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October 14, 2004     The Sundance Times
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October 14, 2004

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Page 4- Thursday, October 14, 2004 "WHERE THE KII~ GOT HIS NAME" The Sundance Worth i wont with some folks from my church to the Stand For the Family Rally in Rapid City last weeE We saw some other local folks them. It was an informalive ..ent.on.% ev~ ,~ drew ,~sanc~ ~ r=,~ ~ a~ a handtui of protesters outside. We, of course, didn~ know anyone was protesting but others we know saw them on the evening news. I think it odd that anyone would protsst the event sinoe its main focus was to f encourage folks to get out and vote in the upcoming eleclJon. Anyway, nay sayers aside, I enjoyed the four keynote speakers: Dr. James Dobson of Focus on the Evonna Schellin~; Family; Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council; Bishop Weflington Boorne, and Gary Bauer, past president of the FRC and a contender in the 2(XX) race for the American presidency. Between them, these four men had more good stuff to say than I would even attempt to repeat or summarize hem. Suffice it to say that, as you know, them is an important election coming up November 2~ and you, as an American, should exercise your right to vote. Now, I'm not hem to tell you how to vote or to W to persuade yo~J to vote for my candidates of choice; rather, I'm hem to ask: am you registered? If so, good for you[ If not, there's still time. And it's ever so easy to do. You only need to meet five voter qualifcatkx~s: citizan of the United Slates, resident of the State of Wyorning, at least 18 years of age on etecticn day, not a felon, and not adjudicated mentally incompetent. Those requirements mat, you should then contact our county clerk, Connie Tschetter, to register eady. She can walk you through the ~ and telt you in which precinct and at which polling place you should vcte. The Crook County Clerk may be reached by telephone at (307) 283-1323; by mail at PO Box 37, Sundance, WY 82729; faxed at (307) 283-3038; emailed at k~k@ct~coun~ wy..oov; or in person by walking into her olfice atthe county oudhouse in Sundance. If you're nct sum you'll be in the area on eleclk~ day, you can conlact lhe courtly cisrk foran absentee ballot Then, ~ you're home or abroad, you can mail in your absentee vote and, even if it turns out you won1 be away after all, you can still mail it in. If, however, elec0on day creeps up on you and you realize you still haven1 registered to vote, all is not lost. You can walk into the polling place and register them. To register on eieclion day, you will need to show a picture I.D., preferably a drivels license or rnititary card. (ff you're alreedy registered or if you voted in the August primary eleclion, you do NOT need to show I.D. to rots.) When all is said and done, you'll spend probably no more than ~een minutes in the mgis~ation process and with voting. Th .en. you can welk away fee~g pretty darned good about yourse~ ~ fu~U~ your dv~c duty. And why wouldnt you went to do that? I can think of no reason for passing up the ~ to vote other than laziness, apathy and death. Slill, Wyoming's voter average was 32% in the August primary election, down from 38.71. over the last thirteen l~imary elections. means that 68% of the people in Wyoming who mat the five voter qualificaf~ons didn~ vote in August. In other words, of the 376,359 populace who COULD have voted in August, only 121,688 did. The numbem run a little higher in general etsctions. In the 2002 general election, ~ mote than half Wyoming's eligible voters exercised that right, 51.5%, just slightly less than the past twelve general eisdions which hold an average of 55.6 percent. More puzzling ~11 are the average figures for the turnout of registered voters. In the August primary, only 56.5% of the registered voters showed up at poUs around the state. These am folks who were almady registered but, for whatever reason, failed to vots. And, again, the numbers run a little higher in the general ek~m: 78% in the 2OO2 general, cormamd to 81.3/o over the last twelve generals. I'm not sure why so many folks skip the pdmary and vots in the general. Both are important since, in the pdmary, we decide who will be put on the ballot for the general. So, with the "skip the p~mary/vcte the general" strategy, you're only getting to vote for the candidates selected by the voting minority. Think it through...that doesnl make good sense. So, whatever else you do on Crook f~ ,I-. Tuesday, Novembar 2nd, GET OUT AND ~,ounty vOTE. As ~ me...we,, rm ~ng to be Library a ~ voter, rum my duty as an '~" ........ ~tOJ ek~en judge, and even ~ to transm, ~ ba~ box to Sundar~ so Reader of the Month: t can stop by al~ to t~ my ded and say, =Happy Birthdayt". Crook County Library's Septem- ber Reader of the Month was Jer- emy Adams, son of Vicky and Jerry "Keeping Wyoming Adams of Sundance. Jeremy's fa- vorite books are mysteries. His Safe and o.=~u, =-"-"" hobbies include reading and play- ing computer games. He is in the Experts in emergency prepared- fifth grade at Sundance Elemen- ness will speak at a statewide pub- tary. Kids, mark your calendars for lic conference on preventing agricul- the library's Halloween party Oc- tural and biological terrorism in Wyo- tober 28 at 6:00 p.m. ruing October 18 from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. and October 19 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Pm'kway Plaza in Casper. =Keeping Wyoming Safe and Secure" is the theme of the second annual workshop aimed at promot- ing crisis awareness pertaining to food safety, livestock, crops, public health and the agricultural economy. The event is being sponsored by the University of Wyoming Coopera- tive Extension Service (CES], the Wyoming Livestock Board, the Wyo- ming Department of Agriculture, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Secu- rity, the Wyoming Department of Health, and the Wyoming Stock Growers and Wool Growers associa- tions. Those interested in attending can make reservations by contacting UW Conferences and Intitutes at {877) 733-3618, ext. 2, or (307) 766-5249. The fee, which includes lunch and materials, is $35. Registration will also be accepted at the door. National and state experts will speak on diseaaes that can be trans- mitted from animals to humans, how to avoid terrorism in food services, ways to protect orops and domestic water supplies, how to safely trans- port and store agricuRural chtm'dcals, a regional veterinarian coordination progrmn, the national inddent man- agamaent system and foreign animal diseases. Speakers wig represent UW, the U.S. Department of Agriculture, mili- tary organizations, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the U.S. Food and Drug Admim'stration and Colorado State University. The conference will provide infer- marion for food establishments and caterers, food processors, emergency management agencies, public health departments, farmers and ranchers, veterinarians, bankers, county com- missioners, weed and pest districts, ch~cal suppliers and dealers, the general public, and state and federal agendes involved with environmen- tal quality, forestry, parks, land man- agement, natural resource conser- vation and farm services. For more information contact Fre- mont County CES Educator Ron Cunningham at (307) 332-1044 or ronc@uwyo.edu. ~Off the ~Cu~ dumped the day-to-day, bump-n-grind duties on her...Hmmm...okay, every time. Steve Lenz This time is different. I wasn't even looking for an idea when I heard about those clever Japanese inventors and their next billion dollar scheme sum to dominate holiday markets this Chnstmas. No, rm not talking about the Onental mastermind who created a combination duster and cocktail shaker. He did this so a housewife could reward herself with a highball after cleaning the house. I imagine even Amencan men could be convinced to help their women with household chores if this gem was available. Woman: =Honey, am you dusting again today?. I don't think It needs done everyday..." Man: "Oh, Yessh it does my Ill' ieepskin. I think I meashed a spot...yastta.,.yesterrra...the other day." Nor am I referring to the Far East genius who developed an all day toilet tissue dispenser that attaches to a man's hat---supposedly for the hay fever sufferer. What a twist of bad luck I didn't come up with that idea. Out of state hunters alone would have made me stinking rich--no pun intended. "Ahchoo! Hey, George. When you're done with yer business over them behind that tree, could you pass me a tissue oft yer Stetson? Gosh dang allergies..." For the record, I was minding my own business when I happened to catch a news burp on the radio. The story told of a Japanese company that had designed a pillow for single women. Seems they've created a Boyfriend's Arm Pillow (real name-true story, rm not making this up) shaped like a man's upper torso complete with an arm to wrap around the bachelomtte while she sleeps. I understand it allows the single woman to mimic the popular SPOONING MOVE monotonous couples use as a substitute in place of actual sex. Men, if you think the SPOONING MOVE is speed shoveling food into your mouth, the sun has set on the tantric love days of your youth. Ladies, if you mad about spooning in your most recent copy of Woman's Day; but were afraid to appear unenlightened in front of the girls at the church carry- in, please mad on. Lonely Man's Dictionary definition: SPOONING; this is achieved when your man snuggles up to your backside and pretends to sleep; yet trying not to be mad about how his vision of a wild night of passion ended up with just cuddling. Don't despair, ladies, sometimes practical situations will adse. When they do, men spoon without objection---especially if them is only one small blanket on the large twin sized bed you sham together while visiting your parents and sleeping in your childhood bedroom. Now I'll be the first to admit the Boyfnend's Arm pillow is somewhat threatening. Why? Well ladies, try to put yourselves in a man's place--but don't get comfodabie hem, we found it first. Men could easily be replaced and then what would happen to our ordedy society that requires both boys and gids to balance the universe? Chaos, my fnends...utter chaos. The female radio announcer went on and on, touting the wonderful qualities of this product. She didn't actually say this, but the not-so-hidden meaning between the dialogue was crystal clear..."This pillow doesn't burp, pass gas or spend all the money in the savings account without permission." How in the heck am guys supposed to compete with that?. And at a bargain basement price of only $80, I expect morn than a handful of disenchanted ladies will switch their plan from a live man to a stuffed one--just for the money they'll save in the long run. Hem's the kicker. After selling a thousand units at only $80 a piece, the designers plan to blueprint a morn muscular vemion. Groat. Ordinary man are already intimidated by hot guys on TV with body builder paos and six pack abs. I'm sum I speak for all men when I say we don't want a muscular pillow stealing our women away. Much to my chagdn, my wife already thinks her bedtime is when the sun goes down. If there's a man cushion waiting AND offenng up pillow talk, I'm in big trouble. I plan t~ contact the company and file a complaint. I'm going to demand they kee~J ~t f~1r and cJeveiop a REAL MAN PILLOW that is either FAT o :' HAIRY and makes obscene noises 'when ladies lie on it. Mattel Toys haven't suffered selling baby dolh ihai cry, spit up, and wet themselves. I project a Real-to-Life Boyfriend's Arm Pillow with these manly-man attnbutes might sell up to thirty or forty md~e units. Men, we need to organize beyond ou~" tJsual attempts which result in mediocre bowling and softball teams. SuCre, eventually our women will come to their senses and dump those sr(~fffed dummies for real dummies. BUt if you're like me, a couple weeks of cold showers could cause brain damage or even something serious. We have to put a stop to this nonsense before every woman has a Fable, Brad Pitt or Mel Gibson pillow gdnning at us from the bed. Ladies, before you cry foul and call us pady-poopers, just remember It was you who taught us guys that fantasy has no place in the bedroom...Just Hey, t t's my idea I'm an idea man. My wife says I come up with crazy, half baked ideas a~n leave her in charge to take care of the details, For the record, that's not even remotely true. I think I've only C~i~l~ll~ Howdy folks, WOWl did you all take in the Homecomin' activities I~1 Friday? It was a great day of excitment for all the folks. It reminded me d the good old days and I want to pass on a =Groat Job~ to the students SHS for bnnging back the spirit of a Homecoming. The efforts you put will bnng back the school and community spirit for time to come. And I must say the spirit sum went into the Volleyball and Football teams Great Job! We had some groat conversations on the porch this week, unfourtunately some of them were around the up-comin' elections. Mr. Ti gettin' a might worked up as the elections get a little closer. Mrs. S said'l am very discusted with both parties because of the way they am campaigning. They am gettin' nasty. They are telling us folks things thai can't be done, aren't the truth, and spend morn time slammin' the olt~ party than addrassin' the problems that we are all livin' with." Mr. H thrE~i his two cents worth =1 can't agree with you more, I have been of these elections and this one has hit the bottom. If what we hear and is the best these two can do we have more problems ahead of us the questionable war we are in." Mr. T being a life long devoted member of the Republican party commented, =1 must say, this is gettin' a might carded away. I think regardless of which party you hold too when you look in the mirror to each momin' you can't feel good about your candidate. We can all tell others we have undyin' support for one or the other but the bottom line is things aren't all that great." Mr. S showing his agreement and added, "1 think most of us would like to see the country going into a better direc@~ and we realize it will take some time to do that regardless who is at the helm of our ship. I believe we must make some changes in the way we have been doin' things lately and still be able to handle the threats to America. If'in we don't look at somethin' we wilt just continue doin' the same and that's not real good". Mr. G brought up the subject of fuel prices, "1 have a fnend in that called the other evenin' and told me the pnce of unleaded in his to~ had gone up to $2.33 a gallon. He was worded it was going higher and._ was a touch discusted about it. I reckon he had some good reason tol~ concerned. When you think about it, everything we have been through a~t country, what with the first Persian Gulf conflict for the benefit of oil protection and to some extent we seem to have spent a lot of money some Amedcan lifes to protect the oil in Iraq while in the meantime Arabia, who were just as guilty for 911 ask us to bend over and ram $50 a barrell oil'. I reckon I must agree with Mr. G's friend it seems that we're bad end of things. And to go one step further now that we are gettin' the oil terrorist our politicians are taikin' up things like gasification make us less depandend on the oil thieves. Well I must say where in tt~ =Y~%'~# have you been for the last several years? Wake up, won't you , please, the last time I looked we were the dominate country to deal with, guess I am be prooven wrong. Once in awhile this old =Rooster" gets urge to step off the roost and let his crowin' be heard and I reckon I cam what anyone thinks we am gettin the blunt end of a sharp stick or# this entire deal. I think we need a leadership that has no ties to the raghead oil producers. We need to step back and take care of America, instead of runnin' around like a 'Rooster' with his head cut off. For those who would make you believe we am on the right track have a rather distorted imagination. Pay no attention to them - think for yourself for pete's sake. Well I reckon I got my feathers up a little on the porch also but dam gumit we have to stop this foolishness. Remember =Abandon the seard~ for truth; we am expected to settle for a good fantasy". HOST FAMILIES Make a new lifelong friend from abroad. Enrich your family with another cul- ture. Now you can host an exchange student (girl or boy) from Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, England, Japan, Brazil, Italy or other countries. Becoming a host to a young international visitor is an experience of a lifetime! kidding. You're not mad, am you? /Syr~ Kazu.~ /Tyr~ . Call for information or to choose your own exchange student. Lar~ variety of nationalities, interests, hobbies, etc. now available (si~l parents, couples with or without children may host). Call us now. Imlm Immmm == Illlrl ~ ~ lain ~ 141~fltkt111 wiF~.a~ieJ~m Eat your veggies! ~ r~~ 1976 Children, like adults, tend to have a natural craving for sweets. As the three-year-old class sat down for a snack or carrots and cookies (letter =C') last week, we tried to explain the benefits of carrots to their eyesight. After every child gobbled up their cookie they all looked at the orange sticks with disapointment. We reminded them of the carrots' magical vita- mins when diplomatic Larissa in- formed us that her eyes could see just fine and threw her carrot in the garbage. Latissa Da_niels, age 3 Jeremy Adams II I II I Life Is Precious.. Take Care of Yours Practice breast self-examination. Talk with your doctor. Have physical checkups, including a ~ regularly. Visit our Mammography Mobile Unit in your community. Call 283-2476 for an appointment. ATTN: As of 6-1-99, we can do screening mammos only on the mobile ImiL Ii111 , 111111 IIIII1 ,. Mammogrdl . y Referral Center 716 Ouincy Slreet Rapid Ctly, SD 57701 In cooprr=.o~n w~ch the Amen~in Cln(er S~xte~/. "A Division of R_adiology Associates, Prof. L.L.C." 716 Quincy St. Rapid City, SD 57701 Fully accredited by the Amedcan ~ olRadl010gy ard the Fo0d md Dr@~. A'~D OF ~ THROUGH CROSS~IT[~AND The City of Sundance has a $1,768,407 budget. This money belongs to the people of Sundance and I believe it should be spent wisely and prudently. It it the lob of the Mayor and City. Council to make sure it is handled in that manner. " The City of Sundance has a debt of approximately $365,000 total princ-ipal. If this debt is paid as it is scheduled: that number becomes approx=mately $640,000 because of =nterest. No one knows if the I% Capital Improvements Tax will pass - I hope it does. If this tax does not pass, the City should have a Mayor who will get this debt paid off as quickly as is fiscally possible, while maintaining the high level of services that we now enjoy at a reasonable cost. We do not need to stretch this debt to November 2031. We need a mayor who will work the money available to every advantage for the City of Sundance and not the lenders.