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September 12, 1996     The Sundance Times
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September 12, 1996

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i if! i!: i i~I iii: ;4 PAGE 6 T/~ 8UNDANCS TIME8 SEPTEMBER 12, 1996 PROCEEDING8 OF THI BOARD OF COUNTY COMMIS~ONERB AT THE COURTHOUSE IN 8UNDANCE, CROOK COUNTY, WYOMINO TUI~IDAY, 81~'TI~MBImt 8, 1906 8:00 o'clock a.m. Pr~ent for the regular meeting were Major F. Miller, Chairman, Alan Roberts, Vice- Chairman, and Connie D. TSchetter, County Clerk" Absent was Mark A. Sem]ek. Member. The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. Sheriff Steve Stahla, County Attorney, Joe Baron, Treasurer Karen Glover, Clerk of District Court Tina Wood, and Custodian Peggy Symonds went over items of Interest to the department heads. At 10:15 o'clock a.m. Mark A. Semlek was present. At 10:45 o'clock a.m. Alan left to attend a funeral. At 12:00 o'clock p.m. Alan returned. Adjourned for lunch at 12:00 o'clock p.m. 1:00 o'clock p.m. Present were Major F. Miller, Chairman, Alan Roberts, Vice-Chairman, Mark A. Semlek, Member, and Connie D. Tschetter, County Clerk. The following bills were presented for payment: Employee Wages Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Crook Co. Employee Health Benefit Trust Crook Co. Employee Health Trust Crook Co. Employee Health Trust Sundance State Bank Sundance State Bank Sundance State Bank WY Deferred Comp., Inc. WY Rettrement System WY Retirement System WY Retirement System Abbey Carpet & Design Access/God Loves You Advanced BusIness Systems Alpha Communications American Linen Trudy J. Amiotte l allou Trucking Big Horn Coal Black Hills Chemical Co. Black Hills Copiers, Inc. Blakeman Propane, Inc. Blakeman Trucking Benefit Benefit Bob Barker Company Brother Intemat/onal Corp. C.A. & T., Inc. Cellular One City of Sundance City of Sundance Clark Boardman Canaghan Council of County Services J. Coy, RN Crook Co. Medical Serv, Dist. Crook County Treasurer Crum Electric Supply Culverts & Industrial Supply CO. D/S Trucking Danko Emergency Equipment DepL of Employment DepL of Employment Dillon Hardware Division of Criminal Investigation Donna's Diner Dr. Daniel P. Nolan Brenda Duncan Election Judges EWC EWC Bookstore Farm Plan Farmers Co-Op Forensic Pathology Consultants Fred Seminars Michael 11. Frolander Barbara Sue Fuhrmann Gene Gade Gantz Trucking & Blade Service Richard Gantz Mary S. Garman Gases Plus Gill Off Co., Inc. Janet Graham Hillside Pharmacy IBM Corporation Kaycee's Office Furniture Kreuter Automotive LaBonte Inn Law Enforcement Equipment Co. Lawyers Cooperative Publishing Lichen Research Center Bradley W. Marchant Guillermo Martinez MCI Telecommunications Terry McKflltp Microfilm Service of MT, Inc. MoorcroR Leader Moore Medical Corp. New Haven Community Building Northwest Equip. Repair Guy w. Olson Pitney Bowes Plainsman Printing, Inc. Powder BasIn Glass Prevent Products, Inc. Public Health NursIng Public Health Nursing Service Quality Hardware & Supply Quill Corporation Range Telephone Coop.. Inc. RDO Equipment Co. Susan J. Reed Robert's Machine & Repa/r Alan Roberts Rocky Mt. Safety Service, Inc. Rocky Point Community Building RT Communications, Inc. Shepard's McGraw-Hill Shuck, Marso & Bennett Smlthkline Beecham Pharmaceuticals Marlette J. Snoozy Steve J. Stahla Sundance Books Sundance Cable TV. Inc. Sundan'ce Equipment Company Sundance Senior Citizens Sundance Texaco Sunny Dry/de Farm Bureau Team M/cmage Ted's Service Terry s Auto The Sundance Ttn s Top Office Products. Inc. Tracy Motor Company TrI-Co. Electric Aas'n., Inc. Troy Blakeman Trucking Connie D. Tschetter Tuxall Un orm & Equ/p., Inc. "I~o Way Radio Service, Inc. IT JM VISA Waganum Ready Mix & Const. Wal-Mart 70552.73 AMOUNT AMOUNT Insurance w/125 378.56 378.56 Insurance 21.67 21.67 Health/Dental Ins. w/125 2590. 10 2590. I 0 Health/Dental Ins. 419.76 419.76 Health/Dental Ins. 6621.87 6621.87 Withholding 8373.48 8373.48 Social Security 6954.75 6954.75 Social Security 6954.57 6954.57 Deferred Compensation 677.50 677.50 Prudential Insurance 81.00 81.00 Retirement 861.06 861.06 Retirement 9630.14 9630.14 Carpet & Mileage 188.25 188.25 Portable Radio 211.50 211.50 Printer Cartridge 123.49 123.49 Repa 9O.00 9O.00 Mops 19.30 19.30 Comp. Scanning - Emerg. Mgmt. 12.50 12.50 Contract Labor 5422.50 5422.50 Coal 265.20 265.20 Supplies 77.40 77.40 Copier Meter Charge 23.58 23.58 Propane & Parts 42.50 42.50 1979 Beall Trlr., 1973 Kenworth Truck 17000.00 17000. 00 Supplies 127.93 127.93 Printer Supplies 405.85 405.85 Parts & Labor 1033.59 1033.59 Parts 2.00 2.00 Water, Sewer & Garbage 411.91 411.91 Ouarterly Landfill & Ambulance Funding 1916.67 1916.67 Law Library 13.91 13.91 Block Grant Funding 1950.00 1950.00 Postage & Supplies 39.99 39.99 Supplies, Prisoner Meals & Medical 4595.06 4595.06 Postage 48.46 48.46 Supplies 420.72 420.72 Supplies 3472.00 3472.00 Contract Work 3060.00 3060.00 Parts 71.90 71.90 Worker's Comp. -Flremen 1404.81 1404.81 Worker's Comp. 1532.14 1532.14 Supplies 546.50 546.50 Funding 5OO.OO 5OO.OO Fire Meals 1 10.00 1 10.00 Prisoner Dental 89.00 89.00 Mileage & Witness Fees 42.60 42.60 SalArieS, Meals, Mileage 6292.33 6292.33 Class Registrations 162.00 162.00 Class Books 76.00 76.00 Parts 35.10 35.10 Gas, Parts 1695.36 1695.36 Autopsy Expense 1085.00 1085.00 Tuition 178.00 178.OO Telephone 28.60 28.60 Postage 8.66 8.66 Mileage, Supplies, Printer 615.35 615.35 Contract Work 7492.50 7492.50 Contract Work 8302.50 8302.50 Court AppoInted Attorney Fees 145.80 145.80 Rental Fee 15.81 15.81 Gas, Oil 4348.32 4348.32 Election Building Supplies 24.71 24.71 Supplies & Prisoner Medical 203.87 203.87 Printer Maintenance Agreement 27.39 27.39 Supplies 143.43 143.43 Parts 262.25 262.25 Travel Expenses . 364.00 364.00 Supplies 27.60 27.60 Law Library 272.40 272.40 Computer Programming 720.00 720.00 Mileage 81.42 81.42 Court Interpreter 35.00 35.00 Telephone 446.57 446.57 Contract Work 9360.00 9360.OO Supplies & Processing 32.54 32.54 Publishing 810.60 810.60 Supplies, Table, Scale 779.45 779.45 Election Rent (Primary & General) 60.00 60.00 RepAlrs 374.98 374.98 Mileage 81.42 81.42 Meter Rental 236.25 236.25 Supplies 220.66 220.66 Repairs 480.75 480.75 Supplies 52.50 52.50 Mileage 104.16 104.16 Travel Expense 32.00 32.00 Parts 1634.37 1634.37 Chair, Supplies 906.08 906.08 Telephone 1430.71 1430.71 Parts 612.04 612.04 Witness Fees 13.50 13.50 Repairs 660.26 660.26 Mileage & Travel Expense 126.69 126.69 Signs 131.62 131.62 Election Rent (Primary & General) 30.00 30.00 Telephone 8 I. 17 8 I. 17 LaW Libra~ 265.51 265.51 Audit Services 3900.00 3900.00 Vaccine 32.13 32.13 Registration 35.00 35.00. Housing Allowance 300.00 300.OO Shipping Charges 50.55 50.55 Cable TV 38.00 38.00 Parts 384.59 384.59 Matching Funds 375.00 375.00 Repairs 104.10 104.10 Election Rent (Primary & General] 60.00 60.00 Repairs 120.00 120.OO Gas, Off, Repairs 27.91 27.91 Parts 6.50 6.50 Publishing 1852.79 1852.79 Supplies, Copier Service 149.08 149.08 Parts 702.17 702.17 Electricity 2692.21 2692.21 Contract Work 6277.50 62 77. 50 RegistraUon Fee 30.00 30.00 Badges 53.80 53.80 Maintenance & Rental Fee 604.50 604.50 Disabll/ty Insurance 127.49 127.49 Travel Expenses 30.12 30. 12 Contract Work 19182.50 19182.50 Supplies 5.54 5.54 Wal-Mart Sul~plies 107.40 Norval Waller Road Viewing 104.61 Wells PlumbIng & Farm Supplies Parts 547.20 West PublishIng Corp. Law Library 56.25 W~st Tire & Align Tires 170.00 western Communications, Inc. Parts 1150.80 Western Wireless Telephone 219.94 Wheat]and Fire Equipment Co. Parts 164.75 Cheryl M. Williams Postage, Mileage & Supplies46.75 Christina R. Wood Registration Fee 30.00 WPOA Conference Registration Fee 120.00 WyomIng Machinery Company Parts 3380.61 WyomIng Materials & Improv. Inc. Cold Mix 6748.65 Wyoming Retirement System Fireman's Pension Fund 300.00 Total Cheryl Williams, Emergency Management Coordinator, gave her monthly report and discussed matters. Alan moved to accept the following county collections: Public Health Nurse ................................... $1,687.50 County Clerk ........................................... $5,478.08 Clerk of District Court ................................ $ 870.64 County Sheriff ......................................... $5,042.50 Mark seconded, all ayes, motion carried. Bryan Morehouse, Sergeant Detention Officer, presented an alarm monitoring system 1 from Collins Communications. Alan moved to purchase the system. Mark seconded, all ayes, Bryan also discussed radio system modifications. Velma Brandenburg, Mayor, Town of Pine Haven, and Warren Brandenburg, requested the Board against the Devils Tower name change. Also present was Joe Baron, Count) to approved the following resolution: ~LUTION NO. 5-1996 SUPPORTING THE RETENTION OF THE CURRENT GEC~RAPHIC NAME OF THE KNOWN AS DEVILS TOWER AND OF THE NAME OF AMERiCA'S FIRST NATIONAL AS DEVILS TOWER NATIONAL MONUMENT WHEREAS, the Board of County Commissioners of Crook County desires to retain the butte as Devils Tower and the monument as Devils Tower National Monument; and WHEREAS, the landmark known as Devils Tower has been known as such worldwide, throughout thel and In Crook County; and WHEREAS, we as Americans feel that the specific name of the physical feature known as to a point of reference for our state and a sense of cultural stability;, therefore, BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, that the Board of County Commissioners of Crook County, Wyomlv.& ] fully support the retention of the current geographic name of the physical feature of the name of America's First National Monument known as Devils Tower National Monument. Dated this. 3rd day of September, 1996. Board of County Commissioners Major F. Miller, Chairman Alan Roberts, Vice-Chalrman Mark A. Semlek, Member Attest: Connie D. Tschetter, C Mark seconded, all ayes, motion carried. Skip Waters discussed a proposed resolution he presented to the Board In August. Also Baron CountyAttorney. Mark moved to approve the resolution. Disctmslon was held. the resolution as amended as follows: RESOLUTION NO. 6-1996 TO REQUESr ACTION BY THE UNITED STATES SECRETARY OF AGRICUL'HYRE TO COMPETrHON IN THE BEEF AND LAMB INDUSTRIES WHEREAS, Crook County, State of Wyoming has many agricultural operations, lamb operations which contribute to the tax base and overall economy wlthin the borders of the WHERF_A~. the market rates for live beef cattle production have recently fallen to level that are producers cost of production, with no comparable reduction of prices charged consumers of products, and that this situation is a symptom of a highly concentrated market; and WHERF-A,S. the lamb Industry has 15.5% fewer lambs that 1990 and 13% fewer producers since though prices have increased from earlier years the market is still highly concentrated; and WHEREAS, this situation threatens the stabil/ty of the tax base and local economy within the county:. THEREFORE BE IT ~LVED, that the Board of County Commissioners In and of Wyoming request the United States Secretary of Agriculture, by the authority vested In him Packers and Stockyards Act, to Instigate immediate action to restore competiUve practices to the cattle trade. BE IT FURTHER ~LVED, that ff investigations by the Grain Inspection Packers and Administration and U.S. Justice Department reveal violations or abuses of the law the Agriculture should report and coordinate with the U.S. Justice Department so that abuses immediately stopped and all violations prosecuted to the fullest extent under the law in order to sustain free and competitive markets for Individual Independent producers that they may remain economically viable contributors to the tax base and local economy of the Dated this 3rd day of September, 19@6 ............ Major F. Miller, Cha/rman Alan Roberts, Vice-Chalrman Mark A. Semlek, Member Attest: Connie D. Tschetten Alan seconded, all ayes, motion carried. Karen Olover, Treasurer, and Joe Baron, County Attorney, were present. Karen discussed matter, House Bill #87, and a Statement of Investment Policy. Joe Baron. County Attorney. Randy Cornelia. Minnie Williams. Chuck Williams. Bemlta Perala, Richards, Bob Perala, and Duane Hart] were present to discuss the portion of Sundance/Wind #93 to be vacated. Written and oral objections were recelved. The Board will appoint three appraisers to view the road and hold a hearing to fix ' the submit their findings to the Board. At that time the Board will set a bearing to make a or not to vacate said portion of the road. Duane Hart] requested maintenance on a cattleguard and requested gravel on a portion of the Wind River Co. Rd. #93. No decisions were made at this time. Barb Coy, Public Health Nurse, discussed the Public Health Nurse FacilitieS project. Barb proposals from the following: Architectural Means Robert J. Dorigo & Associates Rundquist & Hard TSP Architecture-Engineering-Planning Malone Belton Abel, P.C. Centennial Engineering & Research, Inc. Barb will set a date and time for the proposals to be reviewed. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 o'clock p.m. Wednesday, September 4, 1996 8:00 o'clock a.m. Present were Major F. Miller, Chairman, Alan Roberts, Vice-Chairman, Member, and Connie D. Tschetter, County Clerk. Phil Barnes and Jim WainwrighL both with Homestake Mining Company, Informed the Board progress on the Land Auction In the Moskee Area. The Board Infollned them there will be no maintenance on Moskee Co. Rd. #207 and Berglund Co. Rd. #13A. Jim Miller. Department of Transportation, discussed road and bridge projects. Doug Watson discussed re-locating an existing catt]eguard on Berglund Canyon CO. Rd. #I0. for Re-Locating or Replacing an ExistLng Catt]eguard was signed by and between Douglas M. the Board of County Commissioners. Bill Lanning requested gravel from the Cole Pit for a private road. The request was denied. County Attorney Joe Baron, Custodian Dick Sackett, Clerk of District Court Tlna Wood, Gene Gade, Larry Coleman for Crook County School District No. One, and Joe Popham for Tri-County Assoc., Inc. were present to discuss the Compressed Video Conference from the State and placed in the Courthouse basement, this is a state funded project for public use. Public notice will be given when the equ/pment is received. Those present left at 9:450 a.m. to view the Courthouse basement for the Compressed Video Site. At 10:10 o'clock a.m. back Into regular session. Wayne Garman and Ross Garman requested permission to Install a wated/ne under a port/on Miller Creek Co. Rd. #94. A Private Waterline License will be drawn up. Alan moved to approve Special Catering Permits to Forsberg, Inc. dba Sand Creek Trading September 27th and 28th. Mark seconded, all ayes, motion carried. The Board gave Gregg A. Forsberg approval to build a loading/unloading dock on the located In Beulah provided that we reserve the right to remove the dock at our discretion. Joe Baron, County Attorney, discussed a Settlement Agreement concerning grovel. Mark made ~t to approve a Settlement Agreement between Crook County and Marchant Ranch. Alan seconded, motion carried. Devils Tower Conservation District sent the Board a signed "Petition of Request by the Conservation District to Impose a County Tax to be Submitted General Ballot". Mark moved to place the modified ballot proposition received upon the pursuant to WY ST I I- 16-134 (c) (I) (fl] as follows: "Shall the Crook County Commissioners impose a conservation district tax, not to exceed one property within Crook County for the purpose of providing natural resource programs Tower Conservation District?" If this proposition is approved, the tax remain in effect until a to discontinue the tax. signed by not less than ten percent (10%] of the electors of the the board of county commlssioners, and the proposal to dlscontlnue the tax Is approved bY _h~ proposal to discontinue the tax shall be subm/tted to the electors of the district at the expense w at the next general election or by mail ballot pursuant to W.S. 22-29-114 and 22-19-115 for disapproval. FOR the Conservation District Tax AGAINST the Conservation District Tax Alan seconded, all ayes, motion carried. Alan moved to approve the bond for Criss C: zter, Treasurer, Crook County Fair Board. Mark all ayes, motion carried. Adjourned for lunch at 11:56 o'clock 1:00 o'clock p.m. Present were Major F. Miller, Chairman, Alan Roberts. Vice-Chairman. Member, and Connie D. Tschetter, County Clerk. Elvin Rush, Road and Bridge SupL, discussed ,naintenance on roads, culverts, and car discussed was the location of a new County Road and Bridge Shop, equipment and a possible used County surplus eqo/pment. Elvin will work up a list of the surplus equipment. Cheryl Williams, Emergency Management Coordinator. discussed a personnel matter. [Cent. ea Pale 7}