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August 19, 2004     The Sundance Times
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August 19, 2004

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Page 6- Thursday, August 19, 2004 "WHERE THE KID GOT HIS NAME" The Sundance Crook County School District #1 Minutes of Meeting of Board of Trustees CALL TO ORDER~The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees of Crook County School District .No. One was held in Sundance, Wyoming, Wednesday, July 2 I, 2004, at the hour of 7:00 p.m. at the Central Office. ROLL CALl.,---The meeting was opened with the Pledge of Allegiance ~Jth the following present -- Trustees Gaylord Lenz, Tim Crozier, Kevin Sweeney, Ken Rathbun, Jerry Solyst, Deb Smith, and Steve Wood. Trust- ees absent - Chairman Hal Bowles and Chris Jespersen. Administrators present - Jeffrey S. CarTier, Superintendent; Bob Gates, Assistant Su- perintendent; and John Balow, Hulett School Principal. ADOPTION OF AGENDA--Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Smith to adopt the agenda. Motion carried. MINUTE.q--Motion was made by Trustee Sweeney and seconded by Trustee Crozier to approve the minutes of the last regular meeting. Mo- tion carried. VISITORS--The board used this time to acknowledge and thank David Geiman, Suzanne Peterson, Cleo Roberts, and Rita Johnson for their years of service to the district. Mr. Geiman was a custodian in Sundance from 1978-2004; Suzanne Peterson was a cook in Sundance from 1981- 2004; Cleo Roberts was the Sundance Secondary secretary from 1982- 2004; and Rita Johnson was a language arts teacher at Sundance Sec- ondary from 1978-2004. A plaque was presented to each. No other visitors wished to speak. FINANCIAL---Motion was made by. Trustee Lenz and seconded by Trustee Wood to approve the financial reports as submitted. Motion carried. Mo- tion was made by Trustee Smith and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the budget amendment for the 2003-2004 fiscal year made neces- sary in order to start a new fund for capital construction. Motion carried. BOCES--Trustee Crozier reported the BOCES board approved a new physical therapy provider, North Platte Physical Therapy. He also stated the roofing project is scheduled to begin August 2. SPECIAL PROGRAMS--Bob Gates, Assistant Superintendent, handed out and reviewed with the board the Wyoming AYP district information. He informed board members that all of our schools in the district met Adequate YearlF: Progress (AYP). Mr. Gates handed out WyCAS results to the board. He stated he has some concerns about the number of students who are still in the novice categow. SUPERINTENDENT REPORT--Superintendent Carrier informed the board of the progress of the two big, summer construction projects. The Sundance Elementary. new boiler project is expected to be complete by October. The Sundance Secondary project to add a new HVAC system to the agriculture building is progressing well and is on schedule. Superintendent Carrier reminded board members about the board/ad- ministrative retreat August 9 and 10 in Gillette and handed out an agenda. Superintendent Carrier informed the board he met with TSP Two, Inc., Hulett School architects, and the School Facilities Commission (SFC) staff to conduct the SFC required 10% design review. Mr. Carrier showed the board the building plans as developed thus far for the 10% review. He explained the SFC is requiring the bids for construction, remodel, and demolition of the Hulett School all be bid at one time. This raises con- cerns about what kinds of bids the district will get He explained his concern with leaving the two portable modular units in place. He ex- plained one option might be to use some of the remaining mill construc- tion money to fund construction of two classrooms for the community education and developmental pre-school programs. Because these are Wyoming Department of Education approved programs, the major main- tenance funding would cover long-term maintenance for these classrooms. ADJOURNMENT--At 8:00 p.m., Trustee Solyst adjoumed the meeting in order to start the budget hearing. CALL TO ORDER~Trustee Solyst called the mee 'ring back intO session. " -. ,:? SUPIERII~I~ENDENT REPORT~Superintendent Carrier asl~t~oard members ff they want to have the architects look into a proposed d*esign for the two classrooms. The board agreed the superintendent should have the architects look into the design and cost of adding two class- rooms to the new Hulett building for a possible addendum to the con- struction bid. Superintendent Carrier handed out an article from the Casper Star Tri- bune about the school funding lawsuit. He also handed out a copy of the district court petition from the education coalition in which the coalition is requesting the district court review the state's funding model, as well as capital construction funding, for their respective constitutionality. Superintendent Carrier also talked about concerns which have been raised regarding books being used for Hulett's guided reading program. The specific book in question has been removed from the reading list. Mr. Balow, Hulett School Principal, handed out a guideline he and his teach- ers have developed. The guideline involves parents in reviewing books for the program. COI~ENT AGENDA--Motion was made by Trustee Sweeney and sec- onded by Trustee Rathbun to approve the following items as recommended by the Superintendent: / To approve the bill listings and to issue warrants in payment thereof. To approve the Special Education Residential Services Agreement with Easter Seals of Sheridan. To approve petty cash amounts for the 2004-2005 school year: Sun- dance Secondary--S250, Sundance Elementary---$150, Moorcroft Second- ary--$250, Moorcroft Elementary--S150, Hulett School---$350, Central Office---$1,200, Sundance Community Ektucation---$25. To approve the attendance of three foreign exchange students at Hulett High School: 1. Judith Ebert, Germany; 2. Kseniya Paramonova, Russia; 3. Daniel Rigeiro~ Portugal. To approve the resignations of: I. Valerie Hurd - Central Office Payroll Clerk, 2. Melanie Idler - Bear Lodge High School Aide, 3. Tom Necklason - Sundance Head Custodian. To approve hiring: I. Erika Cornella - Sundance Elementary Kindergar- ten Aide; 2. Melissa BuckmiUer - Moorcroft Community Education; 3. Tom Necldason - District-wide Major Maintenance; 4. Melanie Idler - Central Office Payroll Clerk; 5. JoEllen Parsons - Hulett Kitchen Aide (3.5 hours/week). To approve extra-duty contracts for: 1. Bob Gray- Winter Special Olym- pics; 2. Christy Harwood - Winter Special Olympics; 3. Lisa Dutton - Su_ndance Secondary Golf, Assistant Boys' Basketball. To approve the 3% salary schedule increase for community education coordinators. Motion carried. SALARY SCHEDULE PETITION---Motion was made by Trustee Sweeney to deny Valerie Hurd's request. Motion died for lack of a second. The board discussed the request further. Motion was then made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Sweeney to deny Valerie Hurd's re- quest to be placed at Step 5 of the secretaries' salary schedule. Motion carried. POLICY REVISIONS---Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and sec- onded by Trustee Crozier to approve revisions to: I. Policy GBE - Staff Health and Safety; 2. Policy KCA - Title I Parent Involvement; Motion carried. A copy of each policy is attached to and becomes a part of the official minutes. FUEL BID IRREG~~Trustcc Sweeney abstained from voting and left the room. Mark Hughes, attorney for the school district, spoke to the board about the bid. Mr. Hughes told the board someone had to declare the fuel bid an irregular bid. Motion was made by Trustee Rathbun and seconded by Trustee Wood to reconsider the bid due to an irregular- it}'. Motion carried. Motion was made by Trustee Lenz and seconded by Trustee Crozier to accept the low bid from Leslie's Amoco for unleaded gasoline and diesel in Sundance for the 2004-2005 school year. Motion carried. ATTEND~_N~ AGi~TS--Motion was made by Trustee Lenz and seconded by Trustee Rathbun to approve attendance agreements with: 1. Belie Fourche School District #9-1, South Dakoto, for the following stu- dents: Chet Crago, Brooke Howell, Bridget Howell, Michael Klitz, Dorene Conn, Christabelle Conn, William Reid; 2. Carter County, Montar-m, for the following students: Nathan Tarno, Kodi Tarno, Jesse Haberman, Raymond Haberman, Gordon Price, Tyler Olind, Casey Hendrickson. Motion car- fled. ADJOuRNMENT~No further business to come before this board, meet- ing adjourned. Ladd stumps in Sundance U.S. House of Representatives hopeful Ted Ladd stopped in Sundance on to greet area residents as his tour around the state continued. Ladd, who have won the Democratic nomination on Tuesday evening, will face off ~"ith Representative Barbara Cubin who easily won her party's primaD on Tuesday. Ladd spoke to area residents on a number of issues central to his campaign, on his desire to increase the viabilit}- and creation of small business w'ithin the Ladd pointed to small businesses as an answer to balancing Wyoming's boom and bust economy. Ladd also pledged to give up a portion of his congressional salad; if he fails to the stipulations he set forth in his "Contract with Wyoming." He said his addresses three major concerns: curbing deficit spending, being present and votes taken on the House floor and visiting each county within the state at each year. "The difference between me and my opponent is that I'm putting 15 of my salary against my promises. If [ keep them, I get paid. If I don't, I don't get he said. U.S. House candidate Ted Ladd visits with local resident John during a campaign stop in town on Wednesday. Ladd's day continued with visits to Newcastle, Lusk and Torrin fore ending with an evening stop in Cheyenne. Common Sense bubbles. I packed and labeled each box with its contents and By Daun Martin, Family Financial Management Educator destination, This took two weeks of nights and weekends. In told myself I had no more moves in me, but life has a way Youcanplan on this ing to happen to me and I have had little choice in the realized of course with this move that I was in no condition to In the last column we talked about securing a loan and figuring out the boxes and furniture, so I hired movers from Addeco in exactly what your new home should cost you. There is more to the had the opportunity to hire them as a private contractor, but real cost than the papers presented to you by your real estate agent my second move in 2000 l had a very bad experience that and your banker. They have done their best to present you with a to always have coverage for your work people (and your truck, realistic estimate, but you can be assured there are things that slipped is another sto~'.) In addition, I tip my workers so that I can everyone's notice or they forgot to remind you of that will cost you a good relationship with them and the company in case of money after closing. This is ver~ fresh in my mind as l purchased a need. I was also luck), that my real estate company allowed home on July 22nd and moved in on Juh, 23rd. Below follow some use of the truck for moving. They of course requested that the suggestions: 1. Always have an inspection bv a reputable company that wilt stand tank be filled at the end of the day. This all adds up. 5. You will find other things that you didn't notice during the . by its work. Take notes when the inspector tells vou his/her con- honeymoon of inspection, but tl~ese can wait until you saVe | cerns. 1 thought I would remember or it didn't realh' matter and that them, but you need to factor that in-in mv case, many of the is not the case. , " - jacks don't work, l have to unplug the phone to use the 2. Talk to the seller or the seller's agent about the recommenda- and I can't get the refrigerator door all the way open because tions and concerns of the inspector. I brought up a few things and into the kitchen counter. Most of the appliances, heating system the seller was more than happy to FLX them, such as a missing screen, rugs are serviceable, but by no means new, but the later can a sliding window that had lost its bottom rollers, lights with no turn several years I hope. on switch, and a dead sump pump. He did all these willingly. I don't 6. Another cost may be vour home ounner's dues, but those know why I didn't request that he fLX other things of concern that I included in the initial'sheetyou read about your home. A friend off was aware of-maybe I temporarily forgot my assertiveness training sister's had a terrible situation where their association didn't lessons. Things such as a leak3." faucet that he could turn off with a back enough of collected fees and ended up assessing powerful turn of his ~Tist should have been pointed out. I couldn't around $80,000 (as I remember) for needed repair. This was iri turn it off and that was an expensive replacement. 1 noted holes in in a wealthy area, but it pays to check before you mgn your other screens and should have insisted that they be replaced,especially ..... papers. Find out what your dues cover When l signed in light of West Nile Virus That will be a next summer worry, for it had 30 days to complete some repairs-they have 10 days seems as though we are about through with summer, follow through. 3. There will be re-establishment costs such as cost of replacing 7. Do not defer maintenance and set up a fund for that. How and replenishing the cleaning supplies that were used to clean up the old place-these can add up in a hum-. {Remember baking soda your roof, your heating system, your water heater? Sit down someone who knows about these things and make a list. and vinegar can clean almost eve~,thing and are inexpensive.) Did 8. If you are single and not ver~" handy, make friends with you leave your plunger and toilet bowl brush at the old place? What neighbors. Suggest barters - trade their skills for yours. about hoses-did you bring them with you? The list goes on. 9. Do not forget the rule to pay yourself first out of your 4. There is the actual cost of moving. I knew from the get-go that I check. Even though you have moved into a new house and would not be able to stay in the poorly maintained dwelling I had drained that reser~'e-tighten your belt and start all over again. rented unseen from California, so 1 saved all my moving boxes from California. Likewise for the bubble wrap, newsprint, and Styrofoam can plan on it that something will break. Crook County School Distrid#1 Sundance Schools- Au ust 2004 22 23 Teacher lnser~ice 129 i30 31 24 5 26 FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL iunior Varsity Footbaflt Junior High t Home vs NewcastletVot!eyball at Home vs, 4:30 p.m Wright 4:00/5:00 I Junior High Football I at Home vs Wriqht 4:00 Football at Wright28 HS Voileybal! Frosh 7:00 p.m. I Tourney at Newcastle High School Volleyball Rocky Mountain Tourney at Byron/Lovell times of events are subject to change ] Moorcroff Schools- August 201 22 23 24 25 28 Teache~ Inservice 30 31 Junior Varsity Football at Wright 4:30 p.m, FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL 29 High School Volleybal at Home vs. NSI 5:00/ 6:00 a re HS Football at Burns 4:00 p.m. High School Volleyball at Custer Tourney times of events subject to change Sunday M0ndayuesday Wednesday 'hursda 22 23 24 25 29 Hulett Schools- August 2004 Cross Country Practice 3:00 p.m. FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL High School Golf at Gillette or Douglas 30 31 Junior Varsity Football Junior High at Home vs Newcastle Volleyball at Home vs. 4:30 p.rn, Wright 4:00/5:00 Junior High Football at Home vs. Wright 4:00 26 27 28 HS Football at Home vs. Ten Sleep 4:00 p.m. HS Volleyball at Custer Tourney High School Golf at Sheridan times of events are subject to change I