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September 30, 1999     The Sundance Times
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September 30, 1999

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Gateway Ministries Comer of Cleveland & North 4th Street Dr. Wayne Phillips, Minister Sunday Worship and Childrcns Church - I0:30 a.m. Crook County Nursing Home Church services are held at "I0:00 a.m. each Friday. Local ministers take turns holding services. , IIIII II I II Ill IIIIIIIII I I - J 1 I The legislaUve and executive branches of our federal government are quarreling mightily over what to do with a projected surplus of tax dollars. Wyoming's state government has been agonizing for two years over a projected disastrous deficit, and has not yet come up with any concrete plan for the 2001-2002 biennium. The state will have a $127 million deficit, even ff they use the $56 million balance in the reserve account. We have been spending more than we are collecting since the mid- 1980s, From the Tax 2000 Reform Committee which operated last year right through the present Select Oversight Committee which is Just now winding up its acUvitles, it would seem that every phase of our state government, from the substantial education budget down to such servlces as state falr and public televlslon have been studled. The committees have seemed sincere In their desire to bring taxpayers into the debate. They need the understanding of the public; aside from the seriousness of the problem, It's quite possible that when the smoke clears away, there will be elected officials who are going to bear the brunt of the public's dissatisfaction with the outcome. Taxation is not popular;, it never has been. It's been with us nearly as long as sin. Ifyou can believe what has been handed down throughout history, the king or the emperor or the czar sent his musclemen out over the land to gather up whatever durable goods they could get their hands on, and these minlons carted It back home to be used as the ruler saw fit. The only benefit that the producers and workers were likely to getwas that some of the booty would be used to keep a neighboring ruler from coming in to take over...we e been saying, 'The only two things you can be sure of, are death and taxes," ever since. The whole concept has been redefined, relined, and often abused down through the centuries. It's not the same thing today. If someone came to you with a notepad and pencil, and asked you how much government you would pay for, during the coming year. what would you say? Name a figure you would pay for roads. For schoo|s. For police protection and economic growth. For enforcement of laws that take care of the disabled, the poor. For the care of resources, oversight of utilltles, the marl. Defense. We could not function in this complicated society without all these services, It would be bedlam. I would submit to you that present-day taxation, if you discount waste, is a real power for good, generally speaPdng. It seems well documented that we Wyoming citizens have not been paying for the services we have been getting from our state government. Ourwealth of minerals and resources have been paying the bill fora long time. And they have been drying up. In addition, many of them have been non-renewable resources; as we spent it all, we knew It was a one-tlme deal; we have been foolish. But It's too late to remedy that: we can only take care of what is left. I think a great deal of the resentment, If taxes are raised, and they will be, will come about because we know there is a vast amount of waste. We all know it; Wyoming is small enough, sparsely settled enough, for most citizens to see It going on. And that is one facet of the problelh that you don't hear too much about. I would like to see some genuine public brainstorming on this subject; there are a great many pubilc servants and elected officials who refer to the waste (confidentially or in small groups} in connection with somebody else's department, but never in their own. I guess that airing this particular issue requires more courage than is available. STUDENTS: Change your ife Continue your education and receive a monthly check. Learn leadership skills, physical fitness and a skill or trade. Earn money for college, up to $5,000 enlistment bonus and much more. Call your Army NMional Gum@ Recruiter at (307) 686-0301 or I (800)GO.GUARD i "WHERE THE KID [IS NAME" The Sundance Times 311Main Street Box 400 Sundance, WY82729 Founded in 1884 307-283-3411 FAX: 307-283-3332 E-Mall: suntimes@vcn.com Curtis Moberg: The Sundance Times published Owner, Publisher. every Thursday, by The Sundance Advertising Times, Inc. Entered as periodical Linda Moberg: matter U.S. Post O0~ce, Sundance, Owner, Editor Crook Co.WY. USPS 526-720. Donna Jones: Ad design/make-up, legals, billing Marge Myers: Type setting, layout. proofing Postmaster; Address changes to: The Sundance Times, P.O. Box 400. Sundance, WY 82 729 Sundance Times, Inc. ~zrt~ and Linda Moberg. Elizabeth Canfield: Staff writer, proofing Evonna Schelling: Staff writer/reporter Subscr/nt/on Rates: $18.00 Crook, Weston. Campbell. Butte, Lawrence. Carter Counties. $20.50 all other. addresses. Kathy Wilson: Circulation manager Jul/e Collins: Contributing correspondent WYOMING PRESS ASSOCIATION Copyright 1999 by THE SUNDANCB TIMES, INC. All rights reserved, DEADLINE: I0:00 a.m. Tuesday of week to be Inserted. WANT AD RATES: 25 per word, minimum $3.00 CLA88IFED DISPLAY per column inch $5.50 CARD OF THANKS: $5.00/610.00 The Official Newspaper For Crook County City of Sundance, Wyoming and The U.S. Land Office _ II Letter To The Editor losing more than gained Dear Editon My husband and I had a very disturbing experience during our last visit to your beautiful state, and it has IeR me feeling hurt and betrayed -- so much so that I am compelled to write to you about it. First of all, let me say that my family, my friends, and myselfhave had many wonderful visits to Wyoming. We have crisscrossed the state countless times and have enjoyed every bit of it. We have spent thousands upon thousands of dollars in Wyoming over the years, and have always felt that every penny was well-spent. The scenery is magnificent, the people are so welcoming and friendly, and the rural pace of life In the state is exceptionally pleasant. Without doubt, Wyoming has always been one of my favorite states to visit (and I've been to 46 out of the 50). I've traveled to and within Wyoming via airplane, car, Jeep, and motorcycle, and some of my favorite motorcycle memories are associ- ated with the peaceful and relaxing rides my husband and I have enjoyed Journeying across Wyoming. Unfortunately, that all changed on August I 0 of this year. On that day. my husband and I were traveling on 1-90 West from Sturgls. South Dakota to Gillette, where we were going to spend the night before heading south to Casper the next day. This was during the time of the Sturgis motorcycle rally, which as I'm sure you know, brings thousands of motorcycles to the area. Shortly after crossing the state line into Wyoming. we saw a state police SUV driving back onto the highway after pulling over a motorcycle. We were going five mph below the speed limit and certainly never thought these policemen would have any reason to be interested In us. But the next thing we know, the vehicle is directly behind us, flashing lights on, and is pulling us over. The policeman said we were driving without a headlight on. a Wyoming law. (This was in the middle of a perfectly clear, sunny, high-visibility day.) The officer was not nice about it either -- as a matter of fact he reached out and pushed at the leR speaker of my husband's headphones (which were turned off. so there was no reason for him to do this -- my husband could obviously hear the policeman clearly). My husband and I were exceptionally polite and courteous to this officer and his assistant, and there was no excuse for aggressive behavior. He then took my husband's driver's license and our insurance card and copy of the motorcycle title and ran a long check on us from his vehicle. Then he issued us a ticket for $50. We were stunned. Most officers would give people a warning first, and would certainly be aware that travelers from distant places cannot possibly know every traffic law of every area they visit. Furthermore, the ticket (copy enclosed) says that my husband ;'did drive a motorcycle with a headlight turned on" -- which is what the law says we are supposed to As soon as the officer and his associate leR us, they Immediately pulled over another motorcycle. I think It's pretty clear that what was happening here was a selective enforcement of a little-used law just to collect money. The 1-90 incident reminded me much too closely of an experience I had while driving through Mexico CRy (well-known for Its unethical police) with friends a few years ago. We were pulled over for the bizarre (and fabricated) charge of stopping at a green light -- and we were told that we could either pay the pollcema~$25 on the spot. or dispute the ticket and have our drivers' licenses held by city hall during the three days it would take to arrange a hearing. Not much of a choice there. Just like this Wyoming situation -- it would be ludicrous for us to take offwork and pay for the alrfare and lodging to go to Sundance and fight this ticket, and I'm sure that whomever initiated the targeting of motorcycles on 1-90 during the Sturgis rally knew this would be the case with most of the people ticketed. By the way, we have ridden our motorcycle through Wyoming at least four or five times previously during non-Sturgis times and have never been pulled over for anything. My overall feeling is, sadly, that I don't even want to go back to Wyoming again. My husband has sworn never to return. And that's awful. I have relatives who go fishing in Wyoming each year and they're so disgusted by this incident that they are going to Colorado instead next year. And a friend of mine who goes skiing every other year in Jackson Hole says she's going to Park City, Utah next time. So, even though I am sending the $50 to the Sundance JP, the long-term ramfficaUons of upsetting two visitors will far outweigh the gain of that $50. Imaglne if the other motorcyclists who were ticketed on 1-90 decide that they'll never return to your state, and their friends and decide not to either. You end up losing a lot more than you gain. (This letter was shortened.} Shirley Chretien The - Be Not Deceived Editor:. In this world In which we live we are being deceived Our radio, TV, newspapers are full of news of the da3 This Is sln that is approved of today. Divorce, singles drugs, drunkards, gambling, homosexuality, lesbians life llst goes on and on. Just because the world al mean one may do that with God's approval, We of the are of the contrary. Let us first have the approval of God, then let us teach His inspired word with conflde~ mouth be stopped by those who love the truth Epheslans 5:6 "Let no man decelve are to lead you to believe sin is acceptable to GOd will go unpunished by GOd into heaven when this life is Colosslan church of Christ writes in 2:8 "Beware lest any through philosophy and vain deceit, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." Paul Thessalonians church of Christ about Christ's second Thessalonians 1:7-8-9. Christ will come with His angels withl taking vengeance on them that know not God and They shall be punished with everlasting Matthew 7:13-14 Matthew an apostle of Jesus concerning false teachers. Verse 15 as wolves clothing come to deceive most religious people. gates. The wlde gate anyone that does not do the will through. The narrow and this is because of all the false teaching going on In in. There is no unity in the teaching of the gospel of ChrisL The church of Christ pleads with you to study i of doctrines of men. Colossians 2:8. Come worship with us. You need the church always welcome. Bible class at 10:00 a.m. and worship at l] Determining right and Dr. T. Wayne Pastor, Gateway 'What is right and what is wrong?...That question is one over which all of us have struggled and on which hardly any two of us would completely agree. There are those who say. "Let your conscience be your guide." It is good to listen to your con- science, yet a cannibal can kill and eat you with a perfectly clear conscience. A conscience must be trained or taught. Some people assert that a thing is right or wrong accord- /rig to the way we think about it. The Scriptures point out that."the way of a fool is right in his own eyes." Proverbs 12:15. Along the pathway of life, we at times come to forks in the road at which we mustdeclde to go one way or the other. Just one little guidepost at that fork might save us from much heartache and trouble. SO, allow me to set up four simple guides that will help us decide when we are sincerely confused over what is right and wrong. I. Would you need to keep it a secret? Things we need to hide are usually wrong. The great Phillips Brooks once said, "keep clearofconcealment, keep clear of the need of concealment. It is an awful hour when the first necessity of hiding anything comes. When there are ques- tions to be feared and eyes tobe avoided and subjects which must not be touched, then the bloom of life is gone. 2. Where will it seemingly harmless are wrong because the wrong direction. 3. Which ks person is a single our "passionate self'. times say and are angry, or afraid, or power of lust, Then. "careless self'. We not taking effort to really think. is our"greed) thinking rights of others. One says. done to be when we are l selves". The changed the entire his life "when he se/f" Luke 15:17. he became his Our best self is so than the passionate of: or greedy self. 4. What would the you most admire your place? Of Christian, this Would Jesus Do?" It is not right thing, these guidelines will be a along the way.. And it better to do righU THE EVENT HAS BEEN WAITING FOR!it".... THE 50o/, OFF SALE at the Devils Tower KOA October 1st through 15th virtually every General Store will be 50% off the 10:00 a.m. to, 0 ).m. Dail