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November 17, 1994     The Sundance Times
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November 17, 1994

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([D Waltons bias (CC) (S) 10:05 pm ([~ MOVIE: The Searchers ~ Murphy Brown (CC) No~rE])~BFJ[~ 17, 1994 THE SffNDA.,NCE TIM}geT, PAGE 8 (~ Hazel ~) Nomads of the Wind (CC) 10:25 pm O Miracle on 34th Street: (~ Term X (~l Taxi Fist Look ~) Merle Haggard: An American O Dream On (CC) (~) Adventures of the Black Sial- (~ Doogle Hawser, M.D. (CC) ~) 700 Club 10:30 pm O LPBT Bowling (Taped) WEDN ESDAY stow o Collage Basketball Maul Invi- lion (CC) NBA Basketball Golden State ~ News (CC) O MOVIE: I See a Dark Stranger ([~ Jeopardyt (CC) tationat Championship -- Teams to t~) Vanishing Worlds Warriors at Charlotte Hornets (~ Remembering World War II ([]~ Thlrtysomethlng (CC) November 23 ~ unsolved Mysteries Be Announced (Live) Q) Biography rt 6 Miracle on 34th Street: (Live) ~ Fresh Prince of BeI-AIr (CC) ([]~ Dragnet ([D I Dream of Jeannle (lID Roeeanne (CC) 10:05 pm ([D MOVIE: Conagher q) Biography 8:05 pm ([D Untold West (CC) ([D Big Brother Jake (CC) 11:05 am ([B MOVIE: The Fins ([D Murder, She Wrote (CC) ([]D Great Performances (CC) 10:30 pm ([~ Up Close Taxi Racing 6:05 pm ([B MOVIE: Big Joke 8:30 pm O MOVIE: Working Girl ~)Fugltlve Countdown q~) Waltons $ 700 Club O MOVIE: Evidence of Love Love With a Perfect 6:30 pm (~ Raisins Sold Out| (CC) (S) ~) Next Step 12:25 pm O Soccer UEFA Cham ~) Hazel (B~ Thlrtysornethlng (CC) (D Unlvemlty of Wyoming Foot- (p ([~ John Larroquette (CC) 10:35 pm (D O Tonight Show (CC) pions League -- Teams to Be An ~) World of Dlscovew ~ News (CC) ([]~ Dragnet r One-Eye bell Cowboy Update O News (CC) (lIB Nlghtllne (CC) nounced (Live) ~ Doogle Hawser, M.D. (CC) ~) Redlecovedng Amedce g) Big Brother Joke (CC) MOVIE: Lean on Me O Price Is Right ([D Grace Under Fire (CC) (g~ ([D Late Show (CC) 12:30 pm Ell MOVIE: Protocol (CC ~ MOVIE: North Dallas Forty ~ MOVIE: Mad/Popplns ~ Fugitive '~ ([]D ([]~ Cheers (CC) O) Club Dance 10:40 pm O MOVIE: Stone Cold (SI (S) (gB Biography q) Twentieth Century ~ MOVIE: The Spollem (S) Radical Outdoor Chsl- ([~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) (~ Taxi 11:00 pm O MOVIE: Bell, Book en(I 1:00 pm ~) MOVIE: Tower of Lon 6:05 pm ([D MOVIE: The Secketts 8:25 pm (D MOVIE: Semi-Tough ~) MOVIE: Rollerball ([D Bewitched ~ Coach (CC) Candle don 6:30 pm (D Murphy Brown (CC) 8:30 pm (D Larry Sondes (CC) 10:35 pm (~ O Tonight Show (CC) I MOVIE: Deelm and Hell ~ That Girl ~) MOVIE: The Longest Yard ~]} MOVIE: Body Chemistry 3:1 :OF, pm (~ Bugs Bunny Thanks (B} Price la Right (0D Ellen (CC) ([]D Nlghtllne (CC) Treasure Hunters 9:00 pm (~ (i~ Dateline (CC) Point of Seduction giving O Bullseye (0~ Club Dance ([]~ (~ Late Show (CC) (S) ~ Family Matters (CC) ~) Night Court I (BD MacNell/Lehrer Newshou~ 2:00 pm (~ MOVIE: Sea You In th~ (0D (~ Cheers (CC) ([]~ Taxi 10:45 pm ql~ MOVIE: Suspicion Jam Central !: The Naked Prey 7:00 pm(~ Fun sndthe Feelofthe (lID NYPD Blue (CC) (CC) Momlng ([~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) 9:00 pm(~ MOVIE: TheWar Room ~[]) Emmsnuelle the Sedes Fifties (CC) ~) Unsolved Mysteries ~) Music City Tonight ~) MOVIE: Flaming Feather ([]~ Bewitched (CC) 11:00 pm ([~ Motorcycle Racing i Perfect Match (~ O Wings (CC) ([]~ Bob Newhart ([]D Alfred Hltchcock Presents 2:15pm ~) MOVIE: FomverVoun{ ~ That GId ~ MOVIE: Jallbalt (CC) (S) (Taped) ~) MOVIE: Lonely In (~ College Basketball Update ([~ Wings (CC) ~) Counteratrlks (CC) (S) ~ Family Matters (CC) ~]) Tales From the Cwpt (CC) ([]~ MecNell/Lehrer Newshour ([]D~FulIHouee(CC) (~ Father Dowllng Myatedee (~)PaldProgram 2:30pm~MOviE:Ladyklllers(Si (~ Reflecticna on the Sliver ~qi~Law&Order(CC) (CC) MOVIE: The Neverendlng ~!~ ([~ ~) Rescue 911 (CC) (CC) (~ Remembering Wodd War II ([~ Radical Outdoor Challenge Screen: Angels Lansbury ([]D Turning Point (CC) (]~ Music City Tonight Women's Health ~ Top Cops ~ News (CC) 3:00 pm O Motoworld 7:00 pm (~ (~ World's Greatest ~ Unsolved Mysteries ([]D Alfred Hltchcook Presents I1: The Next Chapter (CC) ~) Music City Tonight ~) Tern X ~) MOVIE: Fuzz ~ MOVIE: Hollywood or Bust Magic (CC) ([]~ Bob Newhart (~ Counterstrlke (~ Snowman ([D MOVIE: Anatomy of a Seduc- ~ MOVIE: Gone With the Wind ([]~ MOVIE: Cracker: The Mad 3:30 pm ([~ College Basketball NIT O NBA Basketball Chicago Bulls ([~ Wings (CC) ~) Paid Program ticn ~) Law & Order Women In the Attic Preseason Semifinal -- Teams to at Denver Nuggets (Live) ~) Father Dowllng Mysteries ~ Rodlscovedng Amedca (~ Roots of Goofy (CC) (lID I Love Lucy 9:05 pm (~ Untold Weet (CC) 11:05 pm ~) Coach (CC) Be Announced (Live) ~) Sister, Sister (CC) (CC) ~ News (CC) , Basketball Maul Invi- ~) Boxing (Live) (CC) 9:15 pm ~} MOVIE: Striking Diet- 11:30 pm (~ ~) Paid Program 4:00 pm ~) MOVIE: Hero (CC) (S) ([~ ([~ MOVIE: The Wizard of Oz ~ Top Cops ~D American Justice Semifinal -- Teams to Be ~) Mad Squad once (CC) (S) (lIB Superman ~]) MOVIE: Tape (S) (CC) (S) ~ World of DIImovew 11:05 pm ([]D Coach (CC) New Explorers (CC) ~)MOVIE: Sorry, WrongNumber 11:10 pm (~ MOVIE: Nigntbmed (Live) ~ Invention 9:30 pm O Sportecenter ~) News (CC) 5:00 pm (~ Donald Duck Quacks $ Music City Tonight Sayonara ~) MOVIE: Cracker: The Mad ~) Simon & Simon 11:35 pm (~ O Late Night Up (CC) (B~ Law & Order (CC) (S) Woman in the Attic ([~ Country News ([~ Rush Llmbeugh ([~ Chipmunks Celebration ([~ MOVIE: Cherry 2000 9:07 pm ([]~ ([~ 48 Houm (CC) 11:30 pm (1~ ~) Paid Program ~BI MOVIE: Caroline at 7:30 pm ~]l MOVIE: Woman of ([~ Dick Van Dyke 11:37 pm ([]~ Fly by Night ~ MOVIE: The Spollem ([D I Love Lucy 9:30 pm (~ MOVIE: Armed and ([]~ Superman Deadly (CC) (S) ~ News (CC) Desire (CC) (S) ~) Wings (CC) ~ ([~ Inside Edition (CC) 5:30 pm (1~ Sportscenter ([~ MOVIE: Kindergarten Cop ([~ News (CC) 11:35 pm ~ O Late Night Addams Family Val- E) American Coaches: Men of ~ Kolak 12:00 em (1~ NBA Today (R) (]~ Thenksglvlog Felt (CC) (S) (S) Vision and Victory (S) (CC) ~) Tmeeum Hunters (~ ~) Paid Program (CC) (~ ([~ Mad About You (CC) ~ MOVIE: Sayonara ([D Lucy Show 6:00 pm (~ MOVIE: The Thanks- ~) VanlshingMod SqUadwodds tuoso([~ Sarah Chang: The Young VIr- 11 ~):37 RUShpm ([]~LimbeughExlle Raiders of the Lost tational(l~ CollegeSemifinaiBasketball.. TeamsMaUitolnViBe ; 10:00~) CharllePm (~ ([~RoseG) ([~ News ~)([~ American700 Club Gladiators (CC) ~]}glvlngMOVIE:PrmlSeThe Hawk(CC) (S)(s) ~ Full House (CC) ([]~ Country News ([~ Inside Edition (CC) Announced (Live) (~ Merle Haggard: An American (~) Next Step ~]} MOVIE: Toy Soldlem (CC) (S) ~) MOVIE: The General Died at ~ Dick Van Dyke 11:45 pm ~) MOVIE: The Name of Fortune (CC) ([~ Me and the Boys (CC) Stow ~ Cheers (CC) (~ Cops (CC) Dawn ([~ Wings (CC) the Rose (CC) (S) KoJak 12:00 sm ([~ Powerboat Racing TheEntertalnmentMe- (]~ Maw Tyler Moore (CC) ~ MOVIE: She Wore a Yellow O College Basketball NIT Pre- $1DAmerlcen Justice 10:00pm(~([~([~([]~News (Taped) (CC) ~ Next Step ([~ News (CC) Ribbon season Semifinal .- Teams to Be 7:30 pm ~ MOVIE: Dinosaur Is- (~ Sportecenter ([~ ([]~ (~ Paid Program MacNell/Lehrer Newehour ~ Family Matters (CC) (B~ Unsolved Myaterlee 12:07am([~AmerlcenJournal (CC) Announced (Live) land ([~ Jeffemons (CC) ([~ Amedcen Gladiators (CC) ~) MOVIE: In Love and War (B~ Get Smart 12:16 sm(|)MOVlE:Chalnof Deals ~ no=canna (CC) (lIB All-American Girl (CC) {i) Chadle Rose ([D 700 Club An American 8:00 pm (~ American Teacher ~) Quantum Leap (CC) 12:30 am ~ MOVIE: Fanny Hill O Jeffer~ons (CC) ([]~ Mary Tyler Moore (CC) ([D Merle Haggard: An American ~ Next Step Awards (CC) ([~ Adventures of the Black Stal. ([~ Sportacenter ([~ Wheel of Fortune (CC) ~ Family Matters (CC) Story (~ Cheers (CC) (]~ Extra: The Entertainment Ms- 7:35 pm (~ Making of the Twilight ([~ News (CC) (~ MOVIE: King Kong 'I (CC) (~ (i) Frasler (CC) lion (CC) ([~ Country News gazlne (CC) . Zone Tower of Terror (CC) ([]~ Unsolved Mysteries ([]D Home Improvement (CC) ~ Invention ([~ ~ Paid Program ([~ Twentieth Century , She Wrote (CC) -([]~ ([~ MOVIE: MIIlicn Dollar Be. ~) Biography ~([D BeyondF'TrP 2000 ([~(CC) MacNell/Lehrer Newshour, 8:00Bettypmwhlte (~ (cc)Cnversatin With ([]~) QuantumGet SmartLeap (CC) 12:05(cc)am (0D Beverly Hills, 90210 v~v v ~ v ~ ~ v ~ ~ v'~t ~ ~ v ~ ~ v ~,v ~ ~ ~ v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~. ~ ~ ~ ~ 4t ~'~ ~ ~ ~ ~t ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ v ~ ~ ~ ~ v ~ v ~~ v ~ ~t v v ~ v v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~t v ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ v v v ~t v v v v v v ~ ~ v v v v ~ on=,ophono om.,,= . MENUS "l Refreshments were served by "chores, schoolwork, singing and Thanksgiving Day, no school. CrookCounty Doramay Blakeman and Janet ellisWeekat i playing, and sharing stories each Friday, November 28 Nursing Home Eng~ehaupt Your Library everdng. Thanksglvingvacatlon-noschool. FIRST SNOW by Kim Lewis. Frost 8UNDANCE SCHOOL8 November 8 Dean and Janet Program planned ~...................................~ nips at the air as Mommy, Sara LUNCH MENU ........... andTeddyBearsetoffupthehfllto Monday. November 21 ~ ,' t~l~!~] w r tEo ,economson---- f ehep g tut rH--roaun o ]~[l[~LI/[~ there's no tlme to go back because wedge, cherries, cookie, milk. and AnnietovisitBearS.Lorena "Ideal Silhouette" Ifyou'real interested in malong a the storm is coming in fast. Just Tuesday, November 22 BenJensenwasintotake memori "donatlon, wehavesome when all hope seems lost. a de- Spaghettl and meat sauce, garlic Joy to Spearfish; and Jody Debl~ie Popp. Home Economist wonderful books in ourWlsh Book. voted friend unexpectedly comes bread sticks, green beans. Jello PatDlrkswerelntovisltGllda from Campbell County, wlllpresent lncludtngThe Cowboy Encyclope- to the rescue, with frulL Thursday is named Gabby Solberg and Pat aprogramon'TheldealSllhouette" dla" by Richard W. Slatta. This TOWN MOUSE COUNTRY Wednesday. November 23 for the Norse thunder all on November 9. or"PuttingYour Best Self Forward" reference work fuHydetails cowboy MOUSE by Jan Brett. The classic Wieners in a blanket, baked god, Thor. the 13th, Lucian and Mary on Thursday, December 15, 1994 history, culture, and myth ln North tale ofa town mouse and a country beans, peach, milk. were in to Join Nellie in the Jury room at the courthouse, and South America. Please Inquire mouse takes on a new dimension and Helen Zimmerschied The class will be from 5:3O to 7:30 If you're interested, in the imaginative and talented "= -- -- b-e kePs - - - p.m. and is limited to the first [" "1 hands of Jan Brett. family potluck, twenty people to sign up. ~ THE FROG PRiNCESS retold by I I and Jean Conzelman were the family potluck and to Registration must be made by NIGHT TRAIN TO MEMPHIS by j. Patrick Lewis with paintings by EllzabethPeters.AnewVlckyBllss GennadySpirin. Anexqulsltelyll- '"Power Coupon"' AnnleBears, December8, 1994. There ls a fee of mysterymixingauthentlcEgyptian lustratedRusslanfolktaleabouta Reed and Ethel Taylor. $12.00 which includes a manual Ginsback were in to and a computer analysis, lore, a ripping good yarn, and a faraway kingdom ruled by a Tsar. I | heroine with an affinity for crime. :Pat Ragans and for the family I I onthe 13th. TheIdealSllhouette programlsa SCANDAL IN FAIR HAVEN by The Tear's three sons each take a Se|~l~d Tender T~t~ bride, the youngest being forced to you to all of the familY urdque system f analyzing figure CarlyriC" Hart" HenrlettaO'Dywer marry a frog I Boneless $2 1 i for the wonderful pot- proportionality and identifying returns, investigating a brutal We really enjoyed all the styles that are flattering, where wealth and privilege mask a murder In a lovely southern town! (~~-1l_f --I l Whole.in.the.BagTOp Sirloin ' and good foodlf The class is composed of three hotbed of lies, sex, and deadly 7~?.7~'L7"~ | " I Chatfleld's visitors for the sections -- measuring the body desperatlon. ~ I0 - 13 lb. Avg. l Hulett, Lloyd accurately, discussion, and view- BESTIARY ~ Wll- I ~ , Texas. and Bernice Chat- ingofflattering clothingstyles from ST:, JOHN'S ~ i~iam Babula. Private detective cut & wrapped free Fritz's guests for the family Jack and Jill Shop and Durfee's in l l Jeremiah SL John follows a trail were Terry and Cheryl Sundance; and interpreting the thatleadstounlversitygrantfraud, TNT stands for trini- I Limit 2 With Coupon Expires: 11/22/94 I Brittany and computer analysis. In order to drugmoney, child prostitution, the trotoluene. 1 Leonard and Margaret measure accurately, they ask that ' 1 .............. porno film business, the theft of Beulah. and Ethel Chat- a leotardorsomethingslmilar, that his cherished classic '55 T-bird. doesnotaddextralnches, beworn, andalmostcostshlmhlsllfe. ~-_ P, j~ / I "[ / ~Ci I ~ [ _1 f'--~ ~ "- r" . , ~, ~"~]-~:.=- , r-~ ~lW I I ~ _l - I ..J ~tli _'~ the 14th Paul Conzelman For further information call the I ~ ,~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . 1 --. w --= ~ t IntovisltEffieConzelman; Crook CountyExtenslon Office. flewintheChildren's "" ' N~ --DACE I " ~P "=~ Jespcrson and Marge Reed 283-I192. in to vlslt Helen Zlmmer- Demtrtment and Margaret Ellsbury by/mtrld Teter in to visit Jennie Moiler. Legion, Auxiliary THE MYSTERY OF THE CUP- Doramay Blakeman hears Boys', Girls' BOARD by Lynne Reid Banks. When Omri puts away the cup- Dance to the Music of Saturday, November 26 quarters[ Staters at dinner board In THE SECRET OF THE American Legion Post #45 and INDIAN, he vows that it will be Whsskey Rwer 9 go p a.m.* & Gain Club Auxiliary Unit #45 members met forever. But then he and his famlly .m. - 1 30 November l l for a potluck supper IT JRF I is held at the Masonic Hall. During the that they inherited from a distant evening Moon Jarvls, Angela Halar- relative and Omri unearths a faded meeting of the Give and Wee Dural reported on their Joumal hldden ln the thatched roof. ;i Gain FCE Homemakers was experiences as delegates to the THE TWELVE CATS OF at the home of IAllian Cress- 1994 Girls and Boys State. CHRiSTMAS by Kandy Radztnski. The flag salutewas given and . After supper the Auxiliary Unit A mer~y twist on the traditional Homemakers Creed held their regular meeting. SonJa Christmas carol. read. Wright, district president, ad- FIRST SNOW by Emily Arnold each member brought dressed the group and was pre- McCully. It's the fret snow of the I ill i i ,, sented with a gift. She stressed winter and a big one, too. Just the Slsson gave the insplra- that 1995 dues are due and efforts sortofcold, sparklingdayto shove} tled'WhatPrayerCanDo." should be made to attain mem- out the old red truck and head for furnish cake and ice bershlp goal. the skaUng pond and the sledding for the nursing home No- There were six Auxiliary and five hill. Legion members plus four guests SNOWED IN by Barbara M. Lu- REMEMBER- elecUon of officers was post- presenL can. It's 1915. Winter comes to the that ovembermeeting. Buy raffle tickets from Auxiliary ~ settlement and Grace and Luke canfield gave the pro- members and help send the del- are .snowed in, unable to leave is be ore Christmas the Devils Tower*Conser- egates to Girls Statef their family's farm until spring. District's long-range pro- -- ~L~l~ YOU Cressman served the re- C~EAUTY FOR BEING OURCUSTOMER November m---ee.UngofGive ANDV(JTHE FEAST[ 1/2 Price Gain FCE Homemakers was at the Green Mountain Es- For Thanksgiving, November 24 roll call was answered by member's Than~.sglvtng The FT~ Buy one regular price item and get a Autumn Harvest" Bouquet ~ _~. second item of equal or lesser value for 112 InsplraUon was given by :~ Send this "feast for the eyes" to family '-~ ~'~J~L:~~ price. Blakeman about and friends-- acmes the city party of the County or the country! ~~~ " "~ .~ :~ Includes all regular price merchandise in wfllbeheldln From ~::% ~~ .... ~,.~ stock. Limit of two 1/2 price ,tems I: er courthoUSewiththe council meetmgbasement on De-$24.95 :! "~-~/" "~ ~ customer/coupon. at 10 ~m. and the dln- "~'~:'~ " ~!~ COUPON GOOD FROM NOW TILL SAT., NOV. 26 at 12 noon. Each member ts to a handmade ornament for and a centerpiece for a Christmas party be at Vlvlan Klpp's with a gift and candy and cookie ~iii!i Women's luncheon .......... '~ 17. THE COUNTRY COTTAGE Morrison gave a report on forbables. & YOGURT GARDEN food fraud and Kathi Morrison~ Hours:Mon.'~., 8". Sat.,-e. C|o,e~ Sun.. DURFEE,s Downtown S--d,,nce tax exemptions for 423 Cleveland Sundance Phone 283-2450 - ^ ~,.~ ~..~ ~.o...,.....o~ ~,... ~. ~.~.. ~,,o~., ~.=~ ~,~ ~... ~,,.~. 50 Years of Clothing Excellence Davis gave the program , , , i i -