,~ ~'esi~' ~businesses for :the past~'--,n ~t~" His family will remain ~ .,,he~ dance u n,til late Augus~ '~1~ their da~tghter, Teddie will married. THE SUNDANCE TII Sundance, Wyo. July