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December 4, 2014     The Sundance Times
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December 4, 2014

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The invasion I have in mind is a benevolent one, of course, in the form of yuletide gifts for my loved ones - across two entirely separate continents. Over the next couple of weeks, I must la- bor to ensure that my Christmas offerings arrive in the right home, in the correct coun- try, on the right day and for the appropriate person. That's not as easy as it sounds because, no matter where I am located on any given Yule, I will still be in the wrong region for ap- proximately half of my gift list. As you can imag- ine, this requires a level of discipline that only Santa himself could rival. And when you're blessed with a memory as errat- ic as mine, the only real option is to concoct a spreadsheet. I use this handy tool to remind me which version of the major shopping websites to or- der from, whether I can purchase an item in person, which credit card I'm going to have to use and what my delivery windows are for each gift. For this year's festivities, it's the English half of the equation that will be throwing up problems, because it's America's turn to wish me good tidings. All gifts heading for my homeland must be ordered and arranged re- motely. My brother is easy: he hates surprises. During the holiday season, I refer to him as "Ebeneezer  because he is singularly unap- preciative of thoughtfulness. He doesn't know what he wants, he just knows that it wasn't what you got him. He has no wish list, just a vague idea that it would be best for you to hand him the cash and let him go shopping for himself. Inevitably, after two weeks of arguing that a gift giver likes to have at least a modicum of control over the gift they're going to be giv- ing, I will relent and navigate to my PayPal account. I will do so knowing that his choice will be the same as last year, and the same as it's going to be next year. He will choose a t-shirt, to be placed inside his vast wardrobe of other t-shirts. I know it's coming, I see it coming, but there's no avoiding the inevitable. There is also no point in selecting a t-shirt on his behalf, because it absolutely, positively won't be the right one. This Side of the Pond Notes from an Uprooted Englishwoman BY SARAH PRIDGEON ritated by long paragraphs. It is important to keep my instructions short. If I do not, the end of my sentences are ignored. Because that's not always possible, it will be a toss-up come Christmas Day as to whether our tributes are lovingly adorned in gift wrap or handed over in a plastic bag. And because my brother is a man of few words, I am un- likely to know which extreme he erred to un- til the reports trickle in from our parents. On this side of the ocean, the husband is both difficult to cater for and easy, because he only has one rule. No item in his festive goodie bag should ever have a practical use. This gives me plen- ty of leeway, particularly ff I'm feeling cre- ative. It's amazing how many corkscrews, USB drives and annual calendars you can smuggle into the household if you're pre- pared to opt for a novelty version. Fortunately for me, our thought patterns are shockingly similar. We've now reached the point where we can't ever seem to get stuck in to a decent debate because, no mat- ter what the subject matter, we will realize within two sentences that we agreed on the outcome in the first place. This also extends to entertainment tastes, so I need only ponder a simple question as I browse the gift aisles: is this something I want? If it is, he will want it too, with the added bonus that I will get to share it. All of which leads to a very merry Christmas for one and all. My choices when it comes to my nieces also follow this logic. I simply revert to my childhood self, think back to the days when I dreamed of getting my grubby little mitts on the shiny things I'd been yearning for all year long and then hope very hard that I'm still in touch with the kids. Little girls still like weav- ing looms, right? For some family members on this side of the pond, in keeping with local tradition, I prefer to offer a handmade gift that's infused with love and care. As I am neither practical nor imaginative, this has been executed over the years with varying degrees of success. I leamed quickly that my Christmas candy isn't a patch on everyone else's, but my gi- ant gingerbread cookies tasted pretty good - and it helps to hae an artist on hand to help decorate them. I'm still pondering this year's M: parents arc sy to choose for, but options, but I will stop right here in case any tricMr.it:coSto lSctita0. Ivl: 'of the m e redingi father will enj6 ything cerebral, while I had 15est in fact, stop right here in general, my mother firmly stands behind the concept that anyone who believes in Santa Claus gets a Christmas stocking. She is also a firm be- liever in Santa Claus. This year, however, I must arrange said gifts with the help of Ebeneezer, who may or may not be willing to follow my lead. He will affably allow me to make all the important decisions, though he's been known to argue on the finer details - and, because the shop- ping will largely fall to him, I will have little choice but to concede. Our business must be conducted via email for the sake of secrecy, but my brother is ir- before I give away important details on the gifts that will be staying on this side of the ocean. Suffice to say, I will be stalking the malls and browsing the internet tirelessly, hoping I picked the right credit card. There's a certain feeling of accomplishment when everything goes to plan - watching people open presents that stretched my or- ganizational skills is a special festive feeling. It doesn't happen every time, and it certain- ly might not this year, but I have faith and hope. At the end of the day, it's the thought that always counts, and I will certainly be doing a lot of that. Scars BY PASTOR DAVE JAGEMANN It is the time of year we "try" to look at life and sort out the good from the bad in or- der to find those items we are "thankful" for. Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to start "pumping" the brakes in order to slow down for the hol- idays, get our Christmas cards out, lists in order and put our scales away. This truly is "a wonderful time" of the year as it checks our perception of reality and reveals what truly matters and what doesn't. We are all very good at rec- ognizing those obvious things that we can give a shout of thanks for, but what about the less visible, yet very items that might be doing us the most good? I'm talking about "Scars." All individuals who set forth on this planet and put one foot in front of the other will have =scars." They come in many different forms, from various directions and can be either physically visible or shamefully hidden. They can be seK-inflicted like a tattoo or sadistically hurled from one individual to another in order to break down, harm or cripple. These faws, marks, hurts can have lasting, per- manent effects upon the body and soul of an individual...yet in all of this is a huge element of "good" and reason to give Chapel of Fa some "thanks" if you allow it. I carry many scars on and in my body as they all mark certain things done to me and through me. Be it on the out- side or inside, they bring to a remembrance an occasion, come with a story and pres- ent some degree of hurt and harm. Yet when I place them in the nail-scarred hands of My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they become something not so hor- rible that holds me, but won- derful to be thankful for. I see the experience was not wasted and, although I may never know the reason for such a You can all be thankful for the many things found and take for granted in your ev- eryday. You need to be much more ready to recognize those less obvious items that at first glance appear defective, cause harm or are marred. Dig deep this Thanksgiving and really "look" into your life, take those scars and see the good that has worked in and through you. There is much more to be thankful for than meets the eye. Flawed and Forgiven, Pastor Dave But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised hurt, I understand and can for our iniquities; The chastise- be thankful for the strength, ment for our peace was upon wisdom and healing in these Him, And by His stripes we are scars, healed. Isaiah 53:5 HOLIDAY, )PEN HOUSE Hillside Pharmacy Friday, Decema00,r 5-8:30 a.m.- 6 p.m. Stop in for goodie's 8Cc00 ider. Many Items On Sale! Opinions 1 7 2 6 2 4 1 8 00]00Ldoku 1 4 8 1 5 5 3 9 8 7 2 Turn the page for the solution! 2 3 5 6 I 9 6 4 7 8 3 5 6 2009 Hornet0wn Content Sponsored by: Medium ANTIQUES, SILVER, GOLD, VINTAGE, RETRO COINS 8{ ITEMS 8( CURRENCY COLLECTIBLES 414 MAIN ST., SPEARFISH 605-717-8375 OPEN MON-FRI 10-5, SAT 10-2 PLEEN OVER 380,000 PEOPLE ARE LOOKING AT THIS AD! With the Wyoming Press Association's Statewide Display Ad Program, you can reach more than 161,000 households at a cost of $480! That's almost four households for one cent!. 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