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September 2, 2010     The Sundance Times
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September 2, 2010

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Page 4- Thursdto,, September 2, 2010 "WHERE THE KID GOT HIS NAME" The Sundance ;limes Four Crook County ranches receive Centennial Farm and Ranch Awards Four Crook County ranches were honored with 20 I0 Cen- tennial Farm and Ranch Awards during a recent ceremony at the Wyoming Pioneer Museum in Douglas. The four ranches are Bear Lodge Cattle Company, owned by Ogden Driskill; Livingston Ranch, owned by Perry Liv- ingston; Ryan Ranch, owned by Scott and Tami Ryan; and Shepherd Land and Livestock Co., owned by Rymond and Jeanne Shepherd. In all, 26 families were recognized for owning and operating the same corresponding agricultural property for 100 years or more. Each family was recognized with a certificate and metal sign for display on their properties. Senator Mike Enzi, Senator John Barrasso, Congresswoman Cynthia Lummis and Gov- ernor Dave Freudenthal made the presentations. Despite Wyoming's ranch and farmlands disappearing at an alarming rate, these families have persevered and suc- cessfully run their agricultural operations regardless of drought, economic downturn, developmental pressures and other threats. These families have managed to preserve their important places in Wyoming's heritage and their operations remain vital today highlighting the importance of agriculture to the state. The State Historic Preservation Office re-established the Centennial Farm and Ranch Program in 2006. Partners in the program are the Wyoming Stock Growers, the Wyoming Wool Growers, Wyoming Department of Agriculture, the Wyo- ming Rural Electric Association and the Wyoming Business Council. Families wishing to apply for the 2011 Centennial Farm and Ranch Awards can do so by contacting Nancy Weidel of the State Historic Preservation Office at 307-777-3418. Wyoming Food Safety Rules to be amended The Wyoming Department of Agriculture, Consumer Health Services section is amending the Wyoming Food Safety Rule. The amendments are taking place to remain current with requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture in maintaining an "at least equal to" status for the state meat inspection program. The Department of Agriculture is readopting Chapter 14 of the Wyoming Food Safety Rule. In order to stay in com- pliance with the United States Department of Agriculture and to maintain the "at least equal to" status for the state meat inspection program, the Consumer Health Services Division of the Department of Agriculture must have rules which adopt the latest provisions of the Code of Federal Regulations, Title 9, Part 300 to End. These emergency rules readopt Chapter 14 of the 2009 Wyoming Food Safety Rule in order to incorporate the 2010 CFR revisions and become compliant with USDA requirements. The changes in Chapter Underlined items are proposed additions and strike-through items are proposed deletions. The 45 day public comment period begins September 1, 2010, and ends October 15, 2010. A public hearing will be held if requested by 25 persons, a governmental subdivi- sion or by an association having not less than 25 members. Written comments or request for a public hearing may be addressed to: Wyoming Department of Agriculture, 2219 Carey Ave, Cheyenne, WY 82002. To obtain a copy of the proposed changes to Wyoming Food Safety Rule or a copy of a complete description of the changes, interested parties may contact Dean Finkenbinder, Manager of Consumer Health Services at dfinke@state.wy.us. The proposed changes to the Wyoming Food Safety Rule may be accessed on the Consumer Health Services website at http://wyagric.state.wy.u s/divisions/chs/foodsafety.htm. ill 7 DEVILS TOWER CAR SHOW Door Prizes, Auction, Dash Plaques I Poker Walk Registration: $15 per vehicle and $5 for each additional vehicle For Info Call RoSe at 756-2397 Youth Rodeo Results August was a full month of ac- tivities including three rodeos. The Youth Rodeo rapped up the Crook County Fair, Aug. 1st. with a good group of contestants performing a fun successful day of rodeo. 6 and Under: Barrels: Dillon Haugen 1st, Levi Rudloff 2nd, Lane Jay 3rd, Carolyn Connally 4th Pole Bending: Lane Jay 1st, Camlyn Connally 2nd, Dillon Haugen 3rd, Levi Rudloff 4th Dummy Roping: Lane Jay 1st Scoop Shovel Race: Lane Jay Ist, Camlyn Connally 2nd, Bryce Ackerman 3rd, Lily Lindholm 4th Water Ballon Race: Carolyn Connally 1st, Lane Jay 2nd, Dane Connally 3rd, Bryce Ack- erman 4th Mutton Bustin: Dane Con- nally 1st, Christopher Delong- Boardman 2nd, Dillon Haugen 3rd, Karson Amos 4th Overall 6 and Under buckles were awarded to Camlyn Con- nally and Lane Jay 7-I0: Barrels: Shayla Howell 1st, Tells McInerney 2nd, Mikka Rogers 3rd, Rigan McInerney 4th, Lane Mills 5th, Shyanne Howell 6th Pole Bending: Shayla Howell 1st, Teila McInerney 2nd, Rigan McInerney 3rd, Lane Mills 4th, Justin Tenke 5th, Josiah Rud- loft 6th Gunny Sack Roping: Bailee Ackerman ist, Josiah Rudloff 2nd, Shayla Howell 3rd, Casey Delong-Boardman 4th, Rigan Mclnerney 5th, Zarek Rosencranz 6th Goat Tying: Shayla Howell 1st, Casey Delong-Boardman 2nd, Teila Mclnerney 3rd, Jacqueline VanVleet 4th, Rigan Mclnerney 5th, Lane Mills 6th Calf Riding: Casey Delong- Boardman 1st, Brylee O'Rourke 2nd, Thomas Raab 3rd, Char- mayne Delong-Boardman 4th, Justin Tenke 5th, Samantha Bossman 6th Goat Dressing: Shyanne How- ell and Shayla Howell 1st, Caden Connally and Caleb Con- Crook County Horsemen's Association cranz 1st 4th, Rigan Mclnerney 5th Overall 11-14 buckles were Overall Ribbon presented to awarded to Bridget Howell and Teila McInerney tied with Rigan Zoran Rosencranz 15-18: Barrels: Cora Fitzgerald 1st, Riley Fordyce 2nd, Amanda Richendifer 3rd Pole Bending: Brooke Ingalls 1st, Cole Fitzgerald 2nd, Cora Fitzgerald 3rd Girls Goat Tying: Laramie Jackson 1st, Riley Fordyce 2nd, Cora Fitzgerald 3rd Boys Goat Tying: Cole Fitzger- ald 1st, Jesse Fosheim 2nd Flag Race: Cora Fitzgerald 1st, Zeb Rosencranz 2nd, Laramie Jackson 3rd Break-Away Roping: Laramie Jackson 1st, Brooke Ingalls 2nd, Riley Fordyce 3rd Moorcroft Playday August 8th, CCHA held their second annual Playday at Moor- croft Arena. Placing are as fol- lowed: 6 and Under: Barrels: (Unassisted) Carolyn Connally 1st, Dillon Haugen 2nd, Hayleigh Fenner 3rd, (Horse Assisted) Shane Tenke 1st, Austin Pixley 2nd, (Parent Assisted) Christopher Board- man 1st, Olivia Paden 2nd, Tans Timberman 3rd Pole Bending: Annika Hau- gen 1st, Tans Timberman 2nd, Austin Pixley 3rd, Dana Con- nally 4th Dummy Roping: Dane Con- nally 1st, Dillon Haugen 2nd, Carolyn Connally 3rd, Lane Jay 4th Ribbon Snatching: Levi Rud- loft 1st, Lane Jay 2nd, Dillon Haugen 3rd, Carolyn Connally 4th Flag Race: Hayleigh Fenner 1st, Levi Rudloff 2nd, Carolyn Connally 3rd, (Assisted) Ellie Jay 1st, Tana Timberman 2nd Olivia Paden 3rd, (horse as- sisted) Austin Pixley 1st, Shane Tenke 2nd Surprise Event: Lane Jay 1st, Austin Pixley 2nd, Christopher Boardman 3rd, Levi Rudloff 4th Overall Ribbon presented to Levi Rudloff and Carolyn Con- nally 7-I0: nally 2nd, Mikka Rogers and Barrels: Teila Mclnerney ist, Samantha,Bossman,3rd;Bail,,, Rigm,'Mcinerney 2nd, Josiah Ackerman and Casey Delo:ng- Boardman 4th, Sherry Negaaxd and Rigan McInerney 5th Overall 7-10 buckles were awarded to Shayla Howell and Casey Delong-Boardman 11-14: Barrels: Brittany Richendifer 1st, Bridget Howell 2nd, Brooke Howell 3rd Pole Bending: Bridget Howell 1st, Brittany Richendifer 2nd, Talley Jackson 3rd Girls Goat Tying: Brooke How- ell 1st, Bridget Howell 2nd, Tal- ley Jackson 3rd Boys Goat Tying: Cort Ingalls 1st Flag Race: Brittany Richendi- fer 1st, Zoran Rosencranz 2nd, Brooke Howell 3rd Break-Away Roping: Bridget Howell 1st Steer Riding: Zoran Rosen- Rudloff 3rd, Jordyn McNamee 4th, Sherry Negaard 5th Pole Bending: Rigan Mclner- ney 1st, Tells Mclnerney 2nd, Sherry Negaard 3rd, Justin Tenke 4th, Jordyn McNamee 5th Dummy Roping: Caleb Con- nally 1st, Sherry Negaard 2nd, Rigan McInerney 3rd, Jordyn McNamee 4th, Caden Connally tied with Josiah Rudloff 5th Goat Tying: Rigan McInerney 1st, Casey Boardman 2nd, Teila McInemey 3rd, Jacqueline Van- vleet 4th Flag Race: Tells McInerney 1st, Rigan McInerney 2nd, Jacqueline VanVleet 3rd, Casey Boardman 4th, Justin Tenke 5th Surprise Event: Teila McIner- ney 1st, Justin Tenke 2nd, Jo- siah Rudloff 3rd, Caleb Connally NOTICE Monday, September 6 City Hall will be closed GARBAGE PICKUP will be clone Tuesday, Sept. 7 clue to the Independence Day Honday. ***City of Sundance Mclnerney and Josiah Rudloff 1 I- 14: Barrels: Jodi Gantz ist, Shey- anne Fosheim 2nd Pole Bending: Jodi Gantz 1st, Cart Ingalls 2nd Goat Tying: Cort Ingalls 1st, Sheyanne Fosheim 2nd Flag Race: Cort Ingalls 1st, Jodi Gantz 2nd Break- away: Steers won Surprise Event: Sheyanne Fosheim 1st, Cort Ingalls 2nd Overall Ribbons presented to Jodi Gantz and Cort Ingalls 15-18: Barrels: Amanda Richendifer 1st, Riley Fordyce 2nd, Jesse Fosheim 3rd Pole Bending: Cora Fitzgerald 1st, Amanda Richendifer 2nd, Laramie Jackson 3rd Flag Race: Laramie Jackson 1st, Brooke Ingalls 2nd, Jesse Fosheim 3rd Goat Tying: Cole Fitzgerald tied with Laramie Jackson 1st, Brooke Ingalls 2nd, Riley Fordyce 3rd Break-away: Laramie Jackson 1st, Corn Fitzgerald 2nd, Brook Ingalls 3rd Surprise Event: Jesse Fosheim 1st, Brooke Ingalls 2nd, Cole Fitzgerald 3rd Overall Ribbon presented to Brooke Ingalls and Cole Fitzger- ald Open Barrels: DeAnn Mc- Namee Ist, Shannon Haugen 2nd, Linda Hunter 3rd Sundance Playday CCHA wrapped up the season with the final playday in Sun- dance Aug. 22. 6 and Under: Barrels: Levi Graber 1st, Dillon Haugen 2nd, Hayleigh Fenner 3rd, Lane Jay 4th, (assisted) Tana Timberman 1st, Chris- topher Boardman 2nd, (horse assisted) Annika Haugen 1st, Kyan Meek 2nd Pole Bending: Lane Jay 1st, Levi Rudloff 2nd, Levi Gra- ber 3rd, Carolyn Connally 4th, Bryce Ackerman 5th Ribbon Snatching: Lane Jay 1st, Levi Rudloff 2nd, Bryce Ackerman 3rd, Hayleigh Fenner 4th, Levi Graber 5th Dummy Ropingi Austin Pixiey 1st, Carolyn Connally 2nd, Lane Jay 3rd, Hayleigh Fenner 4th Flag Race: Hayleigh Fenner 1st, Camlyn Connally 2nd, Levi Rudloff 3rd, Levi Graber 4th Bryce Ackerman 5th Surprise Event: Lane Jay 1st, Bryce Ackerman 2nd, Austin Pixley 3rd, Levi Rudloff4th, Levi Graber 5th Overall Ribbon presented to Lane Jay and Camlyn Con- nally 7-10: Barrels: Jessica Graber Ist, Ashely Graber 2nd, Teila Mcln- erney 3rd, Lane Mills 4th, Sher- ry Negaa_rd 5th Pole Bending: Ashley Graber 1st, Tells Mclnerney 2nd, Rigan Mclnerney 3rd, Lane Mills 4th, Jessica Graber 5th Dummy Roping: Caleb Con- nally 1st, Caden Connally 2nd, Sherry Negaard 3rd, Jacqueline VanVleet 4th, Jordyn McNamee 5th Goat Tying: Ashley Graber 1st, Teila Mclnerney 2nd, Jacque- line VanVleet 3rd, Emma Jay 4th, Sherry Negaard 5th Flag Race: Lane Mills 1st, Tells Mclnerney 2nd, Rigan Mclner- ney 3rd, Casey Boardman 4th, Justin Tenke 5th Surprise Event: Bobby VanV- leet and Lane Mills Ist, Bailee Ackerman 2nd, Rigan McInerney and Jordyn McNamee 3rd, Sherry Negaard and Emma Jay 4th, Casey Boardman and Teila McInerney 5th Overall Ribbon presented to Teila McInerney and Lane Mills 11-14: Barrels: Brittany Richendifer 1st, Sheyanne Fosheim 2nd Pole Bending: Brittany Richen- difer 1st, Spence Moody 2nd Goat Tying: Brittany Richen- difer 1st Flag Race: Brittany Richendi- fer 1st, Cort Ingalls 2nd, Spence Moody 3rd, Sheyanne Fosheim 4th Break-away: steers won Surprise Event: Spence Moody and Brittany Richendifer 1st, Cort Ingalls and Sheyanne Fos- helm 2nd Overall Ribbon presented to Brittany Richendifer and Cort Ingalls 15-18: Barrels: Amanda Richendifer 1st, Cora Fitzgerald 2nd, Riley Fordyce 3rd Pole Bending: Amanda Richen- difer 1st, Corn Fitzgerald 2nd, Cole Fitzgerald 3rd Goat Tying: Riley Fordyce 1st, Cole Fitzgerald 2nd, Brooke Ingalls 3rd Flag Race: Cole Fitzgerald 1st, Corn Fitzgerald 2nd, Jesse Fosheim 3rd Break-away: Brooke Ingalls 1st, Riley Fordyce 2nd Surprise Event: Cole Fitzgerald and Jesse Fosheim 1st, Amanda Richendifer and Brooke Ingalls 2rid, Corn Fitzgerald and Riley Fordyce 3rd Overall Ribbon presented to Brooke Ingalls tied with Riley Fordyce and Cole Fitzgerald Open Barrels: Shannon Hau- gen ]:st, Louise Negaard 2nd, DeAnn McNamee 3rd 2010 Overall Season Awards 6 and Under: Lane Jay:Buck- le, Camlyn Connally-buckle, Levi Rudloff-breast collar, Hay- leigh Fenner-spur straps, Dil- lon Haugen-saddle pad, Dane Connally-grooming kit, Pay- sen Kuhbacher-leather punch, Shane Tenke-blanket, Christo- pher Boardman-feed bag 7-10: Teila MclNerney-buck- le, Lane Mills-buckle, Rigan McInerney-breast collar, Sherry Negaard-spur straps, Jordyn McNamee-grooming kit, Josiah Rudloff-saddle pad, Jacqueline VanVleet-leather punch, Justin Tenke-blanket, Anna Bossman- feed bag 11-14: Cort Ingalls-buckle, Sheyanne Fosheim-buckle, Brittany Richendifer-breast col- lax, Jodi Gantz-spur straps 1S- 18: Brooke Ingalls-buckle, Cole Fitzgerald-buckle, Jesse Fosheim-breast collar, Cora Fitzgerald-breast collar, Aman- da Richendifer-saddle pad, Riley Fordyce-spur straps Open Barrels: DeAnn Mc- Namee-buckle, Shannon Hau- gen-coat All youth members that par- ticipated in two playdays and had a paid family membership received an embroidered duffle bag. Forty-six duffle bags were given out. Raffle Ticket Winners: $300 boot gift certificate for Pete's Clothing-Hayden Amends, pop- up tent-Nelda Mills, Cabela's steel belt cooler-Emma Jay, One night stay for two at First Gold in Deadwood-Jacob Fosheim, Saddle Pad-Janet Graham, CCHA t-shirt and visor-Travis Connally c..0.::::':::L, Educate Support" Survive Wyoming Cancer Resource Services is funded by the Wyoming Department of Health, Comprehensive Cancer Control Program No Health Insurance or Limited Health Insurance? Living on a limited income? Are you 50+ years of age or have a family history of cancer? Gentlemen you may qualify for a free colonoscopy and ladies you may qualify for a free colonoscopy, mammogram, and pap test! To see if you are eligible to receive free cancer screenings please call your local Wyoming Cancer Resource Services Representatives, Samantha or Julia at 307-684-7933 or toll free 888-684-4550 Early detection saves lives! iii!i:i!!!llllliii OIdDutch ChipS.= 2/s5 31s10 Chicken Leg Qtrs. 2PIIb. lOIb.Pork RlbletsSP o Choice T-Bone Steaks s5OOllb, Sun0000-: 203-315