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August 12, 1926     The Sundance Times
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August 12, 1926

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In The District Court of The Seventh eaJ didate for s o the -- .. ..... ]The Mills Company Judici.l District WRhin A~d For , County Attorney - of s~eriff on thed, n~4ra ie ticket. ! W Wyoming. turns ...... ~ otice ts at , William A. Thompson, PlaintiffAt - y o m the Repu~man ucket st . .~_ ' ... John R. Steinkamp of Sunds~ie~, "- ~ "' ~ ~' .... ~ "" ~ '~" " A~t~ie Countw' Court H~use,:~:~u~-~ ~;] rdc~ers tension Versus ~ne August primary ann wm apprecmte x wij~h tv announce my cana~aey Wyoming. who, on Oct. 17~h 1921, dance, Wyoming, Aug. 3, ~6. &: .~|Mrs ~o Cramp , David Hood, Charles W. Louckcuck, your vote. .~ ..... for sheriff on.the epublican primary made ")kd~flt~onnd F.mtry Buffalo George A. Fox, William J. Amstrong, u~s ~eynolns. ticket, and if e|eeted ca~ promise tim No. tF22571, _ f_oymerly , Noewffi,e~e~t!e9 a.OffiCem. Aug.f Countvj, 19:26.Cmmbsi~ers |Mrs]Mrs pt.JR~lphChr~ensenMcHenry MargaursttaBavning, Melvin ^" Nichols,Armetrng'AlmedaW" H.[R. I desire to annoence my candidacy, same carefulattention to the office as ~O~i~0~.fr E~.N~.~.~'.b.'~;.~' ~-~~"~.l~Sw~ Sw~i~w~i, ~ec Jz arm --rbe Board of Crook Com~ylM M McCluer, for Mrs Barrett I for nomination and re-election to the in m- "revious term ........ ~ ..... ~" ..... Comndee/oners met this day i~ rega- ~ Mrs. Ollie Hogg July Nichols. David W. Fuwkes, also knows~ ," ~w~/ N~ t, se~. i i towrmntp ~ oil]co of County Attorney subject to " / *-" 0 " " lar session, ll~bers prm at lot-I Mrs a~ Ollie Hogg June as D. W. Fswkes. May D. Fawkes, t th~ will of the renublican voters at Otto Z~mmerschied. Range ~o W.:Sixth rk~c~ai Merffiian, ~ ............ tows: W. R. Colli~a, Chairman, I Poor and Pauper ~ :: Mary L. Morford, Ben S. Bentley, I t~e ,rimarv Au~,ust 17th o-d wql o- has filed souse e~ in~ention to nmke Jr., Benjamin S. Bentley, Sabina B. ~ n'~o~st: x,,~v gnsn~'t ..... v" I wish to announce that I will be three year proof; to ~etabl~h claim W N. CIossnn, and Samuel McKosa. [H. G Schloredt for Mrs Buckley Bentley, John L. Farwell, J~nes J. ] ......... J~am~s~McGuckin a candidate for sheriff at the August to the land above d~seribed, before The f-llowing bills were aUewed and 1A. Mills Vines, Zoo Weston, fomerly Zoo Zane, " e " ck' t R D Thomas U S Ceenmis#io~e, I I~-,~u-tv Tream,rer Primary on th. Democratlc tl e ,.:and .:" ~'....;~ ..~ ~..~.~., .... ~.~ ,.,t. audlted agal~sto~t~TJiOoUnttrYs; 1 12 o'elock a. m. boad recesseIL James Starling, Dave Darlington, Mel- "" " ~ "' "- w ................ ~ ....... ~' .......... W N Cl~n ~ g. J 1 V- m. board resumed session. lisa Good, William Pyle, Eliza ~ank- [ I will be a candidate for treasurer will appreciate the support of all vot- day ~f September 196. " ..... "' ' " a~ ............. ! ['he petetton of H F Pond or, Augusta Lemasters, F, nay Bond-Inn the republican ticket at the August era of the County. (31aimant n~mee as wit~,~ee: Am~l/~ccKeen ~3 l~lother electors asking for the estab urant, ]rein Pyle, Mary Ellen Pyle, ]primay and will appreciate your sup- Henry L. Lince|n [Nathan W. Lincoln, Fred Downing, ~,~.:,'=~. Om.A,, ~_,...~ ~ ~[ing of a soiling place at Moskee Grace Spery, Luther Pyle, Laura Col- I port. " C~int Wells, ar.d Frank Haseheu, all ox ,~ -- ,.,_ .~ ~--,o.,,.~.-. a~ e~ [ s earl cf at the Mgy school Ho~ r~ ~. mue..~, ........,.~. "~ W'Vre-:n ""~ "" - " sic fee, H. J. Mayham, Wm. Sauntry, L. I Mable Mathews. STATE REPRESENTATIVE [Sundanee, Wyo .... bl~ M ............. ~ ec #,o.z~ was ouny con ald~ews U4p ~or lbU |~J - ~ .... ~S C. 'lwombly, Charles E. Jackson, .lobs For District Judge. I hereby announc~ my candidacy for James D. Gellup, Regmter Simms- H-~.ve- T-- ,mr, ..... ~ ,~, I ~ upon motson ouly man I. Martin, May F. Nungesser, form- "" m - L'f . ...... ~. [seconded ~t was de,ded to mak erJy Mary F. Jackson, Charles Shopper- 1 heeby announce myself a candidate the office of State Representative for ........... ua on A. ,vo~e, nap. murvsyer ~ o~ I mh~v, ,h~,, ~ ,~,~- ,,~oe~ R L " -- ....... a5~ -- r~,.-.,~ !"" , Maisle, County Supt. 113 44 [-~ -" , t~ ..... .,. ..... ~ son, (~e Olson, also known ss Ole Of for the office of Judge of the District Crook County ~abloct t. th~ will .f I NOTICE FOR PUBLICA'IXI~N R H Bv~ s~h..~ ~ ~ freest. ~o. z.~, w~rm .... . ..... sen, lda Olsov, J. G. Bush, Edna R Court of the Seventh Judicial District .=" .~ " ... ~ - : .... _- _" " ~" { ............. v " Bosh, Eliza Jane Atchison, Ivy May of Wy sing. on the Non Partisan the ~epunncan voters at the ~ugust ~Departmt~t ~f the ~nter~, U. S. Alta C ~, ........ ~,ffi.~,, ~,, ,,~"~ to scr e of as theWereBoardappmted at th NettelhorsL Corinne Netteihorst, Hel- Ticket. Your supportwill be appreci- Tif ~et.Wyming'Your ,u~n ortthe illNnt Pr.imary. It. L. Sims "Land Ofl~ce a~ Buffalo, Wyoming.- J prosecut~gT MeCreekiu,a,to~aeyCOUaty m~d 158 3~ p.m. board adjourned. ev. Nettelhorst, the unknown heir~, ated. 4th, 1926, legatees, deviness, administrators, ex- E.E. Wakeman COUNTY ASSFSSOR t ~, . . . July 9, I.t26. C "D MaNic C~unty C, ierk }~ $6 9 u'cl~ek a. m. board resumed ~xotiee i~ nerelyy gists that, L Maucb, clwk ot eoart~ 100 0~ all members present. ecutors, and ceditos, of Sarah Leek- I w~sh to annosnce that I will be a suck, Robert N. Fox, also known ms R. State Legislature candidate for County Assessor on t~e Howard W. Perkins of ~ndsnee, Wy- l~sie M B~mt. de~ t#eu 100 00 The forenoon was spent N. Fox. Benjamin S. Bentley, Jessie I wish to announce my candidacy -- . ~ ~ . "' omimg, who on Oct. 18, 1~1, made ~amk Davm C~ Ammmor 125 00 miscellaneous road, lighting T. Zane, Stephen J. Pyle, John Pyle, for nomination as state representative DemoeraUc ticket at the Primary else- _ ............ L G Bsrtom Dsputy Co. Clerk125@0 ......... ...... ~amio~al mt~ t~ry t~ur[ale j F ClarmaJseeJa Co. Phyldc~ 29 I| ing matters. Walter L. Nettelhost, Florence Jack- from Crook county on the democratic uon t thank the voters ox tas t~ounty 12 a. m. board recessed. ticket. R.O. Kreak. Glerk of District Court. I hereby wish to snnout~o myself as s canidate fox the office of C|erk of the District Court at the eoming August primary olectten. S~bject t~ the will of ~hs Republican voters. t4~es Mauch Bracy. Far Commimiom~r I wt~ to ~maotmce my ~ndidcy for county eommissioarr on tlne repabliean ticket subject to the will of the voters at the August pAdmary, Two year term, A.O. B uks. I an a eudideM for the ropubiisan ~emimatien for the four year term of eauty eemmluieaer and will apprei. ate Fear support. A. I, @null. I am candidate for eaa~ty eemmi~- ~dop 4 your term far r~lee~on, sub- j~tt to t~e will of the Democratic Ta- ters ~t the p~lmary Aaffu~t 17.' W. N, C imou The umdenigned wW! beaeaadi~ute fro" ee,mt~ e~mmlmd~e~, four year term en the reWtbtie~ ticket at the Aulptst m'imry, a~l will appreciate #cur I wil} be t~date on t&e ~lmbM- Is tieke far 4 Fear 6 mmiaeienez at the A ul~t~t primm~ INward M. ~takem~m I wioh tO ~mnomme my eaad'ide~f fez eeuet~v eommiesiem~ en the democra- tic ticket for the two Fear term, a~d wtl~ appreciate the mtPlmrt of alfeouaty