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August 12, 1926     The Sundance Times
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August 12, 1926

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VOLUME 16 THE TIMES, SUNDANCE CROOKCOUffi , WYOMING, THURSDAY, AUGUST 1926 NUMBER COUNTY County School Notes R. L. MASSlE,SUP'r. ON At this time about 100 teaching po~itioa in this county have been re- ITS CANDIDATE The majority of these are Wyoming teachers who are already ~rtifled. A few are from outside and have word that the~ can certify here. Nominations for Judge o'f the A f,w are not known about. This is Seventh Judicial District, con- a very good showing. It leave the chances of loaieg any of the state or slating of Crook Weston and county aid very low. This is a Campbell counties, will bedecid- prota~tioa.ef t41e district funds. I+ ed at the Primary election next is ap to you .s taxpayer* end patrons Tuesday. There are three cand- to keep good district officers when you idates for this office which is ab- get tl~em. The Wyoming F.~lueational Bulletin nolutely non.political, and each for July gives a brief eemmary of the candidate is held in high esteem eanty Superintendents enferen ae by a large following of friends, held at University this summer. Itarry P, Ilaley, the present Terekm-a a~l p~maa will bs eapt~ialiy Judge, is a for re-e- tater**t few.extra eopie~ heal. leelion for t efli . He iiV 8 ~r~k ~t~It~ will be blelt wit~ gi~tee resident of Cro gmnW and for ,or il i tkis y~r, All this reason and the fact that his, .f e.e .re living Normal Trailli :character and q~ maid teraiag eat e,m, very goal raml te~s. il~tt aml IhmdamH ~m~e reproach we ~w llalU~i~t~mdil~. Mr. F~ak :lieve im keopi, g judg ip i l t. Mr. oNl to Crook eoanty. 'It giveil i ho lndum l akota. Mr. Ewersoa was vor7 tie about the propom~l project and lieves !hat it eaa be Serried tbru everyoue get~ together and work~~ it. "W~omjng~ future", be bu~d upe~ agrieolture and add we .ms .~. do all we elm tO Imroducti~ in the state. 'Tb~ of a proj~tt on th~ flats ne!g ~o~ft would mesa ouuty. Sugar very profltak4y and weald bemeflt by inerea~.~t~; valse w~ald iaereaute msteriuUy ta]e~ weald de~reu~. Mr. ~mer~on h~.the o| t~ pelple of tlm s~te ,t Ix~rt. at the pu pl . work It* star, enslaver ~ hie work ~ brat him ~lose to the move prestip, helps [eep It m t t, lil~r~r#ft. All Me i, one of them. lie is ,n ~eet the state engihcer. Thursday this office received a rues- that in company with Mr. and W. E. Bake,r of the Sltg~Lr company wnuld re~ch Monday morning and join people in a conference with Mr. "Now th~a,t we will have definite thentie dmttt to work on it is believed that the work of an trrigation district will 1~rw~xd wltk all proper exped~- and thtz l~reat project which eo math to the land holders ~t4t Iowl of Mooreroft will be- I~ad~r. Dirks-Evenson Mr. William Dirk and Miss Emma Evenson were married at Bellefourche last week. They sl:~er~ a few days 43 visiting at Lead and Deadwood attend- ing the celebration and also paid Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Thurman a visit at Deadwood. 'They then returned to the A city" electric lighting and power John Dirks hot~e where a ro~fl wel- system is assured l~undance Deopl~ come was given them, ending I~ with by September 15th to OCtober let. by a big dance on Saturday night, the purchase of a Westinghouse Mr. and Mrs. William Dirks will.beplant by the; Caulkins Bros. Wed- at home to thief friends at Mr. Dirks nesday night of l~st weak. Work new ha'use just prepared for the bride, of in~tutling the system will be The bride is the popular daughter of started as anon as possible and rush- Mr. and Mrs. Evenson of Hulett ande~l to c, ompletion. Ca,ulkin~-Bro~., has grown from childhood in this ~Will build a ~mall building to one vicinity. She graduated from the istde of the rear of their garage te Halett high m~ooi this year. groom i~ the son of Mr. and Mr~ J~i~n Dirks, prominent people of the Alva eommunity. house the machinery. Th~ ~ystem will he of more than double the ca- pacity vec~sary to light the towz at this time to allow f{~r the clty'It expansRm. M~y buslnes~ men &rid Property owners have al, ready Contracted to tlse lights and bower a~d othara Will do so as soon as the indi~flua~ light- ing systems they ~ow h~T@ lull., sold. It is anderetood tha~ tke STATE Albert M. Day of Laramhb state Westtnghou~-~ people ~ a~t IMI leader of Rodent Control and George ~lllng agent for some OY bkeim Boyd, Assistsnt state leader:of Rodent pl~nts. Contrl witl~ headquarters at Sheridan The nothing definite ha8 hm a~t- were visiting Crook County this week nounee~l, it is understood that tJt. expense of the county l OWl be ace|edit. worker. He ]b m by quickening ourt pr wd!lre / *fts testing ever ~,1~ were tea ~ay~liugalmogmight a~d tl~qt-41illl~ A~UgQ*I 4t~ and seat ta all .a weak, but hil, |pitit at~d and because we believethjtm tn d[~ttt~t ~r~ra wbo~u~ baals bad wasz~ot daml~tr~d. Mr. Day is makibg "an inspection of city will erect ten pole lights on ~he Who hu settled am agmtng, ta tl~t time. ~.o Frimk ~. l~menoa ia a .. the State to determine the results mo~e important street intereaeetlous Pays hiB taxes to lhig .e0 mty, ?0mere to Moororoft, " All ply,statute but in brah :s~ ~ obtained in poisoning prairie d0gs and .of the town "It,t the etarti and more " "~'~" Co ......... ~ther Rodents. He ts also Retting a will prob~b~ be put ap at. ++&, ~'tor , Who-is a Iellew rancher:with abe will I~ aerreditod. ~.the dean for the job which That thm0~ C, ~, ..~-~ " uqsu . ,-- _ ', .... hne up on what work the res|dent date. " ajority of the people of :Dr~f~ ,t~ing over 19,0~0 w~l~e @trots for ~ uufanim0esu,, ~oo~ .~a~ m prospect one 6f tl~e . . era wish t - v earri d M* sit ~gUt it tad teat t~ all by his party orl,qmi4mtioa. ' .... ..... mneown an e e on et y, trt m.~ne~r n~etory, on~ of , '. Twenty-four hour service w~| be ~' ....... next y~a~ with prmrie doge. Because mainta}ned which will ~,ilow the, vounty and who is Idw4Mm going Di, atT ma*rar, wh*** b.a l, ad .t e ad bythe rew I e " "po ta at a cm|ons at ever~ lof lack of Stal &td Governmentfundl O tof his wsytosumt and fur- ll~mal~v~luplmshat ti~a, The ~lell~eTayloe Rogwasltem.~ t Y!utd gill 1~ tle ~caHng ef thelalimitedanmm~ ~ work has been housewife :and business l~ ,~ ,~ ther movements ofadvancement o~e~ will ~ ~RI4 ~mtil the Jl~a~ am ~1 by, t~e demo~r4~ta, ~imp ] ~t ~tble .,d~te~tica. Wrong de-'! ea.ri~4 . ,~. "ear ~ operate ei~trie labor~eltv~l' e~tul~t- '~ f~r orth Itern Wyomiz , appmvad. ~i, wN a ,appllm~m~ry e.vh pa-rty k~ that tin ~0a"m~]t, ~t ~o~ ef ear~Inl ~ow [ ....... * " "i' If the la~Iowner~, mad paytictt]arly me~t dn~ml the 0~y. - Should be npperted b l lC ~ut~ ~m.tl :find. ]t itutl~dad tlt~ but ~ttndRlut~, ~ ~ : . Ititppla~ .~a~t ~b~ltfy to )i~st l tho~e joini~ districts ah'eadly f,wraad, . ............. r " " ab~tt $80@ tkt~. T~ mix Jt, eua~msJ ~'l~Wti~. -, ~t the ~'1~1. ' [:~iil make known their want~ in gh~ * Assemed Valeat. u eoOnty neighbors. . wte Imv~ net ro~wm tlieis b,mde ~4m ~wi~gfn~m~ ~tw,, OiSI" 'yol, llk .ptOpl~ ekoald *hi:nk I mat,ter ~f new d~tri~ts this can be ! ourlty MDI:II$ I ~,ald ~ ~-l~ro the Sept*re!mr aJ~dt Le~l~'giv~ ti~ ~tt t~ of thei~' fatura and lhelbrought before the legislature for up- For Thil Ymr from thz Judgeship .t the e .limu.r., i tbe nat, re :L~. ,drat Wall ~ad to robert {propriations to i~e careof the poison- ,thertwo counties. -Toa~hmwilllmeubeaotModef he ml~y: tm ~nt. Character, ie~enState.Land for the,.~ext two According to the A bstr~t~'ot &s- try P. Ikley IAtitut. t. ot Word A~t ~I~. ~Im0, :to :eaJoy and un. yeu~l, ee~Jsm~nt ]~oll pr,perw~d~.by ~,r&~li O. ',, Crook, ,and. a mp ~ mmd~ Will at~ttal powered, - ........... Doris, eeR~t~v asde~or, , Whl~q~ :1~t~ tl~ a~sessed o(~e*k - " ~: hlS ho ty and js entisbe- drlllsarenotb. These eh|mM lm~ mat i, the ~ p~ b~ mm-rmlved "~l~q~ w~, fire, 't~e,!mi~- .~ ~- " )a~y~@ ....... ~ ...................... $~l,,10&f~al. b~fo~e ml~l~rt$. " here b~,r ~wme time,as Mr, literate " ~.'afl~;'~]~J~ke~f'~&~l~ :;,~l[e ~J~gbige~ Jt~tom.oblle T~urs, ImProVements o,n' l~md ...." 784~,t Y'd aPP ach" s ''P D ' -'S, :='7-" ---- AY 0F'76 "" """ "" '""" " "~'[[" '] "]" "i} " "a" ]'" "It O'O'Ie ''" 'a"~nW" lOtS '"~ rl" l m ~'[" "~ 1 { a ' ~ ' ~" .tudgaMp iil Croolt eotmtyL " ,ievi.s it, , ibilltj:,,l,, p. *I.' ,ft/l t = h,d ,nd ,o.tat.tov tn.,t e ualtad.. et.s; lea .............................. a,.t Jtll Ikigger and Better.P---- r AUG__ 18_19'. at '~'f'.:l.~l~'l, .y Wo~l~b,l~; ,Augnst.3, on their fl,i':~'~.~,t~ 3)!~'~tl e~e'..~ ........ .......... :''.,gl, Oll rm~t~lpt gf !3is 11~'l,~l~e*l :e~' .l~.r; ~7 "hllre .I ~thr ,,in'~JtmRg;.~$m, lal,a.~# tl~entai t~lll'. The t~p 'il,lie~g made 41i~ta4 sli~cp ~.~.,~ ............ :a." ,g~6,t~"~ '~te Ti.met ~.l~Itr,. thi~ ~* t~ pmefied to Wm.fWalflwe, the ~tl" ~f ~p)~orttm~lty. ,I ~ iMr..J.H..,Browm, It p~minent l~e~ss- 3,1)9~ 'wine ...................... 1 2 ~, 7.9~ "saw .Iz ---al .s paper-.--with s .go lP d o. #b, eomm ! ii. ~1~i~ ,f the lmper man of IdtleMSau WhO ts'a i.o 707 autoln bilee .............. 111' ..03! move.,~nd ~*,~r kome n.ws on pagee it, ilrst.l~.rv~ ef l~ke fesldv&l el: forming him ef t~ae )rOpe '~',~:.~.fI ll|d .~ ~ep!!~g@~.| ,~ I~- gen~r~l m a~ase, of tl~ &~soclatlou; 1,51 trucks a~d tractors .... 44~I[4i7 I-~-6-8, t~e o~er page, beiug re- '*The Daya.d "7{,~ and ire ellm~rvl~~ I]~ *tam e111~lallud l~agg~ '~dil~t i|f~t~ble l~wlr." Tke, tour tbie year wll]'r tare the ~ming tmFtements, bar- served for special t~ure~ that east it~ llm~e a habit *,i h tbo peap,o caravan to~ t~e Paetfio Coast and re'~ nose, wag~, etc .......... 2].0.7~ r~gl mosey to obta.ia---eomice, lOWS. e, ft]Neit~mtdtkel~aek Mille. TI~ ............................ ~.-~ ....................................... turn; 7,750 miles will be covered Capital employed In mar- P|ctare~-~d weekly dlg,st of news ~r ~he world iZ" a complete bet con- d~ased form for thoee readex'~ who .~re l~ot l~king daily papers te keep ~t.' on the events of the day. The ,~undanee Times is the o~iy news~mper of any consequence in the Wcst "1hat has the subscription price o!' $I.(i0 a ye~-r, and at that price O~ly a, mediocre paper can be pub- l)abe~] if the paper i~ to pay its own 'v:,/. wlHeh i= i~ai; to do. The pub- ]irber~ believe that the people of gundan(-~, and Crook county would t~(her pay a reasonable ~ub~criptiou ~rico ~md ~eeeiv~ a good p,~p~r, ,-t Paper thst will compare favorably wi.q~ auy pa,er in the state, z paper ~hat will go out into th,~ world cro- Vting the true impression that Sun- dance an(! Crook county ie alive, Properous snd up and coming. Belie'ring thil and h~ving faith in ~hi~ country the pub]isher~ will ex- l~end every effort to give the people the best paper possible, and will ask ~ae people of ,the cot:nty to co-oper- ~te by paying & lubscription price of $'2.0@ a year---not excessive but a ~ormal rate for a weekly publication. We I~cei~o publieatione on exehange regularly with a sutmcriptlon pries o[ more than that--sand ~Ot 10~ Imr Cent publicationeo either. Tkis lncrea.o in lttbae~lptR3n prlce Will take effect g~ptemb#r 1st. 192~, b~t to be fair to ill, renewals at the eld rate of $1.~0 &year will be re. calved up to that t/me, providing of e,~ur~e, ~AI arrears ar, allo paid. In other wordl by paying ~p ~our back aubscriptio.~., if any, you can aa~escribe as far in advance ae you de,ire ~: the UnUlually low Sublerip* ~ion priee of $1.00. After ~ept. 1. tt Will ke impos~ibl~ to do tkia. Doa't wa~t umtg tl~ last m~alt~. De it ~ew ! l**Idval ~,v~rdl, ie vi~4~ preaml~t~ t~o tlU_. t~e i~idm,14 s~l bist, ri~l ev.oeta~f imFe~tm~ of tbo~e dayt when t~e tkst great sash ef gem ee*keT| ume, the meaner of l~he ~ife of the harJy o~gnosato, m#e and women who lirst gav. this-little empke to the white race, and 8~dded to S~uth Dakota tke rieh~at o~e ksndr~i miles square of any section of tl~e earth, lg~h y~.r following the iir~t prasen~atioa ef the f~stival has been letter t~ its e~uw;~g of th:,se hislori~al e~}t~ wa, ich these hltve a,~d atw~ys will msXe the H:ack tlizls a pla~c of ro- mance an~ xnter~t wherever lhe E. glislt laeglage is read and spoken, ~ad t~i~ year the ttr.e days of eels- brutal, Ae~est 18, 19, 2~, will wit~e~l projrsm whish will i~o)d tl~e att~ti~, of the tkeueauds ef visit~r, wk- wi]l ; s.ma to help Deadw*ed celebr-t~ her ~grsat ~le~L T~e city ~d its people hays alread propsr,d for tke eomiug of th~ I~, sad there will be nothing ~ekiag wh.a tkoy come t,o make t~eir flair stray ia the city comfortable, iatsxastiag sad eajeyabl~. Preparations axe being rushed to completion for the big election re- turn dance and supper st the school gymnalium Tuesday night. Remem- ber th, proceeds from this dance aro to go to pay for the new hard- wood floor, which, by the way, il a real floor to dance on. Ti~e Mar~h- all orchestt~ will furnish thl propell- in." rkymth, a~d the elect~on re- t~rnl will furnisk the surpri~. mombsr, also. that a big feature lkow will b~ given at the commercial kMl at g o'clock. All roads lead te Sll~lee Tnet~ay m~Kkt. a~d ~pproxlmately three, mo~tl~/wiU chm~dise ......................... 134.772 be ~p~nt~on the road and in vleitlng All other personal ~the fames8 beauty spots of the west, .proPerty .................... 134,0112 The orlginaq plan was to travel Valuation by State ]Board weet over tl~e Yellowstone Trail, tat of Equaligation (Rait- dtt~ to theafro:re of Secretary ~i~h- r6,'tds ~nd other public er of the Custer lliway, lhe plan was ~ltflitiest ...................... 766,727 changed a~d the caravan is routed Grand Total .................. $9,983.666 throngh northern Wyoming over tho School VaJu- MIIJ~I Ouster Battlefiehl Highway, which is ll~strh:~ atton Levy rapidly h~.coming the most popular I .... $293,24g .......... 8.5 t~ail to tkv Park~. 2 1,:~78,218 .............. h~ the b0gilln;~E ~ho Michel, tan AU- 3 $2.925 .............. tomobHo tponr's included enlv furs., 4 ?9.942 .......... 3. e ( t ~.;aral n .,pe "ial empaasis wa.~ 5 220 261 .......... g. placed upon a ~tudy of fnrm';n~; ,~. 2I~0.120 .......... 3.5 ,uethods h~ ihe d~fI:r,,nt m~t.tiol~ of 9 7.~g.24g .......... $. the ~'ountry, but lnereesill~.' ilHorest 10 168.;]32 .............. tin the a~sociation brought in many11 7{;8,890 .......... 6.5 new n~mh,~:~.rs and now includes per- 1.3 132.041 .......... 3. ~=ons iu all walks of life. 14 ]60,004 .......... 1.~ The tour this year is the large,'t 15 1.556,545 .......... 2.5 cver undertaken by the a~ociation. 16 G03.249 .......... 7. and while no de.flntte figurer, have 17 ~ 206.13g ......... 2.5 heen given out, it is expected that19 ,l [ 313.773 .......... |. ' there will be aver 100 cars tn th~ 20 51,035 ......... 4.1 caravan and that there will be ~cv-21 : I 340,B05 .......... 7. oral h.ndred in the party. 22 .... 454,g8~. .......... 4. 23 ~F ''i~ e# ". 262,105 .............. Included in the group thts y('ar ,,, will be the representat~ve~ [rom 24 83,5~3 .......... ~. more than sixty chambers of eom- 27 " 105,293 .......... 1. mcrce in cit.te~ in Michigan an41 oih- 28 " ~ 335,379 .......... $.$ 29 1.g~1,612 ......... ~.~ el eastern states. The tonr is rnn on a regnlar sehed- C, C. Hi~h,$1,321.694 .......... 1.$ tile. Every evening there l~ a bi~ l~ulett High 482,05~ .............. ('amp fire around which the tourists Moorcrcf~ 291.64 $ ........ 1 |. gather to listen to the programs put Sun.nee 1~5,40~ .......... $. on by talent from their own ~arty and that furnished by th~ commnn- State levy ......... . ........... . ........ 3.~31 itt~ in whtch they stop. GenerM County levy ................... K The caravan will reach ~andance General School levy .................... 3. [ o~ the afternoon of August 12th a~d Total .................................. 1~.4~31 will camp here all n|gbt. Bo~d a~d ltJtel*es4 lmvye ---- Dis t.rtct 1 ..................................... ~. For sale a~ a bargain B.oic'k -six Di~rict ]g .................................. 1. 5 passenger automobile. Inquire atDistrict li$ .................................. I.~ St~ckett's Garage. --4t.. C.C. High ................................... t.I #