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September 17, 1953     The Sundance Times
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September 17, 1953

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PROCEEDINGS OF THE BOARD' OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AT A SPECIAL ,MEETING OF THE BOARD AT THE COURT ]BOUSE AT SUNDANCE, CROOK COUNTY, WYOMING Office of the County Commissioners September 8, 1953. I o'clock p.m. The Board o! Crook County Commissioners met this day in Special Session for the purpose of considering the claims for dam- ages as allowed by the Appraisers of the Sundance-Beulah Road, F1 25 (3). Whereas, it was found that the said Board of Appraisers had ap- praised said road in conformity to law on the 12th day of August, and that the law in regards to appraising of roads for right- oLway purposes had been complied with in every way; the following! claims for damages were entered ~n the minutes of the meeting of ~his board, together with the ac- tions and allowance of damage by he appraisers as follows: Claim 1. Arthur J. Schelldorf 'and Olive Sehelldorf -- That all ",;fencing be replaced in kind; That three approaches be made; one "to the trailer court in the NW%d "NE%, Sec. 23, T. 51 N. R. 63 W. I ~$th P. M., one to the north in the :SE%NW~4 of said Sec. 23, and ,one to the north in the SW ~JNW of said Sec. 23; that the ~bridge across the creek in the ~SWtANW~ of said Sac. 23 be lnade available as a cattle pass of at least 7 foot height; and that we be paid for the 9.5 acres of land being taken, in the sum of $3,500.00; and that the approach to the trailer court above mention- ed be gravelled and of sufficient ~vidth for said trailer court pur- ]poses. ALLOWED: Three approaches ms asked for. One Stock Pass as tusked for fenced for stock; $950.00 for land taken in right-of-way; Fences replaced in kind. CLAIM 3. Vera L. McCormick and Harold Schelldorf--That all fencing and the present approach Ibe replaced in kind; and that we be paid for the 1-10 acre to be taken, in the amount of $500.00. ALLOWED--That fencing and approaches be replaced in kind; $250.00 for land taken in right-of- way. cLAIM 4. ANDY POLICKY-- That from the point wh~re the ]highway enters the SW~'NEXA ~Sec. 23, T. 51 N. R. 63 W. 6th ]P,M~, from the west, a paved valley gutter be constructed in the south l~orrow pit for a distan~ of 350 feet east, and also 50 feet west onto the city property in the SE % NWXA of said Section 23, the same to be in width from the traveled surface of the highway to the sottth right of way line. That the use of the south 20 feet of the right of way on the south side of the road be made mvailable for use with the ap- proaches hereinafter mentioned for feet east from the west line ef said SW ~A NE ~t of said See. 23, and50 feet west from the said line; That one west and one east aP- proach to the present pump island and to the Crook County Refinery station bulldog and Appliance and ,"Service Garage buildings be in- ztalled, along the length of the paved valley gutter above claimed; for good accessibility to the sta- tion and garage and appliance 1buildings; that an" additional ap- ln'oach on the south side of the z'oed be made where the new road intersects the line between the ~'W~NE~ and NW~4NE of See. 23, leading off to the southwest toward the appliance and garage buildings, said ap- proach being approximately 250 feet east of the appliance and garage buildings; and that an ap- proach to the lands north of the mind in the SWINE% of said ~ec. 23 he installed. That the house on the north of the road in the NW ~4 SE ISee. 23, be moved into Sundance at 1, location to be designated by the mnderaigned, for which the under- algned offers and agrees to pay tme-fourth of the costs of such zwving; and that the water hy. on the north side of the road /m the NW K SE~4 be replaced next lhl the north right of way line: That woven and barbed wire fencing be replaced in kind and that land to be taken be compen- sated for at $750.00 per acre; That the one-story wood frame house, 39' x 24' 6", on the SE% NW%, owned by the undersigned and situated on city property leas- ed from the Town .of SUndance, be moved into Sundance to a location to be designated by the under- signed, and the undersigned of- fers and agrees to pay one-fourth of the costs of such moving; and that the undersigned be paid $550.00 for the footings and par- tial basement for said building, $250.00 for plumbing and drain- age connections; $30.00 for loss of rent during moving of the same; and $100.50 for loss of lawn, gar- den, trees and shrubbery. ALLOWED: For 350 feet east from west line of SWNE Sec. 23, T. 51 N. R. 63 W., Right-of-way be reduced from 90 feet to 80 feet from cen- ter line on south side of right of way. Approaches as asked for. Fencing to be replaced in kind; For land taken in right-of-way, $120.00; For House on NWNE : Sec. 23, the sum of $100.00 to- ward moving same; For house sit- uated on SE%NW, Sec. 23, claimed as owner and situated on city property leased from the Town of Sundance; $250.50 toward moving same to be paid to the "City of Sundance" as r~cord own- er of the real estate. CLAIM NO. 11--CLAUDE E. SEELEY--That the right-of-way be fenced with suitable posts and four wire fence with stays. Fence posts to be one rod apart. That necessary approaches be installed and gates for the working of stock where necessary to he worked out with project engineer. That bridge or cement box on Sundance Creek be fenced as a stock pass. That the draw in NE%NE~A: See. 8, T. 51 N. R. 62 W. 6th P.M., Wyo. be fenced as a stock pass if suitable box large enough for same is installed there. If plans do not call for suitable box at present time for such pass; I hereby request that a suitable box for a pass be installed so I can have access to water for that pasture. Thatwhere said right-of-way en- ters my landj in the ENE: Sec. 13, T. 51 N. R. 63 W., 6th P. M, and crosses my present ir- rigation system; said water ditch- es be restored along or on said right-of-way in such manner that ;they will be in as good a shape for i irrigation and spreading of water as they are at this time. That culverts be placed in the irrigation ditches in Sec. 4, T. 51 N. R. 82 W. 6th P. M. Wyo. so irri- gation water can be led across the right of way. This will take two culverts. That the old right of way where it crosses my land be abandoned md the old oil be removed and the roadbed be scarified and plow- ed up. That I receive compensation in the amount of $100.00 per acre for each acre of ground taken in the right of way. ALLOWED: Fencing allowed as asked for" Stock Passes allowed as asked for; Approaches and ~ates allowed as asked for; Irriga- tion system to be restored as ask- ed for; That old right-of-way, when abandoned, be restored as asked for; $2920 for land taken in th~ right.of-way. CLAIM 13--Ben E. Sager and Ruby M. Sager---S100.00 an acre [or 6.60 acres. Stock underpass to give access to land cut off by highway; Sheep tight fence along right of way. Flat approach level with highway. ALLOWED---Fences to be re- placed in kind; $330.00 for land taken by right-of-way. CLAIM NO. 14---W. E. Mathews --I hereby request that a suitable approach be built to my branding and loading corrals where said road enters this subdivision; such corrals be situate on the southeast side of right of way. That said road be fenced with a legal fence on the south side of right of way. That the Custer Battlefield Marker be fenced in with this right-of-way md suitable approaches be built to same. That the fence on north side be of legal construction and so conatructed th~ the Marker as requested be fenced in the right of way. That right of way of pres- ent road be abandoned and oil be plowed up and removed and road- bed scarified. That I be paid the sum of $50.00 per acre for each and every acre of land included in the right-of-way crossing my land. ALLOWED---Approach to brand- ing 'chute as asked for; Fences as asked for; That old right-of-way when abandoned, be restored as asked for. For lands taken in right-of-way, $320.00. CLAIM NO. LS---Mabel Waddell Vines---DAMAGES: Ten Thousand ($10,000.00) Dollars. CONDI- TIONS: Fenced on both sides with heavy three barb wire, 32 inches high, using only pitch posts; This includes both the Sundance-Beulah road and the Moskee road. Construction and maintenance of four (4) graveled approaches nec- essary for claimant to enter and cross prospective road said ap- proaches to be later designated by the claimant hereinto correspond to both houses of claimant. Construction and maintenance of four (4) underpasses, said under- passes to be designated by claim- ant herein so that they will con- nect all pastures of claimant. All acreage of the present road shall be returned and reconveyed to the claimant herein. In addi-, tion, said road shall be plowed up and all underpasses thereon shall either be removed or the right to remove said underpasses be given to claimant herein. The claimant shall be relieved of any costs whatsoever in the fulfillment of the above conditions. ALLOWED: Fencing as asked !for; Approaches as asked for; Stock passes as asked for; when old road abandoned, it be returned as asked for. $2630.00 for lands ;taken by right-of-way. CLAIM NO. 16--Marry E. Osgard and Leota F. Osgard--That all approaches to the present highway be replaced by appropriate ap- proaches to the new highway--that all fencing be replaced in kind; that an 8-foot concrete stock pass be located on said new road, at a point approximately east of our residence house, and in the NW SE~A, Sec. 26, T. ~2 N. R. 62 W. 6th P. M.; that any other bridges constructed on our lands be made available for passage of stock un- derneath; and that we be paid for land to be taken, amounting to 44.47 acres, at $100.00 per acre. Old road to be obliterated. ALLOWED: Approaches as ask- ed for; Fences as asked for; 7' stock pass east of residence as ask- ed for; Bridge fenced as stock pass as asked for; Old road aban- doned and obliterated as asked for. $2223.50 for lands taken by right of way. CLAIM 18--Donald P. Bush et al.--Right of way to he fenced with legal four-wire fence on both sides, with substantial posts one! rod apart. ALLOWED--Fencing as asked for. ! CLAIM 19--Lorin W. Harper and Jean Harper--The construc- tion and erection of a four wire barbed wire fence with substan- tial posts every rod on each side of the right of way insofar as it crosses our lands. Also, if needed, a proper road approach. In the event said fences and road ap- proach are not allowed, then the undersigned claim the sum of $1500 for damages in lieu thereof. ALLOWED---Fencing and al~, proach as asked for. CLAIM No. 20---Tri County El- ectric Assn., Inc. We have exam- ined maps on file in the office of the County Clerk and have checked the project with Highway Department~personnel in the area ~nd find that available information is not sufficient to serve as a basis for a reasonable estimate of the costs of moving, relocating, rais- ing and otherwise changing elec-] tric lines of the Tri-County Elec- tric Association to provide the necessary or desired clearance for the proposed Highway east of Sundance, Wyoming. We antici- pate and do hereby claim reim- bursement for our full and actual costs in moving, removing, relo- cating, rai~ing or otherwise chang- ing our electric ~ and appur- tenances to meet the requirements of the new Highway and accepted safe construction practices to leave the lines in condition equal to present condition. ALLOWED: Actual cost of relo- cating Electric Power Lines to present condition. Dated at Sundance, Wyoming, this 12th day of August, 1953. Signed: Bert W. Evans Ralph Nickelsou George Grenier After going over the various claims for damages and the figures as presented by the appraisers, it was found that the appraisers' re- i ports and recommendations were just and that the amounts as rec- ommended be paid and it was reg- ularly moved and carried, all mem- bers voting aye that such report be approved and accepted by this Board and payments and allow- ances be made as recommended and that the following Resolution be spread upon the minutes of this meeting as follows: RESOLUTION WHEREAS, The Board of Coun- ty Commissioners of Crook Coun- ty, Wyoming, did, on the 23rd day of June, 1953, adopt a resolution declaring their intention to estab- lish a road, to be known as the Sundance-Beulah road, Project F1 25 (3), commencing at a point ,on the west boundary of section 23, T. 51 N., R. 63 W., from which ~he southwest corner of said sec- tion 23 bears S. 2 23' E. a dis- tance of 2536.2 feet: thence run- Ring in a northeasterly direction for a distance of 4980 feet to a point on the north boundary of said section 23 from which the north corner thereof bears S. 89 36' E. a distance of 1314.2 feet, the said point being the southi limits of the Town of Sundance; Also beginning at a point on the north and south center line of section 13, T. 51 N., R. 63 W. from which the center of said sec- tion 13 hears S. 0" 01' W. a distance of 835.8 feet, said point being on the east limits of the Town of Sundance; thence running in a northeasterly direction for a dis- tance of approximately 8.2 miles through Section 13, T. 51 N. R. 63 W; sections 18, 7, 8, 9, 4 and 3, T. 51 N., R. 62 W.; sections 34, 35, 26, 25 and 24, T. 52, N., R. 62 W. to a point in section 24 which is S. 31 47~' W. a dis- tance of 1739.5 feet from a point on the East boundary of said sec- [tion 24 from which the northeast corner thereof bears N. 0 02' W. a distance of 718 feet. Also a connecting road from the junction of the Moskee road the present highway, northerly through the west half of section 3, T. 51 N., R. 62 W., to the pro- posed highway as shown on map on file. WHEREAS; Claims having been filed the said Board appointed~ THE SUNDANCE TIMES Sundance, Wyo. Sept. 17, Ralph Nickeison, Bert Evans George Grenier as appraisers met on the line of the road 12th day of August and to go over the line of the road and fix the damages ed by each land owner and mediately filed their writing with the County Clerk said County, and WHEREAS: The said Board ter carefully considering the port finds the awards made be just and equitable. NOW THEREFORE, BE RESOLVED: That the awards allowed by the appraisers be by approved and that the road described above and shown in tail on the map on file with County Clerk be hereby established. Adopted this 8th day of ber, A. D., 1953. No further business coming fore the Board, it was moved carried to adjourn to meet in ular Session Oct. 6, 1953. Board of Crook County CommissionerS By: H. C. MINNICH, ATTEST: Francis Hejde, County Clerk. Yypewriter R~bons at The Ranch Loans Appraisals Insurance Write or Call: C. W. Tompklns Keenan Bldg. Sheridan, Wyo. DR. H. DORLAND 0Fr01~Rl$~ Phone 480 Belle Dr.J.G. Osteopath Physjclaa Spearfish, S. D. Wyoming Lands Edwin Rounds, Bonded Realtor SUNDANCE, WYOMING Could use some ood ranch Listings as I have several Prospective buyers. Have several good homes in Sundauce for sale. Insurance Would appreciate your Insurance business. I write fire, extended coverage, car and liability insuranee. 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