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August 10, 1995     The Sundance Times
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August 10, 1995

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Weird Science (CC) Shipwrecks s Dreams ) Emergency Call (CC) aid Program ) BBC Travel Show Guide I Cal Thomas Features ~n O(~(2) Making of A Whole New World 13) New Adventures of [CC) (10) John Bradehaw on (CC) [cc) Outdooremen With :Neely (CC) Shadetree Mechanic MOVIE: The Silence of Rocko's Modern Life Wings (CC) Fugitive Natural World Family Matters (CC) (22) In Search Of Paid Program Justice ) Jakes & Daffy Miracles and Other Urope'e Classic Inns Hills of Peleliu (~)@(13) WCW Chain- , MOVIE: Only the O(~8) NBC Nightly :C)ABC World News (CC) ) NHRA Today (R) (S) Adventures of Pete and 8) Wings (CC) (CC) Search Of Bell (CC) Beyond Europe Laurie ravels in Europe q~(2) MOVIE: Aladdin Road MOVIE: Hero and the ) Baywstch (CC) ([D(!s)(19) John Ankerberg (&6~(28) History's Mysterms ~)~4)(21) Himalayas C@) Gossip ~C2~7)(27) Family Portrait (So-) Victory at Sea ~)~2d)(26) Mortal Kombal Sneak 6:50 pm (D(~)(2) Disney Channel Preview Salutes the American Teacher C~s) Tales From the Darkside (CC) C(l~ Computers One Hundred One 7:00 pm (D~-~(2) MOVIE: Stage. (~ Wait Till Your Father Gets coach Home (DC~(8) ~(12) Fresh Prince CEs)(28) Archaeology (CC) of BeI-Air (CC) (][}(1(6) America's Funniest Home Videos (CC) (DLI~ (D95~(9) 60 Minutes (CC) ~)C!4~ili) C:hampionshlp Rodeo (Taped) (S) liDS) MOVIE: A Father's Re- venge (D(f7) Nick News ~)~0)(20) That Girl ~)~4~(21) Wild Sanctuaries ~)~28)(26) NFL Preseason Foot- 149/Fashion Week ball San Francisco 49ors at San 10:00 pm Im~.~)(8) OC~X12) G)(~1)(6) ~)(!2) News 0(.6 ~(5) Baseball Tonight (R) (]~)(.10)(13) ~20)(20) (41) (46) Paid Program (]~)(]3) Mysteryl (CC) ~)(!~(11) ReceDay Update (S) (~) 1~(9) News (CC) (Z~(~ Midnight Caller (]B~ White Shadow ~) 1~(18) Hollywood Insider (~ I~(19) John Oateen (CC) ~@(21) In Search of the Golden Hammerhead ~(~(27) MOVIE: Foreign Cor- respondent ~)(~(22) Carrie Fisher: The Hollywood Family ~(7) Space Precinct (~ On a Collision Course With Earth (CC) System Rivers Live 4~ Tom and Jerry ~(28) Paleoworld (~Mysterious Places News Week In Review (~) Iwo JIms: Hell'a Volcano 10:06 pm (]~@(11) American Sports Cavalcade (R) (S) 10:15 pm (10) Kltaro 10:30 pm ~(]D(2) Spencer Trecy Legecy: A Tribute by Katherine Hepburn Diego Chargers (Live) (CC) Q)@(22) Carrie Fisher: The Hollywood Family ~(7) Simpsons (CC) ~ On a Collision Course With Earth (CC) System ~) AI Roker New Media News Highlights ~4~(28) Connections2 Mysterious Places 4~ Straight Forward Iwo Jima: Hell'e Volcano '6:20 pm (10) John Bradshaw on Family Secrets (CC) 6:30 pm (]D(~(6) America's Funniest Home Videos (CC) ~)~ Great Love Songs (iS@ Lucy Show ~)(~(20) That Girl ~)~(21) Himalayas (~(7) Living Single (CC) Verdicts and Justice Dick Cavett Computer Kids ~ Eddie Long ~]~(28) Archaeology (CC) ~) Earth Journeys 6:35 pm ~(2) Making of the Indiana Jones Adventure (CC) 6:50 pm ~) Shake end Flick 7:00 pm (B(~)(2) Twist ~(][)(8) O(~ 12) Seequast DSV (1~(5) Auto Racing (Taped) (i~ (~(9) Nanny (CC) (]~)~3~ Birds of the Beckyard ~)~4~(11) Music City Tonight (~J~ MOVIE: Chiller I~)C~ Munsters ~)~)(18) World Wrestling Fed- eration: Monday Night Raw (CC) (~)~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) ~)~(20) Mad Squad ~)@(21) Red Triangle I])~(22) Sherlock Holmes Mysteries ~{7) New York Undercover (CC) (~ Rivers Live (~) PCTV (~ Benny Hlnn ~]) Shake and Flick (~(28) Ancient Journeys (~ On the Road ~) Pork ~]~ Talk Soup ~) Victory at Sea 7:01 pm (~ Darkroom 7:05 pm (10) MOVIE: Amazing Grace With Bill Movers (CC) (S) 7:10 pm (~ Bugs & Dsffy 7:30 pm ~(];~(8) ([~(12) In the House (CC) O~)(14) News (CC) (~ (~s~(9) Dave's World (CC) I~(~ Munsters (~) Florldal ~]~ News Dally ~) Victory st Sea (c.c) )(~(14) Llfeatylea (]~(13) National Geographic Explorer (CC) (]I)~(6) Lols & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (CC) i~(~ i~(9) Murder, She Wrote (CC) i~)(~(11) Flehln' Wlth Orlando Wilson (R) (S) 10B~ Bewitched I~)(~(18) Acapulco H.E.A.T. ~)~)(20) GOP TV: Rlslng Tide ~@(21) In Search of the Golden Hammerhead (~(~ MOVIE: She's In the Army Now (~(7) Married... Wlth Chlldren 3~ Trial Story Rivers Live (~ PGTV Sunday Kenneth Copelsnd ~) Emperor's New Clothes ~(28) Paleoworld (~) Travel News Now Showcase Celebrity Homes Okinawe: The Final Battle 7:01 pm ~) Sci-Fi Buzz 7:30 pm ~(~(3) MOVIE: Chopper Chlcke in Zombletown (S) I~@(11) Fishing With Roland Martin (R) (S) (D@ I Love Lucy (CC) ~(~)(27) MOVIE: Saboteur (][)(7) George Carlln (CC) (~ Mysteries, Magic & Miracles Moxy ~])(2B) Ancient Warriors IB(~)(3) Wrath of the Wendlgo (S) (~(8) MOVIE: Mischief (~(~)(5) Auto Racing (R) O(~(14) Renegade ~)~)(13) ~)~)(18) ~)~)(20) ~) Paid Program ~)~)(6) Tough Target (~ CBS Sunday Night News (CC) t~)(~}(19) Feed the Children ~)(26) MOVIE: Easy Come, Easy Go Verdicts and Justice ~)(28) Ancient Warriors Earth Journeys 10:35 pm q~(12) Slghtinga ~(~(9) Inside Edition Weekend (CC) 10:45 pm (~(~ George Michael's Sporte Machine 10:55 pm I~(4) MOVIE: Red Rock West (CC) (S) 11:00 pm ~)(~(13) ~(~) (~)(18) ~(~(19) ~)~)(20) (~7) ~) ~) Paid Program (]D(~(6) MOVIE: Downtown ~)(~ Washington Week in Re- view (CC) (D(~) F Troop ~}(~)(21) World of Discovery (~;) News (CC) (~ Trial Stow (~ Charles Grodln ~) Marie Murlllo (~ Popeye ~(28)Underatanding (~ Travel News Now (~) Talk Soup MOVIE: Froatblter: 8:00 pm (~(~.~(3) MOVIE: Amer- Ican Yakuza (S) ~)~4) Dream On (CC) 8) q~(12) MOVIE: Fast Company (CC) (S) (~ 6~_)(5) Auto Racing (Taped) ~)(~)(14) Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) (~ (~(9) Murphy Brown (cc) ~(~) Kltaro - An Enchanted Evening ti~@ Munsters I~)(~(18) Silk Stalkinge (CC) i~)~-~(19) 700 Club ~)(~)(20) News (CC) ~)(~(21) Livel The World's Greatest Stunts ~D(~(22) Lovejoy Mysteries ~(7) Sirens (CC) (~) Instant Justice (~) Charles Grodin ~) New Media News (~ Praise the Lord (~) Tom end Jerry (~)(28) Ancient World (~) Travels in Europe (~) America After Hours (~) Late Night With David Let- terrnan (~) V-J: The Dey That Changed the World 8:01 pm (~) Frlday the 13th: The Series 8:15 pm ~(~(27) Ella Kazan: A Director's Joumey 8:30 pm (~K~(4) Larry Sanders (CC) (~ Exploring America ~ Oklnawa: The Final Battle (~(5) Baseball Tonight 11:01 pm (~) ScI-FI Buzz (]~@ ~(~)(9) Cyblll (CC) 7:35 pm (10) Colorado Land. 11:05pm(~;)(9)Siskel&Ebert ~)(11) Country News scapes 8:00 pm q~K]~(4) Dennis Miller 11:15 pm i~L~ Kung Fu: The Le- I~(~) Munatere (CC) gsnd Contindes (CC) ~)(~(26) MOVIE: Elvls on Tour (~(]~)(8) O(~)(12) MOVIE: One 11:30 pm ~(~)(14) Hercules: The (~,,Home Computing Woman's Courage (CC) (S) Legsndary Journeys (CC) @-'rrayel News Now O(~)(14)~)(20)News (CC) ~}(]~(13) (~(~ ~)CI~(lS) 8:35 pm (~(~(13) MOVIE: Ma- ([~(~)(13) Jacques-Ywe CaMs- 1[~(]]~(19) ~)(20) (~) ~) Paid tlock: Nowhere to Turn team (CC) Program 9:00 pm q~C~](2) MOVIE: Calamity (]B(~(6) MOVIE: Joe Versus the ~)(~ Wall Street Week (CC) Volcano(CC)(~;) ~)(~)(11) Trucks and Tractor ([]9(]~ (~(]]~(9) MOVIE: Treech- Power (R)~S) eroua Beauties (CC) (S) (g~) Mark & Mlndy ~)(~)(11) Bassmeeters (R) (S) Cj~7) Emergency Call (CC) t~(~) Intimate Portrslt (~ Mysteries, Magic & Mlralee t]~(~) I Dream of Jeennle ~) Creflo A. Dollar Jr. ~)(~)(18) Silk Stalklnga (CC) (~) Explorlng America (~]~(lS)lnTouch 11:35 pm q~(~12) Black Hills ~(~)(21) World of Discovery Forum ~D~)(22) Civil War Journal ([~(9) Northern Exposure (CC) (]~{7) Hercules: The Legendary 11:40 pm ~)_~.Sportspags Journeys (CC) ~) Inside Space MONDAY ' ~) Washington WMch (~ Charles Grodln August 14 New Media News Highlights (~ Praise the Lord 6:00 pm ~j~{2) Avonlee (CC) (~ FIIntstonee (CC) ~O(~3) MOVIE: Mrs. Doubfflre ~)(28) Understanding ~l.OVlE B,ue Ch,pe (CC) Symphony ~ Florldal Inside Winston Cup ~ Alive and Wellneea (S) Talk Soup (B(]~)(8) Cops (CC) ~) V-J: The Day That Changed (~]~(5) Outside the Lines , Brother and Me the World (~C]~)(12) Empty Nest (CC) MOVIE: Latter to My 6:30 pm O(~2) MOVIE: 84 O(~)(14)Columbo Charing Cross Road (10) I[]~(~) MacNell/Lehrer (~ Howard Stern (S) Hatarll ~}(~)(4) MOVIE: True Lies (CC) Newshour (CC) Streets of San Fren- (S) ~ Century of Warfare (]B(l~FrankSlnatra-Concertfor ~(l~)(6)NFLPreeeasonFootball 9:30 pm ~)(~)(6) Cheers (CC) Chicago Bears at Cleveland ~]~(~ Body, Mind and Soul: The I Fsngsl the Amerlces Browns (S Live) (CC) Mystery end the Magic (CC) Grandvlew, U.S.A. ([]~(~)(11) Great American Out- ([]~(]]) Hard Copy (CC) ) Family Portrait doors (R) (S) ~(]~(11) At the Ryman (]~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~(]~(lS) Wings (CC) ) Ancient Mysteries (]~(~ Munatare ([~(~)(9) Jeopardy! (CC) ~(~{)(27) MOVIE: A 'tree Grows (~(~(20) Hispanic Horizons I~(]i) Unsolved Mysteries In Brooklyn (~ C-Net Central (D(~ Munstere CJ~(7) Northern Exposure (CC) ght Zone (CC) @ How to Buy a Computer (~(~)(18) Murder, She Wrote (~) O.J. Simpson: The Trial Key (~ Jeteons (~ Business Computing Jane :lBando'Ga'd (OC) Sportsoanter (CC) (10) Feeling Good: Llfe After Stress I~(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) i~ I~(~(9) Chicago Hope (cc) I~(1 I) Club Dance (~(~ Unsolved Mysteries - (]~ Taxi (~(~(18) Wings (CC) 1~(~)(19) Roots (CC) ~)~(20) KoJak 1~)~)(21) Natural World MOVIE: River of Death ~D(~)(22) Law & Order (~(7) Real Storlea of the Highway Patrol ~) Twilight Zone (CC) ~]~ Prime Tlma Justice (~ Real Personal @ Computer Chronicles Scooby and Scrappy-Duo (~(28) Archaeology (CC) (~) On the Road (~ Ask E. Jean (~)~0~(20) Magnum, P.I. (~(7) 4~) Paid Program ~_~ Rlcky Sksggs ~.~ Late Nlght Black & White 4~) News Daily (~ Victory at Sea 10:35 pm i~(8) O(~(12) To- night Show (CC) ([]~(j0~(13) Jacques-Yves CaMs- teaM (CC) (]D~1~(6) Nlghtline (CC) ([]~1~ (~(9) Late Show (CC) 10:40 pm ~)~-8)(26) MOVIE: Viva Las Vegas 10:45 pm O(36)(14) Tenth Inning (]DC~3) Charlie Rose 11:00 pm ~)(2)(2) MOVIE: Grace Kelly (~s~(5) Hydroplane Racing (Taped) O~(14) Hercules: The Legen- dary Journeys (CC) (10) Charlle Rose ([]~(~(11) Music City Tonight (]~ Dragnet ~)~~(18) Major Dad (CC) ~) 1~(19) ~ Paid Program ~@(21) LIvel The World's Greetuat Stunts (D~ News (CC) ~D~(22) Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (~)(7) Shirley (~ Instant Justice (~) Charles Grodtn 4~ Jack Ven Impe ~ Shake and Flick ~)(28) Ancient World On the Road (~)In Depth ~.~Gossip (~Victory at Sea 11:01 pm (~) Darkroom 11:05 pm ~(3) MOVIE: The Firm (CC) (S) (]D(~(6) Coach (CC) 11:10 pm (~) Down Wit' Droopy D 11:30 pm ([~(~ Your Baby end Child (]~) Superman ~)~(18) C-Net Central ~)(~)(19) ~]) Paid Program ~)(~(20) News (CC) ~) Benny Hlnn (~) Florldal (~ TV'e Bloopers and Practical Jokes ~) Victory at,Sea 11:35 pm (~)@(13) National Geo- graphic Explorer (CC) (])(]])(6) Rush Llmbaugh 11:37 pal ~(~)(8) ~(12) Late Night (CC) I[~ Late Late Show (CC) (~ 1~(9) Inside Edition (CC) 11:45 pm (]~(~) MacNell/Lehrer Newahour (CC) ~(~(27) Ella Kazan: A Direc- tor's Journey TUESDAY August 15 6:00 pm q~K~(3) MOVIE: The Force (S) E]I(~(4) MOVIE: Clear and Pre- sent Danger (CC) (S) 1~(~(8) Cops (CC) t~(~[)(5) Women's Pro Beach Volleyball (Taped) q~)(12) Empty Nest (CC) ~)(14) MOVIE: The Eyes of Charles Sand (10) ~)~ MacNell/l.ehrer Newshour (CC) (D(~)(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Hard Copy (CC) ~(~)(11) Music of Ireland ~(~)(9) Jeopardyl (CC) ~)(~) Unsolved Mysteries (iBm) I Love Lucy ~)(~)(18) Murder, She Wrote (CC) 8(~(19) Paredlae (~)(20) That Girl ~(~(21) Terra X AUGUST I0, 1995 (]D~1(6) Rosesnne (CC) 11:05 pm I[D'~ (6) Coach (CC) (]}(1/) I Love Lucy 11:15 pm (~}(2 j(2) MOVIE: 9 to 5 46(28) Practical Guide to the 11:30 pm ([~(~] Your Baby end Universe Child ~_~ Exploring America ~4~) News Daily 7:45 pm I~]~ Lawns and Gardens 8:00 pm II~,~Jt-; ,~,,,, , ....... ferson: Songwriter ~!~;)(8) I~/~(12) Frasier (CC) O13s)(14) Major League Baseball Chicago Cubs at Los Angeles Dodgers (Live) G)(11)(6) Home (cc) (~)(12) ~)(1S)(9) Miss Teen USA (CC) 10B(~7) I Love Lucy I~}(!s)(19) 700 Club (~)~_~)(20) News (CC) ~)~2~(21 ) World's Greatest Stunts Part II ~(27) MOVIE: Man on a Tigh- trope (]D~1~(22) Poirot ~(7) High Tide (~ Charles Grodln New Media News ~ Praise the Lord ~ Shake end Flick ~s~(28) Hometime Europe's Classic Inns ~4~ America After Hours ~ Late Night With David Let- terman 8:01 pm ~3~ Friday the 13th: The Series 8:10 pm ~ Tom and Jerry 8:30 pm E]I(~(4) MOVIE: Body Language (CC) (S) ~(~)(8) i)~(12) Newsradio (cc) (~(5) Baseball Tonight (]D 1(~(6) Coach (CC) ~)(~ Garden Line ~)[~)(11 ) Country News (]B(~ I Love Lucy (~ Silicon Valley Business News This Week @(28) Home Pro BBC Travel Show Guide 8:35 pm ~)~1~(13) Clash of the Champions (R) 8:40 pm (10) Dead Ahead - The Grateful Dead in Concert 9:00 pm (~(8) i~(12) Date- line (CC) (~j(5) Sportscenter (CC) (iDa(6) NYPD Blue (CC) (~(~(11) Club Dance lOB@ Taxi ~)@(18) Wings (CC) ~)(~(19) Roots (CC) ~)~(20) Kojek ~)~(21) Terra X ~ MOVIE: Platoon Leader ~)~(26) MOVIE: Elvls: The Early Years ~B~)(22) Law & Order ~_~(7) Real Stories of the Highway Patrol (3_~ Twilight Zone (CC) 3~ Trial Story 4~ Real Personal Computer Chronicles (~ Shake and Flick ~)(28) How'd They Do That? On the Road Ask E. Jean (~) Howard Stern 9:10 pm ~ New Scooby Doe Movies 9:15 pm ~]}(~3) MOVIE: Beverly Hills Cop Ill (CC) (S) 9:30 pm E~[)(2) MOVIE: My Dar- ling Clementine (CC) (]~ Lawns and Gardens (CC) (]B(~) Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ~)(~(18) Wings (CC) ~)~(21) Treasure Hunters (~(7) Northern Exposure (CC) ~) O.J. Simpson: The Trial Users Group (~) Undersea Adventures (~ Howard Stern 9:31 pm @ Tales From the Dark- ~(~) Major League Baseball side California Angels at Chicago White 10:00 pm ~j~B) (~)(12) Sex (S Live) Q)(~(6) (~)News ~(~(27) MOVIE: Gentleman's (~(~5) Baseball Tonight Agreement (gB(~ Charlle Rose . ~)(~)(26) MOVIE: Elvls: The THE SUNDANCE TIME8 PAGE 8 Works Flick I~@ Superman 1~)~)(19)@ Paid Program ~)~(20)News (CC) ~ Benny Hinn ~6~(28) Home Pro ~47~ Exploring America i4s/TV's Bloopers and Practical the Edge A Cry In the Nlght Leyte Gulf 10) John Brsdshaw on acrets (CC) MO~, =E: The Hobblt (1~C][)(5) Baseball Tonight Happily Ever Tales for Every Child Northweet Hunter Rat Patrol Evening News (CC) (s) MOVIE: Shadow of From the Darkalde Week Machines MOVIE: Def by ) MOVIE: Star Trek IV: The (~ Travels In Europe 8:40 pm O(~)(14) Instant Replay 8:45 pm (10) Nature's Symphony 9:00 pm qB(~(3) MOVIE: A Nym- phold Barbsrlan In Dinosaur Hell ~5) Sportscentar (CC) 14) Nl0ht Court 13) Network Earth 11) Road Test Megazlne (s) i~(~ Barbara Waiters: Inter- views of a Lifetime (CC) I~) Dragnet ~)(~)(18) Silk Stelkings (CC) ~)(~(10) Ben Haden ~)(~)(20) Magnum, P.I. ~(~)(21) Wild Sanctuaries (~) MOVIE: Psycho ~)~)(26) Stadium Show (]B(~(22) Caroline's Comedy Hour (]~7) Comedy Showcss~ (CC) (~) Twilight Zone (CC) (~ Lock & Key (~) Straight Forward (~) Computer Chronicles Roman Holidays (~(28) Connections2 ~) Journey to the Edge Ask E. Jean Home (CC) (S) ~ Fashion File Weapons at War - Lost Civilize- 9:30 pm O(~;)(14) Highlander: The Series Major League Baseball ~}(~)(13) Paid Program k Mets at Houston Astros ~)C1~(11) Truckln' USA (R) (S) (cc) '(14) Vanishing Son (CC) (]B(~ Superman (CC) . ([~(]])(19) Parodies ~)~]~(20) That Girl ~(~)(21) Natural World Major League Baseball California Angels at Chicago White Sex (S Live) side (~(~(27) MOVIE: A Tree Growl= 9:35 pm ~3) MOVIE: Pump, In Brooklyn klnheed I1: Blood Wings (CC) (S) ~}(~(26) MOVIE: Elvls: That's 10:00 pm ~P(~4) Sinbad's tha Way It Is Summer Jam: '706 Soul Music U)~)(22) Blogrephy (]D(7) Encounters: The Hidden Truth (CC) (~) Prime Time Justice Tim Ruaeert ~) New Media News ~) Behind the Scenes ~) Horton Hears a Who ~(28) Archeeolo9y (CC) ~) Lonely Planet (~ Straight Forward (~ Fashion File (~ Victory st Sea 6:01 pm (~) Quantum Leap (CC) 6:15 pm (~ John Avanzlnl 6:25 pm (~) Efrem Ztmbsllst Jr. 6:30 pm (~[)(8)Murphy Brown (CC) i~)(12) Roseenne (CC) (]~(]~ Extra (CC) (~(9) Wheel of Fortune (CC) I~(~ Munaters ~)(~(20) That Girl ~) Equal Tlme Home Computing (~ Jay Sekulow (~ Jetsons ~;) Scooby and Scrappy-Doe Wolf Early Years ~)~)(22) Biography (]~(7) X-Files (CC) (~ Tim Russert (~) New Media News (~) Behind the Scenes (~ Cat in the Hat (~)(28) How'd They Do That? (~) Earth Journeys ~) Straight Forward ~) Blood snd Iron 6:01 pm (~) Quantum Leap (CC) 6:15 pm (~ John Avenzlni 6:25 pm (~ Efrem Zimballat Jr. 6:30 pm (~(][)(8) Murphy Brown (CC) q~(i)(12) Roeeanne (CC) ~)(~(6) Cheers (CC) (B~ 1~ Extra (CC) (~(~(9) Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~(~ I Love Lucy ~}~(20) That Girl (~@(21) Treasure Hunters (~ Prime Time Justice Equal Time @ Silicon Valley Business This Week (~ Betty Jean Robinson ~) Jatsons (~) Taste for Travel With Burt ~)(~)(11) Music of Ireland 1~(~)(9) News (CC) I~(~) Unsolved Mysteries 10B@ Dick Van Dyke ~)(18) Quantum Leap (CC) ~(~)(20) Hazel ~@(21) Hunters ~(~)(27) MOVIE: Gentleman's Agreement (][}(~(22) Biography (~ Prime Time Justice (~) Rivers Live (~ Paid Program (~ Teen Heads ~)(28) Wonders of the Universe (~ Earth Journeys ~) St~lght Forward Talk Soup (~ Blood end Iron 10:01 pm ~) Quantum Leap (CC) 10:15 pm (~[)(4) 20 Years of Co- medy on HBO (CC) 10:30 pm 1~(5) Water Skiing (Taped) (10) Are You Being Served? I~(~) Thlrtysomethlng (CC) ~(~ Bob Newhsrt ~)~)(20) Magnum, P.I. (~(7) ~ Paid Program ~(28) History's Mysteries 6:35 pm i~(~X2) Making of Rud- (~) Taste for Travel With Burt Travel News'Now yard Klpllng's the Jungle Book Wolf (~) Howard Stern (CC) (~) News Daily 9:31 pm ~) Tales From the Dark- 7:00 pm (~(]~(B)qi~(12)Wings 10:35 pm (~(]~(8) (~C~(12) To- (CC) night Show (CC) Jokes Improvement 11:35 pm (]D~11)(6) Rush Limbaugh 11:37 pm I~!5~(8) I]~7~(12) Late Night (CC) (~/12i Late Late Show (CC) ~}~15)(9) Inside Edition (CC) 11:45 pm ~]}C4~(4) Making of the Beverly Hillbillies WEDNESDAY August 16 (~(~(5) PBA Bowling (Live) (D(~)(6) Full House (CC) ([~(~ I~(9) I~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) (]~]) Lawna and Gardene (CC) (~(]])(11) Music City Tonight ([~(~) MOVIE: Under Siege (D(~) I Love Lucy (~(18) Boxing (Live) (CC) ~)(~(20) Mad Squad ~)~_~)(21) Hunters (~D(7) X-Files (CC) ~) Rlvere Live (~) PCTV ~) John Hagse (~) Bugs & Daffy (~(28) Wonders of the Universe (~) On the Road (~ Pork (~ Talk Soup ~) MOVIE: All Quiet on the Western Front 7:01 pm (~ Darkroom 7:05 pm (~(~(2) JFK: A Celebra- tion of His Life and Times (10) Nature (CC) 7:30 pm li]~3) MOVIE: Midnight Edition (S) 1~8) ~12) Newsredlo (cc) O(~)(14) News (CC) 6:00 pm (B~(2) Alice Through the Looking Glass (CC) (~(3) MOVIE: The Cement Garden (S) E)~(4) MOVIE: National Lam- peon's Last Resort (CC) (S) 1~8) Cops (CC). O~(12) Empty Nest (CC) O~s~(14) Parent 'Hood (CC) (10) ~)19~ MacNeil/Lehrer Newshour (CC) (]D~(6) Wheel of Fortune (CC) ([~ Hard Copy (CC) ~)@(11) Ralph Emery on the Record With Barbara Msndrell (~ 10~(9) Jeopardyl (CC) (~] Unsolved Mysteries (DI~ Bewitched ~)1~(18) Murder, She Wrote (cc) ~)~(19) Paradise ~)~?,~(20) That Girl ~)(~(21) Fangsl ~ Doogle Hawser, M.D. (CC) ~)~(27) MOVIE: A Streetcar Named Desire ~)~(26) MOVIE: Change of Habit (D~(22) Biography ~.~(7) Beverly Hills, 90210 (CC) Prime Time Justice Cal Thomas New Media News 4(~ Behind the Scenes Lorex ~)(28) Paleoworld C4~ Mysterious Places ~C~ Straight Forward (~ Videofashion Weeklyl Blood end Iron 6:01 pm ~ Quantum Leap (CC) 6:05 pm ~)~(13) MOVIE: The Dirty Dozen 6:15 pm 4~ John Avanzini 6:25 pm ~ Efrem Zlmbaliet Jr. 6:30 pm (~_~(8) Murphy Brown (CC) qi~12) Roseanne (CC) (~]1~)(14) Parent 'Hood (CC) (];) ~)(6) Cheers (CC) (D~ Extra (CC) ([~S~(9) Wheel of Fortune (CC) (])~ Bewitched ~)(~)(20) That Girl ~ Family Matters (CC) ~) Equal Time (~ JCN Profiles (~ Creflo A. Dollar Jr. Jatsona (~)(28) Scientific American World (~ Flavors of France O(~)(14) Wayana Bros. (CC) ~D~--~(6) M~) snd the Boys (CC) ([]~ (~(9) Nanny (CC) {]~]) Honor Squadrona (D(~)(11) Music City Tonight (~) 1~.~ MOVIE: Kiss of a Killer (D(~ Bewitched ~)(~)(18) MOVIE: Wounded Heart (CC) (S) (D(]~(19) Rescue 911 (CC) ~)~)(20) Mad Squad ~])(21) Shark Attack Files ~(2~ Full House (CC) ~D(~(22) American Justice (]~(7) Party of Five (CC) (~) Rivers Live @ PCTV ~) Marlo Murlllo Shake and Flick ~(28) Science Frontiers ~) On the Road (~ Pork (~) Talk Soup MOVIE: Inside the Third Reich 7:01 pm (~) Darkroom 7:05 pm (10) Body, Mind and Soul: The Myetery and the Magic (CC) 7:10 pm ~;) Bugs Bunny & Daffy 7:30 pm ~(~(2) Walt Disney. 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Bears ~(28) Secret Life of Machines (~ On the Horizon L~ America After Hours Late Night With David Let- terman 8:01 pm (~ Friday the 13th: The Series 8:05 pm ~)(~(27) MOVIE: Baby Doll ~) Gossip ~@(26) MOVIE: Clambake MOVIE: All Quiet on the 8:30 pm ~])~(4)Larry Sanders Western Front (CC~ 11:01 pm ~ Darkroom The presidential cus- tom of throwing out the first ball of the balmball season began under William Howard Taft in 1910. local 4-H Clubs 4-H Club president Shannon Burke the March meeting of the 4-H Club to order. Steedley led the American and Sarah Lambert led the i Pledge. The minutes from the were read and ap- There was no treasurer's business: The Community was discussed. A was made that we and paint the white fair Denise Canfield moved We paint the building and Moline seconded the mo- raotlon passed. sharing m the concession April 7 or 8. Denise and Josh Canfield, Jamle and Jackle Ellsbury, and Rachael and Jenna MolLne can work. Greta Crawford read the 4-H newsletter. New business: Each 4-H member is asked to sell four candy bars for the 4-H council Merci Steedley will buy enough for our club members to sell. The next meeting will be held April 9 at the courthouse basement at 4 p.m. Shannon Burke adjourned the meeUng. Before the meeUng, members served refreshments and played bingo with the Nursing Home residents. Kara Crawford called the April meeting of the Ride-N-Hide 4-H Club to order. Ethan Reinhold led the American pledge and Rachael Moline led the 4-H pledge. The minutes were read and approved. No treasurer,s report was ava~able. Old business: Each member will be given four candy bars to sell to raise money for the 4-H Council. Shannon Burke reported on the party at the Nursing Home. Mem- bers sewed refreshments, talked with residents and played bingo. Each bingo winner was glven a quarter. All members agreed that we would llke to have a party at the Nursing Home again. Project books were distributed. The painUng of the fair building was again discussed. The Fair Board has asked for help in re- storing the exterior of the building. It would be possible for us to do it as a Community Pride project. Greta Crawford will look into it more. Greta read the 4-H newsletter to the members.. New business: The cemetery clean-up will be held May 12 at Inyan Kara Cemetery. Denise Canfield moved to bring a grill to the cemetery and have a barbecue following the clean-up. Jenna Mo- llne seconded, mot[on carried. Each member is to bring enough hot dogs and buns for their family and any available mowers and weed whackers. Shannon Burke offered to bring a grUl. Derdse Canfield gave a demon- straUon on mastitis. Caitlin Oade moved to adjourn and Shannon Burke seconded. Kara Crawford declared the meet- ing adjourned. Members met with their project leaders following the meeting and then enjoyed a Mexican/Itallan potluck. AM1450 SUNDANCE NEWS With Dick Sackett Mon. - Fri., 8:30 A-M. Saturday, 8:50 A.M. HULETr NEWS With Freida Dent Monday - Wednesday - Friday, 8:40 A.M. 3:10 P.M. - Wyoming News in Agriculture, M - F= This program is designed exclusively for Wyoming ]iBteners, to give farmer= in the "cowboy" state an in-depth review of the issues and events that effect Wyoming Agriculture. Feature interviews with key newmnakers are regularly included in this report.