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December 12, 1985     The Sundance Times
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December 12, 1985

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DECEMBER 12, 1985 THE SUNDANCE TIMES . PAGEII personwaut ads really work! person-to ~;;-';:::::;-'::::::;::-';:::": "-;::::::=:;:-'::--;::::::;::::-" Seth, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Svo~xxla, Roger Brunsons, Rhonda, Rick Gives us all the Christmas spirit. CALL FOR CHEMICAL BIDS FOR SALE WANTED .Mr. and Mrs. Win. Pannell, Mr. and girl-friend. The Christmascarolscomingover Bowlingl]klgga Sealed bids for $87,500.00 and Mrs. Larry Fowlkes and Bud and Grace Cure made a the air in town sound like Christ- Dee. 5, 1985 worth of Tordon 2k in forty five :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ========================= :- tamily, Mr. and Mrs. Ron Graf business trip to Belle Four=he, mas-time. Won RECEIVE SATELLITE TV: All WANTED: RAW FUR. Will be and family, Margurite Fish, Mrs. Tuesday the 3rd. They attended Hal and Opal Oudin, Jean Reed Champion 35 13 received(45) poundat plastiCthe CrookPails willcountybe Eunice Leitner and Mr. and Mrs. the Fellowship coffee Friday and and Cora Smith were in Spearfish Dime 34 14 price ranges. Call Crago 89~ buying at F+xM 'n Fuel (Conoco) Chuck Livingston of Belle the carry-in dinner at the center Thurday the 5th. Hal kept an SundanceBank 31 17 Weed & Pest Office until 7:oo 3185, Frolander 2~3-2885, Wyat, from 12 to I p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2K3-3581. 10tfi 14. Great RxJcky Mountain Fur Four=he, Mike Schiffner, John on Sunday the 8th. optometrist appointment, and Durfee's 28'/= 19V, P.M. Mountain Standard Time, (N~ertz of Government Canyon Hal Oudin, Les Mauch, Don everyone enjoyed the sunny day Am 24 24 January 7, 1986. Bids will be ALFALFA ROUND or square &,. 307-326-8750. It* and Greg P~me of Casper. Hopkins and Floyd Brunson were with the temp at 47. R&HGreenhouse 14V= 33*/, publicly opened at that time. bales delivered by semi-loads.. The Fish's were surprised by at the center Saturday the 7th and The center looks quite Christ- Dee's Cut and Curl 13 35 Contact the Crook County Our prices can't be beat. C~dl WANTED TO BUY: Indian arti- evenings308-784-4626. 45-,~)* faces, old baskets, headwork, their children a~safter supperTina did some much needed carpenter masy", with decorations up. We Granny' s Log Cabin 12 36 Weed1321 Main, & PeStp.o.contrOIBox 7, SundanceOffice at Apache trays. Write Mike Lind- and Mike presented them with a work thank Hal Oudin for the beautifid high individual game Wyoming 82729. Ph: (307t 283- ,~y, Box 1054, Torrington, WY microwave oven 207 82240. Itwc Tina left for Fort Bliss Sunday Several were in attendance cedar tree he cut, delivered and Kathy Wilson placed. Linda Quillian 201 2375, for bid forms and specifica- morning taking Mike with her. Friday afternoon to hear Allen Harold and Norma Bernd visited Betty Durfee 199 =ions. Board of Directors Crook County Weed & Pest WANTED: Responsible party to Mike was to return home Tuesday Trask speak on the subject of Margaret Beagle over at Rapid HIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES Control District take over not/e on piano. Call afterncxm at the Rapid Airport but HMO. It was quite an informative City Regional Hospital over the Renie Burmer 542 Published December 12 & 19 1985 1-8G~)-742-6478, ask for Credit because of storm conditions he talk. weekend. KarinDick 516 Mgr. 47-52 spent the evening at the Denver There were approximately Margaret Little and Dorothea Betty Durfee 500 o WANTED: Backhoe and "loader airport and continued home twenty folks who attended the Fredrickson were Spearfish HIGH TEAM GAME Wednesday. Anita Fish and sumptious carry-in dinner at the shoppers Thursday. Dime 807 CrookComstyFlmfly work. Lenz's Backhoe Service, Cheryl Graf were on their way to center Sun.,Dec. 8. Henry and Mac Oudin were Champion 801 ViOlence & Sexmd Almault Sundance, Wyo., Ph. 307-283- the airport Tuesday to pick Mike Sundance residents are dec- business visitors in Rapid City Sundance Bank 799 Services Crisis Line 2270. 20tfn up when they had some car orating homes with. Christmas during the week. HIGH TEAMSERIES troubles. They continued on to lights that are especially beautiful Gladys Fort visited Helen Oudin Champion 2319 24 hrs., 307.283-2620 WANTED ~pid City with Mr. and Mrs. when viewed at night. We ap- Saturday and the ladies made Dime 2304 Chuck Livingston only to find that preciate the street decorations several variations of Christmas Sundance Bank 2264 Semeone to care for. If you there were no flights out of Den- that the city recently erecte~l too. cookies. Sounds Yummy! have relatives or a friend ver. Wednesday Annie journeyed FOR SALE: Snowmobile oil, bar needing supervised per- back to Rapid City where she " D|RI::CTORY oil, chainsaw oil and kerosene, sonal care. PINA HOME picked Mike up. BUSINESS & PROFESSl0NAL Ftg~d 'n Fuel, 28.3-2320. It FOR THE AGED has a Anita Fish attended a Library vacancy. Family atrruJs- P~mrd meeting Dec. 4 at Sun- HOUSE FOR SALE: 2000 sq. ft., phere, home ctx)ked meals. -dance. For information call 605- Yvonne Erics~,n and ~,n, Dr. ,~ [~ 1% lots, 3 bedn~m~s, 2 baths, The FIo~ & GHt 347-2770 in Stuffs, S.D, or ~.,. Erics~,n went to C~per to ~ ~~;.~, w~xMstove, brick fireplace, corn- _~ come and see us at 1542 visit Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Free- pletely remodeled, large shed, Davenport, Sturgis, S.D. mole. Mrs. Freemt, le is the ~" ~)~[~ gardenspot, g,xMlocation. 9to5 0~" B~- - 283-2187, after 5 - 283-1080. FOR REFERENCES CALL Frics~m's daughter. They re- ~~..~ 47tfn DONNA HEENEY, in gun- turned home Wednesday. gj~ 283-1760 dance at 283-1009. Reason- Jim and Billy came home to the ~...V Stmdance A,~UME PAYMENTS on two- able Prices. Pannell ranch Wednesday for ~ key,~mrd organ. $.57.13 per mo. ' Thanksgiving Day. Mr. and Mrs. "- rok~.r .tO~tr~Ceae~~~:2rS~ Excellent condition. Call 1-800- :::::::::: ::_"=eezee Everett tteinert and family were 742-6478, ask for Credit alse there. ,Jim and Billy were B Manager. 47-52, afternoon callers at the Rick Deliveries Brengle home Thursday. They toSundance, FO. gALE: Inner tobe~ for OF THANKS retu~ed h,,mo Friday P~ sledding. Brand new for only .............................. Cheryl Graf and Terry Fowlkes $4.80. Larger ones for only $7.50. " ............................ went to Hulett Tuesday afternoen :r ........ " ......... -- ~: |~f'~'" - ~ ~[ : So.~ceF,.~'nFuel, 2~3-2320. Card of Th~ ~, attend a preducts party and to R a H TERRY' It - pick April up from a Brownie TV SERVICE i Apartments. A s,ncere t~.k you to all our , NEWLIN ALFALFA/HAY. Dehvered, 20- friends for your good wishes and meeting. : Enterprises : ! J ton semi-loads; small and large kindnesses Me Christmas to Mr. and Mrs. Jt~e SvoNMa [ ~._. ....... :__ ,son : Contact me for a osmpli- square bales. Beauprez Farms" ( --'w " rry were in Sundance Monday on ....... ~ ...... ~ "~"~ | ~ ' , ........ me,,t~y ~ or ~ozo, Servicing all ] " Wiggins, Colorado; 303-48:1-74341 y m an. Dick and Emily Ann* business. They were business 0 weeo ~md ln~ect ~praying | ela~ i , ' ltwc . ~ Mini - ~I0~, callers at the Uulett Ccx, p Wed-| * r~inting ; --" brands of color ] nesday. 0 * m~U~g : Deb Franzen "SCROOGE" WOULD approve.. Card of Thanks . As our cars go, r-r early in the : * Fencing ' ..... ~t~t TV's and micro- | 14x16 Mobile Home, 2 large Thank you to the many rel- morning, and all the animals are I * Crop Spraying : am ~.~tre I.,o waves. ] Call Bedr, x, ms. New: carpet, vinyl atives and friends for their crying feed us, feed us, what is i RICHARD OR HELEN : ~_'~1 283-2090 ] 283.2812 fl~x~ring, living-room furniture, prayers, flowers, cards, phone one to think about what mother I ENGELHAUI~ , s~ ~~ I _. _ . 283-234,=, ' Approx. $147.00~ per month, calls, f,xMandmemorlalsduring nature ha~s done. Our weather has,' 2s3.26s, . ,., ~.20~ ~1 605-341-5834 / ;We~-~ b~b~le Homes... (:K~.. --?otm,,6t~r~avemen~:~[.A specia ~.~pp~:t~e~ol~,.mercuCy.down to t, .......... - .... ~=~h,,a (~),;,~,~ ~J -~t~r 5 ~:~ "'~: "*% , .... ~ ........ ~ "~i 721-4160. FREEdellvery! ltgvc thanks to the HuleCt Ambulance well below zero the past few ..... for responding so quickly, als~b to weeks and is now back to what I i A. P~..,,.-~.- ,-., ~ ~4,***.4,.~,**~..~.~ ~ _ -- ~ FOR SALE: Dry pine - $40 split; the Honor Guard Roy Mont- consider, real winter weather! I /AL~II~I2h|U:~~ I = GENE'S 1 Dan Nolan D.D.S. dry oak - $45 full cord. 283-2686. gomery Post 80,American Legion, Thanksgiving Day - " people 48-50*Hulett, Wyoming. coming and ~ople going I -~~.~i.7,- I ~ Auto Parts The Ray Neiman Family* Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Ericsson Family Dentistry HAY FOR SALE: Alfalfa or alfalfa _ , ~ $ mld grass mix in big round bales, spent the holiday alone. They I *. R'~.;~E~.'~L I t S~v.~e,M~h~, , Dental Cilnic Can deliver in 22-ton loads. Con- SUNDANCE SCHOOL were to have Mr. and Mrs. John 605-835-8023 LUNCH MENU Chancy and Dr. and Ron Eric- I New- Rem(~Jelmg- [ 9 Body Work $ sen; Mrs. Ericsson called it off I * I : ' : Office: 283-1818, : tact Larry Shavlik, &578.or Harlan Opperman, 605-835o46.5. a Mon.,bun, DeC.french16: fries,Hamburgerpickles,n because of the cold weather and [ *t ~ Hrs: Thursdays ; catsup, sliced cheese, pineapple had roads. I ~w:t~r(~:~,--Drain& , , Ge~Snell,Oner : : Fridays - ; mi, Mr and Mr" Joe Svboda and I l: | I~/~O I~l~lglT Tues., Dee. 17: Pizza w/cheese daughter, Francis Storm, spent - 30 7"283- 1 94 1 , Saturdays r~,grt rtr,,iM/ and mushrooms, broccoli, lettuce the day at the Peg Davis ranch ' north of Belle Four=he. ~ ......... s .... ~ ~~'~'~'~'~'~ ~ - - _ , I~ .==:==::==:::_-:.=::.======::=::'= salad, fruit salad, milk. Wed., Dec. 18: Corn dogs, Mr. and Mrs. Ren Graf hosted ~,~,~l~,~,~t~~~l~,q~l~ll~l.: APARTMENT for Rent: 263- french fries, applesauce, milk. Thanksgiving dinner for Mr. and | 1767. 50-52* Thurs., Dec. 19: Chili Mrs. L arryFowlkesandfamily. ~ OFFICE SPACE FOR LEASE w/crackers, white cake, pears, Guests at the Jerry Fish home TRAILER SPACES FOR RENT,. milk. Thanksgiving Day were Mike of ~. Excellent downtown Sundance 10cation | Fn , Dec 20 Turkey gravy, Gillette,John GoertzMargurite'of GovernmentMr" and Mrs. ~ We Lots now open in Sundance s " " : Louis Leitner of Belle Fourche, now~d, tr~ihar nnrk I~(I~RR ft. mashed potatoes, mixed vegeta- ........lots. EnJoy: ..... our~--":pnvate ......... heated hies, rolls, and:butter, .....cranberry ~ Seve,rol offic~ 8val~e.plu~ j j ~es. ~ i" swimming pool. Call us now at sauce, waterga~e sala(l, =no=orate Canyon and a friend Glen Atkin- remodel 8ome OlllO~ tO ~ tl~ Ctllll~D~, d 30%283-2270 for more details, milk. son of Rochchester, Minn. ~, Air conditioning, electric heat, all ~. =mow t, emmtt~ trod~ '~ j~.itori~ ~emce. | Mt. View Mobile Homes, Sun- . ." _ _ _ ~ . ~,~ dance,, Wyo. , 20fin , HulettSchOOlMenu GOLDEN AGE i |Energy Electnc -1 CAR FOR RENT: $15 per day. , Dec 1620 ~. ~es, 2~,-,550, Sundance. " " REPORT t,,~-..~,~.,..,..d.=,.,=,,=,.4 50tfn Monday: Macaroni and cheese, green beans, pears, no bake " .... FOR RENT: Tw'bedroom trailer" cokies' biscuits' butter' milk" " --;pineapple HAVE GAVEL - WILL TRAVEL_-o Fenced yard. 283-3201. It* Tuesday: Taco salad, cookies, .......... ::::::2:::::::::::; apples, garlic sticks, butter, milk. December 5, 1985 NO SALE TOO LARGE- NO SALE TOO SMALL ......... - Wednesday:Pork gravy and by Cora Smith MISCELLANEOUS biscuits, spinach, The van driver n~ea trip to Bear L0doe Auctien Service ...................... slices, milk. " - Rapid City Monday the 2nd, ~t~fit4~-~~ ....... .............................. Thursday:Roast beef and gravy taking ~veral Sundance seniors Check with me befom you eeB. Nevus WINDSHIELD I~)f~or. ~J~hed .tOeS, peaches, c~e for appointn~ent~. __ __1~ES ~__~r~ TI~- Rensir rock chips and small and ice cream, rolls,butter, milk. Frank Crago also made a busi- cr:'~'~-'~ On the s,~a service and Friday: Chili, crackers, lettuce ness trip to Spearfish the same Col. Norval tA/Jll Auctioneer r~ are guar~T~. Call 746- Cinnamon rolls, bananas, milk. day. w=,,er, 3383 or 465-~872. 47-52* SCH~'~Lw EVE The van driver made another 307-283-2131 3071 283-1958 HULETr NTS trip to Rapid City with Hulett and Bu~ine~ - Home WILL DO babysitting in my Mon., Dec. 16: HS Play 7:00 P.M. and also shopped.Sundance seniors Dec_. 4. 283-1611 283-2537 - ..... _ _ : -- - _ ~, ,~ _++ . o.ooooooooooo__oo__. SF_JFrlC TANK pumping. Dennis I~s.~I~.'MT: HS PlaY 7:00 Neal I~lson, Hulett, was as ying aabeck, Beli~ Four=he, 605-89'2- P.M. Good Night Ladies ovemite guest of her sister, Lois ZQueen's Commercial Spra 2286. 47-7" Wed., Dec. 18: Sei:ondary Staff Waugh and Rosalie, Dec, 5.~ ] I . ~;" # -'~ " ~i Mtg. 7:30 A.M. We are sorry to report that Bob Queen, Owner , MOVING? We are licensed and Thurs., Dee. 19: C l~i'stmas Pro- Margaret Beagle is a patient at g~un 7 00 P M School Board insured to move your mobile : _ _. :. ., Rapid City Regional Hospital i - Supdance, Wyoming 283-2108 . ~~ ~ home. Call Lenz'sTrailerSalesat Mtg. I:30F.M. Moorcrozt having entered there Thursday,; Weeds, Insects, Pests ~. I ~~~ 307-283-2270 in Sundance, Wyo. Fd., ,Dec. 20: Honorcommittee Dec. 5. We all wish her a most Ed Chatfleid ' ' ~lli 23tfn _ Mtg. 7:30A.M., HSBBB(T( 5:45 speedy recovery and return to her ~z Spra coupe and Pickup Unit. 2 Years Experience --,~i~ ~i ~'l~xW~ ~}I]O0- ' ' ~lil ............................. Sundance home. BUSINESS *********.,.o**. Ten senior citizens and two Out- Z ~' Spearfish via the van Friday the Aetna Immmnce , CIGNA Cxmn~mn~ =_L ' reachworkers made a trip to ! Call for free estimates. ~i OPPORTUNITIES Nor['" n Makingthe trip were: Floyd "pe ' , i wear. ladies apparel, childrens, Bear Lodge Sommers, Elva Jenkins, Eleanor ~ Est--. Real _Estate. Antique large size, petite, combination _ Vines, Evelyn Edwards, Velm# .,~,~,~,~,~,~4~'~"~.,~,~v. F~ "fJve~tock Prod~tlon ~: store, nmternity, aceessorms. Jor- Eaton, Marion Long and Out. ~ ~~#~ dache, Chic, Lee, Levi, EZ Street, by Cheryl t~rm reach workers, Marilyn Knapp ~ !~~~~ -- ~ lrr/,' ~| ]zod, Esprit, Tomboy, Calvin .... Nov. 21, 19~,. - and Donna Waugh. Several ladies ~ 0 P.O. ka ~ tct ;. .e~rgio Valente. Evan Tina Finn ot ~ort rams, Texas visited Elaine 'Olson at the DOr- ...e ..... - . . . . HO=EIIZAn~- ~TRAILmS/ ~ ~ $.rv|eo" I', Picone, LJz Ciaiberne, Members and MikeF|shofGili~tte hosteda sett Home and Florence Osbom * FLATBED TRAILERS * SPECIAL BUILT ~ | ~,g ~ "lJ~ll~#al~+A~" " ~,i Only, Gasoline, Healthtex, over 25th anniversary potluck supper at her almrtnmnt. " If our standardyour specslmdels in stock don't meet your needs, we'll i 11 , 1000 others. $13,300 to $24,900 for their parents Mr. and Mrs. John and Jeanne Rogers and build it to [ ~ ~ FREDAGER IIN)li~412M; inventory, trining~ fixtures, Jerry Fish at the home of Mar- Shirley Cummings were Wednes- Ph 3O7 283 227O ! days. Mr. Kennan (305) 678-3639. were Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Ericsson: Brunson Saturday nite. The ,b~ =6 ~, ........... & ~A ...... , It* Mr andMrs. Everett Heinert and Brunsons dined out with the - ~ma. norm on Uovt. ValleyRd. | FllU~.~T~OD: Cut, spl~t and read) to bum. G~xM quality dry pine. 2~3-2681. 49-9* SMITH-(X)RONA electric port- able typewriter. Nice student Christmas present. 28.3-3581. 50-51" I~R SAI~: Two Bedroom hotme, partially ren~Meled on full city lot. $16,.~X) or ?. 2~3-?~369. 49-.50 1980 EAGLE PAR'I,'S. Parting out two cars. B&B Sales, 283-1550. Sundance. 5Otfn