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December 12, 1985     The Sundance Times
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December 12, 1985

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PAGE I0 THE SUNDANCE TIMES ~ 12, 19M ~GS OF THE BOAKD OF COUNTY COI~ ATTH~ ~~ AT . SUNDANCE, CIK)OK COUNTY, WYOMING. Tuesday, l)eemab~ 3, 1985 9:00 o'clock A.M. xes.~.emon. ~mt von~ c.b.=., champ. ~..i a. n..,ced, and Jo~ A. Mo,~. mmbe.. Minuto. read and appr~ed. MommS .peat soi~ thro.~ maU und payinS vouchm. h~Med~ ~dBE Amo~ ~k~ed Leslie F. Sipe William F. Sipe Itoser G. Ra~ Donald D. Engel Leslie F. Sipe W/lliam F. S/pe Roser G. Raymond Ra)ammd Kaabne Robert J'. Gean , Marylo, T, chaZer Betty J. Gillette Sandy Sipe Diane Simons Joan Kekesh Terri Thcmpeon c=obz Ma~em mh~y County F_anployoE 247.00 247.03 Sundance Cab~ ~, ,tal~. Weston County Crook County Memorial Sundance Clinic Oerk Fa~erprU~ Alexander's Plumbing and Heating Jatt's Plumbing & Heating City of Sundence Tri-County Electric Ass~n., Inc. Wyod~ Resources Davelopmm Servall Towel & Linen Supply Jstt's Pinmbing & Hinting Donald C. Goee Frank H. Harwood John A. Moline Ruth E. I)avidaon Keren G. Cdovor Patricia A. Duca Gertrude Conmdly Ronald H. Pulse Kenneth W. Sipe Marylou Tschsttor mchard J. Macy C.ec/l A. Cundy James D. Clark MiUy Russell Keith H. Hamel Barbara Sue Fuhnnaun Dale Ruland Nortbem Hills Appliance Company Records System, Inc. Addco Office Systems Dean Gulley Motors Collins Communication A-I Standanl City of Sundelu~ HUislde Phammey Sunden~ Foed & Fuel ~arbdse Ensinee~ng Ira Bisckwell The Ptanning Studio, luc. Chntcai Izborstory of tim Bkek mlis Fidler Roberts Funeral Home Top Office Pmduas Donald B. Hansen eancroe,. Whim~ Company Dept. of Adminiln~mn and Fiscal COnUol United Statm Pommmm. ABC Businem _Sgp~y Crock County TrNmU~ Dakm Typewrt~ Allianca of Archite~ & ~ Henderson Comt., Inc. Gillette Plumbing & Heating Wyoming Medical CBC Consultln8 Engineers Sundm~~ Office Tech. & Supply Bmnham publishing Co. overtime overtime overtime mdary l,e0o.co 1,eco.00 mlery and holiday pay I,C4.SS 1,674.SS mlary 1,803.00 1,600.00 salary 411.1~4 411.84 mkry 1,030.00 1,800.00 mlery andove~um 1,286.62 1,285.62 saisry and overtime 1,101.75 1,101.75 aahu7 aml ~ 1,111.50 1,111.50 ,,J*-,/, overtime, am/holiday 1,043.26 1,048.~ y 1,040.~ 1,040.66 y and holiday 812.50 812.50 848,642.73 ~iOUS~ SXPENSBS .--..~ service 1129.00 129.00 beus~s prisunm 786.oo 735.oo prisoner melt, 278.OO 276.OO mmnlgmz7 room visg-lxisom~ 26.00 26.00 mow mmoval 33.00 33.00 re@isoe vakves and labor on ~ 261.40 261.40 valve labor, repairs, & babam un nutrias home vdd 529.78 water, sewer, ami Sarha~ 125.00 electricity 1,648.02 coal 566.92 suppa~ 29.7o ~tnd~ . se.m mi]mge and travel exponsm mae,~e and travel expeuem mileage and travel expemm potage IL~stsSe, milmse, and travel espemee IL~etsse mi=owave and travel uponsm travel expensm p~aase pcet.se~d~ office rent pomLbis md Usht .ed n~.t~ ~a.ge ,md jery foed hmndry Oed) postase omce reut, pmtap, and ~ toisptme rslzar mppU~ oupplim Nrvica un pm~ car Warren Pink rent pm~& labor ambuisnm mrvtm suppUm euppliu Cmoa County~u ~ alv.hite~ j~UpUmn~ autopsy mUmse suppUm ceurt ~ attmmy iswbodm oupplim J.P. Court O~ suppU~ nursing heme wock work un nund~ imam work un num/n~ home rs~irson~ work for tim mu/t/.pummm Imil~ (el,. ,~rounde) cam~nm and cok~TV book Jstt's Plumbing & Heat~_ ...... nund~ homo water b - ; " ' -- " - - -, AGglCUL'H.M~ I)~P~, Erc. Dwayne Flinn Maureen Luttomum Western Stationers Oxmm~ Honse Drovers Journal TriState Livestock News Crook County IWedsm~ Almml mm~! Xerox Mr. West Farm Bureau Workers Comp. Dlviskm Workers Comp. Division The Sundenm Ttmm Moor=oR Leader mamSe, travel e~m~,, & mgistrat/un milmp, travel ~, & ~ book .eb.erq~m trapl~ul~m mndm md eentract balmm d~ on vehle~ inmrum arsman'= eemlmmtlm weds., emammstk~ ~bU.t~und rope ~,748.68 not allowed 1,127.88nat aliowed 1,535.0411o allowed 924.50n~t allowed 529.78 125.03 1,948.62 586.9'2 29.70 36.03 $51.80 $51.80 56.38 56.38 54.43 54.43 .47 .47 5.56 5.56 317.72 317.72 .30 .30 147.25 147.25 13.53 13.5`3 3.35 3.35 41.40 41.40 300.00 300.00 90.90 90.90 19.98 10.98 25.50 25.00 2.01 2.01 112.46 112.46 33.00 33.03 88.90 88.90 39.80 39.80 42.74 42.74 82.50 82.50 76.81 75.81 40.00not allowed 31.23 31.23 50.44 50.44 1,578.96 1,578.96 8,530.59 8,880.59 5,346.00 5,346.00 008.00 688.00 66.80 55.80 3.75 ' 3.75 255.00 255.00 288.45 288.45 220.35 220.35 500.00 500.03 5`3.85 5,3.35 918.14 918.14 190.15 190.15 $,469.50 3,469.50 46,801.00 46,601.00 26,853.00 26,853.00 15.17 15.17 2,092.00 2,092.00 146.48 148.48 24.27 24.27 22.70 22.70 4~.75 493.75 1240.64 1240.64 840.18 340.18 860.10 860.10 22.64 22.64 10,00 10.00 22.00 22.00 10,500.00 10,030.00 779.87 779.87 22.61 22.31 10.50 10.50 488.40 488.49 280.80 280.80 848.00 848.00 Xm~Se Teis. COop., ~c. Sunden~ St~e Bank WY ~ 8yotom w~~~.tem Great. West Life & Annuity Colon~ Life& Acctd~t w~~syst~ Mountain BeU AT&T Consumer Products DAFC- ~-' ._ , Western Ccmmun/catiew, Inc. Mllkr F, quipment, tnc. w~ machinery Compe~ u.s.w~ su~, Inc. Co~ ~t ~vl~ C,~., ~. Hu~a Co-op T-N-T Nort~m w~ ~w.k~ ~ D/STruddns Kumn~eld C, unstm~ T~ MeK/l~ Gill Oil Coml~any, Inc. wyon~ ~ Thomas L R/chards R.C. OU~ Ho~th AUtO EIoetrlc, hm. ~M. Va~e, IM~~ Cundy Ashpelt Paving Cemt., bse. Cundy Asphalt Paving COm~., Inc. Westm Coun~ Childm.'. Cm~ S..dm~ Smior attm~ C.~ax tekpb0mm 1,187.19 1,187.19 withinidlns 8,538.9O 8,568.9O mcfalNcurity 9,538.48 9,603.48 retirunm~ ve6d 7,1~.26 7,172.28 inmnmam 1,400.00 1,400.03 ilmmm~ 351.35 351.35 life tmmmam 48.OO 48.OO redlmamt 7,167.76 7,167.78 ROAD AND ~UIX~ i~[]PENiS 1197.54 I;97.64 4.50 4.50 267.09 267.09 pare, l~t~, Bad m/lines 710.48 710.48 parts 21.24 21.24 perts 2,108.44 2,106.44 oxy~ 18.03 18.00 crackomlin~onD-Ro~ vold 26Jet.03 20,884.00 S~, rep, drs, toois, etc. &194.78 a,164.76 im,d~mmtilzw~hauUng ' 4,e98.50 4,698.50 gravelhauling 1,095.00 1,0~.00 jravel hauling 8,442.60 3.442.50 ~u~rock 1,8~7.00 357.50 h.uunumv~ s,~.s0 s,~.ao p, ,rid o0 1,m.S0 I,O~.8o key 1.00 1.00 mata4ais ~r Com~ ,imp s?o./o 870.4o r.~,, es.35 ~8.35 rooft~r 9.78 0.78 haulln~ grawl 1,597.50 1,59'/.50 gas, rentunbottlee, t/ms, &repsire 2,888.18 2,888.18 pam 882.o4, 832.o4 chains, repair,, m~! o/1 64~.80 640.80 tank rear 50.00 50.00 1~ of~ [nurm) 578.00 576.00 crock ~ ms D-Rind 18,545.03 18,545.03 I).RmKI 1,83S.97 1,888.97 IIEVENt~ SaAlm~ ~~ ,a,m0.00 m,mo. outreech workere 1,212.50 1,212.80 m;,871.51. P~r D~, Dave Leinen, Rod~ Mst~, and Gery Darlm~ appeersd in reprde to a propomd chanSe in tbe reUdni~ wail-t the Nurai~ Hmz project. R wes qp'oed to approve tlz ~ ~, subject to the ~ by the Ho,q,i~ eoerd. C.c~ Cu~ .pp~u~d and too~ ~ oath of orr~ -- crook Co,~ ,~mv. Wedamd~, ~ 4, I~. 88. 9:00 o'dodk A.M. Reguler session: All prment. Motim was made, secended, and carried to appmve pstitim and affidevit for caacallattm d ~ IN' msmsed taxes of ~ and F.,dna ~ in the amount of 151.84. MoCkm was mede, seconded, sud cerried to approve County Roed ~ ~ with the MAYER, Wyon~s l-Ushway ~ ~ to the Hu~Alzade Roed Project. MotSon wa n~le, asconded, and carrisd to ~ and sign cunUact with Ralph Geedasn to act ~ Prob,~ No. 4673 proy~ d~c~r ~ t~ ~ j~ proj~. Met/~ was --a-, mmed,~i, md caniect toWlx~ve me ~ mileakms b~ Com&y Omcem during the Non(z4 month of Novemb~. ConagyCis~$6,406.e0; Clerkoftbe District Com~170.50;cotmtySheriffS309.66. TO ALL FEBSON~ was made, seconded, and can/ed to enterinto an a~ w/th the Wymm~ Highway IN SAID ESTATE: ~ to insUdl ltaikond Croesins Sisn~ oa the Buff~ Creek Coun~ ]~ond. You are Motion was made, seconded, and carried to ~ and a~n pist showin8 ~ of a ~ of tbe the 29th dey of Octob~, oak Creek-Aladdin County Road/65. Last Will and Testament Motion was made, seconded, 8nd carried to approve the ~ of the C, mmrthouse at 12:03 on December decedont was admittod to 24, 1965 and December 31, 1985. 2.~}0 e'doek p.m. ~ of bids for Sheriffs car. Bids received as by the above named folk~s: that Harold C. Mayer, Davis C~evrolet Gillette No trade 813,019.00 ~ trade 810,760.46 Ellen Rittmaster Bob C, art~, Inc. Newcud/e No trade $12,0~I.00 w~h trade $11,992.00 Mayer were aplmint~ Motimwasmsde, smmded, and emied to aee~t tha low bid of Devis Chevrolet subject to ~ ~ mpmsemativce thereof. by the ~riff. ~:tion to set uide said No further Imminem ceming besom the Boerd wa ed~mzmed to mint in qxckl mmiun -t 1..00 o'dock P.M. be filed in said Decembor 6, 19~5 and in reguler sess/unat 9:00o'dockA.M.on Jmmery7 aml8, 1266. months from the deto of l lk, mtof(3eokcotmty~ publication of this DomddC. Goee. Chairmen thereafter be forever Frank H. Harwood, Member Notice is further give~ John A. Moline, Member persons indebt~ ATrEST: Ruth E. Davidson - or to said, co..ty dork N(}q[1C~ OF ~G ON CHANGE IN 8CllOOL DlffrEJCT IJDGET: Building, III Notice is hereby givon that a publk hmrin8 m a propoasd ~ dm~ ~r School ~ No. ~ ~zeet, Casper, 1985"86 budgst wiU be held n ~nursday Demnb~ 19' 1905 at 3:03 P'M" at MmorcrR' Wyemins" ~ ~ Creditors having claims 4 time, any and all persons intermted mayappmr amlbe beerd ~sugh budgat change: said decedent or the Change Vocational Funds, Adding:. 116,187.03 , required to file them HAIFy86(Handicapped) 292.00 PurclmsedServices2113-832 necessary vouchers, in IIAI Fy 86 (Handic~} : 597.03 i~rdmmd; ,~, 21~ of the Clerk of the HA2 Fy 35 (~) 1,419.00 Pmdmoed Set~tem~ 2112-332 of said Court, on or months after the date of HA2 Fy 86 (Disadvantsged) 1,579.00 Purdmasd Se~ 2.112-332 publ/cation of this such claims are no~ IIA3 Fy 86 (ln-Seryice) 2,300.00 Ibm:based Setvicm 2210-812 unless otherwise allowed they will be forever Add: ~ H and add: 811,906.00 DATED tide 5 day d~ TRIeH (StaffTrsining) ~ 1,691.00300.00 SuppllmPm'chaasd .Se~n~m 2210-3122210.410 1986. HaroldC. _ jM~~ F,x~l 'J (Instruction) 10,015.00 Equ/pme~t 1130-640 Sue Ellen Rilll HOUS/ 1% 1~ Publish: December 5, 12.~ wc~Lst ] pletely Total additions to budget: 18,093.00 i~IIN)RETHE]PUI~ garden Board of Directors of Scho61 District No. One Crook County, Wyoming SERVICE CO~ " 2~3-2 by: Ottlin A. Wegner OF WYOMING A,%SUN Publish: Week of December 9, 1985 Supe~ofSchoois INTHE MATrEROFI keyt~m APPLICATION OF TIUJ Excelle CO/~LYI~CATIO 742-64 CERTI-A~ Manag, NOTICE OF POS'IPONED ~ SALE NOTICE: FURNISH RADIO COM NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Foreclomu~ Sale scheduled C4di for Furnace Bids for December 20, 1985, at 10:03 A.M., is hereby postponed snd reset CARPJE~TWO-WAY M I~)R PHONE S~gVIC~ sleddir for sale on January 21, 1986, at 10:00 A.M., pursuant to the provisions Notice is hereby given that the ~ NO, 97f~ $4.80. of W.S. 34-4-109, which postponed notice relates to the Mortgage Crook County Weed and Pest Foreclosure Sale of the following described real porperty: Board of Directors will receive NOTIG~ OF APPIJCA1 Sundm Lot I, Block 4, Westridge Add/tion, sealed bids for the purchase of: I Town ofMoorcroft, Crock County, Wyoming, 1. Prop, me gas furnace, 9O% [ImmdNevember 18, J ALFAI 1. This matter be~ ton se~ to~ether with all imwovenam~ and plus efficient, m outslde air Conmdss/on~ .square appurtenances situate thereon or thermmto for combueti~, an~ installed. Tri-Sta~of WigKir appertaining or belonging. 2. Air conditionin8 ~unit in certificate of public oon~ ~ NOTICE IS FURTHER GIVEN that the above described real combinst~n with furnace 18,030 property will be offered for sale and sold on January 21, 1986, at 10:00 BTU or larger capacity. Plus and necessity to furnish mobUe telephone mrvio, i ',~RO A. M. , at the front doer of the Croek County Courthouas which faces eisctric filtering device, sisotobe Gillette, Buffalo and Stl~ 14x16 Cleveland Street in the Town of Sundance, Crook County, Wyoming, installed. /k.-dr~x~ Wyoming areas. unleSSsatisfied.the mortgage balance then due and owing is earlier paid and be Bidheatedinformatlon,and cooled,sizelocatkmf areaof to 2. The application is o ~ flc~)rins DATED this 9th day of December, 1988. UNION STATE BANK, a Wyoming unit, power suppl/~ etc can be the office of the Commb~ ~ Appr0x obtained from Cro~ County West Sr~th St/.est, C~ i:,We~v~ 721-416 Wyoming, and at the o~ corporation Weed snd Pest Office. 1321 Main Applicant, 1012 We# c/o Hugh~ & Dumbrill P.O. Box 7 Sundence, Wyo. 82729 Gillotto,Wymning, where FOR SA Attorneys at Law Phone (507) 283-2375. P.O. Box4~ be inspected by any is dry oak Sundance, Wyomin8 82729 Sealed bids are to be re(~-ued perso~ during normal Publish: December 12, 19, 26, 1985 to the Offwe by 7:00 P.M. Mouw hours. HAY FC and January 2, 9, 16, 1966 rain Standard Time, January 7, 8. Any person ~ and gra~ 1986 and will be publicly opened statement, protest, obje Can dell NOTICE OF FORECLOSUI~ SALE request for hearing must~ tac~ Lar Default having occurred on a mortage dated July 31, 1984, from and considered at that time. All bids must be submitted in or before December ~ or Hart Joseph A. Kokesh, also known as Joe Kokesh and as Joseph Kokesh, sealed ~avelopes and pisinly After that date, the Cc~ 8578. andJoanA. Kokesh, husband and wife, to the Sundanca State Bank, a marked "Furnace Bids". ~ wflldstermiueifapubli~ corporation, to secure the payment of a rnort~ note in 018 amount of Board of Directors reserve the is necessary, ff further i~ $151,587.33 of even date therewith, which morqlaSe embraces the rlsht to reject any and all blds and tionisrequlred, orwhet~. following described property: /hrther ~ the right to he- act upon the record then ~ F TOWNSlUPSINOlt'I~,RANGESIWEgr,0thP.M.,CROOK MADE and ENTE~ gw-to w~th tbe su=euf~ bid- Cheyenne, Wyem~, t~ OOUNTY, WYOMING def. Section 7: E~SW, W~. Bcardof~ day of November, 1986. APART] Section 18:NWNE Cruek County Weed BYORDF..~( 1767. TOWNSHIP 51NORIIL BANGE ~ WEST, 6th P.M., CIKX)K and Pint Cont~ COM~ (X)UNTY, WYOMING . I)igrict . Assistant~on-~ TRAILE Section 12: S~ANE, SENW, NS~I, 8VtSW, SWSE Publish: December 12 and 19, ~ Lots n( Section 13: WVs, WVsEVs 1985. PUBLI Section 14: E~s COMMISSION OF W~ newest lots. E~ Section 22: SE~NW, SVsNE, N~SE, NESW Herschler Building, 122] swimm~ Sec~n 23: swmv~, NWSW, E~mV~, NE~, Timer Claui~ed Ads st. Cheyenne, W~m~ 30%283. NESE'A, NES~V ~ J Mt. Vie Sore time, money, e[~ort Publish: Nov. 26; Dec. 5, dance, V Section 24:NWNW TOGETHER with all tmtaevanmms and appurtenances situate thereon and thm'eunto appet~dning or belonging, CAR F'( which ~ was duly recorded in the office of the County Clerk, PROCEEDINGS OF THE ~O~ti) OF COUNTY CO I~,~B Crook County, Wyoming, ~m the 1st day of August, 1984, in Book 221 ATTHE C~[JRTHOUSE AT 8UNDANC~. (IOOK Photos, P~ 781; and / WYOMING FY)R RE WHEREAS, the aforementioned property is subject, in addition to Friday, December 8, I~. Fenced the mortqp~ ip'anted to the Sundance State Bank, to a mortgage to 1:00 e'dock P.M. the Federal Land Bank of Omaba in the prineipal amount of 850,000.00, Special meeting on Ja/l Facilities. together with accruedintersst. The mortsase to the FederalLand Bank Present: Donald C. Gme, Chairman, Frank H. Harwood, ofOmaba was filed December 28,1971, inBookll9,~,Pase474 A. Moline, members, and Pete Inner, Plahnlng 8tin MIS~ in the office of the County Clerk, Crook County, Wyoming; and Cheyenne, Ira Binckwell, Architect, Cheyenne, and Ealph ~default had Occurred by reason of the failure of the Project Director, Sun~. paytheprincipslsm:lintorssttheronwbentheume ~ ~heldandsgmemontrsechedonthesiseandne Novus became due and payable, end other defaults of performance under the new ~/1 facility. Repair termsofthe mortdpq~havtnffoccurrsd, the~ providee that the Motio~ was made, seconded, and.carried to adept, resol~ cracks. ( entire balance will becenm due at the optiun of the Mortgasee or its Farm Loan Bcard ~ to the Grant for the Jail Pmje repairs ~ sss~ upon default, the Sundance Stste Bank hereby elects to No further bueiness cemingbefofethe Bcard we ~ 3383or4 dedam the enti:e debt theraby due and payable u pmvided by law; in regular sessiun at 9:00 o'dock A.M. ~ January 7,1~|86. j[ WILL I and Boerd of Crook County ~ home. 2~ default and no suit or lXecaeding has buen instituted st law to rewv~ DmmldC. Gose, u/ the debts mmsintn~ secured by the mortoge or any perm thereof; ~nk H. Hm,ue&l SEFnC NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the above JhnA-Miine'I Habeck, dmcribed real property will be offered for 881e and sold by the Sheriff A~.,ST: Ruth E. Davidmn 2286. of Crook County, or his Deputy, for cash, at public venue, to the County Clerk highest and best bidder, at the hour of 10:00 o'clock a.m. on the 6th day of J~nuary, 1986, at. the front door of the Crook County MOVIN( Courthouse, which faces Cleveland Street, in the Town of Sundance insured Crock County, Wyoming; that the amonnt due snd owinK to the PU JC NOTICE home. C Sundance State Bank st the date of this notice is 8151,587.33 unpaid 307-283-: Ixincipel, interest to the date of sale in the amount of $o8,826.31, ressonable attorney's fees and costs of this foreclosure sctiun. DATED this 10th day of December, 1965. [ SUNDANCE STATE BANK, a coqx)rati~ 1'he Cro~ C, mm~ c/oHushu&Dumbrill divide t~ ~ ~ Moem~ ~ OPF Attome~ at Law voWS pmd=m ~ tbei~ ropier ~ m Fabnm~ 5, P.O. Box 458 2:00 o'doek P.M. Smaianca. Wyemms 82729 ~ dram ,,m ~ aftra ~ ~ rmk~ in OWN Y( Publish: December 12, 19, and 26, 1985 Umits of lt~m:m~t, wear, ia4 and January 2, 1986 large sb ~L__ _!_ Ruth Ec~ty 8tore, n~ dache, CI lzod, E+ ~ Klein, Picone, ] The first police force in America Wee 8 "Rattle Watch" Only, G~ of eight men established in the Colony of New Ameter~ lh~b]ish: December 12, 19, 26, 1986. 1030 oth dim in 1688. - invento~ grand or days. Mr /