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October 14, 2004     The Sundance Times
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October 14, 2004

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Page 6- Thursday, October 14, 2004 "WHERE THE KID }T HIS NAME" The Sundance Third graders and seniors hold tea A tea was held in the third grade classroom on Tuesday, October for the third graders and their senior citizen pen pals. The read some poetry they had ~Titten to their new pen pals and refreshments were served. The pen pal program was designed by Green and Miss Needham to help the students practice reading writing cursive. They will be exchanging letters about six throughout the year, especially during the holidays. At the end school year the third graders will be attending a tea at the Citizen Center. The 2004 Bulldog Varsity Volleyball team (The Sundance Times Incorrectly identified the JV team as the varsity squad in last week's edition). Lady Bulldogs skin Panthers for Homecoming A good old fashioned stomping was what the Lady Bulldog volleyball eleven, followed by Schloredt and Ellsbury with seven digs each. team served up to the Panthers of Wright last week, treating the Sun- Rohrbach dug out six, Humphrey five, Ramsey three, and Whalen con- dance players, coaches, and fans to a great homecoming match. Three tributed two digs and led the blocks group with four. Fullerton blocked games sealed the Panthers' fate and awarded the Bulldogs the win: 25- three times, while three ladies: Gill, Ramsey, and Materi each blocked ," 14, 25-11,and25-18. one time. Lindsey Schloredt led the points category with 12, followed by Anna Coach Greta Crawford had this to say, =The key to our success this Rohrbach who had nine points. Whitney Ellsbury added eight points, year is how well we pass the ball to the net. If we get it there, we can Michelle Ramsey contributed seven points, and Chaisley Gill rounded hit." .~%~ .~-~ ~ out the contest with five points. Schloredt served an amazing eight Only two weeks remain before the Regional Tourney commences. The ~ :j : ~ aces with Rohrbach dropping in five aces. Ramsey drilled four aces, Lady Bulldogs are confident and determined to do well as their regular i: ~ ~'\~ :;'-~ while Ellsbury nailed three aces. season winds down. Good Luck Ladies! Samantha Whalen proved too tough at the net, annihilating Wright with nine kills and her teammate, Ashlee Humphrey was close behind Parentsget helping hand! ~ with eight kills. Addie Fullerton did a great job with seven kills and a r., tu..A.. c.00t e,.,t. Chaisley Gill and Sidney Materi tied with two kills. Whitney EUsbury added one kill and was one of the leaders in assists with eleven. Michelle ~. Ramsey was top dog with 13 assists. Gill took the digs category with by: Corey Cooley '~ Snowmobile permits available Parents finally are getting the helping hand they deserve[ A website 00 p that can help teachers, students, and parents communicate. This 0K 0(~I~ ]8 ~ 6: .~ ...... ~ Although snow has yet to hit the Cowboy State, it won't be long =too good to be true" website is none other than ~hoolnotes.com. 0 "~- '/~ until many of Wyoming's snowmobile trails will be open for the sea- With t~ ~ecUon of web pages, teacl1~.can t~uild ~d ~paintain~ ~= =.~ ~ .~.," ~:~, ...................... .... ~ ...................... ~ ~ ...... ; :.'% son. Snowmobile enthusiasts can prepare now by purchasing their webmti~s ~he~e they can do a k,, r help transcend the parent-stu- 2004-2005 permits, dent-teacher bridge. Teachers can post assignments and scan tm t~, ~2" Available at more than 150 locations statewide, the permits are $15 worksheets for kids who were absent. ~arents can also check on TALLY [/U~/-4~'~" AT ~,~-~6 .... for both residents and non-residents. Funds collected through per- their children's grades. So go check it outl -" mit sales are used for marking and grooming of state system trails i ............................................. and general improvements. Persons wishing to purchase a permit can do so by visiting a local PROPOSED AMENDMENTSTO THE WYOMING CONSTITUTION selling agent, by calling 1-877-996-7275, or by visiting www.wyotrails.com. Persons buying a permit need to have the make, TO BE VOTED ON AT THE GENERAL ELECTION NOVEMBER 2, 2004 model, year and serial number of each machine they are registering at the time of purchase. For a list of local selling agents, please visit Unded~ ~ would be added to existing law. W_-'~ :.~J'_~ .,.~_~h. would be removed from exislmg law. http;//wyotrails.state.wy.us/or call (307) 777-7477. i Constitutional Amendment A ,.o a n e ,.. T= e ,..h O n e .. r o o - e r a t lv e adoption of this amendment eliminatas a maximum on the amount of revenues rebated from school d~ with assessed valuations exceeding statewide averages. Article 15, Section 17. County levy for support and maintenance of public schools. Will be waiving the Installation fee There shal~ be ~evied each year in each c~unty ~f the stste a tax of n~t t~ exceed six (~ mills on the d~llar ~ the assessed valua~j~n ~f the pr~pedy in each county f~r the supp~rt and maintenance of the public schor~s. This lax shall be cdtected by the county lxeasurer and disbursed among the school dist~ within the county as the legislature shall provide. The foralln ew c u sto m e r sfrom may authorize boards of trustees of school districts to levy a special tax on the property of the district. The legislature may also provide for the disthbutJon among one ~ or Sept., " ,2004 "" Oct . ,2004 .... _, ..._..__.., --- : : - ' "-= " =" ': :- of ==,- .... ........ ::-._-;: = , .-- _ Constitutional Amendment B Call -ouu-=z/-zo.o''" ^~" ~'" today ~ edoplJon of this provision authorizes the legislature to enact laws for local governments to use local sources of revenue for economic or industrial development subject to 1 for details approval of the voters. on this special offer. ~:le ~, s~. ~s. ~.~.,~ and ~o.o~ ~e,,e~,p.e.~; power, of co..~,~ and ,..le~,.U... Notwithstanding any oI~ provision in this constitution, the legislature may autho~ coun~ ~ inaxpura~l municipalfl~, to ~te from local suu~as of revenue such funds as may be deemed nece~ary for an economic or industhal develo@ment pc~ea or I~ogtam, public or pdvata, sub~ I~ approval by a vote of the major~ of the registered voters oHhe ~, county or municipality voting upon ~ question. For purposes of this section, "funds from local sources of revenue" means funds raised from general taxes levied by the county or munic- ipality and shall not induda any funds received by the county or municipality which are derived from state or federal sources. ~" ~~ Constitutional Amendment C ~'~~ This amendment would allow the Wyoming legislature to enact laws requiring alternative dispute resofution or medical panel review before a person files a lawsuit against a beal~ care provider for injury or death. Article 10, Section 4. Damages for personal injuries or death; worker's compensation No law shall be enacted limi~ng the amount of damages to.be recovered for causing ~ injury or death of any person. tb~ Any seclion of this constilu'don to the contra~ notwilhstandir~_, for any civil actk~ where a ~erson allege~ that a health care orovlder's act or omission in th~ provision of h~ ~ ~i~:" care resultad in daath or ink~., the ie0islalure may bv 9eneral law:. (il Mandate alternative ~ rasok~don or review by a medical review oanel before the $ino of a civil adion amainst the health cam arovi~. gOOd ~ ~ Any contract or agreement with any employee waiving any nght to recover damages for causing the death or]njury of any employee shall be void. As to all exbahazardo~ employments the legislature shall provide by law for the accu~ and malnttmance of a fund o funds out of which shah be paid compensation as may be fixed by law according to ~ gome. proper classifications to each person injured in such empfoyment or to the dependent families of such as die as the resufl of such injuries, except in case of injunes due solely to the cuk ~ ~. It's whot we'm~i~f~out.~ ~ pable negligence of the injured employee. The fund or funds shall be accumulated, paid into the state Imasuty and maintained in such manner as may be provided by law. Monies in " the fund shall be expended only for compensation authorized by this section, for administration and management of the Worker's Compensa'~'~ Act, debt sewice related to the fund and We're owned ~,:~ ~, for workplace safety progrems conducted by the state as authorized by law. Tbe right of each employee to compensaOon from the tund shatl be in lieu of and shall take tbe place of any ond our mission is Io ~r~ ~ ond and all rights of action against any emp~ coddbuting as required by law to the fund in favor of any person or persons by reason of the injuries or death. Subject to conditions speC- the communities in which line/live, if~l by law, the legislature may allow employments not designated exlTahazardous to be covered by the slate fund at the opOon of the employer. To the extent an empfoyer sleets to be work and s~. covered by the slate fund and conthbutes to the fund as required by law, 1~ employer shall enjoy the same immunity as provided for extrahazardogs employments. Constitutional Amendment D ~'~ :~ We re in it for I~ k~ hauL,. .~ This amendment would allow the Wyoming legislature Io enact laws limiting the amount of damages for ~ic loss that could be awarded for injury or death caused by a lown~ or