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October 14, 1920     The Sundance Times
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October 14, 1920

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TIME8 Your HaM It Abundantl i|mmedlately after a "Danderlne" ~ssage, your hair takes on new life, ~tra and wondrous beauty, apl~aar- ~g twice as heavy and plentiful be- cause each hair seems to fluff and ~ieken. Don't let your hair stay life- colorless, plain or scraggly. You, too, want lots of long, strong, heauti- tat hair. A ~t bottle of delightful ~nderine" freshens your scalp, ~eeks dandruff and fallinghair. This ~lmulating "besuty-tonlc" gives to in, dull, fading hair that youthful bflghtn~ an~ abundant thickness-- A|t drugglsts'!--J~dv. Tip They Deserve Sometimes. 41eadl|ue--- "Man in Reslaurant R'~ock~l Down fiend Walter." Tiffs, the walter hlntself will probably ad- mit, h~ carrying the tipping system a You Should Have the Best Have you ever stopped to reason why R is that an many products that are ex~ ~vely advertised, all at once drop out tight and are anon [orgetto? The article did not fulfill the manufacturer. This to a medicine. that has real ~tive sells itself, as like ma eadle~ chain mystem the remedy is ~ended by those who have been ~fit~, to those who~are in need of it. "Take for a sold for many trover he~tate to recommend, for in every case it shows excellent re- am many of my customers testify. othm" kidney remedy has Re large a to swore statements and that it fulfills at- and aeutrallzes the uric bottlem Matching Hie BoatrlL did you man I sent you only a in rite play? f~tn his own ae- ~nt he was such a I#o!h of a boy. ASPIRIN Name "Bayer" on Genuine ~er Tablets of Aspirin" is genu. Aspirin proved safe bY millions ~and pr~lbad ~ physicians for over tablets cost few cents. Druggists also kages." Aspirin Manufacture Men- At the exact moment the proposal made a young man actually believes he 4s not worthy of the girl. .pe's glapepsln" for lndlpstlon is the quickest, Gases, Flatu- Heartburn, Sourness, Fermentation Distress caused b.v acidity, tablets give almost immediate and shortly the stomach you can eat favorite foods ease costa only 0~ harmle~ helped annually, corrective known--Adv. :it's the cashier that gets the run on the bank. YES" Dye right ! Don't risk your material in a poor dye. Each,package of "Diamond Dyes' contains directions so simple that any woman can diamond-dye a new. rich, fadeless color into old cover- everything, whether wool, silk, linen, ~COtton or mlx go6a Buy "Diamond Dyes" -- nO other kind--ca perfect cesults are guaranteed. Druggist h a s "Diamond DYes Color Card"--16 rich colorg Adv Fortunately, few people are mind Claimant to Throne of Russia Reported to Be Gathering Support in Siberia. SAYS SERVANT WAS KILLED Present Soviet Government Has Of- fered 2,000,000 Rubles for Alleged Pretendee's Head---Pretenders of Bygone Days. New York.--A recent dispatch from London brings the Information that a nmn purporting to be Czar Nicholas II of Russia Is raining u large following in Siberia. According to Ills allega- tions, Ire asserts that It was one of Ills faithful servants who was killed in his place by the bolsheviki at Eknt- erlnburg over two years nun. The pres- ent soviet government has offered a reward of 2,000.000 rubles for this al- lege(] pretender's head. If this man Is an hnpostor another name can be added to the long list of pretenders to the crowns of Europe. In bygone days some were successful In establishing their clatm~,, while otil- ers paid the penalty for their false allegations on tl~e ~mi h)ttne. One of tbe successful claimants to a throne of Europe proved to be a wise and able ruler. About 1493 a mysterious stranger appeared in Cork. Ireland. where the people zreeted hi|n as the brother of Edward IV of England. hut he dented this. Timy then claimed that he was the son of Richard III. nml he dented this too. P, nt aA len~tii lie admitted that lie was the duke of York. one of the two princes whonl it wns belteved Richard III Imd murdered in the tower of London. Members of the nohility came from England. and after questioning the stranger they were eonvlnced that he was the duke of York. He then called himself Richard Planta~enet. duke of York, son of Edward IV. anti by right of succession Richard IV of England. Henry VII was then ruler of Eng- land. and he dhl ,'ill in his power to thwart tile dcsi~m of the new claim- ant to the throne. He succeeded In driving him out of France by forcing Charles VIII to hanish him. and he (~fe,ated him when he Invaded Eng- land from Scotland. Richard IV then sought refuge in Cornwall and later marched on London at the head of 7.000 Cornisi|men who rallied to his banner, but he was defeated and taken prisoner. Admitted He Wan Adventurer. It was said that Henry VII obtained a confession from htm b~ torture. He admitted that he was one Perkin War- beck, an adventurer from Picardy. After several weeks in the p~zbllc tecks~'thls pretender was e.xecuted: and Mary were Invited to accept the throne of England. since Mary was .the eldest child of Charles IL But a year before they assumed their retail duties it was announc~ that James' consort was about to present him with an heir. However, a rumor spread that James was about to pass off on the unsus- Imetlng puhllc as hl.q heir a child that was not his own. The bh'th of l'Hnce James Francis Edward Stuart, who was known In later years n.~ the Chev-o aller St. (;eorge. was witnessed by persons not really believed hy tile people. The foih)wing year James IT was forced to flee to Franee. Many years later the two danghters of Slr Theopbth|s Oglethorpe, who wan a faithful follower of James IL were overheard by Frances Shaftoe, rt strum- stress, to remaPk th'lt James Stuart. the Cheesier St. George, was their brother. One ntght 1he queen's in- fant dfed of convulsions at Windsor and Lady Oglethorpe brought her son. nine days older, to the castle and he was substituted for the prtnce. Oglethorpe's daughters had Frances Shaftoe confined In a French convent when they learned she shared their secret, but she suc('eeded in sending word to her mother. Wimn it was pub- lished that Oglethorpe's son was sup- po~,~al to be the prince the Chevalier St. George's plans In Scotland failed. Immediately after Catherine and Pe- ter III ascended the throne of Rus- sia Catherine had her husband thrown into prison and later reported his death. Five years later a slrm~-, who said he was Czar Peter ill turned up in Montenegro. The people of tim" country vcere sorely in need of a ruler, so the)' asked the alleged Peter zo lead their armies In battle, nnd lat,,r he took over tl-e reins of government un- der tile title of Stepl~en ttle I.i~tle. lie establtshe(l courts o!~ law and he,"ered living conditions throughout the coun- try. Catharlne soon learned that Monte- negro was a power to i~e reck,,ned with, so she denounced Stephen as a~ hupostor. Ite was thrown into jail and a representative of Catharine vis- ited hint. Presumably they came to some agreement arid Stephen was per- mitted to return to his throne. American Boy Scouts in Paris American boy scouts taking part ta ceremomes at Paris during their re- ceptlon In that city. Two young girls ~'mbollzing France and Amerl~m, are sitting on the platform, before which the maneuvers were held. Oklahoma Scientists Describe Method of Conserving Hen Product in Good Flavor. ALUMINUM SOAP IDEAL SEALER Perfect Process Which Keeps Con- tents of Egg Sweet and Leaveo no Trace of Foreign Flavor--Result of Long ReUa~. Chicago.--Eggs can now be pre- served by putting o~, their shells a thin film of aluminum soap. The process, one of the newer methods employed in guarding the product of the lowly hen from spoilage, Is de- scribed in the current number of the Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry. Its description occurs in an article by Drs. Hilton Ira Jones and Robert Du Bets of the department of chemis- try at the Oklahoma Agricultural and Mechanh'al college at Stlllwater, Okla.. who have made an intensive study" of the snhjeet. Tho~e scientists began their re- sea~,ehes on this line a year or so ago and have not only suggested important improvements iu egg preserwition but have prepared a catalogue of the books and articles which constitute the first bibliography of the salvage of the egg. One.Quarter Spoilage. The practical hearing of their In- vestigation is shown by their t~tate- ment timt egg dtmlers handling rail- Polish Women Fighters:Enj0ya Tills photograph, ~ent from Warsaw after t~e bolsheviki started the drive on tht.t city, shows m~nbers of the Legion of Polish Women, fighters who helped to defend their city, laving tbelr feet after a hard day's march. lions of dollars a year report losses from spoilage as high as 25 per cent. Beginning with the earliest expedi- ent, that of burying or packing the eggs in an air-tight substance, U)e au- timrs carry their scientific readers through the entirerange of the litera- ture of egg preservation from saLt to water glass. They find various faults with the sealing agents employed. They then tried aluminum soap, and recommend It for further investigation and experimenL This substance can be prepared .a~tth soap t~olution, to which can be added a solution of sore6 salt of aluminum, such as the alum ot commerce, whichMs a sulphate of alu- minum and potassium. Although the resulting precipitate Is technically a soap, It is Insoluble in water and must be dissolved by some such agent as gasoline, so that a film may be quick- ly and cheaply formed upgn the shell by dipping the eggs in a solution of It. The soap itself is odorless and taste- less aml therefore makes an ideal seal- er. since it has no effect upon the egg. The experimenters found, however that the usual solvent, gasoline, left a slight taste on the shell of the egg which was imparted to the contents. Two methods of solving the problem of ohtaintng a tasteless appllcation were tried and both were successful. Wholly Satisfactory. "The first," to quote the authors, "was to protect the eggs by a prelim- inary COating before sealing with the gasoline solution. The best agent for this purpose is dilute sulphurl acid. When eggs are immersed in the acid effe~'escence continues for about ten seconds and ceases as a coating of cal- cium sulphate 1~ formed in the pores of the egg shells. The calcium sul- phate acts as a polarizer and stops the reaction. The eggs are then dipped without drylng into the aluminum ~ap solution and placed in a special drip- ping rack. The method of double sealing u~lth surphuric acid seems wholly satisfactory. The contents ot the egg are sweet, and no tast~ of gas- oline can be detectt~l. The extra cost of the preliminary sealing, either in time or money, is negligible. "The necessity of double dipping is without doubt a weakness and a bet- ter solution of the problem was found. Gasoline is composed largely of pen- tane, n practically tasteless, odorless and colorless liquid. Since" m|soline dlssolvo~ ahlminum soap well, it is certain that its chief coustituent would do: so, and the problem was to prepare chemically pure pentane on a large scale. "The best method of preparing pen- tane seems to be the reduction of amy- lene. A very convenient aud cheap process of making amylene or pen- tane has recently been devlsed by Dr. Roger Adams. By fractional distilla- tion practically odorless and tasteless pentane can be produced. The cheap- ness with which pentane can now be made and the facility with which the product can be used to di~olve alumi- num soap seem to make this solution of the problem satisfactory in every way." The opal ~hows Its colors best when Wa rill. HAS FOOD FOR FUR HUNTERS Power Schooner Ruby on Trip tO Herschel Island, Beyond Arctic Circle. Seattle.--The power schooner Ruby. carrying a cargo of 600 tons, has started on the long trip in Herschel island, which lies far beyond the arctic circle. The big cargo Includes supplies for the scarlet riders, the royal north- we t mounted police, who patrol the far-flung stretches of tills adventurous land, and for the fur trading post of the Hudson's Bay company. Bands of Eskimos and many white trappers have cashed in the pelts resulting from last season's work. When the Ruby turns homeward ,she will be laden With furs from this rich post, which, like other Hudson's bay. posts, is being developed more extensively with the closing out to colonists of the company's remaining farm lands to give greater attention to the fur trade. In Yukon territory the brown beat of Kadlak Island, the largest of the Alaskan bears, is found, while the great white bear, which provides ex- citement a plenty for the most skillful hunter, stalks the Herschel island see- ties of the arctic circle with defianoe for all. Many other fur-bearlng ani- maIs bring big (eturns to the trap. pets. To cool the atr in a room an l'owa inventor has combined a pan to hold olock of ice with ma e~eetric fan, PLAN FOR TRLMMING GRAPES Aim of Minnesota Fair .r Is to Keep Vineyard Young by Not Having Old Wood in It. I have seen several articles on trim- ming grapes, but I (lifter with most of them. My aim is to keep the vineyard young by not having ohl wood in it. I bought six plants t,f Beta at $2 nnd set them 8 feet apart. Then I clipped off some of the long canes and set them in a little trench, two eyes in the gronnd fin(] one eye above the ground, and so got elght more plants. says a Redwovd county (Minnesota) farmer m The Farmer. For the first year I let only two canes grow by pinching off all other growth. The nex~ year I set posts and string two wires along the posts, then wrap the two cane~ around the upper wire, fastening the ends with strips of cloth. Am soon as the blo~ sores appear, I pincl~ off all growth above the lower blossoms. I will try to draw a plant and show how it looks before nnd after trim- ruing. On the left it is how one cane looks before trimming at "A";. on right, the other cane after trimming. As you will see, I leave the two lower Before and After Trimming Grapes. new canes on eaeb of the ohl caues, but cut off the blosstm~s and wind the new canes arnt~nd the lower wire ; then cut off all other growth of the two canes from last year up to one blossom. I'rom then on I keep off all surplus growth, so the grapes and also the wood for next year will ripen. In fall after the leaves are off. I clip off the old canes at "B." and there are your four canes for next year's bear- Ing. . AS to cultivation, I take my hand plow and plow away front plants in the fir.~ part of June, and even take with fork what I cannot get with plow and throw it in between the rows. Then I work with one-horse cultivator as much as needed to keep moistture and kill weeds. In August I take my hand plow and throw thd d~,rt against the plants so the roots are protected from freezing, and leave the furrow open in the middle of the rows. As to selling, I sell mo~t of the grapes to private parties and it does not take long. The stores want my crop and pay a good price for it. Of course, prices vary, but 3 to 5 cents a pound is a good price, as we can raise 6,000 to 7.000 pounds from (me acre. 1 ~lat bu~aeh~ ~th ~ tm~l knife. pick out green berries, and pack bunches carefully in common imsket. 20 pounds to a basket. I have a rack on spring wagon and in this way can haul 500 to 600 pounds. I have hen- dled two to three acres of grapes. Practical Results Show It la Better to Cut Off Many Small Twigs, Leaving Large OneS, There was a time when commercial and theoretical orchardists believed that pruning was the whole thing with the tree, but now we have learned that pruning is a remedy to be ap- plied only when absolutely necessary. It ia a dwarfing process and one should not prune excessively. Mor~ over, pruning is a localized process which means that by pruning one side ~f a tree. we do not cause the other side to grow out. The old idea was to let sunlight and alr into the tree by cutting out a few large limbs. Practical results, however, show that it is much better to cut off many small twigs rather than a few large ones. In general, a pretty good rule is to prune very sparingly except to renew fruit buds and to prevent ex- cessive shading. CO-OPERATION AIDS MEMBERS Different From General Business Cot. poration in That It Alma to Effect Savings. The general business corporation is ,operated for profit and grants each share a vote. It places no limit on mnnbers of shares an individual may own. It distributes profits as divi- dends on capital stock. On the other hand the co-operative organization is operated to effect sav- ings and allows each member only one vote. Usually it limits the financial Interest any one member may lmve in it and restricts the return on invested capital to a fair rate of interest. It divides any further surplus to be dis- trlbuted In accordance with patronage. BIG ASSISTANCE TO FARMER Co-Operative Organizations Help in Standardization and Improve Grading and Packing. Co-operative marketing organiza- tions can assist in standardization; in improving grading and packing; In ob- taining attd using market information ; In developing old markets; in finding new pmrkets: in improving servlce; in advertising and in buytng needed supplies. Important Economic Change, The growth of dairying Is one of the most important economic changes in the developing of tile agriculture of the middle West. Cut Close in Pruning. Make dose cuts when pruning. Stubs are apt to decay back to the heart of the tree. Mulchdor Strawberries. Mulch autmnn bearing strawber- ries with straw or lawn clippings to keep the fruit clean. For Infants and Children. Always Bears th0 Signature of II Exact Copy of Wrapper. 1~ CIPIII~JR COMPANY, ~-arw YORK CIltY. i Playing Safe. "That fellow st..ms to have horse sense." "firth?" "IIe keeps away frma the races." GREEWS AUGUST FLOWER A Marvelous Remedy for Indigestion. Those who suffer from nervous dys- pepsia, constipation, indigestion, tor- pid liver, dizziness, headaches, con]- Ing up of food. wind on stomqch, pal- pitation aml other indicathms of dis- order in the digestive tract will find Green's August Flower a most effec- tive and efficient a.~Mstant in tl~e res- toration of nature's functions and a return to health and happiness. There conld be no b,-tter teStilnoay of the value of this remedy for these troubles than the fact that its use for the last fifty-four years has extended into many thousamls of households all over the civilfzed worhl and no indication of any failure has been obtained in all that time. Very desirable as a gentle laxative. Sold everywhere.--Adv. PROVED TRUE TO HER WORB Fair Autoi~t Had Said She Would Be Back Promptly, and It Was Even- More $o. On one of my fl~t excursions in our ! new car, writes a corrt~l~mdent. I [ stopped at the gruc~ry with my ear pqrked wilh the back t,Bvard the store door. I gave my order and told the clerk that I would hP hack t6 get my things In a very few minute~. As I stepped into the car, my best "beau" canle down tile st;eet, and nnxlous to show him how well I cored drive, I imrriediy threw fntc. gear. I raced the engine and let the clutch out to get n quick pleknp. It proved to be a wonderful one. as I had thrown into rever.~e and found myself ill the doorway of the grocery store. I had gone over the cur')in." and all. breaktng the window as 1 bumped into the slore. The grocer hurried out. and when he saw who it was. "Well," lie s'tid. "ygu have proved yourself a wmnlln of your word, but it will cost you lhe price of a new simw whn]ow." Installment Stuff. "Been visiting .*he Newemnhes, ell?" Is their furniture antiqueT' "No; on lick. I fancy." To Get More Eggs. Knicker--What Is a good policy? Reeker--Put nil your eggs in one basket and watch the hen. Helpful Hint. "I'm in powerful bn(I shape, I.um .~ said a citizen of Straddle Hhlge, in re- ply to the inquiry of an a~-qnaiutnnce, "I hailt't beell any acCcUlltt--lo say ac- count-for six weeks n,,w. I kain't sleep nights to do no go:hi, and I don't relish what I eat. I've got -u gronpinK pain In my abandon the most of th~ time, and I'm lflumh down in the bnc~ and low in nly mlnd. I swear, I don't" know what I err to do." "'Get a new omeni('k.'" was the reply. "That'll furnish a new set of symp- toms, that Ill;ely you'll kltoW whwt t~ do for."--Kansas Ciiy Star. Dont Forget Cuticura Talcum When adding to your toilet requisite. An exquisitely scented face, skin, and dusting powder and perfume, ren, ,ering other pe tu,ues superfluous You may rely on it because one of , Cuticura Trio (Soap, Ointment and ralcum). 25c each ever.~-where.--Adv. MILK AND MEAT AS RIVALS Rising Prices May Yet Force People Turn to the Fluid to Sus- ................ tal. Life. As the price of nteat'~)ars npward, nany people are forego! to be part time vegetarians. Thus the ohl ques- tion, "Is tn~tt e.gsenthtl to hue]an ~-eil- being?" ari~,.~ again. The eomn|it-; tee on food and nutrtthm of the Na- tional Resoraeh eotmcli has Issued ar~ Interesting reFort on the relative':alue of n;eat and milk. Eighteen per cent of the protein aug energT of grain nsed in f~llng a cow g~s Into the milk, and is lherefore" rccovelx, d for hul-nan eonsnlupth)n 7 whereas only 3z,~ per (~'nt is recov- ered in beef. Am for lhe mineral ele- ment~ in hay and gratn, nor nlllkt'h i~ store~l in the tissues, but a great~ amount goe.~ into milk. Beef profit(~rs, beware! The hard- presstM I)ublic may decide to" let milk , take the place of beefsteak.--Popular Science Monthly. Not Qualified. "A reporter wishes to see yml, Mrfl" "What does lie want?" asked Mr. (;rahcoin, testily. "lie roD's lie wants to get yO1W view.~ ou the Euro~,au situation.'" "Tell him l'm not creels,tent to di.~" cuss the question. I don't eveu know what's becon,e of that p~t, nllisichlll~ or sonlething Or Oliler who t'apluret| Fiume."--IHrmingh.m~ Age-I lerahl. Most men will tell you tlr=t a gtmd nalne l~ heiter tlmn riehes--hut they keep rl~,~t zr, hustliug. eains new friends alo.n cause of its pleas taste healthfulness, and savin in cost Postmn Cereal is delicious when , properly made: boil fully fteen. minu es after boiling begins. The more you boil Pdstum- Cereal the be< er it is. When ordering be sure oget me orisinal A 50-cup paqka e. usually sells for 25 ma,~,y Post m Cereal Co..Ia BaSle G-eek,Htcl