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August 4, 1966     The Sundance Times
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August 4, 1966

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In O mm d la. July 29 --- This Sioux City Stock- and feeder cattle the demand ira- because of the in most of the Week. With the as as it is are able to aCtive market for C, le. there was a total Sold in the Stocker compared week and 7,622 a average steer Week was 717 I bs. price-at $25.04 the average with an aver. per cwt. and avera weight was ~teers sold for $23.- lower than this week. Heifers sold at $23.28 per cwt this week, $2.15 higher than last year. The average heifer weight this week was 648 lbs., eight pounds lig er than last year. Several loads of choice qual- ity 700-950 lbs. feeder steers sold rom $24.50 - $26.00 this week while fleshy ~eeder heifers weigh- ing 750-850 lbs. sold from $23.50 -$24.00 There was a small sup- ply of choice steer calves selling from $26.50 - $29.00 with one load at $30.75. Heifer calves sold from $24.50 - $26.00 with one load of 400 lb. calves selling for $27.00. Aug. 1 Mrs. Mamie Michael was ill and in the John Burns hospital for a few days, but is somewhat improved at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. William Strong have been enjoying a visit from their son and family from Salt Lake City, Utah. OF THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS COURT HOUSE, SUNDANCE, WYOMING JULY 25, 1966 A.M. Office of the County Commissioners of County Commissioners met this day in Special Sess- Conrad Ellsbury, Chairman; Robert Wenande; Kenneth of the meeting was for the setting of the for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1967 in ac- Chapter 110, H. B. 6 (Municipal Budget Act)Session amendments thereto. on the 13 day of June, 1966, the budget making authority submitted to this Board a County Budget for the fiscal June 30, 1967: AND WHEREAS, such bu4get was duly the recerds of this Board and a copy thereof for public inspection at the office o~ the County Notice of a Pu,blie Hearing on such budget, the summary of said budget was published in the and "Sundance Times"; legal newspapers pub- )f General Circulation in the County on the 21 and 22 day respectively; and following such public hearing, certain and revisions were made in such proposed budget, all of in the minutes of the ,meeting of this Board. BE IT RESOLVED by the Board of County that the County Budget as so revised and altered, be the official county budget for the fiscal year ending June ~LVED, THAT THE FOLLOWING APPRO- ,be made for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1967 and that of each officer, department or spending agency be amount herein appropriated. 26 day of July, 1966. GENERAL FUND $ 9850.00 16150.00 of Schools _ Deaprtment _._- Accounts 11310.00 13416.25 9239.75 400.00 135000.00 5000.00 ......... 17475.00 17702.75 15125.00 13563.50 500.00 __ - ...... 18625.00 and Jail 9900.00 - ~ I00.00 ................................................ 500.00 Fund ..... .~ -__ 35000.00 .................................................................... $326,657.25 on the 26 day of July 1966, this Board adopted a approved budgets for the Fiscal Year ending June 30, for the following appropriations: General Fund .................................... $326657.25 Fair Fund ............................................. 10625.00 County Hospital ........................... 8500.00 County Library ............................ 18250.00 Bond Sinking Fund 16000.00 Bond Interest Fund 1625.00 Weed & Pest Control 27118.00 General Welfare 33489.00 'Welfare Health 28600.00 after deducting all other cash and estimated revenue, that the following amounts be raised by general taxa- order to raise such sums of money, it is necessary that made for the 1966-67 fiscal year ending June 30, 1967 be as shown opposite each nd: Amount to be raised Approx. Levy: Mills $163377.00 7243.00 the Board of County Commiss- :approximately the foregoing levies as shown be made for Year ending June 30, 1967. ] ARD OF C0 5NTY COMMISSIONERS Clerk Conrad E Isbm-y, Chairman Robert Wenande Kenneth Canfield business coming before the Beard, it was moved and adjourn to meet in Special Session August 1, 1966 for the setting the tax levies for the 1966 tax year. Board of County Commissioners By Com'ad Ellsbury, Chairman Hejde, County Clerk Mrs. Florence Winlder and ~rs. ~sabel Willert were hostess on Tuesday to the Beulah birth- day club. Twenty-two members, three guests and eight children were in attendance to enjoy the lovely "pot luck" dinner. Gifts were presented to Margaret TauclL Marlene Simons, Margar- et Blakeman, as they were the ones having birthdays during July. Ellen Larive was also one of the honored ladles, but was unable to attend. The business meeting was conducted by Enid GiRner and it was decided to quit paying dues for the balance of 1966, as we have a sufficient amount in our treasury. We agreed to send flowers to Fred Simons who is a patient in the .St. Josephs hospital at Deadwood. The afternoon was spent socially after a game of 'Bingo' was play- ed. A houseguest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Willert for two weeks dur- ing July was Mrs. George Van- Meter from Grand Rapids, Mich. She was on vacation and decided ABSTRACT STATEMENT CROOK COUNTY Of the cost of maintaining County Government from January 1, 196~ to July 1, 1966, prepared ~under .the previsions of Title 18-160, Wyo ming Statutes, 1957, and .taken from the Register sho~ving Warrant4 and Certificates of Indebtedness issued during that period. B---1 BOARD OF COUNTY CO~NERS Salaries 2,549.82 Expenses 473.69 B--2 COUNTY CL]!2~-- Salaries 7,191.29 Expenses ................................ 1,423.72 3,023.51 8,615.01 COUNTY TREAS Salaries Expenses B---4 COUNTY ASSESSOR-- Salaries Expenses B--5 COUNTY SHERIFF--- Salaries Expenses B--6 COUNTY ATTORNEY-- Salaries Expenses B--7 COUNTY SUPT. OF SCHOOI.S--- Salaries Expenses B--9 COUNTY CORONEK-- Salaries Expenses ............................................ B---10 AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT-- Salaries Expenses B--ll DISTRICT COURT-- Salaries Expenses B---12 JUSTICE COURT-- Salaries Expenses B---13 COURTHOUSE AND JAR,-- Salaries Expenses B--14 ROAD AND BRIDGF_,-- Salarms Expenses B--15 WATER COMMLSSI~ Salaries ]~x~nses B--18 COUNTY ItF, ALTH OFFIL'I Salaries B.--20 OTHER GENERAL ACCOUNTS- (b) Printing, PubI~, Budget Forms .__._ (c) Compensation to State (e) Budget Forms (f) Vital Statistics (g) Miscellaneous Payments (h) Premium on Surety Bends and insurance (j) Civil Defense (k) Welfare (n) Fire Control (o) County Officer's Association dues and Convention expense Hunter-Trapper: ,Predatory Animal Coatrol *(z) Others (ITEM/ZE BELOW) Care of Pauper Lots 6,628.80 1,379.81 8,008.61 5,484.56 1,771.51 7,256.07 3,200.00 lI013.31 4,213.31 6 172.70 127.85 6,300.55 5,365.38 938.66 6,304.04 24.79 29.70 54.49 2,422.50 1,396.90 3,819.49 3,744.75 877.73 4.623.48 22.00 86.10 108.10 2,187.50 2,013.26 4,200.78 19,693.54 13,120.07 32,813.61 32.40 32.40 150.50 150.00 609.20 366.00 10.00 48.50 059.75 129.,M 97 1 2,451.68 75.00 1,200.00 2,781A1 90.00 8,572.04 TOTAL GENERAL FUND WARRANTS AND CERTIFICATES ISSUED ............................................................. $98,094.38 STATEMENT OF OUTSTANIKNG INDEBTEDNESS OF THE COUNTY County warrants unpaid this date 94.35 County Hospital Bond 50,000.00 Uncollected Building Fund (Court House) 281,333.00 Gross Debt of 4 he County $ $ $ @ $ $331,427.35 THE STATE OF WYOMING ) )ss. County of Crook ) It is Hereby, CezCified that the foregoing is a true and complete Abstract Statement of the Total Amount of Warrants and Certificates of indebtedness issued by the Cotmty of Crook in the State of Wyo- ming from Jan. 1, 1966, July I, 1966. (SFAL) Sundance, Wyoming, July 6, 1986 $@$$$ THE STATE OF WYOMING Francis Hejde, County Clerk ) )SS. County of Crook ) R is Hereby Certified that the foregoing is a true and o0mplete Abstract Statement of ~the receipts and disbursements of the Cotutty of Crook, in the State of Wyoming from J m. 1, 1968, to Jttly 1, 1966, and the cost of maintaining the @ovornment Of said County, evidenced by warrants and eertific4ttes of indebtedness issued in payment of indebtedness incun-ed dmdng said time, and ~rther ~ the ~ttement of indebtedne County is true and correct; all evidencod by reports filed ,the Board of County Commissioners by County Treasurer and the County Clerk. Witness my hand as Chairman of the Board of County Commls. sioners, attested by the County Clerk this 6 day of July, A~ D. 1966. Conrad Eflsbury, Chairman of the Board of County Commissioners Francis Hejde, County Clerk A 'rEST: (Seal) Publish July 21-28----Augl~st 4. to spend her time here in Black Hills, although she had never met the WWerts before, .... Thursday p.m. Mesdames Elsie Mills, Margaret Tauck, Lilac Ma. thews, Hilma Saari and Margar. et Blakeman visited Fred Simons and Freddie. Mr. Simons is in the hospital at Deadwood. Donald and Chester Guidinger and Johnnie are in this vicinity looking for wheat or grain to combine. The recent hail storm, wind and rain has ruined several of the fields around here. We received .8 of an inch of rain with winds blowing 60 mile an hour. Several windowsj tools and gardens were badly damag. rs. Bert Mathews, Cheri and Margaret Blakeman went to Rapid City on Thursday p.m. and ran into hail at Sturgis. A t sh ]ood at Baken Park in Rapid" r City and heavy rain all the way between Sturgis and ,Rapid. Luckily they made it through all right, only were slowed down somewhat. Mrs. Ruth LaFayette spent a few days in Denver on vacation last week. Her daughter, Mrs. .Pat Kuenne and Mrs. Hihna Saari took care of the care and motel in her absence. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Blakeman, Daniel and Dale, Mrs. Caroh~ne Ellinghausen, Mrs. W. H. Blake- man, Catherine Beckemeyer from Sheridan were supper guests of the Gerald Blakemans, Bill Blake- man and Lee Smith joined the group later in the evening on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Nonnast of Belle Fourehe were visitors of the Frank Taueks one day last week. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Follum and family were supper guests one evening and on Sunday the Taucks visited Mrs. Hazel Follum and family at Douglas, Wyo. James Follum who is in the Navy was home on urlough and ex- pects to be sent to Vietnam very soon. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Jolson and baby daughter were also there to see Lillian's brother be- fore he is sent overseas. Mrs. Jolson is the former Lillian Fol- lum. EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUN ITY The Homestake Mining Co. Lead, South Dakota has openings in under- ground mining; minimum age 19. Here is an opportunity to obtain year-round work and enjoy the privileges of liv- ing in the Black Hills: famous for good trout fish- ing, deer hunting, boating skiing and many other ex- citing outdoor recreational activities. Good wages. Free bowling, billiards, swimming and other indoor activities in the beautiful Homestake Club. Life insurance, long term disability insurance, major medical insurance. Free medical care for employee and dependents through the omestake hos- i Ral. 'Pensions. Paid holidays. Opportunlties for advan- cement. A community of 6,500 where you will find the church of your choice, fl~ schools, ~ and excellent stores. Applicants nmst bet~ ez- ce~lent physical condition. Roasonsble rental . An equal opportunity em- ployer. Write or phone the Personnel Dept Lead, S. D. For complete details