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December 4, 2014     The Sundance Times
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December 4, 2014

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Community Thursday, December 4, 2014 approaches, the Sundance CHRISTmas the many services this organization provides to the community of Sundance are warm clothing and gifts for children and seniors. Along with the Council of County Services Food Pantry and the Scouts we are also able to provide food for families that are less fortunate. The Sundance Christmas Basket has been operated fror generous community donations and volunteer time for mote than 20 years. We are askingyou as a community to help continue the Spirit of giving in Sundance by donating to the Sundance Christmas Basket and Boot tree. As stated earlier, these funds Will be used to help struggling families put warm clothing on there kids, gifts under the tree and fooo on the table this Christmas. Donations can also be made b v picking up a "boot" ornament off the Tree located at Sundance Dillon Hardware. Each ornament is labeled with the gender and age of a child to shop for, a great opportunity for families to give together. For more information please contact Bo Carlson (307) 290-0251, Resann Pixley (307) 746-6277, or Shannon Coaylord (307) 290-0348. Donations can be made out to "Sundance Community Christmas Baskets" and dropped off at Sundance State Bank. Applications for families are Pantry and Senior Citizens Center. Thankyou in advance for your generous support! Sincerely, The Sundance Community Christmas Basket and Boot Tree Volunteers To make a gift, for more information, or to inquire about corporate sponsorships: operationfinallyhome.org Mark your donation for Wyoming [ The $ur00damce Times Page 4 My Wyoming Deaths reported: split ticket voting is dead; A report of a Wyoming monk who croaked BY BILL SNIFFIN In a recent column, I questioned that in the current Wy.oming Republican-dominated po- litical landscape, would it even be possible for such popular Democrat governors as Ed Herschler, Mike Sullivan or Dave Freuden- thai to win today? This was in the wake of the big loss suffered by Democrat Mike Ceballos who many (in- "Even so, in our family it was recognized that sometimes the candidate from your own party was not the best and it was in this state's and this country's best interest (the greater good) to vote for the most qualified candidate. "The current state of affairs, where irratio- nal or uninformed adherence to party affilia- tion is the priority rather than looking out for the country's future by voting for the most qualified candidate, is frightening and I be- lieve puts our revered {or so I thought) de- mocracy at risk." Both Phil and Rae Lynn are true-blue Dem- cluding this writer) thought would do much ocrats in what has become the reddest of all better in his race for State Superintendent of states. Their comments are interesting and Public Instruction. Two Democrats contacted me with some spirited thoughts. UW Prof Phil Roberts of Laramie speculat- ed that "split ticket" voting might be dead in Wyoming. In the past, the state offered up enough attractive Democrat candidates that most voters would consider splitting their ballot among candidates from both parties. worth repeating. So while we are printing the obituary of split ticket voting, perhaps another death could be reported here. Up in Cody, the following story was reported by contractor Rich Dowell about an incident at a project where he was doing work: "As some of you know I am currently the Superintendent on a construction project He reports: "I did some very quick spot re- (Google "monastery, Meeteetse"). I currently search and, from preliminary checks, I rarely have 11 buildings going vertical at the same find any election where every successful can- time; you can check some of the past posts didate was from one or the other party. Al- for pictures of the job site. This is a three- ways, there seems to have been 'ticket-split- to-five year project so a lot of care and detail ting' in Wyoming. Exceptions were during work is involved. the New Deal era {1934-38) when every state "There are three priests and 15 monks office (all five - governor, secretary of state, working on the project. They are doing all auditor, treasurer, state superintendent) of the site work and all of the finished stone was held by Democrats, both U. S. Senators work. They do amazing work. I had to go and (O2VIahoney and Schwartz) were Democrats meet with the board of directors and was to and the sole House member was a Democrat be accompanied by one of the priests and {Paul Greever of Cody). one of the monks. The board had arrived and "While Republicans have held many of the we were stalling them waiting on the arrival slots in recent years, this is a whole new po- litical era in the past four years when all top elected spots are held by Republicans. This is a major change. Ticket-splitting is extinct in Wyoming. For some 120 years of statehood, rarely did one party hold EVERY office." of the priest when I get a phone ca11. Father told me over the phone that they would be late because one of the monks croaked this morning. "I said 'Oh man I am so sorry.' He said they would be a little late. I asked if there was Although Roberts is concerned about the anything I could do to help. He got real quiet demise of the split voting ticket, he says that he has never voted a straight ticket. Former State Sen. Rae Lynn Job of Rock Springs also commented: "I supported CebaUos and worked on his campaign so you know that I am disheartened by these results. The reason that I'm writing is that your column disturbed a deeply held ideal for me. I am a Democrat, always have been, always will be. and asked why I was sorry? I should be cel- ebrating. "Well hell, ok, if that's what you want, He said this was a big deal and happens pretty often. Damn glad I am not a monk. "I asked what happened, car accident or disease or just what? Father started laugh- ing and said, 'I said one of the monks got cloaked, not croaked. He got his robes.' They were still laughing about that all afternoon." A holiday tradition of good health BY VICKI HAYMAN, UW EXTENSION Your holiday season may already be in full swing with shopping, baking and dec- orating. During the busy holiday season, it is easy to steer away from routines and normal eating patterns. Work parties, children's holi- day performances and extra chores cause stress that can take time away from your ev- eryday schedule. Do you find yourself gaining a few pounds every year be- tween Thanksgiving and New Year? It is a common prob- lem. It may seem easy to decide to not gain the extra weight this year, but more difficult in reality. Here are some sug- gestions to help avoid un- wanted extra pounds: Continue to exercise dur- ing the holidays. Exercise re- duces stress hormones and stimulates the production of mood elevators. It also in- creases your energy level. Being in a better mood and having more energy makes it easier to manage the stress during the busy routines of the holidays. If you need to, increase your exercise to compensate for the extra cal- ories. Make healthy food choic- es including plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low- fat protein and dairy choices. MyPlate recommends mak- ing half your plate fruits and vegetables. They will help you feel more satisfied, which can help you to consume fewer calories. Plan your weekly meals in advance of doing your grocery shopping. Including healthy meals during the week be- tween meals out and festivi- ties will help to balance high calorie meals. Plan meals that are quick and easy to make, such as stir-fry using frozen pre-cut vegetables, baked frozen fish with quick cooking brown rice and vege- tables, chicken breast with a microwaved sweet potato and pre-cut salad mix, or an om- elet with vegetables, whole- wheat toast and sliced fruit. * Use portion control when indulging in foods that are higher in calories and fat, which are likely to be served during the holidays. Fill up on fruits and vegetables, which will help limit your consumption of foods that are higher in sugar and fat. Fill your plate once and do not go back for more. Practice moderation, not deprivation of your favor- ite foods. Be choosy about your selections. Making sec- tional choices will allow you to enjoy the foods you have been waiting all year to taste and help you skip other food items. Most of us have a fa- vorite holiday food we have been waiting to enjoy, and that food can fit into your diet by moderating your potions. Keep minimal baked goods on hand. Holiday bak- ing can add many extra calo- ties, sugar and fat to our di- ets. Review the list of cakes, cookies, bars and candies that you normally make each year. Consider making small- er amounts of each type of treat this year. Everyone can still enjoy his or her favorite treat, but there will be less of it. Be careful of liquid calo- ries. Make the first drink low calorie; save the high-calorie beverage for the end of the occasion. If you are going to have an alcoholic drink, have a glass of ice water after it. Limit yourself to one in- dulgence per day - not one of everything all at once. Get plenty of rest. Make sleep a priority by aiming to get the needed seven to eight hours a day, as recommend- ed by the Center for Disease Control. Getting the proper amount of sleep will help you to have increased energy and improve your mood. The holidays are only three days, which are Thanks- giving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Feast on these days then go right back to your healthy eating on all other days. The cycle of not enough exercise and too many calories (3500 calories = 1 pound) on the other days causes weight gain during this time of year. This holiday season create a holiday tradition that gives the gift of good healthl Priori- tize healthy eating, exercise and sleep this holiday sea- son. Take a little extra time to plan and think ahead about how you wiU keep your holi- days healthy and active this year and you will find your- self healthier as you greet the New Year on January II {sources: www.choosemyplate.gov; Michigan State University Extension - www.msue.msu.edu.} Washington Monthly Repod BY SEN. JOHN BARRASSO, M.D. With the recent midterm election, voters in Wyoming and across the country sent a clear message that they were not happy with the direction the country is headed. Instead of listening to Americans, the Obama Administration an- nounced they will go around Congress and the American people to impose new job- crushing carbon regulations and grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Spending Thanksgiving with Wyoming Troops Over- seas Wyoming has almost i00 Air National Guard airmen currently deployed in Qatar and they are doing an out- standing job. On November 27th, I was honored to share Thanksgiving with them and have the opportunity to speak with them about home. We talked about Cowboy football and basketball, their families and the weather back home. In addition to giving me a tour of the base, they briefed me about mih'tary operations in the Middle East. I made sure they all knew how much folks back in Wyoming miss them and how proud we are of their service. US-China Carbon Deal This month, President Obama struck a climate deal with China to curb green- house gas emissions over the next two decades. The United States is required to slow their use of carbon emissions imme- diately - yet China is allowed to let their emissions continue to rise for the next 16 years. While I agree we must bal- ance energy needs with envi- ronmental concerns, this one- sided deal will hurt jobs and drive up energy prices for fam- ilies in Wyoming. Once again, the Obama Administration is putting American workers and our economy at a tremen- dous disadvantage. President Obama and the Secretary of State should visit with com- munities, including those in Wyoming, who will be hit hardest by this terrible plan. President's Announcement on Executive Amnesty Like most people in Wyo- ming, I believe that we need to fix our broken immigra- tion system. The President's announcement this month that he will grant amnesty and work permits to almost 5 million illegal immigrants is not the answer. It flies in the face of his promises to follow the law and help unemployed Americans find good jobs. Just over a year ago in Sep- tember 2013, the President said: "My job in the execu- tive branch is supposed to be to carry out the laws that are passed...But ffwe start broad- ening that, then essentially I would be ignoring the law in a way that I think would be very difficult to defend legally." President Obama's action will make it even harder for Washington to pass responsi- ble immigration reform. In the aftermath of the President's decision to ignore Americans, Congress will look for every legislative option to reverse this executive amnesty. Wyoming Comes to Wash- ington It was nice to visit with Ma- fine Corps veterans "vrmcent Vanata and his wife Jona, from Cody this month. Vincent was invited to testify before a Sen- ate Veterans Affairs Commit- tee hearing on mental health and suicide among veterans. He talked about his experi- ence with the Wounded War- rior Project and how programs like it are making a difference in the lives of veterans in Wyo- ming and across the country. If you or someone you know will visit Washington this win- ter, please let me know. I'd enjoy meeting with you in the office and scheduling a tour of the U.S. Capitol.