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October 15, 1987     The Sundance Times
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October 15, 1987

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PAGE 4 THE SUNDANCE TIMES OCTOBER 15, 1987 .~..d~, ,~, )41IID~ ,~li., ,~, )~, ,4mRD, )~, )4BI~., )~, )411~.;i 8It301GdwrlttenMinuteElSerie~'~ GameEl Seven' . Harness Racing: Breeders .. ~ Mysterious Cities of Gold G) American Crown (Live) I~) Love Your Skin (In Stereo) . ~ Private Eye Part l of 2. (in 7:00AM ~ Donald Duck Presents tD New Direction Stereo) I~I 17 Going on Nowhere Heart Failure oaf 2,oneymooners (CC). Part 2 ~ " C~ Report to Wyoming m My Three Sons Q S peedWeek ~ Big Valley DISNEY Disney Channel is IW C~ 20/20 (CC), g [~ Peha Sepe ~) MOVIE: 'Hq ~usa ( C|NEMAX Clnemex is I~ Falcon Crest (CC), . Sunday Mass Road' HBO Home Box Officeis m You Can Be a Star CABLE TV m L~ New Monkee 4:30PM I~ MOVIE: KTWO Casper, WY iS 2~ t~ Ann Sothern i I~ The World Tomorrow Princess' PLUS Sesame Street " Scholastic Sport IW Rodeo (In Stereo) Q New Leave It to E ~ Investment Advisory El C]D ABC News (CC). HOME BOX OFFICE I~TurkeyTelevlion ~CBSNew IX)N'T MISS OUT-Sign up with us for the tops in TV viewing i lIDBluesNight Flight: Take oll to the I dateObStetric / Gynac( g Kenneth Copeland IB Car 54, Where Are SUnTdance Caple ; 4:45PMlITheWort| . MOVIE: 'Misunderstood' Stereo) O MOVIE: 'The Benlker Gang' S:00PM a Crazy About I~ L--~ Jimmy Swaggart lee: Natalie Wood (CC). I~ Running and Racing . C~ Cowboy Coaches TVs lnc i " (-~__~ " Kenneth Copeland . NFL Prime Time 0 Popeye O (~ Star Trek: The NIJ I~ Andy Grlffith atlon i I~ ~-~ Abrakedabra ID MOVIE: 'Shamu' j Ph. 2 8 3-2 7 5 3 BeStOWeD)Celebrity Outdoors (in (m200 (~(CC).Funny' YOU DO. ./MOV :IIIN ,~, ,~, ,~, ,9~., ,~, ,~, ,~( )~l ,~, ,~, ,} , IS Lassie q) Star Search 8~:OOAM . Mouserclse El Contltutlon: That I C undance ; os_,., 5:30AM I~I Vllonarle ID AMA Vldeo Cllnlc I~ Good News m Mad Movies With ........................... I~ C~ Jerry Falwell Connection (~ Newton's Apple m Alfred Hltchcock Prl Crossbow Ii Automotive Specialty Map- 5:30PM IR (~D 9 to i i zlne I~ Double Dare Ii Automotive Speclell State Bank i oc.,,,o. _ Q Lloyd Ogllvle I~ Smothers Brother ! ~l Jeton ~ Last Frontier 8:30AM IB YOU end Me, Kid 6:00PM II MOVIE: 'The C . ~[} Sunday Today Social Club' I . This Week In Sport I) Freggle Rock (C I Membelr FDIC o ~ Jimmy Swagprt Stereo> . Captain Power . ~ Family Ties (q I~ MOVIE: 'The Birds' Stereo) .... IB CBS New Sunday Morning O NFL Theatre: Febulo! I~ Profiles of Nature IB CE) Our House (( -- - 11:~PM' ~'~ I~ Inside Winston Cup Racing (in Stereo) i Si='rvmg Northeastern i Stereo) .Twilight Zone Bad News Bears ~ (]D World Series- GI Gospel Bill (Live) i WYoming since 1895 ! ~]BuBs--andDaflY qlS0Minutes 9:00AM ID Dumbo' Circus I~l Nature (CC). (in Ste Fraggle Rock (CC).(In El lnside Winston Cup R , ,~v .,.. r... ....... Stereo) Stereo) .... .- ._ . Superman t~ Physicians' Journal L __,,__,)__,)__,,__(j__~,__,,.,,__,)__ ' 10~ ~ Day of Dicovery El L.ugh In 10D DeGrasl Junior High (CC). ~ Check it Outl r- Hidden Heroes (In Stereo) ~ Paper Chase: The Fi i THE SUNDA NCE !, O CardlologyUpdate ~MOVlE:'Suddenly' Ii Dangermouse 6:30PM . College Bowl Cartoons Stereo) ti Superbook ~ MOVIE: 'The Benlkor i ~ Knight Rider I~ C]D My Two Deds (C I TIMES 9:30AM. Good Morn,ng Mlck.y, Stereo) i II MOVIE: 'Who's Been Sleeping O At the Movies In My Bed?' ~D Hidden Heroes (in St( I~1 Seebert I~) Mister Ed S_~ortCenter Sunday I~ Senchez of Bel Air i I~ ~ Rejoice and Celebrate 7:00PM ~ Danger Bey (( i " . Lone Ranger Stereo) , ~ ~ The World Tomorrow ~ (~D MOVIE: 'Eight Is En, KnowZone: Great 011 Disaster Family Reunion' (CC) (in l . Commercial i I~ Wih Y~= Were Here . Billiards: Nine.Ball Complete Printing m Family Ml~liclne Update Chellonp, mixed doublel II Star Trek . ~ Family Ties (CC 283-3411 i 10:00AM l~ Welcome to Pooh Car- Stereo) " new . . Star Search t ~ ~ MOVIE: 'Bill Coby .... Him- ID National Geographic E~ self'" ID Murder, She Wrote (C| S/ i The Newspaper Printed ! .CE}MeatthePres(CC~. I~ Masterpiece Theatre }D( (~ Robert Schuller Bretts (CC). Part 2 of 7. O Clsco Kid ~ Wlh You Were HtN i for Crook County i ~ This Week With David Stereo) ', Brlnkley (CC). imp CerdloloIy Update Face the Nation ~ My Three Sons t1~ I~ Nova (CC), I~) Alrwolf ~l~)411m.~)4111m,~)~()~).llllm,,)~i,, )~,~il~)~()~) II~ Performance Plus (In Stereo)" I~ In Touch I~ Physicians' Journal Update 7:30PM lid Animals In Actll ..... = ~~ .... ....~,~v/ ' ' "-- I~e~r( . You Can't do That on Televl- " CE) My Two Deds (C( ........ ~ " ~ -' - ~lI~^~t alan Stereo) .......... ~ .... ~'~'~ ~,~_~_~L.,. ,,-~.~ trol ery of the World I~ Achievers Part 1 of 2. I) Porformen(~l Plus (In 5 MOVIE: 'Pillow Talk' ~ Internal Medicine Up(I; "" MOIOI'W~w;~ 10:30AM ~ Donald Duck Present ~ Donna Heed ....... ~I]i cvwr), olu]r I~l~wI ESPN M.A.s.HSprt NetworkiS SarahNashvilleMCDavid'Now S:30AMl~tl~ Riptide(~D OMyWOrldpet Monster Series ~peial v:~o~m r~uKua urr ~ Iro~orseDance Party USA KIW Lead/Deedwood,SD I :~) ~ Remington Steele WGN Chicago, IL O ~) Simon & Simon WTBS Atlanta, GA iS 9:05PM IB Night Tracks: Power KOTA Rapid City, SD iS r~ Play KCWY Caper, WY iS 9:30PM I~ The Halloween That AI- KPSD Eagle Butte, SD iS most Wasn't TNN Nashville Net. I I~1 First & Ten: Going For Broke LIFETIME Lifetime iS (CC) (In Stereo) NICK Nickelodeon iS O SportCenter USA USA Network I~ O Magnum, P.I. CBN CBN Cable Net. iS I~) For Pet's Sake WaR New York, NY iS I~ Nashville Now I~ I Spy 10:00PM I~ Words By Heart . MOVIE: 'Out of Bound' (In THURSDAY dAE:'to Racing. iMSA GTO Sew" &e~b m I~ C~ t~ New In /: = leo (Taped) " . AWA Championship Wrestling ,k~ s~/ II Flrlne Line ~ Musical Masterpieces (E: 'Dam:End q) New Country I~ DroR~t:hSh?j:known "ri in Drive-in' (CC) (In Stereo) ~ Investment Advisory I~ - : '. -., U g ' &,_lflAM ~ N.mnr aria thin I)rm:i ~ mister Ed II~ Isurns end Riion dency (In Stereo) L~ Jack Benny ~ Entertainment This Week (In . SportCenter ~ Joe Franklin Stereo) Love Your Sk n 11:05PM I~ r~ Entertainment To- IO:05PM I~ Night Tracks (In 7"00AM " SoarSLook night (In Stereo) Stereo) 7130AM I! NIOVlE: 'Interrupted 11:30PM I! Dangerous FIlm Club 102"30PM li CE) Tonight Show (In Melody' (~n Stereo) ~I Hitchhiker (in ~tereo) ~tereo) ' II HBO Family Playhouse ~ ~F) Late Night With David Let- . MOVIE: 'The Blab' . Running, and Racin- tar.an (In Stereo) I~ Car 54, Where Are You? 8:00AM. A~to Rac ng ~:ART LI-I~ MOVIE: 'The Last of the Pony ID Bestof_Groucho ...... ~UhI Seca 300 (R) ~loer' ~/ruin or ~,onlll~luen~ll 8:~SAM l) MOVIE: 'Sybll' Part 2 of ~ .Donna. Reed 10:SSPM I~ (~b Tonight Show (In 2. ~ Leure~ and Hardy Stereo) 9"00AM. MOVIE" 'Sluenr's Wife' 11:35PM I~ (~D Late Night W th !l ~ Nlghtllne (CC). "ICC; tin Stereo~" "" David Lottarmen (in Stereo) I~ Top of the Pop 9:30AM. MOVIE: 'The Cheyenne _ I~___(~)_ 700 Club . ~Co.unt~.Ex..p.res ..... S~ia Club' 11:45PM I~ MOVIE: 'Once Upon a 1 l:uuPM II muvll:: ':)p;es uae u . Bicycling Norhe Mountain S CC) Race (R) ~ MOVIE: 'Rebel With. ~ Auto Racing: Rally of the IO:30AM ~ The Hoboken Chickenout a Cause' 1000. LaKe (Taped) Emergency 12:OOAM ~ Miing Adventures of IU flew t;ountry 11"00AM. Ton Rink Boxina. TimOzzle end Harriet I~ Investment Advlory Witherspoon ~v. Mike Wi'~'i'lam I! MOVIE: 'Stand By Me' (CC~ m .Mister Ed (R) I~ Inside the NFL (In Stereo)~ Jac%ue.nny., MOVIE. The Last of the Pony . SportLook .............. RId-rs' ~ /a.ah In 11:UOPM ~ Ivlgnt /racK I~ MOVIE: 'Threshold' ~ Alrwolf m ~ Entertainment Tonight On 11:0SAM I~ MOVIE: 'Lust for Gold' I~D 700 Club ..~;ereo) .......... 1 A 11 3UVM U MUVI~ t;ommanoo 1:30 M I~ The Boy Who Loved (~ Home Shopping Overnight ."~ ....... : Trolls Service tiJ~) (in bTereo) . MOVIE: 'Who's Been Sleeping12:30AM I~ MOVIE: 'ChautauquaI~ ~ Late Night With David Let- in My Bed?' Girl' terman (In Stereo) 12:30PM . MOVIE: 'The Quick O SportsCenter I~ MOVIE: 'indian Territory' end the Deed' (CC) (In Stereo) O Laverne & Shirley li~ Donna Reed I:30PM . Martin Mull PresentsIi Monkees Ii Laurel end Hardy the History of White People In 12:35AM IBI C~ News 11:35PM . C~D Late Night With America:White Sires(In " David Latter.in (in Stereo) Stereo) El ~0 700 Club . Scuba World r.r~=~At# ~ Kolchak, the Night Stalker 2:OOPM ~l MOVIE: 'Where Do We r~lu~! (R) Go From Here' ~ .,~ ,,~ *, .n,,~ 12:00AM. Missing Adventures of 1~" Your Best Advertising Medium O MOVIE: 'Citizen Kane' IU/.ILIO/Ol Ozzle and Harriet MOVIE: 'Sliver City'(In ...... I.. .... ~.. .SportLook Stereo/ O:UU~M II MUVi: '.oneymoon lye Laugh In " Lodge' Ni ht FII ht . MOVIE: 'Smash Palace' - ........ n" ~ g g is .~U~M el opon~;e tar 3:00PM . Water Skiing: Interne- : ...... t~ 700 Club Love "four ~KIn tionel Tour (R) ................. ~ MOVIE: Final Countdown' , , O:qUnM ~ Martin MUll Presents 4:00PM O MOVIE: The Swarm (In ............... 12:0SAM ~NIght Track the IlltOry elf White I-eop;e in Stereo) .... 12:30AM I~ MOVIE: The Red , , ~merlce, White Stress MOVIE: Bombs Away ...... ~ .... Badge of Courage S'UU M : portLooa S rtLook O S ortsCenter 4:30P~dPIB Winner' Circle Horse 7:0SA_M II The Muppet MusiciansO ~ Friday Night Videos (In elf Bremen Racing Magazine Stereo) K nnI)U 11 e.,v.,~.l~=.,... 7'30AM I~ MOVIE: 'Friendships ~ n am ..:.....,.. ..~,.., .....,.,..,. , ' Me k__ Secret end Lies S:3OPM ~ Prince ............ ~ Kenny Everett Video Show S edWe k Ill wmner ~lrcle Horse Nac0ng ~ rE) v . pe . 12:35AM __ __ Fride. Nl.ht Vl- 6"00PM " rm Seed Ugly _ nllg.azln~e ........ dee (In Stereo) , , n.uuRm I~ women's yoneyoall. MOVIE: One on One "_ ....... ~ C~ Friday the 13th: The Ser- m~ r~ II r~ r,~.,,,, oh,,,, ~PP~ IMro tseecn lournament (H) Ins {l~ ~t .... ~ 8:0SAM I~ MOVIE: Born to Dance 12'4SAM IBi MOVIE. 'Mate Harl' I Football n T Back In Training' (CC) I~ Pipe; Chase: The First Year 9.00AM ID MOVIE: 'Knight and I~ Drag Racing: NHRA Nationals .... ,.,., ,.. ~ ..... ~ t~l To Be Announced. Bug Bu ny and weety . (]D Sybervllon Weight Con- 8:05PM I~ Coutaeu' Redlscov- II~llaP~OVlE" 'Plrenha II. Tke II Vintage Baseball Film /llll II~1I i~,~,) -- - _ ~ ' I~ Andy Griffith 8:30PM . College Football: Sin ~,.nlna' " " , 9:30AM Ii MOVIE: 'Do YOU Mean ~J~ .,,... e. -- n.,.. ,, ...... I~ Dining in France Jose State et Fresno State (Live) ll~"r~l] Whllml nf Pnrt*Jni (r'ol There are Still Real Cowboy?' SATURDAY ~ .... . MOVIE: 'Ltt Dragon' 0 ~ Amen (CC) ( n Stereo) ~ C~ NFL Live 8:00PM El MOVIE: 'Show B N"W'; ................. 10:30AM I~ MOVIE: 'The Littlest ....... ~Utl.nnls the menace am Monkees il!l INN Newt O Clay Pigeon Shooting (Taped) . MOVIE: 'Cocoon' (C( .... o.t,.w. 10 17 87 Stereo) Adams Chronicles (CC). Part ............... / / ~ mnomen ~- n nnAu Imw.n....m..... noah r... I~ MOVIE: 'House Where Evil ~ Countryclipl (In Stereo) O Rawhide 4 o( 13 ~R~ I&l MUVt: indian lerrltory ~ ~ .,.: .... ~ ............. - Dwells' 9:00PM " MOVIE: 'American An- ~ NFL Today I~ MOVIE: 'Bill Colby -- ~m N'hvilie *=ow 11:00AM O MOVIE: 'The Terminal 5:00AM O Cartoon nm~er~-,~ Im ~ e....... II~ Wagon Train them' (In Stereo) I~ Motoworld (In Stereo) self"' " " '1 Man' Guns.eke Falon Crest (CC) Part 2 of 2 ............ ~ "odern Meturi"" ~ ~.t~ .lI.L~l. r .... El A-Team . MOVIE: 'Soul Man' (CC) (In~ NICK Rocks "C~ MOVIE: 'Eight is EnD II Car Sd, Where Are You]' ~ ~uo: cveryzn,ng ~ou and i~ m ~ ~ ".!~vu" '.:='" ....... 3:30PM" CI] Tennis: White House Stereo) I~ Butterfly island Family Rounlon'(CC) (In S Dance Party USA Your Family Need to Know... ql Shawl Show ~ Lt_~Ollege,_rootoll//ooayTournamen~ ~ C]D Entartelnment This Week 11:00AM t~ Raccoons (In Stereo) 0 (m News I~ Hell Town " ~, BJ(t Were Afraid t#,Aek~)~r!r~ ~ll~' 1 ~ &~ WN~l~tF01gl~ rathe Mov" ~ ~'ne o~ur~ ..... ~.~.) .... I~l Good "l'tnies (In Stereo) . ~ ,". II (I) ~1 CE) NFL Football: NBC ID MOVIE: "C@nsplrecy o| R~s~rn Ruddtss ~ ~/~ ......... ~NHL HocKey: Bp~t0~'~i~l~i ' ' . .lea ap~;om)l~]ttrectlon I[~ Frugal Gourme.t '' .... ~ Beverly HIl|bllliol !1 ~) HUnter (In Stereo) Regional Coverage (Live) ~uI Wow ing Mother t W ' 6"~P-Mm'Mov/E.;;~l~*'a'~'l~art 2 " ,,It i~s Angeles KS*tile (R).~; ~ : ,~ i ~ I Vol[L!~ :f ;~:~ ~, ~ .. rid ...... .... li~ Great,~hefs of he et ID Hogan I Heroes I~ Bowling: High Rollers Tour- I~ Wild Am erlcl: Woodit , ~ -.. F-;.-~' ,~. J~) JI~OVIE" 'Hammot~, :!;', ~$SAMIIIt~ll~llof Bounds' _,Ira YO~k~ln't GO i~nelon TdleVl; ..... I~ Wrap A~'ound Nahvllle .... t~ CE} Hoe Haw nement HoodMI ...... 6.~nPM ~ O,,-~U=';* r_n,d~,.~n,, ," 11~0~/R ~ MOVIE: 'CoI~sus: ~1~ St~o~ #q~I ~ r ~ " -- I~ Mysterious Cities of GoldI~ West 57th ' I~ MOVIE: 'Carbine William'~) Motoworld (In Stereo) ....... "~ ...... "" .... ' r B ' Forum uur ~acret e~all~Pla~y~offD~c~?ntnV~?erlrdeo/) 12T;~;1~ &n MP~JvI~t 'Violation of B ~l~J:l~; ~llght . (Cotorized Version) I~ Obstetrics / GyneoolOl ~1~ .""''''"- - Rich and Famous (~ Lady Blue 10~ ~ Bulness World date ~s } ~ n ..... ~. 4:00PM . ~.Runawey With the El Austin City Lira|to ...... I~ I Spy l^l~'=~'merm'lCa"s-l'Pl'le"n-e Game O Bustln' Loose (In Stereo)Ii Mad Movies With the L.A.I~ NFL Footbllh New Orleans ~heer- I:00PM II MOVIE: 'Where the I~l Iues Unlimited : " I~ Wild Kin do. Connection Saint at Chicago Bears i~ RIptide Mltar Ed RiverRuns Black'(CC)(In II Health Care Organization 10.-30AMJ~n,a.ld Duck Presents ~ Doctor ~1~o ~ MOVIE: 'Countess Orecule' "" " t~ Ben Heden I~ Spirit of the Land M II Outdoor News Network ~t~:~ldnFrl:~d~onl.,ht (In l:S0~rl~1)II MOVIE: 'California l ~:tSot%e:nttrAdVlrY ~ ~L~-JmI~en'sL~Jdomllln:II0n'g'l= V .... I~ Merle Haggard: Poet of the = John Ankerperg 8:30PM m fine Romance lUj..~,t~lH~ *aTM. o~w nla: rtmr ,.el* Common Man (In Stereo) "~ NEWS ~ Internal Medicine Update I~ America's Horse (Tapq :~ereo)~" " __Suite' (CC) ~ Night Flight ~PV~l~'~.".~uve~*k.. "r .... ,^ ~ II Spartaku and the Sun Be- 9:05PM ~ N ght Tracks: Chart. ~ Lassie Stereo) 7 00PM II MOVIE 'Herbie Rides II Arm Wlestllng I~ Love Your Skin ~. ..... s..: ~,.-,.,?,,: .......... neath the See . bustars ~ Campbel|a . Milestones In Medlolnl :--A a,n" ,": 2:00PM I~ Roger Whittaker inS:40AM I~l MOVIE: 'Stitches'~nnoun.ceo (Lw_e) ...... ~ WWF Supertar of Wrestling 9 30PM I~ Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs, 11:30AM I~ Wind in the Willows, endooerdiel Infarction: T~ ~1~ r~ ~ r~r~ Cheer- / Be--k-II Kenya 6:00AM El Wilt Disney Presents ' I ~ Doll,ego POOtDell: IOWa at 4 0 PM World Chem ionhi MI n i : 5 ~ p p Dinosaurs ~ MOVIE:'The Garnet Princes den Danger ,J~ I L'J o / m.,.,. Cnlge (L ve) -- - . MOVIE" 'Kate MorrlVice t~(]{) ~IL'~Gumml Beors(CC)..-- ........ Wretlini . MOVIE: 'The Bridge et Toko- ' . TO Be Announced. ID Rock Alive I'layoff - ' ' KiOO VIOeO MS Truck Ind Tractor Pull ~-resident' . SportCenter ~ ............. 4:30PM ~ MOV|E: 'Return of the RI' IBI CE) It's Your Business l~ Sporta So.erie iE F_J] Sled-e Hammer ~CC~ qn 3:00PM ~ The Gold Bug I~ U.S, Farm Report ~ ~c_*(o~ua..reen(~);,,(P:)Jedl' (CC) (In Stereo) I~ Thl Week In Country Mulc I~) Hidden Heroes (In Stereo) 9:00PM O (~D Our House (C I I~|J~ RIUUflU IIIIIIVIIII ETer~ ~ ~ ~" ~ I~ MOVIE: 'Code Name: E.er- I~ Bonanza ....... . ~r~. ~ NBC News I~ Monkees I~ Orthopaedic Surgery UpdateStereo) --.- -~" -. ...... aid' (CC) I r~ Care Bears Family (CC), il~ SportsCentar Sunday I~k~n~ i~Iy tL.L.) ~ Water Sklln$: International ~ Hollo Kitty' Furry Tale Thee- I ~.ttl~.uoes _ O Charles In Charge I Various ~ Zoo Family ! NIu.~ ~OCKS I~ CBS Newt ~ Benn~v Hill I Guns of Will Sonnett I Tales From the Oerksi~ ! Dy!n~or Love 3:30PM II MOVIE: 'Grace Qulgley' I~ Health Care Organization I 12:00PM I MOVIE: 'Sleeping m~ ...~.= =,,,.= r er Beauty' Anlmatad (CC) (In El ~D Black Sheep Squid -- - (CC) Ill M . Wiz d 1 ~ Only One Earth Part 6 uanoon Z 700 Club 4:00PM I SportLook I~ MOVIE: 'Black Dragons' ereo) 5 Stereo) MOVIE: 'Dragonlayer' I Rodeo (In Stereo) Morton Downe,, 4:30PM ~ Running and Racing ~ Our Friend on Wooster El Running: U.S. National Road I~ Orthopaedic SurIery I, 7.~'~pu ml n.,..i..=~u.. ~.,==.. 5:00PM II MOVIE: 'The Spy Who Square I :~mothers Brothers Sh .... i=. v-,i~ ..... - ........ r.... n. ..... ,~,, r,,n,~, 6.3nAM I~ r~ ~ m Smurf Race Championship (Taped) Headroom Show (CC) (In ~,='":--".."''. ""~.. .... . .... ';r~ Fl~n,~o~"e "~ O MOVIE: 'Movie/World Serle I~l New Mike Hammer Stereo~ I muvs: 'sne ~-eanu~ =utter~l Game Seven' I Entarta|nment This Wl C~ ll' CE) Night Court / Base- .Slutin'sportCenter IBItown ~ Little Clowns of Happy- i Countrycllp (In Stereo) A ced t~ Investment Advlory I~ C][} Sybervlslon Weliht Con- 9:30PM~ Jorry'FelwellLU Grant ball Pleyofl (CC), (In Stereo) 5.30PM I! Mallc Years In Sport I~ New Adventures of Mighty~ Lassie " I ~ Three' Company I~ MOVIE: 'They Live By Night' troi I Superbouts: Marvelous Mew- 6:00PM ~ Kids Incorporated Mouse :~...... r am~)F~ M =~klmk.~=,t Man^It' a Living _ ~D__MOViE:I~D Bitter Harvest, Sleuth_, ~LordMysteryhpeter WlmseyDrthY(cc),L" Seyers'Part 3 II Women:cllebrityMyth Outdoorsand Rea vln Hailer v. John Mupbl "N (~ Entertainment Tonl=,ht (h, t~) Brain, Mind and Behavior r _ (Taped) . S'Te~o) - I~ Mysterious Cities of Gold r I~ 1u:u~l'M I Night IracWs of 3. ' Stereo) Ame Ican Bindtend I r Countr Kitchen ( n Ste eo, p VIE V n Rlchtho I ~ The Charming (CC) I! NFL' Greatest Moments I Go I Bill 11:30AM I Wind In the Willow! MOvlEY,cover U-' 10~15 M q~_ Me : ' o - I American Sports Cavalcade~ Internal Medicine Upd~ I~ Gr.e.lt Pe~ormenCe.s:_ Live D ~ Fam||y Ties 6:50AM ~ First & Ten: Going For , i~ : ~, wen ena brown' I~ Stereo) I~ Monkees 0 MOVIE: 'Natlonali , Lampoon .-.m Rated K .v:.......,ln~InDM ~il~ ~ ,i~i~ ,~ Saturday. I Phylc)ens' Journal Update 10?0Ed Young tram LinCOln banter: ule 7abe. I~ MOVIE. 'The Elger Sanction' Broke (CC). (In Stereo) Euro en Vices on Car s II ~eMv =th*r the P-lawn li~ teen Night Live (in Stereo) II Abracadabra : M I~ MOVIE: 'Born Ir! ornate ("The Magic Flute") (Sub- ~ C]D Wheel of Fortune (CC)7 00AM I~ Done d Duck Present ;i ~',.,.~.~k ...... " Camobells I ~ MOVIE. Ordeal By Innoc.II Cartoons ~ MOVIE: 'Deadly Friend' b tled) (In Stereo) Im News " O Charlendo ...F."~'...,~.;s~..o "I~ , ' I~ Loretta Lynn: Follow the Flea i WeshlnBton Week in Review t~ NM|onll Geollrephlc Explorer ~ Midwest MIrket Anlly$|$ S:3~0PMM ,~, CE).Ne.w em~nce .............. I MOVIE: 'Brimstone' .~.~.~ll MOVIE: '8 Million Ways tl MOVIE: 'Please Don't Eat the I Donnl Reed I I Sneak Previews ~ L~J IT Living ~ _~.~a,,.u. v!,. ~V'.Y .... ~ll"r~ 8:00PM I MOVIE: 'Howard the I~ Falcon Crest (CC) ~ Muppet Babies ~ Zoo Family O ~ Mama's Family I The worm iomorrow Daisies' O Duck' (CC) (In Stereo) ~ Car $4 Where Are You? ~ Weekend Gardener ~ Can You Be Thinner? ~ ~[~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Love Your Skin 12:30PM I~ (~) Road to Ceii|ary . NFL Prime Time I MOVIE: 'Slugger's Wife' (CC) I~ Dance 'Party USA Ii Turkey Television 12:00PM I MOVIE: 'The Dog Who El Family Matters 11:00PM. MOVIE: 'The Menhit. I:00PM . MOVIE: 'A Men and aI Country Express . I~ S~ter~eo) ........ i Paper Chase: The First Year I Superbook Club Stopped the War' (~ This Week in Country Music t__an Project' (CC) (InStereo) . Woman' (CC) (Dubbed) I American Sports Cev~ I ~ I ~ I...~. Law / uasaoau I Bosom Buddies ~ ~uperman II MOVIE: 'Soul Men' (CC) ( n I Bad News Bears I MOVIE: 'Police ~caaemy .1: I Auto Raclni FIlm i~ Stereo) i Pleyolt Season Premiere (CC). 6:05PM ~ MOVIE: 'Earthquake'7:15AM II Night Flight: Video Pod Stereo) . i~ Butt_erflj( Island B.aack In Training' (C_C) I~ MOVIE: 'The ice Pirates' ~ New Direction in Con| . ~ MOVIE" 'The Island M the O:UUt'M I ~ Facts of Life (CC) II~ MUVit;: 'l:yes or Jexal' I ~ Return of the MonsterHeart Failure Stereo) 6:30PM I Spread Your Wlnls 7:30AM I Contraption Trucks (Taped) I Stock Market Video I I mews II Movie Makers 0 Martin Mull Presents the Hll. Top of the World' I~ S~tereo) ...... ~,~ I n, v_eStmuent Adv~ory _ Story of Enilish Part 2 of 9, ! Cover Story I ~ MOVIE: 'The Survivors'~ ~ Too Close for Comfort to of White People In America: ~ Rodvbuilding I ~J ~ne' the :merm w~e ~uvruu nu~;.~u~;K Presents LCC) (In Stereo) Q NFL's Greatest Moments Whr~ta Stress (In Stereo) ....... riou I C~ ~Syhervls'l'on Weight Con- L~ S~l!er Awards .... IW.Yar ~_uu ...... ~) Obstetrics / Gynecology Up- ~ Larry Jones Dallas W|teguy i ~ Truth or Consequences ~ MOVIE: 'Kid CoRer' (CC) trol I ~ world ~erms: ~ame une zz:uol-m I NlInt/recg I~ MOVIE: 'Where the Lillies II ~ M*A*S*H . Fishing: Best of Bill Dance ~m ................ Left in Progress (Live) 11:30PM. College Footheil Con- date 10:15PM ~ CBS News ~.O.~K~ roo[umu: ~lr Porce a~ tin ~ All-American Wrestling Bloom' ~ Cheers O People to People . . _ ~ Star Trek ues 10:30PM ~ (~D National Laugh In ~) Wall Street Week I~ ~ Pound Puppies ~otre uame . ~ Upstairs, Downstairs O SCTV _ I:20PM . Auto Racinl: Formula graphic II~ ben ~tewart. i Grind ale Oory Live Back-~ Ray Bredbury Theater: ban. One Grand Prlx of Mexico (Live) I~ CTj Magnum, P.I. I Alrwolf I~ Mister Ed I Computarwork| Q uomputer Cnronicles stage --- shoe I:30PM I Mouse Factory I MOVIE: 'The Two Mrs, El StreiIht Toik I~ Mr T and Fr ends ~ Great Polslblllties in Romo- 8:05PM El MOVIE: 'Doomsday ~ Entertainment Tonight (In doling - ~ Merle Haggard: Poet of theirl Laugh in ~ Strui~le For Survives ~ (]~) MOVIE: 'The Legend of rolls' i~ommon Men (In Stereo) ~ I 12"00AM SDortsCenter Sleepy Hollow' I~ The World Tomorrow a Fliiht' Stereo) I Lassie -- , Check t Outl " S:30PM El Mousetarpiece Theater 7.00PM iml MouseterDiace Theater I~ Night Flight: Take Oil to Rel- ID Key O Brian ~ MOVIE: 'The BIl|lon Dollar El(]~ Star l~rek , I Automotive Specialty MlII- I (}D Entertainment This I NHL Hockey: Boston BruJns "~. _-~. .... ". .... lie V gl Tennis (Taped) Hobo' 0 Tales From the Darkside zine (In Stereo) -, It LOS An-ales Kin's ~Live~ m= MUVWt:: funeral in uernn'IT. - ~ Belt the .~ro$ . . ~ Benn~y Hill I MOVIE: 'Hell Is a City' I~ Physicians' Journal Update ~ MOVIE: 'Born Beautiful s ~ / r I aupermen J~lla 1~mltn ano Jones II INN News i~ Inside the NFL (In Ste eo) ......... ~ . . 6.0SPM El MOVIE. 'Carbine WlI- I Night Flight: Three Stooges 2:00PM I MOVIE: 'Herbie Rides . Elevated Cholesterol: N@ ' OU ' ..:uv~m I mouserclsa Videocountry (|~ To Be Ann riced. II MOVIE. 'Rocky IV' (CC) (In I Black Sheep :)quearon "llama' (Cotorized 'Version)Festive| A~ain' I Monkees i rectlons I 17 Going on Nowhere 12.~0PM. I .A.ce _ . . 6:30PM I ~ 227 (CC) (In ' I Jewish Voice Keys to Success Spirit Of Adventure: Uncover- Stereo~' in Chine' HiddenWildlife t Great American Outdoors ....i ., " ~ I ~ Jim Henson's Frail-IB ~;ollege.rootnall: ~eams to De Stereo) 12:05AM . ~ Entertainment ~ ~ NFL Footbolh Denver ~ Hollywood Inldder A__nnounceo !Live) I ~ Mama's Family This Week (In Stereo), Bronoos It Klnsal City Chiefs I John Olteen Flower Sno N| ht Tricks Grand ale Opry L|ve ~ Live NBC Re 11:00PM . NFL's Greatest B Search for ~eouty i Mister Ed 12:30A~ ~ College Bowl '87 (In ~IB ~ NFL Footbelh . 10.3SPM El Collect|bias i~ionel Coverage (Live) manta apeo) Mouse (CC) I MUVlI: The Mannatten Pro . 9:00PMIBestofWaitDisnoyPre- ('~ ...... =..k... ~,~ ~,~,ale Rock santa I L~J Raglr~ tO I(,~.,,,.. ~,.~,~. x,,, .......... Stereo) El Truck and Tractor Pull I ~ I:ntortalnment ]onllht (In Stereo) ! (~ Full Houe (CC). O Minority O u.ln Report l:0.~0PM._I.._Ed/snTwlnl._ _ m Sanchez of Sol Air Stereo) , ' i ~ Femilv TIol q) Beauty end the Beast ~ ~ Little W i.zaros ...... : ' . " ~) NHL Hockey: New York Ran- I MOVIE: ... And Justice for All I MOVIE: 'Movll / World Series ~ Jimmy SwlsIIrt a .. - ....... Iii Market to Market lg F'ee-wee's t'laynouse (L~L.). e~t' (CC) (1~. Stereo) -... gers et Wes)~lngton Capitals I~CollegeFootbell: Tee.ate be Game Seven' I Investment Advisory I rloneymoonors (L;~) ffarT ~ ~ --" nmn .. ~ v , ~ " mm v r wav q~, ..rvw,ng .ells We. Off B Dad _ CtU:n~Ii~a~ng: In~ U.:). upon (Tape Delayed) ~__nnounceo.U~) I TO Be Announced, El Self-Improvement o~: ........ J~ M" Three Sons ~ This Week in Country Music I~ Inside Winston Cup Racing (In Knotl ~nolnI (~(..:) ...... ' E Cartoons ~ Spartakua and the~un Be..m ~ .__~,_) 7:00PM ~ Missing Adventures of ~ A.tt t_he Movies. . _ q) Robert Klein Time I YOU t;in le a ~tar ....... neath the See ~ ~''~ m.~_m.., Ozzie end Harriet ~ ~ ~repper Jonn, M.U. Stereo) I Various Jl Ann Sothern Ij~ .ou ~,uo ml Jlmm" SWe- "" ~I~ Joy no~ t'~?;~In I) MOVIE: 'A Choru Line' (CC) El WraP. Aro~nd_Neshv|l|e I Retad K I Dallu . I I Morton uowney 7 -,, yl ~;ou ryt (In r ~ I Can You ue inlnnerr I Code Red . 11:30PM 0 Clnemax Corned] Rapt do -- " 7 30PM In Zorro ]IS Laurel end ~ardy Ste eo. L~ Lady Blue ~ rj[] Golden Girls (CC). (In I~ Wagon Train perlment (In Stereo) "I I ;~emlnIton ~teeie :--- ~, -~'~-" ....... ~ Buck Re'e-- I Simon & Simon t L~J I Morrleo bore (L;~.).~ ,o li~/nree/ramps Stereo) I Melnum, P.I. O ~ I aD Sporti Machl ~30PMI(]DTooCIoseforCom IMidwest Market Anely|s 8:~.~AMli~Y,~u-~.nd Me'Kid,.-. ~ ..... I ~) Facts of Life (CC). (In IDIImJrtAv 2:30PM. MOVIE: 'ThoCompetb ISportstalk "...... " I New Country I L~UI LLJ AWln and me t;n01P .m.I ..u~g ...... vauley ..~ereo)~"" ~V IlilJPt/ I)tih'Greatest I ~ Comedy Club ' """ ~ D"-ne R--~" munks i e~nl n~ moor My Sister Sam (CC) Sports Legends I Wish You Were Her~ B M~a:L:tmh, ~r.ICnsequences 8:00PM I MOVIE: 'Three Without I M.m.li.c...Yee~.ln Spo~.s . I:30PM & C~ Greatest Sports Le. I Lawrence Walk 10/18/87 i .... I Wish You Were Here (In Stereo) I .... Nashville Now ..--.Cur' . IEIYDt,muvllr.: '~;narlll ~nlll m I_~nd.t ........ ~ Merle Heggerch Poet of the n nnalUl I! J(ames I{ennedv Stereo) 11:3SPM I~ Zorro II I Ipy I Boxing (CC). (Live) =E'r~. ....... I JUItln WlllOn' LOUlilanlCommon Man 'In ~ ..... ": ........ I Elevated Cholesterol: New DI- 12:00AM t Pelmorstown U, , ~ .,.~.~u~ Alvin Show .^.,~au ~m u^.,e ,u, ~....,, I ~ Rams to Riches (CC), (InI ~ Kill i~inoltouItors (CC). Cookln - Outdoors (R) mn Sne.~ p.,..~..,. ~ ...... factions Part 1 of 2. i &~wrm I Wl~/viI;: ni, ~w 1. Lwkl.'- - Stereo) ElNew Adventures of MiIhty I Thl Week In Country Mulc ii M,, ~;irree'Sons I[~ Freo.erl.cK i~. I.rlce I Mr. Wizard . Martin Mull Preseoti thdJ 'Clockwise' (CC) I World Series S iel . m Real Kid --- - ...... I Shlrl ~now 3:00PM I MOVIE: 'A Man and MOVIE: I I ~ Milml ce (C) ( , Vc~e C In Country Kitchen (In Stereo)2:~PM I~ MOVIE: 'The Bridge on 7. ~lp~ ~Y #;"F~rl~~ Fiic kaeMOVIE: "DementIa 13' tory of White Peop|e In Am~ B MOVIE. The Quick end the , . , Woman: 20 Years Later (Subti- White Religion (In Stereo). - , ---:" .... Stereo) I Woman s Woteh the River Kwai' (In Stereo)'In uOVl=. ,Roc~.. IV' ~rr~ q. ~ Jimmy .bw..agprt tied) (In Stereo) 0 MOVIE: Stand By Me ( LUU) In Stereo W ~ ,., "- -7 ~v,,,~ x - _~ New, I N.ws IBad N. , Be.r* I My Father, My Rival Stereo' " (~ Point O! view _ .. II Sanford end SOn e (]D Report to Wyoming ! Ms. I~..,.~.,~m {r~ (In 9:0OAM IDumbo's C|rcus Ir.~ Little House on the Prairie am ~-~ ~Amen 'CC' /In Stereo~ S:30AM I~ World Sports 51~cte~ ID Return of the Monster Trucks I SportsCenter Wa UII Ilway !." ~' .............. ~""'" " fin Stereo) {~)i~ (~r) ALF i~ Christian Chlldren's FurI' I ~ Prime Time Wrelt i ........ I Seholestic Sporti America El College Football: Teams to be ]~ ~/~ 227 ~C~' ~in Stereo' ; . Three ~core/Community ID Compieat GIIhert and Sulli- | BurnsEmtartalnmentand Allen Tanlaht (In ml GreatUallaSperformances:(u(':)" The Mu. i. NWA_ .Wrld Championship I LU MUVI~" wun -Penny' - ......... J ..... . ......... ~ friends BOX" ~ MOVIE: 'Topper Takes A T ~I~ A,~nnounced..(_Live)... ~ ~'verythl~ng';l~eletlve (CC). ~1~le-rn~dmlrl. van: "Trlal by Jury" / "Cox end El Motoworld (In Stereo) , ............................ :~u,r 8OU,S World of Audubon iPoeonPnl: RneeCdrisis ~ Out of Control I Performance Plus (In Stereo) I~) GO for Your Oreams Stereo~ " el Makers: An A~A;,AP UOleDre- __ ) I n m I et Wolf (~ Flintstone Kids (CC) IO:05PM ~ MOVIE: 'Crime of Pea.tie of A . erican Musc I Po''o end Son ~ ~ College Football (Live) 8.011PM Im MOVIF 'The ru.., n=~.. ~ Sunday Miss.. ~ Challenges in Later Infancy El 700 Club ' El French Chef: Quiche Lorraine "K/ca' "-" "" -: .........5:45AM ~ What's tour ~ MOVIE: 'She Drinks a Little' ~ Home Shopping Ov, r Inn' /rep (In SleweD) ~1~ ~'.~ 8~E.'nlyls~h of Totes' & Company am [T~ X,mt.r (In ,t .... ~J 6:00AM ElBest of Walt Disney Pro- II MOVIE: 'Evil Under the Sun' Service I (]3 Tonight Show Croe. k. ,.d Ch,se I (in | | ................... ,o Stereo) IJ MUVUk: vnrougn nlnea ~yes ~ : 'Z" MOVIE: 'E es of Texas' ets I MOVIE: 'Code of the Saddle' 12:05AM I ~ ABC News C MOVIE EIIle In tareD) National Geographic 12:30AM I~ MOVIE: ' rl , Leulh In Mother's bey GDe~olden Girls (CC). (InM _~.m;,~enter ( " I~ MOVIE: Prince of the City' ~ .... I Danlormouse J ack.and.~AIike_ ..... Coil e Football Continues , , Part 2 of 2 I AlrWOII ~ " ! Tab uBn t oo lnll on lOleVlo Stereo) ]lie ~='..;,~., ~,.k,,... ~r-r-~ 3:30PM I Best of Walt Disney Pro- :fond' (CC) (In Stereo) .... ' . am StrelIht Talk El Go for Your Dreams slon am ,._... u, -,, ........... x~,. santa I Eo'~.~E. ~,.=~::'-' ,,~, ' i~'~,"*~%.~?ry"r' "IAE~"WMr-~Iui? I Mr. Wlzer I Fun.tlc . r14 or = Hydroplane Raclni: Sllver Announced (R) am lie ml ~nnounc,m. .w -,j .... ii Lon- "an"-r I~ Hollywood Insider ]BE ;.'e;~Nork ~ S eesa.me Street . . College Football: T I I Laredo " , I James ~enneay ~$hePt:I::end" -,. _ i~ Myteryh Dorothy L. Seyers ~ Mr Wlzerd Cup (Taped) Laveroe & Shlrley W0p~T;n~hl(~Old House ~;nyou Be.Th, n.ner?Hinne" .. NWA World Championship Larry Jones mI.It.='Mnkee tier 9:~M ,w ..-....~r~C~ MornlnI Mlckeyl 2: Lo~d Peter Wlmsey (CC), Part3 Super Bouts Rodeo (In Stereo) I SSPM :)Iereo) ~ , , , I MOVIE Amorion Anthem [g~i~ ~Cma::'~ ! ~!~wyOMIIkBerH~dmWamYr S IA~:rlld~t~Rt~hehh~!i~T~S I (I) Nilhtllno (CC) 9,00PM I MOVIE. Tlrlet (CC) . !: , ~ .. _. I Country Kitchen (In Stereo) ' Barbore " t CE) Do. I)eLulse Show t ~entN:rWs~A canes I War AIelnst Hypertension I I ;:"'~'" u'"V|E:'.'~0~g'bn&% 'Hon~oon ~eeo)'r~ Miami Vice (CC) (in 3 I Motoworld (in Stereo) 4:00PM O MOVIE: 'Movie / World ;:=~ co..