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October 26, 1995     The Sundance Times
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October 26, 1995

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PAGE 2 THE SUNDANCE TIMES OCTOBER 28. 1995 THE SUNDANCE TIMES 311 M~In, P.O. Box 400, Sundance, WY 82729 0 Telephone 307-283-3411 Continuing The Crook County News Publication #USPC 526-720 0 Second Class Postage Paid at Sundance, Wyoming 82729 Entered as Second Class Matter in the Post Office at Sundance, Wyoming 82729 Member National Newspaper Association The Sundance Times is a legal for all newspaper publications Telephone: Area Code 307-283-3411 Published Every Thursday by THE SUNDANCE TIMES, INC. Howard Allen, Publisher Deanna Ericsson, Typesetter NOTE: If changing address, please include former address. Also give zip code, box or street address. POSTMAS'I~R: Send address changes to The Sundance Times, P.O. Box 400, Sundance, Wyoming 82729 8UBSCR/PTION RATF_~ To P.O. Addresses in Sundance, Crook, Weston and Campbell counties, Wyo. and Butte and Lawrence counties, S.D. and Carter county, MT, $15.00 per year. To P.O. addresses outside Wyoming, $17.50 per year. Minimum Subscription, 6 months - $9.50 POSTAL REGULATIONS REQUIRE THAT SUBSCRIPTIONS BE PAID IN ADVANCE DEADLINE: 5 P.M. MONDAY OF WEEK TO BE INSERTED WANT AD RATES: 20 per word each insertion to be paid in advance. MINIMUM CASH INSERTION MINIMUM CHARGE INSERTION CLASSIFIED DISPLAY per column inch CARD OF THANKS EXTRA LONG CARD OF THANKS PUBLISHER'S NOTE: $2.50 $3.5o 8 $5.oo ,4.50 8 $9.00 All real estate advertising in this newspaper is subject to the aa Federal Fair Housing Act of 1968 which makes it illegal to advertise "any preference, limitation, or discrimination based on ~ race, color, religion, sex or national origin, or an intention to make any such preference, limitation or discrimination. The newspaper will not knowingly accept any advertising for real estate which is in violation of the law. Our readers are ~ informed that all dwellings advertising in this newspaper are available on an equal opportunity basis. ~_, ~qt' What is one thing that most people lack in any kind of relationship? Ifl had to give only one answer of many, I would say it would have to be communication. I'm not talking only about love relationships, but all kinds. For example teacher-child relationship. If the teacher and child do not have clear communication between them, the child cannot learn and the teacher cannot teach. Without this important concept, the goal of learning will not be accomplished. What about a friend relationship? Misunderstood signals or words can cause major problems. Maybe the problems can be stopped before they actually start, ffgood communication is a strong point in the relationship. Misunderstandings are probably one of the reasons problems occur. But, without the communication, there is not much of a chance to accomplish what needs to be done. If the lines between people are open and clear, then it Is easier and less hurtful to figure problems out. Almost everywhere you go, you are going to need to communicate with someone. Sometimes it is not easy, but you have to do the beat you can. Explain where you are coming from and Just talk! You cannot expect others to read your mind. The importance of communication is so greati We don't realize that we do it everydayi This too does not come easy. We have to work at communicating with others before we can be good at lti Like they say... "Practice makes perfectr' Letters to the Editor Dear Editor, I have heard many rumors that Major Miller was in a hurry to put the land use moratorium in place because of his interest in some Homestake land that lies within the boundaries of his private property.' I feel that I need to inform the community of Crook County that on September 13, 1995 Major placed a sealed bid for the property in question. On September 18 the bids were opened and Major was informed by agent that he had the apparent high bid out of several bidders. So Major had Just finished a major overhaul of his finances to secure the land from Homestake. This property has been leased by the Miller family for over 30 years. I Just feel this rumor Is an injustice to Mr. Miller on this particular issue. The moratorium comes about at this time because I feel there has been quite a bit of discussion of subdlvisions all around the county, especially in the Aladdin and Beulah areas. Each of which are in a flood plane and so these developments Just need to be wisely planned to avoid costs for the other taxpayers in the county. If a housing development is not adequately planned out for sewage, garbage, roads, schools and other services, It will be an added expense to the other taxpayers in the county because of the extra money and time the county will have to spend to keep these developments in good shape. When the county has had to lay off employees and Just cut back on many services, the commissioners must take some action to be sure these new developments are done so that they are self-sufficient. The entire county needs to try and put together a sound, manageable land use plan that allows for orderly development and everyone needs to put in their constructive ideas to make it work. Please try and work together, and cooperate to get this done in a timely manner and if there isa problem or rumor about one of the commissioners, pleasego to them dlrecfly and discuss iL At this time when the Forest Service is in the final planning stages of the ten year management plan on the forest, we do need to have a say as to what the plan can mean to the economics of this entire county. Cut back in allowable timber sales, mining, grazing and other multiple uses will have its effect on the income to the county and the job force. A sound land use plan is needed (one we can all llve with) so the commissioners can have a say in the ten year management plan on an even playing field with the federal government. It does not mean you can not do with your private property what you wish, but it does mean you must do It in a sound manageable way. Let's get over the idea that we have commissioners whoare trying to play God, but who are looking after the life-style we all llve here for and the values we have moved here to enjoy. Whether we llke it or not, we do have Federal rules, Legislation and laws that we llve by and so we must be sure they are used to our advantage and try and change them. Marlene Simons Dear Editor, We moved to this wonderful community 35 years ago, we bought a ranch, and later a business In Aladdin. Up until this spring I thought It was the best place in the world to live. This summer we have seen neighbors sign petitions against neighbors, ranchers turning against the ranchers that have neighbored for years, neighbors vindictively putting up signs against neighbors and writing damaging editorials, also some neighbors covertly checking on our private financial status. This past summer and fall I have attended meetings that have had Requests for moratorium end features meeting ::2bds~ye~J~l?2?d~nlnu~lp~e ~Ia~,of:iUl~.:nc:d tt~oe~;ema mer~:t~;hq~u~t~oi~i~te~eU~ef:e~re did provide a solid reasonland use plan. A valid l necessary to allow the requests for its discontinuance at During the meeting, the purpose gencywas that prompted it. Several provide input into such the meeting called by the Crook County Commissioners Thursday, of which was to discuss the draft land use plan, the commissioners d elected officials, friends and neighbors fighting. I am ~ disappointed in my community today. Sincerely, Judy Brengle Aladdin, WY 82710 Dear Editor, The comments made by our community at the recent meeting with the Crook County Commissioners {C.C.C.) and Crook County Land Use Planning and Zoning Commission (C.C.L.U.P.Z.C.) acc urately reflected legitimate concern for two separate issues; the temporary moratorium upon all land use and zoning draft proposal. I believe the majority of Crook County feels our national and state governments threaten private property rights and wish no further intrusion by county government and properly so. However, I wonder how many of our community realize that having a carefully cmRed county land use plan would KEEP the control of private property issues within our community and displace further interference from other govern- ment entities. Many of us question portions of the C.C.LU.P.Z.C. first draft, yet let us be aware we have the opportunity to address these concerns through letters, telephone calls, and further community meetings. This docu- ment is far from concluded and we have an obligation to PROVIDE CONSTRUCTWEADD1TIONS OR SUGGESTIONS to this document. We have seen a sub-committee of three appointed to this Commission that should provide a stronger cross-section of community ideas. The moratorium has created problems for many residents and the C.C.C. will review this decision. In the interim, I would hope residents would respectfully communicate their concerns and desires to the commissioners. I urge our commission to formulate an appropriate time-frame, opportunity for deliberation, and date of conclusion for the land use plan that would hasten resolution of the moratorium and allow community-based planning to proceed. Each taxpayer has a responsibility to reflect on the impact of future unregulated growth. We must work together constructively not destrucffully. Let us not rush into litigation that further costs time, money and energy that would be better focused on protecting the freedoms we all cherish. Those freedoms are best met through county planning, regulation, and control that will sustain our small towns and maintain the economic base and beauty of the communities. The issue belongs to all of us; businessmen, ranchers, developers, and the mineral industry. I beg you to consider everyone's viewpoint, suggest solutions, and resolve our problems together. Sincerely, Pat Frolander Dear Editor, This letter is in support of our local city and county police agencies. We have SheriffZack Szakacs, who is putting Crook Co. citizens first. Our local police agencies are more interested in helping our county and city citizens with their problems, then in compiling big arrest records on trivial matters. If our federal police agencies would do the same they would not be getting bad press. They would not have so much trouble getting convictions in court, and would have more cooperation from its citizens. It is important to elect a sheriff that is responsive to its citizens, which we have done. It is also important to elect mayors that hire police chiefs that are responsive to its citizens. Crook County is fortunate to have done all of the above. It's important to let them know you appreciate them. . ...... ~ Je~ 01~titt .... Box 74 Devils Tower, WY 82714 467-5412 persons attempted to get an an- swer from them during the public input portion of the meeting but were told the questions would be answered later. Gary Darland, one of the county residents who spoke, wanted to knowwhy the moratorium included so much more than the draft land use plan. He acknowledged that there is a need for a plan but said it should be "a reasonable, flexible plan." Many of the speakers objected to what they consider "the infringe- relent of rights" of both the mora- torium and the land use plan. One person was adamant that he would build without permission if he so chose, a view echoed by others. Sundance attorney, Cecil Cundy, who also owns land outside of town, called the moratorium a violation of state statutes. He said that he would do whatever is necessary to stop the moratorium. The two questions that came up most often on the draft land use plan concerned acreage and taxes. The plan as it is currently written lists 1000 acres or more as agri- cultural and 35 to 1000 as subdi- visions. Most of those speaking consldercd this unreasonable, questioning the categorizing of small acreages as subdivisions. Of particular concern was the desire of many retirees to have a small place in the country where they can, If they wish, run a few head of livestock. Some of the questions on taxes related to new construction and some to the increase because of designation as subdivision. It was pointed out that taxes are set by the county assessor according to a state formula and that neither the County Commissioners nor the Land Use Planning Commission have any control over them. Not all of the comments from county residents were derogatory. Several speakers noted that a good land use plan is needed if Crook County is to avoid uncontrolled development as has happened in other places. Many thanked the Planning Commission for their hard work in putting such a plan to- gerber. " .... ~h~ th'~ 'd6m/nissi0nei~s did not come up with an answer to the questions about the emergency that satisfied the audience, they the new 10 year Forest Plan. the county did not have a enforceable land use plan in at the time the Forest getting local input, the unable to have any in menl County. Gene Gade, who is facilitator for the Planning mission, gave a briel back to the 1970's when mandated land use plans for counties. The one that was place them was very basic. It I revision. In the fall of 1994 a was named to prepare many public meetings and sessions were held. In August 1995 the was designated the Use and Zoning draft plan they handed out meeting: subject to more public lnpul much revision. Members commission include Bill Rosalie Brimmer, Jeanette Bob Hadley and Jw Hadley noted that such as the one bein held are "democracy that at this level we have At the close of the meeting, Miller, chairman for the Commissioners, announced the meeting to name a missioner to fill the vacancy~ be held Tuesday, October 1:00 p.m. At that time they the moratorium. 8TUMBLEBUM LEAGUI~ October 12, 1995 l Cal's Bait Shop Krltter Kutters The Upton Gals I[ Worden Accounting l l- Fuller Const. I0" Farmers Co-op I0" Starr Communication I0" Sundance Equip. INDIVIDUAL HIGH Loll Hartl {Sub) Cheryl Trigg {Sub} Eleanor Welch INDIVIDUAL HIGH Cheryl Trigg (Sub) ~ t Eleanor Welch Loll Hartl (Sub) First performance of handbell choir planned Nov. 10 The first public performance of the Sundance Community Handbell Choir will be November I0. The choir will Join the 5th Grade in a patriotic program at Sundance Elementary School at 7 p.m. Approximately 15 handbell play- ers are taking part in the handbell choir and have had three practice sessions. They meet twice a month, on the second and fourth Thurs- day evening at 7 p.m. ~tt the United Methodist Church. There are still openings available for anyone in- terested in taking part. Much of the credit for the exist- ence of the handbell choir goes to Rev. Lowell Karnes. He played a major role in getting the bells, finding a director and assistant director and in setting up by-laws to be effective Jan. I, 1996. County Attorney Joe Baron is writing the by-laws for the choir. Players are assessed annual dues as members of the choir. There will also be sustaining members, al- though that has not yet been fi- nalized. The choir has a three-octave set of bells and a minimum of music at present, Karnes told the choir that there will be ongoing expenses for insurance for the bells and liability insurance, any maintenance that is needed and for music. The dues and the fees for sustaining mem- bers will be used for these expenses. Choir director Loretta Tonak has attended two workshops for handbell choirs. The last one was in Rapid City, SD and involved all of the choirs in the area. She said there are choirs in Spearfish, SD and Belle Fourche, SD as well as Rapid City. Each of the workshops has covered techniques for playing and demonstrations of what can be done. ]B~T Bridge Club Susan Worthington was hostess for the B&T Bridge Club on Octo- ber 18. One guest, Jane Edwards, was present. Joyce Harmsen was the high scorer. Dot Gregson was second and Susan Worthington, low. 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