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August 12, 1926     The Sundance Times
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August 12, 1926

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Clifford D, Irwin and Lueth M. Irwin Publkhers and Proprietors Every Thursday Per Year $1.00 Entered as second-class matter at the post office at Sundance, Wyo., under the A~ct of March 3, 18T9. AUG. 12, 1926 Voting at Primary Very Important Next Tuesday is Primary elect- ion day. A day when the people of the county and state will nom- inate candidates on each ticket for the general election, h is an important election as the prim- ary law has placed in the hands Women are as old or as young as their state of health. A woman nmy be young at sixty years or old at for- ty. It all depends on Imr physica~ well-being. Youth and beauty have a founda- tion in sollnd health. And food is easily the most hnportant item in, health. In glvlng consideration to the Subjects of diet and beauty, women should not forget the food essentials that make for the preservation of teeth, hair. flgu~ and complexion. Blame for round shoulders, flat ~hest and poor teeth among women s due in large measure to faulty diet. or, specifically, to a lack of lime and phosphorus. Milk, or evaporated milk, which Is simply cow's milk with 60 per cent of the water taken away, is e.~pcciaIly rich in lime, of tile voter the question of de- Because of the concentration of evaporated milk, which is regulated ciding the best man for theoffice by g.r ,rnment sta' d.wds, it is of from among the candidates of his party. The primary law gives any man the priviledge to run for an office, so it places a grave responsibility upon the voter to make sure that the best man of each party is nominated. Theoretie ally the people rule the country, but in practice only double the riclmess of ordinary mar- ket milk, as is shown in the following about half the qualified voters take the trouble to use the bal- lot. When the other half wake to the danger of their indifference the calamity howler will go out of business. We believe all Ihe candidates r mning for office this year on both tickets are honest and have the welfare of thier aounty and state at heart. But all offices are important. Many contain grave responsibilities. For in- stance: Crook county with a valuation of approximately $10, table : Ordinary Milk. Fat ............... 3,5 to 4 Per cent Sugar (lactose) .... 4.5 to 4.75 per cent Proteins ........... $,5 to 4 her cent Minerals ............ 7 to .75 per cent Evaporated Milk. Fat ...............7.8 t~ 8,2 per ce~t Sugar (lactoee) .... 9.6 to 10 per cent Proteins .......... 7.5 to 8.2 per cent Minerals .......... 1.4 to 1,6 per cent A quart of milk a day for adults is recommended by doctors not only be- cause of its high mineral content, but for the reasons that It helps keep the digestive tract in proper condition, strengthens the body to reslst:dlsease, and gives proper balance to the diet. Salads also play an lniportant part in the dietary. Some sort of a salad. i NO !matter what manlq|]N'lhAl lt ....... Inb. c;,, id, i,. someone else wi]U' u wm' t,z, zL, z long' s nd "to O h;,ten by worse and Sell itJ .,v,.xrki N Sundange, by a 4: or,. Both mone .... | . Yearns had a Imtche4~ineup. Rich- tf you want a car that is built the ~]~'~n~ ]~ v~.~, P~uasm s# h~{: ardson, star twirler of Colony, had best, get a ~ ..... e~ --- ~ ................ =, .o o , o od Chrysler or marketpnce by Sundance in the first inning. This number was repeated in the third, then Clark relieved him. P!oto a,nd Reynolds pitched for Sundance, both holding Colony to few scattered hits. Hupmobile Hugh Johnston Manager Manufacturers of The expert eyesight specialist in ~ R~idgvt S~l~ma town again from Sheridan. Haveyour eye~ examined by an expert ia retinos- copy, opthalmoscopy and opthalmom- etry and be assured that your glasses will be perfectly fitted and your condi- tions will be properly diagnosed, -*or Friday and Saturday these are the only positive methods of refracting the eyes and diagnosing the n itions. Richard Barthelmess Dr. Edw. J. Norwood, the expert, wiIl beinSundance at hotel Aug. 21. '' ust Suppose" John Stavsbury of Douglas and one day each 60th day in the future Republican Canaidate-~ fO Sac-~ see h(m. He is thoroughly schooled ~and experienced and is very reasonable 10--35 cretary of State. ia price. Have your children' s eyes Iexamined. He can dermine their eye conditions without asking them one Monday and T a _ues.,a question. - Wallace Berry, Raymond Hatton and Mary Brian Georg-e Dalalt;n Edwards Motor Co. Golden Vallq B, utter Spearfish S. D,I IBuRer Fat this week 34c Plasterer, Carpenter Builder and Contractor Reasonable in price A Comedy takeoff on the War Sundance, Wyo. Friday a Jack London story Candidate for 10--35 Republican Popular Prices 000,000 can be likened to a huge lettuce, tamaro, fresh fnfit, cabbage Nomination for .......... or sheuht be eaten at lea~t ..... (race a day. Neither is die daily ~I Photcgz'aphcr's "Look Pleasant.~,.,~\~,.;~_~ -- ccri> r :(ion. The tapayers own veg tabte. ., it. the election they choo e z...m, COml i.w without a ge mrou, ~] Thepiwu,grai.her ,,'as taking a ple, oi[ mrs ta r:m it. It is their qu:~!iLv of coarse, leafy vege!t~blcs, kL%~.~.~J.Y..'h,..,.l/ ~L' ~i ture of a newly.engaged oalr and tlmro for .,.r i: was so,,.,, dimc,z -in ett:n tl, e rib,it ? 7w-. ,.., ddty to the polls andehoose t,, t Fruit Ju!:,ei,ll AT THE '.T,., be s:li,1. c:'ndh. atc :, the men bestfiacdi " i' to run" ~t,: ~or~" ~:Ilem. So l:tt:,ny ~ If ~ w,mm:l f~ H~m:~ ():It the r'nles of ~ ~:~'. ~. Ede]man of Sheridan i; .~h':~inetl. D,,m't lhi';l: vf each otlmr all c} } dida.teswi!Imake a verycloaeI d>', l cr win t Re:)ublicancandid',te for State tl!e time. .;llst look tAen :ant."--L,.;n- ,_..~:'/"i'k *'x g. (,k, ct%n. Every vote will count. [mo=e tl.,?.n an excu.~e for a celebration. ,.. :' " " ~ A:~:,-~Tr~.IT I:>~>IX~ A ~V i} don Tit-IIits. ~ ) "~j, ,~ Y:Y'c may decide the who e ] ............. witty traffic cops they have in New thi,:,r, to polls Tuesday! ,;.:,., [ Clark County (S. D.~ Bankers have .... ~+~ ' . " ' ,:" ' __" ....., ' ".. ~ . " " " " " " " " " "~,,, *.:. I a~4~'O~'~@~Od' " a~, "a~,':,:'~l~=,'~lM oomm .o.' " t Your Su por{' :' -,- a," ,:or,,. -. .** and vote. U/ e ?'our best nudge-i X ~_~r =r~.r.. . I of five to aid the county agent in put- I A -- |~ speeding motorist explained: "i am on . , ~ " '~ "~ {~* ] ling across tho latter's program of '! my way to the station to see a friend 1 = eat as to hom you ote or. :i:OLD FtaONTIER ,, ,;z, c, l e= t i "~ "o" "'t! e. I e "" P ' " " d " ' ' ' I t Fond AuntISObble, what plant ..t I A..reciate "~o, yon're not," so,~ theoo~, as he ~', acre cam contest and eradieat'.aa of i o By ELMO SCOTT WATSON .~" } tubercuRmis ha the county. I ~ | i climbed aboard. "You are on your way flourishes In excessive heat~ ~.~ ~Or~C(~ ~70 . ~ | i I I tO see yourself In." Bobbies--lee plan~s. Int.:tier Tactics " :/ ................ i*~ ............ tJ~ O't ' | ~ II I - :I .... THE CHARGE OF THE NIGHT- I I _ ! i I _ . .--~_ The Wyoming Eagle, publish- ed in Cheyenne by the democrat- ic party, sends us a marked copy of their last issue showing a feature story glaring heads stating that Lucas was soaring in the lead of Emerson. We are sorry that our democratic news- paper friends can do no better for their cause tlmn such a trick. ,r to assist the weak, man of the republican candidates to get the nomination so that Wyoming's million dollar Satur- flay Evening P(; t advertisement will haves brtter chance of get- tin g re-elected. AMERICAN YOUTH ) El~zatmth ("l~tty") Clark, 13, of Cedars, ]Del,~.re, is ona of that .~tate'a glrl ,~adldates for rite Ameri. c~a Yo~tta Awa,-~l, established by the direcOy~ of the ~squi-Centenuial In, ;er~)~mtl E=~tOsition, to be held at Philad~4~hia fl*o~ Jtme 1 to Docem. bar I in olmerv~nee of 150 years el Amerlca~ ~e~ndeace. H "Betty" is fin-fily chosazt ,to r~present Delaware size will be gt~e~ a ~veek's trip to the E~ ~oaitioa an~ to Washington and the \V',).i~e Ho~e,, wh~re sho will receive a ,~mdal from ~ hands of Presidontl Co')IMge. SHIRT BRIGADE ONE September nlgnt m 1S6S Paddy Boyle and Leander Herren, dl~- patch bearers o~ the Third Unitedr States infantry, were speeding the trail between Fort Itays and Laraed, Kan. Suddenly they heagd the sound of distant firing and, true to sol- (tier tradLtlon, they rode to the saund of the g.ns. Guifl~,l by the flash of tam weapom~, they soon arrived at g place where an Indian war party was attacking a gee- element wagon train. Boyle and Her- ron paused only long e~ough to load pist~)ls for each hand. Then they dashed Into the thick of the fight, and before the Indlan~ w~'e aware of their presence the~" had reaclmd the cot- ruled wagon train in safety. tler~ they found four soldiers de- fending themt~vea against the on. slaughts o~ an overwhehnlng force of Dog Soldier Cheytmnes, the boldest and cruelest warriors of the plains. All of tlze solfliers' hor~es had been killed and their last chance of escape was gone, ullle~ some one could break through the line of their besiegers and carry tile news of their plight to the nearest fort. Boyle immediately volunteered for the Job. l~lve minutes after he had disappeared in the darkness the be- sieged heard slzots and yells, then s/. lance. They were convinced that Boyle had been killed and that their case was hopeless. After beating off repeated charges of the savages, they fo:~ad their ammunition runnlng low. Fir~flly there were only 12 rounds left, and bY this time Herren was the only untnJure(l man In the party. Jusl as dawn was brcmklng they saw that the Indians were preparing for an- other charge, and to add to their de- spair they noticed what appeared tO be a band of warriors clad in white buckskin riding to reinforce the sav- ages. They ltned their sights on these new enemies, but before they could fire they heard a voice shouting "Don't shoot."' Then a man threw trp his carbine and yelled. 'I?o .their delight they recognized Paddy Boyle and saw that l~ls companions were cavalrymen, The Indians immediately broke an~ fled. As the white-clad horsemen rode up to the corral, Iterron said to Boyle, "What kind of uniform do you call rblsT' "Well." replied Boyle with a laugh, "the boys were all asleep when I reached the fort, and they didn't take time to dress So all they've got on Is their underclothes." At Republican Primaries on August 17, 1926 for Bigger and Better Than Before Parade each Morning Change Program Each Aftcrnoon Electrically'Light PagcanL Aerial Act and Fircworks caeh Nigi:t Ken M~vnord, new find of First National Pictures will be in Deadwood with a full troupe to take part in the celebra- tion, makin~ a super production picture afterwards. The "Days of'75" thin year, you will agree, ia much better than ever, for we have a program~which will entertain yOU each day from morning until late at night. Don't miss anyt]~ing, the parade at 10:30 each moraine; the afternoon program at Amusement Pa~k starting at 2 o'clock; the pageants, thrilling aerial act or fireworks each night starting at 8 o'clock at the Park. Come and enjoy yourself to the limit- "Deadwood Pines For You." ( Dancing at Pavilion and Auditorium Will ~entertain, Feed and Accomodate You 18, 19, 20 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Otis Reynolds for County Attorney Will Be Appreciated He believes a Public Office is a Public Trust and if ed will guard the peoples rights. Vote for him. Tell your friends to vote for S I