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July 31, 1969     The Sundance Times
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July 31, 1969

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FIVE YEARS AGO July 30, 1964 The Commercial Theatre build- ing was dismantled. Earlier, tche roper on ~hich it stood .was sold to the Sundance State ~ank. ~State Fire ~larshal Ed ~radley said that his investigation i,~o a Friday nig~ fire at the Sun- dan~e Bmvli,ng Lanes indicates definRe possibilities of vandalism and ,arson. An estimated $30,000- $35,000 damage r~as caused by ~he Tire. Kenm] Sailors, ~Republican can- didate for U. S..Senator, .was in Sunch~ce, ~oorcroft and Hulett. Sailors ~ws an A~hAmerica baske~all player for the Uni. vexsity of Wyucning in the 1940's. Six~ btflls ~vere scheduled to be sold at ~he Nor~he~steru Wyo vmi,~g Hereford sa~e set ~or Oct. ~6. Ivan Cressman end Tracy Ells- bury .were re-elected ~o the Dis- tri~t 1 School Board. The board cd~pted a new isolation policy for elementary Children. Isol, ation "payments were to ,be made on a vn~leage 'basis. TEN YEARS AGO July 30, 1959 Fin~l bids ,foe the radar station at ,Sundanee Air iForee ,Base were made. A Washington 'contractor apparen~tly s~bmRted the law bid ~or the radar tower ~a,nd su,pport. in~g ~a.cilities ~r the radar s~,tion. The ,bid .was ~ut $1.6 million. Highs ,for the .week of July, 21-27 ranged from 90 ~o 100. The fire index mas 82. Don 1~olicky, member of the cou,nty hospital board, said that hospital construction plans mere complete and a~ai, ting ~pproval. Six ~ew teachers were signed for Sundcrtce schools, Ji,m And- ted. They were Miriam Wells erson, superi.n,tenden, ann~cm- Mrs. Freda Sh~)e~ake, Mrs. Elaine Chrk, ~k#b Stieha, Lloyd ~erry and Clarence Gruq~bs. A forest fire of undetermined origin burned about 100 ,acres of ~raber near Carlile on the it. L. SingeRon rand ~I~arzI Zimmer- ~hied ranches. About 60 persons helped fig~t the blaze including local ~anchers, 'l~ark Service, Forest Service and ~lamestake ~line personnel as well as the Sundance Volunteer ,Fire Depart- mont. FIFTEEN YEARS AGO July 29, 1954 Ralph ~iddlem.as ~as playing for dances at Fa~ll ~aU. Dances ~,,era ~'Isc being ~Ivevtised ~t the Spear~iah City ~ark and Kick- bush ~lhool. O. K. You Livestock Experts Here's a Chance to Win on your expertise. The person who guesses th~ 'closest time (day, hour, min- '.ute) at which the Royal Club's 'cow elk c~lves will win $5. ione guem per person. Fill in thls ad and leave it at the Royal Club in Beulah. The cow elk will calve: d~te hour (note p.m., e.m. n&ma (address] Soil Conse~'ation supervisors decided to attem~ to organize a weed .and pe~ eor~trol district. A petition of a~ least 25 per- cent of the landowners ,had to be m*ade to the county commis- sioners Who then .were ~ ~old a general e~ection. The proposed 1955 general {und county budget ~was $123,848. The county ~ad a cash reserve ~u.nd off about $35,000. (The 1970 general fund request is ,about $344,50O). The Sundance Athletics lost two ,baseball ,games d, uring the week to bring their losing string to12. Lead he~t them r17-1 and 18-5. Howard Allen, O. C. Dink- ins, ,and (Howard Harvey pitdhed for the Athletics in the t~a~o con. tests. TWENTY YEARS AGO July 28, 1949 The 1940 ~heat loan was set ,at $1.88 per bushel. The Sundance Junior AmeH. can Legion te~m .gained entrance to the state fbasebMl ~urnament by defeating ~neridaa 14-0 in dis- trier play. ~)an ~Iejde gave up ,one hit in seven innings; CMvin ~ejde pithed ~xvo scoreless in- nings *bu,t gave t~p ~wo hrs. Dan Hejde also placed the Sundance ~Rting with three hFcs i.n six times at bat-~a homer, triple and a single. Roadffer, Blake~n,an, Binney and W~am each got ~vo ~its. The Western Saddle Club of Sundance was scheduled to put an a sh~w at ~,he cl, u~b's new cor- ruls east of Sundance. FIFTY YEARS AGO July 30, 1919 '~Much Booze ,Gr~bbed" (~Iead- line from Newcastle Journal re- print) ",On last Friday, W. J. Cort- bridge of the ~ohibRion corn- ,missioners' office caused search ~arrants to be issued egainst several buildings in this cry, with the resuR ~at intoxicating liquors were ~ound in two places in Newcastle... A seizure .was ,also made at Cambria... R is the intention of the officers to strict- ly ertforce the law and woe ,to the bootlegger if ,he is c~ugh." ,Clem Go~d, el,by vnarshal, .was scheduled to take a month's va- cation. His son, Will, ,was .to fill in Tor him. ~Mr. and ~rs. ~. D. ~olbrook were arranging to open a re- freshment pad'or in a building ~urdh,ased ~rom Cl~arles SaekeCt. SEVENTY YEARS AGO July 28, 1899 The owners of the ~M-W e~tle ou~fi~ purchased ~he ~an,ch i~. terest of Johnny ~B~ird in Weston Co~n~,. Do Any of You Crook Countians Really Like ~Dr. E. E. Clough of I)ea:d,wood, superintendent of the ~t~iaek ~Iil4s ~Mission of the ~ethodist Epis- copal chu~reh, ,was in Sundance on his regular quarterly ,business visitation. ~He ~id the ,church's ,~tfairs were in e)cce~lent ~ape ,and ,predicted ~ch.at the Sunda~ee pastorate w~uld be :filled by Sept. 1 wi,~h a gifted minister from Her- mesa, S. D. "Thus far on~y one vote ~r a Crook Courtty ~bridesmaid ~as been received at .this office, this being ~or Miss Edna Rom~Is of the city." ,Bob ~reckenr~dge of ~ay Creek ~as in town. ~e indicated he .w~uld buy some property in Sundance o secure ~a schooling ~or his c~ildren. A. L. l~ipley purchased the Sund,~nce ~ivery stable ~rom George Barton. Rose Zella Proctor County Assessor In our '~Mrodern Socie,ty" srnok- ~n0res on We.d,ne,sd,a,y, Attg~l~ ors are sometimes inconsiderate 13,th, Juniors on ~hursday, Au~' and think ~at just because they ~tst 14th and ISeniors o~ FridaY, enjoy in,haling ~he stufff every- August 15~h. If it is n~ possible one else does ~mo, ~'m not trying ~o register on ,the preferred dates, to pu~ forth wi,t:h a sermon on re gistran,ts are encouraged to smokir~g because medical stalls- contact Mr. tIarbau~h, ~-Iig.h @cs ha.re ,already pruven it is School Principal, at ,the hi~ detrimental ~:o ),our he~tRh and s~hool ofice *o make arrange .well being ,and stil~l people smoke menCs for registration The re,gi~" so my two cencs worth can't make Cration ~i~l be held i'n the h~gl~ much difCerenee. I ,am serious school office from 8:00 A. M. to about c~e r~le in my of,rice 4:00P. M. each day. ~chough ~or mv own .w~rkirtg com. July 31 - August 7 1969. Sort and ~0he protection af our records. It's ,n~ce to havre Bill Ku.nez~h GIRLS RECREATION PROGRAM back. Each rummier we have en- HOLOS BAKE SALE, RAFFL|. j.ayed t,he ~ews i~er~ews and The S~.nd,ance girl's so~b~ suffered through the c~gars. This ~eam grossed about $120 summer looks to be real pleasant week in :a bake sale and sa~e. as he comes .with pad and pencil ~bout $32 was made in ~bake s$1~ in hand and no cigar. PAgl~ now and d $97 worth of ra~le tieke~ I!m looking f~r ,a gold medal for were sold. Ra~r Buekman of the him. Tastee Free wan the electric frY" ing pan offered in ~e rafle. '~ Elected officers of ~e Girl Summer ~ecreation ~I~rcgra~ NOTICE OF REGISTRATION ff~nefl Clark, president; Su.~ 4~egistration for the SundanceW~u,gh, secretary; Leslie W@gner, Senior Hig~ School students will treasurer. be held du~ing ~the week o~ Aug- u'st llth through ihe 15th. R is preferred ~Jh,at Freshman register THE SUNDANCE TIMES _ The 1969 Legislature enacted a on Tuesday, August 12th, Sopho- Sundance, Wyo. July 31, 1969 bill co~eernin.g :the inspection of ABSTRACT STATEMENT ~ CROOK COUNTY _.~, pUh~ic records. I ~ot~ld like to O! Che cost of maintaining County Government from January 1, ~Vg~ quote section 2 (a) of *his lain: ~o. July 1, 1960, prepared under the provisions of Title 18460, aY~ "A~l public records sh~ll be ruing Stafm~es 1957, ,and ~aken from the Register showing Warr~ open for inspection ,by any per- and Certificates o~ Indebtedness issued during tha period. son ,at reasonable times, except B-- 1 BOARD OF COU'NTY C~IONF~S-- as @rovided in this ~et ox as Salaries ...................................... 2,430.62 o~he~wise larovided ~by la~, but Expe~tses 854.09 3,923.'/I the ,official custodia,n of an~' pub- B-- 2 COUNTY C~J!IRK--- lie records m~y make such rules S~laries 8,098.25 Expenses ........................... 1,185.78 9,284.05 and regulations .with reference B--3 CX)UNTY TREASURER-- to the inspection of such records Salaries 7,352.52 as shall be rea'son~bly necessary Expenses 1,628.30 8,980.~ f~" ~e protection of such records B--- 4 COUNTY and the preventi~m of unneces. Salar~Ies 5,904.05 sary interference .wiSh the regu. Expenses 2,264.12 8,258.1~ lar discharge of ~che duties of the 13-- 5 COUN'I~ S~IERIFF--- custodi~an or his office." S~laries 6,094.04 Expenses 1,388.79 7,482. ,Nv~v ; have a rule in my office B--- 6 COUNTY A~Y--- in the ~orm of ,a sign. I ~eve been Salaries 6,182.02 both criticized and praised ~or Expenses ...................................... 35.25 6,gl'L'~/ this. The 'sign reads, "~No Smok- ~ 7 C&UNTY SUPT. OF SCI-IOO~ ing .while working on ~l~t Book". Salaries 5,866.36 The P, lat book is the most import- Expenses 1,297.74 7,164.10 an~ Rein in this o~,fice. A~ter B---9 COUNTY ~NER--. Sahries 25.00 brushing ashes out of ~t repeat- EX~e~LS~ ........................................... ~4.~0 ~.~ edly and the final straw ~f a h,urn B---10 AC~RICL~TURAL DEPAR~r-- in 4~he book ,I put up ~he sign. S~laries ............. 2,766.29 I suppose ,I'm stepping on toes Expenses ......... 1,790.79 4,557.0~ and getting away ~ro~n Coxes, but B---ll DISTRICT COURT--- not ~bei~g a smoker a~d being Salaries 5,374.03 6,438,$1 somev~hat allergic to the smoke I Expen,ses 1,062.28 some)times ask people not to B---12 JUSTICE COURT-- smoke in ~ny office. I ~eel I'm E~pensesSal~ries 30.8011'00 41.$0 ,well ~thin my rights and be- B--13 COURTHOUSE AND JA~-- lieve this 1.a~v is the answer to Salaries 2,903.39 ~the .guy .who asked ~ne if I Expenses 3,855.29 6,758.~ thought i could make Cf~e no B---14 ROAD AND smoking rule stivk. ~, answer, ExpensesSalaries 50,44~.2~17'701"63 88,189.@ "just Cry me." B---15 WATER COMMISSION~-- If you do, then semple a Back Porch Kettle Supper. They've bo- come highly popular with tourists and local folks as well. wlth blsquits with homo made bread with cornbre~l And, you have your choice of half-dozen country crock salads -spicy bean, sauerkraut cole slaw and the like. OUR WEEK END SPECIAL--FRIDAY PRIME RIB OR LOBSTER Downtown Spearfish Salaries Expert.sos .................................. 83.25 83.~ B---18 COUNTY S laries ............ 285.70 ,90 Expenses ...................................... B--20 0iW R (1)) Printing, ..Publishing, Budget ,Forms 582.73 (c) Compensation Sta __________ 292.08 if) V, Kal~,'~ .~t~Staisties ........................ 34.25 .(h) Premimn on Surety Bonds ~'~d Insurmace ..................... 395.50 (1) Mental Health ........ 2,12&00 (n) Fire Control .................................... 1,053.77 (p) Hunter-Trapper: Pre~a~vy Anlm~ Control .................................... 1,200.00 . .... County License Plies _ ........ @4.00 Care of Pau~per Gr~ves ...... 90.00 R. ,C. & D. Expense ...................................... 483.20 9,7~u'- TOTAL C~ENERAL FUND~ W~ ~ $146,..~%1~ CERTIF~ATES ~SUED ....................... STATEMENT OF OUTSTANDING INDEBTEDNESS OF TH~ COUNTY . ~n Cou~hou,se and jail bonds ..................... .gp#t9 ..~ Gross Debt of the Coun.ty $249,000. STATE OF WYOMING ~'). COUNTY OF CROOK ) - m-lore .R is ~H,ereby Certified tha~ .the f~regoin,g is a true and co ft~# Abstract :Statement of the To~al Amoun~ of Warrants and Cevti _.,'.~ of Indebtedness issued by the County of Croo,k in the S~aCe of w~ ruing from San. 1, 1969, to July 1, 1969. Francis Hejde, County Clerk (SEAL) Sundance, Wyoming, July 2, 1989. TH~ STATE OF WYOMING {SS. COUNTY OF C~0OK , ) ---fete R is Hereby Certified that ~he ~oregolng is ~ true and co n~ i~ Abstract Statement of the disbursement of the County of Croo ~ *he St~e of.Wyo.ming from Jan. 1, 1969 to July 1, 1.989, and the ~r" or mam~_inmg 'me govern me~ of sa~d Coun,ty, evmencea _o~, a~IW. rams and certificates of indebtedness issued in pay men of ~t~ .eaness recurred duri~tg said time, .and further that %he ~tatem~., re. m aebtedness of the County is true and correct; a, ll evldencea J ~tntY paints filed ~Ith the Board of Ccam~y Commlssivners by the COU~ "lrea~rer a~l the Coun~ Clerk. _ m~S. Witness my 'h, and ,as Chairman of the ~3oard of County ~?~, sionevs, attested by the County Clerk, ~l~is 2rod day of J~ly, A. Kenneth Canfield, - nei'# Chairman of ,the Board of Cotmty Commlsslo (SEAL) AJTEST: Francis HeJde, CoUnty C1e#1~ Pt~blish July 17-24-31, 196@.