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October 15, 1987     The Sundance Times
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October 15, 1987

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O'clock' (CC) ~) Job to be Done (CC) tarman (In Stereo) oplane Racing: Colum-ID MOVIE: 'The Godfather' q) Dance Perty USA 10:30PM Im MOVIE: 'Country' (In O MOVIE: 'Labyrinth' (CC) (In TUESDAY ~ Crossbow Stereo) .9=30AM. |~. Scuba. ..... ~ Way Off Broadway m MOVIE: 'Night Stage to Gal- IU:~UAM ~ MUVIt'.: 'uorn Pree ID My/nroe bona vHtnn, (Rs)ortlLook Stereo) 10/20/87 S:05PM~ Bosom~ MOVIE:BUddieS'War Wlgon' a (~ Best of Carson (R)(in a MOVIE: 'O. Henry'l Full ~ Cartoons li-~'nna nud MOVIE: 'Julia' ~]~ Honeymoonerl Stereo) House' 700 Club ~ Le-u're/en-d-Hardy 6:30PM ~ Umbrella Jack ~ MOVIE: 'Movie / World Series S I~~ YouCagneYcan &BaLaceya Star S:10AM ~]1 MOVIE: 'Warning Sign' (~D Too Close for Comfort Game Seven' O MOVIE: 'Between Friends' Morton Downey 11:3SPM O ~ Late Night with (CC) (in Stereo) . (~ Truth or Consequences (B Joy of Painting I(CC)M I1~ CFL Football: Edmon- 7:30PM I~ MOVIE: 'Violation of David Lattarman (In Stereo) Survival Series ~ Ann Sothern 5:20AM ~ MOVIE: 'After Hours' Sarah McDavld' ~ (~) Entertainment Tonight (In ~L Monday Night Memories~ Celebrity Cheers lid Car S4, Where Are You? ton Eskimos at Saskatchewan ~ New Country Stereo) I~ Kids incorporated I~ Remington Steele (CC) Mister Ed I~ Best of Groucho Roughrlderl (Taped) ... I~ Donne Reed U:4SPM ~ MOVIE: 'Never Con a i Entertainment Tonight (In ~ Simon & Simon B:30AM ~ SportsCanter Mr. T and Friends ~ Carol Burnatt end Friends ~ MOVIE: 'Night Stage to urn- 8:0OPM O ~D ~ ~ Year In The Killer' (R~ ~) 9:30PM ~ Here's Boomer 6:SSAM II Eleventh Annual Young Butterfly Island 10:3SPM ~ C-~ Best of Carson (R) veeton' Life :L Monday Night Matchup ~ SportsCenter Comedians Show (CO). 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Stereo) 3:30PM I Mfall' EK i by Opal Oudin October 11, 1987 Franzen and sons, and Josh, Harold and Deb's cousin, Joan of Shoshoni, Wyo., to Marion, N.D., Friday, 2 where they visited )arents, Mr. and Mrs. Tvedt, and helped celebrate their 50th wedd- 'anniversary. A dance for the couple was held Satur- night in Jamestown, N.D. Sunday featured an "Open at the couple's farm where approximately 250 stopped by to offer con- and visit relatives friends. Franzen's, Adema Mrs. Robinson returned to Sunny Divide home Monday Guy Taylor, Callie and were at the Gene Taylor Tuesday where they ~g and dinner with and Mrs. Darrel Hansen of City, S.D. who were also Mr. and Mrs. Gene ~ck Latimer of Lawton, Okla- returned to his home of the past week after some time visiting his and family, Mr. and Kenny Rathbun and and Mrs. Joe Engelhaupt ~ped and transacted in Sundance and Belle Friday. Dorothea Hindman of was a Sunday, Octo- 4 afternoon visitor of Mr. Mrs. Herman White at ranch home. Mrs. Hind- is Mrs. White's aunt. Garman attended a of the Crook County Board Wednesday and again in the after- in the museum of the in Sundance. Core Opal Oudin and Gertie accompanied Mary to Hulett Wednesday where the group the regular meeting of held at Fern home at 5 p.m. with a meal and Fern furnish- lhe main dish and dessert members. The Vigilante Players present FOR A powerful ~rsms about Roger Rathbun returned home Tuesday with an elk from a hunting trip with outfitter, Bud Weaver of Shoshoni. They hunt in the Bridget Range south of Lander. Dan White celebrated his birthday Monday when Mrs. Wilford Kennedy and Helen Ellard joined the family for dinner at the Aro Restaurant in Sundance hosted by Dan's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman White. Mary Garman was in Casper Thursday where she attended the executive board meeting of Wyoming Republican Women held at the Hilton starting in the forenoon and finishing early in the afternoon. Anna Marie Garman, daughter of Pam Garman of Oshoto, and Ross Garman of Miller Creek were overnight guests of her grandmother, Mary Garman, Thursday. Opal Oudin, Susan Sackett and Jeanette Smith accompani- ed Vernie Nussbaum to the Holiday Inn east of Spearfish Thursday where the Crook County CattleWomen set up a nutrition table and explained the nutrient facts of beef to the public attending the "Day of Personal Pampering" sponsor- ed by the Crook County Exten- sion Office in Sundance. Brochures and recipes were available and the new booklet, "Eat Right, How to Include Red Meat for a Healthy Heart," which is produced by the Wyo. Beef Council; the Wyo. Wool Growers; the Wyo. Pork Pro- ducers Council and the Amer- ican Heart Association was distributed and explained to those stopping at the Cattle- Women's booth. Mr. and Mrs. Herman White attended a meeting in the court- house community room Friday evening at 7:30 P.M. where Don Erfman and Duane Flinn were speakers on Pine Needle Abortion in cattle. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gaines were Sunday visitors and coffee guests of Deb Franzen and family, also Harold Adema. Dorothea Hindman of Spear- fish was a Sunday,Oct. 4 over- night guest of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Engelhaupt after she had attended the early part of Werre's golden wedding anni- versary held at Ft. Devils Tower. She enjoyed the visiting and lovely buffet meal. 09T. 11 7:30 P.M. Sundance Elementary Gym ~'~?, I TICKETS: Adults- $2.50 Sr. Citizens- $2.00 SPONSORED BY: Crook County Family Violence Sundance Art Line Mrs. Roger Rathbun, and daughters, Mrs. John Tenke and Billie Jo were in Gillette Saturday where they shopped and attended the Octoberfest held at the Camplex. Billie Jo is home now. Mr. and Mrs. Monte Moeller and family were Sunday dinner guests and afternoon visitors of Opal Oudin at her ranch home. Candace remained and was an overnight guest. She rode the Sunny Divide route school bus to Sundance Monday morning. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Taylor, Callie and Brooke helped Dan Taylor celebrate his birthday Sunday with a pre-birthday dinner at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gene Taylor. Derrick Noyes of near Dayton was in the area and also attended Dan's dinner. Dan's birthday is Oct. 13. Wayne German spent the weekend with his mother, Mary German, at her Miller Creek home. They came home Friday and returned to Laramie Sunday afternoon. Stacey Moeller was a Friday luncheon guest of Opal Oudin enroute to Gillette where she will be residing. Mary Garman, Opal Oudin, Mr. and Mrs. Bob Gaines and Julia Zimmerschied from this area joined over a hundred other people that attended the Ranch "A" Rendezvous held Saturday evening at the Historic Ranch A on Sand Creek where visited Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Bunney, Sharon and LeeAnn all of Houston, Texas, who were also visiting Gerald Bunney's. Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Garman and family took Mrs. German's grandmother, Fern Saxton, of Belle Fourche, with them to visit Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Raber and son of Alzada. They all enjoyed lunch together at the Raber home. Aladdin Homemakers held September meeting The Aladdin Homemakers held their September 16 meet- ing at the home of Shirley Viergutz. The club will sponsor a refresher first aid course and a basic CPR at the Aladdin Community Hall st.,rting September 21. It will take approximately 10 hours with about four meetings or as seed- ed. Margaret Moline reported on the Aladdin Day Celebration at Aladdin, Wyo. on July 26 honoring Gayle and Win Weaver. After a picnic lunch a program was presented by the club. Ruby Hutchinson served as MC with Linda Geis honoring them from the club, Peggy Nelson for the Historical Society, Flora Miller for the postal service serving as mail carrier from Aladdin and Ruth Richards and John Moline as friends. Carey Pearson and Stacy Ryan read a poem especially composed for the Governor Mike Sullivan, Sec. of occasion. Bonnie Sipe and Tim State Kathy Karpan and Superintendent of Public Instruction Lynn Simons were guest speakers. It was a very cool night on Sand Creek. Dean Conzelman of Tower Divide was a Wednesday fore- noon visitor of Mr. and Mrs. Herman White and Dan. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff German and family went to Gerald Bunney's home near Aladdin Saturday afternoon where they Hardin supervised games for the children. October 8 will be the county sponsored "Pampering Day" to be held at the Spearfish Holiday Inn starting at 9:00 A.M. This was held for the members of the county to have a day out on the town after a busy eventful year. During the summer our club members catered a family reunion dinner for the Jim Jensens of Aladdin. They also For Homecoming Festivities *Sweatshirts & Tops *Rocky Mt. Jeans *Sweaters *Junior Coordinate Skirts & Tops NIME & I lb'IBI F011 OUR mlmlBNG Ntmlm t~4~4b.4~,4J.~ 4~4,,4~4~ 4~4~4~4~.464b.4~4P4~4~4 Ph. 2 -294,? Sundanee 4 served the lunch at the Aladdin Rodeo August 29 and 30. This was the first Aladdin Rodeo and it was well attended. Linda Geis will attend the Council meeting in Sundance on Sept. 22 and will contact mem- bers to serve as voting dele- gates. The club will once again serve and prepare the food for the 76 Angus sale Aladdin. Davanne Noyce came and told us some of the experiences that she has had as a State Rodeo Queen. She has promised to come to our October meeting and give us a style preview of the clothes that she will wear for the National contest. The next meeting will be at Margaret Moline's beginning at October 13 at 10:00 A.M. for filling out reports. There will be a carry-in salad luncheon, Davannes style show and our meeting with election of officers. Ruby Hutchinson will then give her presentation of a program on the U.S. Constitution. Margaret Moline You can protect fine ho- siery from snags in storage by keeping them in plastic sandwich bags. 110S SEP'S5 All Bras in Stock All Men's Ladies" Sweatam in I I Carefree Casuals Skirts Matching Blouses Buy the Skirt - Get the Blouse at V2 Price Ph. 283-2082 Sundance HuIott Civic Center DINNER: 6:30 P.M. ANNUAL BUSINESS MEETING: 7:30 P.M. Please plan to attend for the annual audit report and other annual co-op business. All voting members and non-voting patrons are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Q