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August 14, 2003     The Sundance Times
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August 14, 2003

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Page 2 - Thursday, August 14, 2003 "WHERE THE KID GOT HIS NAME" The The Sundance Times is a le publication for all notices. WYOMING DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION CHEYENNE, WYOMING NOTICE OF ACCEPTANCE OF AND FINAL SETTLEMENT FOR HIGHWAY WORK Notice is heby given that the State Transportation Commission of Wyo- ming has accepted as completed ac- cording to plans, specifications and rules governing the same work per- formed under that certain contract dated, July 25=, 2003, between the CROOK COUNTY, WYOMING STATEMENT OF RECEIPTS AND DISBURSEMENTS RECEIPTS AMOUNT ON HAND as of July 1,2002: $6,313,754.32 RECEIPTS Taxes Collected $5,761,926.63 1 Delinquent Taxes Collected $225,842.46 Penalties and Interest Collected $50,161.85j Other Auto Fees $1,111.00 State Distribution of Sales and Use Tax $520,416.95 Optional 1% Sales and Use Tax $429,214.53 2% Severence Tax $74,910.80 Special Fuel Tax $153,767.67 Gasoline Tax $112,432.19 Cigarette Tax $22,867.86 Forest Reserve - County General $401,343.49 Emergency Management Assist - Federal $9,533.99 Interest to Co General Account $29,513.03 Liquor Licenses $11,756.69 Community Development Block Grant $11,729.00 Best Beginnings Grant . $55,609.00 Taxpayer Reserve $14,369.08 Jones Farm Tenant $460.51 Donations for Services - Health Nume$19,259.07 National Park Grant $4,086.00 BLM Rural Fire Assist $18,576.69 Civil Fees $7,128.65 Election Reimbursement $6,044.55 Miscellaneous $3,897.13 Rent/Lease County Property $4,200.00 Sale of County Property $6,555.27 Fire Control Reimbursement- State $10,815.56 Certificates and Advertising $2,220.00 OISaJRSEENTS Steve seconded, all aye, motion car- NW'A OF SECTION 22, TOWNSHIP an aquifer exemption ned. 53 NORTH, RANGE 68 WEST, Minnelusa "B" Formation in a OSHOTO FIELD, CROOK COUNTY, mile radius of the well bore ( The meeting adjourned at 5:35WYOMING; FOR APPROVAL OF USE posed disposal well No. o'clock p.m. OF THE WELL FOR DISPOSAL OF Rodriguez which is Iocatedi Floyd Canfield, Chairman WATER; AND TO TAKE WHATEVER NW of Section 22, "~'~.. Steve J. Lenz, Vice-Chairman OTHER ACTION WHICH SEEMS AP- 53 North Range 68 West Harold J. "Stormy" Burch, Jr., PROPRIATE TO THE COMMISSION. ;rook Member CAUSE NO. 6 ORDER NO. I Attest: Connie D. Tschetter, County DOCKET NO. 457-2003 Clerk Publish: August 14, 2003 NOTlCEOF STATE OF WYOMING TO:. State of Wyoming, acting through said Commission, and Scott & Son, Inc., CROOK COUNTY All interested parties in the the Contractor, on Highway Project ~OF~'rlON above captioned matter. Number BROS-0C18-00(014} in August 5, 2003 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN Crook County. consisting of~ The Board of Equalization held a that a hearing will be held on Monday, draining, placing crushed base. ra- movalalldre~acementofstruclure, meeting at 3:15 o'clock p.m. with the September 15, 2003 at 1:30 p.m. or and miscellaneous work. and the following present: Floyd Canfield, as soon thereafter as the matter may Contractor is entitled to final settle- Chairman, Harold J. "Stormy" Butch, beheard, or between the hours of 8:00 Jr., Member, Connie D. Tschetter, a.m. and 5:00 p.m. on anyofthe sub- menttherefore; thatthe Director of the County Clerk and Joe Baron, County sequent days during which the Corn- Department of Transportation will mission remains in session, in the cause said Contractor to be paid the Attorney. Conference Room of the Office of the full amount due him under said con- Stormy moved to approve the follow- State Oil and Gas Supervisor, 777 tract on Se0tembar 17=.2003.ing ordure: West First Street, Casper, Wyoming, The date of the first publication of this Order Denying Protest for Agricul- to consider the matter brought on the Notice is Au_gust 7=.2003 tural Value in the matter of Dave application of Fancher Oil LLC for an STATE TRANSPORTATION and Mary Bannister Protest No. order from the Commission under the rules and regulations of the under- COMMISSION OF WYOMING 2003-2 ground injection control program for By: Christy Stone Order Denying Protest for Agricul- Budget Program tural Value in the matter of Arnola More Public Notices M. Davis Protest No. 2003-3 Publish: August 7, 14 and 21, 2003 CROOK COUNTY BOARD OF EQUALIZATION August 4, 2003 The Board of Equalization held a meeting at 4:45 o'clock p.m. with the following present: Floyd Canfield, Chairman, Steve J. Lenz, Vloe-Chair- man, Harold J. "Stormy" Burch, Jr., Member, Connie D. Tschetter, County Clerk and Joe Baron, County Attorney. Steve moved to deny the following protests and give the County Attomey directive to put together the final or- ders: Protest 2003-2 Dave and Mary Bannister Floyd vacated the chair and seconded the motion, all ayes, motion carried. Circuit Court The meeting adjourned at 3:18 o'clock p.m. 81~eding Floyd Canfield, Chairman Jeffrey A Lee, Providenciales, 85/ Harold J. "Stormy"Butch, Jr., Member 75, $95; Megint T Cranston, Attest: Connie D. Tschetter, County Gillette, 77/65, $66; Britni J Clerk McStay, Gillette, 86/75, $I00; Ronald Lee Stewart, Moorcroft, of water; and to action which Commission. Any interested firm, or corporation is entitled to the time and place aforesaid1 heard by the Commission, application may be inspected! office of the undersigned, 777 First Street, Casper, If them am any the above matters, known to the State Oil and pervisor at least three (3) days before the hearing. Dated this 6th day of August, Don J. Likwartz, Publish: August 14, 2003 appear on pages 6 and 7. where alcohol is sold No assault or c/s violations Obtain alcohol/substance abuse eval w/i 30 days with | to the court & follow dations File evaluation w 09/22/2003 Not knowingly Publish: August 14, 2003 BEFORE THE OIL AND GAS CON- SERVATION COPBIISSK]N OF THE STATE OF WYOMBeG IN THE MATTER OF A HEARING 75, $110; Day L. Stage, MN, 86/ and notif3 BROUGHTON THE APPLICATION OF 75, $110; Carolyn Kay Stansben-y, within 5 days Not be upon the FANCHER OIL LLC FOR AN ORDER SD, 88/75, $120; Lea Ann Jones, raises of KSP for period FROM THE COMMISSION UNDER Gillette, 84/75, $90; Wayne Hlion. the company of anyone alcohol or controlled law Submit to immediate 77/65, $66; Daniel C Melanson,of blood, breath or urine Sundance, 75/65, $60; Bethany M probable cause of Carbajal, SD, 83/75, $85; Steven ricer Keep the court D Harrington, Newcastle, 75/65, current addresses & phone! $70; Steven S Shelton, MT, 96/notify the court of any 75, $200; Alvin Lee Faber, IA, 87/ within 5 days Remain Subdivision Application $1,820.00 Clerk of Court Fees $10,664.59 Clerk of Court Child Support $3,169.87 Fees from County Clerk $90,050.28 Circuit Court Costs $3,717.96 State Reimbursement-Co Attorney $23,000.00 6th Judicial Dist Child Support Rent $812.64 Fees from County Sheriff $22,266.16 Reimbursement for Dispatchers $47,200.00 Pine Haven/Forest Service Patrol $14,880.37 Misc State Funds $3,799.35 Capital Credits $2,047.86 Nat Resources Sub-Cabinet $20,000.00 FEMA PDM Grant $4,923.35 Crook Co Cams Grant $50,000.00 Radar Grant $4,000.00 Interest on Capital Improvement $24,020.82 E911 Services $19,556.87 Payment in Lieu of Taxes $182,313.00 ~orest Reserve Title III $7,462.22 State County Road Fund Investment Interest $28,220.22 State-County Road Funds $383,025.48 Fire Fund $34,152.76 State Payment Predatory Animal $39,799.97 County Optional Lodging Tax $42,331.37 State Auto $264,516.30 Sales and Use Tax Collected $776,782.31 State Parks $252.00 Forest Reserve - Co General School $21,516.09 Taylor Grazing $11,583.98 Clerk of Court Fines to Co Gun School $14,479.70 Circuit Court Fines to Co Gun School $288,172.58 School Loan Payment Interest $7,267.09 Redemption Fund $14,572.24 Escrow Fund $9,622.26 Invest/Super Now Interest to Escrow Fund $1,136.87 Tx Collection - Ad Valorem Settlement $31,868.03 Car Company Tax $20,130.00 Veterans Tax Exemption $16,132.58 Veterans Auto Exemption $4,048.74 County Auto $1,170,803.12 Mobile Equipment Registration $20,839.13 Transportable Homes Super Now Interest - General Fund $(1,112.18) $32,907.68 qe DISBURSEMENTS General Fund Disbursements E-911 Depreciation Reserve Fire Fund State-County Road Fund D Road Project Crook County Irrigation County Library County Fair County Museum Weed and Pest Leafy Spurge Predatory Animal District Crook County Promotional Board MedicarServices Hospital Distnct State School State Auto Sales and Use Tax State Parks School Special School 6 Mill Levy County General School School Optional Extra Mill School Capital Outlay BOCES School Loan Sundance General Moorcroft General Hulett General Pine Haven General Redemption Fund Refunds Property Tax Rebates $3,232,504.99 $9,427.22 $189,697.00 $18,765.91 $232,065.20 $31,354.19 $8,109.54 $236,992.82 $55,199.95 $8,929.65 $110,413.89 $110,413.89 [ $39,799.97 $41,878.84 $331,152.13 $1,324,967.07 $264 932.82 $747,464.631 $224.00 $2,760,347.90 $662,483.42 $338,499.34 $2,135.08 $5,603.58 $55,230.67[ $983,454.37 $63,215.58 $43,481.74 $39,746.38 $17,595.83 $15,353.39 $51.68 $5,475.57 LEDGER CASH BALANCE as of June 30, 2003: TOTAL $6,065,289.39 $18~63~$18'052'257"63 Mary Kuhl, Crook County Treasurer Publish: August 14, 2003 Protest 2003-3 Amola M. Davis THE RULES AND REGULATIONS OF Tralnor, FL, 88/75, $120; MelissaReckless Protest 2003-15 Dale Bell dba THE UNDERGROUND INJECTION S Milam, VA, 86/75, $100; Hans Jesse Lee Boyd, Hutett, Stateline Station CONTROL PROGRAM FOR AN AQUI- C Kioschos, Gillette, 86/75, $100; term: 180 days, Days Stormy seconded, all ayes, motion MINNELUSA "B" FORMATION IN A carded. QUARTER MILE RADIUS OF THE WELL BORE OF PROPOSED DIS- Stormy moved to approve the Order POSAL WELL NO. 11-22 RODRIGUEZ Denying Tax Protest in the matter of WHICH IS LOCATED IN THE NW Dale Bell dba Wyo. Stateline Station. CROOK COUNTY, WYOMNG STA1T=MENT OF CASH ON HAND FER EXEMPTION FOR THE ShirleyJBruch, SD, 87/75, $110; 90 days, Days credited: 1 Seth D Becker, Gillette, 91/75, months unsupervised $200; Robert D Simon, IL, 84/75, Probation conditions: $90; Kegie A Roody, MD, 85/75, abiding life No alcohol or $95; Jennifer Jo Newson, Gillette, trolled substance 91/75, $200; Wesley P Brown, where alcohol is sold No Gillette, 90/65, $I15; Courtney with Thomas Curr, Hochstefler Bodett, WA, 87/75, Jeppeson or any $I I0; Kenneth A Wilund, AZ, 86/ ate families Not knowingly 75, $95; Maria G Galvez, CA, 90/ the company of anyone DEBrr LEDGER CASH BALANCE as of 6/30/2003: $6,065,289.3~ "1