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November 11, 1999     The Sundance Times
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November 11, 1999

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i, i ill ii ill i:!i iS Page 12- Thursday, November 11, 1999 "WHERE THE KID PROCEEDINGS OF CROOK COUNTY, WYOMING TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1999 8:00 o'clock a.m. Present were Chairman Mark A. Scmlek, Vice-Chairman Merle J. Clerk Connie D. Tscheuer. t ~e minutes from the pl~-'vioua meetin8 were read and approved. County Anomey Joe Baron, County Sheriff Steve Stahla, Clerk of Dimict Court Tim Wood, County Assessor Susan Reddin~ and County Extension Agent Gene Gad were present to go depammmts. The foilowin8 bills were preu for payment: THE BOARD OF COUNTY COMMISSIONERS AT THE COURTHOUSE IN SUNDANCE, Clark, Member George Willey and County County Treasurer Mary Kuhl, over items of interest within their Fred D. Tschetter Tuxall Uniform & Equipment, Two Way.Radio Service, Inc. UNUM Visa L~. Visionary Communications, Inc. Wagaman Ready Mix & Const. Norval Waller West River International, Inc. Weston County Childrem Center George Everett Willey Christina R. Wood WY IX'par~ent of Commerce M hin y Company WY Pioneer wY Polke Serv Dog Club WY State Forestry Division Wyoming Photo Wyoming T2 Cen TOTAL John Moline, Sr., discussed Molme Gravel Pit. Dump Truck Rental 75.00 Uniforma & Shipping 105.47 Radio Repair ,, 294.60 Disability humrance 142.13 Travel Expense 1151.60 Int~rnet Fee 20.00 Bridge Repair & Contract I-Iaulin8 14815.50 Viewer & Apwaiser-McCollum Private Road 123.80 Lining 57.35 2nd Quarter Service Agreement 1000.00 Mileage 39.52 Travel F..xpeme 31.20 Certif d COt s.5o Pare 465.29 Notice of Sale 31.50 1999 Dues 40.00 Parts 145.03 Film ~ 12.55 Bridge Workshop Coat 25.00 322867.44 an Agreement between Crook County and John A. Moline dated October 7, 1988 Total Wag~ 82606.01 82606.01 PURPOSE AFLAC CoL Life & Ar.~knta Ira. Co. Crook Co. Em#oyee Health Great-West/Fasco~p Sundance State Bank WY Retirement ~Pmd. Wyoming gegrenumt Syatem A & M Safety & Supply Atr-Tech Aadmon Sig & Sup#y In . AT&T AT& T Joseph Miclml Baron Butt We~n Black H~ Chemical Bmamn co. Coq,omion Bud's Power Wash & Tire Company C.A. & T, In~. DBA Cmtom Auto Cellular One C~ of S~ City of Sundance Merle J. Clerk of the Dim~t Court Colony Cmutm~lion In~. Commnet Cellular lae. com, Engh Contracton Hot Lira Equipmem Contractom Sapply In~. Steve Coach Barbara J. Coy, RN Crook Coonty Medical Service Dktrict Crook County SR Inc. Crook County Vet Servic~ Cram El ui Supply De~ker'a Food Pride Dept. of Employment IX.pt. D~xter's Aatoamb/~ Dillom Hardwar~ Co. Gayla A. Epp~ Fannm Co-op Auoc ............... Km6G. Ferderer . ~ ,~... Fisher Indmwi~ Flo's Barbara Sue Fuhrnumm Gene Gad Gan~ Trutkin8 & Blade Service Richard Gantz G-ill Oil Co., Inc. April D. Gill Gillem W'mnebon Co. GcMfrey Brake Servi~ & Supply H~'~ood L~aber Mart, Inc. Holdins's li_~le Anm'ica Hulett EMS, ln~. Ikon Oe~ So~om K & H Con~ LTD, ~W CO. Kate's Diiv Service Kaycee's ~ Fm'nit~ Primi & I.~di's Amoco Carolyn K. Marohant L Terry MoKinip Merrier Tnw, ging Modern Printing Company Momrch Pharma etical Inc. Moo~ro~ Leader Motive Parts & Supply Inc. National Distriot Anome~ Am~. Northern A~ True Value Phy~kn ~ & Service Powder River F.m=gy Corp. SoL.2-n Ino. Public Health Numn8 Publi~ Health Nmmil~ Jean Quality Hardware l mS a' hone Coop., Inc. Rapid City Winn~on Co. Reliable RobeWs Repair RT Communication~ Inc. Earl Elvin Rush Sandereek Printing Mark A. Sendek S'tmpson's Creative Printen Madeue Snoozy Gary Spears Steve J. Stahla State of Wyoming- A & I State of Wyomins- A & I state of Wyomin8 Stevmmn Trucking S~ Cable T.V., Ia~. Sen Eq ment Company Sundmce OeS Seppty Sundance Texaco Sundance Travel Center Svobo Trur a8 Ted's Service Teny's Auto Sundaw~ Thnes t.h a Top ~ Produom, Inc. Vicki Tope Tower Laad Surveys Town of ~fl Town of Moorc~fl Tra y Mou r Company Troy Bhtmmn Trud, ins Bart Trucano Instmm~ Insm'anc.e Inma~ce DeferreO Compmuaon Withluada & Soc l S mity lmumnoe Sop#i sigm Telephone Ac~em Fee Copra Tmel E.We. Prke Booh Pockem Parts & Latx~ Cdl Ptume Wamr, Sewer & Oalbage Ambulan & Lammn Conm'tmtiom Me ze Gamishmem Little Mmomi River Road Project Cell Pho Profemmal Servic I999 Annual Duet Ckal & Tra-vel Expemte Travel j,a Dmy & Primner County Funding BoanUnS Sepplies Workm Comp.-Firemen woAm compm=.km Parm & Labor s.pp = tabor Gas pom & Travd Ma e Conawa I-hu Contraot Hauling Liquid & Ga~ Travel supplies Parts Compu Supplies Supplies & Priset Medical Tra~ F..xpeme 2rid Qum Ambulm,.ce Maintenm & Met ClmSea Cm , Stoc, k#e & Pit Shrug sm = s.p#i Gu, Farts & Latmt or mi Contract Contraot Hauling sm,im FluV Battery Adjumaent 2ooo Mmbmhip Broom sym Binder Faoom ay compmr Prosraran Me.ge portent Contraot Labor & Mikage Parts Telephone Telephone Parts sm, Parts & Lelxw Td~hone Travel Expem Inmate Reqtw,~ Forum Training Mature1 Mileage Witn~ Fee & Mileage Housing AUowanoe lntemet/Ntwork Ace~ Interact/Network Royalty on Gravel cone t Cable T. V. Pans Towels Gaa, Patm & Gas& Dimel Contract Farm Farm emta~, Envelop~ & Cmm'gt Labor supp Viewer & ~ McC.o~t~ Private Road Survey Stock Pile on D Ranch P~ Viewer & Ai~-McColhan Private Road 439.96 21.67 12786.77 1430.00 26607.63 180.00 13159.75 225,00 30.00 607.50 88,99 33.77 20,00 206,25 199.70 64.00 110.25 33.81 289.97 182.99 341.60 1666.66 91.52 760.00 8495.00 26.86 205.00 60.00 99.00 6.81 74.74 4079.74 500,00 15.00 53.73 121.37 24.00 1229.99 46.60 412.19 21.00 35.31 2511,54 57.36 198.14 12.00 184.43 150.02 9292.50 8077.50 568.88 6.51 152.08 406.54 21.15 238.90 603.56 168.01 666.67 78.16 50877.50 40.00 198.72 259.99 218.11 12.49 125.32 8235.00 7155.00 177.26 1050.00 354.00 38.10 90.00 306.30 155.50 48.05 3200.45 347.39 303.60 8451.94 46.72 77.80 786.12 2049.93 52.67 14.95 357.04 282.69 4.65 101.25 108.16 52.00 24.70 25.40 4OO.OO 16.63 33.27 7734.19 10170.00 44,00 375.36 75.48 200.87 4845.22 2610.00 16.78 41.82 221.06 554.53 373.39 130.04 385.00 128.73 1666.66 166.38 7272.50 105.60 Area Montgomery, Justice of the Peace Clerk, requested the Board view the Justice of the Peace storage area in the basement. The Board went and viewed the area. The Board discussed the Justice of the Peace and Assessor's Office storage areas with Susan Redding, County 439.96 21.67 12786.77 1430.00 26607.63 180.00 13159.75 225.00 30.00 607.50 88.99 33.77 20.00 206.25 199.70 64.00 110.25 33.81 289.97 182.99 341.60 1666.66 91.52 760.00 8495.00 26.86 205.00 60.00 99.00 6.81 74.74 4079.74 500.00 18.00 53.73 121.37 24.00 1229.99 46.60 412.19 21.00 35.31 2511.54 area. Joe Baron, County Attorney, Anita Fish, Member, Linda Tokarczyk, Subcommittee Member, Land Use Planning Commission, George Whalen, Larry Ellsbury, Charles Dirks, Jr., Dave Pieper, Beat'lodge District Ranger, and Tracy Ellsbury were Wesent to discuss concerns on the Taylor County Road No. 110. The County Attorney has determined that Taylor County Road No. 110 is a County Road and the Board w~l request the County County Attorney Opinion on that determination. They discussed all the options for the road which maintenance agreement with the Forest Service and asked for input from the local land owners. notified that the gates would have m remain uulocked. Adjourned for lunch at 12:30 o'clock p.m. 1:13 o'clock p.m. Present were Chairman Mark A. Semlek, Vice-Chairman Merle J. Clark, Member George W'dk'y Clerk Connie D. Tschetter. Larry Goodson and Gary Darland, Crook County Heritage Association, gave an update on "Old Stoney~. At this As~iation and the Forest Service are working on a "Needs Aasemment". They also informed the not haw an interest in the "Old Library" at this lime. Dave Pieper, Bearlodg District Ranger, USDA Forest'Service, Anita Fish and Jon Lienemar~ Members, Linda .Mary Flanderka, Subcommittee Members, Land Use Planning and Zoning C~ were prtaenL The LUP&.Z Commission is requesting a formal "Memorandum bf Understanding" with the Forest Service. Disouaaion waa held. decision was mack: at this time. The LUP&Z Commission informed the Board they are requesting a "Memorandum of Understanding" with Crook County and the Crook County Natural Resource District due to Incremental Grant for watershed planning and assessment and implementation of projects for the Fourche River. Veronica Canfield, Emergency Management Coordinator, gave her monthly report. Veronica Canfield, Crook County Natural Resource District, informed the Board about a pom'bl "Memmmulum of Understanding" with Crook County and rig Crook County Land Use Planning & Zoning Commission due receiving a 319 Incremental Grant. Present for the hearing for public input on the oid beildin8 were Rme Zella Proctor and Jeanet~ Smith members, Jill Mackey, Dir~tor, Crook County Public Library, Gene Gade, County Extemion Agent, Fred T~hetter, and Gary Dadand, Crook County Heritage Assodafion. Oral and written cammmm were receiveeL phone call from Gaydell Collier staling that lacnm~ Mary Hadley, Page ~ May Jean W'dson and Jeanne Rogers requested the building be turned into an archives. A petition was presented requestin8 the Board to retain the fireplac, petrified wood for the present library. TheLibrary Boardalsor~qmm~thoume. Mr. storage. No bids or proposals were received for the budding. No doc'mions were made. The Board went with Fred Tsehetter, C-~ to tour the boiler room bufldin8 by "Old Stoney" to posm'bly tree as a 57.36 198.14 John Moline; Sr., further discummd the Asreement between Ch'ook County and John A. Moline reprding Mr. Molin was given a copy of the Agreement to review. Steve Stahla, County Sheriff, Joe Baron, County Attorney, Judy Hut~hirao~ Mr. Fo~b~g discussed obtaining a Special Liquor Lk, en~ Catering Permit drain8 ~ week in August on priva~ land ! Sundance. No decision was made. Susan Reddin~ County Asaesaor and Gayla Eppler, Ain't. Deputy hauamsor, diaetmed the Office storage area/n the basement. Susan informed the Board that she has talked to Arna Montgomery, Justice Clerk~ and they will be switching storage areas. The meeting adjonrne, d at 5:50 o'clock p.m. Wednesday, November 3, 1999 8~00 o'clock a.m. Present were Chairman Mark A. Semlek~ Vic,~-'hairman Merle J. Clark, Member Cl~rk Connie D. T~htt~r. Jo~ Kintz reqttest~d rt~tenance on the W~X County I.~ Road No. 112. The Board will look into this. Joe Baron, County Attorney., re-viewed old business. Joe Baron, County Attorney and Mary Gmman, Attc~ay, discussed an agreemem between landowners for a instead of a public county road on Shaw Road #203. No decision was made. Brad Ellis, Engineer and Frank bland requested an extension to JulY 2000 on lhe Beulah Lmul DEQ has yet to approve the modified water system. Merle moved to grant a six month extension 23, 1999 and end on May 23, 2000 to Beulah Land with the 0onfiagency they pay $1,000.00 m the County contract engineering fees the County may incur with the remainder bein8 r urned upon completion. George second& motion carried. Mary Kuhl, County Treasurer, discmsed GASB which is bade fnumcial statements and numagement', for State and Local Governments. She gave an update on the new computer wogrmn. She alao discumed tax Neimam 77 Ranches, Inc., Jam~ Neiman aad Sand Creek Counuy Club, Inc. Her ~ h notice from the Assessor's ~ which has been approved by the County Commismoners just ~ she past to be able to cancel these taxes. Also present was Susan Redding, County AJmemor. Stman ia reque~ for the protested tax settlements for the County Commmioner~ to ~ for the Treasurer's Office and said Attorney will be lm:senfin8 Amended Orders to the Board. All input will be taken into con.~ and no at this time. Adjourned for lunch at 12:20 o'clook p.m. 1:00 o'clock p.m. Present were Chairman Clerk Cormie D. T~hetter. Mark A. Sendek, Elvin Rush, Road and Bridge Supt., gave his monthly rqx~L 12.00 184.43 150.02 9292.50 8077.50 568.88 6.51 152.08 406.54 21.15 238.9O 603.56 168.01 666.67 78.16 50877.50 40.00 198.72 259.99 218.11 12.49 125.32 8235.00 7155.00 177.26 1050.00 354.00 38.10 90.00 306.30 155.50 48.05 3200.45 347.39 303.60 8451.94 46.72 77.80 786.12 2049.93 52.67 14.95 357.04 282.69 4.65 101.25 108.16 52.00 24.70 25.40 40O.OO 16.63 33.27. 7734.19 10170.00 44.00 375.36 75.48 vi ..ctm m J. Member Oeo Susan Redding, Cotmty Aasemor, ~ tax cancellafiotm. Gtmt~ moved to approve rig tax cancellatiom follows: City of Sundanc ,$ 167.86 Daniel L. & Annie M. ~-----$ 63.45 Sam Burge~ - $ 46.50 Ronda Nih~. --$ 83.42 City of Sundance .... -- $ 147.98 Ag Acre Test----------~-~$ 5,264.06 Merle seconded, all ayes, motion carriexL Susan Redding, Comity Assessor, discuued Ihe Slates computer system nuum al~ She aim disctamed County Assessors statewide. 200.87 4845.22 Merle moved to approve the following tax cancellation preseat~ by Susan Reddin~ County Auesanr: 2610.00 American Colloid Mineral Company--S18,247.78 16.78 George seconded, all ayea, motion cmried. 41.82 221.06 George moved to appoint Steve Stahh, Cmmty Stmiff aad Veronica Canfield, ~-y Management Coordinate, 554.53 Crook County Employee Health Benefit Trust Fund Board. Merle seconded, all ayes, motion carried. 105.60 a wet 373.39 . 130.04 Merle moved to approve the following r~olufion: 385.00 RESOLUTION NO. 15-1999 128.73 OPEN BURNING RESTRICTION 1666.66 WHEREAS, a potentially seven: to extreme fire Unmion exists throughom Crook County, created by 166.38 vegetation and dry summer condition~ could create mttmliom lhat over~'xtelKI the fire fishlin8 c, apab~ 7272.50 and, WHEREAS, Wyoming smmm 35-9-301 through 304 provides that upon the recommenda~m of the county Fire Board of Crook County Commissioners may close rite area to any form of use by the public or limit such me which ?: